i thought it was vegas

Looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Craig and Damien

Looks like a cinnamon roll is actually a cinnamon roll: Hugo and Brian

Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you: Joseph

The sinnamon roll: Robert

Could kill you by feeding you too many cinnamon rolls: Mat (and he’d probably name them cinnamon rolling stones or something)




CC, Jinxx, and Andy’s tweets about what happened in Vegas.

i’m honestly so fucking stupid but i didn’t realize that the kings were elvis wannabes for the longest of time. i just thought the king was super gay and liked to watch men sway their hips on a stage all day long. idk i just thought they were some kind of gay gang or something.

halfabreath  asked:

🌌 - Magic AU with the pairing of your choice!

shows up to this prompt weeks late with a starbucks and ignores the magic part of a magic au. i really tried going more magical but could not make anything work. ahem. 

Zimbits Magician AU

  • Okay, Bitty and Jack are magicians, and meet on a T.V. show competition
    • Magicians from all over come and showcase their talents in front of live audiences, on stage and in the street. They’re judged by a panel of famous magicians and viewers can vote too on their favourites and the winner will get a year long contract, and opportunities for touring and whatnot
    • I’m pretty sure this is already a show tbh
  • So
  • The setting is Las Vegas.
  • Enter one Jack Zimmermann, who picks up a pack of cards after rehab and never really lets it go. Card games are a way to pass the time when he was on suicide watch and learning card tricks quickly becomes a way to keep his mind and hands busy after.
    • Instead of coaching peewee, he takes to wandering the streets of Montreal with his pack of cards, looking for people to try his tricks on
    • He gets good off showing the random people, gets great though when he finds someone willing to teach him how much further simple misdirection in his body language can take him (he’s still working on using his voice and words to do the same)
    • There’s a rush in convincing your audience of the magic, even if they just believe in it for a split second, and it’s similar to the rush of being on the ice so Jack keeps doing it.
    • Jack spends the time he would’ve on the ice finding places where he can perform. He starts at bars, works his way up to clubs, and soon a producer of the show finds him and offers him an audition. He only hesitates because it’s in Vegas, but the opportunity of working with other magicians is enough to convince him that Vegas is a big enough city and his chances of running into hockey are slim. It’s really not a hockey town, despite having a hockey team
      • (Jack never lets himself think of how it could’ve been his hockey team)
  • Bitty’s speciality is illusions
    • He gets interested in magic as a kid, watching how his grandfather liked to keep the younger cousins entertained, but doesn’t do more than beg his mom to take him to the library so he could pick up more books about magic until he comes out from school with scrapes and bruises on his knees and palms.
      • Pops is the one to pick Bitty up, and doesn’t say a word on the drive home beyond giving Bitty a handkerchief to press to his still bleeding knee. Once they’re in the house, he lifts Bitty up onto the kitchen counter and cleans the scraps. He’s gentle when he presses band-aids onto Bitty’s knees, smoothing down the edges.
      • “What happened junior?” Pops asks.
      • “Nothing,” Bitty mumbles into his knees.
      • “Them bigger boys?” Pops continues. Bitty shrugs and continues to not look at Pops, startling slightly when Pops lifts him down from the counter.
      • “Lemme show you something.” Pops leads Bitty into the living room and shows him a trick to make himself seem heavier than he is so the older boys can’t push him around as easily.
      • It’s the first magic that Bitty learns

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