i thought of the disney song 'out there'

Thoughts On Shiny

Honestly, the thing that has been the most pointed out by fans when they listened to Shiny was how CHEERFUL and CATCHY the song is. 

As much as I love the song, I think it’s super sinister. The fact that Tamatoa has such an advantage over Moana and Maui makes the scene terrifying. They don’t stand a chance and Tamatoa is effortlessly beating the living heck out of them. 

Just like children toy with their barbies and figure. Except Moana and Maui are actual, living being with feelings and emotions and they can feel pain. 

Tamatoa probably doesn’t realize how much damage he’s causing to those lives because humans are so small and weak. He probably doesn’t care either. It’s just like when you step on a random ant. 

Anyway Tamatoa is really sinister in my opinion and that’s why I love him so much. 

I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 663
Warnings: Silly fun and fluff
Challenge:  This was written for @hideyourdemoneyes Dean’s 600 Follower Celebration Disney Writing Challenge. My song was “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from The Lion King.

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Have you been looking for some great people to follow?   Have you been looking for experts in different fields of theatre?  Do you have questions that I sometimes can’t answer as well as you’d like?  Well, here are some wonderful people who you should check out!

Theatre in Europe: phoebedysquiths, mlleempsychora, needsanangel, fl0werpot

Opera: mlleempsychora, serpentinegcddess,  mellifluamusic

Sheet Music/Song Recs: mtsheetmusic,  fuckyeahcolincreevey, intothesepages, musicaltheatresongrecs,  daaeroses, and anothermusicalanothershow.

Monologue recs:  i-am-elsa-defying-gravity

Dance:  twospoony​, meggiry,  one–thousand–kisses

Stage Management:  dreamoctober

Walt Disney World/Face Characters: reystars

I call upon these people all the time for help and thoughts, and I’m sure any one of them would be happy to help out in any way they can.  So go follow these incredible people, show them your appreciation, and utilize their extensive knowledge!

Beauty and the Beast Broadway Soundtrack Appreciation Post

Since the Beauty and the Beast movie comes out this week, the soundtrack is available on Spotify and YouTube. And I’m a little sad that it doesn’t include any songs from the Broadway production. I’m not really sure what I expected, but the additional songs for this show are SO GOOD. There is not a flop on that soundtrack (unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other Disney stage adaptations).

So I thought I’d make a post for people who are only familiar with the movie soundtrack, so they can hear some of the added songs. The entire soundtrack is well worth a listen. I’m not going to include every single reprise, just the major songs. Note: the titles are YouTube links.

“No Matter What” - This very sweet song is towards the beginning, sung by Belle and Maurice, saying that they’ll love each other and they’re all the other has, no matter what. It’s simple. It’s cute. It helps establish how much these two really care for each other.

“Me” - You need this song in your life. This is where Gaston proposes to Belle. He is very full of himself and saying terrible things with such self-confidence. It also includes the line, “We shall be the perfect pair, rather like my thighs.” I’m not sure what else I even need to say.

“Home” - Quite frankly, this one might be my favorite. This is what Belle sings right after the Beast has tossed her into her new room. She wonders if this will be her new home, or if home is where her heart is, even if she’s trapped here. It’s a gorgeous piece

“If I Can’t Love Her” -The new film gave Beast his own song, called “Evermore”. And it’s fine. I guess. But it has nothing on this. “If I Can’t Love Her” is the act one finale, performed by Beast, as he laments what will happen if he can’t love Belle. It starts slow and builds into a powerful end and… I don’t even have words. You just have to listen to it. (PS: Josh Groban has a version of this.)

“Human Again” - Fun fact: this song was actually written for the original film, and pretty much everyone desperately wanted to include it. It’s even included included in an extended edition of the film. Unfortunately, it had to be cut. So when the show was being produced for Broadway, they dug it back out to include it. This song is the enchanted objects singing how they can’t wait to be human again. It’s sweet. It also ends with a high note from hell. The soprano part of this show is very very hard.

“Maison Des Lunes” - This song is sung by Gaston, LeFou, and Monsieur D’Arque (the guy who agrees to lock Maurice up in an asylum unless Belle agrees to marry Gaston). It’s just a dark, creepy thing with a fun little beat.

“A Change In Me” - This song wasn’t actually included in the original Broadway soundtrack, as it wasn’t added until the second actress to play Belle was cast. However, it’s a gorgeous song that’s worth a mention. After Beast lets Belle go so she can take care of her sick father, she sings this song to Maurice to explain how she’s changed from living in the castle. This link is to Susan Egan (the original Broadway Belle) performing this song.

“Home (Reprise II)” - This is the only reprise I’m including in this list. Belle sings a reprise of “Home” as Beast lies dying, admitting that Beast has become her new home. Immediately after, she says “I love you,” which of course breaks the spell.

Beauty and the Beast (2017) review

I just came from seeing the live action/ 2017 version of Beauty and the Beast.  The original animated 1991 version is one of my favorite movies of all time, as well as it came out the year I was born (we’re both 26) AND the live action/2017 came out on March 17th (my birthday).  However, I had been hearing that there was some concerns (the dress) and things that might not be handled well (LeFou being gay) but I still went to see if anyways. 

Short Version:

I adored it.  I think its probably the best live action adaptation of a Disney animated movie to date.  IT FUCKING INCLUDES ALL THE SONGS FOR ONCE.  Not only are they good/sound close to the original, there’s a couple original songs that also sound good and fit in the movie well. 

LeFou I thought was handled well.  He doesn’t die.  I didn’t really pick up on the movie making fun of him/ blatantly using the trope, but I might not be the best person to pick up on it (being demisexual myself).  And he gets an implied happy ending. 

