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The Foxhole Court, Chapter 14 – Ohana Means Family (And Family Means No One Gets Left Behind Or Murd– Oh).

In which we are treated to part 2 of Fun Suspicious Club Times, Andreil has Important Moments™, Nicky has thoughts on family, and I have all the feels. Guest starring: Murder!

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read – and finish – The Foxhole Court.

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This is my second giveaway since opening this divination and magick blog in September of 2014, My previous one was a little odd, and I gave away a Lenormand deck. kittenwicked won it, and I hope she enjoyed the deck!

Now, I’ve a reason to celebrate, given that Mad Diviner will be a year old in September… I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to give away something special to one of my followers! I’ll be giving away a single prize package.

What is it, you say? Everything pictured above, and then some!

I realize a lot of blogs do Samhain giveaways, but I’ve decided to do one before Samhain containing swag to help diviners prepare for the Samhain season! This one contains two Samhain-themed decks and a sort of luxury bag to keep them in, as well as a third deck, and a (admittedly not-Samhain-themed) journal.

I will be sending the winner a new Coach cross body pouch with a strap (pictured above). The bag is leather, black, and suitable for most occasions. It may not fit with everyone’s sense of style, but I do think it will look stylish on most people and is a nice luxury way to transport and protect your Tarot deck, and potentially other valuables as well. The bag is authentic Coach, not a facsimile or fabrication, and retails for approximately $150.

Included within the bag, the winner will find three (3) divination decks. The image above shows two of then (Vintage German Lenormand and Samhain Deck of the Bastard) from my collection. These versions have been edge-treated. Unless specifically requested, I won’t be opening or edge-treating the versions I’ll be giving away, but there are ways to do it.

The first of these is the limited edition soon-to-be-discontinued Samhain Deck of the Bastard by Seven Stars. I’ll be reviewing this deck soon, and it’s simply gorgeous. The theme for this deck is Samhain, obviously, and it is decorated with dark but thought-provoking imagery in border form. Worked into this, one finds both keywords as well as zodiacal/elemental symbols to make reading easier! 

The images themselves are a pastiche of various famous Tarot decks. Many of the numbered card images are Rider-Waite, but some of the Major Arcana are drawn from much older decks. I personally have gotten a lot of great use out of this deck. It is something both practical and treasurable. Seven Stars created both this and the original Deck of the Bastard (not included in this giveaway) for vintage fans, and has taken the time to add individual wear-marks to each card to give it a vintage feel.

As mentioned, this is a limited edition deck and is soon to be replaced by a different version. The current version retails for $89 on Etsy, and slightly less on Seven Stars’s website. It fits nicely into one of the compartments of the bag, filling it out properly, and the bag will keep the deck safe.

The second divination deck I am including is the Vintage German Lenormand Samhain Edition in miniature form. This is a small Lenormand deck based on the Vintage German Lenormand, which I reviewed here last year. The difference between the two is that t he Samhain Edition has a dark background and more contrasting features, as well as a border similar to that seen in the Samhain Deck of the Bastard. 

This particular deck retails for $16, and is, as far as I know, only available via Seven Stars’s website. The two decks (SDoB and this one) complement each other perfectly, and it would be quite appropriate to use them together or in tandem throughout the Samhain season and beyond.

The third deck is the original Vintage German Lenormand in miniature form. It, too, retails for $16. You can, as noted, find a substantial and visually-rich review of it on my blog here. This deck is not Samhain-themed, but I thought I would include it anyways given that it’s a personal favorite. The small size of this deck and its Samhain Edition make them ideal for creating Grand Tableaus in limited space as well as carrying them around. They both fit snugly in the pouch/bag alongside the Tarot deck.

To complement these decks and the bag itself, I am also giving away the journal seen in the picture above. It features vaguely-alchemical stylings, and the creators (Peter Pauper Press) say it reproduces the binding of an encyclopedia called The Universe or the Infinitely Great and Infinitely Small. The idea is that, if you want, you can use the journal to keep track of your readings! It retails for $12.99, and could also be used to record spells and workings, or just as a normal diary, if that’s your fancy.

  • This giveaway is for those following my divination/occult blog, MadDiviner. If this is your first time hearing about it, go ahead and follow me, and be eligible for the giveaway! When I choose a winner, I’ll check and see whether the person chosen is following MadDiviner. 
  • This giveaway is, unfortunately, not international, and, to enter, you must be within the United States. I hope to do an international one sometime in the future!
  • To enter, reblog this post as many times as you fancy, but use your discretion regarding that and please don’t spam your followers.
  • On September 13th, I’ll use a random number generator to choose a winner and will send the prizes as soon as possible after that date.
  • The winner will be contacted via askbox, so please have yours open if you enter! You will have twenty-four hours to respond if you win, or another winner will be chosen in your place.
  • Likes are appreciated, but do not count as entries.
  • Sideblogs are eligible, but you must be able to confirm that you’re a follower via your main blog before claiming your prize. This is, after all, a gesture of thanks towards my followers!
  • Please do not tag this as “giveaway.”
  • Blogs that exist solely to enter giveaways are not eligible.

Another note: I unfortunately do not live in a smoke-free household, but most of the items are wrapped in plastic, and I’ve taken special care to keep them safe. There’s also a cat in the household who is totally mean and a jerk and has no friends, and as retribution, he occasionally sheds his fur. 

Furthermore, the Coach bag, as noted, is leather, so vegan and vegetarian followers, or those who dislike leather should be aware of that. If someone wins who would rather not have something made of leather, I’m willing to send them the decks and journal without it.

anonymous asked:

Wo sind ned starks gebeine?

Thanks for the question, Anon!

Google Translate tells me that your question is “Where are Ned Stark’s bones?” I don’t speak German, unfortunately, so hopefully you’re more of a polyglot than I am (or have access to Google Translate as well).

We know the bones made it at least as far as Riverrun, where Catelyn saw them:

Bones, Catelyn thought. This is not Ned, this is not the man I loved, the father of my children. His hands were clasped together over his chest, skeletal fingers curled about the hilt of some longsword, but they were not Ned’s hands, so strong and full of life. They had dressed the bones in Ned’s surcoat, the fine white velvet with the direwolf badge over the heart, but nothing remained of the warm flesh that had pillowed her head so many nights, the arms that had held her. The head had been rejoined to the body with fine silver wire, but one skull looks much like another, and in those empty hollows she found no trace of her lord’s dark grey eyes, eyes that could be soft as a fog or hard as stone. They gave his eyes to crows, she remembered.

Yet we also know that they haven’t made it to Barrowton, the seat of the vengeful Barbrey Dustin:

“Catelyn Tully dispatched Lord Eddard’s bones north before the Red Wedding, but your iron uncle seized Moat Cailin and closed the way. I have been watching ever since. Should those bones ever emerge from the swamps, they will get no farther than Barrowton.”

So somewhere between Riverrun and Moat Cailin … well, that’s the marshes of the Neck. I believe Howland Reed took Ned’s bones and - being both Ned’s close friend and no fool - has held onto them as the ironborn have started crawling over the North. I like to think Howland will return the bones toward the end of the story, restoring order to the North.

The Queen Regent (NFriel)

EDIT: Tumblr user @0lemat very helpfully translated this answer into German as well