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Hi! Just read your latest post about Zuko's awakening, yesterday your Zutara twin flame thoughts, & I was wondering if Katara hadn't run away from the tea shop, got the courage to face w him, what would have happened between them? It felt like their destiny led her to there, but she avoided the situation, so fate set another appointment for them, in that crystal cave. Azula still could capture & throw them into that "cell". What do you think?

I think that had she confronted him at the tea shop, it probably would have played out very similarly. She would be angry at first, but she would see that he has changed and they would have probably talked. I still think Azula would have captured them, though. But since she left, destiny intervened. Here is an article that detailed 11 signs of a Twin Flame relationship. It is so interesting because it is so similar to Ehasz’ plans for Zutara.

1. You met each other under unique circumstances, it looked impossible unless it was the universe which decided. It would have been impossible for you to find your twin flame except if there was another power in play, which helped bring you and your partner together. It was decided by the universe for the two souls to reunite again.

Well, since they started off as enemies, this is very true.

2. Another key twin flame sign is you were never searching for a partner to be with. Just what is unusual is that if you were out searching for the twin you would certainly not come across them. In my opinion your twin flame partner is not some one you can search and find. This twin flame relationship happens when your partner is introduced to you as if there was a contract from the universe.

The Crossroads of Destiny was a very significant title. I think that was as much a reference to Zutara as it was Zuko joining the GAAng and choosing a new destiny. Because yes, Twin Flames are destined to meet when the time is right.

3. It may just as well happen your twin might be from another country or culture, most likely to have different childhood and backgrounds. Even though there maybe differences between you both but there will be similarities in a deeper level.

Well, the Fire Prince and the Water Tribe peasant fit this very well.

4. When you do have contact with your twin flame, there will be a immediate recognition of each other, its like you always known them before even though you have not met before. Some misunderstand this as love at first sight. However this experience will be distinct for some, some may feel a intense attraction when they meet for the first time and some sense a deep wonder. Some will feel the desire to sexually merge with their twin flame.

I think it was important for the Oma and Shu story to tie in to the Crystal Catacombs.

5. Another twin flame signs is when your twin flame is in your life, you begin to change, you try to be the best you can be. This can be self improvement, furthering your career, education, or even taking care of your self, to individual growth. Meeting or being with your twin flame sparks the best of you.

That sounds like what Ehasz wanted in Book 4. Zuko is grateful to have met Katara, and vice versa.

6. When ever your twin flames comes in to your life, there maybe situation that may prevent you from being together, it could be that one of you is already with someone. If you met your twin flame, like for example online, there maybe long durations of time where you will be without being with each other. These issues will have to be resolved.

I think it would have been interesting if Zuko was forced to go back home after meeting Katara, his Twin Flame. Then Mai kind of forces herself on him and it all happens so fast. The whole dynamic would have been different if Zuko had not attacked Katara after their scene together. I’m not saying they would have been a couple at that point, but you would be able to see much more clearly that they had a connection of he didn’t betray her.

7. Separating (twin flame separation) from your twin flame can be bittersweet. Once you made the connection with your twin flame you would like to keep that way because if you do separate it can become very difficult. Because of the connection with your twin flame, you would be able to feel and communicate with them emphatically and telepathically, you would probably share the same dreams. If you are separated from your twin flame, you are still connected to them on a spiritual level.

I think that is why Zuko and Katara had their stories run parallel in The Awakening. Like Zuko is facing Ozai at the same exact time Katara was facing Hakoda.

8. During the cycle of separation from your twin flame, you will probably not find your self obsessing about them, you may miss them due to the fact both of you are still connected. There is no sense of clinginess or neediness because you know you have found your twin flame and destiny and fate is working for you to bring the two of you together.

It’s also why I think there was another meaning originally to Zuko hiding the Spirit Water from Azula. Since they are Twin Flames (or they were panned to be) it makes no sense that Ehasz wrote The Awakening with the intention of Zuko hiring an assassin to go after Katara right afterwards. He probably wanted this scene to demonstrate that they had a connection.

