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Thoughts on Eliot from LiS: BTS

Can we all just agree that Eliot and Warren are basically the same guy, with the only difference that one of the two is better looking than the other?

Both straight A students, so deep into the friendzone (almost painful to watch… almost), can’t shut the fuck up about this date they want to take her out on, compulsive texters, low-key creepy if you pay attention, look around and talk to people…

I mean, c’mon. Isn’t it the same person? One is just a bit cooler than the other and less goofy, but that is it.


its 3:37 am what the fuck am i doin

ANYWAY, raise your glass for the new chapter of BATIM. gotta say, im quite surprised by our alice, but goddamit, this is way cooler than some bobble-head looking thing with big eyes and lips just wanderin around. also can we all just acknowledge that boris took henry to his little safe house and the two stayed ther for a while, played a bunch of rounds of cards, ate soup, played the banjo, henry probably sat down with boris and spoke out all of his worries and thoughts.

also the fact that bendy hates whenever alive destroys the cutouts, according to her.

also recently i found out that sammy’s hair might’ve been blonde

second also, jacksepticeye’s in the game yeeeeeeeeee

okay, so we know that tonks’ patronus changed to a wolf once she fell in love with remus, but what if remus’ changed too? 

he always made sure to cast a non-corporeal patronus - the sight of that damn wolf coming from the end of his wand was almost too much to bear, sometimes. it seemed like a cruel joke. but one day, on official order business, some dementors are sent after him as a diversion. he expects to dispatch of them easily - a patronus charm deals with them easily, and at this point he’s rather adept at it. 

but as he lifts his wand and wordlessly flicks it, it’s as if the wood explodes.

he can’t control it - he hasn’t felt this out of control of a charm since school. bursting forth, cutting wispy trails through the light and bounding at the dementors, is a jack rabbit. remus is so confused and taken aback that the charm nearly dissipates, but he’s able to hold it together long enough for the dementors to retreat. and once they do, the jack rabbit seems to look at him, and he could swear it winks before it disappears in a flash of light.

he only knows one other person that winks. he only knows one other person whose patronus is “some little rabbit,” she had said. “and honestly i thought i was going to get something cooler,” was how she’d continued.

if remus didn’t think he could hide how he felt about tonks before, he definitely couldn’t now.

So my neighbor was out camping and met Keanu Reeves who was also camping (I guess he likes dogs because he came up and said “I love these dogs!” about her rottweiler) and she said she thought she was crazy for a minute because no one else knew he was there and it turns out Keanu was just there chilling with a one-man tent and a cooler and his little Dodge car and every time someone looked at him he’d just turn his face away and it’s kind of just solidified in my mind that Keanu Reeves is a cryptid.

reading trauma’s lyrics got me sad again because they really are talking about how idols lose more than just sleep, they lose a lot of their humanity as well. they’re so bold to talk about how vulnerable they are, vernon talks about how he has “virtually no friends” but in the mv tons of “fans” are surrounding him. wonwoo talks about his reason for living, and he feels like he’s put himself in a rut of living perpetually in the limelight. while coups is the only one in a warmly lit room, the rest of them are in cooler toned rooms, looking even more isolated and boxed in. the price of fame and wanting to put your voice out is difficult and terribly linear, the thought of doing anything else other than their music is both simultaneously thrilling and terrifying to them

[GOT7 Reacts] to their s/o refusing to cuddle because it’s too hot

request by a lovely anon :)

Mark: He gives you a sexy stare,“well if it’s that hot I can undo a couple buttons babe” You start to blush and get even hotter when he says this. “You know what it does to me when you blush.” He says undoing more buttons. 

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Jinyoung: “You should have told me you were hot.” He goes to turn on the AC and comes back “How about now?” He says lifting your chin up to look at him. You could never resist that, and it felt cooler so you agreed.

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Jackson: “It wasn’t just me who thought so.” He takes off his jacket. “Oh Jagi, I think it just got warmer” You laugh and say that gives you more reason to not cuddle if it’s warmer walking away. “Okay okay okay how about I put it back. Baby~~” He says chasing after you.

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Youngjae: “Too hot? But it’s never too hot for cuddles. Come on… please~~~” He does unintentional aegyo at first you say no again but he starts to fan you with his hands “See it’s colder already!~” and you give to his cuteness.

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Jaebum: “I agree it’s pretty hot.” He says. Which surprised you because he loves skinship. “But should we let that stop us?” He whispers into your ear. Then he wraps his leg and arm around you. But you don’t fight it.

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Bambam: He sexy-cute stares at you. You stare back at him being serious. Then he pushes his slightly damp hair out of his face (which he knew you loved). “Oh come it’s not that hot you baby” He says teasing. And pulls you into him anyway. 

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Yugyeom: “Noooooona~ please. Pretty please.” He says tugging at your shirt. You look back at him and he starts doing aegyo (which was pretty rare). And you give in just because it was so darn cute. “I call big spoon~” You comment how he is like 6ft tall so of course he would be big spoon. Which makes you both laugh.

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Mr.Global is Amazing

He texted me and told me he reserved a room for us at the Mandarin Oriental for the night. Now keep in mind this is our first time getting together since discussing the arrangement on our meet and greet. I arrived at the hotel 30 minutes late because the GPS took me to the Management office. He didn’t care though, he just wanted me to hurry up and get there. I valet my car and walk into the bar and there he is waiting on me. The look in his eyes told me he’d already started drinking without me. He’s like “Order whatever you want and if you want food get that too.” So we’re drinking and we’re talking and he has so many questions. Mostly about my hair. He was shocked when I told him about sew-ins lol. He had no idea what they were. He also was curious as to why I got into sugaring. I answered all of his questions and I was honest and I think that just made him like me even more. He kept looking me in my eyes and telling me how pretty I was and how he liked my cheek bones (I was contoured by the Gods themselves). He just seemed so happy. He wouldn’t stop smiling. He kept telling me I was so nice and professional and that he didn’t know if I was acting or being real. I told him I really like being around him and that he’s a breath of fresh air. I say that because he listens to me. If I tell him something he recites it weeks later. He truly listens. I love that about him. He gives me a menu and suggest that I order for him because I know what he likes, I order a club sandwich and we both tore that sandwich up lol, yeah we shared it. We finish up and we go upstairs to our room and it was beautiful. I had a few drinks so I was little tipsy. I was ready to rock his world though, but he didn’t want sex. Yes…you heard me he didn’t want sex. He wanted to sleep next to me and cuddle and just hold me. I took my clothes off (stayed in my bra and panties) and got in a satin robe and lied down on the bed. He comes over and he starts rubbing me on my legs and kissing my feet, telling me he would be so devoted to me and that he just wants to take care of me. Anything that I need to let him know. He asked me if I ever fell in love with one of my SDs and I told him no. He said well it’s possible that I can with him because he is so lovable. He gets out of the bed to grab a pink envelope off of the table and says I think this is for you and hands it over to me. I open it up and it’s a card from him with a gift card to one of my favorite stores. On our first date I told him if he ever wanted to just make me happy Sephora and Ulta are my favorite stores. HE GOT ME A GIFT CARD TO SEPHORA!!! I wanted to fuck him last night because I was just so pleased by how good he had been to me. But he’s not rushing it so neither am I. I mean last month I got my allowance after our meet and greet and didn’t see him until this night and he was okay with that. I’m his first SB and I am loving this. I had a ring on my ring finger that I picked up from F21 and he thought I was married. I told him no way!! I said if I was it would be cooler than this and much bigger. He said you’re right. What’s your ring size? Whoa!! I’m a size 7 baby. We ended our night by falling asleep in one another’s arm. It was so beautiful. He really looked so happy. He even smiled in his sleep. I can’t wait to see him again.

Significant Weather Advisory 

by reddit user OtistheWriter

I hate thunderstorms in the Midwest, mainly because they bring with them a threat of real danger. In southern Nebraska we’ve been known to have tornados somewhat regularly, ugly black funnels that drop from the sky and ruin your life. 

That is, if you lived in my neighbors house in 1997, when I was a teenager. I’m referring to a family of three just several homes down. Family friends and caretakers of our corgi while we were on vacation, they helped our street feel like home. Then the storm came and everything changed.

