i thought the layout was supposed to spell something at first

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wait... Dan will change his name in the new video? Where did you get this Information from? I''m confused ._.

Why are you thinking Dan might change his username? Have I missed something?

little clues and hints that were still pretty damn obvious from dan himself, much like the ones he dropped about the move. full breakdown below, but forgive me bc i’m going to be copy pasting from some posts i’ve done on this topic a while ago (so if you’ve been here for a couple months you may already have seen most of this): 

first, in his 2/7 live show, dan broaches the topic of regretting his user name and wanting to change it two separate times. at 44:02 he wraps up a story about how people have been misspelling it and then says: “it’s the worst. it just makes me hate everything. i’m like okay i know a whole important funny ironic part of my story is that this was my yt account when i was 13 and i just kind of kept it or whatever and .. same time i really regret that—you know people, everybody has used the youtube feature where you can just change the display name to something so i feel like i should just do that at some point … you can just change the display thing like—so I should at some point when i can be bothered.” this is the first time he explicitly mentions regretting dinof as a user name and wanting to change it. he then repeats it at 57:53, when someone compliments his tumblr queue and he says he needs to change his layout which he says is an item on “dan’s long list of 2017 changes. right up there with danisnotonfire.” so again. he explicitly stated TWICE that he wants to change his youtube name and that it’s on his list of things to do in 2017.

the following week, during his 2/14 live show, he mentions a new video idea for a danisnotonfire video for the first time at 44:51. he says “i have an idea for what my next one will be. i don’t know–i’m trying–i’m trying to get something like organized so i can like do something and be like, ‘POW, here’s a video.’ and i think it’ll be funny. if you’ve heard me moaning about some things that’s been kinda like an ongoing issue in my professional life, you might have an idea. which could be quite funny. i’m deciding whether to name it something which i think is hilarious but might–some people might be like ‘you motherf–’ but we’ll see …” and then he goes on for a bit about how he should use trashy clickbait titles more.

these instances together are why i and many others assumed that this video idea would be about him wanting to change his youtube user name and make a video about how consistently people fuck up their formatting/spelling of the dinof name. the bit about the idea for naming it something hilarious (which he mentions after a different ramble about how he should use clickbait titles more often) is why i thought he was probably planning on calling this video something like “the end of danisnotonfire.”

THEN in the 2/21 show, dan talks about an important video idea again here, and this time says this about it: “i have a very, very cheeky idea for the next danisnotonfire video, um, which might be a long time coming. especially for the people who watched the–i don’t know. i don’t know if i’m ready. it’s a big deal, and also not, and also quite funny. and that’s another one, if you love cringing and just looking–if you love laughing at my life being turned into a joke  you might enjoy that one. we’ll see, maybe it will be the video after next.”

this is the one where everyone freaked out and thought he could be coming out, and a whole range of other suggestions. while there’s no EXPLICIT confirmation that this latter video idea is the same one as he mentions in the 2/14 show, it just makes the most sense that it’s a continuation of the same concept. “cheeky” because of the clickbait title.  “long time coming” because he’s been complaining about his user name for, like, years. “especially for the people who watched the–” probably was him about to say for ppl who’ve been watching the last few live shows where he hints so heavily at this idea. “a big deal, but not,” because, quite literally, it both is and isn’t a big deal for him to change his user name. “cringing” and “laughing at my life being turned into a joke” because he views people fucking up the user name as intensely cringe-worthy. 

the very next liveshow, however, on 3/7, things get a little bit derailed. dan makes two interesting statements: 

first, when someone asks him at 34:43 about filming for dinof he says: “i was gonna make a video and then i didn’t, so that kind of ruined my plans. and then i decided to do another video so i filmed like half of it, and now i’ve got to do the other half of it and then edit it …”

so he pretty clearly states that an existing video idea (almost certainly the one he’d been talking about for a while) has been pushed to the back burner. for whatever reason, he decided against going through with that video and started filming a second one. we can reasonably conclude that the second one that he had done half of at that point was isg 9, and that the idea he’d been teasing for nearly a month was shelved for the time being. 

a little bit later in this live show, at 36:36, things get even more confusing bc dan is complicated like that. someone in the chat asked him “what about the rebranding video?” and he said: “there is no rebranding vi–. honestly are people still–? rebranding is a meme. there is no rebranding … make it sound so dramatic. everything’s the same. just with more attractive graphic design. but let’s see how many months it takes for me to change my youtube banner …”

confusinggggg. my thoughts about this comment are that dan has a specific understanding of the term “rebranding” and doesn’t think that a change of his user name would constitute a rebranding. dan also perceives that a lot of people misuse this word and therefore seems to dislike using it. he talked about the word being a form of “advanced humor” in this segment of his 12/20 live show last year. he suggests in this clip that the term is supposed to be a joke but too many people misunderstand it to be something a lot more serious like a change in the genre of content he and phil might make. in short, he doesn’t think “branding” or “rebranding” apply to serious things but he feels like a lot of his audience DO think that 2017 is going to bring a serious rebrand, by which he means a change in CONTENT. 