9. Another twin flame signs is that there is great level of trust, comfort and openness in a twin flame relationship. You would be able to talk to each other about anything without any judgment. There is a sense of unconditional love and acceptance for each other.

This is EXACTLY what Ehasz was talking about when he said that they were able to communicate and understand each other on a level no one else could. He was describing Twin Flames to a tee.

10. You both seem to live a parallel life to each other. Often twin flames have similar experiences in the same period in their lives, even though you have age difference or you live at different place on the planet.

Katara’s backstory with Kya was made to be intentionally similar to Zuko’s backstory with Ursa.

11. Another very important twin flame sign is that you will be working together to bring something useful to the planet. The twin flame relationship isn’t just for your enjoyment, however these relationships are very enjoyable. The two of you will work together to provide a gift to the world.

And another aspect of a Twin Flame partnership is that it is not just about the two individuals. It is about making the world a better plae. This was going to tie into the way Zuko and Katara were going to become political partners and repair the damage from the war. That is probably another reason why Ehasz wanted to explore the political ramifications of a Zutara marriage in TLOK, if he was able to.

atla linguistics headcanons
  • being the Avatar basically gives you All-Speak, so Aang would sound a little antiquated but still perfectly understandable
  • as the chief’s kids, Katara and Sokka would have learned a few basic trade dialects/the one universal one, which pretty much everyone would be able to understand
  • Toph grew up in a high-profile family so she probably had formal language tutoring/lessons, likely in formal Earth Kingdom, common trade languages, and maybe even some Fire Nation for practicality
  • fighting in the Earth Rumbles would have taught her Earth Kingdom swears 
  • Zuko would have learned High Court Fire Nation as a prince as well as formal Earth Kingdom, probably
  • post-exile, he would have learned the trade language as well as several regional dialects, but could get by with speaking low Fire Nation when traveling through Fire Nation-occupied parts of the Earth Kingdom
  • most of the Fire Nation soldiers are passably bilingual at this point, and between them and the townspeople they’ve probably evolved a whole new kind of language (in the same way that Yiddish evolved from German and Slavic influences along with Hebrew). 
  • Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors would speak a really, really mutated form of archaic Earth Kingdom, since they sort of noped off of the mainland several hundred years back and have been doing the whole isolationism thing for an indeterminate period of time
  • the Northern and Southern Water Tribe probably shares some vague basal similarities, but differ as wildly as European French and Louisiana Creole
  • The southern tribe at this point probably has more similarity to the Earth Kingdom trade dialect in which they most frequently communicate than it does with the Northern tribe’s language. They’re still close enough to be mutually understandable, but different enough to essentially be two different languages. 

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What are some reasons why you think Book 2 is better than Book 3? To any casual fan Book 3 is better which is understandable, it has more fights and really cool bending and the characters look better as well especially Zuko and Katara lol, although I did like some episodes from Book 3 I would have to give Book 2 and even Book 1 the edge over it, like you I like the writing and think it's really good and consistent, also I liked the characters a lot and there was no forced romance or anything lol

I thought the storytelling was much, much better in Book 2. The plot was far more interesting and it felt like it was actually leading somewhere with the character development. It was exciting and I wanted to see what happened next. The events were more gripping, emotionally. In Book 3, it felt like they were killing time until the eclipse. And then there were a bunch of field trips until Sozin’s Comet. But the overall plot was boring and the character development was lacking. Aang beats the bad guy and gets the girl. The end. There was no meaning to it. There was a lot of cool action, but I felt like Book 3 was lacking in genuine feeling. I lost a lot of interest by the end.

The characters felt more authentic and their behavior felt more natural in Book 2. In Book 3, most of the characters felt more annoying and exaggerated. Aang was way too immature, Katara was too cutesy, Zuko was far too dark and angsty, and Sokka even felt way too silly at times. The writing was not as good. The characters felt soulless. And yes, there was no forced romance in Book 2 like there is in Book 3.

