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Florence does her thing and I do mine. To be honest, we never thought all this would happen… I mean we knew we wanted it, but we had no idea really how big this all was going to be… We started this out of love and out of fun, before there was anyone telling us what to do. It’s funny how this industry tries to get in the middle of that. But some things never change… We’ll keep making songs wherever. That’s our relationship… I know deep down, we’ll always stick together.

Let’s face it: Our world is in trouble. We’ve got coup attempts in Turkey, North Korea throwing threats around every couple of weeks, and the recent unrest in the U.S. Unrest which seems to indicate that another World War is right around the corner. At this rate, the dangers appear to be rising faster than we can create the weapons needed to protect ourselves from them. With that in mind, why don’t we use Samsung’s massive recall to our advantage by repurposing these dangerous explosives as intentional weapons?

The applications are endless when you’re dealing with volatile handheld devices like the Note 7. For example, video game modder HitmanNiko edited the grenades in Grand Theft Auto V, reskinning them as Note 7’s with hilarious, thought-provoking results.

While it’s funny to behold, I got to thinking “Why the hell not?” It already doesn’t take much to set the Note 7 off into a blazing inferno. So throwing these things at our enemies on the battlefield would work about as well as any grenade. And your typical grenade can’t store over 50,000 songs. It’s only with the Note 7 grenades that you can blast Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone at full volume while blowing your adversaries to smithereens.

How Samsung Can Recover From Their Exploding Phone Fiasco

Prompt: “Sometimes memories are the worst form of torture.”
Video Game: Mystic Messenger
Pairing(s): 707 x MC
Warning(s): Spoiler, Ig.


by Austere.

“Hello…” he watched her, responding just as he predicted she would. It was the third time she had been here, always hesitating, he remembered clearly. He always did.

Sometimes he wondered why he bothered answering her messages. Why he bothered caring about a girl who had never looked his way. It was unfair, but he didn’t have a choice.

It was his job.

“I just came here to find the owner of the phone… what is going on…?” She asked, so confused and so cute, he couldn’t help but sigh.

He answered her, just as he was ordered to do so. It’s almost funny, he thought, that even with repetitive answers, she always managed to pierce his heart with her words alone. How pathetic was that? He would never know.

Or would like to know.

Days passed and he laughed almost crazily. Of course, she didn’t choose him again. It was Jumin. No matter how many times she logged on, all she talked about was Jumin this and Jumin that. He was getting sick of it, and yet. He was forced to say these goddamn words.

“Of course. A relationship lasts from a messenger I created,” he laughed hysterically. Then why couldn’t she choose him?

And then he sighed, he knew. He was a dangerous person and so he always asked her to stay away. His words contradicted what was on his mind and what was on his heart, but what could he do?

It was his job.

He watched her again, getting so close to a friend who always forget. Why couldn’t he remain ignorant as well? Why did he have to go through this? Oh. He paused.

It was his job.

There were times he thought maybe she was looking his way. Misleading replies that always gave him a reason to live for the next day. He knew not to get his hopes up, and yet he fell for it again. What a stupid brain, contradicting his genius when it came to hacking. Pathetic.

Was there a way to hack her heart? He laughed harshly. If there was, he wouldn’t be watching her kissing another guy that wasn’t him.

He looked away. He wouldn’t dare cry. He wouldn’t dare feel sad. He wouldn’t dare tell anyone. Everything was hidden under the pretense of “classified information” ‘cause he knew.

It was his job.

He watched her, over and over, reseting the game that it never did cross her mind that someone could remember. And then, she came his way. Her whole attention was for him only, understanding each jokes he attempted to make her laugh. She watched over him, concerned for his very-being. And Luciel thought that maybe, this was the life he was looking for in a long time.

It was the best feeling he had ever had.

But then, he knew it’d all come to an end. She would have to leave again. No more, he wanted to say. Don’t go, he wanted to plea. But he didn’t dare say. He watched her go, slumping next to the kitten she got for his birthday. He laughed harshly.

The touch of her lips, the feeling of her body against his, the laughter he’d never be able to hear next to him again, and the feeling of completely being engulfed in sleep as she slept next to him on his bed. And then he paused, wiping the little tears that escaped from the corner of his eyes.

He wouldn’t shed tears, but he could walk away. And so he did, uttering a sentence that probably would make her feel guilty if he told her he knew.

“Sometimes memories are the worst form of torture.”

But he didn’t say a word. He couldn’t.

It was his job.


I’m quite new to the fandom, but the fics I’ve read just got to me. T__T

Gif is not mine.

Today my Precalculus teacher was talking about limits. At the beginning of class, I didn’t know it would end up leading to the moment that I never thought I would have.
When he said, “The limit is zero”, I whispered to myself, “The limit does not exist.” You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to say that.

