i thought that was a gun at first

sirius black (age 16-21)
  • wears eyeliner
  • always has a rubber band for his hair on his right wrist
  • got a muggle tattoo gun secondhand and enchanted it so he could make his tattoos move (see: a moon that changes shape according to the current phase)
  • loves boys
  • especially remus
  • people thought he was dating james for years - so much so that they were surprised when he was actually confirmed to be dating remus
  • likes stealing his boyfriend’s sweaters
  • braids lily’s hair and lets lily braid his
  • didn’t cut his hair at all over his first year at hogwarts; when he came back home over the summer (to get clothes before going to stay with the potters) his mom told him to cut it and his response was to never cut it again
  • can sing
  • wanted to start a band called ‘the marauders’
  • gives kisses to everyone when leaving a room, especially peter, because it makes him slightly uncomfortable
  • gives everyone matching marauders tattoos on their left shoulders
  • has asked both dumbledore and mcgonagall on dates
  • mcgonagall: get out of here and stop being ridiculous black
  • dumbledore: ah sirius i’ve already promised my heart to one james potter
  • paints his nails and got detention for flipping someone off after they told him it was ‘a girl thing’
  • has a reputation as a heartbreaker for some reason, when he’s never dated anyone
  • they seem to think he ‘leads them on’ when he’s been hung up on remus since their third year
  • used to scare frank longbottom, still doesn’t know why
  • hung a poster of a muggle girl for the following reasons
    • the fact that she was a muggle would piss off his parents
    • he knew they’d get even more pissed if he hung a poster of a muggle boy, but he wasn’t ready to tell them he was gay
  • has convinced his friends to go to muggle music festivals during the summer more then once, during which has gotten both flowers braided into his hair and into several fights
  • wants to kiss remus so badly sometimes his hands shake and his heart aches
  • nothing happens until remus has a particularly bad transformation and they’re sitting in the shrieking shack after he’s back to his human form and peter and james have gone to the kitchens to get food to bring back and he has his arm around remus’ shoulders and remus is leaning into him wrapped in a blanket and suddenly he looks up and sees sirius looking at him with an expression that looks like it belongs on the face of someone in a fucking nicholas sparks movie and he grabs sirius by the chin and kisses him hard and sirius is so shocked he doesn’t respond at all for half a second then he sighs into remus’ mouth and they make out for a solid fifteen minutes until james and peter come back with the food and they just hear from the door ‘jesus christ, i was worried they wouldn’t do it this year’ ‘shit, wormy, i owe you ten galleons’
  • obsesses over his best man duties when james asks him
  • feels both proud and slightly guilty that the other boys aren’t in the same position as him so he tries not to gloat
  • tries to get james to use sleekeazy’s hair potion at his wedding, fails
  • does lily’s hair and calm’s james’ nerves and ties remus’ tie and gets the dirt stain out of peter’s pants from where he fell thirty minutes before the ceremony
  • makes a killer fuckin speech with absolutely no editing or censorship and gets scandalized looks from family members but cheers from their hogwarts friends
  • loves his friends so so much and is willing to die for them
  • knows things are probably about to go to shit because they could all die any day now but for now relishes in the best day they’ve had and probably will have for a while
A sister post to James’ POV of Harry’s time at Hogwarts

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Who is firing the gun?

Okay so the gunshot we see at the end of The Lying Detective IS NOT Euros shooting John. I’m talking about this gunshot here -

We see this gunshot twice in the whole episode. Once at the very end - in the heat of the moment the viewer is meant to assume that this is Euros shooting John.

However it isn’t. This is not the very the first time we actually see it. The other time is right at the beginning of the episode. This makes it clear that is isn’t Euros. Look at this, it is the first shot of the episode, and the last shot is clearly taken from it.

The shot begins with the gunshot, then pans down to John lying in bed. 

On my first viewing, having not been paying close attention to the details like i do on a second, i immediately assumed this was John remembering Mary being shot by Norbury. Now, I don’t think it is Norbury. The background is greyish, whereas Mary was shot in the aquarium and surrounded by the colour blue. The blue tank is even behind Norbury when she takes the shot.

