i thought it was vegas


“You expect me to believe that you’re the guy who took down Mr. House, the Legion, and kept the NCR at bay? Next thing you’re gonna tell me is that you’re also the fucking mailman. No offense, pal, but your lady friend there looks like she could kick your ass with a hand tied behind her back.”

All of that’s true.”

the signs as new vegas companions

aries: craig boone

taurus: follows-chalk

gemini: dog/god

cancer: lily bowen

leo: dean domino

virgo: joshua graham

libra: veronica santangelo

scorpio: christine royce

sagittarius: rose of sharon cassidy

capricorn: raul tejada

aquarius: arcade gannon

pisces: waking cloud

BTS as Things My Friends Have Said
  • Seokjin: Don't forget those fucking barbies.
  • Yoongi: nah bih I'm at work.
  • Hoseok: *lives in Las Vegas, Nevada* i THOUGHT Reno was another state.
  • Namjoon: I wonder what it feels like to be fingered. 🤔🤔🤔 interesting.
  • Jimin: I'm eating mint gum... this shit spicy
  • Taehyung: To busy fucking Minho daddy.bitch you already know 🔥👅💦
  • Jungkook: I just want to be #savage

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Fallout OC question time ! 3, 9 and 20 ! :D

i dont talk about my courier enough so im gonna pick her for this!

3.  What is their S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?

S- 8, P- 1, E- 7, C- 9, I- 8, A- 1, L- 2

9.  How much do they care about their outer appearance? What’s their “beauty routine”? How often do they shower/ bathe?

lincoln’s job as courier kinda gets in the way of things, sometimes you just gotta accept that there’s gonna be sand everywhere and the most you can do til you get to the next big town with decent water is clean the dirt from under your fingernails.

that said,

it’s nice to take a break and get all gussied up once in awhile!

20.  Do they have any hobbies? What are they?

she’s the sentimental sort, and likes to collect things. a bit of a hoarder actually. after losing most of her memory after being shot, this got amped up a little; gotta have all these mementos so she wont lose anything else.

Pete| Bad Things |Dunne

Title; Bad Things

Words; 5,644

Pairing; Pete Dunne/Reader

Summary; I wanna do real bad things to you.

Warnings; NSFW. Porn without plot. Biting. Hair pulling. Choking. Orgasm denial. Latex free. If you squint and tilt your head to the side, some BDSM.

A/N; Y’all thought I forgot about you guys huh. Never fear. Momma’s back. Vegas was like a livewire to my brain. Child’s Play is coming this week. Leave some love and/or constructive words. 

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So I’m rewatching Transformers Animated for the first time in like… eons since it was cancelled bc Nostalgia and all that right?

And like… their Token Human ally, Sari Sumdac. At the moment She’s 7 years old. A small child, not even a decade old, and the first episode after the 3 part intro she’s established by the narritive as singlehandedly working like a caretaker of her obviously workaholic single father.

I remember a lot of people saying way back when that Sari was super annoying when she was young and after her upgrade that she was a massive Mary Sue, and while I’ll probably get to the latter later, the former is a little more interesting an answer to me atm.

Sari was 7 when the series started, she had her 8th birthday in a later episode and an offscreen 9th birthday before her big Upgrade. The intro episodes gave us some of her characterization, excitable young girl, sneaky, a true born Slytherin with cunning far beyond her years, yet compassionate, creative, and with the heart of a lioness. But this is the first peek we get into the normal, day-to-day lives of the Sumdacs, this is what we should be establishing as their normal routine, and what do we see?

We see a 7 year old girl having to hack her way into her father’s ‘office’ to give him some tea, is immediately (if tiredly) scolded for going places she shouldn’t, inquiring on her father’s dietary habits with a concerned yet clearly unsurprised look, before grinning good naturedly at his non-answers and carefully leading him toward the kitchens where he could eat something.

