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Hello everyone!

I’m back in the States in one piece. (I caught a cold though ha-ha)
My laptop still has to undergo some repair, but I recently purchased Surface Pro 4 and above are the products of various pen pressure adjustment/testing… Doodling ma retainers. Thought I’d upload them here cause it’s been a while!

I am currently working on the giveaway raffle. It’s halfway done and the result should be out within this week. Thank you for your patience!!

I hope you have a great day~!!

+A big thank you again for those who wished for my well-being. You guys are truly precious ♥ ♥ ♥

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In case a bellarke kiss happens in s4 (I'm almost sure) Do you have any thought about how that kiss could be?

I know everyone’s all keen on Big Celebration Kisses or on quiet tender romantic kisses… and there’s the age old question of who should initiate?  Advantages for both, but I’m thinking… late season 4, after some big dramas… Clarke gives him some anvil-sized SIGNALS and then Bellamy makes a move.

Maybe play it super understated and like, they’re LOOKING AT EACH OTHER a lot for one episode, like noticeably a lot, and then like after the fracas is done and the audience is all 

“BUT WAIT there’s three whole minutes left and the main plot is ending what do we need these three minutes for??”

and then it shifts to Clarke going to Bellamy’s room and he’s sitting at a desk and she comes in and closes the door and they either make really small talk or like barely talk, and she gives him like A LOOK so he stands up, crosses the room, and kisses her

serious kissing

the two of them pulling off clothes and Clarke leans against the door and we get some real suggestive camera work and you see Bellamy kiss his way down her neck to stop and mouth at her collarbone then he goes completely out of frame IN A DOWNWARD MOTION and then 

cut to black                         

I thought to myself “I should repost that book asks post” and then I decided I may as well just go through and answer all the questions (excluding the ones I’ve already done and minus a few I thought were silly).

1: What book did you last finish? When was that?

The Rook by Daniel O'Malley on 12.08.2016

2: What are you currently reading?

The Book by Keith Houston (I just giggled when I realised those rhymed)

3: What book are you planning to read next?

Possibly The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth Mckenzie, but I’ll likely change my mind completely when it comes to deciding.

4: What was the last book you added to your tbr?

Radiance by Catherynne M. Valente

5: Which book did you last re-read?

I think it was The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut. Either that or Soul Music by Terry Pratchett.

6: Which book was the last one you really, really loved?

The Rook was awesome. It had a slow start, but once it got going, I was addicted.

7: What was/were the last book/books you bought?

See question 4.

8: Paperback or hardcover? Why?

Paperback usually just because they’re smaller and more portable. Hardbacks I generally only buy if I really want the book and it’s the only format available. Or if I find it cheap in a charity shop.

9: YA, NA or Adult? Why?

Mostly adult, but I’ve got over my unfounded aversion to non-adult books now, so I’ve read more YA (and younger) books recently. Some of them do come off as quite condescending at times though.

10: Sci-Fi or fantasy? Why?

Both. Though I’m equally annoyed with most offerings from both a lot of the time. I don’t have time to read 100 multi-book (and each book is 500+ pages long) series of an author masturbating to Tolkien or rehashing space exploration or AI themes.

11: Classic or modern? Why?

Modern. I like classics, but the language and density of the writing gets tedious at times. And, you know, all the sexism, racism, etc you have to wade through.

12: Political memoirs or comedic memoirs?

I barely read memoirs of any kind, but I don’t think I’d ever want to read a political one.

13: Name a book with a really bad movie/tv adaption

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland continues to fuck me off whenever I remember it exists. Why create a film when you dislike the source material? Fuck that shit.

14: Name a book where the movie/tv adaption actually was better than the original

I’ve only read the first book so far, but Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is better than that book. Miss Fisher’s more compelling as an older woman, rather than being in her early 20s. And there’s no Phyrne/Jack in the books!

16: If you could bring three books to a deserted island which would you bring and why?

Probably a selection of stuff by Neal Stephenson as I’d have enough time to work through the really long ones.

17: If you owned a bookshop what would you call it?

I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to try and become Bernard Black.

18: Which character from a book is the most like you?

There’s a lot of Arthur Dent in me. Confused. Tries to avoid responsibility but ends up with it anyway. Spends a lot of time in pyjamas.

20: Best summer read?

Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch

21: Best winter read?

Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

22: Pro or anti e-readers? Why?

I’m pro ereaders but don’t really use them myself. Mainly because the one I have is a bit shit. And I like holding things. I’m also terrified of losing digital media - I’ve killed a number of hard drives in the past.

