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Hopeless Dreams (Remus Lupin x Reader)

Prompt: Remus has a wet dream about the reader and the walks in on him having it. So the reader has to comfort him about it.

Warning: Smut, wet dreams, and some cursing.

Note: Sorry if this sucks I am really bad at writing smut but hope you enjoy :)

You, James, Peter, and Sirius were all in the common room studying, well the other three were goofing off while you were studying.

‘Where is moony I thought he loved this sort of shit’ Sirius asked.

‘He went to bed early full moon is in a few days’ Peter responded.

‘Well you know what I think it is time for me to head to bed too and get some beauty sleep.’ Sirius said the other two agreed and they headed upstairs, while you stayed in the common room and studied. After about one minute Sirius ran down to the common room.

“Y/n there is something wrong with moony we think he is hurt he keeps groaning and mumbling your name, but the door is locked and we can’t open it.” Sirius said in a panic. You both rushed up the stair and reached their door with Peter and James standing outside of the door. Once you reached the door you heard groans and the sounds of your name being called out. You easily opened the door with the simply spell and mumbled the word idiots cause they couldn’t get the spell to work.

The minute you opened their door you were faced to the sight of Remus laying on his bed sleeping. But when you took a closer look at him you saw that his hand was down his pants and he just moaned “Oh yea y/n, go faster, don’t stop.”

My hands were tied to the headboard of the bed. My pants and shirt were already off, I was only left in my boxers, a huge precum stain on my boxers. “You’ve been a bad today Remus. Bad boys get punished.” I all I did in response was moan. All y/n was down to was her knee high socks and her short skirt without panties on so I could see and feel her wet pussy on my chest as he straddled me. “You want it don’t you. It have my cunt sink into your thick dick.”

“Yes” I roughly mumbled back, “Please.”

“Well you have been a good boy for me so far.” She quickly removed my boxers and sank into me not even letting me get ready. We both moaned more as she started to bounce quickly on my dick. She still had her socks and skirt on while bouncing on me and god that was so fucking sexy. The feeling of the fabric of her socks slide against thighs made me lose control. “Mmmmm Remus-s you’re such a good boy you make me feel so good.”

“Oh yea y/n go faster don’t stop.”

“Oh my fucking god.” You said surprised your hand covering your mouth. The other boys pushed past you to enter the room and then noticed what Remus was doing. They began to laugh.

“It’s not funny you guys.” You said. “I’m leaving.“

“What no this is comedy gold.” Sirius said laughing.

“No I rather not hear my best friend moaning my name saying to go faster.”

“Oh don’t be such a wuss y/n. Look he stopped come on you can sleep in here tonight.” Remus began to walk up upon hearing the noise in the room. He sat up in his bed and his eyes grew wide when he saw that you had just witnessed what he was dreaming about. He immediately got off of the bed and ran out of the room pushing past you.

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“Remus, remus wait,” you called out to him but he ignored you, “ know you three have done it.”

“What did we do?” James proclaimed.

“You knew he wasn’t injured. You knew he was dreaming about that. Know you embarrassed him.”

“Yea your right we knew he was doing it but to be far we have to hear him do it every night.” Sirius started to laugh.

“You guys are dicks. I have to go find Remus.” You said as you ran down the hall and down the stairs. Once you reached the common room you heard distant sobs. “Remus?” He didn’t answer. You walked until you found Remus in a corner of the common room cried with his head tucked in between his knees. You sat down beside him. “Hey,” you whispered “I’m not mad at you. It’s ok Remus.”

He lifted his head but wasn’t looking you in the eyes. “You should be. You should be disgusted with me.”

Originally posted by nellaey

“Well I’m not but seriously you could have told me you liked me.”

“You wouldn’t like anyone like me, y/n. That’s why I didn’t tell you.”

“Who said that Remus.”

“My last 3 girlfriends.”

“Well I’m not them am I? Remus seriously I don’t care you are a werewolf I still like you.” Then you leaned into him and kissed him passionately. After a few seconds the kiss got more passionate as you slide your tongue into the kiss and rapped your arms around Remus’ neck.

“God y/n I love you.”

“I love you too. Now Mr. Lupin why don’t we recreate one of those dreams you had.”


Pairing: Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

Request: You’re part of the TMR cast. Thomas is constantly flirting with you and you flirt back, but, he sees you be more physical with Dylan (piggy back ride, hug) but Dylan is your cousin. - @eyeliveinabook

Thomas’ POV:

Gosh. There she is. Does she have any idea what she does to me? She’s so freaking adorable. With those sparkling (e/c) eyes. And that smile! Dang she’s perfect… AND SHE’S WALKING TOWARDS ME. Ok. Calm down. You’re cool. You got this Tom.

3rd Person:

“Hey Tom!” You greeted your friends with a smile and a wink. You were holding a small character role in The Maze Runner series. Thomas Sangster, you’re celebrity crush, just so happened to be there and you two seemed to hit it off quite well.

“H-hey (y/n)! You’re looking adorable today. Of course, when do you not?” “Thank you kind sir. You don’t look so rough, yourself. I saw you from across the room and thought, ‘Tom looks extra handsome today. He must be trying to impress someone.’

You gave your now blushing friend a flirty wink and started walking to your set.

“Don’t wear yourself out, babe. You’ll need enough energy for what we’re doing later.”

Now it was your turn to blush as you heard Thomas chuckling behind you. You didn’t care to look back just yet.


You were currently riding on Dylan O’Brien’s back pretending he was your horse.

“LET US FEAST ON DORITOS AND ARNOLD PALMER!” “Wait a minute, wait a minute.” You’re ‘horse; came to a stop.

“..what?” “We need popcorn, too!” “I thought that was implied..” “Oh.. THEN ONWARD!”

Thomas POV:

I heard incredibly loud screams and laughs coming from the other side of the set. I looked over to the noise and saw (y/n) and Dylan goofing off while she was on his back. Hold on. When did Dylan and (y/n) become so close? Another peal of laughter traveled over and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I marched over to my friends and made sure they knew I was there.


They barely caught themselves as they fumbled around, trying to regain balance. Failing to do so, they fell on a heap on top of each other, roaring with laughter.

“Oh, hey Tommy! Dylan and I were just goofing around. Hope we weren’t being a nuisance.” “Oh no you were. Its kind of hard to focus when two people are screaming when you’re trying to work.”

I heard the giggles stop as I began walking away from the Dyl and (n/n). Entering my trailer, not a moment after, I heard knocks sound from the door.


I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. I can’t stay mad at her. She must know that. I paced to the door and composed myself to try and seem mad at her.

I flung the door open, “What?” “Hey I just came to check on you. You kind of seemed upset before and I wanted to make sure you were ok?”

Her statement came out as more of a question. It was endearing that she cared enough about me to come check on me. Then I remembered her and Dylan running around laughing.

“I’m fine.” “Now you and I both know that’s not true.”

She pushed her way past me and into my trailer. Sitting herself down on a bench, it didn’t seem like she was going to move.

“Sit,” she commanded me. “What’s going on?”

Plopping myself down next to her, I let go of what’s been bugging me. “I don’t exactly like the idea of you and Dylan. I know you have the choice to go out with whoever you want to, but.. I was kind of hoping that guy would be me. I know it’s stupid, but, getting to know you has been one of the best parts about this role. You can leave. I.. I understand.”

“…wait, what? That’s what this is about? Sweetheart, Dyl is my cousin.”

It took a moment for her words to sink in. When they did I felt super embarrassed about my overreaction.

“(y/n). I’m so sorry I..” “Hey, it’s fine. We all make mistakes.. besides. I’m more into British guys anyway..”

When her words registered, I jumped up and faced her with wide eyes.

“So does that mean ‘yes’?” “Yes that I’ll go out with you? Yes. Yes that I’m in love with my cousin? That’d be a no.”

I picked her up and hugged her, squeezing her with all I had.

“Thank you,” I whispered.

“It’s nothing, really. But can you please let me go? I can’t exactly breathe..”

Daddy For a Day

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Prompt: The reader has to take care of a realistic baby doll for class, and when she gets overloaded with homework and the baby, our favorite super soldier steps in to help.  What does seeing him with a baby do to her?