I decided to mix two requests to make it easier for me.
So this is a kind of part II of “AFTER THE BATTLE”, mixed with the following request :
-Well if you’re accepting imagine requests… Imagine you’re Clint Barton’s younger sister and Clint thought it would be funny to hide your hearing-aids so Pietro decides to help you

Hope you’ll like it :-)


After the battle, you had healed Pietro’s injuries. Now you knew him, you could say you had an undeniable crush on him. The only problem was all these girls constantly stalking him. It made you feel so vulnerable and small.
Pietro obviously tried to flirt with you however, you weren’t an easy girl. He asked you out multiple times but you used to shrug it off, telling him you were too busy to hang out. Even if your heart was racing in your chest when you saw the speedster, you had to be careful. Deep inside you also knew Clint wouldn’t like that. Pietro may had saved his life but he was still an Avenger and worked with your older brother.
A few days ago, just after you sent the speedster packing once more, Clint told you he was worried about the fact you were still single.

“You know (Y/N), love is great sometimes … I mean why don’t you find a nice guy or something ?”
A slight blush appeared on your face and you tried not to think about your Speedy.
“Clint …” You started to mutter, but he cut you off.
“I know, I know ! It’s not my business. But I’m worried, I don’t want you to be alone …”
“Clint !” You finally mewed in despair.
“Ok, ok, I’m going to shut up I promise …” He mumbled. You let out a sigh and bit your bottom lip. “Is there someone in your life ?” He asked carefully, causing you to groan.
“You said it wasn’t your business ! Anyway I won’t tell you.” You declared before standing up.
His eyes narrowed and you shook your head in dismay, walking away.
“I’ll make you talk !” Clint yelled from the kitchen.

