i thought they stayed that way

I wish there was a way to kill yourself and see how everyone who you knew reacts, and then depending on that choose whether to stay dead or not. If that were the case l’d kill myself right this second.
—  (via sturzpoesie IG)

Updates on Our Daily Bird:

After a lot of thought about this blog and my work in general, I’ve decided to
change the frequency of my posts to once or twice a week.

I started this blog as a way to stay sharp and encourage myself to consistently produce work. That’s been fairly successful, but now my focus is shifting and I don’t want to be tied to the “daily” aspect if it’s just encouraging me to post half-thought out work to keep an arbitrary streak going. Part of me is burnt out, and part of me just wants to devote more time to each post.

Birds are a joy to me– they deserve so much more than a rushed drawing of a species in profile. And since I am an animator, I want to bring that skill to the blog more often as well.

I’m glad that so many people are enjoying these posts and I hope that continues as well.

TL;DR: Slightly less frequent posts, slightly more thoughtful ideas, designs, and animation!

anonymous asked:

In what situations do you think sexual descriptions should be included in a story? I'm completely inexperienced, only 16, but my characters are slightly older and live in worlds where marriage and kids at 18 is the norm. How can I write comfortably, stay true to my characters, and not write anything that would make my mother cringe? Thanks Jenna!

By “sexual descriptions,” I assume you mean sex scenes/sexual content. And if that’s the case, I’m gonna level with you. I thought about diplomatic, general ways I could approach this question, and none of them were working, so I’m just going to give you my personal opinion.

I don’t think people who haven’t had sex should write sex scenes. Sex is widely misunderstood by people who have had it, let alone people who haven’t. There are A LOT of really unhealthy sex scenes floating around, because we live in a world filled with taboos and inaccuracies about the bump and grind. It’s a difficult topic to approach with experience. It’s a nightmare to approach without it. 

You don’t have to write the sexy stuff just because it’s true to your novel’s society. You can imply the sex happened. “He gave me his body, and for the night, we were one.” [END SCENE] Do something like that. It’ll save you some grief, and hopefully your mom won’t shit a brick.

anonymous asked:

Can you do O'curtis + 26 for the fic, please? Btw your blog is amazing!!

The prompt is “I didn’t intend to kiss you.” My first thought when I read this was “yeah no that’s not happening” because O’Curtis is WAY too brotherly for me to not feel extremely squicky writing. BUT. It seemed like a challenge so I did it. I hope you like it! Thanks, anon :)

“This stays between us, do you hear me?” Toby’s tone was clipped.

They were on their way back to the garage, and no one else had a clue that anything out of the ordinary happened today.

It was a rare day where the team had split up. Walter and Toby were doing one job, and the rest of the team was doing another.

“I didn’t intend to kiss you.” Walter wouldn’t even make eye contact with him.

“We’re not talking about this, Walter.” Toby didn’t want to hear about it, discuss it, or ever mention it again.

The job was supposed to be simple, the way all of their jobs start, but then Walter just had to go and get himself drugged, leaving Toby to pull together something to counteract the drug’s effect on him so they could get the hell out of there.

They arrived at the garage, and before they left the car Toby looked Walter right in the eyes. He wasn’t sure he’d ever look at him the same way again.

“Not a word.”

Walter nodded.

“Not a word.”

As soon as they walked into the garage, Paige knew something was up. There was a tense awkwardness between them, one only previously seen after a therapy session.

“How was the job?” She was approaching with caution because she knew how volatile these two could be. She didn’t need anyone getting jump tackled again.

“It was fine. Simple. Nothing of interest happened.” Walter spoke way too fast, and Toby cursed his inability to lie.

“What really happened?” Paige had crossed her arms and turned her attention to Toby.

“Nothing.” He was a much better liar, and he had probably fooled Paige, but there was one person who could see right through him.

“That’s a load of crap, Doc. What are you hiding?” He’d probably never be able to hide anything from Happy.

Toby looked at Walter, silently screaming at him to keep his mouth shut.

Then Paige looked at him with her eyebrows raised, and Toby knew they were screwed.

“I kissed Toby.” Walter sat down at his desk, avoiding everyone’s eyes.

Paige and Sylvester were shocked, but Cabe and Happy were trying not to laugh. Toby covered his ears like hearing this caused him physical pain.

