i thought she was suzy

anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering. does anything happen if you name the fallen child 'suzy'? there's a lot of mystery surrounding that character, actually probably more than gaster?? do you have any theories on who she is? :0

I actually never thought of trying to name the fallen child Suzy. Considering the changes to Clamgirl’s dialogue in the patch, that might actually have an effect.

As far as theories go… Honestly, I’ve got no idea. She’s obviously more significant than I thought. In Clamgirl’s new dialogue, she says (referring to Suzy) “In life’s grand scheme, she might be why you came here in the first place…” That seems pretty important.

As far as who she is? I thought she might be the Goner Kid. Though, to be honest, there’s basically no evidence to back that up.