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Gabriel might be canonically alive, now. In the AU at least.





GABE IS JUST FINE. and this season’s finale put the final nail in the coffin for me

i was going to do a comic about it, but it could be too much to shove into a comic anyway. SO–in regards to this:

he was literally drilling into their heads “GUESS. WHAT. CAN. KILL. ME. THAT. I. TOTALLY. HAVE.”

i don’t think gabriel brought an actual “archangel blade” at all. we find out in hammer of the gods that there’s a specific blade that looks like an angel blade that can kill an archangel, and it was confirmed in s12′s finale that a regular angel blade doesn’t do much to an archangel. so whatever luci stabbed him with, wasn’t actually something that could hurt gabe

if you think gabriel can literally warp reality but couldn’t recreate an angel death, i need you to sit down and reread that


but we also learned that lucifer apparently thinks, even without incredible showmanship, “if i stab it, it’s dead.” crowley, a DEMON, just a demon, was able to slip out of his body into a rat, with lucifer none the wiser. this wasn’t premeditated on crowley’s part. i firmly believe gabriel went in with a plan for the worst

so when sam and dean watched the porn gabe gave them:

i FIRMLY believe this was actually gabriel that they were watching. he was alive. right there. and he just wanted an easy out of the drama. he never had the plan to be caught, he just got heated in changing channels and realized he was going to back himself into a corner if he stayed in the game. which is ALSO why i think this stunt was pulled in meta fiction:

this is genuinely just something he can do. and metatron had, more or less, the power of god. he probably suspected the same thing i did when he read chuck’s work. so metatron literally made gabriel pitch to cas what gabe was afraid would happen to him. he didn’t want to lead armies or head rallies. he wanted to spend the rest of eternity fucking with humans

ALSO. FROM THE FINALE. dean says to luci something along the lines of, “…so you’re just going to go around smashing all of his toys?” which,

and at the beginning of the season, cas crashes into the Mystery Spot sign.

so while he is alive in other universes, sure, i think he’s still just fine in this one. if anything, he’s the one archangel that chuck actually respected, just by leaving him alone. but with the new devil baby i think something might snap

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I have no idea if this was already theorized but do you think the Scooby Doo episode will happen cause Gabriel came back to fuck shit up? Cause high and low key I’m hoping that happens

with rich being on set so much, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case! if this is what happens, they’ll think Oh They’re None The Wiser because of all of rich’s directing spots, both now and in the future. otherwise, it might just be a weird fever dream MOTW ep. FINGERS CROSSED, THO

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Truth time: i kind of got the feeling that Jon was passionate and knew what to do in bed because of ygritte's comment about him being a proper lover and well the lord's kiss everybody. BUT i thought he was a more passive passionate lover, instead NO. He's a fucking AGGRESSIVE passionate lover who lets out all his wolf self during sex. He fucking turned to jelly miss 'you couldn't handle her in bed even if you tried' (daario cit.). I'm still completely shocked lol

PLEASE. Let’s discuss.

This part. Fucks. Me. Up.

I never thought I’d see Jon like this. Dany and I are both fucking shook in this moment. His thrust and the way he’s holding her leg up. EXCUSE ME. And you’re right, it’s so weird to see him dominant and Dany not like yas I’m here for this aesthetic.

Payback’s a Bitch (Superbat)

Bruce Wayne x Clark Kent

Based off this post

Word Count: 4249

Bruce’s lips were soft against Clark’s, a stark contrast to the hardness of the protective armour of the batsuit. Clark wrapped his arms gently around Bruce’s waist as he pulled him closer to him, oblivious to the silent click of a reporters camera in the distance.

The next day, Clark went to work under the impression that he would have a normal (mostly) uneventful day at work at the Daily Planet. The first sign that something was wrong was when people he passed on the street started to stop and stare as he walked by. The second was when a young girl stopped him just outside the Planet building. 

“Are you Clark Kent?” She asked, staring up at him through her fringe.

“Uh…Yes?” Clark replied, perplexed as to why she asked.

“Awesome! Can you introduce me to him?”

Clark looked down at her, furrowing his brow in confusion. “What? Who? I’m so sorry but I’m already late and if I’m any later my boss is going to kill me” He turned around as he walked away to shout back another “Sorry!” before taking the elevator up to his floor.

The elevator pinged as it reached it’s destination and Clark stepped out, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose with his forefinger. As soon as Lois noticed him step out of the elevator she rushed towards him.

“Morning Lo-” He never finished his greeting as she cut him off almost immediately.

“Clark Joseph Kent! How could you not tell me?” Lois all but yelled, punctuating each word by hitting him on the bicep with the rolled up newspaper clutched in her left hand.

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“I have had passion, Louis. I’ve had great sex.” The restaurant was crowded and Harry cringed slightly when it went quiet after he spoke, but he wasn’t ashamed. Not at all. He sat down across from Louis and looked him straight in the eye. “I have, Louis.”

The waitress brought over their menus along with a couple of glasses of water, and Louis held the menu up in front of his face, probably hiding from a conversation he hadn’t meant to start and didn’t intend to continue.

Harry quickly decided what to order and waited patiently, his hands folded on the table. When the waitress returned to take their order, Louis dropped his menu and asked for the sandwich special. Harry ordered the chef salad. Olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the side. Bacon only if it was real bacon, not those fake bacon bits. And a slice of cheesecake with raspberry sauce on the side, but only if the sauce was made from real raspberries. None of that artificially flavored syrup, please.

The waitress’ eyes were very focused on her notepad as she scribbled out Harry’s order. Louis watched her writing, his grin getting bigger the longer it took for her to finish. “That was a fantastic order, Harry. Very… passionate.”

“God, you’re an ass.” Harry sipped his water, then leaned across the table. “I have had really good sex.”

Louis crunched on the ice from his soda. “Yeah? Who with?”

Harry shook his head. “It’s with whom. And I’m not going to tell you.”

“I know it’s with whom. I just… I don’t like talking like that. Sounds weird.” Louis popped another piece of ice in his mouth. “So, with whom, then?”

Harry looked around, he couldn’t believe he was entertaining the thought of answering him, but Louis was still looking at him expectantly. “Fine,” Harry huffed. “Bernard Johnson.”

Louis barked a laugh. “Nope. No way. You did not have great sex with Bernard ‘Bernie’ ‘BJ’ Johnson.”

—  It Had To Be You, by @fullonlarrie, aka the When Harry Met Sally AU
This Is Me - Ace!Jughead x Reader

I was/am reluctant to post this because it has the potential to become very problematic, hence why it is so short.
I hope you understand that I mean no offense, and that I may be unintentionally ignorant of certain facts/aspects regarding asexuality, and its spectrum.
Please feel free to correct/educate me on it; I will be very grateful.
And if this becomes too problematic in anyway (like if a lot of people take offense) I will gladly take it down.

You lean against Jughead, your head in the crook of his neck, as the both of you stare out at the lake. It was supposed to be a pleasant day out, just to get away from the stress of school and the looming shadow of Jason’s death, but somehow it just felt off. Jughead was being more quiet than usual, his witty remarks and sardonic comments absent from conversation, and he was being strangely fidgety too. He shifts uncomfortably, his eyes darting down to you briefly before going back to the lake.

“Jughead,” you mutter, worried, “What’s up with you?”

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You find out you’re pregnant ♡ Grayson

A/N: I think the title explains enough, lol. Grayson and reader are a bit older in this! As always I hope you enjoy 😊 This imagine is full of fluff and I felt a bit emotional writing it, just because the idea was so so cute. Love you all! Xx 

Word count: 2.124


Originally posted by thiccethan

You had not been feeling very well these past few days. To be honest; really, really bad. You had been acting cranky, feeling tired, nauseous and were experiencing terrible stomach cramps. Because of your unpredictable behaviour there had been some tension between your boyfriend, Grayson, and you. Sometimes (most of the time, unfortunately) it had led to a discussion or two.

Grayson was normally very calm and understanding; he secretly thought you were about to have your period. But he was only human too and even he couldn’t help but lose his temper sometimes.

The funny thing was actually that you had skipped your last period and you were late for the upcoming one, which was something you couldn’t remember ever happened.