Your brother was always too protective towards you.
However, he also loved to get on your nerves and today, his plans were pretty clear.
Tony, and Bruce were sitting in the lab while Clint was leaning on the desk when you stormed into the room.
“Can someone help me to find my hearing-aids ? ” You asked, desperately staring at the guys.
Bruce frowned and you screwed up your eyes. Of course, they didn’t even know. You turned to ask Clint and you saw his lips moving.
“Ask - your - boyfriend ?”
Your mouth opened as you understood his little game and you flushed. It wasn’t fair at all.
You almost ran back to the living room and looked for them under the pillows, everywhere. Finally, you sat on the sofa and let out a deep sigh. Clint could be so unbearable sometimes.
Suddenly, you felt something grabbing your shoulder and startled, turning quickly to see Pietro standing behind you. What an awkward situation. You blushed when you saw his mouth opening and just moved your hands to explain you couldn’t hear him. You saw a slight frown developping on his forehead and grabbed a pen on the table to write what Clint had just done on a paper.
As he read the three sentences you wrote, Pietro raised his eyebrows and looked around him. He didn’t seem to care about the fact you needed hearing-aids. You felt his hand grabbing yours as he pulled you out of the room to look for your hearind-aids.
Heat flooded your cheeks and you couldn’t keep a smile. Clint wasn’t that stupid after all, now you were forced to spend some time with your Speedy …
You were contemplating Pietro when he turned, his strong arms lifting you effortlessly. Your gazes crossed, as if he was looking for a sign of aproval in your eyes and you nodded. You closed your eyes and circled his neck with your arms. He used his speed to move to Clint’s room. When he stopped, you opened your eyes and noticed his face was unusually close to yours. His lips brushed against your temple and you blushed, releasing your grip around his neck. Your feet finally touched the ground and you pushed Clint’s door. Pietro took a quick glance at the room and before you could do anything, he was rushing around, opening boxes and stuffs. Of course, this would be more efficient.
After 5 seconds, he stopped in front of you and handed you your hearing-aids. You let out a sigh in relief as you put them in. It took you a full minute to realize you could hear again.
“Thanks …” You finally mumbled with a shy smile.
Pietro took a step forward and a smirk crossed his face. You raised an eyebrow as he stared at you.
“What ?” You asked.
“Don’t you think you owe me something now ?” He crossed his arms on his chest.
You blushed and screwed up your eyes.
“Like what ?”
He shrugged, then obviously looked at your lips before looking back at your eyes.
“I won’t kiss you. I’m not that kind of girl.” You giggled.
He made a face and bit his lower lip, still gazing at you.
“Never said such a thing. What about this date ?”
You shook your head with a smile and planted a kiss on his cheek before heading to the lab.
“Oh come on (Y/N) ! I helped you …” He moaned, walking behind you.
You felt his hand grabbing yours and pulling you from behind. His simple touch electrified you at once. A sigh escaped your mouth and you couldn’t keep a stupid and naive smile.
“Gosh Pietro …” You muttered as you turned, amused.
You found yourself face to face with him, your two bodies incredibly close and you swallowed. Instinctively, you put your hand on his chest as he looked straight into your eyes. His fingers ran on your cheek and his hand finally cupped the side of your face tenderly. He pulled you into a passionate kiss, taking your breath away as his tongue entered your mouth to dance around yours, slowly and feverishly.
His lips on yours were the best thing you had ever tasted. Your hand slowly made its way to his shoulder, then your fingers traveled to his silver hair, grabbing it softly. You couldn’t resist to his lips that claimed yours greedily and deepened the embrace, craving his body against yours.
As you kissed lovingly in the middle of the corridor, you heard Tony’s laugh behind you and quickly pulled away from Pietro’s arms.
“I should have brought popcorn !” Tony laughed loudly.
You rolled your eyes as you felt your cheeks burning. The situation was so embarrassing you couldn’t even talk. Pietro raised an eyebrow and let out a sigh in exasperation.
“Tony …” He grumbled.
Tony was so undaunted he stared at you both before going back to the lab.
“Clint ! Guess what !”
You heard him shouting. Pietro and you suddenly looked at each other but before the two of you could react, you heard Clint’s voice echoing from the room.
“WHAT ?! (Y/N) !” Your brother shouted.
You made a face but saw an amused smile on Pietro’s lips.
“I’m sorry …” You whispered, but he shook his head.
“Don’t worry prințesă …” He replied in the same tone.
After all, if your brother wasn’t happy with the guy you loved, it didn’t matter. Clint appeared in the corridor and you stirred anxiously.
“You’re dating my little sister ?” He asked, shocked.
Pietro took a look at you and your mouth opened with surprise.
“It was just a kiss.” You interrupted him.
The speedster bit his bottom lip to avoid laughing and he looked away.
“Oh thanks (Y/N) but I was asking Pietro Maximoff if he seriously plans to date my little sister.”
You screwed up your eyes and hid your face in your hands in exasperation. It was over, the man you loved would never stay with you after that. What a shame. As your thoughts ran through your head, your speedy raised his eyebrows, not impressed at all.
“Yes, I do. Is it a problem ?” He replied spontaneously.
Your heart skipped several beats and you removed your hands from your face. Clint stared at Pietro for a while before speaking again.
“Break her heart and I’ll break your face.” He pointed his finger at the speedster.
You let out a groan and laid your head against Pietro’s chest desperately. Then, your brother’s expression softened.
“I’ll be watching you.” Clint mumbled as he left the corridor.
The speedster wrapped his strongs arms around your waist and let out a laughter. You frowned as you looked up at him.
“What’s so funny ?”
“I’m still asking you out …” He chuckled.
You raised an eyebrow in disbelief as you felt his fingers stroking your back gently.
“What ?…” You asked.
His gaze filled with apprehension and he swallowed.
“Is it another ‘no’ ?”
You shook your head and let out a laughter as you gave him a tender kiss, fully on the lips.
“You’re mad Speedy …” You sighed against his mouth.
“Mad about you …” He groaned before kissing you again more passionately.


Chill, disheveled Toby. (✿ ◡‿◡)


this is mostly a test theme so I could practice some different ideas. it’s a really light and simple theme that would look best with a photo-centric blog. also I thought it was cute that the theme is called houdini and the description and permalinks “apear” like magic get it it’s funny. and very important if you’re using this theme  YOU HAVE TO USE A PORTRAIT PHOTO FOR YOUR SIDEBAR OR THE DESCRIPTION WON’T WORK RIGHT (well I mean it will work but it looks funny). message me if you have questions. -Emily

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Our Lord of Fire once again showing us how to incorporate both firebending and waterbending forms into your fighting style. Note the classic firebending punch and spin combined with a move that almost makes it look like Zuko is retrieving his element from a pouch (kind of like what Katara would do…but with firebending). 

Side note, I just thought of something kind of funny: remember how, at the very end of the “The Boy in the Iceberg,” Zuko spotted Aang and commented that he was “quite agile for his old age” thinking that Aang was an old man? 

Well, guess who’s not so agile in his old age now?

I’d blame the Worf Effect, but we barely saw old Zuko fight. 

(Warning flashing)

I see a lot of human versions of the Undertale characters and I kinda wanted to join in. I thought that it would be fun to make my own version of the skeleton brothers. I guess you could say it’s almost like a headcanon (it most likely is). I like the idea of them not being biological brothers and more like close friends that will tell everyone that they are in fact brother’s. They tend to say it so often that they themselves now believe that it’s true. I also thought that it would be funny if sans was like “ yeah we’re totally brother’s. See we have the same hair color.” It sounded funnier in my head at 4:30 in the morning.
Programs used:
Paint tool Sai
Fire Alpaca

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