i thought the art style was fantastic

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I've been looking through the list of stancest blogs but it seems several no longer exist. I guess that's the hazard of being late to the party. I do love most of what you post so I wanted to ask if you had any recommendations of older stancest fics, art, analysis, or other that might still be available?

Hello! I’m sorry you’re not finding a lot! A few recs from a while ago would probably be:

someoneisintrouble- fantastic writer, especially if you like spanking! a very well thought out style with amazing characterzation!

calciseptinefic- i can’t help but show off this amazing writer always- calci has a very noir movie-esque style that i adore. 

busmall- an amazing writer who has a more straight forward novel style, it’s crisp and warm and it’s so fucking good 

tentacledog- a more gritty styled author that just writes some of the sexiest scenes ever, while still being incredibly raw and emotional… just a blessing tbh (also a great artist!!!!)

fallingsongs- some of the fluffiest writing i’ve ever read omggg it feels so homely to read their stuff! very comfy and real…

writingdice- jesus christ i love their work so much, a fairy tale kind of style with an edge that you just end up falling for! a personal fave of mine that needs more attention! (also an artist!!)

sinful-shipping- it’s pretty damn great and i’m dying over their one shots…

there’s a L O T more writers, but they still write for stancest so i’m not mentioning them here!

also if you need artists, just check out any artist i’ve reblogged bcs they all deserve so much love and attention! 

analysis-wise i’d go back to busmall, cheeziswin, and theywerefireworks because damn good shit 

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What is the helmet gijinka's thoughts on being stolen from a cart by Mono? Or any other place? I have this weird image of Mono running while holding a person in his arms bridal style ahah. I hope you have a nice day! Your blog makes me really happy and your art is fantastic! I hope everything goes well for you! (*´꒳`*)

probably surprised at first but also kind of happy bc being with mono is much more better than collecting dust in that merchant cart (ALSO OMG..that would be cute since he would be taller than mono..) and thank you so much (cries)….

Because it’s too pretty to keep to myself here is the first piece of fan art I’ve ever commissioned! It’s by the fantastic archiaart and is based on Birthday Boy by 221b-hound. I love the story and as soon as I read the descriptions of the outfit and jewelry in it I thought of archia’s style of art. I did change a few things and make Sherlock’s outfit more monochrome but I think it still works. :) 

I cannot remember where I came across Birthday Boy but I’m guessing it was atlinmerrick or sherlock-in-heels. In any case I have them to thank for my new hobby of browsing heels for Sherlock.

I started watching Rick and Morty last night and whoops now I watched both seasons. That’s easily the fastest I’ve ever watched something.

I kept not watching it because I thought I didn’t like the art style, but it actually looks fantastic in motion, and the humour is absolutely my cup of tea. Loved it.

And that last episode brutally ripped my heart out too.

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Hey! I should have answered days ago but, thanks for telling for next time! And I was also too shy to tell you before, but now that I've actually messaged you, I could as well tell you: I really really love your art. There's something drawing me to it, I like your style, the vivid colors you use. The poses are always so dynamic, the faces are always so expressive! I've actually thought about commissionning you for a long time, I'm so happy that I'll finally do it! Have a nice day :)

Oh man! See, I should have answered sooner, but I just kept reading this over and over because it made me so happy. I’ve been having a hard time lately with family crisis and a lot of other stuff, so your message really made me feel fantastic. Thank you so much, I love to hear responses to my work, and I’m so happy to hear from you! <3 <3 <3

Also, feel free to message me whenever! I don’t bite! I SWEAR!

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Hey!! I've been following ur blog for a long time now, and I've always really loved your art, but recently I've like.... REALLY loved your art, specifically the way your style has developed over time!! Your last two colored pieces look soooo pretty and even the lineart comic you just posted looks fantastic!!! Just thought I'd tell you, and hope you have a good day!!!


on December 26th around 1 am i had the strangest epiphany. i was looking at my art for inspiration and then suddenly… i saw my art in a whole new light. i saw all the mistakes. all the things that myself hadnt seen. It was both a horrifying and enlightening revelation and i cant describe it very well. i’ve been in a horrible art block since then.

im still struggling, so art is slow and i apologize. im trying really hard. im inbetween break throughs and its been really frustrating but messages like this really help!! so thank you!! 

*     i’ll protect ya, kid.

Finally finished this piece! I blame my friend @kaweii for making me ship this now. (Fantastic artist by the way. Check out her work!) A little different style than the usual, but I thought it looks pretty nice! Definitely took longer than my usual drawings, but I had lots of fun with it. Have one of my guilty ships, transparent sansfrisk!

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Your art is absolutely fantastic- your style is just perfect! It's gorgeous and original and everything about it just makes me melt. Have you considered doing/do you do commissions?

Oh goodness! Thank you so much you’re so sweet! I don’t do commissions actually, I have thought about it a few times but I didn’t think anyone would buy any! Thank you though, I’ll definitely consider it over summer break!


More concept art for Hotarubi no Tomoru Koro ni, including a full-body Takano and two new characters, apparently named Yukito/幸人(ゆきと)(left) and Yue/月(ゆえ)(right). Aparently Yukito and Yue are siblings. 

