i thought someone was just being really blunt

Not Approving-Magnus’s Sister

The very blunt (Y/N) doesn’t approve of her brothers latest relationship and will make it known to everyone. Especially Alec. So when she walks in on the pair making out on their couch they aren’t happy. However as the night progresses so does their opinion.

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I’m not rude I’m just blunt. What’s the point of pretending to like someone when you can tell the truth and save time? I know I can come across as rude but frankly I don’t care.  Right now I’m coming back to mine and my brother Magnus’s apartment from seeing my friend. I unlock the door and walk in to see Magnus and that shadowhunter, crap what’s his name? Oh Alec! Making out on the couch. My couch.
“Don’t have sex on my couch please.” The two jumped away as I walked past.
“(Y/N)!” Magnus exclaimed. “Your back early.”
“I’m aware.” I rolled my eyes. “We’ve had this talk before, if your going to add to your list of conquest’s do it in your room. You’ve already broke our no shadowhunter rule.”

I walked into the kitchen to get something to eat and hopefully not throw up after seeing that. “Why do you hate Alexander so much?” Magnus asked with pleading eyes. Alec walked in the room and Magnus wrapped his arm round the shadowhunters waist so I grabbed my food and started to walk out.
“I don’t hate him. I would just rather he didn’t come to our apartment ever again.” I threw myself onto the couch and started eating my (Y/F/F).
“What did I do to you?” Alec moved towards me with a sharp tone in his voice.
“Nothing, yet. Just don’t give my brother an STD shadowhunter” I said with a sneer. Why should I talk to a shadowhunter who will only break my brothers heart? I cant let that happen.
“(Y/N)!” I just ignored my brother and went to my room. I grabbed my phone and phoned Catirina. Maybe she can talk some sense into him.

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anonymous asked:

(part 1) to get straight to the point, is ushijima /actually/ mean or is he just really, for lack of a better word, dense towards other people and their emotions? i'm asking because i've been thinking about ushijima and oikawa's canon relationship lately, and for a while i thought that ushi was just really, really blunt to the point where he could come off as insensitive and kinda insulting, but that one post with ushi saying to oiks that he "chose the wrong path" followed by pictures of oiks

(part 2) and the rest of the team being really happy together, and it got me thinking. like HOW unaware would ushi have to be of another person’s emotions and what’s considered socially acceptable to say to someone else (even if u dislike them)? the only other reason, that i can see, is he’d say those kinda to oikawa (and hinata and kags too), to be mean/to hurt them. but that just sit right with me, you know? idk thoughts?

I perfectly know the post you’re talking about, and I guess so does every single person in this fandom, it’s impossible to not have seen it. 

I don’t think that Ushijima ever wanted to purposefully hurt Oikawa, or Hinata, or Kageyama, or anyone, ever. 

If we’re talking about Oikawa specifically, I think he said “you chose the wrong path” because he has this perfect idea in his mind of what Oikawa should have chosen to make his talent blossom. Actually, Oikawa is the only player outside Shiratorizawa Ushijima ever acknowledged, he is the setter he always wanted for himself. He saw his potential, recognized his strength, and thought that the only way for him to fully use it was to go to Shiratorizawa. It makes sense. Ushijima wanted the best for Oikawa, and is disappointed by the fact that Oikawa still chose another path, so much that his sentence surely came off as rude and disrespectful. 

Ushijima has his own way to deal with people, and there are things he just can’t see because of who he is as a person. Also, Ushijima doesn't know a thing about what happened in Aoba Johsai. Ushijima doesn’t know why Oikawa chose it. Why he chose to be, live, and grow with his family. Ushijima doesn’t know what Oikawa went through, what he needed, what he wanted. 

We know, but he doesn’t. 

And if it’s alright to be mad and angry because Ushijima can really be off-putting sometimes, I think we should all be a little kinder to him, or at least try to see where he’s coming from. He’s not a monster, he’s just…Ushijima. 

People should really show their appreciation more often and a more upfront fashion. I appreciate the little things. Just giving someone an honest compliment can go a long way. It can make their entire day, it can change who they see themselves as. Lets move away from being scared to show we appreciate people, the little things and lets give roses to people while they’re still here to smell them.