The idea that you could be pregnant hadn’t even crossed your mind, which was a very odd thing. With all the symptoms that were going on there was still no alarm going off in your head.

Tonight was Grayson and yours anniversary. Exactly today you were married for three years; years full of adventures and happiness. He wanted to do something special for this occasion, but you were having the worst night ever. So instead of going out tonight, he had to cancel the reservation for your favourite restaurant. You decided to stay in to watch a movie with snacks (which you had been craving like crazy lately).

You felt very bad for turning him down but he reassured you several times that it was completely fine. He insisted that you stayed home to get better. Celebrating could happen later this week.

‘I’m still so sorry,’ you apologized to Grayson. You were snuggled up against him, feeling warm and safe. A pair of sweatpants and one of Grayson’s shirts was the only clothing you were wearing. Grayson and you had made yourselves comfortable on the couch with a blanket, your head pressed to Grayson’s chest while he was rubbing your back. 

‘Y/N, it’s fine, really. We can celebrate it another time.’ He kissed the top of your head. You sighed. For some weird reason you felt like crying, although you didn’t even feel sad. Jesus, what was going on? You were an emotional rollercoaster today.

Suddenly, without any warning, you could feel your stomach doing a flip. You felt a bitter taste on your tongue. You escaped from under Grayson’s arm and sat up straight, on the edge of the couch. ‘What’s wrong?’ Grayson asked, worry laced in his voice.

You tried to swallow away the weird taste, but it didn’t really help. ‘I-I don’t feel very good,’ you breathed out. You inhaled deeply to block out the dizziness. Grayson gently stroked your back and studied your features, trying to discover what was bothering you. ‘Can I get you something?’

You wanted to answer but a weird sensation rushed through your body, ready to come out. You tasted the food you ate earlier and knew you were going to puke. You quickly got up and sprinted towards the bathroom, covering your mouth with your hand. You heard Grayson’s footsteps quickly following behind you.

Only when you were puking your guts out while Grayson held your hair back, his forehead furrowed in worry, the idea hit you. Maybe you were… pregnant? No, that couldn’t be, right? But it just had to be the answer. It was the only way to explain all the symptoms you were feeling. 

After you thought you were done Grayson grabbed you by your arms and helped you up. ‘I’m gonna make you a bath, okay?’ You nodded absently, the idea of being pregnant not leaving your head. You decided to go to the pharmacist next thing in the morning to buy a test. 

❊ ❊ ❊

After you went to the pharmacy to get the pregnancy test, you almost couldn’t handle yourself. You were so excited that you almost ran home instead of just walking. Yesterday evening you wanted to introduce the idea to Grayson, but at the same time you didn’t want him to get his hopes up.

Yes, you guys had been trying to get pregnant, but there was no rush or anything. Of course; it would be amazing if you could have a child, but after last year you knew you had to be careful.

The last time you told him you were two weeks pregnant he was tremendously happy. You were too, of course. The two of you talked about it every moment of the day and when the baby room was almost ready and you were too, something you didn’t expect happened. You got a miscarriage.

Grayson and you had come out of it very strong and you were even convinced that it enhanced your relationship, but it had been a hard time. You cried a lot in that phase of your life, having trouble coping with the grief. The reason you were so devastated was because you had been trying to get pregnant for almost two years.

The fact you had failed Grayson and the thought you didn’t deserve him didn’t leave you alone for a long time. Grayson had been your saviour and he promised that that wasn’t the case. You were the love of his life.

❊ ❊ ❊

You sighed as you were hanging above the toilet with the pregnancy test underneath you. You were so nervous that you couldn’t pee, a fact which made you giggle. Finally, after contemplating you should give up and go later, you were able to empty your bladder.

As much as you tried to ignore your nerves, they almost made you dizzy. You tried to act and feel neutral; for all you know you weren’t even pregnant.

The time went by more slowly than ever and after five minutes you started to get frustrated. Finally, after waiting what felt like an eternity something on the pregnancy test appeared; a +. It was big and clear, but there were two of them. 

It took a moment before you realised the good news. You were pregnant! You couldn’t believe it. Four weeks already! Oh, God. You felt so happy. How great would it be to have a little Grayson walking around the house - if it was a boy, of course. 

Something you found weird was that there were two large pluses, instead of only one (like the package showed). After reading the instruction you came to the surprising conclusion that if you had one plus you were pregnant with one baby. If more than one plus appeared chances were (for 95 %) that you were pregnant with twins.

Your eyes went big when you read that, your heart starting to pound very fast. Being pregnant was one thing, but having twins was another story. Grayson would freak out. Speaking of Grayson; he was upstairs doing some work, not having any idea of what was going on downstairs.

❊ ❊ ❊ 

‘Gray! Grayson!’ you yelled. You were nervously standing in the living room, the pregnancy test hidden behind your back. ‘Y/N! Baby?’ Grayson yelled back. ‘Are you okay?!’ 

‘Yes! Can you come down for a minute?’ You heard Grayson hurried footsteps instantly, rushing downstairs. His eyes were big and full of worry. ‘What’s wrong, baby? Is everything okay?’ You smiled. ‘Everything’s fine, Gray. Relax.’ He rushed towards you and tried to take your hands, but you took a step back. Grayson looked at you, his face expression confused. He had no idea what you were going to tell him.

‘I have news,’ you spoke, creating a mysterious silence. When you didn’t continue Grayson looked so confused you almost felt bad for him. ‘What is it, Y/N? Help me out here, please.’ Okay, here goes nothing, you thought. You smiled like a goof and showed him the test. ‘We’re going to be parents.’

Grayson’s eyes flickered from the test back to your eyes, and then back to the test again. ‘I’m pregnant, Gray,’ you spoke softly, a big smile from ear to ear on your face. Just like you it took a moment before Grayson realised what you just stated.

‘Oh my God. Oh my God!’ he squealed and took you in his arms. He swung you around the room and you giggled, your face pressed to the crook of his neck. He smelled heavenly.

‘We’re going to be parents! I’m going to be a dad!’ he cheered and put you down. ‘Ehm, daddy,’ you corrected him, chuckling softly. He smirked cheeky at you, knowing exactly what you meant.

‘And I also have something else that I should tell you,’ you said. Grayson bit his bottom lip and his beautiful went even bigger. ‘There’s more?’ he asked in disbelief. You looked back at the pregnancy test. ‘According to this there is a 95% chance that there is going to be two of them.’  

‘Wait… Twins?! Y/N, this is unbelievable!’ Grayson pulled you closer and kissed your forehead. After that he kissed you passionately on the lips and then leaned back to cup your face. ‘This is amazing. I can’t describe how happy I am. It also explains why you were feeling so weird these last few days.’ He laughed.

He wrapped his arms around you and together you just stood there, both loving the moment you were sharing. It felt so unreal. You were going to be a mother; starting a new phase in your life. You were so caught up in your own thoughts and all of the emotions you were feeling, you didn’t realise right away Grayson shoulders went up an down in a shaky rhythm. He was crying. 

A feeling of warmth filled you, happy that Grayson felt comfortable enough to expose himself like this and show his feelings. ‘Aw, babe,’ you grinned softly. ‘It’s okay. Let it all out.’ It didn’t take long before you started sobbing as well. Oh well, who the hell cared? You were going to be a mom and Grayson a father; you felt like the happiest person in the world.

❊ ❊ ❊

After talking about it all day and night, you decided to go to bed when it was nearly 1 pm. After you put on one of Grayson’s oversized shirts you crawled under the covers. Grayson joined you not much later. You had too much energy and you figured it was going to take long before you would eventually fall asleep.

You went laying on your back while Grayson lay beside you on his left, his elbow supporting his head. He looked at you with so much admiration it made your heart flutter. ‘You’re going to be such an amazing mother, Y/N. I can’t wait.’

You smiled and locked eyes with him, your heart swelling up at the thought this person was going to be the father of your child. How could you ever get so lucky? A question to which you had no answer to.

‘And you are going to be such a wonderful dad,’ you whispered and brought your hand up to stroke his cheek. He smiled and moved his hand to the hem of your shirt. ‘Can I?’ he asked uncertain. You nodded and slowly he lifted it up, exposing your stomach.