Then i realized the most obvious thing - John wasn’t even there when Mary was shot, so this is definitely not from his memory, and is definitely not Norbury.

The second time we see the shot, as I’ve said, is right at the end of the episode after Euros pulls the trigger of her gun. But look here - 

Euros is wearing a ring on her middle finger and has no sleeves covering her wrists. 

In the end shot, we don’t actually see whether or not the shooter has sleeves. However we can clearly see they aren’t wearing a ring. 

And, since we can see that this is definitely same as the beginning shot, if we re-watch it as it pans down, we know that this shooter has sleeves that cover their wrist.

So the question is, who is this shooter? It’s not Norbury, and it’s definitely not Euros. If we’re going with the alibi theory, then it could be John shooting Mary. It would also explain why he remembers it. The other explanation is that it could be Sherlock, but why? If it weren’t for the shot being shown at the beginning, I would have bet that it was Sherlock shooting Euros as she shot John. But then why show this at the beginning as well?

This was probably a bit incoherent as I’m still trying to process my thoughts, so any input is welcome!

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Warning: GUN PLAY, Smut

A/N: I gotcha Anon! My first time I wrote something like this and I’m so excited and nervous! I thought about both, knife and gun play and decided I want to do gun play a little bit more, I don’t know. I just saw the Joker with an awesome flashy gun in my mind and then some sexy things happened and yeah… Sorry I took so long and if it’s bad. School/Work is fucking me over.

Real life sucks. 

He grabbed your throat and pushed you against the wall, pressing his red lips against yours. You moaned, your fingers sliding up his biceps, grabbing them as you felt no air rushing through your lungs. He pushed his tongue into your mouth, dominating you for mere seconds before he broke the kiss, leaving you with want.

“On your knees.” His voice was deep and seductive, and you did what he said.

He pulled out his golden gun and you looked up, eyes big. Pointing it at you, just a few inches from your forehead, he grinned and flashed you his metal teeth. You gulped but trusted him enough to not to kill you. 

“What a little obedient thing you are.” You only nodded keenly.

His gun wandered a little bit down, touching for a second your nose, then moving closer to your lips, and you knew what he wanted. 

And it sent arousing shockwaves through naked your lower parts. 

“Be a good little thing and use your tongue.”

You closed your lips around the gun. It was cold and tasted like metal and gunpowder, something that strangely aroused you. Slowly, you sucked the loaded gun and made eye contact with the Joker, letting your tongue slide over the shaft while you kept your hands crossed on your back. You let out a loud moan, working eagerly and wetting the weapon with your spit.

The Joker laughed and pushed the gun deeper into your mouth, making you gag but you didn’t stop sucking until he took the gun away. Spit dripped down your chin. 

He fisted the hair at the back of your head and pulled it back, making you look pained at him. “On the bed. On all fours, baby.” 

You stood up and crawled slowly onto the bed, naked and on all fours, waiting for the Joker to take you. You heard the zipper and his pants, how they rustled and fell down to the ground. 

Eagerly, you wiggled your hips, spreading invitingly your legs but shrieked when he suddenly slapped your ass. Once, Twice, Thrice. And then a last time. “Outch.” You whispered, and he chuckled and grabbed your hips, placing himself at your entrance. His hands wandered over your ass and back, caressing you and leaving goosebumps. 

You moaned when you felt his tip slide inside of you, teasing you before he pushed himself in, and groaned when your walls clenched around him. Immediately, he began to move in a steady pace, slamming into you, filling the room with the sound of your bodies hitting each other. 

He thrusted harder, faster, deeper in you, drawing screams from you.

You screamed, you gasped, you fisted the sheets and savored the intense feeling he made you feel through the rough pounding. His fingers burried between your legs, the Joker began to rub your clit, fast and harshly, moaning and groaning, until you felt your climax washing over you, like an untamed wave. You called out his name, causing him to reach his own climax, and cumming inside of you.

