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  • Me: So yeah I guess I'm just sticking with the "me at my best" and "me at my worst" theme with Vivi and Mimi, like two sides of one person I guess lol? Fuse them and you get one neat mess of a package.
  • Friend: I see! I wonder what their personality would be like if they fused...
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Fam
  • Me: Fam you're
  • Me: You're talking to me

Diego Luna/Felicity Jones + mescal 

Acotar characters meets Friends Part 38
  • Rhys: You don't want my opinion?
  • Mor: Not really.
  • Rhys: I'm your cousin. Ask me.
  • Mor: Oh ok cousin.
  • *holds up a black and red lacy things*
  • Which one of these do you think would make your little cousin look hotter so your best friend would wanna do her?
  • Rhys: ...the red one.
So funny story...

Today while I was at church I was talking to a friend when out of nowhere my priest, Fr. Gabriel, comes running over cassock flying everywhere shouting “Sara! I need to talk to you!” So I’m thinking oh no what did I do to upset him this time. And as he comes running he pulls a freaking squirt gun out of his pocket-less cassock and points it directly at me. While all this is going on parishioners are staring, children are screaming, I’m bracing myself for the water that’s about to blast me and my friend has this look of total confusion. Then as I’m standing there with my hands up because a priest is pointing a water gun at me Fr. Gabriel says ever so sternly “did you leave this in my office?!” I paused for a second and asked “why would i do that?” And he hands it to me and there’s a note attached. It read “So your hands won’t get tired from sprinkling the congregation with holy water. Step one: fill with holy water. Step two: spray the congregation” I didn’t leave it in his office and he insisted that I was guilty. But I’m honestly only guilty of one thing. Not thinking of that idea first.

“...I’d never thought about how much of the show is just us watching Shaggy freak out over various things.”

Carl the Animator: “Yeah… if it wasn’t called The Scooby-Doo Show, it would prolly be The Shaggy Yelling ‘Like, Zoinks!’ a Lot Show.

Ted the Animator: “I’d bet all the moments of him freaking out would be reeeaaally funny together….”

Carl the Animator: “…”

Ted the Animator: “…hint hint?”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, alright, fine… I swear, the things I do for my public.”

*2 hours later*

Carl the Animator: “…yeah, ok, you were right, that WAS hilarious.”

Ted the Animator: *still doubled over with laughter*

  • Aoi: InterFM897, tonight again RAJIGAZE iiiis staaartiiiing 📻

  • in a bit, at 2 a.m. ! !
  • Aoi: after listening to these guys talking I don’t feel the least bit charismatic.
  • but they’re adorable. *shine*
  • Aoi: this week, for some reason, I can totally feel how fired up the director is...
  • Ruki: we’ve been doing RAJIGAZE for one year now. 
next week’s show is finally the last episode!
  • ah, even though we’ve been doing it for a year I didn’t get used to it 😌...
  • Aoi: aaah, that was fun. it was our fabulously ordinary selves.
  • so, please look forward to next week’s show!
  • See you next week. bye-bye!
  • Reita: I thought it would be bad but it was honestly funny. when I laughed I threw my head back so much that my earphones came off (lol) also, next week it’s finally the last round! I’m so grateful to everyone. you can meet us anytime.
  • Aoi: what? so, in the end all of the GazettE listened then? (lol)
  • we’re so much in love with ourselves 😌
  • Ruki: I was not listening...😌
  • Ruki: something I regret about RAJIGAZE, probably just that I wanted to do all sorts of things, you know? I would have loved to do like a nonstop 4 hour special without commercials or songs, or an after-show live broadcast segment or something, you know 😌

  • I’ve liked listening to the radio since I was little so it’s sad that we’re done with the show, I’m gonna miss it.
  • Ruki: anyway, I’m doing some detailed work and it won’t end...

get to know me meme: 5 favorite female biases

gu9udan’s jung mimi

Sirius Imagine 4

Request: Hy there! Could you do a Sirius imagine where the reader is really close with the Marauders, and they are passing notes in class? Either the reader see it or not, it’s up to you. Maybe some teasing because Pads keeps watching us or something, just thought it would be funny. :) Love your works btw! <3″

omg thanks for the smiley face and the little heart they make me so happy!!! anyways i think this is a super good idea and it sounds so cute and i just love this idea so much ur so smart, i’ve been having serious sirius fever lately (lol) so i absolutely love all the requests!! 


You sat down in class and pulled out fresh parchment, and sat your ink well on the desk. You looked at the two desks in front you you and smiled as you saw Sirius seated next to Remus and James next to Peter, with the little row in between the two pairs. Sirius looked back at you and smiled. You were so lucky to have them as your best friends, even if they did do really stupid shit sometimes. 

“Hey, n/n,” you heard James whisper, “Do you have an extra quill? I forgot mine.”

“That’s literally the third time this week, Prongs! Where are they all going?”

He shrugged, genuinely confused, and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Alright,” you pulled a quill out of your bag, “But give it back, I’m running low.”

“Thanks, n/n,” he patted your shoulder and winked, making you giggle.