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3. Wingman // Nurseydex

« {Part 3 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: sorry, this is two days late, but it’s also almost 3k, so…. hopefully that makes up for the tardiness? also! please note that this fic doesn’t have anything to do with ngozi’s short comic, wingman. your characters are safe. content warning for underage alcohol usage.

This is definitely not what Dex signed up for.

He’d expected Nursey Patrol to involve limiting Nursey’s shots and keeping him from dancing on tables, which, okay, would have sucked, but this is honestly not much better.

“Soooo, have you met Dex?” Nursey says for the third time this night, like imitating Neil Patrick Harris is still funny. He’s dragged Dex over to yet another group of female athletes that he’s going to have to do his best to avoid for the next three years of his college career. Nice.

“Hi,” Dex says awkwardly. “I’m Dex.”

“Pssh, I just said that,” Nursey says, slinging an arm over Dex’s shoulder and leaning on him only a little more heavily than he might have done sober. “He’s usually a lot brighter than this, ladies. He’s a CompSci major­—super smart with computers and shit. Plus all that typing means he’s good with his fingers, if you know what I mean. Just look at those hands—”

“Okay, that’s enough, Nurse. Sorry, you guys, um. Bye.”

He pulls Nursey away from the girls and—fuck, he’s pretty sure one of them is in his Stats class, dammit. Nursey stumbles behind him obediently, letting Dex drag him over to the kitchen. Dex fills Nursey a glass of water and Nursey drinks it dutifully, standing next to the fridge.

“Okay, so remind me why you’re trying to humiliate me in front of half of Samwell’s female population?” Dex demands when Nursey finishes the glass.

“‘M not humiliating you,” Nursey insists, then waggles his ridiculous eyebrows. “I’m trying to get you laid.”

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Stay Still

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: When returning from an exhausting mission, the reader teases Bucky about his age, only to end up on her knees, being shown that one part of him certainly hasn’t aged.
Words: 1349
Warning: Smut, oral (male receiving), some light dom!reader 

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[FMA] Radioactive In The Dark

[excited screaming] this turned out SO MUCH COOLER than i ever thought it would

#38: Isn't This Amazing?

Request: Hi! Can you do a JeffxReader with numbers 38, 43, 48, and 56, please?

Requested by: @newsameoldmistakes

Pairing: JeffxReader

“How much longer?” you complained to your boyfriend, Jeff.

“Just a little bit longer! Quit being a baby.” he laughs back at you.

He randomly called you today asking if you were up for an adventure and you were hesitant to say yes. Nature wasn’t really your thing especially climbing a hill with god knows what crawling through the tall grass. You ended up agreeing to go because he sounded so excited and you couldn’t say no to him.

You’ve been hiking for twenty minutes now and you were getting tired and really sweaty. The sky was clear today and the sun was blaring down. Luckily there was a slight breeze making the air cooler. You were still miserable nonetheless.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you noticed Jeff taking off his shirt and your heart sped up as you saw his very toned and muscular back. You bit your lip and smiled because you can’t believe all of that was yours.

“Where are we even going?” you ask him and he looks back at you and winks. He refuses to tell you what you are doing here until you get to your destination.

“I told you it was a surprise, Y/N.” he cheekily smiled and you rolled your eyes.

“It’s so hot and I’m getting tired.” you pout as you stepped on a few twigs causing them to snap. You screeched as a huge spider crawled out from underneath the shattered wood and grabbed his arm. He couldn’t help but laugh at your dismay and you blushed, embarrassed by your over reaction.

“Here.” he said and bent down signaling for you to get on his back which you happily accepted.

You climbed on his back and wrapped your legs around his weight and your arms around his neck lightly.

“Can you at least give me a hint? Or tell me why you want to take me here?” you ask desperately and he chuckles.

“Well, Clay actually showed me this spot and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. So I decided why not take my girl up here to enjoy it with me?” he explained and you smiled as you kissed the back of his neck.

“I’m sorry I’m complaining a lot. I just wish I would’ve known we were gonna hike or else I would’ve been better prepared.” you reason and he nods.

“That’s okay we are almost here and then we can take the short cut back to the car.” he stifles a laugh and you playfully hit him.

“There was a shorter way of getting here!?” you exclaim and he laughs that beautiful laugh that made you fall in love all over again.

“Oops?” he shrugs and you sigh.

After a few more minutes of walking he sets you down and you are faced with the most gorgeous view you have ever seen.

“Wow.” you breathe.

“Isn’t it amazing?” Jeff asked you and you could barely bring yourself to reply. You were captivated by the view of the town below you.

“It’s gorgeous, Jeff.” You reply and sit down on the edge and embrace the breeze and sunshine as your mood was instantly lifted.

“Yes, you are.” he whispered and you looked at him, blushing.

He gave you a sweet kiss and wrapped his arm around you as you both looked out at the scenery before you.

Her | Harry Styles

Listen to: Rewind by Tontario x Lucas Nord

A/N: The first Harry imagine I write and it’s sad, boo. But hey, it’s insanely long! And this is the first time I’ve tried to write their accents (feedback appreciated)! Enjoy! 

Word count: 8000+

Gif not mine!

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My thumb strums across the strings once to check the sound. Still sounds a little wonky. I twist one of the knobs on the head of the guitar to adjust it and try again. A bit better, but it’s still not that desired acoustic sound I’m looking for. Apart from the guitar, Louis random shuffling on the couch is the only noise I hear in the large living room. His tattooed left arm is draped across his face to block out the sun rays that shine through the giant windows as he sleeps the afternoon away. Right beside him is Liam, whose elbow is propped up on the arm of the couch. His brown eyes are locked on his phone as he scrolls through Twitter most likely. The boredom that is written all over his face is taking a toll, too. He looks like he could fall asleep at any moment like Louis.

The lads insisted on just getting together and hanging out for the day at Niall’s place, doing nothing except escape the hustle and bustle of the famous life. Too bad it didn’t work out like that, well for us it did, but not for Niall. Ever since he released his solo single and working on his golf partnership, he’s been busier than ever, always in the studio and interviews. That’s where he is currently, thankfully it’s just a quick meeting with the record label. He said he’d be back anytime now, but that was fifteen minutes ago. Our break is more than halfway over, and I’m glad to see that everyone is enjoying it. Louis with his dad duties, Liam is traveling, I just finished up the movie Dunkirk, and Niall is making his solo music; it’s great to relax once in awhile.

I give my guitar one final strum, and it rings beautifully in my ears. Finally, I think to myself. My fingers expertly pluck the strings, making up the balladic tune as I go. Thankfully these lessons Niall gave me awhile ago are starting to pay off.

“Oh?” Liam interrupts and sits forward in his seat. He flicks his gaze up to me, apologetically. “Sorry Harry, Niall is calling.”

I let out a sarcastic chuckle and turn to sit more comfortably on the coffee table. “Probably t'say he’ll be here in five minutes.” Liam shrugs with a smile and slides his thumb over the screen of his phone, answering the call.

“What’s up Nialler?”

“Sorry, I’m takin’ so long guys, but I promise ya, I’ll be t'ere in five minutes!” He sounds a little chipper. He sure wasn’t like that this morning; He didn’t want to roll out of bed. I give Liam a strange look, and he laughs. “What has you all excited mate?”

“I’ll tell ya when I get home so I can pay attention to t'is traffic. Bye guys!” He hangs up quickly, leaving Liam baffled.

“Okay..? Any guesses on to what it is?”

I purse my lips then look up at the ceiling as if the answer was carved in it. Niall usually gets excited about a lot of things: golf, women, tour, food, babies, so it’s a challenge to narrow it down to only one. If it is only one, I’m not even sure. “Uh, I dunno. Maybe something in tha’ meeting got him all dazzled?” I look back down at my guitar to place my fingers on the appropriate frets and start plucking away again. I still hear Liam pondering then Louis throws out an assumption like he wasn’t even sleeping at all.

“It’s a girl, no doubt.”

“Oh yeah?” Liam says. “What makes you so sure?”

“‘Cause,” Louis removed his arm that shields his eyes, then rubs them to adjust to the light. “We all know Niall is dedicated to whatever he does. So when he said he’d be back around eleven, he meant it.”

“Now s'noon.” I state.

“Exactly, so there’s no way a meeting would run over an extra hour unless someone screwed up. That leaves only one other option..”

