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  • Someone: OMG your gay!!!?!?!?! Let me introduce you to my gay cousin!!!!!!
  • Me: OMG! You're really gonna play off the stereotype that because we are both gay we're gonna be instantly attracted to each other because I mean there's no way we wouldn't be, we're both gay!!!!!!!!!
  • Me:
  • Someone:
  • Me:
  • Me: Anyways put me in touch with them because due to the area I live in, the fact that I'm under 18 and I live with my parents it makes it very hard to meet people that are not heterosexual and I would really like some LBGTQ+ friends who I could share my experience with and generally feel less alone.

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Anti thought he was smaller than he actually was, and promptly gets wedged in playground equipment. He's stuck. The kids are laughing. Someone help him (drawing idea maybe?? I just thought you might appreciate this)


(okay its kinda funny)

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Hello!! Would you mind writing some hc's of Laf (or TJeff) with a s/o? I love all of your headcanons, and if you already have some, the could you be as kind as to direct me to them?

boss’ memo : oh ! you mean like general s/o hcs? i can do that ! =) and thank you !

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  • lafayette, despite having lots to say and being v inclined to talking in general, really appreciates just staying quiet and leaning against you,, he really enjoys relaxing with you on days that he has off, ‘cause his life is hectic, and knowing that you’re there with him–for him–really puts him at ease
    • you’ll notice that he enjoys just being in the same room with you–the two of you don’t even need to be doing anything, he just wants to appreciate that you exist
    • basically, you really ground him, and he’s eternally thankful
  • he definitely goes on morning jogs, and may try to convince you to take them with him,, he’s very persuasive…
    • “i saw something i thought you might like while i was outside this morning ! maybe next time you can come with me and i can buy it…”
      “D’= !!!”
  • sometimes he can be a bit distant–if you notice that he’s been acting odd, it likely means that he’s a bit self-conscious about the relationship,, he’s unsure of how he’s worthy of being with someone as incredible as you,,,
    • it takes a lot for him to open up about his feelings, and he’s pretty good at hiding it, but if you ask him directly, he’ll do his best to explain (it’ll be difficult, but he’s willing to do it for you because he knows communication is important)
    • no matter how distant he can be, he always leaves you text messages or post-it notes, and makes you to-go lunch
  • he often worries about you and really makes an effort to take care of himself and you at the same time,,
  • laf is probably one of your daily anons on tumblr,, you’re sort of aware that it’s him due to typing style but it doesn’t matter as the two of you are having fun regardless
    • laf is constantly showing you cool things that he’s found,, world’s largest floppy cat? he’s gotta show you. painting done in time-lapse? gotta show you. he thinks of you a lot when he’s on tumblr, so you end up with a lot of messages from him whenever you come on
    • (they often say “oh, this reminded me of you!”)
  • if you have any colloquialisms that you say often, you’ll notice that he ends up saying them, too !!
  • one of the cutest things he does is say, “this is so wonderful! i could kiss you right now–ah, wait, i can!”
What would Astro’s s/o be like?

Note: my friend ( @prncssjn ) asked me who I thought Astro would be compatible with to help her get to know them, and I ended up making this a post bc I wrote so much. This is just my opinion based on my own perceptions of Astro, and their ideal types <3 


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IDEAL TYPE; someone with a nice and bright smile; someone who has a kind heart; someone with a similar personality; someone who I can joke around with; someone with the same humour; someone like MJ

  • I think he’d be quite malleable with this? Like I could see him with a few different type of people
  • I think he’d need to be with someone who sees the world with as much joy and love as he does
  • He’d definitely be drawn to someone with a bright, bubbly personality, who would encourage his optimism
  • As he said himself, he’d need to be with someone who he can joke round with; that would be essential
  • He’s always making other people laugh, and I think something he’d really want to bring to his relationship was laughter
  • I think he’d also really value kindness in an s/o, since he himself seems to have such a soft, warm heart
  • I think he’d also work well with someone who could look after him, either emotionally or practically (since he is still very much a child)
  • But he might also work well with someone with a more sober personality; someone to ground him and balance him out (so long as they were always up for a laugh and to have fun)
  • Essentially, MJ would be with someone humorous, caring, good-natured and kind


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((i know this gif is old af but look he’s so cute))

IDEAL TYPE; someone with their own opinions and who can speak their mind

  • I think JinJin would want to be with someone who’s as mature and laid-back as himself
  • No preference for introvert or extrovert, but I think he might prefer someone a bit on the ambiverted side (like himself)
  • But, he’d want to be with someone who has a sense of humour, too
  • JinJin always just seems to be having a good time, and he’d want that with his s/o, too
  • But at the end of the day, I think he’d also really enjoy building a deep, meaningful relationship with them, so some element of intelligence and thoughtfulness would also be important
  • In all honesty I see him with a girl that he knows can bite back; someone who has a good sense of self and knows how to stand up for themselves
  • Even his ideal type supports this; I think self-assurance would be really attractive to him
  • I think he’d want to be with someone he could really talk to, and who would genuinely have a conversation and a debate with him
  • Essentially, JinJin would be with someone intelligent, mature, witty and honest