23: Bookdepository or Amazon?

Amazon owns BD, so it’s a bit of a moot point. I’m trying to avoid using Amazon at all these days, so I mostly buy from Waterstones or Forbidden Planet. BD can be good for if you want a specific edition of a book. I’ve used it to get the American versions of Cherie Priest books.

24: Do you prefer to buy books online or in a bookshop?

I love bookshops as a way to stumble on stuff, but limited selection means they’re not great if I want something specific.

25: If you could be a character from a book for just one day who would you be and why? (Bonus: any specific day in the story?)

Susan Sto Helit. Because she’s amazing.

26: If you could be a character from a book for their entire life who would you be and why?

Susan Sto Helit. Because she’s amazing.

27: If you could change one thing about mainstream literature what would you change? (i.e. more diversity, better writing, better plot etc.)

No more epic fantasy. Do away with the Tolkien worship. Do away with overlong books in overlong series. Do away with using medieval Britain as the ideal inspiration for your worldbuilding.

29: How do you sort your shelves? (i.e. by color, author, title etc.)

Separated out into fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels. Fiction is by author - with separate shelves for large hardbacks. Graphic novels are separated into Marvel, DC, and independent. Marvel and DC are sorted by character/team and independent stuff is by author. Non-fiction books are sorted by size.

30: Who’s your favorite author?

Terry Pratchett. Because it had to be.

31: Who’s your favorite contemporary author?

As in someone who’s writing and releasing books right now? Ben Aaronovitch.

32: Who’s your favorite fantasy author?

I don’t think there’s anyone I could class as strictly a “fantasy” author. If there’s anyone I really like it’s because they do something else as well, rather than pure fantasy. Scott Lynch maybe?

33: Who’s your favorite Sci-Fi author?

See above. Neal Stephenson.

34: List five OTPs

Peter Grant/Beverley Brook (Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch)
Myfanwy Thomas/Shantay Petoskey (The Rook - Daniel O’Malley)
Sophronia Temminnick/Soap (Etiquette & Espionage - Gail Carriger)
Nazca Barsavi/Not being fucking dead (The Lies of Locke Lamora - Scott Lynch)

Don’t think I’ve got a fifth from a prose book …

35: Name a book you consider to be terribly underrated

Pelican Blood by Cris Freddi is a brilliant book that no one’s heard of. I got it for 50p from the Works and it ruined me.

36: Name a book you consider to be terribly overrated

Ready Player One is a pile of shit. It’s just Snow Crash with a load of 80s nostalgia pasted on. Either you know what it’s referencing and it’s going into unnecessary detail, or you don’t and you don’t give a shit. Never has the word wank been more appropriate.

37: How many books are actually in your bookshelf/shelves right now?

God knows. My Goodreads lists about 900 as “owned” but there’s probably loads there that I’ve since sent off to charity shops. But then that number doesn’t include anything belonging to Beth. Probably at least 1000.

38: What language do you (most often) read in?

Only English. Though I do own copies of Alice in Wonderland in French and Russian.

40: Name one of your favorite books from your teenage years

I really liked the Redwall books. I remember Mattimeo being a favourite. I think I still have it …

41: Do you own a library card? How often do you use it?

Yep. Haven’t used it in ages though. Mainly because they started limiting the number of graphic novels you could take out. And because we moved further from the central library. And I have more money I can spend on books of my own …

42: Which was the best book you had to read in school?

I remember enjoying To Kill A Mockingbird, but haven’t read it since. I also loved Much Ado About Nothing (and still do).

43: Are you the kind of person who reads several books at once or the kind of person who can only read one book at a time?

Usually one at a time, with the occasional graphic novel sprinkled around. Although my Goodreads does list a few short story collections as “currently reading” because I’ve stopped between stories.

44: Do you like to listen to music when you read?

I always listen to music when I’m doing anything that doesn’t have its own sound.


We don’t care about setting new records. None of the members have a calculating character. We do what we do because we really enjoy it, and that’s what made us achieve great results. - T.O.P

I never once thought about records when doing something. Looking back on the past ten years, we seemed have set a lot of new records. It should come as a burden, but ironically, it motivates us even more. - Taeyang

*these are some of the records set/broken by bigbang and does not include records for individual members || click gifs for more necessary info~ #BIGBANG10


[Leo and I] were doing a scene, and we were improvising, and I got a bit caught up in the moment. It wasn’t scripted but I was screaming at him and I hit him in the face instead of just saying a line, which I’m sure would have been good enough, but I took it a step too far. Then, of course, as soon as I’d done that I was swiftly taken out of the scene and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, what have you just done?’ But him and Marty were like ‘That was great! You should do that again.’