A/N: I totally stole this idea from @force-is-woke, or rather the person who sent her the prompt.  So the original prompt IS NOT mine, this is just how I envisioned it. (also you need to read her version which is Anatomy Project)

Also, This is my first Bucky fic! I honestly didn’t mean for it to end up with any smut, but here we are…

This has no beta, so please be kind!

Warnings: NSFW, slight smut(?), language, Daddy kink (could that even be considered Daddy Kink, I’ve got no idea) FLUUUUFFFFFFFF

Word Count: 2,840 (oops)

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“Absolutely not.”  Tony’s mouth was set in a hard line, with his arms crossed tightly over his chest as he looked at the…robot in your arms.  “Real or not, there will be no babies in this tower!”

“But Tony!”  You pleaded, “I have to complete this project to pass my class!  Believe me, I don’t like it any more than you do!”  You tried your best to put your hand on your waist sassily to emphasize your point but ended up almost dropping the damn baby. Your less than graceful (but thankfully, successful!) recovery did nothing to help your case.

You couldn’t believe you had been able to sail straight through high school without being saddled with the dumb ‘parenting’ projects for Health Class and Home Ec only to be roped into them in graduate school.  Graduate school!  All because there had been a slight hiccup with your undergraduate planning.  Not anything you could control, really.  Your useless academic advisor had somehow missed three damn classes needed to get your degree. Ok, fine whatever.  What really pissed you off was that somehow you were still able to get your bachelor’s without them.  But your graduate program?  No.  They weren’t going to give you your Masters without them.

So here you were, in your final year of grad school, ready to take on the world…holding an electronic baby.  And with the look your Uncle Tony was giving the contraption, it was no mystery that he was regretting allowing you to stay with him and the other Avengers while you finished up school - to save on living expenses, of course.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the endless supply of eye candy roaming the tower.  Oh, no, nothing at all.  Especially not one particular super soldier who liked to throw his gorgeous hair up in man buns, and wear tight shirts, and - NO!

“You think I really wanted to be saddled with a middle school health project at this age?  Blame my inept university, not me!”  You hollered back to him as you made your way toward your room to set down the diaper bag and your purse before laying the doll on the bed.  With your hands on your hips, you examined the offending robot.  It was just a baby doll, complete with cartoonishly chubby cheeks, a head made out of hard plastic, a soft body, and a functioning voice box.  That was an interesting function to find out about.  You had been on your way home from class, the doll situated in its provided car seat in the back when it just started screaming and damn near causing you to run off the road.

Pulling the instructions out of the diaper bag, a scowl set upon your lips.  “Alright…Sammy.  You’re stuck with me this week, so let’s play nice, yeah?  It says here that you can detect the different levels of someone’s voice…and me yelling will only make you cry harder.  Wonderful.”

And, just because the universe has a horrid sense of humor, ’Sammy’ chose that very moment to start sobbing.

“Already?! Y/N, don’t make me evict you! Especially now that you’re a single mom.” Tony snickered from your doorway.

“It’s going to be a long fucking week.”

“Please stop crying Sammy, I need to finish this paper.” You begged the baby doll, bouncing it up and down on your hip after it had finished its bottle. “Go to sleep, Sammy, go to sleep.”  You hummed softly trying to soothe the damn thing.  You were all alone in the tower while everyone was out on missions.  You didn’t mind, though.  At least you didn’t have to deal with Clint and Sam making jabs at you about what a ‘functional single mother’ you are.

“So we’re playing house now?”  A low voice damn near made you jump out of your skin as you turned to the figure.

“God damn it Bucky, you almost made me drop the baby!”  You hissed quietly, trying to be as quiet in your threatening demeanor so as not to rile it up anymore.  “I thought everyone was gone for the week!”

“Finished my assignment early.”  He shrugged.  “Is there any particular reason you’ve got a doll, Doll?”  Bucky asked as he leaned against the counter opposite you, his thick arms crossing over his torso.  You rolled your eyes at him as he smirked.

“It’s for a class.” You sighed. “She’s mine for 4 more days.” You adjusted the doll in your arms, cradling its head as you laid it against your chest and shoulder. A smirk played at Bucky’s lips as you began to pat the doll’s back in an attempt to burp it. Sure enough, a few moments later, a fuzzy recording of a small burp emitted from the doll and you sighed in immense relief. “Oh thank god. Now she’ll sleep.”

Bucky watched curiously as you walked to the car seat you had perched on the couch, set the doll in, and pulled the blanket up over it.

“You’re taking this awfully seriously.” He mused, which earned him a sour look.

“I have to. She’s a top of the line model, complete with heat sensors, volume sensors, and pressure sensors. She’ll know if I’m actually holding her or just trying to fool her or being too loud. I have to treat her like a real life baby.” You went on to explain how you had to bounce it, burp it, feed it, change it, and even comfort it in any way you could. It was quite a realistic experience.

“I have to say Y/N, it’s pretty cute to see you doting over her like that.” And just like that, a blush spread over your cheeks.

“Thanks, Buck,” you murmured, “soak it in while you can! I don’t think you’ll ever see me do anything like it again!” You huffed as you returned to making the dinner Sammy had interrupted. Bucky’s steely eyes tracked you intently.

“Oh? Don’t think you’ll have kids?” You shrugged as you stirred the pasta sauce, picking up a spoonful and offering him a taste.

“I don’t know. I guess I’ve just never really considered it a possibility. I mean, I’m a Stark. We’re not exactly the ‘nurturing’ type.” Bucky hummed around the spoon, now leaning on the counter directly to your side.

“I think you’d make an excellent mother.” He said so surely that your heart thumped loudly in your chest. You examined him at this close distance, a smile playing its way to your lips.  Bucky had been your best friend since you stepped foot in this tower.  He also had you so sexually frustrated from his presence alone that you were often a clumsy goof around him.  A small smile crept across your face along with a blush before you turned the stove off and moved over to your laptop on the kitchen table.

“Right now, all I want to be is an excellent student.” You joked, attempting to diffuse the tension now so obviously hanging in the air around the two of you. “And that means writing this paper while that little bundle of joy isn’t making me want to rip my hair out.  What about you?  Ever thought of being a dad?”

“All the time, actually.  When I was younger, and you know - so was the world - I dreamed of coming home from the war, meeting a nice girl and settling down.  I’ve always wanted a daughter.  I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea anymore, though.”

“Why not?”  You all but shouted, immediately catching yourself before you woke the doll.  He didn’t need to answer you, he simply cocked an eyebrow and wiggled his metal fingers at you.  “Well, I think you’d make an excellent father.”  You admitted with a blush before you plugged yourself into your laptop and began typing away. You heard Bucky’s footsteps retreat, then the soft thump of his heavy body flopping on the couch before the TV turned on, the volume so low you questioned if it was even on. Looking up, you couldn’t help but bite your lip as you watched Bucky stare intently at the TV, his right hand softly rocking the baby’s seat next to him. The sweet and content, but somewhat robotic, gurgles became the background noise to your furious typing.  

Oh yeah.  He’d definitely make a great dad.

It had to have been at least 2 hours later when you were jolted back to reality by the loud shriek emitting from the doll. "Oh God!” You all but sobbed, trying to gather the strength to make your way over to the baby.

But then it was over before it even began.  Lifting your head from your hands at breakneck speed, your eyes found the baby - being gently rocked in Bucky’s arms.  Oh my God.  If that isn’t the hottest thing I’ve ever seen…

“Buck?  What are you doing?”  A soft, melodic sound drifted through the air and with a start you realized Bucky was humming.  Bringing a finger up to his lips to silence you, he winked at you, looking back down at the doll.  

“Comforting her.  C’mon now Sammy, Mommy’s got a lot of work to do.  What do you say we keep it down so she can get it all done and get back to you faster?”  His eyes were soft, just like the smile on his lips as he looked down at the intimate doll as if she were real.  As if she were his.  You swallowed thickly at the sight, lost in the way he regarded this toy with such adoration.

And then, a fucking miracle happened.  The shrieks stopped.  Followed immediately by those happy gurgles once more.  You mouth fell open as you watched Bucky rise from the couch, the doll held close to his broad chest, and make his way over to the diaper bag.  Fishing out the bottle, Bucky continued bouncing the doll as he hummed a low tune to it and slowly but surely the doll was lulled to sleep, the telltale sound of the recorded soft snores filling the living room.  And when his sweet blue eyes found yours, you knew there would be no finishing your paper tonight.