dan is correct in stating that the terms ‘branding’ and also ‘rebranding’ have become incredibly confusing because some people do use those words as a joke (like ‘drop the thicc branding’ even though thicc is obviously nothing to do with their ‘brand’ or their genre of content) and then many people also use it seriously (like phil changing to be more sexual in recent months is him ‘rebranding’ away from his innocent image). 

following in this confusion, a lot of people then also used “rebranding” to apply to this potential user name change even though a user name doesn’t fall into any of the above usages. it’s not a change in content. it’s not a change in persona. it’s not a joke either. it’s just,,, a name change? is that branding? i suppose? but it’s more legitimately “serious business” branding than the term “branding” has actually come to mean to most people including, crucially, dan. this is why every time i’ve talked about this video idea i’ve intentionally tried not to use the term “rebranding” because i don’t think that’s what dan thinks it is and i don’t think the word has a very clear meaning anymore.

so…. in short. i think dan said “there is no rebranding … everything’s the same,” because when he saw that question he got more hung up in the fact that everyone seems to expect some sort of monumental shift in dnp’s content/careers/personas during 2017, and, to his credit, it has meant different things to different people (some people see their new flirtiness as a rebrand. some people think they will make some more serious content changes. some people thought, going into this year, that phil would “drop the amazingphil persona” altogether, whatever that means.) dan probably has seen many posts speculating about these much larger issues and calling them a “rebrand” and got upset that people expect something this dramatically different from them. in that moment, it is possible to me that he didn’t think about “rebranding” as being applicable to dropping his user name. 

therefore, taking all of these comments together and looking at them chronologically i think dan definitely wanted to change his user name and make a video about it, eventually ditched the idea and did isg 9 and the quizzes video bc they were quick and easy to do in the midst of everything else happening in their lives (which we now know was moving and a shit ton of prefilming for dapg for while they were on vacay), and also probably bc he thought it would be fitting to make the user name video his last video in his old room before starting to film in the new place. 

Heroes Don’t Cut Ties- Chapter 2/2

The second chapter to this story (x)!

Words: 1561
Warnings: None
Summary: One member of Vox Machina uses the earrings one more time that night, and Scanlan is just close enough to hear.

Ao3 Mirror (x) I had to redirect this link through my blog to make sure it shows up in the tags, so his link isn’t going to work on mobile, sorry about that! The actual url is archiveofourown.org/works/10915089/chapters/24296427.

So, talking to Kaylie about what had happened had gone— Well. Scanlan had certainly tried to keep it from blowing up.

“So they were in trouble and you didn’t even do anything?”

“I haven’t seen them in more than a year. They’ve been able to handle themselves before, and what was I supposed to do? Was I just supposed to leave you sitting alone in the tavern while I ran off to go jump into a fight I knew nothing about? I’m not like that anymore! That’s not what I fucking do anymore!”

“You looked scared for them in there, dad. You looked like you knew something was wrong. How could you just sit there and listen to that? All the stories you told me about them— I thought you cared about them! If this is how you’re going to act then why do you still have that earring on in the first place?”

Now she was curled up, back turned to him, snoring quietly. The second tavern and inn they’d relocated to, the Drunken Unicorn, wasn’t as nice as the first, but it was still a soft bed and a good meal— ‘soft’ and ‘good’ being relative terms. Scanlan wasn’t tired and knew he wasn’t sleeping any time soon, so sitting in a dark room stewing wasn’t going to do anything but work him up.

He decided to go for a walk.

The moon was high in the sky when he got outside; the tavern he’d had to cross through nearly empty. Scanlan knew he could defend himself if need be, so he let his feet carry him through moonlit, cobbled streets without paying much mind to where he was headed. He had only been in this town a couple days, and didn’t have the layout anywhere near memorized yet. He knew that there were several taverns, and that one was the Broken Bottle and one was the Drunken Unicorn. He knew that these taverns were at opposite ends of town.

It was late enough that the streets were almost entirely empty, save for the occasional wandering guard or citizen emptying a night’s worth of drinks onto a street corner. He’d always been reasonably good with keeping himself oriented and finding his way around, which is why he was surprised to find himself standing in front of the Broken Bottle. He hadn’t meant to come back here; he hadn’t thought he’d even been moving in this direction. He turned to leave; he’d hate for Kaylie to wake up without him there and get worried.

He was even more surprised to hear a small voice say, “Hey, Scanlan.”

He whipped around, but the tavern door was closed. There wasn’t even a window on the front of it to see out of— as far as he knew, he was completely alone. Pike shouldn’t be talking to him—

That’s when he remembered the fucking earrings.