In Book 2, it felt like the episodes were more interconnected and they flowed together more naturally. In Book 3, the episodes felt very disconnected from each other. I also think the writing was more consistent in Book 2. Like they were following one singular vision and had better direction. In Book 3, it was very easy to tell which writers handled specific episodes, because they felt so different from each other. Especially regarding the characterization. In Book 2 it felt like the characters had the same personality in every episode. In Book 3, it varied a lot depending on the writer. The Awakening feels completely different from The Headband, for instance. It was jarring.

Sometimes I think about how Bryke threw away Zutara with both hands and I just











korra: i have to find my own path as the avatar.

katara: i know you do. aang’s time has passed. my brother and many of my friends are gone.

zuko *flies by on his dragon*: KATARA WHAT THE HELL

toph *pops up from a hole in the ground*: QUIT TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE DEAD!

katara: sometimes i can still hear their voices…

  • aang: *literally projects his feelings onto katara until she reciprocates*
  • zuko: *forges a phenomenal bond with katara out of the natural course of events and mutual conflict*
General thoughts on Zutara and why I started shipping them in the first place

Katara was always the mother figure of everyone in the group, except for Zuko.

Katara, I believe, has always been instinctively or even inherently motherly. Her being a mother figure was not a role she needed to assume, but rather something she has always been. That’s not a bad thing, but that is just one side of the many facets of Katara’s characterization and personality. Yes, she is the mother figure of the group. Yes, she’s there to help everyone grow into becoming better people. Yes, she’s there to make sure no one fucks up. Yes, she’s there to heal them when they need healing, both literally and figuratively. And again, that’s not a bad thing. But that is not the only thing that defines her. That is not all that she is; she also happens to be a force that is near impossible to extinguish. In her is a fiery passion and a determination to fight for what is right. In her also lies a brewing storm that only very few can calm, or even choose to calm– A/ang was never one for this part of her; to him, it was a part of her that needed to be pushed down. He never accepted it, much less like it. I wouldn’t know about Sokka or Toph, but it seems like this side of Katara, they barely acknowledged either. Inside her, she was facing her own demons. And I don’t think she chose to completely shove this fiery part of her aside, but rather she decided that her love for her friends and taking care of them and making sure no one fucks up was much more important at the moment.

And she was always the mother figure of everyone in the group, except for Zuko.

Zuko never treated her as someone above nor beneath him. In Zuko’s eyes, she was his equal. He’s seen the storm inside her and accepts it, acknowledges it as a valid part of her. He knows her pain is real. He doesn’t push or shove it away; he doesn’t see her as just the mother figure of the group, nor see her as someone who always needs to make sure he doesn’t fuck up like the others. He sees her as Katara. He sees her as a fierce, passionate woman whose capacity to release a storm is directly proportional to her capacity to love and protect the people around her. He never invalidates her struggle. He’s there for her all throughout. He worked hard to gain her respect, and ultimately, her friendship. And although neither of them had actually said it, they had each others backs unconditionally. This was something Katara could never get from A/ang. This was something M/ai barely had for Zuko either. But both Zuko and Katara understood each other in a way that no one else would or could ever have, not even their canon significant others. The portrayal of their bond and loyalty to each other (albeit non-romantic in canon) says so much more than the actual canon ships. They didn’t need to kiss. They didn’t even need to hold hands. It was there. It was just there. Nothing ever needed to be said. It was just there. And I think that’s fucking beautiful.

Excuse me… excuse me… but Aang’s behaviors towards Katara… 

  • the unwanted, unwarranted advances
  • the sense of entitlement to her affection
  • the aggressiveness when his advances are not returned
  • the jealously when her affections are directed somewhere else
  • the physical aggression when she avoids his questioning

…are far too often dismissed because “Aang is just a kid.” 

Let me tell you something - Male entitlement starts at that age. Feelings towards love interests, thoughts about love interests, affection, entitlement, rape culture, it all starts at that age. Aang displays every behavior that a woman would normally fear from a man, whether it’s someone she’s close to or someone she’s just met. 

I don’t care if “he’s only twelve.” 

If Zuko had acted like that towards Katara… Wait, wait no, not Zuko, that subject is too hotly contested for some of you to handle. 