“Oh my god, why?” The look on Paige’s face was priceless.

“Because he was on a hallucinogenic drug that made him think I was you.” Toby somehow managed to make it more awkward.

If Walter was throwing him under the bus, Toby was going to bring up Walter’s unaddressed feelings for Paige and take the boss down with him.

“What?” Paige didn’t know if she was concerned or horrified.

“He got drugged, started hallucinating, and apparently thought he was dying because he said he had to kiss you one last time, and then he planted one on me as I was trying to give him the antidote I cooked up from practically nothing, you’re welcome by the way Walt, then I pushed him away and slapped him to wake him up and now we’re here.” Toby ran through the story as quickly as he could, attempting to push it out of his mind.

“I didn’t appreciate the slap, by the way. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t necessary.” Walter leaned back in his chair, attempting to seem casual.

“Well I didn’t appreciate you assaulting me with your lips.”  

“This is a surprising turn of events.” Sylvester was growing more uncomfortable by the minute.

Toby looked like he wanted to either punch Walter or throw up.

“I told you kissing Walter is gross.” Happy was still trying not to laugh. Toby nodded furiously.

Walter scoffed at the same time Paige said “It’s not that bad.”

It took her a minute to realize what she’d said.

“Maybe we should let Walter and Paige talk alone.” Cabe said, pulling Sylvester out of the room.

“Good idea. “ Said a still amused Happy. 

I’m gonna go burn my lips off.” Toby walked away knowing that this incident is something they’d never live down.

What is Canon in Fairy Tail?

Hey guys so of recent I’ve had this thought on my mind of the canon of the series of Fairy Tail. Before I dive into discussing fairy tail spefically I want to first establish this idea of what is canon. The definition of canon is “ a collection or list of sacred books accepted as genuine.” The big point of that is “Genuine”. With many series in popculture having expanded into media in different fields it is often debated over what is genuine article.

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Thirty four years ago today, my father was killed by a drunk driver who plowed head first into his car on the way home from work.  At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen, convinced myself that I’d survived that and could manage anything.  That one loss made so many changes in my life, and I took a different route than the one I’d planned.  I stayed near home for those first two years until my brother sat me down and basically told me to get an apartment on my own and live my life. Deep in my heart, I feel guilty when I think how I probably wouldn’t have met the man who would be my husband if my father hadn’t died. I wouldn’t have gone back to grad school without hub’s support. Wouldn’t have my two beautiful daughter, be a professor, be writing, have wonderful friends here on tumblr.  I’ve no idea what my life would have been – it could have been just as good or better – but I like the one I have and for that, I cry sometimes, thinking I’ve been disloyal to Dad’s memory, even though I know he’d kick my ass and tell me to deal with what I’d been given and go do something. 

It never goes away, that hole, the missing piece. It goes into remission sometimes then recurs at a single memory or a quiet word. I hear his voice when I pass a lightswitch and don’t turn it off, see his face in my dreams where he talks to my hubs and is inordinately proud of my kids. He’s a ghost that is both comfortable and painful, one that will never leave. 

Miss you, Daddy. 


so I was on my way to the art museum to do some life drawing when I thought ‘hey, I haven’t been to the botanical gardens in a bit, let’s stop by there.’ And I am so glad I did because!! They were having!!!! An orchid exhibit!!!!!!!! There were orchids EVERYWHERE. The displays were all so beautiful and well crafted, and I got to draw a bit there, too. I ended up staying for 3 hours and never even got to the art museum! TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY 🌟

mbti as ways they say “i love you”



  • “stay over”
  • “you might like this”
  • “i was just in the neighborhood”


  • “i want you to be happy”
  • “you look like you could use a hug”
  • “i’ll wait”


  • "you didn’t have to ask”
  • “i’ll meet you halfway”
  • “i’ll be here when you’re ready”


  • “i saw this and thought of you”
  • “i’m worried about you”
  • “i like your laugh”


  • “don’t worry about me”
  • “i’m proud of you”
  • “that’s okay, i bought two”


  • “you should take a break - you work too hard”
  • “take my jacket, it’s cold outside”
  • “you’re important too”


  • “i made this for you”
  • “we can share”
  • “i don’t mind”


  • “it reminded me of you”
  • “i made your favourite”
  • “i want you to have this”


  • “listen to this song - it reminded me of you”
  • “i’m happy you’re here”
  • “i saved you a piece”


  • “well what do you want to do?”
  • “i picked these for you”
  • “stay there, i’ll come get you”


  • “you dont have to say anything”
  • “i’ll help you study”
  • “i noticed”


  • “do you need any help with that?”
  • “call me if you need anything”
  • “it’s no bother”


  • “i’ll do it for you”
  • “i really want your opinion on something”
  • “wow”


  • “you can have the last slice”
  • “what do you want to watch?”
  • “do you want to come too?”