The description for Yue mentions that she’s a long haired “seiso-kei” (a type of fashion that implies a neat style, also called “retro kawaii”) beauty, and Yukito’s calls him a “hot blooded character fit for a protagonist”.

Now I must admit my first thought when I saw this was Card Captor Sakura because Yukito and Yue, really? Then again Ryukishi loves CCS considering his references to it in Higurashi and Umineko, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his intention is to pay a tribute to CLAMP.

Ahhh anyway I’m so pumped, the art looks fantastic! I love Takano’s new outfit so much too. Sources come from the publishing magazine’s twitter account (x) (x) (x)


Dr. James Peterson on Stereotypes and the Myth of the Black Superman

Ever since I came across this 2010 interview several years ago, I’ve always had conflicting feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong, in this short three minute interview, Dr. Peterson nails a plethora of problems with the comic book industry - most of which all come back to not enough black writers having the opportunity to write about black characters. What we get instead is a distorted form of “blackness” as imagined through the eyes of a white person who has never experienced racism, and who may not have ever heard of the Tuskegee Experiment. And when blackness is depicted through such a lens, with no reality based reference point, stereotypes and racial tropes are almost unavoidable. 

Except with Jack Kirby. Somehow, even though a deeper critique reveals that Kirby was also another white man bound up in some of the racial politics of his day, somehow despite that fact, Kirby still managed to get so many things right with the Black Panther.

When I was a kid, one of the best things to happen to me was when I came across some of my father’s old comic books. From the moment I saw Kirby’s artwork, I was hooked - at first on what I initially thought was a weird style of art, but later as I began drawing myself, I would come to learn just how solid his art really was, and from there, my appreciation for the man himself, his artwork and his rather tragic life story began.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Jack ”the King” Kirby created the Black Panther, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Thor, Silver Surfer, the X-Men, and hundreds of others, including quite a few notable DC characters, like Darkseid and the New Gods. But due to non-existent ownership rights for artists, and the laws of the time, Kirby was not always credited with all of the comic book characters he created, and this injustice would lead him into such a depression that at one point in his life, he was emotionally incapable of even walking into any place that sold comic books, sold toys, or showed movies about the characters he himself created. Like I said, his backstory has enough triumph and tragedy that his life is worthy of it’s own Marvel movie. (SN: If you’re a comic book collector and you ever get a chance to visit a Jack Kirby exhibition, do yourself a favor and go). 

But, getting back to Dr. Peterson’s analysis…I understand the desire to have black characters in media represented in a positive light to combat centuries of negative stereotypes, and perhaps help undo generations of racist tropes. That’s a problem white characters simply do not have. Black criminals are representative of all black people, but non-stereotypical, idealized black heroes are “exceptional.” A bad white character is an individual who does not represent their entire race. When white characters are jokers, mass murderers, gangsters, or virtually any type of criminal, they are never representing their entire race, as is almost always the case with black characters who are flawed or criminals. That individuality is the benefit of white privilege. White characters who are bad actually get sympathy that black characters don’t. Dr. Peterson nails that down too, noting near the end of the interview that ultimately, more of our stories being told is the solution.

When enough black characters get to be written by black writers and represented in a myriad of well written, fully fleshed out roles, and as we humanize ALL manner of blackness, only then can we escape that nagging need for all of our characters to be portrayed as Kings and Queens or “respectable” doctors and engineers. Only then will we be able to be more complex individuals who, just like anyone else, gets to have good and bad attributes, without being seen as a stereotype who doesn’t exist until the plot calls for a white character who needs an exotic, one dimensional “black friend” to spice up their otherwise bland existence.  

Initially I said that I was conflicted about Dr. Peterson’s analysis, but that was a mistake, because at first I took it for dragging Luke Cage with just a pinch of respectability politics added in. But that isn’t what it was. The critique was all about taking white writers to task for their obsession with stereotypical, trope-ish portrayal of most Black male comic book characters. He was critiquing the stereotypes of Black masculinity, not necessarily the Luke Cage character, nor black men who have been wrongfully imprisoned. And again, as Dr. Peterson hinted, the answer is more stories, more access, and more representation at all levels. More black writers and more black artist and more black colorists, telling more stories about all kinds of black people, with more diverse roles filled with more black characters and actors. 

And that’s just covering the black male characters. If you want to get an idea of how badly Black women are represented in comics, then without using Google, try to name just ten Marvel superheroes who are Black women. Go on, name them. I’ll wait. Lol, not even Google is going to help you find ten Black Marvel super heroines in comics, because unless you start counting “they just showed up for that one story arc” or the Jr. sidekicks of Jr. sidekicks, there aren’t ten, and that’s sad.  

If you want my hot take on Luke Cage, there’s a little more beneath the cut.

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oh god i love your style so much bless your art. it really is fantastic.

