i thought they stayed that way

I think claims that BTS never had a “hit” song in Korea, that everyone knew or was widely popular can be an insult to BTS. Because when you think about it, what made them popular wasn’t a ‘one hit’ wonder or viral video, but more so their growth in musicality and exploration of universal issues that slowly built their star image.They didn’t need to always create a ‘catchy’ song to stay relevant, but instead grew step by step and hurdled their way to the top. They are the epitome of musical growth built overtime, which combined with their social platform and constant communication, gave them the ability to break barriers for Kpop.

  • Ross: How'd you do it, eh? Treat people like dirt and still come out smelling like... what is that? Is that perfume?
  • Robert: I thought Rebecca was gonna tell you to stay off my case?
  • Ross: Yeah, she did. Although why she cares about you is beyond me.
  • Robert: So?
  • Ross: So it turns out I feel sorry for her more than I need to see you fall on your backside. Besides, you'll stitch yourself up sooner or later, the way you pimp yourself about. (leaves)
  • Aaron: (approaching) Oi, I though you were getting them in?
  • Robert: Yeah, yeah, I am, yeah.
  • Vic: Hey Robert, you gonna wear your little superman cape for your housewarming tomorrow?
  • Aaron: You can pull that look off, can't you?
  • Robert: Erm... about the housewarming... do you really wanna do all that? All that fuss?
  • Aaron: Oh, come on, it's only a cape, Robert, don't be a baby.
  • Robert: No, no, I don't mean about that. It's just erm... I'd rather spend the first night after we've moved in, just the two of us. Give us a chance to talk.
  • Aaron: About?
  • Robert: I dunno. Erm... it's a big deal getting our own place and it feels important that we should be taking it seriously.
  • Aaron: Are you sure you're not confusing 'serious' with 'boring'?
  • Robert: I mean it, Aaron. You know there's been times in the past when erm... I could have said something and... I didn't cos... I dunno, maybe I took us for granted.
  • Aaron: Fine, yeah. We'll stay in and talk if it means that much to you.
  • Robert: It does, yeah.

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Any fics that have kinks throughout? Longer ones. I know I read one a few years ago where it had heavy bdsm elements and was really well written but I've never found it since

You Are the Blood : A seventh-year Hogwarts AU in which Niall gets all the girls, Liam goes on a journey of self-discovery, Zayn falls in love, Harry wants something more, and Louis tries to figure out once and for all why he, a Muggleborn, was sorted into Slytherin.

Kinks include: Dom/Sub, Threesome, exhibitionism, bondage 

May We Stay Lost On Our Way HomeHarry thought he had a handle on things. He hasn’t gotten papped in over a month, even the most zealous of fans have given up on finding his location, the Fortress is starting to look hospitable, and Niall just learned how to make shrimp bisque. Even having a massive crush on a gorgeous mythical woodland creature was working out for him.

Kinks include: Daddy, Dom/Sub, outdoor sex, mythical kinks (wings)

You’ll Breathe Me In (You Won’t Release)AU where Louis is a 25-year-old driving instructor and Harry is a 17-year-old virgin who’s really awful at seduction, except for the time he gets Louis to fall for him and fuck him senseless and take him on kinky adventures.

Kinks include: Daddy, Dom/Sub, collaring, exhibitionism, bondage, punishment, orgasm denial

WARNING: If the age difference will bother you, just don’t fucking read the fic. I don’t want anyone to bitch about this

Strawberry Milk Series : Au where harry paints his nails and drinks strawberry milk and is too nervous for it to be nothing and louis’ just trying to figure out whats wrong with him

Kinks include: Daddy, Dom/Sub, Feminization 


Switch Out The Batteries : Two years after meeting in a sex shop, Harry’s just returning to Louis from a month-long tour in the States, and they come up with a wholesome bonding exercise.

Kinks include: Daddy, Dom/Sub, humiliation, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, bondage 

WARNING: This is more so a pwp but it’s long and the best smut of my life

Am I aloud to rec my own fic?? Because I’m gonna do it????

The Night Sky is Changing Overhead : Harry is a tattoo artist, Louis is a drama professor, and they meet during an argument at a café.

Kinks include: Daddy/Princess, Dom/Sub, collaring, choking, lingerie, bondage, exhibtitionism 


Day 53, Exit Interview: Kaliko Kekoa

Kaliko: “Very much so! I mean this show was interesting and if I were more of an anthropologist, I’d have found it fascinating, the way we were all penned up together and the results of that; but my passion is botany and specifically cowplants! I was so unhappy until the planter turned up! To find a cowberry in with the seeds was fantastic. I’m very grateful to the producers for consulting me on the best and safest way to transport Beth* back to the Twikki Islands with me.”