  • “is there anything i can do to help?”
  • “it’s okay, i couldn’t sleep anyways”
  • “take mine”


  • “i appreciate what you do for me”
  • “you just made my day”
  • “we’ll figure it out”
Types of Mercy players
  • The Hanzo™ main: Really wanted to be a defense character but the team needed a healer. Picked Mercy because they thought it was easy. Dies a lot and blames the team for it.
  • The newbie: Well-intentioned but not too skilled, picked Mercy very fast, jumps into danger way too much, dies a lot but never complains. A cinnamon roll. Goes alone to the enemy spawn room just to heal a lone Genji.
  • The Baymax: Plays it safe and stays behind the tanks at all times, has never had a blaster kill, ultimate always ready, patient and silent. Your personal healthcare companion.
  • The wife supporter: Always pockets a Pharah or Zarya, probably reblogs tons of pharmercy on their tumblr. Knows how to use the blaster but prefers to boost their friends. Has an odd thirst for blood. Has yelled "GO GET EM BABY" during a match at least once.
  • The veteran: +200 hours of Mercy. Has seen some shit. Uses their rez from inside buildings. Doesn't call for help when someone's attacking them, kills the enemy with the blaster instead. Everyone's at least a bit afraid of them.
Please don’t hold back on me. Tell me that you miss me. Tell me that you stayed up late cause you couldn’t stop thinking about me, about us. Tell me about the dreams you have with me. Tell me about the way I make you happy. Don’t pretend to have no feelings. Love is not a weakness, and if it is, let’s all be weak, let’s all tell people why they mean so much to us.
  • V: Luciel, I think there's someone suspicious outside my house..
  • Seven: What?! What are they doing??
  • V: I am not sure. I can only see something yellow-ish..
  • Seven: ???
  • Yoosung: [outside V's house banging pots and pans with a huge signboard - 'V SUCKS AND I HATE HIM!']

Looking back on 2016, I’m very glad that I was dragged into Mystic Messenger hell towards the later part of the year. I was able to somehow stick and develop an art style that I really had fun with. I love splashing colors and details around, and I’m glad it fits so well with the crack comics I’ve always been wanting to do. On another note, people say I also look like my art ((im guessing it’s mostly the meme faces maybe HAHA ♥))

I’m very delighted and honored to be able to make you all happier with my art ^__^ Thank you so much for all your support ♥ I hope you will continue supporting me for the next year as well! Happy New Year, everyone, and stay safe!

Some thoughts under the cut to keep things short ♥

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I am sorry you became a person that I loved dearly but I could not stay any longer with. It’s strange how sometimes people we love become toxic, sometimes how letting go of them is a way of taking care of whatever is left in you . But I hope someday you see that how sometimes staying with them makes us lose on so many things that we are supposed to experience.
Moving forward in life is one of the kindest things we do to ourselves .
—  Kriti.G
I fell in love with you not knowing what love really was. I stayed in love with you because no one else made me feel the way you did.I still fall in love with you everyday because there’s no one I picture my future with other than you
When there are more tears than smiles, leave. When there are more fights than jokes, leave. When it hurts more than it feels good, leave. They don’t have the right to destroy you just because you love them. And loving them doesn’t mean you have to stay.
—  A lesson I learned the hard way -Jess Amelia
Only Told The Moon
  • Only Told The Moon
  • Camila Cabello
  • Only Told The Moon - Single

Stay back, stay long, and you move on.
I stress, come close, move on, please don’t.

Hello how are you? How you been?
Lately I wonder how it feels to steal your kiss
Nothing much, just fine, I’m doing well
And you can read between the lines, but god, I fell.

I only told the moon, tonight up on the roof
I told her that I’m scared that all my thoughts, they look like you
I only told the moon, about the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell things to her too.