The chair scraped quietly against the floor as you stood from your seat, snapping your laptop shut.  Bucky’s eyes only left yours for the brief second it took to return the doll to her carrier, but then their intense gaze was once again locked on you.  Without so much as a word, you pressed right up against him, his breath fanning against your face as your lust blown eyes met his.  

“Trying to get to me through my daughter, Barnes?”  You teased softly, your fingers bravely tangling with his.

“Is it working?”  He whispered, the warm flesh of his natural fingers brushing over your cheek.


“Then yes.”  And without wasting another moment, his lips were on yours.  A moan ripped its way from your throat at the first feel of him.  It wasn’t like you hadn’t thought about it before because, Christ just look at the man, but nothing prepared you for the way he felt.  His strong hands found their way around you quickly, one settling softly on your hip as the other cradled your face.  When they suddenly gripped the back of your thighs and hauled you up, you shrieked, wrapping your legs around his waist immediately.  “Shh,” he taunted, “you’ll wake the baby.”

“She can kiss my - oh!”  All thoughts fled your brain as his teeth sank down against your collarbone.  

“That’s my job.”  He growled, eyes dark.

“Bucky.  Bedroom.”  You hissed.  The super soldier needed no more instruction.

With long, determined strides, Bucky carried you to your room and plopped you on the bed before falling to his knees in front of you.  “Bucky!”  Your pants and panties were gone in a flash, ripped from your now goosebumps covered legs, and then his hands were on you - pushing your thighs apart.

“Y/N,” he all but moaned as he kissed down your body, “God, you’re beautiful. I could just look at you all day.”  His fingers trailing the insides of your thighs made it very difficult to answer.  But somehow you found a way.

“Bucky, if you don’t touch me-ah!”  And just like that, your head was tossed back, cries echoing through the room as his metal fingers glided up and down the part of you that longed for him the most.

“God, you’re so wet already.  This wouldn’t have anything to do with seeing me with the baby, would it?”  You wanted to answer him, you really did.  But the way his fingers skirted around your panties and met your flesh full on had you biting a damn hole into your lip.  All you could do was nod.  “Hmm, really?  I’m not going to lie, seeing you bouncing a baby on your hip didn’t leave me unaffected either.  Helps that she had my hair.”  He winked down at you, licking his lips playfully.

“Oh yeah, because the baby’s plastic hair being brown definitely makes it seem like she’s yours.”  You quipped down at him, somehow still as sarcastic as always even with James Buchanan Barnes nestled comfortably between your legs.  He smirked as he inched in closer, humming against the inside of your left thigh.  

“I wouldn’t mind it, you know.”  He drawled as his tongue darted out to draw slow circles on your thigh now.  “Seeing you,” lick, “caring for,” suck, “my kid.”  And then he was on you and your back arched, a high pitched scream filled the room.

Followed by the sounds of a baby crying.

“Don’t you dare!”  You growled, nails digging into Bucky’s shoulder blades when he made to get up.

“You’re the one who said you wanted to be a good student.”  He tsked, winking down at you when he rose to his feet.  You watched helplessly as he fled the room, and remained gone for close to 4 minutes.  When he returned, you propped yourself up on your shoulders and did you best to glare at him indignantly.  But when he shed his remaining clothes, there was no hiding the lust dancing in your eyes.  “At least one of us cares about your grades.”  He chuckled as he stalked back to the bed, kneeling between your spread legs and tearing at your shirt and bra.  You swore you could’ve cum from the look he was giving you alone.

“What did you do?”  You huffed, jealous that he was able to get the doll to shut up so quickly.

“Well, Daddy duty called,” he growled as he crawled up your body, and he definitely didn’t miss the way you bit your lip and shivered at the word.  Long fingers curled around your thighs and he brought them to his hips, encouraging your legs to squeeze tight around him.  “Now, where were we?”  And with a snap of his hips, he was fully sheathed inside you.

“Oh, Da-“


Bucky blinked slowly as he woke up, looking over at the clock on the bedside table.  3:27 a.m.  And here he thought he might actually get some sleep tonight.  You had done an awfully good job at wearing him out after all.  You, and -

“Princess!”  He chuckled as tiny feet made their way across the bed.  “Why are you awake my darling?”

“I had a nightmare.”  The toddler pouted, plopping down on the bed between you and your husband.  This effectively woke you up.

“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”  You asked groggily, holding your hand out.  She held it tightly as she cast her eyes down and recounted the horrible dream of being taken away by the bad men that her poor Daddy has to fight on a daily basis.

“C’mere baby.”  Bucky beckoned with open arms.  Without any hesitation, your daughter all but launched into his arms, earning a deep chuckle from your husband.  “You know Daddy would never let anything happen to you, right?”  She nodded vigorously.

“But Daddy, what if they hurt you?”  She emphasized, her lips setting into a firm pout.  The same pouting face that you sport from time to time.

“Well, then I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve got my girls!”  He cried, wiggling fingers tickling the squealing child.  “No one can hurt me with such amazing heroes to protect me!”  He continued his assault, tickling the little girl as you joined in as well.  Little giggles filled the room before huffing breaths alerted you to her tired state.  With a large yawn and a kiss to both parents’ cheeks, she snuggled into Bucky’s chest and fell fast asleep.

“I love you,”  you murmured against his lips.  “And I love how much you love our baby.”

“I love you too.”  He replied, slinging his arm around the both of you, cuddling you in tight and placing a kiss on both of your foreheads.  “And I love that you gave her to me.”


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Poly!Hamilsquad x reader

Author: Lil Laddie

Words: 899

Warnings: Swearing (i think), a bit cliche lol

A/N: This has taken a thousand years to come out and I am so sorry about that! I hope that this lives up to expectations and I’m sorry that it’s kinda short! In other news, I may have a boyfriend and I’m kinda loosing my shit over it. I hope your day is amazing! I love you kiddos!

Request: Can I have a poly!hamilsquad imagine where the reader likes to take pictures and her usual muses are the boys. - @glitterbearbear

A small click came from your camera as you tried to take a sneaky photo of Hercules while he read.

“I heard that.” He mumbled, not looking up from his book.

“Sorry, it’s just with the blinds open there’s perfect lighting in here and I couldn’t help myself.” You apologized, a blush lighting up your cheeks.

“No need to apologize.” Herc looked up at you then back to his book. “You’re cute when you blush. You should take a picture of that.”

“I would rather not take pictures of myself.” You paused, feeling a little too nervous to ask what you were thinking. “Do you think you and the boys would ever feel comfortable with doing a photo shoot?”

“A photo shoot? Ooo, I hope it’s a nude photo shoot.” John smirked, plopping himself on the couch next to you.

“So, you would be comfortable?” You asked, John noticing the way your eyes lit up with hope.

“If it would make you happy and would be a creative outlet for you, I’m sure everyone would agree to it. Besides, we all know about the sneaky photos you try to take of us.” John agreed, not wanting to let you down.

“Oh my god really?” In excitement you threw your arms around John as he laughed at your reaction.

“Why are you so happy?” Alex asked, walking into the room sluggishly while holding a coffee in one hand.

“John just agreed that all of you will be my muses in a photo shoot.” You grinned.

“A photo shoot?” Alex’s eyes went wide with fear. “You know I love you (Y/N), but I don’t know if I feel comfortable in front of a camera.”

“Why not? You seem to love attention more than anything else.” Hercules said snarkily, making John laugh.

“True, but this is different! I don’t really think I would be the best at this whole modeling thing.” Alex explained, his heart breaking in two as your smile fell from your face.

“It’s going to be very candid and less posed, if that changes your mind at all? I completely understand if you’re not comfortable though.” You sighed, John and Hercules glaring at Alex as your happiness faded.

“You know Laf is quite a model and I’m sure he could show me a thing or two to make sure I look good on camera.” Alex said, not wanting any of you to be upset with him.

“You’re not going to regret this!” You exclaimed.


“I’m kind of regretting agreeing to this.” Alex groaned as you lead the boys on a trail in the mountains.

“Don’t be a baby Alex. It’s just a small hike.” You rolled your eyes at his complaining.

