i thought it was time for another audio post


This is my first time posting me speaking another language and I’m super nervous haha I’ve rerecord this clip about a dozen times but in the end I would be really grateful if a native french speaker took a listen to it and told me what they thought. I know my accent’s probably really bad (I’m an absolute beginner in french) but I thought I’d break the ice and record me speaking. Longer audio posts coming soon.

tl:dr if you are an advanced french speaker/or native and wanna give me advice on my accent I would really appreciate it I’m waaayy in over my head with this beautiful languages rn

Persona 3 PA Trailer (Audio)
Persona 3 PA Trailer (Audio)

So over a year ago, I started a sequel to my “Persona 4 Platinum” fake trailer video (another user’s reupload can be watched HERE). It was of a new Persona 3 port called “Persona 3 PA”. About the time I got to video editing, I decided it was more-or-less P4P all over again and stopped. Buuut I uncovered the audio for it and thought, ahhh what the heck. Might as well let people hear it. So here it is!

(NOTE: If it doesn’t play on your dashboard, try here: http://faulerro.tumblr.com/post/137769912755/so-over-a-year-ago-i-started-a-sequel-to-my)