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Wayhaught Pride pt 1

Just gonna be 2 or 3 small parts, just some rambling thoughts in my head. @jaybear1701 would demand like 50k of this but really I’ll be surprised if it gets 5k total. 

Summary: Nicole takes Waverly home to Chicago for her very first pride. 

ps the following gif has nothing to do for the story but exists so… 

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“Is this okay?”

Nicole looked up from the bag she was in the middle of unpacking, unable to stop the grin that spread across her face. Her eyes raked over the short frame that was wearing rainbow leggings under a pair of cutoff shorts and a raglan shirt with a rainbow unicorn on the front, tied tight just at her rib-cage to reveal her midriff. Nicole felt her heart skip a beat for what had to be the most exquisite vision she’d ever seen in her entire life.

“Is it too much?” Waverly looked down at Nicole’s own attire, a simple black tee with a rainbow heart on the front and a pair of shorts, her hair tied up in a ponytail. “It’s too much isn’t it? Damn it!”

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Disney World Au!!

So i know I’ve already done a disney-related post here but I decided this time it would be what if these losers worked at Disney World. It made me ridiculously happy.

  • Daichi- Splash Mountain Lifeguard that just wants to go one day without some kid throwing himself into the deepend
  • Suga- Magic Kingdom Ballon Stand operator with sunshine smiles and magic hands that can make any type of balloon animal
  • Asahi- Rafiki in the giant fur suit from hell. He is made of sweat at this point and he hates when tiny children jump on him. It happens alot.
  • Noya- Animal Kingdrom trainor. He’s very proud of his monkeys and the tricks they can do. Has at least five monkeys on him at all times
  • Narita- Baymax and he’s super sweet and likes to play with the little kids and he loves how they light up when the see him. Does not like the sweat.
  • Kinoshita-Train conductor that helps old ladies on and off and tugs the horn for little kids who ask and tips his hat to make kids giggle
  • Ennoshita- Hollywood Studio Theatre runner. he makes sure all of their shows run on schedule. This is life now, he was supposed to be in actual Hollywood. He’s eternally bitter
  • Tanaka- Tower of Terror operator that psyches people up and scares riders before they even get on the ride
  • Kageyama- It’s A Small World operator. No one his face is so scary, I’d feel like murdering someone too if I had to hear that song over and over again
  • Hintata- Peter Pan. I know I said that last post but it’s perfect and he’s the right size and he’s an actual ball of sunshine.
  • Tsukishima- Epcott imagineer that works at ImageWorks and keeps everything running all the time. Hates children that break his toys.
  • Yamaguchi- ImageWorkds tour guide that help children figure out how to work the machines and interactive sciency things.
  • Yachi- Alice, absolutely 100% without a doubt. She’s tiny and adorable and she gets really into character.
  • Shimizu- The really pretty Snow White who smiles sweetly and has children make wishes with her
  • Oikawa- Prince Charming who’s really handsome and flirts with all the moms and makes teenage girls swoon but gets kicked by little kids.
  • Iwaizumi- Space Mountain operator who wonders why Prince Charming keeps showing up here instead of doing his goddamn job
  • Matsun- Tea Cup operator who makes a shit ton of bad Alice in Wonderland jokes
  • Makki- Merry Go Round operator who always has overly cheesy catch phrases at the end of the ride
  • Yahaba- Pirate Gift Shop Employee who is contemplating stabbing his eye out with a plastic hook. His only entertainment is the grumpy guard outside that flushes when kids ask for his help.
  • Kyoutani- Security Guard that’s been banished to Adventure Island because people find him scary- Yahaba makes him wear pirate gear
  • Kindaichi- Dumbo operator that has no idea what they’re doing and always leaves at least two cars empty
  • Kunimi- Souvenir Cart person that forgets that Disney is the Most Magical Place on Earth
  • Watari- Hollywood Studios Fantasmic Show special effects planner that totally goes overboard with the fireworks everytime
  • Kuroo- The Mad Hatter that goofs around and ‘kidnaps’ children to go off to wonderland with him and likes to carry Alice around on his shoulders
  • Kenma- Chesire Cat that is never around because he’s taking super long breaks to hide and play games
  • Lev- Chersire’s guard/manager that is super cheerful but also pretty intimidating and he makes little kids cry on accident
  • Yaku- Epcott world travel guide that has to take all these stupid tourists that can’t read a map around the circle

I considered making this into two posts but I’m too lazy. I hope you enjoyed, if you have any thoughts please feel free to let me know, or if you have anything you think would better suit the characters.