He has a point. “Man, he must have been trying really hard to impress her, if it took this long.”

“Hey, first impressions are everything.”

I hear the keys giggle in the door in the foyer, followed by it swinging open quickly and Niall piling in. His new found brown hair is disheveled in the front from the wind, and his scarf and jacket hang loosely on his shoulders. “Guys!” He says as he runs into the living room. “Sorry again, but I met someone t'ere. She’s really amazin’.”

We all raise a brow then look at Louis who smiles cockily. “Oh my gosh,” Niall continues and sits on the other couch behind me. “But she’s a journalist and was t'e one who interviewed me this mornin’. She’s a couple years older than me and is stayin’ in town for a few weeks. Isn’t t'at awesome?!” There’s a twinkle in his blue eyes. Niall really must fancy her.

“You learned all this in an hour?” Liam giggles.

“And a half. I kind of wasn’t payin’ attention in t'e meetin’.” He smiles sheepishly as his face turns red.

“What’s her name?” I ask.

The answer is simple. “(Y/N),” A lovely name, indeed.

“And she’s interested?”

That smile remains, and he nods. “Yeah, I’m actually taking her out t'is Saturday after she finished workin’. I was thinkin’ maybe dinner? You guys have any ideas? I haven’t been out in so long.”

“That’s all you, mate. You know her better than we do. Dinner is excellent.” Liam reassures with a grin.

“Aw, don’t be nervous Niall. We’re all happy for you.” Louis coos. “It’s good to see you dating again, or at least going to. Now we need to get Harry on the train.” He sits up and playfully pushes my arm. I roll my green eyes.

“Come on lads. I’m perfectly happy with the single life.” Even though it does get a little lonely at times. Those times I do wish I had a woman to wake up next to and see her snoozing away, snuggled deep under the covers with her hair spilling all over the pillow. But I’m fine right now, I am. “'Sides I’ve been on dates with Kendall.”

“Ugh,” Louis scoffs, annoyed that I even brought her up. “You two are so back and forth it’s not even worth it Harry.”

“Well I wish you all the luck,” Liam chimes, then stands up and heads over to the PlayStation located on one of the shelves in the entertainment center. He flicks the television on and grabs each of a controller. I set my guitar next to the sofa and take the controller from Louis’ hand. “Now I believe it’s time to do nothing.” I plop down next to Niall.

“Agreed!” Niall says and kicks off his shoes before sinking deep into the sofa.

That was the first time I heard about her.

* * *

Three weeks went by since Niall had his date. He’s taken her out a few more times after that, and I’m surprised that they haven’t put a title on it yet. Maybe he’s still trying to get a read on her. Although, I’m sure he knows what he’s looking for because ever since that first date, she’s the topic of his conversation. The way he rambles on about her makes me feel like I’ve known her for years on end. Is that what a puppy crush is like: having them on your mind every passing second? It sounds exhausting.. and has it been that long since I had one?

Man Harry…

But I’m not bitter, I’m far from it actually. I’ve never heard of someone that can make Niall as happy as she can. The last time I’ve seen him this ecstatic was when we went on tour together a few months ago; so it’s great to see a different side of Niall I haven’t viewed in awhile.

The sun hovers just above the horizon, making the sky a pale shade of orange. Such a rare occurrence in London to see a beautiful sunset like this. From my spot in the kitchen, I hear the front door open every so often as people start filing in for the cookout I’m having. Loud music pounds in the backyard where I see it filled with acquaintances and close friends. Some are by the pool or huddled around the bonfire that took Liam and me twenty minutes to build while Louis “supervised,” with beers in most of their hands, which is exactly what I’m stocking up on in here. Various beers are placed into the cooler, but it’s mostly just Stella and Guinness.

Once it’s significantly full, I place the lid on it and slide it off the countertop, but before I take my first step, I see someone sitting on the arm of my white sofa, smiling shyly. I set the cooler back on the counter and scoot over a few inches to get a better view and man.. do I. Her right hand is covering her mouth as she laughs at something somebody has said while the other holds a tart beer. Her hair is tied up into a messy bun. She’s dressed in a pair of blue skinnies rolled up past the ankle and a large gray sweater. My tongue darts out and licks my bottom lip before biting it. Man, she’s really pretty from afar, but what about.. up close?

I walk out of the kitchen, that cooler the last thing on my mind now. Darting and weaving through the crowd, my heart beat grows with every step. What do I say? Surely, I haven’t met her before because I could never forget a face like that. Maybe that’s what I’ll-

My thoughts are shut off by a hand coming down on her shoulder, that laugh stopping me dead in my tracks. He plants a kiss on her cheek causing her to giggle even more, but when she lightly pecks him on the lips, I have to look away. That’s Niall’s girl, (Y/N). I run a hand through my hair, embarrassed.

Oh no.

I turn on my heel to retreat back into the kitchen, but his voice stops me this time. “Hey, Harry! I finally found ya! C'mere for a sec!” He sounds cheery. I comply and finish making my way over; that’s when my heart stomach does somersaults. She stands up from her place on the couch, Niall’s arm is wrapped around her waist, in his hand is a beer as well. “Harry, t'is is (Y/N).” The atmosphere around me turns into slow motion. It’s exactly like I thought, her beauty is more radiant up close. Her eyes are the shade of (Y/E/C) with little flecks of a darker hue throughout the irises. My own fall down her slender face, taking in each feature of hers: plump lips, long nose, rosy cheeks, and a smile that just… kills me. “(Y/N), t'is is Harry, one of my best friends.”

“Um, hello.” I extend my hand for her to shake and she takes it. They’re soft and small compared to mine. “It’s nice to meet you officially. Niall talks about you all the time." 

"Does he?” She eyes him playfully, his cheeks turning pink. “Well, it’s nice to meet you, too, Harry. You have a lovely home.”

“Thank yeh,” Her hand disappears from my grasp, and I’m begging for it to return… No, Harry stop. She’s Niall’s. Don’t be that guy, my brain screams at me, but my gaze can’t be torn away. “Uh, can I get yeh guys anythin’? I was jus’ bringing mo’ beer outside before-” I laid eyes on your girl, Nialler, the devil inside me echoes. “yeh stopped me.” I finish, tacking on a smile at the end. They both examine their bottles, then shake their heads.

“We’re okay, t'anks though,” Niall says. “See ya outside?” I nod at him and smirk at her before walking back to the kitchen. I let out a big breath that I didn’t even realize I was holding. Why am I even acting like this? Obviously, Niall has had other girls around before, super famous ones in fact. What makes (Y/N) so unique? Why does she give me butterflies in the pit of my stomach when I’ve only said a few sentences to her?

It’s a puppy crush, Harry, that demon whispers again.

My lips form a hard line at the dark side of my brain. No way, I’m not that guy who falls for his best friend’s girl. Niall saw her first, and it’s happy currently, besides I-I have Kendall. My lips form a half smile when I see that he’s toying with her fingers that rest by her side as they converse with others. Her cheeks turn a darker shade of pink when Niall turns to her with a smile. He’s making her blush uncontrollably, so much that she has to avert her eyes to the ground.

“Where’s that beer, man?” Louis’ hand comes down hard on the counter, making me jump. He cackles and picks up the cooler, the bottles rattling together against one another. “What are you staring at out there..?” He peers out the large opening in the wall, following my gaze. “Who is that Harry?”

Her name tumbles off the tip of my tongue. “Oh, seriously? That’s Niall’s girl? The one he goes on and on about?” I nod, not breaking away for a second. “She’s kind of cute, but seriously mate, stop staring it’s rude.” He chuckles, pushing me with the cooler to force me out of the kitchen.

The rest of the evening consists of big conversation, drinking, swimming, more drinking, singing cheesy songs around the campfire, and drinking. I swear the cooler was gone within the hour of filling it. I had to make two more trips to the kitchen, good thing my tolerance is high, or I’d be napping on the grass like Louis right now. However, I’m not drinking to get drunk, I’m only enjoying it.

Many of the people have left, so it’s just the five of us around the flickering flames. Louis is still passed out, but Liam, Niall, and I still chat each other’s ears off. (Y/N)’s sitting between Niall’s legs, his arms are wrapped around her protectively. She leans back into him, tired eyes have finally shut. That could be you holding her close, Harry. What the hell is my brain doing? “So, uh,” I say, trying to rid these thoughts of betrayal. “How come you guys haven’t put a title on this?”