With a shaky breath you pressed your face into the pillow, trying to calm yourself down, while the Joker pushed himself away, and rolled himself onto his back, breathless and sex-dazed, pulling you with him. “You’re so fearless.” he said, his hand burried in your hair, and pulled you into a heated kiss before breaking it after mere seconds, smearing his red lipstick all over your mouth. “I like it.” 

You smiled and placed your head over his racing heart. “Lets do that again.” 

“You’re so eager.” He chuckled at your words and caressed your cheek with his rough pale hand, tugging you closer to him. 

“Only with you, J.” You answered and took a deep breath, taking in his unique scent. “Only with you.” 

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okay but Giotto grew up on the street right? i can just imagine him meeting somebody when he first made his family and he hasnt learned Etiquette yet. the other boss is like “fine we’ll duel” after there was a disagreement for a ceasefire. giotto thought they were both just gonna throwdown and beat the other’s face in not have an old west gun show down. he’s so confused when he’s told to step ten paces away and draw like “whats this rich bullshit come over here and fight me”

Stay With Me

Title: Stay With Me

Characters/Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 870

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Sam has a gun because he heard the reader scream, reader has a violent dream that’s briefly described.

Summary: The reader wakes up Sam when she has a bad dream and he comes to her room and comforts her.

Author’s Note: Okay, so like all my one shots as of late this is yet another Imagine that got away from me! It’s not terribly long but I still thought it was too much to be an Imagine. And this is the first fic I’ve ever tried writing in third person (though it’s still reader insert, we’re just not in her head) and to my complete surprise I actually enjoyed writing this way a lot more than I thought! So if you guys liked the third person please let me know because I wouldn’t mind doing another one like this! Feedback is always appreciated!

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*Gif is not mine, all gifs used on my blog are from Google Images.*

     Sam woke with a jolt as a sharp shriek rang through the bunker. Then another. Then another.

     He was on his feet before the first one had finished and had the familiar weight of his gun in his hand by the end of the second.

     “Y/N??” he called, letting the slightest bit of panic creep into his voice as he ran down the hall towards her room, gun raised and heart pounding. When he reached her door he shook the handle and found it locked, the metal twisting mere milometers under his manipulation and quickly bouncing back again. He called her name - no answer. He tried again - still nothing.

     He didn’t even realize what he was doing until the door had already swung open under his foot and was hanging crookedly off its hinges.

     Sam burst into Y/N’s room and gave it a once over, gun following the path of his eyes, ready to shoot. Though what he found wasn’t any manner of monster, but Y/N, with her sheets twisted around her body and thrashing violently against their hold, a series of cries and fear-blurred words escaping her lips. Sam felt his chest tighten with new kind of fear and dropped his gun on her dresser.

     “Y/N?” he said gently, cautiously laying his hands on her shoulders and attempting to pull her from her nightmare.

     Her eyes shot open. She gasped and clawed at her sweat-dampened neck. Then her eyes met his.

     “Sam?” she asked weakly, sounding as though she were on the brink of tears.

     He smiled wearily, longing to take her into his arms and hold her until the pain went away. “Yeah, it’s me.” Her eyes grew wide. “Are you okay?”

     “You – you were dead. I saw …” Her voice trembled. “I saw you die, I couldn’t do anything to stop it! I tried Sam, I tried to stop him! But he was too fast - and he was gonna …” she brought her hand to her neck once again. She’d had a knife to her throat.

     Sam’s self-control snapped and before he had a chance to think better of it he pulled Y/N’s shaking body against his chest, feeling like she were a delicate little bird who might break if he squeezed her too tightly. To his surprise, she hugged him back just as hard.

     “You’re safe now,” Sam whispered against her hair, fingers running through the tousled strands. “We’re all safe.”

     They stayed like that until Y/N’s breathing evened out and her shaking stilled, the hand she had bunched up in the front of his shirt finally loosening its grip. But when Sam eventually tried to pull away she held onto him life a life raft, like the one thing keeping her on solid ground.

     “Can you …” she looked up nervously, then down at the ground before Sam could even see the color of her eyes or enjoy the freckles on her face. “I mean, do you think you could … stay with me? Just for tonight?”