Silence. Too loud. Say it, not now.

So how are you? How you been?
Lately I wonder how it feels to taste your lips
Nothing much, just fine, I’m doing well
And you can read between the lines, but God, I fell.

I only told the moon, tonight up on the roof
I told her that I’m scared that all my thoughts, they look like you
I only told the moon, about the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell things to her too.

That I give it all to you, I give it all to you, I give it all to you
I only told the moon.

Aahhh and another loves song will play on the radio, you know.
Aahhh and I’ll wait for the moon to lean in close and say…

That he only told the moon, tonight up on the roof
He told me that he’s scared that all his thoughts they look like you
I only told the moon, about the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell this to her too
That I give it all to you, I give it all to you, I give it all to you
He only told the moon.

He only told the moon.

Super Sappy Lines Prompt List

Because sometimes you just want to write the sappiest shit you can handle.

  1. “I’m in love with you.”
  2. “Please don’t leave me.”
  3. “It’s always been you.”
  4. “Shut up and kiss me.”
  5. “I’ve wanted this for so long.”
  6. “I can’t wait any longer.”
  7. “Can I kiss you?”
  8. “Can I touch you?”
  9.  “I missed you so much.”
  10. “Stay with me forever.”
  11. “I thought you didn’t want me.”
  12. “I want you. Only you.”
  13. “The way I feel when I’m with you…”
  14. “I’ll always love you.”
  15. “Please marry me.”
  16. “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?”
  17. “Because I love you!”
  18. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”
  19. “I can’t stay away from you.”
  20. “I’ve been waiting all my life for you.”
  21. “I’m better when I’m with you.”
  22. “You make me so happy.”

PS if you write anything from this list, will you tag with #sappyprompts so I can see it? <3

Remedy (1)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful. 

It starts out a bit dark, but I promise, it’s all sweetness after. I thought everyone could use a little sweet, caring, cute and a little snarky Bucky after today. I hope you’re all doing okay, and I hope this maybe helps getting your minds off pressing matters, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Love you guys, stay strong. 

Summary: when a woman is found at an abandoned Hydra base, more dead than alive, Bucky takes it upon himself to help her in any and every way he can. He doesn’t have much of a choice, being the first to approach her without the intention of hurting her in a long time, she doesn’t trust anyone around but him. 

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“Steve, seriously. I don’t need a babysitter”

“I’m not babysitting you, Buck”

“Then why are you still on my damn ass when you could be on the other side of this fuckin’ warehouse, and thus, making this go a hell of a lot faster?”


Steve can be such a damn mom sometimes., thinking I can’t do a fucking sweep on my own.

“You know, sometimes you make me think that you just like lookin’ at my ass, Rogers”

“I’d like to be lookin’ at your ass when I kick it” Steve muttered under his breath, as if I couldn’t hear it.

“Don’t tempt me”

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Man of the moment on mancandykings: » Colin James Farrell

“For me, a lot of it is about loneliness. I think a lot of our lives, in ways that seemingly are unrelated or obscure, are lived through the lens of trying to avoid loneliness at all costs. People stay in relationships longer than they should because they just can’t stand the thought of being alone. We can’t control everything, but we have more of an ability to have a say in our destiny, and in our happiness, than a lot of us explore.”

MY FRIEND pictures it this way:
leaving is inevitable
it’s the natural state of human relationships
we don’t get to choose who we meet,
the same way,
we don’t get to choose who stays in our lives
people come and go
just to leave small trails behind.

MY MOM pictures it this way:
leaving is part of growing
part of unlinking ourselves from things
it’s part of being a child, a teen, an adult
it’s beginning new phases
and realizing who’ll be there for a longer time
and you’ll be thinking, in the future,
“I’m glad they’re with me right now.”

MY AUNT pictures it this way:
leaving is something metaphorical
because the memories you create with someone
will be part of them for their lifetime
no matter how good they might be
no matter how bad they might be
a laugh, anger, shock, tears
is something you’ll never be able to deprive someone of.

I picture it this way:
leaving is a reality
is something we’ll eventually face and go through
if you truly love someone,
no matter what it may cost you,
no matter what the difficulties might be,
you can always find a way
to be there for them.

—  because I really wish certain people were by my side today. (m.d, 22.1.2017)