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IDEAL TYPE; someone who likes me; someone that I love; someone who I can laugh with together; someone graceful someone who I automatically know is my girl

  • I think Eunwoo would be drawn to someone who was into the arts
  • I think he’d definitely be attracted to someone with a more mild, calm personality, and who’s on the more introverted side
  • He seems quite low-energy, and his closest friend is quite introverted to, so I don’t think he’d handle an overtly extroverted s/o very well
  • I think he’d want an s/o that was very understanding and patient; he has a packed schedule, and he feels a lot of pressure all the time, so having an s/o who can support him properly would mean the world to him
  • I think kindness would be a big deal to him, too; he admittedly has a problem with coming off a bit cold sometimes, so he’d want an s/o to help him with that
  • From what he said about his ideal type, I think Eunwoo would look for a kindred spirit; someone who gets him, and who can truly understand him
  • I think that means that it would really limit his amount of potential partners, but it means that any relationship he does get into is going to be quite deep
  • Essentially, Eunwoo would be with someone intelligent, peaceful, patient and understanding


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IDEAL TYPE; someone I’m attracted to; someone who loves music; someone with a pretty smile and smiles easily; someone who can help me be more organized

  • Someone kind, and with a lot of room for love in their heart
  • Like I think that’d be a deal breaker for him
  • I can see him with either an introvert or an extrovert, tbh, no real preference
  • I think he’d have to be with someone thoughtful; he puts a lot of his time and energy into his loved ones, and you can tell how genuinely he loves them, so he’d need that reciprocated
  • He’d need to be with someone who enjoyed being affectionate; he’s such an affectionate person and that’d be a big thing for him
  • Going on from that, I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who was very loving and dedicated, since he puts so much into his personal relationships
  • I think, similarily to Eunwoo, Moonbin would look for a kindred spirit, but in a different way
  • I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who’s soul was a loving and as kind as his, because I think then he’d be in a relationship where he was truly cherished
  • Essentially, Moonbin would be with someone loving, thoughtful, affectionate and dedicated


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IDEAL TYPE; Someone cute and lovely; someone nice; someone who thinks of others well; someone who takes care of others well; someone considerate

  • Someone laidback; he’s such a chill person, and he’d enjoy that in an s/o
  • But, I think he’d be drawn to someone who was really passionate; you can feel his passion for dancing, so I think he’d have trouble connecting with someone who didn’t have a passion for something
  • I feel like Rocky might prefer being with an introverted or ambiverted person, just because he’s quite quiet and reserved himself; he might prefer someone on that wavelength
  • Similar to most of the other members, I think he’d want to be with someone thoughtful; he’d appreciate an observant s/o, because it’d feel like the relationship really meant something to them (and it might help Rocky be a bit more forthcoming with his feelings, since he wouldn’t have to breach the topic – his s/o would)
  • Once again, I think he’d be with someone kind and compassionate, who has a love for others (although, that could be said of all members of Astro)
  • I think he’d also enjoy an s/o who was as quick-witted as he is; he’s very clever, and I think he’d need someone who could keep up with that
  • Essentially, Rocky would be with someone passionate, laid-back, clever and compassionate


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IDEAL TYPE; someone who thinks of me a lot; someone who’s interested in me and my life

  • He’s the hardest for me to get a grasp on since he’s so young (he even said in an interview that he’s never had a crush before, so he doesn’t even know himself)
  • But, I think at this point in his life, he’d need to be with someone who was just as enthusiastic about the world as he was
  • He’d need to be with someone who’s open to having fun, learning new things, and making mistakes
  • He seems quite enthusiastic about experiencing and learning about the world, and if he had an s/o, you know he’s sure as hell going to drag them along for the ride; so, the s/o would need to be open to that
  • I think he’d also enjoy being with an s/o who had a quirky sense of humour; Sanha’s known for being unique, and I think he’d deeply enjoy connecting with his s/o on that
  • Essentially, I think Sanha would be with someone inquisitive, open-minded, adventurous and joyful
Requested - John Shelby x Reader

Request: Anonymous - hello, can you do a John shelby imagine where he is trying to do some work, and he isn’t paying attention to you. So, you start winding him up, like teasing him, throwing things at him, making remarks about other men and stuff. Thanks x

GIF Source: peakyblinders1919.tumblr.com


“John!” You whine, trying to get his attention. He doesn’t even look up from his work. You pout and huff, sitting on the edge of the desk. “John.” You groan, extending your long legs out on the desk in front of him.