Lillian: “Do you think your experience with the show has changed you at all?”

Kaliko: “Oh, I know it has. I’ve met some very good people that I hope to stay in contact with – a thing I’d never thought I’d hear myself say before. I’ve never been very much of a people person.”

*NB: Beth is the cowplant.

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There's a story out now saying macs either going to cancel his upcoming shows to stay with Ariana or bring her with him. His next show is this Friday

Who knows, his decision either way. 

I don’t want to keep addressing stories and rumours right now, please just stop spreading stuff, let them grieve and live their lives for a bit without everyone conspiring all the time about what they’re doing. 

Send thoughts for Ariana but otherwise leave her be.


So I may regret this but I changed my training schedule around for the week. Tomorrow it called for walk 5 minutes, run 5 minutes, walk 5 minutes. Well, tomorrow I would be doing that on the treadmill and it’s been awhile since I’ve run 5 minutes without stopping. And “awhile” is being generous. So I decided I would do that in my neighborhood so I could run as slow as I needed and not feel like I have to stay with he pace of the treadmill.

I fought with myself a little bit about this tactic because I wanted to run the pace I’ve been trying to maintain during my other runs but I thought, do you want to run fast and not be able to complete the 5 minutes or run slow, complete the 5 minutes and know that you’re building your base. Remember, you’re trying to do this the smart way and not get injured. Speed will come later. A solid foundation is what is currently most important. So I put my pride down and ran…let’s be real, let’s call it a jog, as slow as I felt I needed to to continue the run for 5 minutes. And I completed the 5 minutes.

Tomorrow I’m cross training and will probably walk, elliptical and bike. Looking forward to getting back in the pool tomorrow.

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I've just heard about the threat level being heightened to critical and I sincerely hope you and all your loved ones stay safe. Sending my best hopes and thoughts your way.

Thank you love. It’s been at Severe for 3 years so it’s not a huge increase and is just a matter of precaution really, to keep people vigilant and such, hopefully no one takes this period of mourning as a chance to spread more chaos 💖

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I am so sorry that happened to you guys and for the lives that were lost. Thoughts and good energy coming to you. I can't even begin to imagine your pain. If me or my spirit family can help in absolutely any way, please let us know. I was just attacked myself, so my help will be fairly limited as I heal. But as long as I can do it, I will.

You stay safe too, okay??? Take care, friend. Thank you for your kindess

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Everybody thought arz was gonna blow up on Luke and drag him but she went out exactly the way I thought she would. She got him to finally post (even if it was only once or twice), lasted longer than her and Bryan, and finally got verified and a job. She keeps the pics up for employers to see and get publicity, and she stayed silent during the breakup so future employers won't think she's crazy and problematic like she is. Gotta admit, the girl is smart

I sort of talked about why I think she didn’t cause a scene in this post. I don’t really think it has anything to do with what future employers may think because she’s never cared before, but maybe it’s different now that she’s (unfortunately) more well known and has to watch her actions because she doesn’t have Luke anymore. Who knows. She definitely keeps the pictures up for everyone to see, though. Not just future employers, but everyone. She’s smart in some ways but not in others.

When it comes to the people I care about, I can be quite the hypocrite. I’ll give you the hours during which I should be sleeping without hesitation. My eyelids saturated with fatigue, I’ll gladly watch the seconds tick away knowing that somehow this is helping you. But when it comes to me, I don’t want you to worry. You don’t need to help me climb out of the rubble I call my life. I’ll make it out somehow. Until I do, I’ll put a smile on my face for you. I’ll make sure it’s high quality, made from whatever amount of strength I could muster before stepping outside that morning. If I’m lucky, you won’t question the bags under my eyes or the way I seem to space out when my thoughts become too loud. If I’m lucky, my sadness will stay just that, mine. I know your arms are open, but sometimes I don’t want to trouble you with this body. Sometimes I just don’t want to be a burden.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh | Hypocrisy

Does mod g have a crush? who the hell knows

I’m at the stage in life where I’m just appreciative of everything thus far. I’m beginning to see the fruits of my labor, and I’m still manifesting for more. Patience and self-love has taught me so much over the last 5 months and has introduced me to some beautiful people along the way too. Well-being has become a daily routine and changes are slowly being recognized. Your body regenerates itself every 7 years.. In this cycle I’m going to become the woman that I used to daydream about when I was a little girl. I owe that to myself.