His voice is small. “Waitin’ for t'e right time.”

Liam raises a brow and takes a sip of his beer. “This isn’t a marriage proposal, Nialler.” I chuckle at the comment. “Just ask her.”

Niall scoffs. “Being the romantic that I am, I want it to be special. A girl like her deserves it, well every girl does, but you know what I mean.” Liam chuckles in response then sips his beer.

“Hey man, quit teasin’ him. I happen to think s'quite lovely.” This makes Liam roll his eyes.

“Thank you, Harry!”

I smirk. “Besides, I may be jumpin’ the gun, but could yeh imagine his marriage proposal if he’s makin’ a big deal about jus’ askin’ her out?” As soon as the words leave my mouth, my stomach tightens. I feel sick now.

“Extravagant!” Liam says. “Damn Nialler, what are you thinkin’? Something crazy like sky-diving? Oh! What about a roller coaster proposal?”

“Interesting..” He mumbles with a grin. “I’m not looking to kill myself lads and who says I’m getting married anytime soon?” We both shrug. “Who knows if she’ll even say yes to the first part..” His expression is now gloomy.

“Oh please,” I retort. “Yeh should have seen the way she was lookin’ at yeh tonight. She had stars in her eyes for you, mate. There’s somethin’ there, I know it.”

“Aw, that’s adorable Hazza.” Liam coops then ruffles my hair. I swat his hand away as his teasing continues.

“Maybe you’re right..” Niall trails off and looks down at her with a smile. His finger tracing lightly across the top of her hand.

My eyes avert to the flickering flames reflecting on what I’ve said. I meant every word, but a pang of emptiness washes over. I want someone to look at me like that, with stars in their eyes. All that love and compassion boiled down into one simple look. I want someone to hold by the fire while we look at the stars and talk about whatever we wanted. I want someone to be there when I walk off the stage and hug me even though I’m sweaty. I want to wake up next to someone I love. I want those stars and that feeling.

But I’m all alone.

* * *

As the days go by, she and I finally got closer; a month later and my heart is happy to call her one of my very good friends, but the pang in my stomach still remains. Niall finally asked her to be his girlfriend a few days after my party. He didn’t go all out like we thought; it was just a simple dinner date, but at the fanciest restaurant in town. Of course, he told me all about it. He walked her up to her door, his hand in hers, smiling uncontrollably. The stars twinkled in the night sky like Christmas lights. He fumbled with his words after he kissed her like she stole his breath away, then he asked her, and he said her face was indescribable. He still can’t believe she said yes, he tells me all the time, probably more times than I can count. He’s thrilled to call her his.. and so am I…

It’s a peaceful afternoon at my house. The only sound heard is the chirping birds and noise from Freddie’s babbling on the floor in front of me. It’s about four in the afternoon, and I was hanging around my house, writing some lyrics in my little notebook. However, I had to cut it short when Louis called and asked if I could watch his son while he attended a meeting. Since we are London, it’s impossible for Briana to look after him all the way from California and Eleanor is out of town. So now I’m just sitting on the fuzzy rug, watching Freddie pick up toys and hand each one to me. I got to say I have quite the collection: rubber duckies and rattles galore. That is until I hear a knock on the door.

“Eh?” Freddie coos and waves his arms, curious about the strange noise he just heard.

“Did you hear that, too, buddy?” I chuckle, and he coos again with a gummy smile. Another knock. “Let’s go investigate!” I pick him up in my arms then head over to the front door. The blue rattle noisily shakes next to my ear. Peering through the peephole, I see a large familiar eye staring me down. A smile plays on my lips when I realize who it belongs to. Unlocking and opening the door, I see her standing in a pair of tight jeans and a sweatshirt that looks too big for her, must be Niall’s. “Hey (Y/N),”

“Hi Hazza,” A big smile appears when she locks eyes with Freddie. “And hello to you handsome, what’s your name?” Freddie offers his rattle, and she takes it, thanking him.

“His name is Freddie. He is pretty handsome though, eh?”

“Absolutely,” His tiny hand reaches out and grabs my nose, making her giggle. “That’s a nose, Freddie.” He chatters and squeezes.

“Ow! Here.” I pry his hand away than offer him my pointer finger; his teeny fingers wrap around it.

“Oh!” She exclaims. “Um, Niall "borrowed” these from you; he’s busy on at the recording studio, and I have a day off so I thought I’d return them.“ Behind her back, she reveals a couple of romantic comedies.

I take them. "Thanks, um. Do you want to come in? If you’re not busy or anything.”

“Thankfully, I’m not.” She walks past me then stops and turns. “Can I hold him? You have your hands full.” I nod and pass him off into her long arms. She taps him on the nose, and his blue eyes blink rapidly like he is in awe of what just happened. When she does it again, she adds a sound effect making him erupt in bubbly giggles. The picture makes those butterflies come alive. I closed the door and follow her into the living room. She admires the foyer that’s just to the right of it. Freddie has his hand wrapped around his rattle that he’s reclaimed and shakes it. “It’s so empty in here, Hazza. Don’t you ever get lonely?”

All the time is what I want to say, but I reply with, “Nah, I have Freddie here with me.” Besides, now that you’re here, I’ve got twice the company. We both sit on the white wrap around couch. Freddie is cuddled up against her chest, still invested with that toy.

“How come you never told me you had kids?”

I give her a wide eyed look. She thought he was mine. “Oh, he’s not mine. I’m just baby sitting. Freddie is Louis’.”

“Oh! Sorry! I’m embarrassed now.” Her cheeks tint a light red.

“Niall never told you about Freddie?” She shakes her head. “Oh well, he’s Louis and Briana’s.” I chuckle at her immediate shyness.

“You are just so good with him, I just assumed that he was yours..”

“Thanks, he does have greenish eyes I guess, his are way prettier though.”

“I think you have lovely eyes, Harry, I’m jealous of them.”

I smile at her compliment then point to the nearly sleeping baby. “You’re good with him, too. You almost knocked him out.” She peers down and giggles. “I’ll grab his blanket, then he’ll be out for sure.” I walk over to his diaper bag and pull out the soft blue blanket. “He usually can’t sleep without it.” I lay it out on the cushion between us then she gently sets Freddie down, already snoozing away. Her pointer finger caresses his little cheek coaxing him into a deeper sleep.

“So what are your plans for today besides delivering films?”

She chuckles softly, “Dunno, probably go over some notes on this new article I’m working on.”

“Workin’ on your day off? I simply won’t stand for it.” I smile when she laughs.

My eyes are fixated on her loving actions. I’m craving that gentle touch from her hand… Or her lips. My gaze trails down to her mouth that’s slightly a gap. It makes me bite my bottom lip. I really want to kiss her. What does she taste like?

She’s like a magnet as I feel myself drifting closer. The beating of my heart is like a bass drum that’s out of control. My hand reaches out slowly, my thumb gently tracing her cheek that causes her to look up at me. Her hand disappears from Freddie’s cheek and reappears on the top of my own. It feels so sweet. I want it to last forever.

My next move makes my heart explode. Overcome with lust, I lean in quickly and place a long kiss on those plump lips. Pulling away slightly, lips still grazing, I open my eyes and see her staring. Those eyes are intimidating. “Harry,” She whispers then repeats my name a little longer and louder. When she pulls away entirely, I blink and see her giving me a weird look.

“You okay? You’ve been staring at something for awhile.” She questions and I shake my head, snapping out of the trance.

Jesus, I was just fantasizing about her. Seriously, Harry? What have we said a million times? She has Niall and is clearly happy. Why can’t I get that through my head and why do I want to ruin something so special? He’s my best friend.

I struggle to find an answer, my cheeks turning red in the process. “Did I have something on my face?” She wipes her forehead, but I shake my head. “Oh gosh, it was in my teeth wasn’t it?” Again, I shake my head. “Well, what then?”

“It’s nothing,” Is all I manage to squeak out, but she rolls her eyes.

“Obviously it was something. You can tell me.” She adds a smirk at the end.

