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I love love love love love love love your fanart!!!! And like, idk if you take requests (and that shit takes so long I'd understand if you didn't) but maybe if you wanted to make my life a little better… Katelyn/Aaron? Him being a grumpy little Exy player and her looking the way you'd think with sunglasses, starbucks, her phone, a bag?

thank you for good words)
I really put a lot of thought into this but… sorry, I can’t imagine grumpy Aaron near Katelyn)
In my headcanon he is really happy with her)

  • Lance: Hey guys, if you could live anywhere in the universe, where would it be??
  • Shiro: I'm not sure I like the thought of settling down somewhere permanent... I would be fine living like this in the ship, travelling the universe helping people.
  • Lance: Wow,,, that is like a way deeper response to this question than I was expecting. I was thinking more like 'somewhere by the ocean' or 'a planet full of cute girls'
  • Keith: I'd live in a volcano.
  • Lance: What??? No. Keith. No one would ever want to live in a volcano.
  • Keith: I would. You said anywhere in the universe. I'll live in a volcano.
  • Lance: But.... That doesn't even make sense! It's so hot. You would literally melt!
  • Pidge: Well I'd like to live on a grassy, peaceful planet.
  • Lance: Hm
  • Pidge: What's so 'hm' about that???
  • Lance: Oh no, it's just, I thought you'd want to live somewhere really tech-y. Lots of computers and stuff like that
  • Pidge: Well maybe I'd want to take a break from all that once in a while; somewhere green and quiet...... And I mean, I'd take all my equipment with me too of course. I can take all my equipment with me right??
  • Hunk: Wait, does this mean we'd all be living on different planets??? Because I'd want to live on the same one as you guys.
  • Lance: Aw Hunk
  • Hunk: Because I could totally find a planet with a volcano-
  • Lance: Keith is not living in a volcano!
  • Hunk: -lots of grass, and like a space station for Shiro or something.
  • Lance: ........... Actually.... That kinda sounds like Earth doesn't it? I think... That's still where I'd pick to live.
  • Everyone: ...........
  • Lance: Doesn't hurt that it's got the best Italian food in the galaxy.
  • Everyone, collectively groaning: Uggghh
  • -------
  • Based on the now infamous Lion Quiz in the Voltron Guidebook

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So after browsing your blog for about an hour (I love all of it) I went to make breakfast and my cat jumped up and I got hit with an idea that I don't know if you'd enjoy or not. A Witch AU? Maybe Kirk and some of the crew are witches/warlocks and whatnot. (At first I thought Spock would be a familiar of sorts, but I wanted to see your take on this)

this ask has been sitting in my asks for years and I always was thinking about doing something for it and there it is!

some kind of witch au with young aos spirk , witch kirk using astrology powers and Spock (who can turn himself into a cat)

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oh ok! I just figured, if there are male and female dwarves but they can't tell which is which (and don't care, socially) you'd end up with about half of all long-term couples being infertile. so I figured, if you're in a fertile couple and your sibling is in an infertile couple, you'd have like five kids and raise them together with your sibling and their spouse, then maybe when they get older some of them go live with your sibling full-time. so dwarves live in big family groups.

Ahh I Iove that concept, Dwarven Utopia is my new favourite thing to daydream about. Thankyou for sharing!

(Making public because everyone loves Thoughts on Fantasy Dwarves ~ )

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Hi, I'm really new to all this witchy stuff and I'm having trouble picking which blogs to follow. Could you maybe suggest me some blogs? If you'd rather not that's fine, I just thought I would ask! Thank you for your time!

Oh man, I had made a huge list a while ago, and I just spent like.. at least a half hour looking for it and I can’t find it, so I’m just going to make a new one! Here we go! 

@magic-for-the-masses (genuinely one of my very favorite witchcraft blogs– SO kind and SO MUCH INFO)

Wow, it’s a lot but i know I’ve forgotten some. So many good blogs, I just don’t always pay enough attention to who posts the content I really love!

I hope this is helpful. I honestly love every single one of these blogs!

  • -the new Uchiha family is approaching Konoha, Kakashi and Naruto are waiting for them at the gates-
  • Sakura: I can see them! Look! (starts waving) They even got us balloons!
  • Sasuke: (gently rocking Sarada) Balloons?
  • Sakura: Yeah! It looks like there's something written on them. Maybe "Welcome, baby Sarada"? So thoughtful! What do the balloons say, Sasuke-kun, can you see?
  • Sasuke: (activates Sharingan) ...I'm not sure they bought the kind of balloons you'd like, Sakura...
  • text on the balloons: *Congrats on the sex!!*

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You already did a request for me, but if you'd like more I am full of ideas haha. Since you've done Byakugan Kakashi, how about Rinnegan Kakashi? Maybe in the Hokage outfit?

“To be honest, I am a little disappointed.

“You are already a dead man… Rokudaime.

“And I didn’t even use my full strength.

“So, my apologies, but I must decline your final chance to surrender.”

“Oh! Well, that’s alright, Orochimaru-sama.


“…as long as we’re being honest…

“…I was hoping you’d say that.”