“I know you’re not gonna hear this, but I just wanted to tell you about my day, cause it’s been pretty crazy.” Her voice was quiet, her words slurring together. “Y’know, just to give you an update since the last time I did this.”

Oh gods, there had been a last time? How often had she done this, thinking he’d never hear?

“So, all of Vox Machina and me, we had to go check some dude out for someone else, and see if he was involved in some— some sneaky— …Y’know, I didn’t really understand it even when I was sober, I think it was some illegal noble stuff? You know, killing people, smuggling things—”

What had he just been fucking saying about rushing into fights he knew nothing about? Of course they hadn’t changed their ways at all, they were still doing stupid, dangerous things that were going to get them killed.

“Anyways, we had to go investigate him and knock him out to bring him back to the first guy, only we didn’t know he could cast fucking spells, and he had buddies hiding in the house that protected him— It was a really tough battle but we totally kicked ass— I mean, I went down once, but only for a few seconds! And we were all out of spells after the fight so I’m gonna sleep off what I can and get myself all patched up in the morning.”

Scanlan’s stomach dropped at that; he remembered how scary it had been to hear everyone else’s reactions to that. Her upbeat tone hardly fit what she was talking about.

He could walk away right now, and he wouldn’t have to hear the rest of this. If he took the earring out at the very least until he was back in his own room at the other inn, he’d be free of being forced to hear—

He sat down against the side of the building.

“And besides, Grog brought me back up. Cause buddies help each other out!” God, he could just hear the grin in her voice. He missed that grin. “An’ then we won cause we’re fucking great, and we brought the guy to the other guy, and we came back to find a place to stay and me and Grog had a drinking contest and I won— He’s passed out at the bar next to me right now. Man, the person who served us said if we’d gotten here a couple hours earlier we could’ve caught some people playing for the crowd here. She couldn’t remember their names but she said they were great— I bet they weren’t half as good as you are. I really miss your singing. An’ I’m getting really tired but I just thought I’d let you know that we got to Wildmount safely, and we’re all doing pretty okay for ourselves, and the bakery’s going good even though we’re not around to run it right now—”

Bakery? What bakery?

“And we’re still kinda slow getting back into being all together again but it’s super easy now that we’re doing jobs for people—”

Again? Had they been apart since he’d left?

“And I miss you a lot—”

Oh, no.

Pike sounded close to tears that time, and getting closer the longer she talked. “We all do, I think… Grog especially. He’s the only other one that knows I do this and he said he was gonna give it a try cause he misses you a lot too. And you’ve got the other gatestone for a reason, if you ever wanna… I dunno, like, come say hi? An’ I’m probably too drunk to be doing this at this point cause I’m really tired and Grog looks really comfy on the bar but I just miss you a lot, Scanlan, and—” she broke off to sniffle loudly, and Scanlan felt sick to his stomach. “I dunno. I’m glad you’re with your daughter. I’m glad she’s got such a good dad. Cause that’s so important, you know, having a good family, one that doesn’t treat you badly or try to steal from your friends or… Or…”

The sentence was cut off by the sound of a broken off snore.

He hadn’t understood the ending at all, but that didn’t really matter. It mattered less than the rest of what she’d said, at least. He stared at the entrance to the tavern. He could go in there, wake Pike up, say hello to her and only her—

She’d never let him do that.

Still, his mind kept forcing him back to how she’d said she was hurt and everyone was out of spells. He’d swore wasn’t going to go back to just healing them whenever they asked, but—

Well, she hadn’t really asked.

And besides, it was Pike.

Scanlan circled around to the side of the building, where he found a window hanging ajar. His breath hitched when he saw them; Grog face down on the bar, Pike leaned over on Grog’s massive shoulder, both of them snoring loudly. Pike, from what Scanlan could see, was still roughed up. Bruises littered the upper half of her body, and she looked like she was boasting a pretty nasty shiner on her left eye. Scanlan could only wince at the thought of what she did to whoever caused that.

It took a couple of breaths to steady himself before he started to sing.

It was quiet, and under his breath; he didn’t want anyone to hear him. He sang a handful of lines from what he’d played that night, a ballad about a travelling band of heroes that got themselves into shit and always came out on top even though they were jackasses. Despite his quiet voice, the song carried itself into the tavern and across the room, and some of Pike’s wounds began to glow with a soft, purple light as they healed. Cuts closed, the black eye’s swelling went down. She looked much better by the time he finished.

With a sigh, Scanlan took in the sight of the pair at the bar one last time before turning around. He was mostly certain of the way back to the tavern he was staying in. And if he got lost, it was only 3 in the morning; he had plenty of time to find his way back. He’d get some rest with Kaylie, and the two would set off for another city in the morning.