“So, what’s the plan for the photos?” Lafayette asked, moving past the others to walk next to you.

“Photos? We’re not doing those today.” You lied, trying to calm the boys nerves.

“We thought that since you brought your camera and forced on this hike that it was today.” John said, his face scrunched up in confusion.

“Nope, I was just planning on taking pictures of the view from the top.” You shrugged, glad that they were buying it.

“Thank god, I don’t think I’m ready to model yet.” Alex sighed in relief and picked up his pace as he hiked.

“Just let us know when we’re actually taking them. I don’t want to have that stress of never knowing when we’re doing it.” Herc said, a weight having seemed lifted from his shoulders.

When you reached the top of the hike, you could see the whole valley below you. You stepped closer to the edge and began to take a few shots of the view. To your left, you could hear the boys messing around. You smiled to yourself, knowing that this was your opportunity to get some good pictures.

They stood next to the cliff, the beautiful view set right behind them. Alex had jumped on Lafayette’s back and had a wide grin on his face. Laf’s arm was slung lazily over Herc’s shoulders as the two of them laughed about something. John stood next to Hercules, their fingers intertwined as he smiled at something in the distance.

You quickly took a couple photos without them noticing. You smiled at your accomplishment before you quickly joined the group. For the rest of the night, you continued to take sneaky photos of the boys when they were distracted. You knew for sure that at least a couple of them would turn out perfect.


You centered the photoframe on the wall, turning to see the boys standing behind you. They all stared at the first photo you had taken of them a few days ago on the hike.

“When did you take that?” Laf asked.

“When we went on that hike last week. You guys were goofing off and I thought it would make a perfect candid shot.” You grinned, the boys all seeming genuinely happy about the photo.

“You’re such an amazing photographer.” Hercules stepped forward and pressed a gentle kiss to your forehead.

Soon, all the boys joined Hercules and covered your face with little kisses. You laughed enjoying the moment with them. Over the next few weeks, your walls would become covered with photos of the boys in the most random situations. They all would hold moments that you will never want to forget.

Frenemies ch. 3

Part 1 Here

Part 2 Here

click the OP if the read more link doesn’t show.

A few days had passed since the system override. The lions were in better condition, and the crew was lucky enough to go without an attack for the time they were in repair. Most of the nights that had passed were filled with Keith and Lance at one or the other’s room, kissing and providing hand jobs and blow jobs.

There was always something to make it a little different. Once, Keith had, against every instinct, allowed Lance to dominate while Keith remained on his knees. And he watched his fuck buddy unravel completely, holding on to the power and control he’d been given. He had taken more control at that moment than Keith had ever seen him take in battle, and frankly, it was a bit of a turn on to be dominated.

Of course, it wasn’t like that had become his favorite thing. Keith’s pride still kept him from letting that happen again, instead suggesting other new things they could do. Keith had discovered an interesting praise kink in Lance, noting the way his enthusiasm heightened any time Keith moaned his name or unashamedly called out encouragements and agreements.

Lance, on the other hand, had taken advantage of Keith’s hair pulling kink, and indulged in his own biting one because each time Lance marked his skin with a hard bite, Keith seemed to lose all inhibitions. Still, they were careful to keep any physical evidence hidden.

Outside of their rooms, it was almost comical how it seemed nothing had changed. They argued, they snapped at each other, Lance’s sarcastic comments and Keith’s condescending remarks continued. Never enough to truly upset the other, but enough to where it seemed normal enough.

It wasn’t hard to keep it up. Lance was still childish and annoying and frustrating. And Keith was still aggressive and impulsive and short-tempered. They were still completely incompatible as people.

During another grueling team building exercise, it didn’t take long for Keith and Lance to start bickering again.

“Can’t you stop being an idiot for two seconds?” Keith snapped after their focus had been disrupted by one of Lance’s signature mega-burps. “Don’t you take anything seriously?”

“Jeez, relax,” he muttered. “You know, maybe you’d stop being so uptight if you just stopped being such a freaking workaholic all the time!”

“This is not a time to be goofing off!” he shouted back.

“Alright that’s enough, you two,” Shiro said tiredly. “I thought you were past this.”

“We would be, if he stopped being so immature,” Keith spat, glaring at Lance. It still astonished him that he could fall apart at his hands in the late hours of the night, but feel such burning frustration with him in daylight.

“Yeah, we’re only friends in battle,” Lance added, crossing his arms.

“This isn’t getting us anywhere,” Hunk said. “I’m starving, and now I can’t concentrate. Can we just take a break?” Shiro sighed and nodded, waving a tired hand in defeat. Hunk and Shiro walked away, but Pidge kept staring at Lance and Keith.

They hadn’t noticed, Keith busy checking his dagger and Lance checking the beds of his nails. Until she said, “If only you two could agree with each other during training as much as you do at night.”

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Male Idol || Bangtan Reaction

Jin / Seokjin 

Jin would probably be shocked at first that something like this had managed to happen. There’s still a bunch of controversy around LGBT in Korea and the fear would get to him. 

He would be scared about what would happen if anyone found out, or what would happen if he was caught. Jin wouldn’t know how to react and probably end up staying silent. He would rather not be found out than to possibly be looked at oddly by everyone. 

Originally posted by jiminahhh

Suga / Yoongi

There’s a lot of debate around Yoongi’s reaction towards these type of feelings. In my opinion I feel like Yoongi honestly wouldn’t care. If he ended up liking someone that’s great, it means he’s still human. 

It would most likely be 50/50 if he confessed or not. If he didn’t, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Nobody would be able to tell the difference between his feelings or not. If Yoongi did confess though, I feel it would be a simple I like you, let’s see where this could go. 

Originally posted by jeonbase

J-Hope / Hoseok

Hoseok would end up being an utter goofball and most likely confess. He’d do it in some silly way that made the guy laugh. Of course, they would keep it secret but Hoseok wouldn’t feel ashamed for loving who he did. 

The difference between gender didn’t mean anything, as Hoseok would just be happy that he found someone who loves him just as much. I know most people might disagree with me but I honestly think Hoseok doesn’t care about gender. If He loves somebody, and they love him back, than that would be all that mattered. 

Originally posted by kths

Rap Monster / Namjoon

Namjoon would have to think long and hard about it. There would be so many thoughts running through his head about whether or not it would be okay for him to confess to another male. 

In the end, I think Namjoon’s thoughts would win out. He would probably sneak about, trying to figure out if the other guy was even remotely interested. Namjoon wouldn’t confess in my opinion, but would say yes if the other asked. 

Originally posted by mn-yg


This small little shy bean would go straight to Taehyung. He would start feeling something for the new male idol and ask Taehyung about it immediately. They would have a long and thought out discussion about what it meant for Jimin, and what these feelings really were. (everybody thinks that they’d goof off and joke about it but I think if it was serious Taehyung would be the calmest person in the world)

Whether or not Jimin would confess is debatable but I can certainly guarantee that he wasn’t being extra just for the camera anymore. 

Originally posted by chimcheroo

V / Taehyung

What a little weirdo. He would see this guy walk in and probably have a heart attack. There would be a sudden rush of feelings and Taehyung would have to start working them out immediately. 

He would be slightly weirder around the new guy, only making him laugh more. In time, I think Taehyung would drop hints or accidentally blurt it out while they were hanging out and suddenly it would just be like everything has changed for the both of them. 

Originally posted by lacuna-matata


As much as Jungkook likes to say he’s an adult, I still think he acts like a child most of the time. He didn’t have the same type of life as the others did, growing up in the fame rather than out of it. He wouldn’t know what to do with the feelings that suddenly came as the new idol walked in. 

He would probably be confused and run away. He would avoid being around him and try to hide whenever he was around. Jungkook knew that something was different about the way he felt towards this hyung, unlike the others. And I think that would scare him. Jungkook would probably never confess, instead just letting the feelings disappear. 

