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LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Matsuda Ryo as Isana Yashiro


Ai Ai Gasa

 An umbrella with the names of the couple as a symbol of love  (´▽`)♡

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imagine an au where aaron is a slightly reluctant, very grumpy assassin who works for his uncle taking out real pieces of work. and then he gets assigned robert, the biggest dickhead going. and aaron always works a certain way - gets to know the mark, finds out their schedule, targets them when there’s no witnesses. only… when aaron gets to know robert he starts to wonder if this guy really is as bad as he first seemed. because apart from the bravado and the foot-in-mouth complex, robert actually seems… good. still a colossal pain in the backside but… he’s soft as well and his smile is warm as sunshine and aaron… doesn’t get involved like this, he makes a point of not letting emotions get in the way of his job, but he’s not sure he can stop himself this time. in fact, it might be too late already…

Yoichi: Hey, Gekkoin.
Gekkoin: Hm?
Yoichi: Today’s my birthday.
Gekkoin: So?
Yoichi: You’re supposed to say congrats.
Gekkoin: Eh…
Yoichi: Where’s my congrats?
Gekkoin: Erm….Co..congrats.
Yoichi: Thanks Gekkoin!

Miluji tě

sooo the hint for this time is I’ve been in this country :p
soo I really enjoyed watching supergirl rogether cause this episode was awesomeee c: definetely don’t regret binge watching all those eps for the valentine episode hahah cause watching together is fun :p anddd I’m really excited for tomorrow evening and the days following to spend more time with you again♡



“One thing we haven’t explicitly defined in these films is, who does the hair? Is it Ori? Is Ori the hairdresser? Maybe Dori’s the hairdresser? We haven’t yet seen the guys all sitting around a campfire pimping themselves up. That might be one scene I’d love to have seen — the Dwarves all doing their hair and plaiting their beards.” -Jed Brophy in the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles II; Characters & Creatures Weta Workshop book



the dinner stare down