Anon:I stayed up to 3 fucking a.m just to look at all your art. ALL. Totally worth it

Anon:your reaction image and your arts is the reason why i live

Anon:i’ve been following you for a long time and your style has improved so much like i thought your art was amazing a year ago but god damn the new stuff is just, omg, so great i love you. you’re an inspiration

Anon:lmao i just finished looking through your entire homestuck tag and eEEEE i love your art so much!! ;w; inspo4me

Anon:Just gonna put it out there, but holy cow, you have been one of my favorite artists on tumblr for a REALLY long time, and I’ve never really gotten to thank you for all the awesome art you put out. So, you rock! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Anon:OMG your art style is so cute, like, holy shit. How does one draw things that are that cute, like, it should be illegal how cute they are. I really like your art style.

Anon:Your art is so soft and eye-pleasing i love it


these designs are now up HERE at my online store!! my style has changed quite a lot since the initial feminist dragon princesses post i made, so i thought it would be nice to redo a couple of my personal faves! :) 

also redbubble has changed a LOT since i joined, and you can now buy these designs as 23 different products, from tshirts to stickers to scarves! plus buying my stuff means you’re getting a super cool product AND steadying the financial security of a young queer artist fresh out of university! :) win win!

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So I was looking through some of your chatribou posts and saw one regarding your distinct art style, and were wondering if anyone has noticed anything distinct about your own style. I personally think that your top distinct (and also my favorite) part of your style is the facial expressions. The expressions on the characters you draw are just fantastic and well...expressive! I especially like the face with kinda the wavy upper lip and the open mouth. You use it for Lloyd a lot. 10/10, I love it.

wow, thank you for the thoughtful comment!! i always really appreciate those. 

and ahhaa, yes, it’s something i did once for him and can’t get away from…

As someone who adores both UK indie rock band Bears Den and North Carolina art pop duo Sylvan Esso, I must say, I never thought to put those two together in any way, considering their huge difference in style. Yet, here we are, with a fantastic cover of Sylvan Esso’s minimalist pop song Coffee by Bears Den. The fellas bring a simmering and smooth alt style to the originally peppy and sparse tune. It’s a very different take on the original, and I’m digging it. Coffee is on Bears Den’s Agape EP, out now.

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Girl, you aren't just a good artist, you're one of the best! Your art has a kind of endearing quality to it, a kind of simplicity that's just—I don't know. It's not flashy. It's not BOOM! there it is. You know what it feels like? Especially your Destiel art. It feels a little like home. Like a warm, hot chocolate on a cold, winter day; a sweater you wear cause it's knitted by someone you love; like the smell of homemade floating on a summer breeze. It feels like a hug you never knew you craved.

(#2) It’s warmth and love and all of those good things you feel welling up behind your ribs. It’s something you want desperately and cling to when you have it. It may not be Van Gogh, it may never be, but believe me when I say that if it were, it wouldn’t be as near impressive, as near the best as it was before. So, never doubt that your art is ever good, because it’s so, so, so much more than that! I find myself wishing I could draw like you more times than I’d like to admit over any others. (#3) So, from the wise words of Dean Winchester, “Don’t ever change,” because you are perfect exactly as you are and so is your work. I mean, even the best can improve, there’s no limit, but your style, the way you create, that needn’t change a bit because it is beyond fantastic. And, if you ever feel like your art isn’t up to par, know that there’s one person out there (definitely more) that think it’s the best no matter what. You put your heart and soul into it and that will always be enough.

WOW this hit me like a train holyy…. this is the most loving, moving, incredible compliment I have ever gotten in my entire life. The fact that I can see how much thought you put into this and how much you notice and care, anon with this ask you just made everything worth it!! This ask changed my life; You knew exactly the right words to say, and when I’m feeling not too great about my work you bet I’m going to come back to this ask!!!<3 I’ll strive to be as kind and inspiring as you, friend. Thank you for this, I can’t express how much this meant to me!!! :D


While a trip to an art museum in replacement of having an actual art history class sounds like it would be fun, it is actually more painful since you have to actually go get to the museum - at 9 in the morning. 

After struggling with finding the correct bus, Angela and I just ended up taking a taxi to the Brooklyn Museum. The museum is actually closed on Mondays, so we had to meet in the back or something. It was very vague, and a struggle, until we found the staff entrance and found our class and teacher waiting there. After waiting for stragglers to show up, we eventually were led by our guide throughout the museum.

I’ve been to the Brooklyn Museum multiple times before, and I personally think it’s a great location. We went through the more classical European art, moving our way into American art, and then to the Kehinde Wiley show. 

Kehinde Wiley was not an artist I was particularly familiar with- I only knew of his version of the Napoleon Crossing the Alps. But looking through his work, I thought that he was a fantastic artist that was bringing light to important subject matter. All of his work focuses on Black Americans- a majority of his subjects are completely anonymous everyday people you meet on the street. He reinterprets classical paintings and places his own subjects into them, which serves to push or contrast the original message/thoughts of the piece. Overall, his style is absolutely stunning- all his subjects have this tangible aura of light, and the detail in his backgrounds are incredible. The show is open until May 24, for anyone who was interested in going. 

Photo 1: Entrance to show on 5 floor / Photo 2: Stained glass piece / Photo 3: Creeping on Angela / Photo 4 + 6: Wiley paintings / Photo 5 + 7: Madelaine being QT ft Wiley paintings.