     Sam found himself unable to form words and just nodded numbly, suddenly feeling awkward and unsure. His eyes flicked to the empty spot on the bed, then to the chair in the corner of the room. Had she meant stay with her, or…

     Mercifully Sam was spared the need to ask when she inched over on the bed, lifting the covers and making a spot for him. But his relief was short-lived when he realized he now had to share a bed with the woman he’d loved for so many years, but with the knowledge he was only here because she’d been crying and terrified only moment’s before. It felt wrong to take any kind of pleasure in having her sleeping beside him when he knew she was so shaken.

     Sam climbed into the bed and willed his breathing to stay even, forced his hands to not reach for her and to keep a respectable distance between their bodies.

     She threw the covers over the both of them. Her hand dragged along his abdomen on the way back.

     Sam stifled a gasp.


     “Yeah?” He forced his voice into neutrality, not letting her know what it did to him to have her so close.

     “Could I – or, would it be okay if …”

     She shook her head and seemed to decide words weren’t helping the situation, then slowly moved forward and pressed herself into his side, settling her hand on his chest.

     “Is this okay?” she asked quietly, her voice so small Sam barely even heard it, even in the crushing silence of night.

     His only response was to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her in closer, waiting to see how she would react before he let himself relax.

     She rested her head on his chest. All the tension in Sam’s body disappeared.

     “Thank you,” Y/N whispered, her voice slightly muffled by his shirt and her cheek pressing against his chest.

     Sam let his eyes close as he breathed in her scent, allowing his grip on her waist to tighten just the tiniest bit, to remind him she was there even when he couldn’t see her.

     “You’re welcome.”

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MUN: (Oh my! Thanks a lot for wanting to give her a new weapon, but i don’t think such a gun could exist in One Piece. I’ve taken a look and even the most cool looking guns in the Manga/Anime/Movies, look old pirate style.)

(Cannot add it to the Storage. But thanks for making me draw this meme xD)

Whoever doesn’t get it, Google “ALIENS meme”.


Two Michigan teens Mitchel Savickas & Daniel Benavides were sentenced for the murder of Isaiah Blue.  It’s said that it was Savickas had a grudge against Blue.  However, Savickas claims he thought Blue had a gun and was going to shoot them first.  
“I felt I used the force necessary to protect myself,” he said. “I thought I was in danger.”  Blue was not armed nor were the two friends he was with that night.
Savickas was sentenced to life in prison while Benavides received 20 to 40 years.  Savickas did a brief interview with Fox News and showed absolutely no remorse for the murder.

Sometimes giving someone
a second chance is like
giving them an extra bullet
for their gun because
they missed you the first time

Shane Walsh in Every Episode» Better Angels
What happened, Rick? I thought you weren’t the good guy anymore. Ain’t that what you said? Even right here, right now, you ain’t gonna fight for ‘em? I’m a better father than you, Rick. I’m better for Lori than you, man. It’s 'cause I’m a better man than you, Rick. 'Cause I can be here and I’ll fight for it. You come back here and you just destroy everything! You got a broken woman. You got a weak boy. You ain’t got the first clue on how to fix it. Raise your gun.

Me over the last hour:

-ok Betty totally blatantly met Veronica’s eyes when she licked the whipped cream off her finger the first time

-Archie called Veronica “Ronnie”

-Beronchie 5ever

-Betty come on did you really just put your fingerprints on that gun

-I’m betting Grundy is either lying about that whole thing or she killed her husband. Either way STATUTORY RAPE IS STILL NOT A PLOT DEVICE(unless this ends with her rotting in jail)


-Oh that look. Get that snake, bro. Get him.


-aw Archie and Betty are forever “I will always be friends with Archie.”

-Archie’s so hurt I just want to hug him

-Betty’s so hurt I just want to hug her. Also she’s great at manipulation of people in the name of what she believes is right tbh

-I love that Ronnie instantly despised every privilege she’s ever had because of her dad’s dirty money


-Archie please I can’t handle when you sob

-Betty growing a backbone is my favorite thing(except for when it’s borderline torturous)

-God dammit Jughead being homeless just makes this so much sadder and perfect #givejugabed2k17

A late night Wynonna Earp theory

So I was rewatching episode 1 of Wynonna Earp again and I had a thought.