I’d definitely give it a chance and go see it.

Long Version (spoilers):

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So just saw Beauty&Beast(suprisingly decent) and had a funny thought of the batfam going to see it. Jason goes first cause that's HIS disney princess (personal hc) and Dick finds out and had family tag along to help educate Dami on disney. There is a song in it that's new with the beast singing about belle leaving and being an angst ball of fluff and thought Jason would whisper that the song is Bruce's. Everyone agrees much to Bruce's annoyance

Shit sorry. That might have been spoilers abit. But I wanted to share the image of exhausted bruce, giggling but trying to hold back tears jason cause the scene is a bit tear jerky. Dick is get obviously crying in the background. Dicks an ugly crier I hc.

haha no, you’re fine! Considering it’s a remake, I don’t think anything you tell me is technically a spoiler ;P

I always like to think about the kids hearing a song or seeing a media and being like ‘That is SO BRUCE.’ and Bruce just being a grumpy baby about it. 

And I also hc that Dick is a beautiful man, but just ugly at everything. Ugly crier, ugly eater, even an ugly laugher sometimes. I love him so much hahahaha. 

So I may or may not have gotten a ticket today. I was you know doing my thing driving along the freeway. Doing my own Disney Carpool Karaoke jamming out to Be our Guest. Because that song is the damn best. I guess a cop thought I was high or driving bad because I got a ticket a damn ticket for a Disney song.  I think he was jealous of my mad singing skills. 

Beauty & the Beast

Just wanted to share with you guys my feelings after having just watched Beauty & the Beast last night.

I was full of nerves and excitement at the thought of finally getting to see my favourite Disney movie brought to life. As it started the music brought me back to my childhood and I felt a surge of nostalgia. I loved the soundtrack and the score was beautiful. When Emma appeared I was almost nervous for her but she was amazing! She was delicate and beauty when she needed to be but also strong and funny too. For me she brought out many more aspects of Belle’s character and I felt all the hard work she had put in to do this. Truthfully I got emotionally at nearly all the songs and found myself singing along in the theatre. There’s always going to be some flaws in live action remakes I think and yes there were some brief moments that didn’t flow and some points that deviated from the previous plot but all in all I am SO HAPPY and well and truly love this version!! I hope you all enjoy the movie as much as I did - each to their own 🌹✨♥️

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i just want,, a playlist all of nickelodeon songs,, i don't care for what ship i'm just,,

GOD FUCKING ME im gonna be honest with you i didnt watch nickelodeon as a kid (uuuuh…. disney xd was where it was at, fight me on it) so this is gonna be The Victorious Song Playlist™

ok so i saw beauty and the beast today and thoughts:

- don’t hate me but i was a bit iffy about emma watson at the start of the film (particularly that bloody autotuning in ‘belle’) and wasn’t really feeling it which surprised me but as the film went on i thought she actually did a great job


- i didn’t actually realise how many massive stars were in this movie wowowowow (particularly loved josh gad and my forever queen emma thompson)

- the music in this film is my favourite of any disney movie ever and any song made orchestral makes me want to cry fuck you disney

- audra mcdonald belting out that note at the end made me want to rewatch the film as soon as it finished


Haikyuu!! and Disney (Karasuno version)

Since I’m spending my time singing along to Disney, I thought I could at least make some new headcanons. Someone else has probably already done this, but I don’t care. Since this is turned out to be a really long post I will now put a “read more” thing. So continue if you want to see my take on what Karasuno thinks about Disney in general, what their favourite movies are and what songs they enjoy most.

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I forgot, LittleKuriboh’s been on this!


Aaand now I just see Kaiba/Priest Seto falling in love with BEWD/Kisara, out of nowhere, blaming a hallucination…


“I thought I lost you,

I thought I’d never see your sweet face again,

I turned around and you were gone,

And on and on the days went.

But I kept the moments that we were in,

Cause I hoped in my heart you’d come back to me my friend.

And now I got you,

But I thought I lost you…” - Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, ‘I thought I lost You’

Last night I re-watched one of my favourite Disney films called 'Bolt’, and I loved how the whole movie was about friendship and looking out for each other in any situation and no matter who that person was, you always stuck by that person who you love and care about. I heard the song at the end of it and it reminded me of Mark because I was super excited to see him the next day.

I was so happy that I cried when I saw he uploaded something today! I can’t wait to see what else he brings us all next but I will be patient and hope all of you will be too. In the vlog when he said “Thank you for being here for me”. I started crying and said 'Why wouldn’t we?’, because Mark has done so much for me as a person and for all of us. And now to see him back feeling better, makes me feel like the happiest person in the world. I feel that we have done something, and that I feel useful for once, thanks to Mark

I was happy to see him because for me personally, he is a hero of mine that is actually alive and out there for me and you all. Most of my idols and heroes in my book are either deceased or too tired to do anything with themselves again.

But when I see Mark and his videos, I can believe in myself that he is out there changing the world in his own way for good, and I can believe that I can soon do the same. To see his face again, means a lot to me, and I get sad sometimes when I don’t see him because I don’t want to lose him like I lost a lot of my other heroes. But he never fails to make me feel better and for everyone too. And I will be understandable and patient with anything that he does or anyone else in this world does, good things come to those who wait!

Be patient, and respect the people you love and care about! <3 Hope you have a lovely day and I am here if you need me! :)

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“For the past two years I’ve been haunted by the thoughts of a very abusive relationship that, despite knowing how toxic it is, I keep having to force myself to stay out of. I know it’s not the point of the song but the last few lines from Frozen’s cut song "Life’s Too Short”, specifically the line “Life’s too short to even have you in it.” Have really been helping me move on. Even if it is totally out of context.“