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Mahiru, I know things are complicated with Fuyihiko and Natsumi now... but maybe you could offer to take some pictures of them together for Fuyuhiko to have? I bet he'd appreciate it.


Koizumi? What do you want? If it’s about Sato I-

No, no. I’m going around the island taking photos of everyone and I thought that you would probably like to have one with Pekoyama-chan and your sister, what do you think?


T-That would be great…Thank you. Wait a sec’ I’m going to tell the girls.


Title: Follow Me Back | Series: Follow Me Back #1
Author: A.V. Geiger | Pages: 368 | Rating: ★★★★ | Goodreads: X


Tessa Hart’s world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it’s like his speaking directly to her…

Eric Thorn is frightened by his obsessive fans. They take their devotion way too far. It doesn’t help that his PR team keeps posting to encourage their fantasies.

When a fellow pop star is murdered at the hands of a fan, Eric knows he has to do something to shatter his online image fast—like take down one of his top Twitter followers. But Eric’s plan to troll @TessaHeartsEric unexpectedly evolves into an online relationship deeper than either could have imagined. And when the two arrange to meet IRL, what should have made for the world’s best episode of Catfish takes a deadly turn…

My Thoughts

I would like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit, Follow Me Back has been the biggest surprise of the year. I was interested in the plot and expected to like, but how much I liked it was a pleasant surprise.

Follow Me Back is a page-turner and is written so well. It reads like a fan fiction which makes sense as this is how the story started, but also fits the atmosphere of the story. With the interview fragments and social media aspect, I’m not sure this would have read well any other way. And, of course, Geiger is a talented writer and knows how to appeal to the demographic who would be reading this.

The story depends so much on you liking the characters, though, and in the beginning I was skeptical. Everything about Eric - especially in the very begging and at the end - felt like a caricature. The way he angered and spoke in the beginning felt unreal and everything about what he said in his last conversation with Tessa in the car felt cheesy and forced. The middle was fine and at about 35% I completely fell in love with Tessa and Eric, but it took me a bit to get there. Once I did, I couldn’t stop. I needed to know what happened to these two.

Though the narrative itself wasn’t heavy with suspense, the interview fragments definitely added that aspect. Without them, it would have been completely void of the “edge of my seat” feeling I expect from a story like this. Which is disappointing because I expected more of that, but got enough of it in those moments to satisfy me. I’ll admit the twist and apex of of all the suspense wasn’t a complete surprise, though I did like it.

My two complaints are this - in the beginning, I had a hard time deciding if Geiger was making commentary on celebrity/social media/fandom culture, making fun of it, or simply writing about what she knew. It took me away from the story momentarily until I could get past it.

Second, is the end. I loved it because I know there’s going to be a second book and it’s clear that there’s more going on than what meets the eye. However, it was jarring. Perhaps that’s what we’re supposed to feel, this odd moment of “What the hell!?” after Tessa and Eric have a moment, but I wish we had been slightly more prepared for it simply because it almost doesn’t fit the feel of the rest of the story.

If a reader is not interested in fandom culture, social media, or fan fiction this story won’t be for them. But honestly, I plan on recommending this to many people because if a person does enjoy those things this story is easy to love. The characters are easy to love and the story left me desperate to get my hands on book 2.

Read in March 2017


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I always loved the idea of Pokemon Centres as a central hub for all sorts of trainers, and how tranquil the pokemon regions feel at night. 

I’m going to try and get this as a print at some point! Stay tuned!

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Hey guys, I usually don’t do this. But a freshman student at the high school I used to attend thought it would be funny to take this picture. Sadly, I know if no one speaks up about this she will just get a slap on the wrist. Please call or email because this unacceptable.
The school is Cape Henlopen High school
1250 Kings Hwy, Lewes, DE 19958
Phone number: 302-645-7711
The principal is Brian Donahue: Brian.Donahue@cape.k12.de.us


just realized I never posted this here so!! here ya go

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please



Sons i have adopted long ago but havent drawn until now bc i avoid spiky hair at all costs. It’s diff now though bc lmao fuck my comfort zone when i got ch 133
I probs wont be drawing anytime soon bc wow fuck coding

“Why go for ten thousand when we can go for a lifetime?”

“Is that a yes?”

“It is.”

Taking Chances Finale - Chapter 37 


I Met you through Taking Chances, Andrea, and to have it end is bittersweet but being able to read/work on/finish this fic MAKES ME TEAR UP BECAUSE IT’S PRETTY MUCH THE FOUNDATION OF OUR FRIENDSHIP WHICH IS CRAZY!!!!!(ch!23)!1!!!