A slight smirk creeps onto his face as he glances at you, lounging on the desk but he continues to ignore you. You narrow your eyes in a glare and then swing your legs over the edge, planting your feet on the floor. You stand, walking slowly around the desk to where he is sitting.

You place your hand on his shoulder, running it down his chest. He grabs your hand quickly, reading your mind and pulls it out to his side, leading you away. You roll your eyes and let out a childish whimper.

John doesn’t even turn his attention away from his work. “Come on, John.” You moan, stamping your feet slightly. He rolls his eyes and turns a little, trying to block you out.

You flash a wicked grin, seeing his resistance faltering. You pull back on his chair slightly, just making enough space for you to squeeze in between him and the desk before seating yourself comfortably in his lap.

He sighs, deciding to lean over your to carry on. You nuzzle your face into his neck, desperately trying to break his concentration. He doesn’t acknowledge you until you begin planting kisses all over his face and neck.

He wraps one arm around your shoulders, the other under your legs, lifting you up and carrying you across the room to a small sofa. You fold your arms like a toddler and pout again as he places you down.

“(Y/N), I really need to get this done.” He says, sounding tired and fed-up. He runs his hand down his face, then turns and strides back to his desk. You sit for a moment on the sofa, sighing loudly.

You notice the cushions on the couch, picking one up and weighing it in your hands. You throw the small cushion full pelt across the room. It hits John square in the face, bouncing off and landing on the desk.

He rolls his eyes, picking up the cushion. He looks at it for a second, as if he’s deciding whether he should throw it back at you. After a moment, he drops it on the floor next to the desk, moving his attention back to his work.

You groan audibly, throwing your hands up before crossing them over your chest. A thought comes into your mind and you allow a sly smirk to creep onto your lips.

“You know,” You say, standing and beginning to saunter towards the desk, “If you won’t give me any attention, I’m sure someone else will.” He glances up at you as you lean on the desk. He quickly looks away.

“Maybe…” You straighten up, putting a finger to your chin, pretending to think. “Michael might appreciate a visit.” You say, a cheeky tone to your voice. You notice John’s jaw twitch, you’re getting to him.

“I think I’ll go see him.” You nod to yourself, turning on your heel and heading for the door. You hear the chair scrape the floor as John pushes it out quickly. In an instant, he’s in front of you, blocking the door.

“Don’t you dare.” He snarls, placing his hands on your waist and starting to push you backwards. You flash him a grin, revelling in your victory.

“Got your attention now?” You ask, draping your arms over his shoulders and clasping your fingers at the back of his neck.

“Fine, you win.” He says, admitting defeat. You smile as he pushes you back to the sofa, kissing you passionately as you fall back onto it.


Mafia Jyushimatsu

Mafia Jyushimatsu seriously looks like a mobster in the white suit. I’ve been quite obsessed putting the matsus in white, so I’ll keep going with it. For the next brother, I’m thinking of drawing Todomatsu. And for those who might be wondering why I’m drawing them out of order is because I can’t seem to draw them the way I want them to look if I do go in order.. ^^;

Also, I recently noticed someone reblogged my Mafia Karamatsu but completely removed my captions. It is greatly appreciated if people leave the captions alone, not just for mine, but for all others. It is a sign of respect to reblog without touching the captions, as it helps others see important information, thoughts, fun commentary, etc.

Other Mafia Brothers:


Some of you might know that I had a Sticker pack that I had floating around and deleted a few months ago… Yeah i Deleted that pack for a reason. it was mainly for person use and I used it for close folks but I guys i miss-trusted one of them and they Got out. I Deleted the pack and thought that was the end of it but apparently someone made a Copy of the pack and now thats floating around. 

I would greatly appreciate it if you guys will refrain from using that pack please! It not mine, some one copied it, I didn’t give them permission to, and it makes me uncomfortable seeing something that was Personal now being used by Everyone so can’t you just do me a favor and not use it PLEASE. 

it might not seem to be a big deal but to me its more so of an annoyance and just.. weird. Also WHOEVER made the Copied Pack..can you just.. delete it ? just our of respect at least? 

Sidhe (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin / Namjoon

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Fantasy, Fey!AU / Royalty!AU

Word Count: 5,432

Description: In the land of Humankind and the Otherworld, the Fey and Humans live side by side. Cursed are the Fey though, unable to use their own magic without a human wishing it so. You were born and raised to end this curse, to take down the system - so what happens when the Human you’re bound to, ends up becoming so much more?

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Ooh! Ooh! I've always wanted to ask this. Can i request for a scenario where Oikawa has to ask the blessing of Ushijima because he wants to date his sister? And, like, he desperately tries to control his annoyance because Ushijima is being, well, Ushijima. Thank you so much! I hope you have fun with this!!! 😆

I love this, like, I really, really love this. These two - despite their little tiffs going on between them - are meant to be in each other’s lives in some way and I think you just found it, Anon!