I was wondering what might cause Kakashi break out the Rinnegan… and then I thought, well, @fineillsignup dislikes a certain Snake Sannin, so… :D

America: Can’t believe I’m actually going to be the mature one but–can you two maybe stop bickering for a bit so we can work….? 

England: We don’t bicker enough that you need to say anything!

France: What are you talking about we bicker all the time!! 

England: You’re only saying that because you start all the arguments–

France: Me?!

America: Guys…

France: Who started the 100 years war?! Who’s fault was that?

England: Yours!!

France: And Brexit?!


  • Cole: You used to see the gray but you didn't that day. Black and white, pain and fire.
  • Anders: Yeah...
  • Cole: It still hunts you, everyday like a chill you think will never leave your bones. It's all knotted up with thoughts of justice, vengeance, hope and fear.
  • Anders: Cole, maybe we shouldn't talk about this.
  • Cole: I'm hurting you. I'm sorry.
  • Anders: You mean well and it's nothing I haven't heard before.
  • Cole: You didn't do it to hurt people. You wanted to pay the price for all mages. You believed if you acted alone, you'd have a chance.
  • Anders: It was a mistake.
  • Cole: You did it to protect them.
  • Anders: People got hurt.
  • Cole: People were already getting hurt. You did your best. You always do your best. It woke the leadership up. They no longer bow in fear to Templar jailers. The circle failed them, you didn't.
  • Anders: I-- thank you.

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There are these animated 'memes' on YouTube and I thought you might be interested making some because there are some Undertale ones. A few examples of them are: the Hot Milk (meme), the Forget (meme), and the I Do Love You (meme). Most of them are less than a minute long so maybe you could make them in your free time if you'd like. I saw that superyoumna did one with Othertale Undyne on her channel. Like how you did the Metadora Cross thing :)

I’d like to do it, but I don’t have enough time for that…

I have to make Underverse, Comics, Patreon rewards and a lot of backgrounds for a friend’s project.

The only free time I have is when I’m streaming or sleeping.

Opposites Attract

Requested: Yes

Based off a prompt list linked here

#8 “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.” and #11 “You love me.”

Pairing: Peter Parker x Michelle

Description: Michelle and Peter had gotten close ever since Liz’s party, the one where Michelle called Peter and Ned lame for being there, when she was there too. Peter and Michelle since then hung out more, that’s when Ned started to realize there was more than just ‘friendship’ going on. Ned soon brought that to Peter’s attention, making him frustrated. The outcome of that soon made Michelle and Peter both realize their true feelings.

Warnings: Swearing, cuteness

Word Count: 1,882

A/N: Ahhhhhh! I loved this imagine so much, it’s so dorky and cute and I just love it. I think Peter and MJ are such a great match for each other and honestly I can’t wait for the next Spider-Man movie so we can see their relationship progress into something more. Anyways I hope you enjoy! :)

Originally posted by miraculousfinn

Michelle wasn’t one for parties, but Liz had invited her so she decided to go just for the sake of people watching.

It was something she did on a daily, besides reading and drawing in her sketchbook that she took with her everywhere.

She decided to make toast, something everyone thought was a bit strange but decided not to say anything.

That’s when Ned and Peter walked in, seeing her there surprised them both.

“I can’t believe you guys are at this lame party.” Michelle scoffed, putting something on her toast.

Ned’s eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.

“But you’re here too.” He pointed out, making her stop and look at him.

“Am I?” She questioned, taking a bite of her toast and wandering off, leaving the two boys in a confused state.

Peter could never wrap his head around her, he couldn’t figure out how she was, because each day she was different.

As the night got later, Peter and Ned found Michelle, they all hung out and talked, something she wasn’t used to since she didn’t have friends.

That was the night that changed everything.

Weeks later, Peter and Michelle had gotten closer, they’d sit next to each other in class, eat lunch together (with Ned too), they even started hanging out after school.

“So, what did you think of Mr. K’s math test?” Michelle brought up one day after school.

They were hanging out at Peter’s house, something that became a normal thing they did.

“I thought it was miserable, I knew the information we learned before that, which I aced by the way.” He winked, making Michelle roll her eyes.

“But then this test came and I totally blanked out.” Peter admitted, making Michelle’s eyes soften, seeing he was truly upset.

“It’s okay, maybe he’ll let you retake it?” She suggested, shrugging her shoulders.

“It wouldn’t matter, I don’t know anything.” Peter sighed, sitting down on his spinney chair, going in circles.

“I can tutor you if you’d like.” She smiled slightly, making Peter’s head snap in her direction.

“Really? You'd do that for me?” He questioned surprised, he didn’t expect her to be so willing to help him.

“Sure, I understand the lesson pretty well.“ Michelle gave a slight smirk, making Peter snort in response.

Weeks passed and Michelle came over to Peter’s everyday to help tutor him in math, which he was extremely grateful for.

 With her help, his grade did improve in the class.

"MJ!” Peter shouted down the hallway, making her turn to look at him.

“What?” She let out a laugh, seeing the excitement on his face.

“Guess who got an A on his math test! That’s right! This guy!” Peter laughed, doing a thumbs up dance at himself.