That’s not normal 7 year old behavior, and if anything it makes all the more sense as to why she acts somewhat irresponsibly with the Autobots, and with the Key. It’s the only time where she’s gone from taking care of people to being taken care of. Idk about you guys but when I was 7 years old, if my conversations with my singular parent were normally just me trying to get them to take care of themselves, It’d take me 0.08 seconds to act as much like a kid as I possibly could around my Big brother figures and Uncle figues, even if I get scolded for not taking things seriously.

I remember when I was first watching TFA that there was a sort of… vague sense of Dystopia  around Cybertron, and I’m sure when I get there that’ll be another rant entirely. But for now I just really wanna add Sari to my 'My presh child’ list.

(also, don’t even act surprised that Sari used her key on TutorBot Isaac, you should have known it was only a matter of time until she hacked it)

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Could I request a crossover between In The Heights and Hamilton where there is some sort of mix up between Usnavi and Hamilton? The situation could be anything, but it would be funny to see how everyone would react to the dopplegangers

I FINALLY WROTE IT. I guess third time really is the charm. I’m now down to one request so if you guys have any please send them in.

Send me a prompt if you want me to write something for you! If you use a list just specify old list or new list.

Alexander was unsure of how he had gotten himself into this situation. His specialty was writing debt plans, not fixing slushie machines. Yet here he was, lying on the floor of a bodega he had never seen in his life, trying to figure out the inner workings of its slushie machine.

The boy who had pulled him off the street was standing next to him, dancing anxiously from foot to foot.

“Come on, Navi,” he urged. “If we don’t get it working soon the Piragua Guy’s gonna outsell us, and then I’m gonna owe him twenty bucks.” He slammed a hand down on top of the machine. “Twenty bucks, Usnavi!”

Alexander didn’t respond; he was too busy staring helplessly into the depths of the machine. And besides, the kid hadn’t listened to him twenty minutes ago when he said he wasn’t Usnavi, so why would he listen now?

The boy bent over to study his face. “That’s it? No reaction? No lecture on how I shouldn’t be betting the lotto money?”

“Look, kid,” Alexander grunted, but the boy cut him off as if he hadn’t even spoken.

“I never thought I’d see the day when Usnavi de la Vega became the irresponsible one. Looks like I’m gonna have to take over the bodega now. You leave me no choice. The reign of Sonny de la Vega begins today.”

“I’m not Usnavi!” Alexander yelled, sitting up and banging his head on the machine. “My name is Alexander Hamilton.”

The boy—Sonny—froze and studied Alexander. He slowly became aware of the subtle differences between this man and his cousin. Alexander was skinnier, had longer hair and deeper shadows under his eyes. He was also much better dressed than Usnavi, with skinny jeans and a grey sweater.

“Oh. M-my apologies,” Sonny chuckled nervously. “You look exactly like my cousin.”

Alexander waved him off. “No harm no foul. Although,” he pulled out his phone to check the time, “I was supposed to meet my friends on that corner twenty minutes ago. The fact that none of them have texted me, however, makes me think I should find better friends.”

Sonny held out a hand and helped Alexander to his feet. “I’m sure they’re worried about you. Now, would you like a free sodapop before you go as compensation for accidentally kidnapping you?”


Alexander’s friends were, in fact, not worried about him. Because twenty minutes earlier, an unsuspecting Usnavi de la Vega had wandered onto the very same corner on which Sonny had found Alexander, and he was descended upon by three very energetic people—two men and a woman.

“Alex, my man!” One of the men yelled. He draped his large, muscular arm over Usnavi’s shoulders. “What’s up?”

Usnavi opened his mouth to respond but before he could the other man spoke in a heavy French accent.

“Mon petit lion!” he screeched. “What are you wearing?”

The first man pulled back and studied Usnavi’s large red button down, baggy jeans, and newsboy cap.

“Oh, dude,” he said. “We gotta get you some new clothes before dinner.”

The woman said, “As much as he needs it, there’s no time, Herc. John and Eliza are waiting for us at the restaurant.”

