i thought they didn't hang out like that


When I told you that my parents were supportive of my coming out, I lied. I had this friend when I was fourteen, Eliza Wilkie. We’d hang out in her parents’ basement watching horror flicks and smoking cigarettes. I- She was the first girl that I knew that I liked in a way that was different. And I thought that she liked me too, so on Valentine’s Day I put a card in her locker declaring my feelings and asking her to the dance. Well, she gave that card to her parents.

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hello plz talk about your 6teen x riverdale idea more bc i love it


It’s literally just something I thought of in my head just cause I thought the character interactions would be hilarious. Like I’d just love to have Jugg and Jude, Veronica and Caitlin, Archie , Jonesy and Wyatt interact. I feel like their dynamics would be hilarious on screen. Like imagine Jug hanging out all day with Jude at “Stick-it” just because he loves food? Jonesy and Archie bonding on never being able to keep a job just because they’re both clumsy as hell. UGH I COULD GO ON ALL DAY.

Another possibility is that I could see the Archie gang in an AU where their main hangout spot is the Riverdale mall?! A lot of the characters would just fit right into that environment?

You want Jughead? he’s working at Burger King trying to not finish all their burgers before they can sell them.

You wanna find Archie? You can’t he’s too busy losing jobs all across the mall because he can’t walk straight.

You wanna find Veronica? She’s working at the hangout Lemonade stand to try and earn some money after her dad lost all of his due to fraud.

Cheryl, she’s definitely working at the best clothing store in the mall making sure no one commits a fashion crime.

Reggie would walk in every once in a while asking Jughead for a possible girl he can try and impress with his biceps.

I can just blabber on all day about it so I think I’ll stop for now LMAO.

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oh sorry I meant aranya i was distracted

it okay *paaat*

and since canonically he cares for Sansta and Friday- oh boi here we go-

Ara’s point of view hh like thoughts ‘n junk


Just sitting around, like always. Bored as heck. Dying a lil too- Ehhhhhh

I wonderrr if Friday wants to hang out- NNNahh he’s probably busy with his other friends. Or getting bullied… or dyiNG-

naaah he’s a healthy guy, he won’t just randomly die-

Oh… Is that Mr. Sansta over there?? Why’s he on the ground? He looks weird, hurt I think? Maybe I should check on him… Yeah I’ll do that. I wonder what happened. Oh- Oh gosh what..

Ara reaches Sansta after running, “Mr. Sansta? Wh.. what happened?”

Sansta noticed Ara, He tried to comfort him by smiling and trying to look as alive as he could, “Ara,. it’s okay. I’ll be fine” Sansta patted Ara, it was weak but he tried to be strong. “Ara… whatever happens… try to be okay. Think good things, alright?”

Ara was so confused- He had no idea what happened. He just saw that Sansta was hurt, badly hurt. He had tears in his eyes, this guy helped him out when no one else would and now he’s dying?? Why did everything bad have to happen when another horrible event had just faded from his mind. The tears fell and Ara snapped out of his thought. He was a bit too late, Sansta had been replaced with a pile of dust. There was a silent crack sound hear as Ara gripped his shirt in the area his soul was in. He just stared at the dust as tears fell. He wasn’t sure if this was reality or not.

He suddenly thought, “Friday” He got up and ran as fast as his body could take him to where he thought Friday may be. He entered, “Friday!” He called out but no reply was heard. He ran through out the area calling his friends name until he heard something. It was a loud yell. He recognized the voice as Friday’s and ran in that direction. He got there and busted in. What he saw was just his friend on the floor, curled into a ball. Ara went to him “Friday? Are you okay?” The question was rhetorical, he had tears flowing down his face, he knew the answer. Friday tried to look at Ara with a calm look, but he was in intense pain so it wasn’t effective. Friday grabbed Ara’s hand and held it as tight as he could. Ara frowned, knowing usually the grip was tighter, but this time it was weak. Ara gripped Fridays hand, the best he could with such tiny hands, and held it closed to himself.

“It’s gonna be okay, Friday.. just uh- 내 를 가져가- take my magic, okay?”

Friday shook his head “I can’t do that to you…” Ara leaned forward, eager to help his friend,

“No, you have to! I’d rather أنت- nnng, I’d rather you live than me” Ara had tears still streaming down his face. This is worse than anything he could have imagined. He didn’t want this. He was too late to help them, to late to help the people he cared about the most.

Friday gently pulled Ara closer to him and smiled, “Dude.. it’s okay. You need to have better experiences. I’ve… I haven’t exactly had a full life but.. It was nice. I got to meet and help… you…” The light in Friday’s eyes stared to fade, “I just wish we could’ve hung… out more.. I guess and.. I.. wanted to…”

That’s it. He was gone. Ara sat, processing it. He finally realized… They were gone. The people who he loved and cared for.. gone. There was silence, then one last soul shatter before…

Ara bolted up from sleep, He was gipping his chest and hyperventilating. He had tears running down his face and he felt sick. He noticed a small glow around where he was, his eyes where softly glowing red. He realized where he was and looked over at his pal, alive and asleep. He didn’t think twice and hugged him. Friday woke up to the sound of his friend weeping “Ara? Dude are you okay?”

WOWIEEEE- that was something- kinda sucked at the end buuuut eh. Imma post these one at a time so you guys don’t get bombarded with them-

so here’s one of themm

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Maybe you could do our 2 wooper pals hanging out for Valentine's Day? (Also, little side note, woopers actually have gender differences. Males have 2 rows of spikes on each fin, and females have only 1 row on each fin. Thought this would help!)

OMG Thanks for the info! :O I didn’t know that at all! Here’s a “comic” in reply to this valuable information! Happy V-Day again, errybody!


Edit: The “x”’s are from the roses that got stuck on his face during the Valentine’s Day card photoshoot. It…it didn’t bleed, at least…!

▪ ▪ ▪ ◄ She thought her heart couldn’t be broken any more than it already had. She knew it was broken. It was there, on the floor, laying in shattered pieces. Like a prism, it reflected the light and shown out memories as a rainbow of a life that was. But none of that pain prepared Sam for what she found. She was snooping, she knew. She knew there would be consequences for these actions, but god above, she was so worried. Years of hanging out with Hannah had created a sense of normalcy with her elder brother, Josh.

So, Sam noticed when he wasn’t acting normal. She couldn’t help it, she was so hyperaware now. That was when she decided to snoop while he was away. What she found, she wasn’t prepared for. Receipts. Plans. Catalogs. And a little journal that outlined everything. Worry turned into hyperactive concern.

So, now she was waiting, sitting on his bed, with all her “evidence” around her. She had texted him to let him know she would be there when he returned, and now she had to wait. It was fine. She was patient. The door finally opened and…

❛  Josh…  ❜ It was an exhale of air and she took a breath to look up and try to meet his eyes, hazel eyes imploring, and gentle. ❛  We need to talk.  ❜ // @alysmuses

// freak out

Gigi had thought that today had been a good day. She hadn’t felt particularly bad like she did on some other days lately and she was thankful for that. Her mom, sister and brother were all over to hang out and see the kids and she was definitely happy to spend time with them. She just came back into the room with everyone and hands a just woke up from his nap Grayson to her brother so that he can get some quality snuggle time in.