@fredandgeorgenet​ creation event: weasleys’ wizard wheezes and @dracosdefensenet​ first event
(small side note: this is a sequel to this)

Draco notices about two months into living with Fred and George that Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes never has an off-season: even when the summer subsides and Hogwarts students have long since anointed the halls with their presence, they still have a steady stream of customers each day, from bored Ministry workers to parents and children just too young for Hogwarts yet, and of course, Bill Weasley himself. He can hear the chaos through the gently creaking floorboards during the day: the living room is over the till, and he can hear the clamour when he’s reading.

He decides to take a venture down one day, bored of his aimless studying (he could, he supposes, try and enter into a wizarding university, but the nearest one is in Slovenia and he’s not sure he’s ready for life on his own); it’s lunchtime, and the shop is heaving, George wolfing down Muggle snack bars behind the counter as Fred serves, flanked on his right by one of the shop assistants. It’s sheer and complete chaos, the floor flooded with customers all poking and prodding at everything on the shelves.

“Hey, Draco,” George says through an inelegant spitting mouthful. “What brings you down ‘ere?” (It’s more of an incomprehensible mess, but Draco gets the gist.)

“I just came to look. It seems busy.”

“We’re a successful business enterprise; we’re always busy.” George swallows, finally, and clears his throat. “We’re thinking of expanding, actually. The unit next door’s empty, so if we hired some extra staff, it might be easier.”

“You’d have no shortage of applicants,” Draco notes, tilting his head at the throngs of people; George snorts.

“Nah,” he says, “we wouldn’t.”

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Episode recap/review 12.22: "Who We Are"

THEN: Once again, we enter the Wayback Machine, and watch Roy and Walt murder our boys (does that mean one or both Winchesters are going to be murdered in this episode?) And some other things, culminating in the bunker being an excellent fortress and/or tomb. Come along, Mary.

NOW: Mary’s killing hunters and I don’t particularly care, except that she gets a text listing her next victims, which includes Jody Mills and suddenly I do care; I care quite a lot.

Title card!

The guys where we left them last week, locked in the bunker. Dean’s throwing switches, Sam’s talking about the garage and air vents, and Toni’s pointing out why every option he suggests won’t work. But she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with, does she? Dean says what we’re all thinking - let’s kill her to save on oxygen. But she says since she’s the one who programmed Mary, so she’s the only one who can deprogram her. Neither brother really believes it, but Sam seems to think they have nothing left to lose by keeping her alive. (Oxygen, Sam. That’s what you have to lose.)

Actually, she’s fairly useful, because knows an awful lot about the bunker. Like the fact that there’s a manual override that would undo everything Ketch did. And it’s outside the bunker. You know, if these guys happened to know anyone who wasn’t actually in the bunker with them, maybe that person could activate the manual override. Huh. Too bad they don’t have phones, and even if they did, they don’t know a single person on the outside. (Seriously. Did Ketch say something about blocking cell phone signals? Is praying to Cas really no longer an option?)

Sam suddenly realizes they have access to all sorts of spells and stuff, and maybe they should try that. And, being Sam, he finds a spell that might work - except it requires the blood of virgins. You’d think the MoL might have some of that in a vault somewhere, but instead, Sam suggests they “fake it” with a purification spell. Won’t be the first time they’ve re-virginized themselves, right? Toni refers to purfiying the blood and then using it in the spell as “two-step magic,” which I guess it is, and she seems maybe a tiny bit impressed. Maybe you’re finally realizing how awesome the Winchesters are, huh? Unfortunately, Ketch installed some kind of magic blocking, so the spell starts to work but then fails.

Day two. Dean says it’s time for brawn, not brains. He points out the one wall in the bunker that’s made of nothing but concrete, and behind it is an old sewer pipe (ew, how old, and does that mean unused?) that leads to the surface. They’re going to “straight up Shawshank this bitch.” In one of my favorite scenes in this entire episode, Dean heaves a sledgehammer at the wall and gets a faceful of concrete chips in return. “Goggles?” says Sam. “Goggles,” agrees Dean. It’s my second favorite scene ever that features Dean and a hammer.

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Can you write a story where sirius has a huge crush on James’s twin sister bit couldn’t say because she is James sister. But latter both of them find out and the hilarity that happens coz even she likes Sirius( can I have ben barnes for sirius 😉)

*A/N: An AU where James has a twin sister named Elizabeth. Part Two.

Read Part One Here.

Feeling confident now that he had James’ almost-sort-of-blessing, Sirius resolved to ask Elizabeth out on a date the next day. But then classes got in the way, and they had Quidditch practice later that night, and she still seemed upset with James, so he thought it’d be best if he waited for another day or two.

Besides, he told Remus, he’d already waited this long, it didn’t hurt to wait a few days more.

Remus merely called him a coward.

Sirius argued he was being strategic.