Everything is in great condition:

  • My Mind because I meditate every morning for 40 minutes. I’ve gained closure on all things that were left unresolved. My thoughts are positive and my inner voice is still my cheerleader. I’m trying to learn how to vibrate higher and stay away from people who dim my light, reduce my energy or have me acting out of character. I read everyday. I’ve stayed clear from those who constantly complain, gossip and have drama. My circle is just calm, pure and light. I make sure, that whoever I interact with, has a positive impact on my energy, otherwise I’m out.
  • My body because I train daily with my PT and I’m cautious of what I eat. This plant based lifestyle is fun because I’m able to cook everyday. I only drink water and I can infuse it with fruits if I’m craving a flavor. My friends and I have a 10k step target everyday. My hair, my skin, my teeth, everything is just glowing and rewarding me. A bitch is in the sauna every morning. 
  • My soul because I’m no longer harboring any pain from the past. I’m writing and creating. I’ve been blessed with a collective of great people for years and I’m content with that. My surroundings are peaceful and my environment is calm; overall tranquility is still something I’m aiming for. Over the last 4 months, I’ve been focusing more on the things that nourish my soul instead of material bullshit. It’s quite liberating. Plus, I save money and fly out instead of consuming. The same £200 I would spend over the weekend - is a short stay and flight to a city I’ve never been to before.

It’s taken a while to get here. 5 months ago I was living like zombie. It dawned on me, that I’m approaching a new cycle. The next 7 years are really going to shape the rest of my life. I immediately changed and released everything that was jeopardizing my growth. I had to create a daily schedule, change my eating habits and release some people too. I had to spend more time alone, read and self educate and learn how to meditate properly. I had to do all of these things, because I felt like I was losing myself.

I’m slowly getting back to me.

  • V: Luciel, I think there's someone suspicious outside my house..
  • Seven: What?! What are they doing??
  • V: I am not sure. I can only see something yellow-ish..
  • Seven: ???
  • Yoosung: [outside V's house banging pots and pans with a huge signboard - 'V SUCKS AND I HATE HIM!']

“Wake Up”

‘Cause we’ve been driving so long
I can’t remember how we got here
Or how we survived so long
I’m tryna run from our pride
'Til you set fire to my atmosphere
And I remember how I spent the 23rd
Feeling six feet under
When I’m 30,000 feet in the air
Chasing that sundown
So far east I’m westbound
Feeling like the edge of this world is near

But you’ll feel better when you wake up
Swear to god I’ll make up
Everything and more when I get back someday
This is more than just a phase, love
Shooting stars all break up
And even though it seems like half the world away

Things will be better in America
Heard the streets are gold there
Maybe I could fly you out this place someday
Chasing dreams like I’m on Novocain
Screaming through your airways
Looking back I almost thought I heard you say

Stay, you’re not gonna leave me
This place is right where you need to be
And why your words gotta mean so much to them
And they mean nothing to me
So stay, you’re not what you’re hearing
'Cause I’ve been watching you changing
And who said you’re one in a million

'Cause you see only what you want to
Your tunnel vision haunts you
And you can’t see what’s wrong
When you keep sleeping through the PM
Eyes wide open when you’re dreaming
You’re sleepwalking, just keep talking
And maybe you can talk your way out of this deep end
No “B” plan in your system
Just tell me what you’re thinking
I’m scared that you might fall.

EDEN - Wake Up


Hide… Where are you? We miss you….

15 things I learned at 15:
1. Life isn’t all about grades and paying bills and getting old. You can’t wake up every morning and do the exact same thing and then say you’ve lived. Do the types of things you can tell stories about. Live a little. 
2. The world can be a beautiful place if you look hard enough. Find those places. The world was made to be seen by your eyes.
3. Love is more than saying those three words. You have to mean them. You have to feel them.
4. Your feelings are valid. Always. Please don’t forget that. 
5. We were given voices so that we could say how we feel and what we think. Don’t let your voice go to waste because you’re scared. Speak your mind; tell him you love him, tell her that she hurt you, tell your parents that your sad, tell them you’re so fucking happy that they exist in this world.
6. Losing someone who was important to you once doesn’t make what you had together invalid. No matter how thing ended, whether you faded out like a sunset or you burst into flames and it was over instantaneously, they made you happy at one point. Just remember them like that.
7. Flowers braided into your hair are beautiful and leather jackets and combat boots are beautiful and stilettos and lipstick are beautiful and beautiful is not defined by a number, it’s a feeling.
8. Sometimes all someone needs is to be held.
9. Your heart is a muscle. It will break and then it will become stronger than ever. Love will end you, but you will rise from your ashes and you will be okay.
10. Being alone and being lonely are not the same thing.
11. Hold onto the things and the people that make your heart race and your cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Make sure they know they matter.
12. You don’t have to be okay all of the time. Just know that pain is only temporary.
13. No one in this world knows you better than yourself. Don’t ever let someone try to tell you otherwise.
14. Feel. Feel everything. Every emotion that is thrown your way, welcome it with open arms, invite it into your home, drown in it. Let your emotions consume you, when you feel things like this, no matter how painful, you know you’re alive.
15. If Van Gogh can turn his pain into a collection of masterpieces and Shakespeare can turn the greatest tragedies into something beautiful  then you can get up every morning and find a reason to stay.
—  15 things I learned at 15 // Happy Birthday To Me 05.01.17
What’s up, it’s Alexei!