I-I just… My brain doesn’t even want to complete the thought. I don’t want to admit it. I really don’t. I’ve only known you for a month and a half, yet you’re having this effect on me that I can’t explain. When you’re here, my heart doesn’t feel lonely, it glows with happiness. You give me… those stars. The stars I’ve wanted for the past year. Every time I look at you whether you’re in a crowd or next to Niall, you’re all I see.

“I’d rather not say what it is. It’s kind of personal. It’s not about you either, I was kind of in the zone, ya know?” I say then she nods.

“Alright, no worries. I won’t ask. However, I will ask how your day was.” She giggles quietly, trying not to wake Freddie. I smile and tell her, “So, um, you wanna to watch a film?”

I think I’m falling for you, (Y/N), and it crushes me knowing that I can never have you for myself.


* * *

A year and a half down the road, we are the best of friends. I know everything about her: her family, hometown, favorite color, food, band, guilty pleasure, anything. We hang out so much the tabloids think she’s cheating on Niall with me. She laughs about how wrong they are and continue to see me because she would never be that person. That’s one thing Niall, and I love about you. I’m glad that he didn’t think twice about it and that he trusts we would never do that out of respect for him. She doesn’t give a shit what other people think and doesn’t let the media influence her. She is a committed and passionate woman. She doesn’t hide her relationship in public, yet she doesn’t show it off like others do. She’s sophisticated.

And that’s exactly how she looks tonight. It’s the premiere of Dunkirk, well one of the after parties at her home. The movie was fantastic, dramatic, and full of action. I’ll admit it was a bit weird seeing myself on the big screen. I’m not used to it I guess.

Everyone looks incredible as well, but not as amazing as that long dark wine dress she’s wearing. It’s strapless with a glittering sweetheart top and a plain flowing bottom that starts just above her hips. She matched it with a cherry red lipstick; the shade complements her skin nicely.

She spends most of the night attached at Niall’s side, his arm wrapped protectively around her waist as they both chat with guests that I don’t even know. Of course, she’s had a few beverages in between so when she finally slipped away, she was stumbling her way around the house going who the hell knows where. Those white pumps she was wearing troubled her on the carpet, so she ditched them later on. Her perfectly curled hair was falling out of the pins that held it in place. However, she didn’t stick out like a sore thumb, a few other ladies and lads were already, or way, past the state she’s in. Some are asleep on the sofa, and others are trudging around the house like her.

Being the good friend I am, I kept my eye on her, making sure she didn’t do anything stupid. Thankfully, she didn’t. We are in the living room again, she found her place back at Niall’s side. Both hands are wrapped around his arm as she snuggles her head into his shirt sleeve. He laughs along with colleagues while drinking a beer, the same one I have in my right hand. I’m observing the party by the large patio doors, scanning the large crowd. He kisses the top of her head then whispers something causing her to smirk and nod.

And she’s off again, heading to a new direction of the house. My eyes follow her out of the living room and a step into the foyer until she stops and turns. Glossed over eyes are now on me, the smirk still remaining. She motions for me to come closer with her index finger and I laugh but comply.


“Hazza, I need you to help me.”

“With what?”

“Niall asked me to get something for him, but I can’t remember where it is. Please come with me?” Her small hand takes mine and tugs me towards the dark hallway, but I hesitate. The feeling gets my heart racing again. “Harry, come on!” She drags me down that hallway until we come to a closed door. She pushes it open and steps inside, her fingers still wrapped tightly around my palm. She flicks on the light, and two lamps click on, revealing where we are.

The bedroom.

It’s vast and spacious. Windows along the entire right-hand wall, letting in vast amounts of moonlight. It has a modern touch mixed with a woodsy feel, just how Niall likes it. I gulp when I see the bed all unmade. The white comforter thrown back, some pillow are at the foot, and some are beside it. “Okay, Hazza. Ignore the mess. I didn’t think I’d bring anyone back here.” She says, turning to face me, the soft touch slips away. “It’s his camera. He really likes it. It’s around here somewhere I just don’t know where.” Her gaze falls to my silk shirt, her irritated brain derailing her off the right track already. Her thumbs play with the two buttons that are undone near the top. “Oh my gosh. Has anyone ever told you that you look so handsome in these shirts?” Her comment makes me blush and stutter. “I like seeing all your tattoos exposed.”

“Thank you…”

She giggles and pulls away. My heart does a somersault, and I exhale a large breath. “Let’s find his camera thing.”

We part ways and search on opposite sides of the room. I started at the bedside table on worked my way around the outside edge of the room, finding nothing. I scanned on top and underneath dressers, under the love seat by the window, and the bed. Now I’m searching through the chest that’s in front of it. No luck so far. “Ugh,” She groans before collapses on the bed. “I give up, I don’t know where he put it. I’ve searched everywhere.” She crawls over, so she hangs off the foot of the bed. “Did you find it?”

“No,” I move some more things, but nothing. “You sure it’s even in here?”

“He said, 'Princess, can you get my camera from the bedroom? I want to show whatshisname some photos.’” Her voice grows deeper and Irish to mock Niall’s voice, it makes me laugh. She chuckles along with me before rests her chin on her crossed arms. “I’m so sleepy Harry,”

“Then go to sleep?”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?” I close the chest, giving up as well then lock eyes with her.

“Because Niall isn’t here and I don’t want to sleep by myself.”

But I’m here instead. Those words are at the tip of my tongue, begging to be said. How nice it must be to get the privilege of falling asleep next to her every night. I gulp. No Harry, don’t say it. She’s drunk and who knows what her reaction might be. I don’t want to-

“Harry?” She asks, cutting off my rambling thoughts. “Can you come lay with me?”

My eyes grow wide. “Um, I don’t think-”

“Pretty please, Hazza? I’ve always wanted you to.” My heart drops into my stomach after those words left her lips. 'Always wanted me to?’ No, no. She doesn’t mean it. But a drunk mind speaks a sober heart, my demon hisses. Yeah, well how true is that? That’s just a legend.

“You’re drunk you don’t know what you’re saying. It’d be wrong for me to-”

“You cuddle with the boys all the time. That doesn’t make you gay. Please come lie with me, Harry?” She whines. I give her another look, but she just asks again.


She squeals with excitement and shuffles backward before I crawl in. She cuddles up next to me with her head on my left inner left shoulder. Her other arm is draped across my torso. My arm rests around both her shoulders while my other hand lies on my stomach, fingertips barely grazing her left forearm. She nuzzles her nose into my neck, her breath tickling me. I smile smally. My heart is beating fast and loud, it’s like it’s pounding in my ears. I shouldn’t be doing this, but… after a year and half of lusting over her, I just can’t wait anymore. Everything is so perfect right now, except for the fact that she’s a little intoxicated. Just keep that mindset, Harry. She lets out of hum of satisfaction. “You’re so warm, Hazza.”

“Naturally, I guess.”

She lets out a short chuckle and moves her hand over my chest. “Your heart is beating so fast.. Am I making you nervous?” She moves her head away from my neck and back onto my shoulder. Yes. But before I answer, she continues. “You make me nervous. I get butterflies in my stomach anytime you’re around, and my heart feels just like this… It’s like every time I see you, I just can’t get over how beautiful you are, inside and out.”

“Now you’re making me nervous..” I whisper.

“The nervous that I feel or a different kind?” Her fingers find the buttons of my shirt again. Her long wine colored dress drapes over one of my legs.

I gulp. I didn’t think I would ever be confessing my feelings for her in a million years, but fate has other plans. “Um, the one you feel.” My answer makes her head perk up, our faces just inches apart. I could never want anything more to see her staring back at me with the same look I give her. “Do you like me Harry Styles?” She whispers.

I swallow down the frog in my throat. Here goes nothing. “I-I actually love you. More than you know.” She bites her lips then leans in, our lips connecting slow but lovingly. It’s exactly how I pictured she would feel like a pile of feathers. Her taste, however, stings like liquor, making the magic fade and the realization hit that this isn’t how pictured it. The demon in me fuels my adrenaline, my passion, and lust. I set us both up, the kisses are rougher and start traveling places: the neck, below the ear, across her collarbone. She moans my name, and it’s like music to my ears. Her hands tear off my black silk shirt and throw it across the room, before returning for more. Her slender fingers are in my hair driving me mad with each move. My own greedy hands reach around and feel for the zipper of her dress. It inches down slowly.