As we have seen over the course of the season Peacemaker seems to have some sort of sentience. Obviously only the Heir can use it to put down a Revenant. But there have been a number of times that it has been fired as just a regular gun. It fired for Wynonna when she first retrieved it and she was trying to do some target practice on the Welcome to Purgatory sign. It fired in ep 3 in the cemetery. Willa fired it during target practice in ep 11. And when the homestead was attacked 15 years ago when Wynonna tried to save Willa and their father.

So it would seem that Peacemaker should shoot like any other gun any time the trigger is pulled regardless of who is holding it or who/what they are aiming at. But it doesn’t. It didn’t fire for Dolls when he was trying to save Wynonna in episode 3. At least a few times it didn’t fire for Wynonna. One of those times being in ep 12 before Willa got all her memory back and it looked like the Heir powers might be shifting back to Willa. Then in ep 13 it didn’t fire for Willa after she had crossed the boundary because in Wynonna’s words “You went wrong.”

In that same episode we find out that there is some scary shit trying to get into the Ghost River Triangle. We also see definitively at the beginning of the ep that Peacemaker is the key to opening the doorway. The Heir and a Revenant of their choosing alone don’t get the job done. Finally in ep 12 we found out that Ward had made a deal with Bobo to be the one to open the Door 15 years ago.

Now jump back to episode 1. When Wynonna is trying some target practice on the Welcome to Purgatory sign she is aiming at the family in the car on the sign. Her first shot goes extremely high and left hitting one of the braces on the sign. Her second shot, after taking a few steps closer, also goes high and left hitting the same brace then ricocheting across to the opposite brace then finally hitting a bottle on the ground behind Wynonna. Then at the end of the episode when she saves Waverly she pulls off a near physics defying trick shot without even trying. She shoots the pulley severing the rope, the bullet then ricochets back to the windmill, then off a blade and back to disarm Malcolm. Almost as if Peacemaker can precisely aim itself exactly where the shot needs to go.

Now with all this in mind consider this theory.

Wynonna didn’t kill Ward. Peacemaker did.

Earthbound, in (Arcade) Sprite Form!

This is an older sprite set but I just wanted to repost it

Ness is the only one that seems to care a picture is being taken, so I tried to capture that here as well. That house is the first time you get a pic taken by that pervert dude. Can you bypass that and then come back with all of your allies to have them in the pic like this?

I think I made Jeff a bit too cool and concentrated on his gun way more than his gadgets or fireworks. Ah well. Theres Evidence suggesting Poo is much older than the other kids, and the others are around 13ish years old. Anybody want to confirm this for me? And my final thought is that I never realized until I sprited it is that Mr. Saturns are basically just naked, walking Mario Heads with legs. its kinda creepy.

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“I remember, the first day at school there was this big fucking commotion. I heard all these books hit the ground, yelling, and then he went running past. A bunch of fucking teachers chasing him down the hallway… I thought, well, here’s a guy who’s completely crazy, he’d be a fucking great singer. We had to coax him a bit [and] it didn’t go so well in the early days. Sometimes he would just come over and stand around, like he was embarrassed. Or he’d start to sing and then he’d just leave. Walk out and I wouldn’t see him again for like three days! Some things don’t change, huh?”

- Izzy Stradlin talking about Axl, 2001.


Mystic Messenger characters saying “Cheritz”
omg… first of all… V’s voice is so orgas…ehem…so sexy *dies*
and Saeran xD sounds so happy…
Saeran -pointing a gun at you- : ^^ Cheritz! :D

i thought that was Seven voice xD well they are twins so im not that bad (? its just i assumed it xD anyways 7 sounds sooo mature *^*

also i thought V’s was Zen ~ so Zen had 2 *nose bleeding* •A• they are both so sexy

replays it~
*dies again with V shooting voice*


i’m so weak for su aus and fusions lmao don’t look at me… these designs are so good tho..!!

(first design by @elvirasteckningar and second design by @frogopera)