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2017 is just a few days away, so I thought now would be an appropriate to post my follow forever for this year. 2016 has overall been rough, ngl, but I have had some great memories too. I have gotten to know a lot of cool people ((some I am lucky enough to call my friends)) and I just wanted to take this moment to thank every single one of you for filling my dash with beautiful posts on the daily. It would be a pain without you!! Hover over your URL to see a little message from me and happy holidays!! 💕💕


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Part 2 of the robb stark imagine where reader brought arya to safety? - requested by anon

I hadn’t thought of doing a part two, but sure, I’d love to see where this goes! All right, so for convenience, part one is here: http://sharingan-rasengan-chidori.tumblr.com/post/154629455524/hello-there-it-would-be-so-amazing-if-you-could


Originally posted by cavillheugh

You had arrived with words from Arya just over a week ago, and since then you had taken to helping out Robb wherever it was appropriate for you to do so; slipping back into the role of handmaiden quickly and easily. 

When Robb bathed, you were there to dry his hair, silently admiring the way his red hair curled while it was still dripping and clinging to his face. When he ate, you were there to take his plate away once he’d finished, and you were there to refill his goblet. When he got dressed, you were on hand to help him get into his armour - willing your red cheeks to go back to your usual colour.

You had found yourself completely in his service.

Initially, you had thought that you were nothing more than his handmaiden, his assistant, but lately you’d been noticing that his gaze would linger on your face for a few seconds longer than was strictly necessary, that his fingers would sometimes brush yours when he handed you something, the way he’d watch you dry his hair, his eyes soft and warm, welcoming. 

This was the pattern over the next weeks - you, serving Robb as best you could and he, watching you with something you dared not name in his eyes. If you named it, it would give you hope. 

Hope was all you had left, but it would also hinder you in your services to him.

On one particular evening, though, as you were once again drying his hair, washing away the grime of the day, there was an electrical charge in the air, and you felt as though the two of you were on a precipice, waiting for something to change.

You dried his hair the way you always did - start at the tips and working upwards to the roots; being as gentle as you could be knowing that his hair was tangled.  You leaned in, trying to see the back of his head to dry the hairs at the nape of his neck, and Robb’s face turned towards yours.

You froze.

This was the closest you’d ever been to one another, and you wanted to step back. This wasn’t right, it wasn’t proper, you were a handmaiden and he was the King in the North.

You went to move, to take a step back, to clear your head, but a warm, strong hand wrapped around your wrist, holding you in place.

You turned your face just a fraction closer to Robb’s, wanting to get a look at his expression. His eyes were dark, something unbidden lying there, waiting to become known.

The electrical charge was back again and your breath hitched. 

The grip on your wrist let up, moving down, his fingers ghosting over your skin as they moved down to intertwine with your own. 

His other hand came up to cup your face, brushing errant strands out of the way gently. You stood there, intense eye contact as you dangled together over the precipice. Your mind was whirling. You could step back now, and in time it’d be as though it’d never happened, or you could -

Something soft touched your lips once, twice, thrice, and your eyes widened as you realised what was happening - Robb Stark, eldest son of Eddard Stark, the King in the North was kissing you.

He pulled back, that soft smile back on his face, and it was as though you jumped, taking a huge leap of faith as you leaned back in, crashing your lips to his once more.

The kiss was both too long and not long enough, and when you broke apart once more, Robb’s hand still cradling your face and his other hand holding yours, you disentangled yourself from him completely, dazed and confused, happy but feeling heavy, and you excused yourself, walking out and not looking back.

If you looked back, you’d return. It was wrong, and you knew it. You could only hope that the both of you made it out of this war alive. Then, and only then, could you allow yourself hope.

IDK what the fuck this was… 

Okay official (disjointed) thoughts on Twin Suns

Gorgeous epsiode. Really impressive voice acting holy shit.

Appropriate death scene. We may not have gotten here the way I would have written it, but we got here.

Dieing in Obi-Wan’s arms, a classic. Nice choice.

Confirmation that Sith have some concept of the chosen one! That’s bit of history from the Darth Bane books. The Sith’ari was the Sith who would bring balance to the Force. I’ve always accepted that as canon because it makes total sense both Jedi and the Sith would have this legend, though tailored to their side.

The (intentionally!) Anti-climactic duel. There has already been some great meta written on this by people who know more about lightsaber forms than I.

But also, I have been one of many people saying for weeks that I hope this epsiode isn’t just one big fight between them (again).

And it wasn’t? Again, it’s not what I would have written. But it is also definitely not what I would have predicted. So it gets storytelling points for shocking me.

If I had to saying anything, I would say they wrote themselves into a bit of a corner on Maul’s character arc.

There was a slim line to walk where his character lives up to the growth and self awareness we’ve seen, but doesn’t actually get “a redemption arc”.

Luckily I’m actually a fan of so called “small meaningless deaths”. It was how I felt about Bhodi’s death in Rogue One.