Hope that enjoy, love!

“Oh, Oikawa,” Ushijima’s brows rose slightly at seeing the Aoba Seijou captain outside of his front door. It was an unusual occurrence for them to run into each other outside of volleyball and even more unusual for them to see each other intentionally outside of volleyball. “[First Name] isn’t here, but can I help you with something?” It was a genuine question, for if Oikawa were standing at his doorstep, then he must need something from his specifically; otherwise, he could go anywhere he wanted.

Oikawa’s mouth opened to answer, but he instantly closed it shut, his brows furrowing at he forced a polite smile onto his lips. Of course she wasn’t there, she had come to visit him today and essentially forced him to get the blessing of her older brother before they officially started dating. So now he was here - “I wanted to speak with you, Ushiwaka” - and this was definitely harder than he had anticipated.

“Would you like to come in?” the taller offered, his body already moving to the side in order to allow the other past.

“No,” Oikawa was quickly shaking his head, his hands raising to cross in an ‘x’ before himself, “no, it won’t take long.” With a deep breath, he waited for Ushijima to turn to him again and relax his posture. Really, there was no getting around this one and he cared deeply for one of his least favorite person’s sister too much to simply walk away from this. “[First Name]-chan and I have decided to start dating and she - or we - would appreciate it if you gave her - us - your blessing.”

A pause passed between them for a moment and Oikawa briefly wondered if Ushijima had not seen the entire thing coming, especially which how much they were around each other, and was instantly worried that he might have dropped a nuclear bomb on his chances of being with her. But someone couldn’t be that dense, could they, to not see how they had been in the last few months leading up to this very moment and now–

“I don’t see why,” Ushijima halted all of Oikawa’s thoughts and gained his entire attention, “it is not up to me who my sister dates.” It… wasn’t necessarily a negative response, but it was far from being the one that he came there to get. 

The urge to laugh was lost somewhere beneath his surprise for those words. He was right, of course, but that wasn’t what he had come there to get. And he was more than sure he wasn’t allowed to return without an explicit answer, leaving him to a position with nothing but to grapple for the words he wanted.

“True, sure, but [First Name]-chan would really like a blessing and I’m trying to just give her what she wants, so–”

“Oikawa,” again, the other captained stopped, a small frown forming on his lips at having been interrupted twice, but he quieted and he listened, “I have no problem with you dating my sister. I wish you two the best.”

A genuine smile that stretched wider than it ever has been in the presence of the Shiratorizawa captain before him took over his lips in that moment. His heart leaped and he actually felt nerves he didn’t know he was harboring drain from his shoulders. “Thank you,” his voice carried relief and there was a part of him that wanted to reach forward and take Ushijima into a hug who was giving him a small smile of his own. But, he simply shoved his hands into the pockets of his jacket, taking a couple steps back as he gave a final goodbye to the boy before hurrying back to share the good news.

Maybe one day their relationship would grow to be brothers, but for now, they’d be as they always were.

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I wouldn't let the "reminds me of" comments get to you (if they are). It feels like, esp in digital art, that many works have a tendency of looking/behaving like something that's come before it. For instance, one of your Sailor works reminds me of a piece by Jason Chan because they both share a similar pose and design while other pieces have reoccurring/familiar themes that people can't help but be connected to. I don't mean any of what I say as a negative criticism, your work is wonderful.

Ooohhhh no, they don’t get to me that much! They (can be) annoying, granted, which is why I like to poke a little fun at them instead. I find it quite cathartic to do that instead of raging about it. 

You’ve literally pointed out the kind of ‘reminds me of’ comment that I have absolutely no problem with. If someone expands and tells me a little more about why something reminds them of something else, and gives me an actual opinion, and maybe suggests something I might like? Rad. 

A comment that is just ‘reminds me of X’ and nothing more… I just. Okay? Thanks? No idea what to say to that. It seems like a knee jerk comment rather than bringing anything thoughtful or constructive to the conversation? It doesn’t even tell me if someone loves or hates it. People are always 100% free to comment whatever they like, of course, but I have so much appreciation for people who bring a little more than the bare minimum. 



First of all, I just want everyone to know, and by that I mean everyone who’s been following my tumblr account since I started making ONE OK ROCK translations about two years ago, that despite my relative absence (lol) and all the drama in the fandom (I enjoyed lurking tho lol), I’M STILL VERY MUCH A HUGE ONE OK ROCK FAN. Definitely a lot bigger than I was when I first started, especially after seeing them live numerous times. Many things have changed in my life over the past year (Good things, thank god!), and I now live in Japan, which means I get to follow them around during their tour (Yey!). While I fully understand people’s qualms about the band’s current musical direction (I admit I was also taken aback when I first heard some of the tracks from Ambitions), I’m someone who appreciates changes and understands why they have to make that kind of choice. And besides, they make everything better LIVE. I mean, Bedroom Warfare might just be my least favorite track from Ambitions but DANG THOSE GUITAR AND BASS SOLOS! And Taka’s killer vocals! (But that’s already a given).