Originally posted by sugutie

AN: Some of these are angsty, and I totally think I could have done better. But this topic actually interests me. What do you guys think about their reactions? Do you think any differently?


oh my fucking god so much was happening


so first of all papa kept interacting with @silverthurible all night. like it started with him lifting his chasuble to flash his alb at him, and thurible reacted so strongly to it that papa was like OH THEES WEELL BE FUN and from that point on he kept coming over to make thurible lose it. he air humped during body and blood while looking him in the eye, he sang cirice to him, just, HE KEPT FUCKING GOING FOR THURIBLE BECAUSE HIS REACTIONS WERE SO FUNNY IT WAS BEAUTIFUL

papa also was in great form in general. he was very singy and memey and just seemed like he was loving it.

and then the ghouls oh my GOD

so aether/chops and water/dewdrop were bein really fucking gay all night???? they were on our side of the stage and it started with chops coming up behind dew and getting really close to him, to which our entire group of queers was like !!!YES!!!!GIVE US THE GAYS!!!!! which they both seemed to notice so they Kept Fucking Doing It and getting closer and closer every time with chops resting his chin on dew’s neck and it fucking climaxed in him LOOKING AT US KNOWINGLY AND sLAPPING DEW ON THE FUCKENING ASS AND WE ALL WENT FUCKING BERSERK LMFAO DEWCHOPS CONFIRMED

the ghouls in general seemed to love the group of us because we were just……so passionate lmao. @rotten-weiler HAD HER FACE PAINTED LIKE KING DIAMOND AND DEW NOTICED AND WAS LIKE 👌🖒 AND WE ALL SCREEEEEAMED. also @giuliaghoulia brought a pair of panties that @rotten-weiler threw onstage during mummy dust and dew was immediately like 👀 and hung them on his bass then put them on his horns.


so after the show we met [AETHER] and Ten Fingers. i’d already met [AETHER] in fresno and seeing him again just made me love him more tbh. he’s such a good egg. so pure. i gave him all the cards i made for the böys and i messaged him on instagram this morning abt them so we’ll see what he says.


and then someone mentioned the nicknames that we have for the ghouls, and [AETHER] asked about them, and he was really amused by them, and when we told him abt dewdrop, he was like “is that cuz hes like this big??” holding his hand at like waist level lmao. and then he told us a lil story about how they were goofing off with a weight scale a while back and hes like “it’s funny, i stood on it then he did and hes literally half my weight AND I’M PRETTY THIN” ugh i could gush about him forever i just love that egg lmao

SO THEN WE MET TERMINATED FRIENDSHIPS HIMSELF AND HES…….THE FIRST THING I SAID WAS “HES VERY SMALL” LOL. he’s just as hideously pretty as i thought he would be, also his accent is a lot thicker than i imagined? his speaking voice is very timid. its weird like you can hear that its the same voice as papa but youre like “how do you make papas voice come out of you” lmao. but hes very sweet and attentive to everyone and spent a long time making sure everyone got things signed. thurible had a ton of art to give to him and when he handed all of it to him he was like “OKAY I HAVE TO GO” and pivoted to leave and Tabasco was like “hey wait!!” and softly grabbed him by the shoulders to stop him and spin him around and pull him into a hug. it was very Dad.

also thurible asked him if jigolo would ever be played live and hE SAID IT WOULD BE IN THE SETLIST NEXT YEAR GHHH????? GOD CANT WAIT TO SPEND ALL OF MY MONEY EVER ON SEEING GHOST LOL

other highlights:
philly sheezsteak
papa noticing a fight in the crowd and being like “HEY…….stop” lmao thanks baba
ifrit’s fucking goofball ass
chair being a sleepy genie
chops catching kisses from us and posing for us
dewdrop noticing how hard we were stanning for him and playing his bass REALLY HARD FOR US
meeting ppl from tumblr and reddit!! sorry if i seemed rude to anyone there was just a fucking LOT HAPPENING IT WAS TOO MUCH


@ChrisEvans: I definitely kept my cool when we scored in OT to win the game @thescottevans @Renner4Real @LOZOg @peck_j

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! 🤣😍 I also love how Chris went with his brother and Jeremy.

P.S. I thought he was gonna fall off for a second there… Those were some high jumps!

Give me your Cassie headcanons

Give me ‘em all.

I want whether you think she’s more like Nate or Elena. I want whether she’s into sports. I want whether she’s into science. I want whether she’s travelling more for the history or culture or architecture or all. I want whether nate and Elena tried to get her into their interests or if they just showed her what they did and let her decide her path.

I want to know whether she’s a climber. I want to know whether she wants to get a pilot’s licence when she’s older. I want to know if she begged Nate to let her steer the boat when she was seven. I want to know her favorite mode of transportation. I want to know if she’s a rule breaker for fun or just when it means doing what she feels is right.

I want whether she inherited her dad’s total geekery. I want if she got her mom’s expert ability to and joy from fucking with people to make them uncomfortable. I want whether she tells stories really well or her thoughts are so big her words get scattered and she just babbles.

I want to know whether she and Chloe are low key best friends. I want to know what her favorite season is. I want to know her favorite dessert.

I want to know her sexuality and romantic preference. I want to know who and when her first kiss was. I want to know who she first dated. I want to know who her first crush was. I want 20 year old her opinions on marriage, if shes ever really thought about it. I want how Nate and Elena were on her first date.

I want how good she was in which subjects. I want to know what her favorite subject was. I want to know if she goofed off or ever fell asleep in class. I want to know if she ever got in fights in school. I want to know what Nate and Elena’s reactions were if yes.

I want to know if she’s politically active like her mom. I want to know how much work she does for other countries. I want to know what her favorite place in the world is. I want to know if she likes children. I want to know if she wants children.

I want her favorite animal. Favorite place
I want to know if she feels any honor at being named after her grandmother, if she knows. I want to know how often she sees Elena’s side of the family, and Chloe and Charlie.


Cassie is such a fun character and such a big part of our main characters’ lives and we know so little about her. We all have to have such a different view of her in our heads and I want to know what you think!

We’re Looking for Something Dumb to Do

for @loball22! thank you for reading and for your sweet words, and i hope you enjoy this! (title from Bruno Mars)


At first, she thinks she’s dreaming.

Because waking up in his arms, Bellamy half-hard against her back, his hand splayed across her stomach, his breath warm on the back of her neck– she’s definitely had that dream before.

But then her bladder is protesting, her head is pounding, and her mouth tastes like a fireplace, and as soon as she connects those things with being naked in bed with her best friend, she groans and rolls away from him.

“Bell, wake up,” she grunts, smacking him gently in the arm.

“Too early.”

“You don’t even know what time it is,” she sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. Did she drink no water last night? How far gone was she?

“Yet I still know it’s too early.” He rolls onto his back, and she can feel the precise moment when everything hits him because he stiffens noticeably. “Why am I naked?”

“Why are you usually naked?”

“Fair point.” He clears his throat. “Do you remember much about last night? Because I’m a little fuzzy on the details.”

So they aren’t talking about it yet. Cool. Clarke can roll with that.

“I don’t remember much after the first casino,” she admits. They’re in Vegas because Murphy somehow got on one of those nationally televised poker tournaments. How he did it is a mystery (as is his way), but Clarke and her friends weren’t about to miss an opportunity like this. She’d been looking forward to all of them goofing off on the strip together. Little did she know she and Bellamy would be stripping and goofing off together.

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Did anyone catch Christian’s live?

I have so many thoughts on it:

- he is such a freaking goof ball
- he is glowing like a dragon ball bc of his tan (his own words)
- he says it’s humid in Korea and here I am freezing my ass off in Australia
- love every time he says g'day lol
- Dabin is such a cutie
- the amount of times Christian touches his hair can be turn into a drinking game!
- he looked so relax sitting in the car seat and boy, were you not wearing a seatbelt???

X reader Part 4

part 1  part 2  part 3  part 4

Lily’s POV

I got out of Sirius’ dorm room, still in search for an answer. I have all these questions flying around in my head. I mean everything was fine a week ago but now, things are falling apart. Y/N was so happy. I was relief that she was. I was worried about her. She seemed down for weeks and I didn’t know why. I wished she told me about it especially now when things are different from what it used to be.

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“That Beard”.

Y/N P.O.V.

It’s been almost two months since I’ve seen Justin since he has been touring non-stop so we have decided to take a little vacation together. “Y/N! The car’s here.” Y/N mom’s shouted from downstairs. Getting my suitcase as I head down the stairs, kissing my mom goodbye before heading out the door. I’m so excited to see Justin, I miss him like crazy.

Jay❤: “i can’t wait to see you babygirl. I missed you so much!”