‘I don’t think you can really see something already, baby,’ you giggled. Grayson chuckled. ‘I know… But still, I like the fact that two little persons are already growing inside of you. Almost as if we’re a family already,’ he whispered and placed his big hand onto your stomach. You shivered at the touch of his warm skin.

You watched him as he stroked your belly gently, a smile appearing on his face. Gosh, he was so beautiful. He moved his body lower and placed a sweet kiss onto your belly button, which caused your insides to melt. He placed his chin onto your stomach and looked up through his long eyelashes. You grinned and sweetly ran a hand through his fluffy hair.

‘Honey… what if… you know, I have a miscarriage again?’ you asked slowly, trying to keep your voice as steady as possible. It was quiet for a moment as Grayson stared into your eyes.

Eventually he spoke, his voice sounding a bit husky. ‘Then we’ll try again. And again. And if it happens, I know we’ll get through it. I promise. We can get through anything.’ You sighed, feeling content with his answer. He was right, as always. There was absolutely no use in worrying about things you had no control over, let alone something that would maybe never happen.

Right now, everything was more than perfect. ‘I love you so much, Gray…’ you whispered, afraid your voice would crack. Grayson smiled. You felt his warm breath on your skin as he placed another sweet kiss, going lower this time. Next he placed a kiss just above your waistline. You knew to what this would lead. ‘I love you more, baby. You deserve all the love in the world.’

The Bachelorette Party

This little drabble would come after Springtime and Possibilities, in which Bitty is living with Jack (in a canon-style committed relationship) while he interns in the communications department of a children’s hospital and makes money doing private baking lessons on the side.

Bitty took a long gulp of his wine before setting the glass down on the granite countertop. He took a deep breath.

“How’re y’all doing there?” he said brightly. “You got them all looking like your favorite dicks?”

The six women in the room giggled, or snorted, depending on just how much of the wine they’d imbibed and started to clamor for his attention.

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What are some things that you adore about each of the signs? I'm curious to know!

this is such a cute question!

I love Aries energy, it’s always so noticeable and largely felt. Their vibes are intense but they are so fun to be with, they definitely light up whatever room they walk into. They always make me smile!

Taurus are so patient and stable, I feel so safe and assured around them. They know what they’re doing, and even if they don’t, they still remain calm and figure it out. They are so comfortable to be with

Gemini are naturally funny and friendly, I always feel so welcomed by them. They love to make you laugh and smile, and are always fun to talk to. They are just so effortless, they are so warm and natural

Cancers are always such sweethearts, oh my god. Every one that I’ve met is so understanding and sweet, and they love to listen to you talk about your problems or your day. They have such a gentle way with words as well, everything about them seems soft, but raw

Leo is always so noticeable, you can pick them out of a crowd. They are so warm and radiant, their smile and laughter is contagious. They are real and raw, they aren’t afraid to speak up or tell you what they mean or want

Virgos are very subtle, but their actions are always helpful. They’ll do small things for you to make your life easier or help you in any way they can. They are compassionate and calming, but are also naturally funny and have a good sense of humor

Libras are really good at making you feel like you’re special and important. They listen intently and engage completely in the conversation. They’re also good at story telling, every Libra I’ve met has weird stories they love to tell, and they tell it in such a unique way

Scorpio has such passion and strength in their voice and interests, you can tell when they truly love something. Their thoughts are so insightful, I just want to ask them questions all day long. They are so strong and real, and their intensity and passion does not go unnoticed

Sagittarius are funny and lighthearted, but once you get to know them, they’ll open up with their deeper thoughts. They always make me think, and say things in such an honest and perfect way. They leave me in awe, it’s hard not to have a good time with a Sagittarius

Capricorns are honest and blunt. They tell you what they think and what they want, and it can seem cold, but I admire how they can do that. They know what they want and how to get it. But they are also so caring and have kind hearts. They do small favors or do secret things for you, it’s very sweet

Aquarius are just naturally goofy and hilarious, their minds are intricate and fascinating. The things they come up with or think just amaze me, they are so intelligent and observant. They notice little details about you and remember them, and appreciate the small things

Pisces are polite and gentle, but also silly and weird. Their sense of humor is usually strange or different, but they still make you laugh like no one else can. They are empathetic and kind, their hearts are big. They are sensitive, but aren’t afraid to admit it, which I really admire.

One day I heard some guy tell this girl in my class that her gums stuck out too much when she smiled, so she started covering her mouth every time someone cracked a joke or laughed with her.

And I knew a boy in my English class who would always get excited over the tiniest of things, then say sorry afterwards. He’d actually apologize for being over-enthusiastic. This was probably because of the weird looks people would give him when he boasted about his favorite books or movies. He actually thought his passions were silly.

Another time, I was at my best friend’s house. We were trying on clothes, and I threw a crop top of mine for her to wear. She told me she couldn’t wear it because her belly would stick out, and she wouldn’t want people staring or making rude comments. It was only later I found out about the nights she’d spend with two fingers down her throat.

Then a distant friend of mine had this boyfriend who constantly criticized her. He never liked her hair up, so she always wore it to her shoulders. He didn’t like her in skirts or shorts, so she always dressed down. And when he thought her friends were too opinionated, she soon grew distant from me as well. When he eventually left, she had completely lost who she was.

And once upon a time I fell in love with a boy who was afraid to cry because his whole life he was told that it made him weak. So day by day he’d let his problems eat away at him until eventually it consumed everything he was.

What I’m trying to say is, be careful of your words. These might be small instances, but the biggest issues are usually hidden beneath a million smaller ones. Everyone is struggling in little ways. Be kind.

—  // Excerpt #87

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Hey, just wanted to say I know how you feel about having people be weird about you liking plants, I get that all the time too. It's weird to not be yourself around close friends and family, especially if you're the one they go to to talk about whatever they're into, like double standards much???On a side note, have you been tested for ADHD because I have it and the way you think/act sounds a lot like me and it's often misdiagnosed as OCD or autism in girls/women/generally studious people.

okay lol i typed out a huge thing telling my life’s story and then was like……mmmmmmmmmm lets not so here are my Mental Health Highlights™ regarding that fun time. generally i try not to post stuff like this on this blog bc i feel like it should be For The Plonts but it also deals with how plants actually saved my life so:

-I’ve been professionally diagnosed with OCD, anxiety, ADHD, and depression. 

-OCD like?????? wrecked my life man. like it was a constant undertone in my childhood and tl;dr was a super bad time and i didn’t get properly diagnosed until i was in high school and i was like??????? oh my god it makes sense????

-started undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy for my OCD and anxiety in high school bc i was having a Hella Bad Time™

-results just in: thoughts cant hurt u and u dont have to wash your hands until they bleed and Good Numbers and Bad Numbers are just numbers, etc.


still miserable at school because i was relearning things i already learned/taught myself on the side and was frustrated and hated everything and myself 

-my ELP coach reached out to me and asked if i’d like to do a plant experiment??? she would use program money to get the equipment???

-shoutout to my ELP coach for making school worth coming to again and making homework and projects worth doing on time again bc she gave me a chance to actually do something that im interested in and express myself through science and be challenged, just not in class (*insert american public school tangent here*), literally, actually saved my life and stopped my self harming and helped my depression bc at the end of the day i got to do what i loved 

-shoutout to my environmental sustainability teacher who encouraged me and was 200% willing to use his resources to help me learn, who sought out the edge of what i had taught myself and used his college microbiology degree knowledge to teach me more and provide me with more resources instead of circling me back into the lesson and making me wade through what i already knew like all my other high school teachers did when i asked them more questions to extend on my extending on my learning

-anyway back to the ADHD thing

-so i always had some obsessive thoughts and actions from my OCD, but when I got put on my current medication thats been working SUUUPER WELL I LOVE IT, i suddenly couldn’t focus. my grades dropped. this was literally in the second half of my senior year. i was off any and all ADHD medications because of their stimulatory effect, which i learned the hard way a few years ago made my OCD compulsions 200% worse and symptoms more intense. 