So like I said I’m currently following them around on their Ambitions Tour here in Japan and as of this writing, I’ve been to three shows already (That one show in Wakayama and two shows in Osaka). So I thought I’d write a report about my experiences and the stuff they talked about during the break (They’re freaking hilarious! HAHA!).

Oh, and please  DON’T REPOST THE ENTIRE OR ANY PORTION OF THIS REPORT ANYWHERE ELSE. You can reblog or share the link to this post instead and let me know.


I reblogged a post earlier with some thoughts/theories I had a while ago, but now I wanted to make a separate post about it. Anyway what I said was below:

I was actually looking at a play-through of episode 16 recently, and if Leiftan accompanies you and Huang Hua to the caves, he apparently ‘disappears’ during the whole span of time that Ashkore appears.

Now I get that could be like a “winkwonk nudge heh are they the same person??” by the writers, but I don’t think Leif and Ash are the same person at all.

When Huang Hua sees Ash, she says she recognizes his aura because she’s seen it somewhere before. I can’t imagine that she would spend a whole day in the caves with Leiftan and not remember what his aura is like when she finally runs into Ashkore. Ash also said she would be dead before she finds out who he is. So I can’t imagine he would just rush back as Leiftan and think she won’t recognize that they feel like the same person.

But what IS interesting is that since Leif was missing from the area when Ash appeared, Huang Hua had no way to see how Leiftan feels about Ashkore (like his relationship with him). She has the powers to see when someone appreciates someone else because the admirer’s aura lights up when the admiree is in the room. If Leiftan’s aura lit up when Ashkore appeared, that could have given away the fact that Leif is working with Ash or appreciates him for any reason.

Let me know your thoughts on it too! I’m not sure if I read any posts on this topic yet (but if there are, I probably missed them lmao)


Okay, I’ve kept quiet for some time now about this but it’s really starting to make me upset now. 

When I first started this account it was an account for Dark and Anti, both of them had different stories and personalities that I had modified to my liking. It’s been a while since then and I’ve changed many things over the course of my time on here, including Anti himself as a character. Anti is not the “canon version” that Jack has displayed in his videos. He is based off of that, but my version of Anti was given a backstory and everything from my thoughts, my imagination. He was inspired by the canon version in small bits and pieces like his appearance and using Jack as a host, but otherwise he has nothing to do with the whole “Jacksepticeye universe” and is my character.

That being said, it took a lot of time to build Anti up to be the character he is now and I really do like how I’ve made him because I think he’s different from a lot of other Anti blogs (not that the others are bad at all, I’m simply pointing out that the idea is different). However, I’ve noticed by scrolling through other random blogs that people have begun to steal my idea that I’ve used with Anti and his backstory – my ideas and without my permission. 

What I find disheartening is that it took me a lot of time and effort to build up a unique, well thought-out character that took months to create fully and become mine and people just take that and claim it as theirs – their OC. No, it’s not your OC if you stole the idea from someone else. And what disappoints me even more is that they simply assume it’s okay. My hard work and thoughts and time devoted to Anti, to this account is being stolen by someone with the tap of a finger and I really don’t appreciate it. I wouldn’t mind if you inspired your muse by mine – in fact that’s extremely flattering (especially if you ask first). But for the love of everything that is good in this world…


Okay, so earlier this day I read the latest chapter and instead of having my questions answered it just raised up more questions????? I didn’t try theorizing because tbh that’s not a field that I’m good at but I just wanted to share the questions that haunt me and if someone has answers I would really appreciate that

First of, who tf is our!ciel now??? Honestly, I thought that this chapter might answer this question but then Yana decides to fuck us up???

So if that’s real!Ciel I feel very conflicted rn, because what about our!Ciel??? What does this make him?? And what made him look so physically pained? What is their story and what happened between them?

As I continued really I hoped my question would be answered but then this slide happened

What exactly did Sebastian do to the real!Ciel??? What exactly even pushed our!Ciel to order Sebastian into doing something to his twin brother? Did real!Ciel possibly have something to do with how our!Ciel was treated? But then again, they were only kids how would they have understood? Also, how did the real!Ciel survive Sebastian’s ‘whatever it was’ that he had done to him and what exactly did he do to him? Because damn does someone look angryyyyy and like is he also possibly contracted with a demon? Because seriously… How did he survive??? Unless Sebastian really tried hiding something from our!Ciel but that couldn’t be it because Sebastian also looks confused and a bit surprised during this chapter also it’s already been said that Sebastian can’t lie to our!Ciel so I really dunno man

Also the fact that Tanaka knew what had happened

this makes me wonder just how much Tanaka knows about the whole situation and if he knows about Sebastian’s real nature and our!Ciel’s contract?