Those days turned into a week, which turned into two, and the game in between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor was started and finished in a handful of minutes.

When the game was over, Sirius went down to finally ask Liz to join him at Hogsmeade for a celebratory drink – only to find her snogging Anthony Stephens.

It turned out that small little date they’d had the week before had gone really well and now the two were dating. Sirius suspected that part of it had to do with what James had told Liz beforehand.

James shrugged apologetically when he found out, defending his self by saying that Liz had caught the snitch in record time, just as he predicted.

Remus assured Sirius that the relationship would likely fizzle out soon anyway, and he’d have a chance to ask her then.

Only it didn’t fizzle out.

Months passed and the two were still together.

Sirius tried to move on, dating other girls to distract himself, but his mind always wandered back to Liz.

What was she doing right now? What was she wearing? Who was she with?

One Friday night, Sirius volunteered to go to the library to do a bit of research for the map they were making.

Okay, he didn’t so much as volunteer as more was told to get out of Remus’ space while he was hard at work. James was permitted to stay as he was giving Remus the layout of the third floor and Peter was sent to the kitchens to get food for the boys since the house elves tended to favor him over the others.

Sirius read, and then re-read, the passage he was staring at about placing tracking charms on people. He’d decided that it’d be cool if they could track the location of different people in the school, especially the teachers, to make sure they could move around without getting caught.

He jumped slightly when a book dropped loudly against the table and a figure sat down in the seat next to him.

“I wouldn’t have expected to see you here on a Friday night,” Liz said, opening her own book.

Tired, Sirius asked, “Why’s that?”

Liz shot a confused look over at Sirius, clearly wondering why he wasn’t rising to her banter and awkwardly replied, “I would expect you to be off with Marlene. Heard you two were shacking it up recently.”

Sirius scrunched his nose, “I went out with Marlene once a few months ago. But, no, we’re not together.”

Liz froze in her spot, her mouth forming a small ‘o’ before she sighed, “Oh. I thought – never mind. I must have been misinformed.”

Sirius shook his head, forcing himself to ask, “Where’s Stephens tonight?”

Liz licked her lips, her eyes never straying from the page she had randomly turned to, “I don’t know. Said he was busy. Thought I’d come start on some homework due next week.”

Sirius frowned, “Busy? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What are you working on?” Liz asked, pointedly ignoring his question as she leaned over to read the title of the page Sirius was on, “tracking spells? What class is that for?”

“It’s not for a class,” Sirius dismissed, turning in his seat so he was looking fully at the other girl, “And what kind of idiot skips out on spending Friday night with his girlfriend?”

“Anthony’s not an idiot,” Liz automatically defended, her lips curling as though the words left an unpleasant taste on her tongue, “He’s probably just spending the night with the boys.”

Sirius snorted, “Probably. That’s reassuring.”

“Why does it matter?” Liz asked exasperatedly, throwing her hands into the air.

Sirius deflated, his shoulders dropping low as he turned back to sulkily look at his page, “It doesn’t matter.”

Scrunching up her nose, Liz asked concerned, “Are you okay?”

“It’s for a prank.”

“What?” Liz asked confused.

“The tracking spell,” Sirius said, ignoring her question and nodding down to his book, “I’m doing research for a prank.”

“Huh,” Liz said, “I always assumed that Remus did most of the research for the group.”

“Nah,” Sirius answered unconcerned, “He’s too busy with prefect duties and pretending like he’s a good kid. James is too obsessed with Quidditch and Peter’s in charge of the snacks. So, that leaves little-‘ol-me.”

He turned a flashed a charming smile and a wink at Liz who smiled back.

“I guess there’s a lot more to you than I thought,” she admitted, pushing aside her book so she could lean forward a little closer.

“Oh, no. Definitely not,” Sirius assured her, “I’m very shallow. This is actually the first time I’ve ever been to the library. I had to bribe a first year to show me the way.”

“Uh huh,” she replied with a knowing smile, “Sure.”

Sirius turned, momentarily distracted by how bright Liz’s smile was, longing to memorize the sight so he’d never forget. He rarely got a smile from her direction, so to have one now was amazing.

“Why anyone would turn down a night with you is beyond me,” Sirius admitted softly.

He watched Liz’s eyes widened as the words registered in his mind for what he’d just said. He coughed awkwardly, turning his eyes away immediately, grateful that he didn’t blush easily or his secret would be given away for sure.

“Why would you say that?” Liz whispered, not willing to let the topic of conversation go.

“Because it’s true,” Sirius mumbled, refusing to look up.

“But, why?” Liz asked softly, her voice riddled with confusion and vulnerability.

Sirius forced himself to look up, only to gulp when he realized that Liz was right there.

He whispered, “Because you are smart and funny and gorgeous and any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Really?” She asked licking her lips as her eyes flickered down to look at Sirius’, “Any guy?”