-okay like. this was wild right

-my psychiatrist told me that because I was struggling with my depression, anxiety, and OCD less, my ADHD was starting to show more because my (copious) energy was no longer being bogged down by depression or eaten up by fear and compulsions. 

-that. took a little bit to get used to. like i had to change my study habits and stuff (current study set up: 1. ALWAYS study at school/in a different building because when i try to study at home/in my dorm it’s a signal that it’s time to begin winding myself down and tapering off my energy for the night, and i fall asleep 2. use white noise to drown out that Dank ADHD Hypersensitivity and Distractibility). I also am now more fidgety than i was and need more effort to focus– i control this by working out every morning to burn off some of the residual stuff so i can actually function (not yoga lol). if i dont, im hit with weird slams of writing inspiration and distractibility during the day, which are cool but then get looped into obsessive thoughts that make them hard to shake

-it just was a weird moment of realization for me because the last time I struggled with my ADHD explicitly was in early elementary school. it had been “gone” for so long that i literally thought that my parents had me diagnosed too young and it was a wrong diagnosis (i was diagnosed in kindergarden). 

-most, if not all, of my autism-like-symptoms come from my OCD and ADHD. I’ve been tested for autism, and do not have it. my hyperfocus and passion come from obsessive thoughts and stuff relating to those two disorders, and im inclined to say that my social incapabilities relate to impulsivity and oversharing related to those two disorders as well (i’ve been doing pretty well controlling those lately having gotten help for that in therapy, but…….you know……still working on it like yikes. i feel better about it after meeting some of the grown up, employed plant academics here at school, which all share some resemblance to me in social ability. ive heard rumors about the whole “academics are bad at socializing” stereotype but like……….i see it now…….these are my people………)

9 tips to get your s*%# together

1. Get more sleep! No more falling asleep reading, or messing around on my phone. I’ve picked up this bad habit, and it is hard to break. It seems like I cant fall asleep now without checking out new lists on listverse, reading the news, or scrolling through Tumblr. I am also WAY guilty of exercising zero self control when it comes to recreational reading “one more page…one more chapter…” until its 0300 and I have to get up in a couple hours. I need to turn those electric devices off by 2230. 

2. Snooze less. This one sort of goes hand in hand with #1. I have ALOT  to do, I am supposed to get up at 0500 everyday and walk my fur-babies for an hour, then get ready and go on with my day. Lately, I have been snoozing my alarm until it wont snooze anymore. If I went to sleep when I am supposed to, I would probably have no trouble getting going on time. 

3. Using a 24 hour weekly schedule to record what you are actually doing with all of your time can be VERY eye opening. I need to be better about following through with my plans. I know how to manage my time, but lately I have been quite lax with the execution. Being better about this would help reduce stress, and increase productivity- both things that most students care about. 

4. Less T.V. During the semester I try not to watch more than 3 hours of T.V. per week. It is SO easy to get sucked in…GOT anyone? 

5. After a 4 hr lecture, 2 hr lab, and 8 hr shift at work I feel like going home, falling into my bed and passing out so that I can repeat the process the following day. If you wear makeup, washing it off before bed is HUGE. No matter how tired you are, just do it.

6. Prep- all kinds of prep makes life easier. meal prep, prepping what youre wearing, or taking with you the following day, etc. 

7. Set aside time to do stuff around the house everyday- do not let things pile up until your day off! Make a daily task list and check it off everyday.

8. Exercise for you and your pets. I have 3 big dogs, they need structured exercise, not just running around the dog park or in my yard. They each have a pack they carry and we (normally) walk every morning. Some mornings I may not feel motivated to get up for that 3 mile walk for myself, but I will do anything for my dogs well-being, so I’ll get my butt up and go. (Kinda off topic- but let me throw this out there, if you have pets, they need you. They depend on you to take care of them, to give them what they need. They do not just need food! Dogs need affection, discipline, and exercise. If you’re stressed because your dog is misbehaving- look at your own behavior.What does your pet need that you are not giving them? Dogs are not born bad, humans make them what they become. ((Just saying no pit bull was ever born a killer)) unbalanced dogs are bound to do things you dont want them to do. Large, high strung breeds, or working breeds are going to need more than a dachsund. Dont just love on your pets, also give them what they need. If you cant make enough time, or muster up enough patience to give them what they NEED, then you need to rethink your priorities, or your status as a pet owner. Dont be selfish, pets are not put on this earth for human amusement.) 

I also need more exercise than a walk, so I do indoor cycling 3x a week, interval/strength training 2x a week, and yoga at least 2x a week. 

9. If you enjoy getting your hair and nails done (or if you enjoy doing your own) then make time to do this. If these little things  make you feel good about yourself, then it is important, and not frivolous. 

**Sorry about the weird timing of the pet rant- it’s just one of those things that I feel so passionately about, and I feel like too many people dont give it enough thought. It is not just a pit thing, its a pet thing. My dogs are all pit mixes, and they are all mixed with a working breed,  they were all abused and rescued. One of them was used as a bait dog in a fighting ring a few miles away in Tuskegee. They have helped me through some of the toughtest times in my life, and I owe them to give them the best lives. I feel painfully passionate about treating animals the right way. To be quite honest, I tend to like animals more than most people. 

So, I have this weird Ninjago Headcanon...

It’s pretty small, and doesn’t really change much in the scheme of things, but I thought I should share:

The First Spinjitsu Master created all of Ninjago, right, and presumably that includes the people. So my headcanon is that he had a very specific process for creating humans. It started with him building their bodies from Earth to make them strong and hardy, creating their minds with Ice to give them clear thoughts and bright minds, then putting Fire in their hearts and souls to ignite their passions, and finally Lighting to shock them into life.

That’s why those Elements were singled out at the beginning of the series, even when others could arguably considered more powerful. That’s why those were the Elemental Masters destined to guard the Chosen One, and that’s why those were the four Elements that make the Tornado of Creation, because those were the Elements used IN creation!

Or at least that’s my two cents anyway.

Cashton Fanfiction Masterpost

Hi friends, I have began to notice that it’s hard to find quality fan fiction of the two idiots called Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin so I decided to make this! Hope it helps a bit! (It will be updated frequently)

when you love someone by asht0nCalum pulls away to look at him and Ashton gets distracted by his … everything. Calum’s eyes are sparkling again, like he knows exactly what Ashton’s thinking even if he can’t say it properly, and it’s amazing, how much Calum can convey with just those eyes. Ashton thinks if he could only look at one thing for the rest of his life, this would be it, a hundred times over.

My Notes and Thoughts: This was honestly one of the best things I have ever read. It has so much passion and reality in it along with being too well written. The first chapter does involve smut and just god bless. 

I’ll See You With Your Laughter Lines by CliffordAfflictionSnippets of Calum and Ashton’s life together through Ashton’s eyes

My Notes and Thoughts: This was so cute and well written. I fell in love with Calum’s character and their relationship.

Perfect Score by thesoulsailor:  They weren’t six years old anymore. Calum had grown up to become a local football sensation and Ashton had grown to become a photography nerd whose biggest social descriptor was ‘Calum Hood’s best friend, the weird one’ but all that had never mattered. Even as a certified cool kid, Calum had never let him down and Ashton would do everything he could to make sure he wasn’t letting down Calum either.

“Of course.” Ashton hooked his pinkie around the one Calum offered. “Of course, I’ll help you.”
“Thank you.”
Despite the odds of this ending in a catastrophe, Ashton felt an honest, almost manic smile tug at his lips. “Let’s do it then. We’re gonna make sure you graduate, superstar.”

or Calum needs a perfect score, Ashton has the perfect plan and there ought to be nothing easier than breaking into the principal’s office, right?

My Notes and Thoughts: I know everyone is going crazy waiting for this fit’s continuation and so am I. I swear this will be amazing and for some reason it’s like Riverdale without death and murder?