“Great job! I knew you could do it.” Michelle laughed, patting Peter on the back.

It was these moments that they both cherished, something they both could bond over.

Ned saw this from his locker, the way they both were around each other.

In fact, Ned had been observing them for a while now, seeing how they acted around each other, the way they would talk to each other, basically everything.

“Hey guys.” Ned joined in, a big smile on his face.

“Hey Ned.” Peter grinned, wrapping his arm around his best friend.

“Do you want to hang out after school? I need to talk to you.” Ned spoke quietly, making Peter curious but nodded in agreement.

Michelle took this as her cue to leave, so she went off to class.

“What do you want to talk about?” Peter questioned his friend, walking to class together.

“Just wait till we get to your house, trust me.” Ned grinned slightly, making Peter’s stomach twist with nerves.

He waited all day for the bell to ring at two forty-five, and when it did, he was the first one out of the building.

He rushed home, awaiting Ned any minute to arrive.

Soon enough he came walking through the door.

“Okay, it better be good because I’ve been on edge all day.” Peter paced back and forth, making Ned laugh.

“Alright calm down.” Ned waved a hand at his anxious friend.

Peter sat down on his chair again, waiting for Ned to continue.

“It’s about you and Michelle, I’ve seen you guys these past few weeks, I think you two are more than just ‘friends’ if you know what I mean.” Ned wiggled his eyebrows at Peter.

“No way, MJ an I are just friends.” Peter brushed it off, but Ned wasn’t taking that as an answer.

“Peter, it’s so obvious you two like each other, so that’s why I called her over here.” Ned spoke the last part quickly, making Peter’s eyes widen.

“You. Did. What!” Peter shouted, standing up from his chair.

“You two need to talk this out!” Ned spoke quickly, backing out the bedroom door.

“I’m going to kill you.” Peter groaned, running his fingers through his hair.

He couldn’t believe this was happening, what was Ned thinking?

Him and Michelle? Together? A couple?

Peter was pacing back and forth, not noticing Michelle creep in.

She couldn’t help but observe him, he was frustrated, no doubt about it, you could tell by just how he walked, the way he tugged on his hair, or the way he was mumbling to himself.

Michelle hated to admit it, but she found Peter extremely attractive, something she never thought before.

Peter turned around, jumping at the sight of MJ sitting there.

“Oh, hey.” He stammered, unsure of how to act around her.

“Ned told me to come in here.” Michelle stated bluntly, raising an eyebrow at him.

“Yeah.. He’s trying to get back at me.” Peter muttered, sitting down on his bed.

“I can tell you’re really angry.” Michelle piped up, making Peter roll his eyes.

“I’m not angry.” He shot back, thus proving Michelle correct.

“Yeah well, you’re so fucking hot when you’re angry.” She mumbled, making Peter’s head snap up in her direction.

“What did you just say?” Peter swallowed thickly, not sure if he heard her correctly.

“What? I didn’t say anything.” Michelle smiled innocently, making Peter squint his eyes at her.

“Tell me what you said, I know you mumbled something.” He stood up, standing in front of her.

She took this as a challenge, standing up also.

“So what if I said something? What are you going to do about it?” She raised her eyebrows, making Peter twitch, not only because she was challenging him, but because she knew where to set him off.

Peter smirked slightly, placing his hand on his chin.

“Hmm.. I don’t know, maybe I’ll do something.. Like this?” He shrugged, pulling her close to him, surprising the both of them.

Michelle looked at him wide eyed, but smirked slightly.

“Alright, I see how it is.” She bit her lip slightly, making Peter’s heart beat quicker.

“Maybe, I’ll do something like this?” She smiled innocently, running one of her fingers through his hair.

Peter’s face flushed red, unable to hide how he was feeling.

It was getting intense, they could both feel it between them.

“For your information, I said you were hot when you were angry.” She smiled, sucking in her bottom lip that drove Peter crazy.

It was then that they both realized how much they really cared for each other.

“You know, Ned was right, what’s going on between us..” Peter paused, looking at the ground before looking at MJ.

“He’s been right this entire time, I don’t want to be just 'friends’ with you, I want to be with you.” Peter confessed, making Michelle smile softly.

“It was about time Parker.” Michelle laughed quietly, surprising him.

“Peter, hasn’t it been obvious, I’ve been in love with you for so long.” Michelle admitted, pulling out her sketchbook.

“Wait what?” Peter breathed out, his face filled with shock.

Y-You love me? Like actually love me?” He smiled, his face lighting up as Michelle nodded.

“Of course I do you dumbass.” She laughed, standing up and walking over to him.

“I always have.” She smiled, biting her lip slightly.

“I-I..” Peter stuttered, making MJ laugh quietly.

His face flushed with embarrassment, but Michelle loved it.

“I love you too Michelle.” He finally spit it out, making her smile at him.

Peter was about to go in and kiss her, but was interrupted by Ned.

“Thank god that’s over, do you guys want to order pizza?” He grinned, standing in the doorway, only to receive glares from the both of them.

They did however end up getting to kiss, but also get pizza.