When Ngozi posted this picture yesterday of young post-draft Tater “trying his darnedest to answer press questions in English,” I thought, “You know, I could make a play fic out of that.” Which is what led to the following 2700+ words about Tater and his ESL tutor.

Many, many thanks to @ktheunready for being my Russian authenticity consultant and beta!

Georgia Martin stood at the back of the media scrum and watched Alexei Mashkov stumble his way through his post-draft interview, saw the way his fingers kneaded the brim of the brand-new Falconers’ cap he’d been handed for the initial official photos, saw the way his eyes widened and stayed intently glued to whoever was asking him a question, like he was afraid he’d miss some key bit of meaning if he blinked.

She pulled out her phone and made a call.


«No, Mama, I promise, my room is very nice. The family is very nice. Everything is very…»

«Let me guess, nice? »

Alexei sighed. «Yes.»

«You know I don’t doubt you, right, Alyosha? I’m not worried you can’t do this. You will be fine. But I know this is your first time to live in another country, with none of the boys from your teams here. It can be… hard, sometimes. I know.»

«Yeah, Mama, I know. You told me.»

«Are you telling me you’ve heard the stories of my youth too many times?» she asked in mock outrage.

«No, no!» he laughed. «Of course not.»

«Good. I should think not.» He could picture her face exactly, and it made him smile. «I’m glad your host family seems nice, Alyosha. I’m sure you will have many friends in no time.»

He flopped back on the bed again and stared at the ceiling. «I hope so.»

«We’ll talk again soon. Love you, son.»

«Love you, too.»

He hung up and let his phone rest on his chest. He’d been to America before. He’d thought he’d known what it would be like, that it wouldn’t be so bad. Different, yes, but there would be so many interesting new things to see, and new teammates, and he certainly knew how to play hockey. What he had failed to take into account, apparently, was how exhausting it was to try to function in English all day. For a US hockey team, the Falconers’ roster was shockingly low on Russian players, so his host family was one of the French Canadian ones. To their credit, they did speak some Russian, but it was hardly enough to have a real conversation. Alexei felt like he’d been practically mute all day.

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Masterlist - Updated 30/4/17

Originally posted by sebastiansource

- read my masterlist here . Please come and let me know your favourites -


Training With Bucky - A series of connected one shots of what’s like to train with Bucky Barnes based off these headcanons here - Part 1

Ficmas - A series of christmas drabbles - Masterlist

Daddy Drabbles - A series of drabbles which detail the adventures of our favourite characters as fathers - Masterlist

100 Kinks - 100 kinky drabbles to celebrate Bucky’s 100th birthday (smut)

Front Line Love - Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. - Part 1, Part 2 (smut)

Riding in cars with boys - A smutty drabble series featuring all our favourite Sebastian Stan characters in cars, so come along for the ride. - Part 1: Carter

Bucky x Reader- Prompt drabbles

“I’m tired of being your secret”/“Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking” (SMUT)

“Will you just tell me the truth?”

“You don’t need to protect me”/“Didn’t realise I needed your permission”

“I think you’ll be happy to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.”

“I remember practicing how to ask you out in the mirror..”

Bucky + knives + dirty talk (SMUT)

Under the table at black tie gala (SMUT")

“It’s Christmas, don’t be mad at me.”

“Welcome to fatherhood”

“Stop being so cute”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

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Watch Me Babygirl [10]

Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: language

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.4] [pt.5] [pt.6] [pt.7] [pt.8] [previous part]

“Woah are you okay? You look tired as hell.”

You sighed, leaning your head against the cool surface of your locker door. You simply sighed, not in the mood to explain to Hoseok why you looked so exhausted.

You jumped at the sudden pressure on your shoulder and turned to look at Hoseok. He looked concerned and you didn’t blame him. In all honesty, it looked as if somebody had punched you in face. The bags underneath your eyes were gigantic and dark and you entire face was overall unnaturally gaunt.

“Hey if you don’t feel like dancing today you don’t have to. As long as you still feel up to watching…” he said, his tone soft and sympathetic.

“Hey maybe dancing will actually wake me up,” you replied, shrugging before taking a drink from your water bottle.

He nodded, placing a hand on either side of your head and squishing your cheeks in.

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