If Haru had acted like that towards Katara, he would’ve been crucified. If Jet had acted like that towards Katara, he would’ve been crucified. If any other boy on the show, besides the hero who’s so pure and perfect and ‘nice’ he couldn’t possibly be wrong, treated Katara like that, he would've been crucified. 

It does not matter that Aang is only twelve. What matters, is his explicit disrespect for a disinterested female.

Aang should’ve been taught better, by Sokka, by Hakoda, by Zuko, by Haru, by ANYONE! By teaching him respect, A:TLA could’ve sent a very powerful message to boys and girls all over the world - Just because you like someone, doesn’t mean they have to like you back.

you know that scene in tsr? that one where zuko’s falling? and katara, who claims to hate and distrust zuko, she could have easily let sokka or suki or any of the others catch his fall. but no

and maybe it’s because zuko just saved her life from falling rocks minutes ago (zuko literally pushed suki out the way to get to her) and so katara felt obligated to return the favour. but still.

she reaches. she literally gets off her ass onto her knees, her body is outstretched, to catch him. and he’s just expecting her to do it like “yep thanks b u got me” and i just really like that scene and how the writers thought it was important enough to add in there

because how can a ship be so dark and toxic if they show that level of trust before katara even realises she still trusts him (still bc i’m almost 100% sure katara would have been willing to forget everything zuko ever did in the crossroads of destiny if zuko had joined team avatar and there wasn’t that really ooc betrayal bryke slapped in there). those two were already willing to save each other no matter the danger (zuko could’ve really hurt himself by shading katara from the falling ceiling) and they literally had no reason to do so? katara was adamant in letting zuko know she didn’t like him at all and yet here we have those two helping each other out like the perfect team before they’re even established as a perfect team

and i think that’s beautiful

Sorting out some of my edits. 

A couple of thoughts: 

  • The Sokka and Aang friendship is really underrated, I think. I’m just looking at some of my screenshots, and they’re such awesome, supportive bros. 
  • I also discovered a couple of parallels I failed to notice, which have also been queued. 
  • I also never really realized how many times Iroh places a hand on Zuko’s shoulder, and their their relationship is really something. 
  • Katara and Sokka’s relationship gives me so many feels. 
  • I’ll probably sort my screenshots in various ways, but I definitely think I’m going to do an “evolution of so and so’s relationship through touch” sort of deal for some people like Zuko and Katara, Aang and Zuko, Aang and Katara (maybe), and Mai and Zuko. Although, I should note that “evolution of” is probably more appropriate for the enemies to friends relationships that Katara/Zuko and Aang/Zuko have going, as well as the evolution of how Mai and Zuko express their affection. 
  • So many Momo screenshots, it’s adorable. 

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I found the cover of Book 2 for ATLA very very interesting. The whole Gaang is there, even Zuko he doesn't look like an enemy and it looks like he's fighting along side them and he's part of the Gaang here, I really found that infesting, but then in the Book he just betrays everyone at the end, that's what confuses me, do you know why he has drawn like this in Book 2's cover? Like I'm already assuming that it was drawn like this because he was supposed to join them here instead of in Book 3.

Wow, you have good intuition. According to this post, the DVD box art was drawn that way on purpose. Zuko and Katara were drawn paralleling each other, and Jae-Myung Yoo said this was because he believed things were swaying to Zuko/Katara with the Book 2 finale.

I agree that it looked like he was drawn as part of the group, and not as an enemy and I have said this before, too. I also always thought that it looked like he was fighting with them, and not against them. Glad it’s not just me. He seemed very eager to fight Azula in the first half of the episode, then he randomly sides with her at the end. I am not saying I know for sure, but I imagine that the cover was drawn when Zuko was still planned to fight against Azula in Ba Sing Se. The cover encapsulates the whole season’s worth of development. Toph joining, Sokka and Suki reuniting, Aang’s Avatar State issues, the drill. If The Crossroads of Destiny ended with Zuko fighting with Katara and Aang and not against them, it makes more sense that the cover for the Book 2 collection would be drawn that way. Zuko would finally technically be a good guy and an ally, even if he didn’t join the team until later on. That makes more sense to me.