This is mostly just a random thought but I’m very passionate about the subject:

I can understand and respect if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy sexual or otherwise explicit material. I get if you don’t want to see or hear about it. That’s fine.

But if you use someone’s nsfw content (smutty fanfiction, erotic art) as an example of why they’re The Worst or why they should be mocked or disregarded, you need to stop. That’s shitty and mean and none of your business and often completely irrelevant to the discussion.

I don’t see it often but I see it enough where I feel it’s worth pointing out; pleased don’t do this.

Going to edit my blog and make a new theme. I’m going to use the one on the band blog but change it a bit so it’s for just me, not the band. Going to take a few hours which will be even longer because of the limited time I have but when it’s done it should look AMAZING. No more newbie tumblr theme for me lol 😄

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Lily maybe should have done more to make snape less of a nazi/white supremacist/ death eater?

I can’t believe I had to read this with my own 2 eyes I just

It’s not Lily’s fault that Snape thought of himself as better than Muggles long before he met her

It was not Lily’s responsibility to make sure that her supposed friend didn’t call her a slur and scorn their friendship in front of half the school

It was not Lily’s responsibility to hold Snape’s hand all through their schooling to make sure he didn’t join a terrorist group intent on wiping out people like her

You can show yourself out

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can u please do andreil + "Do you ever think we should just stop this?”

  • it’s been six months since the Foxes beat the Ravens
    • Neil is slowly, so slowly, adjusting to the thought that he doesn’t have to run
    • Andrew helps.
  • it’s been six months since Neil got Andrew to admit that this is something
    • what something is, Neil doesn’t know
    • Andrew doesn’t talk about it.
  • so Neil’s starting to spend nights in Andrew’s bed,
  • and he’s starting to lose sweatshirts, only to find Andrew wearing them the next day.
  • he finds that he loses himself when the sunlight filters in through Andrew’s window in the morning, 
    • and Andrew’s asleep, just still
    • and his hair looks almost golden in the morning light
    • and Neil just sort of, stops breathing.
    • this terrifies him.
  • so he doesn’t think about it. too much.
  • but this feels important, and he knows they’re something, but he doesn’t know what they are and the urge to run away from it is so strong and
  • “Andrew?”
  • “What?” his voice is rough and heavy with sleep
  • “What are we?”
    • Andrew rolls over, looks incredibly annoyed
  • “98%, Josten.”
  • “I’m serious.” Neil props himself up on one arm.
  • Andrew does the same, but doesn’t say anything.
  • “Do you ever think we should stop this?”
    • Andrew looks at him, like,
    • why would you even ask that?
  • “No,” Andrew says it as a fact.
    • as though it had never occurred to him before.
    • Neil is relieved,
    • but only slightly. 
  • Andrew sees this and says,
  • “I never want to stop doing this.”
    • he kisses Neil’s shoulder now
    • Neil is speechless,
    • is breathless
    • is in love.
Serendipitous Fate Question

So, we’re reaching the end of Part 2 for Serendipitous Fate and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing a sort of, I don’t know, competition sort of thing? I know that @bullysquadess did something similar for covers for her fic, and I didn’t know if you’d all be interested in something like that. There’s so much art done for SF and, I don’t know, if you guys would be interested in something like that, I could think on it. Like, do a competition for a Part 1 cover and then a Part 2 cover? But I don’t know how I’d decide the winner–I feel like you guys should be allowed to vote or something. 

I dunno. Thoughts?

Originally posted by baetles

Sorry, I’m not at home atm, so I had to improvise a little. Also parts of the translation are done rather freely, bc Japanese is a pain sometimes. Feel free to correct anything I might have gotten wrong

Because I got a message from Mr T that he wishes that I should wait a bit with deleting my insta because of the relationship with the publishing of the Ilastobook, I thought why not post one more time.
The intention to completely delete was the consideration of a petty adult… It is a little embarrassing. Thank you very much for leaving many comments.

I feel very desolate as well that I lose the opportunity to laugh together with you about my sketches or to share casual stories and stationary.
For example the story about the notebook for the new year that will soon start, the Tradio Praman [?, a kind of pen] by Pentel that got to me recently, the notebook system called Clipbook which I thought is very useful, that I discovered an amusing book about kanji, that I want to try and cultivate moss, or about the review of the Timkanpy plush that was brought to my house by a lady beforehandedly, there were still many things I wanted to post about.
So in this time given by Mr T, because it is trouble, only two [I think she means that she is only going to post 2 times because it means trouble for Mr T ], I will post drawings of the latest happy news.