We Are Gold, You Are Fire by fckmukeAshton didn’t say a word, just watched the younger boy focus miserably on his sandwich. Maybe that did answer the question about the previous night, maybe Calum was feeling it just as much as he was. Did he dare bring it up? Would bringing up the suffocating elephant in the room ruin all the progress they had just made this morning in attempt to get back to their normal friendship?

 or, Ashton and Calum hook up and struggle with dealing with it

or, the fic no one asked for based on Cashton’s adventures in europe


So Much Better by cashcakeplzThis is good, good for Ashton. He works so hard, always taking care of the boys, he deserves someone who will take his mind off of things, even for a couple of hours to get coffee. Maybe it’ll make him better, and by extension, the band better. Maybe Bryana is a good thing for everyone. Yet, even now, as Calum tries to think of how great Bryana could be for Ashton, he can’t help but think that he would be so much better.

Or the one where Calum and Ashton have been Friends With Benefits for years, and Calum thought his feelings for Ashton were simply sexual until Bryana came into the picture.

My Notes and Thoughts: You see, I’m not the person of long fics and books but this honestly cut me off my feet I am struggling. 

Break The Plans We Had Before by mukeofficial: Calum loved his best friends, Michael and Luke, more than anything; and being able to give the best man speech at their wedding was an honour.

My Notes and Thoughts: This starts out with a little bit of Muke but then turns into cute fluffy yet smutty Cashton, it’s beautiful.

Some Kind of Radar System (Locked in on Love) by tigerlily_sunshine“I love you, Cal. Every single part of you. I love you, and that’s not going to change. Ever. No matter what you do. I will always love you.”

Calum chokes out a laugh that may, instead, be a sob. Ashton sneaks his hands underneath Calum’s armpits so that he can draw Calum into a hug, one that is even tighter than the hold Calum himself has on Ashton.

“That’s what they all say, but nobody ever means it.”

(In which Ashton is head over heels in love with Calum, but Calum has a secret that could break them.)

My Notes and Thoughts: This touched me in the heart because of how this asexual character thought about himself and intimacy while his boyfriend was nothing but supportive and cute about it, I just love and adore this so much and highly recommend it.

it’s obvious i just can’t get enough of you by nationalnobody, selvish: It’s 6PM and Calum is angry. Calum isn’t an angry guy but there is only so much Michael Clifford Bullshit ™ that one human being can physically take. Being the super cool-headed and level guy he is, he heads to the gym to wind down and relax. Everything is going peachy until a fucking sex deity with curly hair has to bend over across the room and destroy any shred of cool in his body. 

My Notes and Thoughts: This was filthy, well written and mesmerising.

you’re the thing that i can’t quit by lucasfletcher: “So, you’ve got the hots for your son’s football coach?” Michael asks from the other side of the bar, leaning on his elbows and blowing his gum in Ashton’s face annoyingly. 

“Shh, Michael,” Ashton looks around to make sure no one’s close enough to hear them. 

“And who the fuck even says ‘got the hots’ anymore?” 

“So you do!” he pauses and a grin takes over his features. 

“Also fuck you I can say whatever I want.”

or, the super cute cashton one

My Notes and Thoughts: This was honestly so cute and I loved how fluffy it was.

Anywhere in the world by bluennaAshton starts at a new school and meets Michael and Luke.

And then, Calum.

My Notes and Thoughts: I loved the beginning of this so much and loved how thought out it was, I’m sure you will as well.

message in a bottle by CalumSmiles (dreamforlife)In retrospect, he should’ve thought it through. An entire week with a perpetually shirtless Ashton. Calum really, really should have thought this through.

It’s been half a day and Calum is currently rubbing sunscreen over Ashton’s shoulders.

“For someone who’s always on about looking after yourself, you managed to get almost burnt in less than four hours,” he snorts, working the coconut-scented scream down Ashton’s back.

Ashton just groans, back arching towards Calum as he bends forward to lean elbows on his knees. 

“Shut up.”

“Oh real mature, bro,” Calum says, laughing. 

He finishes smoothing the cream across the small of Ashton’s back, lip between his teeth. 

“There. Don’t turn into Michael or I’ll regret saying yes to this impulsive decision of yours.”

Ashton’s back tenses faintly under his hands.“Spontaneity.” Ashton pulls away and turns around with his eyes hidden behind sunglasses and a curl to his lips. “Is the spice of life.”


Or, Ashton takes Calum to Hawaii and Calum smells a rat. Something’s up and he’s pretty sure this isn’t as impulsive as Ashton would have him believe.Oh and, Calum is ass over tit in love with Ashton.

My Notes and Thoughts: This is one of my utter favourites because of how long it is that makes you tell that how much effort was put into this. THE SMUT WAS AMAZING AND SO WAS THE FLUFF!

baby it’s cold outside by irwah: “I love you. I love you so much and anytime spent with you is perfect, I don’t care about some spilt wine or a simple dinner or the jetlag.” He takes Calum’s hands in his and kisses them both. “This holiday is going to be amazing because we’re here together, the two of us, on our fifth anniversary, in this magical resort where we first met and I couldn’t be happier. So please, relax, forget about everything and let’s fuck.”

Calum laughs at his boyfriend’s cheekiness, knowing it’s a decoy to distract from the disgustingly corny monologue he just gave.

Or: domestic cashton take on the alps

My Notes and Thoughts: This was hauntingly beautiful with the mentions of Muke, their adopted child and the backstory of Cal and Ash’s relationship. 

Ocean Avenue by CliffordAfflictionCashton adventures based off of the song Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

My Notes and Thoughts: This story was amazing in every way but I loved the whole ‘i eat smth I hate bc it reminds me of my ex’ thing.

I see me all over you by CalumSmiles (dreamforlife): There’s a sound very much similar to that of a cat being strangled. Ashton raises an eyebrow as he lifts himself back up again.

“I…you—I—” Calum splutters and when Ashton snorts, he groans. “Shut up! Shut—shut the fuck up! Oh my god, I hate you. You fucking suck—you suck, Ashton.”

Ashton blinks in surprise, a confused frown pulling at his eyebrows, and he stops his push-ups, flipping around and sitting down, one hand braced behind him to support his exhausted body and the other pushing back his sweat-drenched fringe away from his face.

“What?” He asks.

Calum is on the floor, legs bent to the side, gaping at Ashton as he pants. His eyes are trained on Ashton’s heaving chest. His entire face is a splotchy red, expression horrified.

Ashton frowns. “Bro, you d—”

“Fuck, bench press me,” Calum blurts out.


Ashton is trying to break his record of two hundred push-ups and Calum is not watching him. And he isn’t thirsting after Ashton. No, definitely not.Or, basically the one where Ashton beats Calum at his own game…unintentionally.

My Notes and Thoughts: This started out with Calum being creepy as fuck and ended with literal filth, I love it. 

Paint The Sky For Me On Christmas by lookslikehecansurfAshton just wants to make his workplace look festive, without any idea what(or who) a box of Christmas decorations could lead him to.

Or, “my shop window decorations are better than yours” AU


the way I’ve been lovin’ you by CalumSmiles (dreamforlife): Ashton chuckles. “Was that an attempt to distract me? Bro, I still want answers. What’s got you so riled up these days?” 

You, lies on the tip of his tongue but he obviously doesn’t say it. 

“It’s been a while, I guess,” is what he says instead. 

Ashton pats his knee. “We can go out tomorrow night. Find you a nice girl.” He smirks. “Give your right hand a break, or we’ll be out of a bass player real soon.” 

Calum really needs the ground to open up and swallow him whole so he can escape from this conversation.

 I don’t want a girl, he groans silently. I really don’t want a girl. 


It’s the complete shock in Ashton’s voice that makes Calum look at him. Wide-eyed, slack-jawed and completely befuddled, Ashton is staring at him. 

“What?” Calum asks. He waves a hand in front of Ashton’s face “What?”

Ashton blinks rapidly. “You don’t want a girl?” 


Or, Calum sees something he probably shouldn’t have, has an existential crisis about it, and Ashton learns some things. Michael is the devious matchmaker.

My Notes and Thoughts: I really wanna punch Michael in the face but kiss him at the same time in this, it’S WeiRD. Btw if you are interested in anything this amazing writer writes like me, this has a part two that’s mainly muke.

You Too by JetBlackHeart…and really Michael should have guessed that the next time Luke opened his big mouth it’d be to say something extraordinarily stupid.

“Truth or dare”, suggests Luke, like a fucking idiot.