What you didn’t notice was Sirius shoot James a dirty look.

Soon enough, the Muggle Studies professor came in, and the class quite down. You dipped the tip of your quill in ink and began to take notes. 

Sirius felt a tap on his shoulder and saw a folded parchment on his desk. He looked over at James, who nodded towards the note, signaling for him to open it. 

He folded it opened and saw in James’s messy handwriting, ‘Wanna go to the forbidden forest later? there’s this super cool trick i can do with my antlers i just learned. - J’

Sirius scrawled back a quick, ‘yeah, sure- S,’ and looked back at you, getting lost in the way your nose curved, how your hair fell, how- he felt Remus jab his side and looked over at him. Remus grabbed the note from Sirius’s had and wrote something before folding it up and passing it to James. James opened it and giggled silently before writing something back and and passing it over to Remus. Sirius angrily intercepted the note and opened it.

Remus had written, ‘sorry, pads isn’t here at the moment, he’s to busy fucking y/n with his eyes. -R’

James had responded, ‘he’s obviously in love with her, he should just grow a pair and ask her out already. -J’

Sirius took his quill and very quickly wrote, ‘I would, but we all know that she doesn’t like me back. Maybe if one of my ‘deer’ friends didn’t spend so much time “asking her for quills” i would have a shot.-S’

He handed the note to James, who read it and rolled his eyes. He wrote back and passed the note to Sirius again, ‘I don’t think ‘asking for a quill’ really means anything. Besides, I’m already taken, Evans is in love with me. And maybe if you didn’t spend all of your time staring at her from a distance and talked to her you would see that. -J’

‘I DO talk to her!’ Sirius wrote back, ‘I’m her best friend! -S’

‘Just ask her out, for god’s sake!’ Wrote Remus, who had intercepted the note, ‘I’m tired of hearing you gush over her every five seconds and stare at her whenever you’re too scared to talk to-’

The note was ripped out of Sirius’s grasp in the middle of him reading the sentence by a familiar hand… Yours.

The Professor had left the room for a moment while they had been passing the note and the class had begun to talk, and you became curious as to why your three best friends were being so secretive and writing angrily on the parchment. 

“Y/n! Wait! You don’t need to look-”

“No! I want to see what’s so interesting that you can’t pay attention to your best friend!” You responded, smiling a tad while holding the note out of Sirius’s grasp. Sirius was halfway on top of you now, not that you were complaining, and you were leaning over the back of your chair, you head turned so you could read the note while keeping it out of Sirius’s reach.

“Y/n, really! You don’t need to read the-”

“Is this true?” You had a serious look on your face now, the smile gone, and you were holding the note to your chest. 

“W-well, I,” Sirius’s voice faltered, realizing he was still very close to you.

He took a deep breath and sat back a little, which only allowed you to move closer to him.

“I-I… yes.”

You closed the small gap between the two of you and kissed him, within seconds he was kissing back with just as much passion.

You pulled apart and looked at his face, his cheeks red and his face flushed with nervousness and embarrassment. 

“Why didn’t you bloody say something!?” You questioned, smiling.

Sirius grinned, “I thought you would think I was out of your league.”

You rolled your eyes, “Ha ha.” 

He pecked your lips again and whispered, you feeling his breath on your lips, “Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t love me back.”

You gave a small smile, “That could never happen.” 


It came out kinda short, but I really like it :)

ships are open! 

requests are open!

[Remus x Reader] The Lupins.

Originally posted by harrypottersources

Anon:  Hey I was wondering if you would write something about Remus x reader where they have a daughter (maybe 10 yrs old) and Remus is like a total over protective dad and makes up crazy rules like “no dating until you’re 42 three months twelve days and 14 hours” and maybe throw in Sirius (he can be her god father idk) and he’s like “don’t worry, I’ll take you to the strip club when you’re 18” lol idk I thought it’d be funny

A/N: Okay, so this one went a bit wild. Thanks for the request anon! It was a funny and refreshing idea. I hope you will like it! Requests are open, and here is my Masterlist if you are interested in it :)