I’ve been thinking about Avatar: The Last Airbender for a bit, and I had a thought; Zuko and Katara fit that Beauty and the Beast trope. They certainly resemble a great deal of the Disney version. 

Zuko has to deal with prejudice about his face/himself, at times making him a bit isolated. Plus, in the episoide where he and Katara are trapped in the Crystal Cave, she says “Whenever I would imagine of the face of the enemy, it was your face.”

“My face,” he says, his hand going to his scar, “I see.”

There is so much here. (Plus, I have joined the Zutara train, and I don’t think I’ll be coming off it anytime soon.)

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Many Kataang shippers say it's not fair to bring up the age difference b/w Aang and Katara b/c Zuko and Katara have the same age difference, I think it's perfectly fine to bring it up, Zuko and Katara have an age difference yes, but they're both teenagers with the same maturity level, as for Aang and Katara, Aang is a middle school kid and Katara is a high school aged girl, so it's not very common to see a high school age girl fall for a middle school boy and make out with him, your thoughts?

I have two thoughts on the age difference argument:

  1. Yes, it is very much about the physical age difference between Katara and Aang because Katara, at fifteen years old, has gone through puberty in its entirety. Aang, at thirteen, has not or barely started developing. In essence, you have a *fully-bloomed* teenage girl with a preteen, undeveloped child.
    I am not sure who at Nickelodeon thought that wasn’t weird. Oh wait… They did… that explains why they aged Katara down to Aang’s level on numerous occasions throughout the series.

  2. It is not so much about the physical age difference between Katara and Aang, but more so about the maturity deficit. Katara always, always, always interacted with Aang in a maternal, protective way, while Aang acted very much like her adopted son. She would boss him around, look after him, and generally care more for his well-being while getting no attention in return.
    But let’s say, for the sake of this age argument, that both Katara and Aang were older… Katara is now 17 and Aang is 15, or even 19 and 17! Sure, the puberty issue probably wouldn’t be so stark, but if Aang still lacked the maturity that he does at 13, my issues with the Kat.aang dynamic would remain. 

The reasons the age difference is null between Zuko and Katara are 1) They are on the same playing field as far as physical development and 2) Zuko and Katara interact as mature, mutually interested adults. 


Okay, guys, I’m an idiot. When I was a kid, I thought Zuko got shot in the stomach with lightening and was really confused about how he survived, but I was soooo wrong.

He survived because he DID redirect it. He catches it with his left hand

But he had to jump to catch it so he isn’t grounded. He has to try to direct lightening around his heart into his stomach while he’s falling.

And as soon as he hits the ground, he directs it out his right hand

I always wondered why his burn scar didn’t look any different before and after Katara healed him. Then I realized, the visible superficial burn wasn’t the issue. The whole time he was falling, he was trying to control lightening that was literally burning him from the inside out.

Damn, son, that’s fucking metal.

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In Ember Island Players, the Zuko and Katara actors in the play, when it said that Katara liked Zuko or how everyone thought she was going to be with Zuko something like that I forget, was that another sign or hint of Zutara happening if the Book 4 happened, I really found that as a nice funny sign, I also didn't like the scene b4 where the actors said that Katara was the Avatar's girl and you see Aang staring and nodding like that's true.. Katara doesn't belong to anyone, I didn't like this...

Do you think, the Zuko and Katara thing in the play for Ember Island Players was more the fans of the ship than the actual show?

Yes, I do. The episode was referencing Zutara, but it was basically mocking it and its fans. Bryke knew a lot of fans saw the cave scene as having romantic undertones, so they decided to address it and the fans. With Jet and Katara, she clearly showed that she was embarrassed by her crush on him.

Sokka was completely into his romantic scene with Yue.

The play implied that the Blue Spirit was in love with Aang or whatever, and they were clearly disgusted by that.

Zuko and Katara had the same reaction to their cave scene as Aang and Zuko did to their Blue Spirit Scene. They were trying to insinuate that Zutara is just preposterous. Then they followed it with the scene of Aang nodding that Katara is the Avatar’s girl. It was all handled very, very childishly. Apparently we were supposed to be sympathetic with Kataang after all of this, but I just felt the opposite.