Y/N💍: “Me too Jay. Words can’t explain how much I missed you.”

The car came to a haul, looking out the window I see we have arrived at the airport. My driver opened my door, “I’ll get your bags Ma’am.” I nodded as I fell my body lift off ground by two tattooed arms made their way around my waist. I giggled knowing it was Justin by the scent of his cologne. “Hey babygirl.” he whispered into my ear sending shivers down my spine. Oh how I missed hearing his sweet voice calling me babygirl. I smiled turning myself around to face him not breaking his hold on me as our lips were inches apart. “Hey Jaybear.” I said as the space between our lips were no more.

It fell so good to be in his arms, feeling him close to me, feeling his touch, feeling his sweet lips on mines, hearing his voice I just makes me realize just how much I really did miss him. “Mmmhmm how I miss those lips of yours babygirl.” Justin said licking his lips. This guy sure knows what buttons to push to send a girl crazy.“Excuse me Mr. Bieber. We are ready for take off.” the pilot announce on the speaker. “You ready babygirl?” I nodded as we made our way into the private jet. Inside the jet were Fredo,Za,Ryan, Chaz and two other girls I haven’t seen before. I was a bit confused cause I thought it was just Justin and I but I guess not, the more the merrier right?

Justin and the guys were all goofing off and having fun. I was just enjoying being the company and being with Justin. I just love seeing him smiling, having fun and just being happy. I caught myself in a gaze as I admired Justin’s features, his honey orbs eyes, his rose pink lips, his perfectly structured jawline and what caught my attention more was that beard he had going on. I never liked hair on Justin’s face but I gotta say this beard looks sexy. It sure makes me feel some type of way. I catch myself biting down on my lips and crossing my legs before excusing myself into bedroom.

What is going on with me? I have never been so turned on in life,my body’s on fire. “That beard”.. I thought to myself. “Hey babygirl? You okay?” Justin said entering the bedroom, my eyes met his lips instantly. It’s like I didn’t have any control off my body before I knew it my lips met his biting and nibbling on every sweet spot on Justin’s neck. Justin hands grip my hair gently before his lips met my neck leaving love bites as he go. “Babygirl not that I’m complaining but what’s gotten into you?” Justin said as he stop for air. A smirk appeared on my lips as my fingers ran circles around his lips. I gently tugging at his bottom chin,”You see this beard of yours…” Justin’s now hungry eyes looking at me as he nodded. “It makes me want to call you Daddy all night long.” his grip tighten on my waist as he smash his lips onto mines. Justin loves it when I call him Daddy, it’s a huge turn on for him. “Well babygirl it’s gonna be a long night.” Justin said licking his lips as he pull his jersey off his now shirtless body.

A/N: I’m sorry if it’s bad. I’m not too good at writing but I still try. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks. xx ❤

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Get Used to the Sound

Josh Dun x Reader 

Warnings: None, it’s pretty cute and fluffy.

Originally posted by tyjo-jishwa-imagines

You barged into your apartment, throwing your bags to the floor and slamming the door behind you. Today had been such a long and stressful day, you were completely exhausted. Everyone at work seemed to have needed something from you, but couldn’t be satisfied when you delivered. You’ve about had it with your job, but you didn’t really have any other options right now.

Stomping your way to the bathroom you turned on the tap to fill the tub with steamy water. Throwing in bath salts, herbs and flower petals, as well as some soap to create suds, you let the aroma fill your senses. You felt your body relax as you bathed, the tension leaving your muscles, and your skin became soft and fragrant from the soaps. You sighed, content in your relaxation, believing that nothing could ruin this for you.

That was when you heard it. The drumming.

One of the other tenants in the apartments had a window that faced yours but was a floor above. He was a drummer and practiced often. It always seemed to be at inopportune times for you, like when you were trying to relax or get work done. You had complained to the landlord once, but he insisted that this drummer was the best tenant that he’s ever had and no one else minds his drumming. You were forced to deal with it, and most of the time you could ignore it. This was not one of those times.

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stacieconrad  asked:

66 bechloe?

alrighty, let’s go. 66: “How could I ever forget about you?”

It had been an entire year since Beca had seen any of the Bellas, and a few nonths since she’s spoken to any of them either. Right after graduation, she had left for LA with the promotion her single with Legacy had gotten her. The work was hard at first, the boss looking at her and immediately telling her, to her face, that Flashlight had been her 1 hit wonder, and she would never make another song like it. Then a song she wrote caught Sia’s attention. So Beca took her song, and Sia’s interest in it and its writer, to another company with a female boss who appreciated Beca’s skills much more than her previous one. Sia was so happy with the song that she had asked Beca to work with her on her upcoming album as a creative mind, which, obviously she said yes to. The album was nominated for a couple of Grammy’s, so Beca had attended the award show. Honestly, she was happy enough to just go and be seen with Sia. But then the album had won. And Sia had thanked her in her acceptance speech. Beca then proceeded to blow up as a producer. While she was scrolling through her emails picking which of the artists she would not only love to work with, but be able to actually write for, she spotted an email from Aubrey Posen inviting her to a party back in Georgia for the Bellas. Saying that most of the Bellas Beca had been with stayed in the area and wanted to have an annual get together. With a smile, Beca RSVP’d and went online to book tickets to and from Atlanta, as well as a hotel to stay in for a few days. All she could think of was that now she had an excuse to see Chloe again.

 Nervously flicking her tongue along her newly acquired lip ring, Beca reached her hand up and rang the bell, a smile spreading on her face the moment Stacie answered the door. 

“Beca! I can’t believe you actually made it!” She exclaimed, throwing her arms around the shorter brunette.

“I told your aca-girlfriend I was coming, didn’t I?” She asked sarcastically, earning a laugh and a nod as they moved through the beautifully decorated house toward the backyard where the noise was coming from.

“Everyone else here already?” 

“Yeah, pretty much everyone stayed in the area but you.” Beca nodded as her friend opened the sliding door, and they both stepped out. 

“Hey everyone, look who showed up!” Beca smirked and was immediately crushed in a group hug by about ten other women. Beca spent half an hour fielding everyone’s questions before she managed to sneak inside for a breather. 

“Guess who?” someone asked as they covered Beca’s eyes from behind. With a huge smile, Beca spun around. 

“Chlo! There you are, I was wondering where you were hiding,” she said as she hugged her, surprising the redhead with the contact.

“You mean miss hot shot Grammy award winning music producer didn’t forget about little old me?” Beca pulled back from the hug to look her friend in the eyes.

“How could I ever forget about you?” 

“Beca…” she trailed off, not knowing what to say. Beca smiled sadly.

“I’m sorry about… like, not keeping on contact better. I- I really missed you, Chloe,” she admitted softly. 

“I missed you too, you goof ball.” Beca shook her head.

“No I- Chloe, I always thought that LA was like, what I really wanted, you know? But it- it really sucks. I mean, I love my job, and it’s super fun working with all those cool people, but it’s- you’re not there. And I don’t- I don’t wanna be where you’re not,” she said softly, not able to meet the redhead’s eyes. 

“Bec, what… what do you mean?” 

“I mean that I’m fucking stupid and didn’t realize that I’m in love with you until I was all the way across the country, and then got freaked out and stopped talking to you and everything fucking sucks without you and if I have to I’ll transfer back to the Atlanta office if I have to because I don’t wanna live without you anymore,” she said in a single breath as a tear fell down her cheek. Chloe smiled lovingly at her, then kissed her softly. 

“I’m transferring to UCLA next semester. I already did the paperwork,” she breathed out as she pulled back. Beca’s smile threatened to break her face.

“And I love you too.” 

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Little Avenger - 5

Pairing: Peter x reader

Summary: Peter and you went on your first mission together. While you both were excited and all buzzed up, Bucky couldn’t help but be the overprotective dad he was to you.

Author’s Note: this one is my personal favourite. It took me so long to write and edit. The word count is more than usual but you won’t be disappointed. It’s got some nice fluff and cute Peter. Hope you like it!

Warnings(s): swearing, drinking and fighting

Word Count: 2568

Part 4, 6

Originally posted by captainamericacivilwhore

The day had arrived and Peter was regretting being at the tower deeply, he thought he would get to enjoy your company. Little did he know he would have to meet Bucky. He didn’t hate him; god, he didn’t. it was just that he was very protective of you and could be very intimidating.