Pulling it off, I toss it away, and it hits the floor with a thud. I reattach at her neck and work my way down towards her bare breasts.

Stop! The angel on my shoulder screams. I pull away frantically, not meeting her eye line. She asks me what’s wrong, but I just shake my head. She sniffles like she getting ready to cry and covers up her exposed self. Oh no, please no. I grab her cheeks in both my hands and explain. “Don’t cry, you didn’t do anything. It’s just that… I’m stupid I shouldn’t have done this. You’re not mine. Your Niall’s.

"But… I meant everything I said.”

“Then tell me again tomorrow when you’re sober because right now I don’t believe anything.”

“Har-” I cut her off by placing a soft kiss on her lips, then climb off the bed to retrieve her dress and my shirt. I offer it to her, but she shakes her head and motions to the dresser. “Just get me a shirt, I’m going to bed.” I walk over and fish a black one out then toss it to her. I set her dress on the love seat. She slips it on while I button my shirt back up. “You may want to clean your face up.” She giggles. “It’s stained cherry red.” I finger slides across my mouth and examines the red pigment.

“Okay, thank you, but first..” I walk back over to the bed, and she sets up on her knees, eye level with me. She kisses me tenderly, and I explode all over again. “You wanted one more, right?”

“Right,” I whisper against her lips. “I hope you remember this, love, even though a strong part of me wants you to forget.”

We exchange our good nights then I walk into their bathroom, cleaning up all the lipstick the best I can. It saddens me to do so because it feels like I’m wiping away all her affection. I sigh and shut off the water, discarding the wipe in the trash can. I flip off the lights then walk back out into the bedroom. Her body cuddled deeply into the comforter as she sleeps. I fight the urge to just say fuck it and crawl back in. But that’s Niall’s girl, not mine. As I head to the door, I see a camera hanging on the hook, that’s hidden slightly behind a coat. That must be it. I grab it and look back one last time at the sleeping beauty before flicking off the lights and heading back to the party.

Please don’t forget.

* * *

Lightning draws patterns in the night sky followed by cracking thunder seconds afterward. I’m lying on my white couch strumming the strings on my guitar to some ballad. It’s been a few days since she’s spoken to since that night. I keep wondering if I screwed up by confessing my feelings. That’s usually how that works doesn’t it? Whatever doesn’t matter. “What a feeling to be right here beside you now, holding you in my arms. When the air ran out, and we both started running wild. The sky fell down, but you’ve got stars; they’re in your eyes, and I’ve got something missing tonight. What a feeling to be a king beside you, somehow. I wish I could be there now.” I abruptly stop and sigh annoyed. “Story of my life.” I sit up and set my guitar on the couch next to me then walk out into the dark foyer and head towards the kitchen.

A rapid knock stops me in my tracks. I glance down at my watch, almost ten o’ clock. Who would be coming over at this time of night and it’s pouring down rain. I flip on the light to the foyer and the patio outside before peering out the peephole. I don’t recognize the face because they are looking down to shield their face from the rain and a black hoodie helps the disguise. Longish hair pokes out though, so it must be a girl. Her figure shakes from the rain. Cautiously, I open the door. “Um, can I help you?” She looks, and I see (Y/N). My eyes widen, and I usher her inside. She’s soaking from head to toe. “(Y/N), What are you doing here?” She pulls her hood back, revealing her damp face.

“I had to come see you..”

“What’s the matter? Is everything alright?” All she does is rush into my arms, squeezing my core tight. I gulp and wrap my arms around her cold shivering body. Sobs begin to escape her.

“What’s wrong, love? Did something happen with Niall?”

“I love you, Harry.” My stomach churns when I pull away from her with the look of astonishment on my face. She came all the over here just to tell me that. When I don’t respond, she starts to ramble, averting her gaze back to the floor, but after she’s finished she looks back with, and that’s when I see them, those stars I’ve been searching for in her eyes.

“Do you really mean that?” I murmur and she whispers a small yes. I kiss her for real this time; my hand on the back of her neck, bringing her closer if that’s possible. She tastes minty not like liquor. I know it’s been only two days, but I missed her touch so much already. Show her how much she means to you, they say.

I pull away and take her hand, leading her down the dark hallway this time. Rapid cracks of thunder erupt with each step we take like the angels are screaming at us, but I continue walking. As soon as my bedroom door closed, she’s up against it. It’s like a dance as we move around the room. All this pent up energy that has grown over the course of a year and a half is being released. Each kiss is like fire, and each touch is like a drug. My cravings keep escalating further and further. The way my name sounds on her lips is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard.

I couldn’t tell you how long it lasted; it seemed like hours. Our naked bodies heaving against one another. I lie on her chest, her fingers weaving through my matted curls. The rain still patterns on the roof coaxing us to sleep. I scoot off of her onto my own pillow, and she curls up in front of me. My pointer finger ghosting around her jaw and over her bruised lips. “I love you, (Y/N).”

“I love you, too, Harry.” She whispers.

Our eyes rest on each for a few more moments until they eventually close. Finally, I fall asleep with someone in my arms. Too bad they aren’t officially mine.

An entire year passes with our little ongoing secret, Niall has no idea or at least as far as we know. With the album complete, he’s home an awful lot some I’m sure he does think about where she disappears to at nine o’ clock in the evening a couple nights a week. When we are alone, our time together consists of lots of cuddling and kisses, things I can never get enough of, but we still do upkeep on our friendship and do stuff we normally do before this all started. Although, I wish I could take her out into the world to show her off; Niall does that enough though.

Every time I think about him, I feel guilty and I should because what I’m doing is wrong. I need to back off and let Niall have her all to himself. But I love her so much, I can’t help but continue. I don’t think I could stop if I wanted to, but… I can’t forget the night she shattered my heart.

She came over like usual, nine o’ clock sharp. I greet her with a kiss and a smile. However, she doesn’t return it. My brows come together confused and worried. She drops her purse on the kitchen table, then walks back to the bedroom, holding her long brown coat closed. I follow after her, bombarding her with questions. My concern shooting through the roof when I hear her cry. She sits on the edge of my bed, head held low as she sobs. Her hands clutching her sides. I crouch in front of her and rub her knee. “Tell me what’s wrong, love.”

She can’t even look at me when she mutters out a response. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

My body grows hot all of a sudden, and I feel queasy. “I can take it, don’t worry.” She closes her eyes carefully, and more tears spill over.

“I should be happy, but um, Niall proposed to me yesterday. I said.. yes.” My whole world collapses as I stare at her shielded left hand. I fall back on the floor, dumbfounded. She rattles off apologies, but I just ignore them. Sadness fills me up like a glass of water.

“Stop saying sorry for getting engaged. I don’t matter, I’m just the guy in the dark. Sure, I love you, and I wish it were me giving you that ring, but Niall saw you first Brittney. You are his, not mine.”

I stand up, overcome with emotion and start pacing. “But I love you, Harry.” She retorts.

“Then why the hell did you say yes? Why are you still with him if you love me?” She doesn’t respond. “It’s not right..” I shake my head at the sound of my own voice cracking. “I think..” I sniffle, my tears falling down my cheeks. “I believe that you should be with Niall and only Niall..” Even though I love you with all of my heart or what’s left of it.

“Harry..” She shoots up off the bed and rushes over to me. Her soft touch caressing my cheek. “I don’t want to say goodbye to you..”

“(Y/N).. I don’ want to, but I have to. I can’t keep hurting myself emotionally like this, watching you share your love with someone else kills me. I want to do all the things he can do with you in public. I want to marry you and grow old with you, but I can’t do that. You are already doing it with him. He loves you so much, probably more than me.” I kissed her, and this one hurts because I know it will be the last one for forever. “Please marry him,” I whisper as I rest my forehead against hers. “Do it for me.” She says okay with a small grin.

“Just know that you’ll always have a place in my heart.”

And she still does.


Rating: K+

Summary: In the early morning hours after the events at the House of the Lucky Fortune, there is some guilt and regret over decisions made that night. Apologies are made and accepted.

Illuminated by the pale orange glow of the sunrise, the group of ducks trekked towards the entrance of McDuck Manor. The Golden Cricket’s lackluster song, which was more soothing than ethereal, added to the fatigue weighing in their bones. Scrooge and Webby were the most awake out of all of them, Scrooge having endured many a sleepless night in his time and Webby harbouring a severe sugar rush from drinking directly out of the buffet’s chocolate fountain.