I mean for him to think like that his family must’ve treated him in a certain way right? And why was he chosen to be the spare?

Our!Ciel obviously went through a lot that tbh at this point I just want to see him happy at least once even if that’s when Sebastian has to take his soul I’m just that desperate atm

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Feysand 1 (for the au prompt thing)

1- Imagine your OTP exchanging gifts for the first time during the holidays, maybe both a little nervous that the other won’t like their gift. It turns out that neither has any reason to be anxious; both love the other’s gift and kisses are exchanged along with each present

I know this was supposed to be a drabble, but I love writing Feysand, so this is more of a thousand word one shot.



Feyre was definitely not nervous.

I mean, why should she be? Rhys had been to her apartment before. Hell, he’d slept over more times than she could count. And they had been dating for a few months.

But it was different now.

They were spending Christmas together.

Like a real couple.

Well, obviously she knew they were serious. She knew she loved, though there was no way she was saying so yet. Not when she wasn’t even sure.

Okay, she was definitely nervous.

The doorbell rang, snapping Feyre from her thoughts. Deep breaths, she told herself before answering the door. Where Rhys, wearing a Santa hat, was leaning against the doorway, a bag in his hands and a smirk on his face.

“Merry Christmas, darling.” He purred.

“Merry Christmas.” Feyre replied, leaning up to snatch a kiss from his lips.

Rhys’s free hand braced itself on her waist, and she was familiar enough with the touch to know it would lead to something not entirely appropriate to do on the door frame. She pulled away, breaking the kiss, delighting in the brief flash of disappointment that crossed her boyfriend’s face.

There would be plenty of time for all that later.

“Nice hat, by the way,” Feyre teased as she led him into the living room, Rhys’s hand entwining with hers even though they were only walking about ten feet. But they were still in what their friends called the ‘honeymoon stage’, and the fact that they were almost always touching, either by holding hands or linking arms, Feyre did not argue with them.

And she was beyond happy that she had someone to be in a honeymoon stage with.

“Why, thank you. And I thought you might appreciate it.”

“Always so considerate.” She said, sitting down onto the couch, pulling Rhys down with her.

“Only for you, darling.”

At his words –his use of darling still made her toes curl, even after all this time- Feyre leaned forward once more and kissed him again, soft and sweet. Except this time, it was Rhys who pulled back first, though she could tell it was hesitantly.

“I got you something.” He said, gesturing to the bag that was now lay next to the couch. Feyre had presumed it was just a bag with his clothes in or something.

“Oh! You didn’t have to get me anything.”

Rhys shot her an incredulous look. “I couldn’t not get you anything. It’s Christmas.”

“Well, thank you then.” Feyre smiled, cheeks flushing red slightly.

Rhys leaned into the bag, and pulled out a messily wrapped gift.

“Sorry.” He said, noticing her gaze. “I’m not the best wrapper.” He sounded sheepish, which made Feyre lean forward to peck his cheek.

“It’s fine. And it’s nice to know that you’re not actually perfect.”

Rhys chuckled at that, and handed her the present. It was hard to tell what it actually was, considering the abundance of wrapping paper it was covered in.

And Rhys actually looked nervous as she unwrapped it, something that he hardly ever was. And when Feyre got to the actual present, she gasped. She couldn’t help it. It was a painting palette. A beautiful, vintage palette she had spied in a shop weeks ago.

“Do you like it? I wasn’t sure…” He sounded worried, like he actually thought that she might not like it. But how could she not?

So Feyre cut him off with a kiss, a kiss that expressed all her feelings perfectly. She pulled away first, resting her forehead against his.

“Thank you. I love it.”

“I’m glad.” Was all he said in reply before leaning in again, but Feyre moved her head away before he could reach her lips.

“I have something for you too.” She said, standing up to get the gift she had bought for him last week.

“You didn’t have to…” Rhys said, but she cut him off again.

“I couldn’t not get you anything. It’s Christmas.” Feyre teased, repeating his earlier words. Rhys smiled at that, and accepted the present she offered him.

Feyre could feel the butterflies in her stomach. What if he didn’t like the gift? What if it was the worst thing in the world and he was going to hate her? Okay, maybe she was going too far, but still.

“Do you… Do you like it?” She asked, not seeing his expression clearly.

He stared down at the present in his lap for a moment more before looking up, his face unreadable.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted, so I just got you that… I could return it, if you don’t…” Feyre started, before be interrupted by a pair of warm lips pressing against her own. They stayed like that for a few moments, lost in each other, before breaking away, breathing slightly deeper than usual.