‘so, parker, how was school.’ Bucky crossed his arms and looked at him. they were sat opposite each other on the table. At that moment, Peter knew exactly what criminals felt like during their questioning.

‘it’s Saturday, sir. We don’t have school today.’ He chuckled awkwardly.

‘right.’ He said. ‘let me tell you a few things, okay?’ he looked at him and he nodded.

‘if you try anything funny with (y/n),’ he leaned forwards. ‘I will kill you.’ he said and Peter tried to hide his discomfort. ‘and, if you let anyone else touch her, I will hold you responsible.’ he leaned back and toyed with a knife. ‘well, I might not have to worry about it, because she’s capable of things you can’t imagine, with or without her powers. it’s just my duty as she’s more than a sister to me.’ He kept the knife aside. ‘that’ll be all.’ he smiled and signalled him to leave.

‘I-I’ll keep that in mind.’ he left hurriedly.

‘you were threatening the kid? Seriously, buck?’ Steve asked as he brushed passed Peter.

‘that kid will be all alone with (y/n) in some crazy ass party, I had to! I needed to make sure he doesn’t take any advantage of the situation.’ he defended himself and Steve sighed in response.

Peter was all set for the mission before you and was waiting with Pietro. Their friendship was an odd one but he was the only one who didn’t tease Peter that much.

‘so, you have something planned for tonight?’ Pietro wiggled his brows.

‘what do you mea-, what?! No!’ he said with an embarrassed expression.

‘come on, parker. When will you take the big step. Just say it already!’ he slapped his shoulder lightly.

‘it’s not all that easy, dude. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.’ He scratched his cheek.

‘hey, trust the ladies’ man,’ he pointed at himself. ‘I can tell she likes you, do something tonight, impress her.’

‘she doesn’t go for guys like me, she is one of those girls you read about in books, she’s an adventure herself.’ He smiled at the thought of you. ‘She goes for bad boys, not for awkward, sweet, goofs like me.’ He sighed.

‘give it a try, plus you can always save some bad boy stuff for,’ he looked at him and coughed. ‘other times.’ He winked at him. Peter snickered and punched him lightly. They were chatting casually until you walked in the room.

‘how do I look!’ you twirled to show off your red dress. The dress had lace designing and was the perfect shade for your complexion. your hair were tousled, your dress was perfectly flaunting your body and the light makeup made your features come out beautifully.

‘you look great, chip!’ Pietro grinned knowing how much the nickname annoyed you if anyone other than Natasha called you by it.

‘you look beautiful.’ Peter got up smiled at you making a heat rise to your cheeks.

‘you look rather dashing yourself, parker.’ You grinned. Peter couldn’t take his eyes off you. you weren’t the type of girl to wear makeup and dresses and you never took off your gasses until it was necessary. Seeing you like that was just something different.

‘let’s get going, red.’ Bucky walked in the room as he wore his sweatshirt. ‘parker,’ he gave him a sharp look.

‘Bucky! How do I look?’ you faced him.

‘you look gorgeous.’ He smiled seeing your grinning face. You never got to be your age and you could today. But how ironical was it that it was for another mission. ‘get in the car, Nat’s waiting.’ he said.

‘okay, come on, Pete.’ You took his hand and led him out of the room. Peter looked at Bucky’s angry face.

Natasha was sitting in the front while she fiddled with her bracelet. You smiled at her when you saw her and she returned it.

‘isn’t my chipmunk looking amazing.’ She turned around to face you both.

‘well, it’s all your work.’ You grinned.

 ‘you look good too, Peter.’ She smiled at him and he muttered a thank you.

‘all right, let’s get this over with.’ Bucky got in the driver’s seat and put on the seatbelt.

It took you not more than 30 minutes to reach that place. It wasn’t very posh; it was an old mansion that required some maintenance. Pop music filled the car as you rolled down the windows. You could see many teenagers dancing, laughing and drinking when you looked around.

‘kids these days.’ Bucky said with a disgusted face. ‘okay,’ he turned around and faced you two. ‘no touching, no drinking, no kissing, no getting tattoos, no-‘

‘here’s your card, show it to them and they’ll let you in.’ Natasha handed you a card. ‘and shut up, Barnes.’ She glared at him. ‘you know what he looks like?’ she asked you and you nodded. ‘great.’ She smiled. ‘try have some fun while you’re at it.’ she winked and you both chuckled.

 ‘bye Nat, bye Buckbeak. Love you!’ you grinned and pulled Bucky’s cheek.

‘love you too, now scoot!’ he said grumpily. Natasha couldn’t help but grin at how much you had changed him.

You had to walk for a while before you could reach the entrance. You looked around and moved closer to Peter.

‘it seems fun.’ You said sarcastically to Peter.

‘I thought you loved these places, you know you are the ‘badass girl’’ he nudged you in the ribs.

‘that I am.’ You smirked and stopped by the entrance.

‘invitation?’ a guy with lip piercing said.

‘here.’ Peter handed him the card. He first examined the card and looked at both of you.

‘enjoy.’ He opened the gate and gave you a sly smirk. The place was dimly lit and smelled like a mixture of perfumes and cheap deodorants. It was blaring with new songs and was stuffed with people.

‘did he think we were…’ Peter turned to you.

‘yeah.’ You chuckled. ‘okay, lets split. We’ll be able to find him sooner that way.’ You said and he nodded.

‘be careful.’ You heard Bucky’s voice in your com.

  ‘the hell I will.’ You wandered deeper into the crowd. You walked around talking and laughing. The experience was pleasant.

‘did you find him?’ you heard Peter’s voice in your com. ‘nah, but I heard that he will be by the dancy thingy in about an hour.’ You said. ‘can you come here?’ you said through the com.

‘sure.’ He said. You were drinking some water taping your feet to the music all alone. Some guys had tried to talk to you but you had told them off. You weren’t in the mood to talk to some idiot and listen to his endless chatter about himself.

‘hey gorgeous.’ You heard someone say.

‘I am no- ‘you turned around and found Peter grinning. ‘Peter!’ you sighed in relief. ‘you won’t believe how many idiots I had to bear!’ you stood next to him.

‘well, I am here now. Let’s just sit somewhere.’ He found a place to sit and sat down with you.

‘I hate this place.’ You leaned back.

‘yeah, I can tell that.’ He chuckled. ‘so, did you find yourself a girl?’ you wiggled your brows at him.

‘I have my eyes on this one girl though.’ He smiled. The thought of him being with someone else stung a little. You liked him and you couldn’t let that happen.

‘oh,’ you said. ‘who’s lucky girl?’ you nudged him with your shoulder.

‘um, let’s see, she has beautiful (y/e/c) eyes, great smile..’ as he described the appearance you could feel a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.

‘and she is sitting next to me.’ He looked at you hopefully and smiled.

‘what?!’ you grinned.

  ‘mhm.’ He looked down.

‘you meant all that?’ you looked at him.

‘yup, I did.’ He looked at you.

‘I- ‘you were starting to speak until you noticed the boy you were looking for. ‘Peter! Look he’s here!’ you stood up.

‘let’s get him and leave then.’ He said half-heartedly.

‘yeah, but not like that. We can’t just attack him.’ you said. ‘wait outside, I will get him there and then look after it all.’ You turned to him. ‘okay?’

‘okay.’ He tried to hide the sadness caused by his unanswered question.

‘great.’ You smiled. ‘how will you do it?’ he furrowed his brows.

‘by turning up the heat.’ You simply stated and he gave you a confused look. ‘just wait and watch. And don’t go out just yet wait for my signal.’ You winked at him and disappeared in the crowd. He took a deep breath and followed you.

You looked around and found the guy leaned against a table. He noticed you and passed a smile which you returned. You were thinking for way to get him to talk to you until an idea popped in your mind.

  You made your way towards the DJ and asked him to play your favourite song. You smiled and ran your hands through your hair as the music filled the air. You danced like you didn’t care and let your hair flow. You swayed your hips to the music and danced in a manner that Peter couldn’t take his eyes off you.

‘damn.’ Peter thought with his mouth agape.