“Absolutely not!”, exclaims Michael at the exact same time that Calum bellows,

“HELL YES”. Obviously fucking Calum would be on board with it, the little shit.

“Well if you guys are down then so am I”, smiles Ashton, and Michael glares daggers at him because he’s a fucking traitor.

When 5SOS play truth or dare as a banding activity, things get a bit too real and Michael doesn’t know what the fuck to do with all of these goddamn feelings.

My Notes And Thoughts: This is a real masterpiece that does involve a lot of make but Cashton is also dominant so I suggest you to give this amazing writing a try.

Extra Hot by JetBlackHeartA really fluffy Coffee Shop AU with Calum and Luke as the cute baristas, Ashton as Mr Sexy-voice/Pretentious Coffee Guy/Biceps, and Michael as Fucking Michael™

Based on the tumblr post:

Omg I just went to get a latte from my regular coffee shop and I always have the same guy serving me and I must bug him so much as I would always ask for almomd milk (im lactose intolerant) but they would just have lacto free so I stuck with that and today as I drank my latte I could tell the difference in the milk and asked if they started serving almond milk and the guy just shyly said “well you always ask if we have it so i got it specially for you” thiS GUY BOUGHT THE MILK WITH HIS OWN MONEY I FEEL SO PREVILEDGED RIGHT NOW EAAAAHH

My Notes And Thoughts: This was honestly one of the best, not only because how cute it was but also because of the smut.

Make Pretend that You and Me Lived Ever After Happily by tigerlily_sunshine: “How mad d’you think Michael would be if I switched out his candles for trick ones?”

“You wished for a promotion last year,” says Ashton. 

“Don’t even pretend like you don’t take Michael’s Christmas wishes seriously.”

“You’re not supposed to know what I wish for,” says Calum. “Doesn’t that defeat the power of the wish?”

Ashton shrugs.

“Wish quieter next time.”

(In which Michael’s Christmas cupcakes are truly magic)

My Notes and Thoughts: Okay, everyone was talking about this, I was talking about it, you were talking about it, IT DESERVES TO BE TALKED ABOUT.

passing through unconscious states by cyclogenesis (addictedkitten): The heater on the bus stops working, and the boys do what they must to stay warm. Also there are a lot of feelings.

My Notes and Thoughts: In which this is kind of ot4 bc Cashton have an audience

chips of glass by asymmetricA month before 5 Seconds of Summer’s first gig, Calum puts up an ad on craigslist.

Ashton is the one who answers.

My Notes and Thoughts: This is 40k and deserves the attention it gets. It’s a beautiful masterpiece. 

I’ll Take You Far Away by nationalnobodyThe first time Calum decided to sit next to the blonde, or as he preferred, drummer boy it was because of his Nirvana shirt. That and partly because everybody on the bus looked like druggies or something of the sort and that kind of scared Calum.

My Notes and Thoughts: This was so cute and amazing I let some tears fall bc of happiness 

i thought i said i wasn’t good at this by drunklukes: Calum’s stomach drops when he realizes. The dropped books, the cute guy, the distraction of the sketch. That guy, whoever he was, had to have the notebook. A running list of Calum’s most personal thoughts from the past two years. Calum stares at the wall in disbelief, trying to plan his course of action. How was he supposed to get something back from a guy whose name he didn’t even know?

or calum is the seemingly douchey fraternity president and starving artist ashton happens upon his notebook full of lyrics

My Notes and Thoughts: I love it when bad guys turn to cute little squishy ppl

if there’s one thing i know it’s that we’re good together by irwah: It isn’t that weird, really, if you think about it. Ashton is just one guy, a guy who spends a lot of time working out. And he’s admiring his best friend working out, his technique, his breathing pattern - totally normal things he observes in other people when he’s at the gym. 

Except it is weird. Because he’s not admiring Calum’s technique, he’s admiring Calum’s abs, the way the sweat is pooling in the dips between muscles, the way his shoulder muscles clench with the force it takes him to do a sit up. He’s not admiring Calum’s technique so much as admiring his body.

or: Cashton fuck in a gym

My Notes and Thoughts: Because how could a smut that has With Confidence lyrics as a title be bad.

Ghostbusters by CalumSmiles (dreamforlife)“That sounds like I’m proposing to him,” Ashton says, grimacing. “Like an old English gentleman.”

Michael lets out a low, amused huh sound as he settles down. “Doubt he’ll mind. He’ll probably jump you and say yes.”

“Your other option is to walk in, declare your everlasting love and then suck his dick,” Luke says, shrugging.

Ashton sighs, trying to rub away the headache that’s starting to throb in his temples. “So you’re telling me that your great plan is for me to just walk into his room and tell him that I’m in love with him? Gee thanks, guys, I’m never asking you two losers for advice ever.”

A strangled sound comes from the doorway.


Or, Ashton is in love. With Calum, obviously. Calum has no clue. Michael is bitter that his brilliant plan hadn’t worked all those years ago and Luke? Well, Luke is on Michael’s side.Basically, Calum finally frustrated Ashton into confessing accidentally to Michael and Michael decides that enough is enough.


Just a Little Bit by alseeptodayCalum is pretty sure he’s going to love getting hit. He gets some help from Ashton.

“You want me to hit you?” Ashton croaked, voice soft. Calum immediately felt ashamed for asking.


Got ‘til it’s gone by gonnamuke“Luke, Luke, listen, can you send the certificate?” Calum asks. Luke sighs and tells them to hold on one second while he does so and when he does, Calum opens the messenger app, clicks into the attachment, and there it is, clear as day. Calum Thomas Hood and Ashton Fletcher Irwin, married at 5 in the morning. This morning.

His mum is going to kill him.

My Notes and Thoughts: Basically cashton get married in Vegas and it’s LIT

We’re proving to each other that romance is boring by eleretThe thing about this thing Ashton’s got going with Calum, is that now he’s started, it’s like he physically can’t stop.

My Notes and Thoughts : This basically smut w a lot of feelings and I’m living for it

#littlecalumthings by CalumSmiles (dreamforlife): Luke loses it as Michael throws his head back and howls, laughter high-pitched and squeaky as he waves an apologetic hand at Calum before letting himself get swept up in Michael’s infectious amusement.“I fucking hate you all,” Calum mutters, crossing his arms and scowling out the window.

“Hey Ash,” Michael gasps in a poor imitation of Calum, “Hey Ash, I’m so gay, I’m so fucking gay!”Luke pleads for relief, leaning weakly against the car door, eyes streaming as he clutches at his stomach.“I love cocks, did you know? Cocks are the best, I love cocks!” Michael waves an imaginary bottle of beer in the air. “Cocks, man! I love them!"Calum hates Michael. He really hates Michael. He hates Luke too, that little shit


Pining Calum, oblivious Ashton and ultimately, wall sex. Michael should’ve bought the popcorn.


Rock Bottom by  crash-queen aka stelleshine (stelleshine): Moving to LA with Calum was supposed to be a great idea, but reality was smacking into Ashton like a bitch slap he didn’t ask for. If that wasn’t bad enough, he was running out of money, his crush on Calum wasn’t getting any easier to handle, and his roommates’ suggestion to combat their financial situation was threatening to break his heart completely.

Or Calum and Ashton are broke, so Calum suggests they get fake engaged at KFC for a free meal. Prompt from Tumblr.

My Notes and Thoughts: This is the cutest, most loving, ALSO KIND OF SADDEST, and one of my favourite pieces of writing I’ve ever stumbled across. I love this so so so so much.

Drunk Off Of Nothing But Each Other by scruffylouCalum looked at the messy coffee table and the piles of books that were over flowing from the couch to the floor. “Ash…have you been leaving the house at all?” he asked quietly. The question hung tensely in the air and mixed with the dust and the light beams and the buzz of the TV running.

“Yeah,” Ashton snapped. “I just don’t invite anyone here. I just hung out with Michael yesterday. Why?”

“I dunno…” Calum hesitated. “Things just don’t usually look like this.”

Ashton sipped his tea again. His glasses steamed up a little and the mug was dwarfed between his huge hands. “You wouldn’t know, would you?”