The first man—Herc—sighed. “Fine. Let’s go.”

The Frenchman looped his arm through Usnavi’s and pulled him along, chattering in incomprehensible French. Usnavi tried many times to interject in either English or Spanish, but the man was relentless. Herc and the woman—Usnavi heard Herc calling her “Pegs"—trailed behind them, critiquing his outfit.

Usnavi was led to a restaurant that he was sure he couldn’t afford. He was ushered inside to a booth where he was forced to sit down next to a freckled guy with curly hair. Pegs sat down next to a woman with long black hair, Herc sat next to Pegs, and the Frenchman pulled up a chair to sit at the end of the table.

“Hey, Alex,” the new woman grinned as Usnavi sat down.

The freckled man lit up upon seeing him. “Hey baby!” He leaned over and pecked Usnavi on the cheek.

Usnavi yelped, “Dios mío!” and leaped out of his seat. “Listen, I’m not whoever you think I am. I’m Usnavi de la Vega, I own the bodega in the Heights, and I am most definitely not your boyfriend.”

The group stared at him in shock, and the freckled man looked especially horrified.

“Oh my god,” he whispered, touching his lips lightly. “Oh my god.” He dug frantically into his pocket and called out his phone. “I gotta go call Alex.”

He pushed past Usnavi and ran outside.

“Well, this is sufficiently awkward,” Herc said.

The Frenchman stood up. “Je m'appelle Lafayette. These are my friends, Hercules, Peggy, and Eliza. The other one was John. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for this whole, how you say, debacle.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Usnavi sighed. He took his hat off and ran his hand through his short hair, then replaced his hat. “God, this is gonna be quite the story to tell Vanessa tonight,” he laughed.

John came back in, dragging with him a man who looked almost exactly like Usnavi.

“I found him,” John said, looking relieved beyond comparison.

“You must be my doppelgänger,” the man who Usnavi assumed was Alexander said. He stepped forward and shook Usnavi’s hand. “Alexander Hamilton. I met your cousin earlier. That’s a nice bodega you’ve got, but I should tell you that your slushie machine is broken and Sonny’s been making bets with the Piragua Guy.”

Usnavi’s face paled. “I gotta go. Y'all feel free to stop by the bodega anytime.”

He rushed out the door and Alexander collapsed into the seat Usnavi had previously occupied. John sat next to him, clinging to his arm protectively.

“You guys,” Alexander began, spreading his hands on the table and examining his friends’ faces, “I’ve had one hell of a day.”

I’m in Las Vegas. Haven’t been here in 15 years or so.

The sidewalks are crowded, more than I remember. Business must be good.

I saw a 400 pound woman driving a mobility scooter one handed. In her other hand she held a cigarette. There was an oxygen tank in the basket behind her.

I was shaking my head at that. Then another mobility scooter rolled into sight. That one had TWO 300 pound women on it. Talk about squeezed in. They weren’t smoking though.

Living in Minnesota it’s not often I smell cigarette smoke. Minneapolis just banned it from city parks. I thought it already was banned. Many people smoke in Vegas. Inside, outside, in cars, in restrooms, probably even in operating rooms and daycare centers I’m guessing.

I went to a car museum. Most of the vehicles were for sale. I don’t understand some people who obtain a car hoping it becomes a classic. 1991 Corvette and a 1985 VW Golf convertible. The VW was $45k. I think the Vette was $60k. Neither had ever been titled and neither had over 50 miles driven. Don’t listen to me; I’ll never own a classic car. The all black ‘70 Charger was pretty cool though. At least someone had driven that car and gotten some enjoyment out of it.

My feet are tired from so much walking. I’ve gambled $3 so far. I’m down $3.

Out Of Nothing At All - Eight

“I’m sorry. You and Spencer are having a baby together? I don’t understand,” Morgan was confused, and the rest of the team had perplexed expressions on their faces as well.

You and Reid had decided to bite the bullet and tell the team together, after spending most of the previous night talking.