Dewey stumbled on the stairs, hitting the front of his webbed foot on the edge of the step. He was saved from a humiliating face-plant by Donald, who snagged him by the collar of his blue shirt with practiced ease.

He turned to thank his uncle, but the words paused on his tongue. The activities of the day had visibly worn Donald down, from the bags under his eyes to his unfocussed glaze. Concern bubbled within Dewey and it chased away his exhaustion.

The front doors parted to reveal Beakley, who regarded them with a bemused expression. “I would have thought the Golden Cricket’s song would have enlightened you rather than exhausted you.”

“The Golden Cricket’s song is naethin’ more than a lullaby,” grumbled Scrooge.

“Ah. I am sorry to hear that. I was hoping you would be able to impart wisdom the Golden Cricket shared on life’s great mysteries.” Beakley quelled a smirk when Scrooge shot her a withering glower. “Should I ask how you managed with Gladstone Gander?”

“Definitely nae nao,” muttered Scrooge. “Ah’ve got tae wash the casino grime from me feathers and then Ah’m goin’ tae bed, where I just might sleep for fifty years.”

“How can you sleep when there’s so much to do I’m not gonna sleep for a hundred years!”

Webby sprinted past Beakley, a blur of white and pink, shrieking gleefully at the top of her lungs. Beakley gazed after her and then turned to Scrooge with narrowed eyes. “How much sugar did you let her have?”

Scrooge shifted his gaze. “The lass may have been overeager at a chocolate fountain. But tae be fair, Ah did nae realize exactly how much she had.”

“She was fine until we were halfway home,” added Huey. “I guess it took a while for all that chocolate to kick into her system. Do you know how many cartwheels she can do in a row?”

“I can imagine,” said Beakley dryly.

She went to attend to her granddaughter and Scrooge made a straight path for his bedroom. Donald shuffled towards the stairs, the dazed expression only leaving his face when Dewey called out to him. “What is it?” he asked, one wing holding the banister as he paused on the third step.

“Um…I just wanted to say that when I said you were the worst, I didn’t mean you were the worst. I meant your luck was the worst. But I shouldn’t have said that at all. I’m really sorry.”

“Me too,” said Huey, shame-faced. “Just because you have bad luck doesn’t mean you’re a jinx. Uncle Gladstone is naturally lucky and look where that got him. He would have been a prisoner forever if it weren’t for you.”

His beak lifted upwards in a smile and Donald opened up his wings. Dewey and Huey immediately hurried into his embrace. “Thanks, boys. I love you.”

“We love you too,” they said in unison.

After holding them for a moment, Donald let go. “It’s way past your bedtime and you need a recommended eight hours of sleep.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” said Dewey with a yawn. “Louie, you coming?”

Louie stayed in the middle of the foyer, wings dug into the pocket of his hoodie and eyes downcast. Sensing his brother wanted to talk to Donald alone, Huey tugged on Dewey’s arm. “He’ll be up in a bit. C’mon.”

They disappeared up to the second landing and Donald stayed in place, watching Louie intently. “Are you okay?”

The simple concern injected into the words caused his guilt to intensify, to crawl into his throat and tighten around his vocal cords. He had treated his uncle with such disrespect, after everything Donald had done for him and his brothers. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay—”

“No it’s not. I was really rude and you didn’t deserve any of it. I don’t care that you’re unlucky. I shouldn’t have made fun of you for it.”

“I probably shouldn’t have taken it so seriously,” returned Donald, slightly sheepish. “It’s always annoyed me how Gladstone always gets what he wants without doing anything. I hate admitting it, but that does sort of make him cool.”

“It doesn’t.” When Donald regarded him with surprise, Louie nodded. “Yeah, he gets a bunch of stuff for free. I used to think that was cool, how life came so easily to him, but I realized something. You’re cooler. I mean, bad stuff always happens to you and you just keep going and somehow you always make it through, just like today. Heck, Uncle Gladstone got trapped because of his luck and he couldn’t save himself. He needed your help.”

Having not quite thought about today’s events in such a manner, Donald could not help but grin. “He did, didn’t he?”

“He totally did.”

“Thanks, Louie. It’s not always easy being so unlucky, but I have three reasons that help get me through.”

Louie blinked. “What are they?” Donald sent him a pointed look and realization dawned. “Ooh, gotcha.”

“Get over here.”

Louie ran into Donald’s wings, which tightened around him. He rested his forehead against Donald’s chest, gripping the front of his shirt. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The lingering shreds of shock from the events of the day disappeared and all Donald felt was a warm fuzziness in the pit of his stomach. He had spent so much time feeling jealous of Gladstone’s easy luck that he had forgotten he had something much better. He had Huey, Dewey and Louie, his boys, and they were all he would ever need.

“All right, now it’s time for bed. You get cranky when you don’t get enough sleep.”

Louie pouted. “I do not.” He let out a laugh and dodged the mock-swat Donald aimed at him. He wiggled his way past his uncle and hurried up the stairs. “Goodnight Uncle Donald!”

“Goodnight, Louie.”

His steps much lighter now that he had properly apologized, Louie headed down the carpeted corridor towards his bedroom. As he passed by the hall that led to his great-uncle’s quarters he slowed his movements, glancing over his shoulder. After a moment of thought he turned on his heel and approached Scrooge’s room, knocking on the door.

“What is it nao?” asked Scrooge as he opened the door, his burgundy bathrobe tied tightly around his waist. “Oh, Louie. What is it, lad?”

“I wanted to apologize.”

Scrooge furrowed his brow. “What did ye break?”

“Uh…nothing,” said Louie, slightly confused.

“Then what are ye apologizing for?”

“Oh—for accusing you of leaving Uncle Donald behind.” Louie self-consciously rubbed the back of his neck and said, “We still don’t really know each other all that well, but I should have known you wouldn’t do that.”

“Ye do nae have tae apologize,” said Scrooge, slightly bewildered. “It was a fast-paced situation an’ Ah do nae think anyone had time tae process it properly. Ye had a right tae be mad.”

“Maybe. But I should have trusted you. You wouldn’t leave any of us behind. It’s like Uncle Donald always says. Family helps family.”

“Aye.” Regarding Louie, Scrooge hesitated before continuing, “I suppose Ah should have been more considerate of your feelings. Donald means a lot to ye. Of course ye would be upset.”

“It’s okay.” Glancing over Scrooge’s shoulder, Louie could see water pouring over the edge of the marble tub and onto the smooth floor of the bathroom. “Your bathroom is flooding.”

“Curse me kilts, me bath!”

Laughing, Louie backed away from the door. Before it could shut in his face he said, “You mean a lot to me too, Uncle Scrooge. Goodnight!”

Scrooge watched the boy disappear down the hall, eyes wide with surprise. The continuous trickling of water on his expensive flooring urged him to move, his webbed feet splashing in the small puddle of water as he hastily reached over to turn off the tap. Pushing his sleeve up his arm, he reached into the bath to remove the drain, allowing the water level to diminish.

He watched the swirling water, Louie’s final words echoing in his mind. After a moment of pondering he left his quarters and went down the corridor. He planned to go to Donald’s houseboat, but when passed by the guest bathroom he distinctly heard the sound of more running water.

Donald answered his knock, towel wrapped around his waist, steam already fogging the room behind him. “Can I help you?”

“When me hot water bill comes in ye can pay it,” said Scrooge in disapproval. “What are ye tryin’ tae do, create a sauna?”

“It’s been a long day and for once I’d like to relax.”

“Aye…I suppose ye deserve it.”

“…did you interrupt me just to complain about the excessive water usage or did you need something?”

“I joost wanted tae say…well, Ah had no intention of leaving ye behind,” muttered Scrooge, giving an awkward cough. “An’ Ah’m sorry if ye felt that way.”

Surprised at this, for his uncle rarely apologized for anything, it took a moment for Donald to regain his words. “Wow. Where did this come from?”

“Nowhere,” said Scrooge gruffly. “Joost somethin’ Ah thought Ah’d say. Ah’ll leave ye to your shower.”

