i thought they became good guys in the second one

A year ago we all sat around waiting
For some resolution.
An evil to be vanquished,
Friends to reunite.
Brothers to make amends
Since they had been called to fight.

A year ago we all were glued to our screens
Knowing this would be the end.
The summer was over,
The battle fought.
The Falls to be ours again
And the future infinite in possibilities.

Happy endings may not be real
But the thought of a future
Full of people living their second chances,
Of discovering the unknown,
Of a childish journey to adulthood.
Is a good thought
And it is one we were given.

A year ago
Gravity Falls and earth became sky,
And we beat the beast with just one eye.
A year ago
We moved forward to a better life
With a fond memory of their summer.

A year ago
It ended.

A year ago
We won.

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