Thank you, Feyre. It’s the best present I have ever gotten.” Rhys’s voice was sincere, but Feyre was still doubtful.



“I hoped you would say that. Because I…” Feyre paused, the words she had known to be true for days on the edge of her lips. But what if he didn’t say it back? Or worse, said it back but didn’t mean it. Screw it. “I love you.”

Rhys’s face lit up, and Feyre was sure her soul lit up in response.

“I love you too, darling.” He said, his voice impossibly happy, before kissing her, deeper this time.

After a few blissful minutes, Feyre pulled back, her lips red. “Merry Christmas, Rhys.” She said, leaning her forehead against his once more.

“Merry Christmas, darling.”

And it was a merry Christmas indeed.


Send me a number and a ship, and I’ll write a drabble based on it!

monoshiki  asked:

Your foreteller head canons seriously give me life god bless,, I'm tempted to draw many of them

well……. I’m not gonna say you /should/….. but…….. if you did…. I might just die
@monoshiki ahh thank you!!!  I so, SO appreciate it

  • Ava, smashing her Keyblade into a Heartless’ face: “I’m sorry!”
  • Luxu: “How did you find me?”  Ira: “Well I saw a huge explosion and thought ‘I wonder who that could be’”
  • Totally normal questions MoM has been asked:
    • “Hypothetically, if I were to tell you someone had destroyed your latest experiment, how angry would you be?”
    • “Where’s the best place to hide?  I may or may not have insulted the cake Invi made.”
    • “Let’s suppose someone accidentally set a giant Heartless loose in the middle of the town.  How much property damage are we talking?”
    • “On a scale of ‘Gula tried to break into the black box’ to ‘Ava tripped and knocked over your bookshelf’, what punishment is merited for trapping Aced in the basement?”
    • “Master, could we maybe, like, I don’t know, not chase after the monster?  Just a thought.  No?  No.  Okay.  No worries.  I was only asking because Luxu already got knocked out.”
    • “Is it just me, or is the castle quieter than normal? ….. You threw Gula into a portal again, didn’t you.”
  • Surprisingly, Ira and Gula have the same sense of humor.
  • best way to figure out where Luxu is? Listen for the explosion
  • Invi, on a daily basis: “I expected so little, and I’m still disappointed in your sanity.”
  • Ok, ok, so I know everybody and their mom is from Destiny Islands, but like, can you imagine Ava being a native of Destiny Islands??? Like?  The Islands where the paopu trio grew up & became friends was where Ava, the friendliest and sweetest master, came from.  But she went with Master because…
  • Ira.  yes, Ira.  I think Ira lived there too super original i know but like, hear me out.  He doesn’t even have to be Ava’s older brother or cousin–he’s just an older kid who always ended up taking care of the younger kids and Ava looked up to him a lot but one day Master showed up and offered Ira a Keyblade/apprenticeship, but at the last second, Ira looked back and found Ava staring at him, and offered his hand.  She’s probably an orphan, and she was probably really young, but like, can you imagine them going together?  like?  Being a pseudo-older brother to her.  Taking care of her scrapes.  She found other friends in Daybreak Town but like, always having that connection to her home.  Ava always knowing Ira would understand her.  She goes back to the Islands once or twice.  He doesn’t.
  • Luxu: “Are you sure you wanna go back to Olympus?  Remember what happened last time you went?” Gula: “Those deaths were never traced back to me.” Luxu: “Exact–wait, what murders?  I was talking about Ava snitching some of your chocolate stash–you did what?!” Gula: “Ah, nevermind.”
  • Out of all of them, Ava is the one who likes hot sauce the most.  Ira won’t touch the stuff, and Aced likes it, but Ava will literally drink hot sauce.  She bit into a red pepper like it was an apple once and Luxu almost fainted
  • Master: “Gula, stop stealing my cookies.”  Gula, with his hand in the cookies jar: “I’m not.  Why would you accuse me like this.”
  • They have a “It has been ___ days since Master gave us vague instructions/abandoned us in the middle of a mission” countdown
    • it’s only made it to double digits four times
  • Ira: “Don’t worry, I got this.”  /several explosions/ *far-off screams* /cat screeching/ Ira: “I’m okay!”
  • Aced unequivocally gives the best hugs (but they’re rare.  Ava gives daily hugs, and they’re the sweetest.)

anonymous asked:

I'm presenting at my first conference in a few days and am SO NERVOUS! Do you have any tips for socially anxious people in these situations? The idea of networking and answering peoples questions terrifies me. I don't really know anyone who's going either which makes it harder =/ SOS!

Hello Friend! I’m so excited to hear about your conference opportunity, wishing you the best of luck! 