“Wait,” spoke Donald as Scrooge started to turn around. “Thank you, for saying that. I guess I didn’t really expect you to leave me behind. It was just…an unexpected plan. But if you hadn’t convinced Toad Whoever-He-Was to keep me, then Gladstone would still be his prisoner.” Donald paused and then joked feebly, “Which might not have been all that bad.”

Scrooge snorted. “For all places for Gladstone to encounter poor luck, it’s ironic he found it in a casino. I doubt this experience will change him. Ah never knew why ye were always so envious of him.”

Donald raised his brow. “What do you mean by that?”

“Gladstone is a freeloader who lets his luck take care of him. He’s family, but he’s arrogant an’ selfish. He knows nae the value of earnin’ what ye get. His life is shallow an’ one day it’ll all catch up tae him. Ye, on the other hand, know what it means tae work hard. Ye’ve provided nae only for yourself but for the lads. Ye made a lot of sacrifices—”

Scrooge froze at his use of vocabulary. Swallowing thickly, he looked away and said softly, “Ah did nae mean…”

“I know,” said Donald, taking a breath to combat the tightness in his chest. “I know. I get what you mean. I appreciate it…Uncle Scrooge.”

Nodding, Scrooge took a step back. “Ah’ll leave before ye use up all me water. Ye could leave the water off when you’re not usin’ the shower, ye know.”

“Goodnight Uncle Scrooge,” sang Donald, closing the door.

Rolling his eyes, Scrooge started back for his quarters. He encountered Mrs. Beakley on the way, where she carried a clearly ill Webby in her wings. “There’s a reason I tell you not to let her consume excess amounts of sugar,” said Beakley in ire.

“Sticking your head in a chocolate fountain is super awesome but also kind of a bad idea,” said Webby groggily. “Um…I also threw up on your Persian rug. I’m sorry.”

Lifting his eyes heavenward, Scrooge sighed. “So much for me bath.” Glancing at Beakley, he said, “Ah am the one who let her eat so much candy. Ah can—”

“Wonderful,” interrupted Mrs. Beakley, setting her granddaughter down beside her boss. “You can clean her up and put her to bed while I make her some soup. If you want to save your rug I’d suggest hiring a professional cleaner. For now, I’ll put it outside.”

Scrooge grimaced at the thought of his rare and expensive hand-made rug sprawled carelessly over damp grass, but did not protest. “Come along then,” he said and Webby hurried after him, a little bit more cheer to her features. “Tae think Ah used to be able to have nice possessions around here,” he said with a touch of fondness.

At the other end of the second floor, Louie was just collapsing into bed. His blankets were pulled over his head and he was just drifting off to sleep when his phone started buzzing on his nightstand table, startling him.

“Wha? Ah, man.” He picked it up, his scowl disappearing and replaced with surprise and bewilderment upon seeing Gladstone’s number flash across his screen. After a moment of hesitation, he answered. “Uncle Gladstone?”

“Hey, Green Bean! You won’t believe what happened. I just got a yacht for twenty dollars! You and the fam will have to visit sometime. It’ll be a constant par-tay!”

“I think I’ve had enough of your luck for a while, thanks,” said Louie flatly.

“Oh…I guess I get it. It can be overwhelming.”

Sitting up, his covers falling into his lap, Louie demanded, “Are you seriously calling to brag after everything we’ve been through the past few hours? Because if you are I really don’t want to hear it. Goodnight.”



There was a beat of silence on the other hand before Gladstone sighed. “Look, I wouldn’t have called you to help me out if I thought you all would end up trapped there with me. I thought Donald’s bad luck would be enough to sabotage Toad Creep-Face. It didn’t work out exactly as I expected, but I knew one way or another we would get out of there.”

“You know, it would have helped if you had told us immediately instead of at like, the very last possible minute.”

“He had eyes everywhere.”

“It was too risky for you and you thought your luck would be enough to work it all out,” summarized Louie.

“Something like that, yeah,” admitted Gladstone. “…I wasn’t really going to leave Don there.”

This Louie believed, because for all the gusto that was his uncle, he cared about Donald, even if he didn’t always show it in the right ways. “I know.”

“And…uh, I turned into non-cool uncle for a minute, and I just wanted to say that I didn’t mean it.”

“When was that?” asked Louie, feigning cluelessness. “When you let us think you were going to let Uncle Donald take your place as Toad Liu Hai’s prisoner?”


“How about when you convinced Uncle Donald to play all those games knowing he was probably just going to humiliate himself?”

“Also no.”

“Are you talking about when you didn’t try to help out Uncle Donald at all during the—?”

“No,” snapped Gladstone. “I’m talking about when I said I didn’t need you!” There was a beat of silence and he added grudgingly, “Way to make me say it, Lou.”

“You did a lot of jerky things so I just wanted to be clear,” said Louie smugly.

“I didn’t mean it, all right?” said Gladstone in slight exasperation. “Next time we get together I’ll show you kids a good time without the threat of a spirt trying to keep us prisoner for all eternity.”

“That would be nice,” said Louie sincerely. “Hey, does your yacht have a waterslide?”

“Heck yeah! It’s massive. I’ll take a picture and send it to you.”

“Cool. So did you really call to tell me about your boat or was that your way of starting a conversation that would lead to you apologizing without really apologizing?”

“Welp it’s late and I’ve got stuff to do that you’re too young to know about!”

Shaking his head, Louie said in amusement, “Whatever you say Uncle Gladstone. Don’t forget to call Uncle Donald, who by the way is obviously the cool uncle.”

“Wait a second—”

“See you later bye!” Louie hung up with a snicker and collapsed against his sheets, a smile on his beak.

As his nephews were falling asleep Donald stepped out of the shower and into the steamy room. He had just wrapped his towel around his body when his cell phone started to ring. Donald grabbed from where it rested on top of the hamper and his state of contentment quickly disappeared when he realized who was calling him.

“I am not rescuing you from anymore demons or spirits!” he snapped.

“Geez, hello to you too and I’m glad you’re safe,” returned Gladstone.

“What do you want?”

“You seemed pretty down today and I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your bad luck. It really helped us out today.”

“You mean it helped you out. We wouldn’t have been trapped in the first place if it weren’t for you.”

“Thanks, cuz. Nice to know I was just supposed to rot there.”

Donald realized how he sounded and let out a heavy sigh. “I didn’t mean it like that. If you had just told us directly, we would have figured out how to help you without getting blindsided.”

“All right, maybe I didn’t handle the situation the best way. But it all worked out.”

“Barely,” groused Donald.

“I wouldn’t have left you there.”

Surprised by this sudden admission, Donald said, “I know.”

It was an automatic response and Donald realized he believed it. Gladstone got on his nerves and was beyond selfish, but no, he would not have let him take his place as prisoner. Gladstone honestly believed that if he had won the game, he would be able to use his luck to get Donald out, or banked on the combination of Scrooge’s wits and brains and his luck would generate a successful rescue. However wrongly Gladstone treated this situation and how he used Donald, he would not have left his cousin or any member of his family behind.

“Good,” said Gladstone in satisfaction. “Hey, I got this new yacht for twenty bucks and you should bring the fam to check it out.”

Donald rolled his eyes heavenward. “You are the worst at apologizing.”

“It has a golf course,” persuaded Gladstone. “It’d be great if I could beat my personal best, especially if I do it while up against you.”

“And I’d be more than happy to cause unintentional destruction to your yacht while we play,” returned Donald.

“Eh, I’m sure there’s fantastic insurance that’ll cover everything. That’s usually always the case.”

“Goodnight, Gladstone.”

“Hold up, D-Squared. Were you serious when you said you wouldn’t rescue me from any more spirits?”

Donald smirked. “Are you scared your luck will get you in trouble again?”

“No! Weird things happen and it could happen again, not that I’m concerned. But if it does, and I happen to need some bad luck—”

“We’ll see how I feel,” said Donald casually. As Gladstone started to protest he hung up and let out a laugh. “Guess you’re not quite as lucky after all, cuz.“

Now A Fan? // Seo Johnny


the prompt: Can you write a Not a Fan part 2? (otherwise known as Johnny and Y/n reuniting at a water park.)

words: 1525

category: fluff

author note: lots of people wanted a part two to this and I’m not sure why haha. Anyway, enjoy!

- destinee

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