Ah, please go lightly on the comments. *laugh

  • Aaron:Robert, give us a hand with this, would you? Robert, come on, I don't do begging.
  • Robert:Still nothing from Lachlan.
  • Aaron:Try sending another e-mail after you've helped me move this.
  • Robert:No, the first e-mail should have done it. Donny's not been in touch for over a year, I thought he'd bite his hand off, even just to have a go.
  • Aaron:Well, maybe he's given up with his dad?
  • Robert:No, I know that messed-up kid better than he knows himself, he's desperate for Donny to show him a bit of attention.
  • Aaron:Then why's he ignoring the e-mail?
  • Robert:Maybe he's waiting for more.
  • Aaron:He's not the only one, is he? Come on, get stuck in. To the engine, not to me.
  • Robert:Are you sure?
  • Aaron:With Adam on his way back, yes, I'm sure. Come on help me move it.
  • Robert:No, no can do.
  • Aaron:Why?
  • Robert:The small matter of clearing my brother's name.
  • Aaron:Right. And if it wasn't the engine I was asking you to get stuck into, would you still be leaving?
  • Robert:I guess we'll never know.
  • (turns to leave)
  • Aaron:What you gonna do?
  • Robert:Whatever I can to make Lachlan crack and spill out every last secret he's holding.

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da:i companions helping the inquisitor after the events of trespasser? particularly the whole arm thing, and maybe how they & the inquisitor cope with it?

So I thought I should do this one since I just finished Trespasser recently. This was one of our first requests on this account and we all felt bad that we couldn’t write it since we hadn’t finished Trespasser. Now I have and I’ll tell you, I’m so sad, both bc of what happens and just that it’s done for now. We have a mix of trespasser asks and since this one is just helping the Inquisitor after events, it will focus on handling the lose of the Inquisitor’s arm and finding out about Solas. Anyway here is this and know that this obviously has some spoilers for Trespasser.

Keep reading

misssingingintherain  asked:

Hi, Another Anti Reylo Blog. I don't want to bother you, but I'm writing a little piece called, "What’s with all the Reylo hate?" and I was wondering if you could give me some reasons why you dislike Reylo?

You know what, I had a careful thought out reply to this, but frankly I’m done with being polite to people who’s already made up their mind. And the title of your “piece” clearly tells me that you’ve decided who your villain in all of this is and are looking for support for your already reached conclusion.

Okay then, I’ll play your villain.

You want to know why I dislike reylo?

I hate it because it’s the very epitome of a white supremacy pairing, where a white man no matter what he’s done to woman could and should be forgiven. And no matter how horrible his actions in general he will still be portrayed as morally superior and more desirable than a kind, supportive Black man.

I hate it because the shippers think it’s fine to erase Finn from his own story, from his own existence. To literally, physically erase a Black person from photos and put put a white guy in his stead. To strip him of his own words and give them to a violent, abusive white man in the name of “romance”.

That they think that passing Finn off as inferior to white people are acceptable.

That they’ll rather invent a white, male OC, call him Ben Solo and pretend that he’s canon so that they can ship Rey with him, so don’t have to face their own vitriolic hatred of Black people and intense dislike of seeing a Black man being loved.

That they’ll strip Rey of any agency, character and narrative, and reduce her to a love interest for Kylo that’s destined to redeem him, regardless of all that he’s done to her. She’s supposed to be okay with being kidnapped, tortured, assaulted seeing him kill her father figure and then see him try to kill the only person who ever cared for her. That Rey is robbed of everything that she is, so that their abusive, violent white fav can have her.

That they’ll pull and continue to pull the BBF trope on Finn and pretend that friendzone is actually a legit thing.

I hate that they’ll support and continue to support major blogs that has had their racism and Anti Blackness called out and explained, proving once again that they as a group have a huge racism problem that they refuse to deal with or acknowledge.

That even their so called attempts at appreciating Finn is a racist attempt at stripping the character of all independence and narrative, and reduce him to a prop for their ship and a Black Best Friend.

So answer me this, what’s with all these people hatred? Why should their venom and antagonism go unaddressed? Or is it only worth talking about how these people are pure innocents that gets attacked by horrible Antis and who have never done any wrong?