“Because you wouldn’t let me.”

“Would YOU let you?” Ashton raised his eyebrows and stared at Calum without really blinking.

Calum had to look down at his tea. He felt a little sick. “No.”

My Notes and Thoughts: While reading this, it gave me much more than MAKE-UP SEX. This oneshot is full of such a strong emotion and the writing is absolutely Nobel worthy. Love this so muchhhhh. 

RFA/Minor Trio & Avocados

I know it’s a really random headcannon  but I just remembered my decade-long inner battle of Avocado: To Eat or Not to Eat? and I wondered what these dorks would think of them…hopefully I can entertain you but this is my first time writing headcannons so I may disappoint



- he has a sixth sense for avocados, somehow can tell at the grocery store which one are the most fresh and how many days until they’re ready to eat

- seriously this kid knows exactly when they’re ripe, and will s c r e a m if they’re not used in time because we all know an avocado’s edibility window is like 3.5 minutes

- makes killer guacamole for when they have taco nights

- he’s just basically an avocado god

- tried to plant an avocado seed once but no matter how long he waited nothing ever grew bless his soul


- n O

- “But Zen, they’re really good for your complexion.”

- goes on and on about how his skin is already perfect and he doesn’t need any of the extra vitamins avocados carry

- just highkey doesn’t like them

- “They taste like nothing and turn to mush if you so much as blow on them” Zen no not really

- Loves Yoosung’s guacamole though

- But that’s because he didn’t know what guacamole is made of baby how could you not know it’s fkn green and chunky did you think it was lettuce???

- Once he found out he kind of wanted to cry because ew avocados but at the same time Yoosung’s guac is so magical so he was really confused 


- Neither for not against, but rather appreciates the presence of fresh avocado in her sushi (when she actually has time to eat a proper meal Jumin give this poor girl a break)

- also likes Yoosungs guacamole that shit is delicious so whenever she’s super stressed Yoosung makes her some and she eats tortillas and guacamole while watching some of Zen’s performances

- once kind of overdosed on guacamole and had a dream about licking some off of Zen’s abs tbh who hasn’t 


- He’s the old person who always goes around saying how you could basically live off avocados if their nutrients were balanced

- “My nutritionist is always telling me about the benefits of avocados for your health and I want to find a way to share these benefits with Elly.”

- Tried to feed some to Elly once but she stepped in it and trailed avocado mush around his house

- Taking is as a sign that she didn’t like it, he toyed with the idea of making hybrid avocados more suitable for cats

-Jaehee had a mental breakdown and required the intervention of Zen and Yoosung to put a stop to his idea


- this B O i

- he’s a genius and actually has left his bunker before so I’m pretty sure he at least knows what an avocado looks like

- hates them with a passion

- never actually ate one though

- “It just feels so weird.”

- “Seven I thought you were more the ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ type.”

- “Yeah but this is like I’m touching someone’s intense goosebumps and it gives  me goosebumps.”

- still, avocado puns all day every day

- once handed an avocado to a blind person and asked them to ‘translate’ for him

- “Please, I found this ancient relic while trekking through the forest the other day, and so far nobody has been able to translate the text…may you provide me with some guidance?”

- ”Is this…an avocado?”

“No it’s an ancient relic.”

- “sometimes will chuck an avocado at Vanderwood if he’s being annoying or just because he feels like it


- What’s an avocado?

- feels the same way as his brother until he tries Yoosung’s guacamole I swear his guac cures everything

- now he loves them

- if Saeyoung is annoying him he’ll clean out avocado shells and leave them lying around the house

- giggles when he hears sudden yelps from Seven over the next couple of days when he finds shells hidden in his Honey Buddha stash or in his underwear drawer


- For some reason I can totally picture him being super allergic

- Still encourages others to eat avocados because he doesn’t want to hold others back because of his own ‘issue’ baby no it’s okay we don’t want you to die

- Once he voiced his disappointment at being unable to taste Yoosung’s infamous guac, so Yoosung grudgingly made him his own bowl of salsa

- V’s smile was the brightest thing in the room 


- Never bothered to actually try one, but because of Saeyoung, he now usually carries a couple of avocados on him whenever he goes around to visit

- avocado fights that leave heavy bruising 

- Teams up with Saeran and together they take over the world  it upon themselves to find as many ways as possible to bother Saeyoung using avocados

- will not hesitate to kick you in the face if you so much as mention avocado puns

- one time Vanderwood spilled a bit of coffee on himself, which incited an offhand “Oh wow, bravocado,” from Saeyoung

- the avocado that whizzed at the tomato’s head flew with enough force to make a dent in the wall


I spent an hour of my life writing this and I enjoyed every second of it, so I hope you also enjoyed reading my word vomit??

If you have any requests please feel free to ask me!

I got a message from a certain fanfic author and I never thought this day would come but it did and I’m so happy. Also doing all the shading all on one layer in one color is weird how do people do this. 

Kiss Me Ch.1

Sighing, Jungkook puts away his phone.

It’s his fault, really: everyone knows that if you want Namjoon to remember something you need to remind him approximately 12 times. It’s not because he doesn’t care about others; quite the contrary, actually. Namjoon cares, wonders and worries about so many things that sometimes Jungkook wonders how his brain hasn’t fried yet. During the three years he has known Namjoon he has learned to both marvel at his intelligence as well as accept that Namjoon is terribly absent-minded. 

In short, it’s his own fucking fault that he is freezing his ass off in the yard of an university instead of watching a movie at home with his roommate Seokjin and his boyfriend Namjoon. 

It’s dark outside already so he goes to stand under one of the street lamps, hoping that by doing so it’d take the least time for Namjoon to find him. He puts up his hood but it does very little to protect him from the cold. He shoves his hands in his pockets, cursing himself for not taking even mittens with him. It wasn’t supposed to be this cold yet, it’s only the beginning of September. 

Suddenly, someone appears. It’s a boy, probably year or two younger than him, deciding from his cute round cheeks and small form. Jungkook watches him approach, not thinking too much about it except that the boy is really cute. 

Until the boy jumps right onto his arms and kisses him. 

His mind goes entirely blank. He only realizes to catch the body falling in his direction, to secure him in his arms until he knows nothing anymore. 

The boy’s lips are warm and soft against his, enough to make his feet feel all wobbly and weird. He kisses him with such passion, it’s electrifying and in all honesty, sexy as hell. Jungkook thought that shit like this only happened in movies but in that moment it truly feels as if the entire world slows down, quietens down until there is nothing left but them two, Jeon Jungkook and the strange boy with his legs wrapped around his torso. Jeon Jungkook and the strange boy whose plumb lips are burning like a wildfire against his lips… 

The boy pulls back a little to speak. “I’m so so sorry, I got stuck in traffic after practice, I really–” he starts to say until he takes a better look at Jungkook’s face and his shining eyes go wide. “You’re not Tom.“ 

Jungkook says nothing, he’s physically unable to speak. He can only stare - and hold. 

The boy’s cheeks turn bright red, it looks funny against his flaming orange hair. There is pure terror in his eyes, terror - and embarrassment. For a moment he and Jungkook just stare at one another, both too surprised to act. 

“Oh god”, the boy whispers then, finally sliding down from Jungkook’s waist and untangling Jungkook’s arms from around him which Jungkook is grateful for. He doesn’t think he could even do that on his own right now so he appreciates the help. “Oh sweet mother of Mary, what the fuck–”

For a moment, the boy just breathes out a long list of curse words and prayers, raking a distressed hand through his beautiful hair. Jungkook watches him and can only think of one thing: cute. So freaking cute. 

Then the boy speaks up again, unleashing yet another string of words that this time actually make up sentences. 

“Listen, I’m so sorry for this, I thought you were my boyfriend, oh my god, this is so embarrassing, you see, he kind of looks like you, I mean not the face but you’re about the same height and then you had your hood on and I took off my contacts after practice and I didn’t think anyone else would be here which is why I just sort of kind of assaulted you but I swear I didn’t mean to, I’m not usually like this, it’s just that we’ve been kind of fighting right now so I wanted to surprise him and oh god, did I scar you for life? I did, didn’t I? Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god…" 

Then the boy has to stop to breathe again and Jungkook finds himself fighting a smile. The guy is just too fucking cute for him to handle. Two minutes ago Jungkook was low-key pissed off and freezing to death but now he’s damn near laughing and his heart is beating wildly as if it’s trying to escape from his chest, pumping blood through his veins and onto his face where the faintest shade of pink settles on. 