**EDIT** I just realized i fucking forgot Taketora and Inuoka I feel awful. It’s like I’ve forgotten my children at Walmart. I feel like I’ve failed as their mother. Ok but like, Taketora as a waiter at one of the restaurants and he may or may not spit in obnoxious people’s food. And Inuoka as the guy at the lost and found that suposedly has some sort of system for organizing things but it just looks like he threw everything  in a pile.

omg ok mini story time

yesterday at work I thought I heard DNA playing bc like they’ve played Not Today and BST before so I was about to be like yoooo walmart playing bangtan for the third time!! but then I realized someone was playing it from their phone and I saw two girls and I was like are you playing DNA??!!!? and then we all kinda freaked out and it was beautiful LOL

shout out to those walmart ARMYs haha

anonymous asked:

Ok so two things 1.where are the interviews your mentioning 're bus arrangements 2. Tonight during stay all night the girls won the long note thing again and Jimi was saying that one of the girls (poss karen) was winking & waving at him trying to put him off. And Karen just goes "we have kids y'all. We've birthed babies" as if that totally explained why she and Kim could hold the note longer 😂😂... Just thought you might need something to make you smile a little

I’m referring to the walmart soundcheck interview vids. I’m trying to find those vids right now, but idk if I’ll be able to find them. update: it seems like walmart no longer has the soundcheck website available and Ive checked medias site and I’m not finding them. If you aren’t blocked, you could tweet her asking about them. 


that definitely explains it karen. 

it totally doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you and kim don’t do as many damaging things to your voice as phillip. (they’ve talked about that before somewhere). 

or. birthing babies is definitely the reason they win. I’m for it. 

thank you for making me smile, anon. I appreciate it. 

anonymous asked:

hi! I'm confused about the tweet. The tweet from Walmart superficially only mentioned one ship, and the fan replied with other ship fan bases. I guess what I'm asking is, where is the implication that we don't like SQ? I'm an OQ but I stay out of fandom stuff. So maybe there's more to it. I thought the reply was silly, but I'm not understanding how it lumps us as hating SQ. any clarification....would be super appreciated! Have a great day!

Ok so the tweet from Walmart was in reply to another tweet. I can’t remember what it was exactly, but I’m pretty sure it might have been a SQer celebrating something? Not sure though. 

Popping the tweet here for reference:

Yes, Walmart superficially mentioned Swan Queen. I am 90% sure they have no idea what it means. Or at least, they don’t have much of an idea. It’s just a marketing thing on their part. Which is fine, and expected from a big company.

Anyway, the tweet in reply said “Does Brian not want #CaptainSwan and #OutlawQueen fans to buy Once Upon a Time DVDs at your store? Bad form”. 

This person means “Hey Walmart, I’ve noticed you mentioned Swan Queen, which is clearly a non-canon ship, the fans of which are obviously completely horrible people as they don’t ship a canon ship. This tweet is totally disrespectful to me, a person who shops at Walmart and ships Captain Swan. Since you have mentioned this ship, which I don’t like, I will no longer be shopping at your store. I also assume that Outlaw Queen shippers have the same opinion about Swen that I do, and will also no longer be shopping at your store”. 

This person is threatening Walmart with a loss of business because Walmart has supported fans of a show. They just haven’t supported the “right” fans, according to this person. 

Anyway. This person is implying that we, Outlaw Queen shippers, hate Swan Queen shippers SO MUCH that we would see a tweet and immediately decide to buy our DVDs from… amazon.com, or whatever, instead of Walmart. 

It’s rude, and disrespectful to me, and it made me mad. SQers have been here longer than any of us. They deserve this space, and I don’t know why people are so against them. 

Well, I mean, I’ve seen the reasons. 

I just think they’re shitty reasons. 

Anyway I hope that answered your question! Have a great day/ night! 


ok i just want 2 show u guys….. i just got glamoflauge concealer by hard candy for $6 at walmart.  it is intended for tattoos but i thought it might work for scars and it did!!  as well as one could expect, anyways.  obviously nothing is going to conceal raised skin but despite that it worked surprisingly well.  this is with just one layer.  idk how waterproof it is but it took some soap to get off my hands.  i am hoping it might stay on at the beach or a water park