Understanding what she was hinting at, Sirius gulped nervously but nodded, “Yes.”

His body was completely frozen as Liz leaned forward the rest of the distance and placed her soft lips onto his. It took a moment to register the feel of her lips against his, but he quickly retaliated, leaning forward into the kiss, reaching up to grab a handful of her hair to hold her close.

Their lips moved together, almost as if they were made to form perfectly against each other’s mouths, as time seemed to stop and the world stood still.

Then a book went crashing to the floor, causing a loud sound, that broke the two apart immediately.

They both stared at each other, eyes wide and blinking as they realized what had just happened.

Liz stammered as she jumped up from her seat, grabbing her books and papers haphazardly, mumbling beneath her breath, “I have to go.”

Within a blink, Liz was gone.

Sirius sat there, his mouth slightly agape, staring at the empty chair Liz had sat in just a few moments earlier, his fingers unconsciously reaching up to touch his lips.

What the crap just happened?

A week passed by and nothing happened.

Sirius tried to push down the disappointment in his chest every time he saw Liz, wishing that he could relive that moment in the library once more.

He’d confessed to the boys what had happened as soon as he came back to the dorm that night.

He never was good at keeping secrets from them and they could tell that something was wrong with just one look.

The other three had sympathized with him, assuring him that it would all work out.

James even offered to go talk to his sister to set her straight because even though she was family, Sirius was family too and he’d do anything to make sure he was okay.

Sirius appreciated the sentiment, but firmly told James no. The last thing he needed was James to sort out his needlessly complicated love life in between him and his twin sister.

That was just weird.

It was Saturday morning, another opportunity to go to Hogsmeade. Sirius had debated on whether or not he wanted to go with the boys before telling them to go without him.

They’d all given him looks of pity, and then made him promise he’d meet up with them later for a drink at the Three Broomsticks. He’d given them a noncommittal nod and watched them leave.

When he was sure everyone was gone, he went down to the common room and plopped down onto the armchair closest to the fire.

His silence was undisturbed for a few short minutes.

“What are you still doing here?”

Sirius looked up, surprised to see Liz standing above him with her hands on her hips and a cross look on her face.

“Where am I supposed to be?” he asked dumbly.

“Hogsmeade?” she answered slowly.

Sirius shrugged, “I decided not to go.”

“Well why not?” she demanded to know.

“Because I – I wanted to – I didn’t – Why are you still here?” He stammered, turning the question back onto her.

“Because I didn’t have anyone to go with,” she answered honestly.

“You didn’t have – “ Sirius squinted his eyes in confusion, “What about Stephens?”

“What about – ?” Liz stopped, her eyes widening slightly as her stance shifted to a less hostile one.

“Anthony and I broke up. A week ago,” she answered shortly, “You didn’t know?”

Sirius heart hammered in his chest, “No? Was I supposed to?”

“I thought – “ Liz’ head looked down as her voice trailed off, clearly deep in thought.

Determined, she looked up with a fierce look on her face, “Look, do you want to go to Hogsmeade?”

Sirius blinked once, his mind trying to race to catch up with Liz in this conversation, “What, like right now?”

“Yes, right now,” she answered, “With me. Like, on a date.”

“You’re,” Sirius mind came to a complete halt, “You’re asking me out on a date?”

“Yes,” Liz said decisively.

“But,” Sirius couldn’t figure out how their conversation had led to this, “But I was going to ask you out.”

“And I’ve been waiting all week for you to,” she said annoyed, “But you didn’t, so I figured I might as well be the one to do it.”

“I thought you still had a boyfriend!” Sirius defended himself incredulously.

“Well, I didn’t. I don’t. At least, not at the moment,” she sent a pointed look in Sirius’ direction that caused his body to heat up.


Suddenly, he really liked that word.

“So Hogsmeade?” he clarified.

“Yeah?” Liz answered.

Sirius shrugged, a smile twitching at his lips, “I’m gonna have to check my calendar, make sure I’m free.”

Liz rolled her eyes, sighing in exasperation as she raised her hands in the air as though she’d given up.

As she turned out to walk away, Sirius jumped up from his seat and placed his arm over Liz’s shoulder, placing a kiss on her cheek and whispering in her ear, “Nothing would delight me more.”

Pound Me the Witch Drums

Winchesters x reader

Warning: language, grief

Witch: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

A/N: Can anyone tell me from what song the title is from?

“Do we know where she is?” Your grandmother asks lightly as she slowly paces by the long, round table centering the room. 

The warlock quakes.

“N-no, Mistress, we have been unable to find her so far. Elzah’s deceit gave them much for the Winchesters to disappear with her.”

Ah, yes, Elzah, your grandmother thinks, glancing at the scorch marks on the centuries old rug decorating the study floor. Your mother had been on her knees for hours, weeping into the threads after your brothers body had been incinerated before her eyes.