You’d not made any official arrangements or agreements other than that he would accompany you to your appointments going forward, and agreeing that you and the baby would live in your house. Access arrangements could be sorted once she was born, although he fully understood that for the six months at least, it would be unlikely that you’d be allowing her to spend full weeks away from you. You still weren’t massively enthusiastic about him being involved but it didn’t seem as terrible an idea as you’d originally thought.

The question of work arose and you’d told him that were planning to take time off anyway, and assess the situation then. The problem was, with you being in the field so often and you not having any close family, who would watch the baby? The answer didn’t change now that Reid was involved either. It was still….. No one. There wasn’t anyone unless you employed a full time nanny, or took a desk job, that didn’t require you to be on location. You’d need to speak with Hotch some more.

Hotch was looking mildly amused at the curious looks on his teams face as they tried to make sense of the bombshell that you and the Doctor had dropped.

“So, you’re pregnant. We know that. But Reid’s the father? So you two are together? We’re profilers, how the hell did we not pick up on that?” Rossi looked back and forth between the two of you.

“We’re not together. And yes, Reid is the father. So she’ll be a little baby genius no doubt.” You explained, actually enjoying the team being shocked.

“So you two…….erm……slept together?” JJ asked.

“Nooo Jayge. His sperm just crawled out of his penis and across the office floor one day, deciding to take up residence in my vagina……Yes we slept together. It was a one night thing a while ago. Alcohol was involved, as it generally is.”

“You two…….Together…….In bed? That’s just weird.” Derek seemed to be struggling the most with this, probably because of yours and his little make out sessions.

A though occurred and made you chuckle. “You know Morgan, if you think about it. You and Reid have made out with each other, by proxy of me.”

“Yeah um, I’m not gonna think about that thank you very much.”

“Me neither,” Spencer agreed.

“How long have you guys known?” Emily queried.

Ahhhhh. And now the time has come for the team to find out what a horrible person you are. That he’d only found out 24 hours ago himself and that you’d originally had no intention of telling him.

“About six weeks. We didn’t want to tell you just yet. We wanted to wait until Y/N had been for the second ultrasound.” Spencer spoke and both yours and Hotch’s eyes flickered to him.

“That was yesterday though right? You were here all day kid.”

“The appointment got moved at the last minute, and I had that conference call that I couldn’t get out of. So as much as I didn’t want to miss it, I had to. Hotch was kind enough to take my place though instead so she wasn’t alone. I’ve seen the pictures and the video though so it’s fine. I’ll make the next one.”

They seemed satisfied with his explanation and after giving their congratulations again, they moved into the board room to go over the case that had just come in this morning.

You hung back slightly, touching Reid on the arm so he’d do the same. When the others were out of earshot you turned to him.

“Why didn’t you tell them that you’d only just found out yorself?”

He shrugged, “Because they don’t need to know the full ins and outs…. And, I didn’t want them judging you for not telling me straight away.”

“Well…. Erm…. Thanks, I guess. You don’t have to lie for me you know.”

“I’m not, just bending the truth a little…. Thank you for copying the photos and sending me that video by the way.”

“No worries. I’ll book in for another scan in another couple of weeks if you want? So you can see her for yourself?”

“Do you need another one yet?”

“Nope. Technically I’ve had the two that are normally insisted upon, unless there’s any complications. But you can go for extra, if you pay for more.”

“Okay, send me the bill then and I’ll pay it.”

“No you won’t. I owe you this much, okay.” It was the least you do, you guessed.

He nodded and you turned to make your way to be briefed.

The case had taken you to Boulder City and had lasted five days. You’d ended up sharing a hotel room with JJ and had found her watching you one night as you changed for bed.

“I can’t believe how tiny you still are.”

“I know. She’s being very good so far, not costing me a fortune on maternity clothes.”

“Well if you need any, I still have a lot of mine leftover from Henry. We’re about the same height, they’d probably fit. Save you some cash.”