As a very socially anxious person I empathize with your plight. I can only share what works for me in the hopes that there is something that might help you. 

Personally, I feel much more comfortable in these situations when I feel grounded and in control. To get to that point it often means that I 

  1. Practice- I practice my talk obsessively and in front of the most intimidating people I can (i.e., my advisor). Because if I can give it to them I can give it to anyone. And I have 10000 back ups for my presentation. Just in case.
  2. Scope out the area - I often feel less anxious if I’m familiar with the space I will be presenting in. So at some point in the conference I’ll often go to the room and watch another panel give a talk. It helps me to get a feel for the room, how talks are run in that space - and I know exactly how long it takes me to get there.
  3. Low-key creep: On your fellow panelists. I don’t go into in-depth readings of their CVs. But I often look up the other people on the panel that I will be speaking with. Even if it’s only so that I can put a name with a face - it’s such a relief to walk into a room and be able to walk up to someone and say “Hi, XXX. I saw your work on XXX. I’ll also be presenting on this panel with you.” <- This at the very least gives me the illusion that these people are in some way familiar to me. 
  4. Be realistic  - about the strengths AND weaknesses of the research you’re presenting. Knowing your own weak spots helps you to better prepare for the potential questions you may get. 
  5. Approach your audience as a resource - and not an adversary. It is, without a doubt, okay to not know the answer to a question. Often, people can even ask questions and we’re not quite sure what they’re trying to get at. Be frank and forthright if that happens! You can say things like “That’s an interesting way to approach this research that I hadn’t considered. How do you think that [XXX] might change/alter/impact what i discussed?” Note - We all know it isn’t good to turn every question around like this. But if the audience member takes a moment to unpack why they brought up this point, it can give you space to respond in a more thoughtful and effective manner. 
  6. Be strategic  - I absolutely abhor networking. I feel awkward, introverted, and uncomfortable through 80% of the entire process. However, if someone asks a question during your panel, even if it’s not to you, and it’s a question that seemed insightful/meaningful/interesting/etc. - go introduce yourself after the talk. It’s one of the few “easy” openings - “Hi I’m, [XXX], I just wanted to say I appreciated your comment on….” <- if it’s your work they asked about there are clear ways that you might be able to carry the conversation forward and learn more about them. If it’s about another panelist they asked about draw connections between your own thoughts on it or your own work. The benefit in this situation is that (a) they know you/came to your talk for a reason (b) it makes sense that you might talk to them because © they’ve demonstrated that they are willing to extend themselves in a public setting to develop a conversation. For me, those people always felt just a little bit easier to reach out to because they already seem (in at least some way) open to initiating discussions. 

I’m not sure if any of this is helpful for you - but keep in mind that even if you fumble an interaction or forget to discuss a point in your talk- they are small blunders. Academics make mistakes everyday - they don’t expect you to be perfect to want to talk to you. 

I hope this helps anon, best of luck! 


Mental fitness

As a  member of the Fitblr community, I obviously post a lot about physical fitness but mental fitness is even more important and we can also train our brains to think healthy just as we train our bodies

Today I went to a talk from a speaker who suffered from severe anxiety  and depression. He gave us 5 tips to try (for 10 days) to help keep our minds fit and I thought maybe someone else might find them useful 

1. Remove yourself from toxic situations/people

2. Be self compassionate - every night before you sleep tell yourself something good about yourself/your day/something you did

3. Be grateful - every morning when you wake up before you even check your phone or get out of bed say 30 things you are grateful for, even if it’s just your coffee that you will have when you get up - just say thank you! 

4. Be Mindful - 30 times throughout the day practice mindfulness - appreciate and live in the moment. It could be from your first cup of tea to making your dinner 

5. Don’t judge - yourself or others. If you find yourself thinking or about to make a judgmental comment just stop yourself and move on 

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May I ask for hcs for Izaya and Shizuo when their s/o makes something handmade for them but it doesn't come out as perfect as they hoped but are still proud of their work?


  • He loves handmade stuff and prefers gifts of the sort over expensive bought ones.
  • On the surface it might sound cheesy. In reality though, it’s not even the effort he appreciates and finds adorable, but much rather he’s so intrigued by the act itself and the intention behind it.
  • Especially since handmade gifts tell so much about someone and gives him perfect insight on what they might’ve thought of when creating the object.
  • Plus he can easily tease them for putting so much effort into something just for him.


  • Most of all, he’s impressed. Even if it didn’t turn out perfect, he’s loving it to pieces.
  • He could never accomplish creating something without breaking it, so anything better than that is amazing in his opinion.
  • He also finds the intention itself very endearing and lovely. They really must’ve put a lot of thought into it and that doesn’t go unnoticed, he cherishes it greatly.
  • Super proud. He’ll put it somewhere on display so that he can awe at it as often and much as possible!