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Q & A (from a short interview long ago)

Q: I notice you have two rabbit-themed OCs that look kind of similar, are they related?

A: They’re not related but their designs are inspired by each other, and they both turn into rabbit plushies. Holly is my female mascot and Korokoro is my male mascot. Hearte is not a mascot but a character with her own series. However, because of her popularity, she often appears. 

Q: Is your named spelled Holly, or Hollee? I’m not sure which one to use.

A: I’m okay with either spelling; doesn’t make much of a difference. Holly is actually the name of my very first OC. Sometimes for online handles, I use my characters’ names, but this one ended up sticking with me (Kaze-Hime was also another OC). These days I tend to use Hollee more.

Q: Your handle used to be Kaze-Hime, why is it Soundlesswind now?

A: I still go by the former. Or rather, I’m still stuck with the former. Soundless Wind is better explained as my website name…or I suppose, a world name to group all my characters together. It’s based on the image of a spinning galaxy, in space where it is too distant to hear any gust sound.

Q: When did you start drawing? What inspired you to draw?

A: When I was very young, I really liked Sailor Moon. I thought she was super pretty and I wanted to connect with the show somehow, so I drew. Because the series ran for some time, I ended up drawing a lot. The adults around me thought I had a natural aptitude for it, so they let me continue.

Q: How did you get into Digital Art?

A: I’ve had a computer since forever, so I often drew on MS Paint and made short videos in my spare time (which I had a lot of). I then started making web layouts, and seeing my interest in it, my brother gave me Photoshop 6. Eventually I ran into Hiromi-chan’s Sugar Caramel Box site and found out about CG artwork. I was astonished that someone so young could be so talented. It was a world I hadn’t known about before. — Afterwards I researched and learned from a tutorial site called Polykarbon and started colouring my pencil scans with a mouse (2003/4). During this period I became friends with Zeiva, and her detailed style fired me up, so I tried really hard. — Sometime after I joined DeviantArt, my brother bought me a tablet for my birthday, and though it took me a long time to get use to it, I eventually became very comfortable with drawing in a new manner. I’ve always liked tinkering with software, so the practice of digital art was extremely interesting to me. 

Q: How did you develop your really detailed style?

A: Hmm…I don’t think I particularly aspired to be very detailed at first, but I was definitely trying to learn more and more techniques. At some point in time, my friend told me that my drawings were pretty messy up close, so I treated it as a challenge and became more attentive to detail…and one thing lead to another. Style isn’t something one should force, I feel. Just let it happen.

Q: You probably get a lot of messages, do you manage to answer them all?

A: Unless I’m doing a meme, I pick a few random or most recent ones every now and then to answer. In truth, nope, I’m quite overwhelmed… I try to read as many as I can though, and I’m always very happy to receive new asks. My inbox is always flooded though, so I might not get back to someone for a very long time.

to: agenthobbit-in-hufflepuff


This is my first fluffy drabble so I hope you like it!
Sorry again this is so late :(

“Draco! Hurry up!”

“I said I’d be done in a minute!”

Hermione huffed as she glared at the closed bathroom door. That man took more time with his hair than anyone else she knew.

The door opened then and the smirking wizard stepped out, every white-blond strand carefully positioned just so for that tousled look which Hermione would never admit out loud she found attractive.

“About time you finished,” Hermione scoffed.

“You look lovely,” Draco said with a conciliatory smile, resting his hands on her waist.

“And I took about half as much time as you did,” Hermione responded. “But thank you. Now come on, it’s already 7:30.”

Draco took her hand and they Disapparated with a <i>crack</i>!

They arrived at a small restaurant located away from the more bustling area of Diagon Alley. The owner, who reminded Hermione of Mrs. Weasley, was well acquainted with both Hermione and Draco.

“I still say we could have gone somewhere more elegant, Granger,” Draco said as he opened the door for her. “We go here nearly once a week.”

“But only for lunch,” Hermione pointed out. “And we’re always in a hurry to get back to work.”

The two entered through the rather low doorway and looked around in bewilderment.

“Are we at the right place?” Draco asked bemusedly. The place looked completely different; the layout had been changed, the large windows were now shrouded with pale curtains, candles were placed on each table, and cushiony chairs replaced the usual small wooden ones.

“Hermione! Draco! What a surprise!”
The couple turned to see the kind-faced Daisy Rowen bustling forward.

“Hello Daisy,” Hermione smiled. “The place looks amazing.”

Daisy looked confused for a moment before smiling back. “The restaurant always looks like this in the evening. Perhaps now you’ll come by more often.” She gave them a little wink.

They exchanged plesantries as Daisy lead them to their preferred table in the back, away from curious eyes. The public still wasn’t quite over their relationship and eager photographers seemed to swoop down on them like vultures whenever they stepped out in public together for more than ten minutes.