Because I could go on with how they feel its acceptable to attack minors who are abuse survivors and ridicule and vilify them for their dislike of this pairing. That they will cheer each other on in this abusive behavior. That they keep telling Black fans to stop addressing the erasure and hatred of Finn. That they think that abuse survivors should be okay with abuse and assault being romanticized. That they can, will and have endlessly harassed these groups and continue to target them. And even the ones who doesn’t support this plays least-in-sight so they don’t have to deal with it, or just use the No True Scotsman argument to get out of any kind of blame.

But I think we’ve covered the basics, don’t you?

People want to ship hero/villain ships? Fine by me. But when you start defending the abuse and violence on which it is based and pass it off as romantic, we are going to have a serious problem with each other. And when people can’t do it without being viciously racist and Anti Black, vilify survivors who have legitimate issues with the pairing and harass them, then I frankly don’t want to have these people anywhere near me.

So, did I play the villain well enough for your purposes?

anonymous asked:

Just started reading classic novels and I started with Pride and Prejudice (no regrets there). I kinda want to read Hemingway, but I feel like I'm betraying you and the rest of the female population. I want to read it with no inhibitions and with objectivity. I also read about your thoughts on his context which makes him more chauvinistic than the authors before him (my teacher also hates him). Btw should I read Tolstoy?

“I kinda want to read Hemingway, but I feel like I’m betraying you and the rest of the female population. “

First of all, this kind of makes my day. If that’s your takeaway from my blog, then my job here is done. 

That being said, if you’re curious and WANT to read Hemingway, then go ahead and read Hemingway. Reading him doesn’t make you a terrible person and it certainly doesn’t make you betray anyone. It’ll just make you more informed and allow you to make your own judgements. If anything, that’s admirable. The only thing I don’t advocate is reading Hemingway because you feel that you HAVE to read Hemingway because he’s one of the “greats” or because society has pressured you into reading him and other douchey white men.

Tolstoy can also be quite flawed, but I’ve personally enjoyed his writing. I went through my Russian literature phase before my feminist awakening, so I don’t know how I would react to him nowadays, but I liked him when I was 19. I read both Anna Karenina and War and Peace within a month and greatly enjoyed both works and still think fondly of them.

Go forth and read whatever speaks to you!

Confession: I’ve been at my job for a year and three months now. For the past six months I have been telling my managers that I want to move up and become a trainer. It always felt weird that you have to ask to move up here, I always thought that mangers were supposed to choose people they thought were capable of the job. I know that you have to also show interest in moving up, but they should still have a talk with you to help you improve to move you up, but none of my managers have done that with me.

I’ve literally seen girls here bitch and whine about becoming trainer and they immediately promote them the following week. I don’t like to whine, so I just went to the GM of my job and told him I want to be a trainer, and he told me that I have to talk to the manager for hostesses. Which was odd to me because girls have went to him and he’s the one that promoted them asap.

I did what he said and had a talk with my main manager and I could tell he doesn’t want me to be a trainer because he lied and then caught himself in the lie and tried to cover it up, he said “first we have to see if we have a need for more trainers” he paused because I gave him a look then continued to say “oh yeah, two of our trainers quit a little bit ago… So I have to talk to the other managers to see what they think about you being trainer.” We had this talk last week, today I come in and I see that two girls got promoted to trainer, two girls that started working here way after me.

This really got me feeling some kind of way, because I’ve been asking for so long, being patient for soooo long thinking that they were actually going to consider me. But no, there have been at least 4 move ups since January.

This really sets me back because I was feeling so confident and so sure of myself at this job. It took me so long to actually get the courage to even mention I wanted to move up. And now I know that the only way to really move up here is to be flirty or get all buddy buddy with the managers, which I just can’t do. I really want to cry because now I feel like everyone there is laughing behind my back. I’m the ONLY black hostess that has been there for this long. Everyone else is white or hispanic. I feel so alone here. I have no reason to be there if I can’t move up after being there for over a year. I’m just going to give it up and look for a second job, because it’s just not worth it anymore.

Done for day 4 of Equestria Daily’s Artist Training Grounds. - A pony mending fences / fencing.

This is a collab with the wonderful Discorded [1][2] who helped a lot while making this. It was very fun to work on and I think the idea turned out pretty cute. It’s not super original, but I guess it does twist the theme a little bit. :D

Unfortunately, this is a WIP and the intent was to add a bit of shading and polish. Discorded thought it should be uploaded anyway so expect an update in the future. :)

>dA link
>ATG 2016 Day 4 link
>ATG 2016 Day 4 gallery (#121)