You were just moving to the beat and looking for the guy until the song changed. Red dress by MAGIC! Played and you smirked at your victory. You looked at him and he locked eyes at you. he took a sip of his drink without breaking eye contact. He moved towards you and started to dance with you. you took in his appearance as he did so. He was wearing a leather jacket and distressed jeans, his hair were slicked back with hair gel and he smelled like cigarettes, spearmint and a heavy perfume. Peter clenched his fists and jaw at the scene. He couldn’t bear another guy touching you.

‘you wanna get outside? We can go for a ride or something.’ He looked said to you.

‘I would love that.’ You smiled. He took your hand and led you outside. You signalled Peter to follow you and he nodded.

You got outside and he offered you a drink. You had no other option, you knew it wasn’t something you should do but you ended up taking a few sips. You could feel it kicking in already, it was too strong.

‘name’s Chris.’ He introduced himself. ‘I have to say, you were pretty hot in there.’ he moved closer to you and you leaned against the cold wall.

‘thanks.’ You said. ‘I am pretty good at other stuff as well.’ You tilted your head and ran a finger along his jawline. You couldn’t concentrate well; the drink was messing up with your system.

‘mind showing me?’ he said in a low voice.

‘mhm.’ You said innocently. He moved closer but you slipped aside, kicked him in the side, punched him several times and locked him.

‘aren’t I great?’ you asked him. ‘who the fuck are you? get off me, b- ‘he couldn’t speak more as Peter had his mouth closed with his webbing.

‘don’t you know how to talk to a girl?’ Peter got in his face.

‘can you that with his hands too?’ you said to Peter and he nodded. ‘thanks Petey!’ you hiccupped.

‘(y/n) are you,’ he got closer to you. ‘are you drunk?!’ ‘that asshole made me drink this thingy, and it’s gotten me all woozy.’ You stumbled a little. ‘leave it all aside let’s get him to them.’ You picked Chris up. ‘let’s get going, hon. You had a lot of fun ruining all those lives.’ You stumbled again.

‘I guess I’ll take him, you just, follow.’ He said as he griped his arm.

‘okay.’ You smiled and followed him to the car. ‘do you want me to enchant his mind?’ you asked.

‘nah, I guess i’m good.’ he peter held on to the guys arm.

Some agents took Chris from there. Peter after giving them some instructions, helped you walk to your car where Bucky and Natasha were waiting for you. Bucky stopped talking to her when he noticed Peter half carrying you to the car. They both got out of the car and walked towards you.

‘what the hell happened?!’ Bucky asked.

‘Peter got me drunk.’ You whined and hugged Peter closely.

‘you did what?!’ Bucky lunged towards Peter but Natasha grabbed him.

‘no! I didn’t! that guy Chris gave her something! She had him on the ground when I reached there!’ he explained himself.

‘yeah, I beat his ass.’ You giggled.

‘okay, (y/n) come get in the car.’ Bucky tried to separate you from Peter but to no avail.

‘no, I don’t wanna leave him. he’s nice and warm.’ You buried your face in his neck. Peter couldn’t help but smile, he had never had you this close. He quickly his smile when he saw Bucky clench his jaw.

‘no problem, Peter, get her in the car.’ Natasha said calmly. He nodded and helped you in the car.

‘can I have a makeup wipe?’ you cocked your head between the front seat.

‘sure, here you go, chip.’ She handed you a few wipes.

‘thanks.’ You sat back and handed one wipe to Peter.‘Pete, help me.’

‘o-okay.’ He took it wiped your cheeks.

Bucky clutched the steering wheel and Natasha nudged him.

‘let them be, buck.’ Natasha said to him. ‘look how happy she is.’ These words softened his expression.

‘I want to get rid if this dress.’ You huffed.

‘no!’ they said in unison.

‘I am intoxicated not out of my mind. I wouldn’t take it off here.’ You leaned back and crossed your arms over your chest. you started to feel your eyes droop, the drink had been too strong. You yawned and moved closer to Peter.

 ‘do you mind?’ you asked him.

 ‘not at all.’ He raised his arm and you snuggled close to him.

‘thanks.’ You hugged him close and he hesitantly wrapped his arm around you.

You arrived at the base and Peter helped you out of the car. He was about to leave but you stopped him.

‘leave me to my room.’ you pouted. He looked at Bucky for approval and he got a deep breath in response.

‘alright.’ He smiled and helped you in.

You both got in the elevator and you stared at him.

‘what?’ he leaned against the wall.

‘you like me?’ you smiled.

‘yeah.’ He looked down.

‘I like you too, a lot.’ You grinned and moved closer. He stopped you and you gave him a confused look.

‘you don’t mean it, you’re drunk.’ He smiled sadly and sighed.

‘no! I do.’ you pouted.

‘if you do, I’ll come here, tomorrow morning, and if you will still like me, I am all yours.’ He cupped your face.

‘at least let me do something.’ You said.

 ‘what?’ he asked.

 ‘this.’ You kissed the corner of his mouth. ‘we’ll get to it later.’ You winked and the elevator gates opened. ‘goodnight.’ You smiled at him and left. He stood there seeing you leave and he leaned against the wall again. the night was going to be a long one.

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Summary: Once again, your best friend Bucky sneaks into your apartment while you’re away, but when you come home things take a hotter turn than usual.

Bucky x reader, SMUT/FLUFF, Word count: 3,617

TW: someone breaking into your home when you’re away, oral sex, unprotected sex, language.

A/N: I’m still working on my smut-writing skills, so feedback is welcome! Hope you enjoy!!

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“Ahhh!!!!” you screamed, dropping your groceries when you stepped into your apartment to see a man sitting on your couch.

“Jesus Christ, Bucky, I really wish you’d text me before you invite yourself over. When did I even give you a key?”

“You didn’t. I usually just pick the lock,” said Bucky as he came over to help you pick up the groceries.

“Well, here. This way you won’t get arrested if one of my neighbors sees you breaking in.” You tossed him a spare key you kept in a drawer in the kitchen. Bucky caught it and slipped it in his pocket.

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Dylan Confessing

“You’re so lame!”

“Cool than you though.”

“In your dreams dweeb”

You looked into Dylan’s joyful eyes and couldn’t contain your laughter. Dylan was in your living room goofing around and lipsyncing to the Spice Girls. He somehow manage to know a few words while most of the time he was just moving his lips and making fun faces. His dancing was terrible.

These were always the best times, even as children it was just a small tradition to have lipsync battles or just goof around in the living room. You remember when you both were little you would force your parents to watch you guys dance and goof around and tell you who won.

You looked at the tall skinny guy and saw only the beauty he possessed. He looked at you with his blue eyes and smiled. You got up from your seat and changed the song to the most cheesy song ever. “My heart will go on” Dylan was about to sit down but you grabbed his hand.

“C'mon we are doing a duet.”

“Oh I see you don’t want to lose”

“You’re gonna lose that prom date if I don’t teach you how to dance even alittle.”


You saw the confusion in his face and only laughed. Prom wasn’t till next year but you couldn’t find any other reason to get him to dance with you. You guided his hands to where they needed to be. His face was bright red and you could only smile. He wouldn’t look you in the eyes and just laughed at how nervous he was getting.

“Why are you so nervous Dyl? It’s just me.”

“Yea. But you are very uh..close to me”

“Oh c'mon nerd. Some people have their bodies touch, you are barely touching my hip.”

You laugh after you spoke when you notice his cheeks deepen into a bright red.

“It’s just different y/n”

You pulled his hand off you and stopped dancing.

“What’s wrong Dyl. You were just goofing off and laughing like 5 seconds ago.”


“C'mon spit it out nerd”

“Dancing with you isn’t the same as when we were children. Feelings change and mine’s for you have changed alot.”

“What do you mean”

“I can’t dance with you because you make me nervous and I fumble around you. You mean more than a friend to me.”

You could help but laugh because of how serious he was getting and how well it went with the song. He gave a blank expression and you realized he must have thought you were making fun of him. You deicided if we has actually trying to confess than it was worth a shot.

You pulled him into a kiss and felt how his lips went from tense to just following your lead. You couldn’t help from smiling mid kiss. You managed to kiss him right at the climax of the song and you also got to finally kiss him.

He smiled back and kissed you again. This time pulling you towards him. You both stood like for a short while till you heard the door knob turn.

“Hey guys. What’s going on in here?”

“ uh…you know. The.. Same old.”