Jungkook hopes that it’s too dark for the boy to notice that. 

“So I’m just going to go fling myself off from the nearest building, all right? If that’s cool with you? Okay, thanks, cool, let’s never ever talk about this, in fact forget you ever saw me here. This never happened, okay? Okay. Cool. Bye. And sorry again”, the boy babbles and then runs away, leaving Jungkook with a dazed stare in his eyes and with his heart doing somersaults. 

Jikook social media au 1/?

or an au where jikook meet when jimin runs up and kisses a stranger that he mistakes for his boyfriend, effectively messing up both jungkook’s thoughts and the beat of his heart.


To be continued…

Harry Styles - “Living the Dream” - Part Two

Part One and Part Three

I love this. I hope that you do as well! This is a long one!

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I’m watching Jack’s livestream and wow

I’ve finally heard someone say exactly what I think about offense

“Offense is something that demands understanding, but it doesn’t always demand apology.”

Thank you, Jack.

I keep seeing people saying that if someone tells you that you offended them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t do anything wrong. You should just recognize that you’ve done something wrong, apologize for it, and work on improving yourself to not be so offensive.

But no, that’s not right. Not always.

It’s true that you can’t tell someone what they should and shouldn’t be offended over. But:

Just because someone is offended doesn’t always mean that they’re right. If someone twists your words or actions, even unintentionally, and gets offended by what they think you meant, then that’s not your fault. It may not be their fault either. It’s often a case of misunderstanding. On the other hand, some people will purposefully twist what you say or do because they’re just looking for something to be offended by.

Yes, you should try to understand why they took offense, but intention and context truly do matter sometimes. And in some of those cases, you should clarify, and then work on being more clear with what you mean in the future. But in situations where you’ve been as clear as you can be, you should stand by the truth behind your words and actions, because the things that people are accusing you of and are offended by are things that you never actually said or did.

@therealjacksepticeye thank you for saying this. I’m sorry people are giving you a hard time, but I personally loved your Bro Average video, and I thought that the weird, sad arc and the ending were quality goofy entertainment.

Something just like this

I LOVE this song and I wanted to write about it for a long time so here it is.

LogicxPrince (tagged as Logince)


“I want something just like this”

Sometimes, Logic found himself laying on his bedroom, reading a book about champions and knights and princes and super heroes. At the same time, he liked to listen to a song that talked exactly about that, about risks that would be taken if one fell in love with any of those categories of people. And honestly, being a person that hates taking risks almost as much as Anxiety, he found it hard to let go and just imagine what his life would be like if he had a lover with all those attributes.

But one day, he had been tired, working on a project for at least two days straight with less than five hours of sleep, so when he got to his room, all he could do was put on the song ‘Something just like this’ and close his eyes, trying and failing to get some well deserved sleep.

Because of his failed attempt, he decided to open his eyes and stare at the starry sky over his bed, smiling at the brightness of the galaxies, the mystery of the nebulas. He loved that their rooms could be anything inside Thomas’ mind, because sometimes it was the only place where he could truly relax.

And that day, thinking he was alone, he imagined in the end of the sky a castle. A space castle. And from there, a constellation prince came closer, reaching out for him, trying to take him by the hand and failing because he was sky and Logic was earth. They could never unite.

And then, someone opened the door, and both the prince and Logic looked down to see the actual Prince staring at them, confused and obviously admired.

Logic had forgotten the door open. Shit.

“R-Roman!” Logic said, his room suddenly losing all its beautiful attributes and becoming, well, his usual room with grey walls and white ceiling and wood floor. “What are you doing here? Don’t you know how to knock?”

“I did, but you didn’t answer” he said, walking inside and smiling at Logic. “That was beautiful. Who was he?”

“He? He who?” Logic asked, looking away, but Prince chuckled, closing the door before rushing to sit next to Logic.

“The prince in the skies” the royal said, smiling. “Is he your lover? The one person that you love?” He asked, excited, and Logic frowned, laying down and curling up with his back to Prince.

“I don’t love anyone. I don’t know what you’re talking about Roman” he mumbled, closing his eyes. He was tired, and he didn’t want to discuss the subject. He really didn’t. But Prince was different from the others. He had no sense of personal space.

“Come on Logan” he said, taking the teacher’s hand. “I know that’s not true! Tell me who it was! Is it someone or is it just an imaginary lover?”

“More latter” Logic mumbled, and then slowly turned back around, staring at their joined hands. “Stop touching me”

“Alright” Prince said, letting go from him and grinning. “Now tell me. Tell me everything”

“Ugh…” Logic groaned, rubbing his eyes and sitting up. “Do you know the song 'Something just like this’?” Prince nodded. “Well, it really speaks to me… For some reason. You know, I read so many fiction books, from Aristoteles’ scholar texts to Fifty Shades of Grey, and yet nothing, nothing comes close to my passion for Princes and Knights, like the ones from King Arthur and those tales from the Dark Ages, or even Robin Hood. It’s so weird that someone like me has such… Interest in people like them, driven only by their courage and beliefs” he said, sighing and looking at Prince. “I don’t know…”

“I understand” Prince said, smiling softly at Logic. “I honestly never thought I would have a crush in such a strict and smart teacher” he continued, smile becoming a smirk, and Logic’s tired mind took at least a minute to understand what those words meant. And when he did, he blushed lightly and looked up at Prince again.

“That’s not what I meant” he said, weakly, but Prince shrugged, holding his hand again.

“Well, I’m the closest you will get” he said, tangling their fingers and making the teacher blush deeper. “I can be your knight, if you want”

“Roman, what are you d-” Logic tried, but soon the royal was leaning in and pressing their lips together and Logic took two seconds to melt, his free hand going up to Prince’s hair, pulling him closer and kissing back in the most excited way.

And even though Roman was no real knight, Logan had to admit:

It was better than any of his dreams.

Humans are Weird: Fandoms

So, with “Humans are Weird” why haven’t we discussed the topic of Fandoms? (I’ve briefly discussed ships in an earlier post but that’s different.) I mean, Aliens would be wondering why humans have such devotion and passion towards a fictional world that they themselves could never be a part of. From our Zombie Survivors of The Walk Dead, our Hunters in the Supernatural Fandom, our Hogwarts Wizards from the Potter Heads, the Crystal Gem Allies of Steven Universe, our Otakus from the Anime Fandom, etc. We spend so much time, thought, and money in these world that we know we’ll never get to visit because they don’t exist. Like, imagine the Potter Heads (All dressed in their Respectable House Color) getting ready for a movie night. Then they start arguing about something and the following happens.

Gryffindor: Griffins are cooler than dragons Slytherin!!!

Slytherin: Shut it Gryffindor!! You only like it because they sound like your house name!!!

Gryffindor: Do not!

Slytherin: Do too!

Gryffindor: Do not!!!



Slytherin; MAYBE I DID



Alien: Are they alright???

Ravenclaw; Yeah they’re fine. These two houses have never been able to get along, just let Hufflepuff take care of it.

Alien: What is even going on??

Ravenclaw: they’re arguing about which creature is better. And neither can back down.

Alien; Explain further, I still don’t understand this behavior. Like why are they suddenly referring to each other in different names?

Ravenclaw: OH, you see we’re all fans of Harry Potter, which is a book series that got made into movies. Well anyway, we all got sorted into our houses for Hogwarts. Which is a fictional school. I’m a Ravenclaw, and here we have Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff is showing up shortly.

Alien; Oh

Hufflepuff: Guys!!! We’re supposed to be having fun tonight!!! I even brought snacks!

Gryffindor & Slytherin: Fine. *Only stop because they’re both friends with the Hufflepuff* *Take a cookie*

Ravenclaw; See? I told you Hufflepuff would handle it.

And the Alien is wondering how and why the humans have a passion for a fictional world