Not everyone gets the flashy dramatic death. Sometime you die on a backwater planet and no one even knows.

And that’s nice. Because if futile and meaningless doesn’t sum up Mauls whole existence, I don’t know what does.

So, I’m satisfied.

Do not however get me started on Ezra. While this was some of his better moments, why any writers would willingly open up this can of continuity worms I can’t fathom.

So far nothing is blatantly contradictory to me I just… Obiwan would care more? Ezra would blurt out that is wasn’t just him, it was Kanan and Ahsoka and Rex too?

I get the impression that maybe Obiwan knows? That he has been keeping up with the rebellion and probably word of two Jedi has reached him. But is committed to protecting luke? I don’t know.


Accepted and satisfying canon death.

A beautiful epsiode that really should have been at least two.

An acceptable culmination of several unwieldy plots.

anonymous asked:

Hi, i saw your biomes post and I have a point. You put chinchoo in coral reefs but it should be placed in deep sea, because chinchoo is a lophiiformes (in fact is a Ceratiidae, or devil anglerfish who produce light), you said chinchoo have "feets", so they can walk in shallow waters and deep part of coral reefs, but there are several lophiiformes from the deep sea who can "walk" using they find as Chaunax sp. Probably is a pokemon from deep sea coral reefs, living in darks environments

You’re totally right on this one. For whatever reason I kept trying to relate Chinchlu to frogfish (Antennariidae), and that made me really biased towards their placement in the coral reef biome. 

Furthermore there are often scenes in the anime with Chinchou walking on land so I thought it would be more appropriate to place it in an environment where it has access to land. The coral reef post I made was posted two years ago today, so I definitely have grown in my academic field to be less biased in my research.

Thanks for the advice, anon. Always love hearing from you :)

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is kinda too much to ask for but could you do a text post/scenario (whichever you deem more appropriate) where Johnny and you had to do a project tgt for one course in uni, and he s like this "cool" classmate you never thought you d talk to, and when you also thought you guys would just stop talking after the project is done, he asks you out? Hope this is clear enough? Feel free to tweak it if you'd like and thanks so much!

I decided to make this into a sort of short text series, if that’s alright! The first part is up now and it’ll probably have about five parts? I think 😅 Thank you for the request, I’m sorry if it’s not quite how you wanted it! Have a great day 😊

thecircusfreaks replied to your post:

“Don’t react like that, Naoki. You know I am a friend, well, in some form. I thought that it would be appropriate for me to just announce my presence instead of sneaking in or observing from outside.” Erik explained as he looked the other directly in the eye and let a soft breath escape his lips. “Your words before we parted the last time, they stuck with me. Why did you tell me to come back in one piece? Why did you even care?”

— { ✓ } FRIENDS? THAT SOUNDS strange in Naoki’s ears. He doesn’t have any friends and neither is he interested in making friends. You’re better off without them. At the other’s question, the blond would just shrug his shoulders but say nothing. However, standing so long at the front door got his father’s attention, and he heard him calling out from the living room. “Naoki? Is something wrong?” The blond pressed his lips together into a thin line before stepping back from the door and searching for his father, giving Erik either the choice to follow or leave.


Every @reclaimthebindi​ week I always post generic selfies with a bindi on, so I thought, for a change, this time I would finally be confident in posting pictures of the times I got to wear a sari last year - sadly, only 3 times. But whenever I do watch the yards of intricately designed cloth be wrapped around me with the aid of my gorgeous mum (in the bottom picture - she’s so stunning right?!), I always get a sense of pride of my Bengali roots and an appreciation of the thousands of years that developed and enriched my culture. It’s one of the rare occasions where I catch myself thinking, “Oh, I’m Indian, not just British-Asian.” 

I still identify myself as ‘British-Asian’ majority of the time, but it’s little moments like these that remind me how valuable my heritage is, and that it shouldn’t be taken for granted by someone else. 

You will always be welcome to appreciate my culture, but never to appropriate it for your own. 


For @chaitea09 whom requested Cullen and her quizzy Riven. (full size = better quality)

I mmmmaaayyyy have gotten a little carried away… They’re just so precious!
All the pictures are transparents and I tried to chose appropriate quotes. I can totally make ones without if you want. I tried to capture them the best that I could. 

Preserve Me - my absolute favourite scene in the Cullen romance…

Freckles - because I found the post about kissing all the freckles and thought about Cullen promising that every time Riven came to visit him he would kiss another one of her freckles and that he actually keeps count so that he never kisses the same one twice.

Spending Time - also found a post about what they do when they have free time and Riven liking to listen to Cullen reading to her…

Long overdue thank you / favorites list / follow forever ?

original photographers edition:

I’ve never made one of these but I thought it was time I did! Thank you guys for all the likes, friendships, and for sharing your photography. I know this list is quite long, but I encourage you to check out some of these blogs if you don’t follow them already. (just throw a dart at your screen and check out the blog it lands on (not literally, that’d be a traumatic experience for you and your computer)) I apologize in advance if I forgot someone or if one of the links doesn’t work.