“Shall I bring you some wine to start?” Daisy asked.

“Can I have some apple juice instead, please?” Hermione asked.

Draco gave his wife an odd look but nodded and said, “Me, as well.”

“I’ll be back to take your orders,” Maisie said. She had a knowing smile on her face and raised an eyebrow at Hermione, who beamed back.

“What was-”

“I think I’ll have that casserole Pansy always tells me to get,” Hermione interrupted as she turned her attention to the menu. “What are you getting?”

“Uh… I thought I’d get the steak,” Draco said. He stared hard at Hermione but couldn’t figure out the reason for Daisy’s odd reaction.

“Fleur is throwing a baby shower for Ginny,” Hermione mentioned.

“Another one?” Draco groaned. He’d lost count of the baby showers they’d attended over the past few months. And for some reason he was always invited along with his wife.

“It’s not like you do anything anyway,” Hermione said. “You just sit there and scowl unless Teddy is around. Contrary to your belief, it is not very attractive.”

“I’m the definition of ‘attractive’, love,” Draco smirked.

“More like the definition of ‘insufferable’,” Hermione muttered. But her mouth twitched upwards anyway as she looked at the blond sitting across from her.

Daisy came back with their drinks and took their orders before disappearing again. She still had that smile on her face and it was beginning to annoy Draco.

But before he could try asking again, Hermione started talking about a book she’d read based on his recommendation and coaxed him into a discussion.

“Alright Granger, spill it,” he said when they reached a lull in conversation. “I know by now when you’re hiding something. And, somehow, Daisy knows too.”

“Knows what?” she asked innocently.

“I don’t bloody know!” he exclaimed. “That’s why I’m asking!”

Hermione just laughed. “Honestly Draco, just relax.” She reached over the table and covered his hands with hers. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Draco looked down, his eyes focusing on her wedding ring, and then back on his wife’s smiling face. He sighed. “Fine. I’ll silently suffer till you decide to relieve me of my misery.”

“Have you gotten an Owl from your mother recently?” Hermione asked, changing the topic of discussion. She really didn’t want to tell Draco her surprise yet but if he kept staring at her with those grey eyes and slight pout she knew she’d let it slip.

“Yeah,” Draco sighed. “She said that if we don’t meet her for lunch next weekend she’ll convince Father to disinherit me.”

“Which is clearly an empty threat,” Hermione remarked.

“I’d still prefer not getting the cold shoulder from her,” Draco said.

“We don’t have anything next weekend so it should be fine,” Hermione mused. “Besides, I wanted to meet with her and your father anyway to let them know-” She abruptly stopped.

“Let them know what?” Draco’s eyes narrowed suspiciously as Hermione flushed and quickly sipped her lemonade.

“Nothing!” she squeaked. “Oh look, Daisy’s bringing the food!”

“Here you are, dears,” Daisy said as she set down the plates. “We have some of that cake you love so much, Hermione. Shall I bring it out after you finish?”

“Yes, please!” Hermione beamed.

“You’re not stealing mine this time,” Draco said flatly. “I’m pretty sure there are still fork marks on my skin from when we last had them.”

“I didn’t stab you,” Hermione scoffed. “I simply prodded your hand.”

“ ‘Prodded’, she says,” Draco muttered.

After they finished their meals (Hermione refrained from stealing Draco’s dessert), they said their good-byes to Daisy and Apparated home.

“Now can I know what you’re hiding?” Draco practically whined as they got ready for bed.

“I suppose I better, or else you might explode,” Hermione said with a smirk. 

She walked over to her bedside table and picked up a sheet of parchment which she then handed to her curious husband.

“What spell is this?” Draco asked as he read his wife’s neat writing.

“Just cast it on me,” Hermione said.

Draco looked confused but did as he was told. It was faint at first but he slowly was able to make out the glow around Hermione belly. His forehead creased with confusion for all of five seconds before it finally dawned on him.

“You’re pregnant?” Draco asked in a whisper.

Hermione beamed, unable to hide her joy. “I think I’m about a month along. I scheduled an appointment with a Healer in two days to confirm.”

Draco said nothing. He hardly moved.

“Draco?” Hermione took a cautious step forward. “Are you alright?”

He looked up at her with bright eyes. “We’re having a baby?”

Hermione nodded with a shaky smile, reaching out to cup his face. He turned his face to kiss her palm, then leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her stomach.

“We’re going to be parents,” he murmured in wonder. He looked up at his wife and saw she had tears in her eyes.

“Yeah,” she said in a trembling voice.

He suddenly got to his feet, pulled her close, and kissed her soundly.

“I love you, Hermione,” he breathed when they parted slightly.

“I love you, too, Draco,” Hermione whispered back.