You were bustling around the kitchen, a delicious smell lingering in the air, as you prepared the food, for tonight’s Christmas party. Everyone was coming, so there was a lot of things that had to be done. Lily and Marlene were going to come a bit earlier to help you out, so that left your children and your husband in charge of cleaning the house up. For now, everything was going just as you planned.
“Mmmm what smells so good?” Remus exclaimed cheerfully, as he walked into the kitchen.
“Shouldn’t you be cleaning the living room, love?” you smirked, not turning your gaze from the pot in which you were melting some chocolate. He chuckled and hugged you from behind.
“Already done. Don’t you think I deserve a reward?” he whispered in your ear, making you giggle.
“Fine” you sighed “I will leave you some of it” he grinned and kissed your cheek.
“You are an angel, do I say that often enough?”
“Only if it includes chocolate related things, you cheeky little thing” you said as you turned the gas off.
“That’s not true!” he argued and spun you around, the grin still spread across his face.
When he stopped, he pulled you closer to himself.
“How did I get so lucky?” he looked at you, and once again you felt like a teenager standing at the top of the Astronomy Tower, getting lost in his green eyes.
“You tell me” you smiled, as he leaned in and pressed his lips onto yours. It was only in his arms, that you felt loved, treasured and safe. It was the place that always felt like home.
“Ugh, please not in the kitchen” you pulled away, as you saw your kids standing in the entrance, a look of terror spread across their faces. You both chuckled, but chose to ignore their request.
“Have you finished cleaning?” you asked trying to change the subject.
“Yes, Mommy” said the two at the same time, as they seated themselves at the kitchen table, cleaning brushed still in their hands.
“Well done” you smiled, and kissed their foreheads.
You and Remus had two children. Eleanor, which was already thirteen and a nine-year-old Tommy. You both loved them endlessly, knowing, you would do anything for them.
As you proceeded to pour the melted chocolate over your cake, with Tommy eagerly wanting to participate in the procedure, you heard a loud screech coming from the nearby window.
Knowing it would be an owl, you asked Remus to get the letters.
Once he did, he put the stack on the kitchen counter and started to flip trough it. Suddenly he pulled one out, a frown quickly appearing on his face.
“Elle, there is a letter for you” he said, already turning in order to give it to her.
“Really?” she smiled, eagerly taking the white piece of parchment.
As soon as she opened it, she nibbled on her lower lip, a blush slowly covering her cheeks.
“Well, who is it from?” you asked, clearly intrigued by the situation.
“It’s from Steven” she mumbled quietly, her gaze still fixated on the letter.
“What Steven?” Remus asked, already hovering over her head, in order to read some of its content.
“What does he want from you?” he asked, as she shoved the piece of paper in her pocket.
You could feel the sense of protectiveness radiating from him. He often acted this way, especially if he was jealous, or when someone wanted to interfere in your family’s matters, without his approval.
He easily over exaggerated, so it was your job to bring him back to his senses.
“It’s probably nothing, love “ you said trying to calm him down “Right, Elle?”
“He only asked me to accompany him to Hogsmeade next week” she stated, regaining her courage.
“He did what?!” he shouted in disbelief.
“Remus, it’s only a date” you frowned and folded your arms across your chest.
“She is only 13!”
“That’s when we started dating too” you sighed and rolled your eyes at him.
“But that is not the point!”
“Calm down you two, he is not my boyfriend. For now, he is just a friend” Elle said, trying to somehow end the discussion.
“Eleanor, there is no such thing as female-male friendship” Remus said firmly, as he looked her in the eyes.
“Excuse me?” you raised your eyebrow in surprise “ So what were we?”
“Yes, we were friends, and you know very well what we did Y/N”
“What did you do?” Tommy said with an innocent voice, not really understanding what was going on.
“Nothing!” you blushed and glared at Remus “ So what, are James and Sirius my enemies?”
“Someone called me?” Sirius exclaimed as he and Marlene walked into the kitchen, carrying two containers filled with food.
“Sirius, thank Merlin! Can you help me with this one” you pointed at your husband, which all at once raised his hands up as if he had done nothing wrong.
“Moony why are you endangering your relationship?” he asked with amusement, and chuckled, as Remus gave him a betrayed look.
“He wants to put me in a celibate” Elle shouted, trying to get advantage of the current situation.
“You really are a small copy of your mother”
“She is not allowed to go out with anyone until I say so” Remus stated firmly
“Oh really, and when will be that?” Sirius teased.
“Never if I can help it. I’m going to owl Minerva. And you young lady don’t even think about going out with anyone” he stormed out of the kitchen, pretending not to hear the objections and groans, that left his daughters mouth.
“I will take care of it” you padded her arm and followed your husband, eventually ending up in the library. Of course, he would choose the library.
“Remus, what is going on?” you said as you closed the door behind you “It’s starting to be ridiculous, don’t you think?”
“It’s just…“ he started, as he collapsed on his favorite armchair "I don’t want her to get hurt. You know how it goes ”
“Listen, love” you came closer and started to rub his shoulders “You can’t help it. It’s a step in her life that she has to experience by herself, in order to learn from her mistakes, that she eventually will make”
“I know, but the thought of her, having her heart broken, is so terrifying.”
“Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine. Just let her live her life” You smiled, and kissed his cheek, sensing that you finally convinced him, to let it go.
"And do not even dare to write about such things to McGonagall” you said as you offered him your hand, in order to make him stand up.
“Yeah, I don’t really know what I was thinking” he laughed nervously and brushed a hand trough his gray hair.
Just as the two of you were about to enter back into the kitchen, you heard Sirius’s voice, coming from the inside.
“Don’t worry little one, when you will turn eighteen I will take you to a male strip club”
This time you and Remus were on the same side.

“Nice gramophone.”

Carl the Animator: “Thanks. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.”

Ted the Animator: “The blue tone really– wait… why’s the top of it levitating?”

Carl the Animator: “Huh? Oh, uh, well, since it’s in a spooky mansion, I thought it would probably be a haunted gramophone, so I–”

Ted the Animator: “You just forgot to draw anything to hold it up, didn’t you.”

Carl the Animator: “…yeah.”