I made a separate list for non original photography blogs here.

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These are not necessarily nature photographers but they upload their own content so they deserve to be on this list too!

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Hey, I haven’t been on lately but I thought this was an appropriate post for the marching community.

So as many of you know, The Wiz Live! finally premiered on NBC this past Thursday!  Shanice Williams was INCREDIBLE as Dorothy Gale and simply blew everyone away.Shanice actually went to high school with me at Rahway High School. Her and I performed on several levels together. At times, it wasn’t even for a formal performance. I would just take out my ukulele or guitar and she’d start singing.  There was even one time Eric LeGrand came to our school to talk to some students and a few of the security guards heard Shanice singing as I played the piano in the auditorium before his arrival.  They had asked us if we would play a short song for his entrance. We happily said yes and then 30 minutes later, we were performing “Roar” by Katy Perry for a whole auditorium of people. 

I knew Shanice as “Shanice Scales-Williams” and on a more personal level as “Shayonce” and as our old band director would call her, “Shanaynay”. Shanice had started color guard when I was a freshman.  Even she accidentally hit people with flags and weapons.  The next year, our show was called “Rainforest” (my favorite show) and she actually helped choreograph most of the “Island Krump Dance” in the Percussion and Guard feature.  When she was a senior, she was one of 3 Color Guard Captains while I was the Junior Drum Major. Our salute that year was probably one of my most favorite things in my marching career. Another fond memory would have to be partying in the stands during games with her because the Color Guard and Flutes danced and played all the way at the top of the stands.   

 The fact that she had the same humble beginnings, same teachers, and that we worked with each other during high school makes me SO PROUD of her now.  She’s caught her big break and this is really all she’s wanted.  This is her life.  She’s getting a chance to live it. Shanice, if you end up finding this somehow, I just want to let you know that there was no doubt in my mind you wouldn’t continue to slay the game, Shayonce. Stay fierce.

I’m sorry (not really), but WHY are people making such a big deal out of cultural appropriation? You do realize that getting all uppity about somebody doing something that is out of their cultural is only making even more of a divide, right?

I thought that people would want to be together and be peaceful toward one another, but no. This “cultural appropriation” is segregating us EVEN MORE.

I don’t give a shit if someone were to wear a hanbok. It’s part of my Korean culture, and if they enjoy that, they’re enjoying my culture which makes me happy. If someone wants to enjoy my culture (eating Korean food, wearing traditional clothing, learning the customs), then I’m happy to invite them to learn about it and even teach them about it!

Why do you not want to see people celebrating your culture? Why do you not want to see people immersing themselves if your culture? Why are you so keen on people segregating themselves based on culture?


there are so many people on this site who would flip their shit because i decided to get henna in India because i am being “racist”, “destroying” Indian culture or what not. well, i don’t give a fuck.

i was walking around a tourist bazaar in Delhi, which usually has some white/foreign shoppers (except it was May and hot as fuck), when i saw a woman offering henna. having always thought designs as beautiful, i decided to get some done right away. and surprise, no one was offended. not the woman who did the henna, nor my boyfriend’s mom, or anyone else i met.

however, apparently some vocal Indian Americans have decided that they can be the spokespeople for the entire culture. in contrast to people who actually live in India and experience Indian culture on a daily basis, they’ve decided that getting henna as a non-Indian is sooooo vile and hateful for some reason. but how can you make such statements when you haven’t even spent time in the country you’re supposed to represent?

my boyfriend who is actually a middle class person from India tells me that other middle class Indians don’t even know what appropriation is. middle class Indians don’t obsess about white people or white racism because white people simply aren’t a large presence in the country. they don’t care about culture being used in the “wrong” way (especially as henna is often sold for decoration like removable tattoos are commonly) and they don’t care about non-Indian people wearing henna. (i’m sure there are some actual Indian citizens who disagree, but i’m thinking these people are pretty upper class. given the propensity of people to lie about their class background on tumblr you can never be sure)

i’m Han Chinese, and i guess that culture doesn’t have any equivalent of henna. either way, i don’t really care when people decide to take interest in Chinese things and incorporate them into their lives. but as someone born and raised in the US, my perspective has very little to do with people who’ve grown up in the countries, especially about race. 

as for the woman who did my henna, i’m sure she was just happy to nab a few extra rupees off of a clueless foreign tourist

ps my boyfriend wants everyone to know he has a “big” penis

Here we go again… It’s getting very close to Christmas, and although I do know that not everybody celebrates Christmas, I thought it would be an appropriate occasion to post this. It’s also kind of my 1k-follow forever, since I hit 1k followers recently.. But I spent like three hours making this pic, so I just went with Christmas.

In case you want to read, here is my first follow forever. Everyone mentioned in that one still applies :) ❤️‍

Anyways, I’m going to start with my absolute favourite, must-follow blogs, so here we go :) ❤️‍

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Raika :)