“Thanks Jayge, but I reckon I’ll be okay. I appreciate the offer though.” You smiled at her.

“No problem.” She was still looking at you and you knew she wanted to ask something else.

“Just ask JJ, I know you want to.”

You pulled down the covers, settling into bed.

She looked sheepish before speaking. “It’s just, you and Spencer, having a kid together? You don’t even act like you particularly like him. How?”

“Alcohol. It’s as simple as that. And……We don’t not like each other, we just don’t like each other like that. But we’ll be fine. You don’t have to be in relationship with someone to have a kid with them.”

“Oh I know that. I just, I guess I still can’t quite believe that Spence is gonna be a dad. I’d always imagined him actually settling down and getting married before that happened.”

“Well we definitely won’t be doing that! But we’ll work something out between us.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll both do fine. You’ll both make great parents. Night Y/N.” She turned her lamp off and rolled over to sleep.

“Night night.”

The case wrapped the next day and Reid asked if he could speak with you and Hotch for a second, pulling you both to one side.

“What’s up Reid.” Aaron eyed the younger man carefully.

“Nothing’s up, but I was just wondering whether we needed to return straight away or if we had a few hours spare. We’re erm…….Only thirty minutes away from Vegas so I thought now might be a good time for me and Y/N to go and see my Mom.”

“Wait what? Why do I have to go?” Meeting the parents? Really?

“Because you’re the mother of her grandchild and it’s only right that she meets you? And I need to tell her and I’d prefer to do it in actual person rather than by phone.”

“Personally I think it’s a great idea. I can delay the flight home for a few hours. If you go now, can you be back here by six?” It was midday so that gave you six hours.

Reid nodded, “That’s plenty of time if we leave now.”

“Do I not get a say in this here?”

Both men looked and you and said in unison, “No.”


The drive took about forty five minutes due to traffic, Spencer taking the wheel for once.

“Y/N, you know about my Mom’s condition right?”

“Yep.” The whole team knew.

“And you know it could be hereditary right?”

You did. You’d done some extensive googling on the subject when you’d finally accepted the fact that you were having this baby. You nodded.

“Does that not worry you?”

“Honestly Spencer, everything about having this baby worries me. But if we’re just thinking about illnesses and the fact that she has a slightly higher percentage of developing the same illness than another child does then no. It doesn’t. There’s so many other things that could wrong, I’m not going to let myself get hung up on that. And you shouldn’t either. We’re both intelligent people, if that were to happen, then we’d deal.”

He was quiet for a while before speaking again.



“When are you going to tell your family.”

“When I have to.”

“Would they not be pleased to be grandparents?”

“They’re already grandparents Reid. My older sisters have kids already. I’m the youngest.”

“So what’s the issue?”

“Erm I just don’t really get on well with my family that’s all. They’re not very nice people. They didn’t want me to join the FBI. They wanted me to do what my sisters have done and marry some poor, rich guy and become a trophy wife. They’re kinda old fashioned in a way. Women shouldn’t be out working and all that.”


“Yes. Oh. Don’t worry Spencer, I’m not expecting you to offer to ‘do the honourable thing’ here.”

“I would you know,” he glanced at you quickly.

“I know you would. But I don’t want a marriage of convenience. If I get married, it will be for love and not because I was stupid enough to get knocked up. But you know……not much chance of that happening any time soon. Being pregnant and having a kid will kinda take me out of the dating pool for a while I imagine.”

“Well yeah. It’s kinda inappropriate for you to be dating whilst you have another mans child inside you,”

“Inappropriate? Dangerous word there Dr Reid.” Please don’t let him wind me up before I have to meet his mother, you thought.

“Wrong choice of words. Sorry. It would be awkward, is what I’m trying to say. For all parties involved.”

You had to agree with him there.

He turned off the main road and into a parking lot.

“We’re here. Ready to go meet my mother?”

Not really, but you nodded all the same.