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i went to an ariana grande concert a few months ago. there were so many young girls (8, 9, 10 and 11 years old) there with their moms for their very first concert and you could feel the excitement in the air as they walked around the venue in their ariana shirts and accessories, dancing along to all of her songs.

the thought of someone planning a terrorist attack with the specific intention of targeting and killing not just women, but girls, absolutely shatters my heart.

And I wish you would just tell me how you feel instead of me trying to figure it out because I don’t know what to think when one night we’re talking until 3 am and the next night you’re ignoring my calls. I don’t know what to think when one day you tell me everything will be alright and I’ll be ok and the next day you tell me to leave you alone. I don’t know what to think when you tell me you’ll always be here for me but when I need you, you disappear I don’t know what to think when it comes to you because one minute you’re here and the next minute you’re gone
—  Just tell me how you feel

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Gabriel might be canonically alive, now. In the AU at least.





GABE IS JUST FINE. and this season’s finale put the final nail in the coffin for me

i was going to do a comic about it, but it could be too much to shove into a comic anyway. SO–in regards to this:

he was literally drilling into their heads “GUESS. WHAT. CAN. KILL. ME. THAT. I. TOTALLY. HAVE.”

i don’t think gabriel brought an actual “archangel blade” at all. we find out in hammer of the gods that there’s a specific blade that looks like an angel blade that can kill an archangel, and it was confirmed in s12′s finale that a regular angel blade doesn’t do much to an archangel. so whatever luci stabbed him with, wasn’t actually something that could hurt gabe

if you think gabriel can literally warp reality but couldn’t recreate an angel death, i need you to sit down and reread that


but we also learned that lucifer apparently thinks, even without incredible showmanship, “if i stab it, it’s dead.” crowley, a DEMON, just a demon, was able to slip out of his body into a rat, with lucifer none the wiser. this wasn’t premeditated on crowley’s part. i firmly believe gabriel went in with a plan for the worst

so when sam and dean watched the porn gabe gave them:

i FIRMLY believe this was actually gabriel that they were watching. he was alive. right there. and he just wanted an easy out of the drama. he never had the plan to be caught, he just got heated in changing channels and realized he was going to back himself into a corner if he stayed in the game. which is ALSO why i think this stunt was pulled in meta fiction:

this is genuinely just something he can do. and metatron had, more or less, the power of god. he probably suspected the same thing i did when he read chuck’s work. so metatron literally made gabriel pitch to cas what gabe was afraid would happen to him. he didn’t want to lead armies or head rallies. he wanted to spend the rest of eternity fucking with humans

ALSO. FROM THE FINALE. dean says to luci something along the lines of, “…so you’re just going to go around smashing all of his toys?” which,

and at the beginning of the season, cas crashes into the Mystery Spot sign.

so while he is alive in other universes, sure, i think he’s still just fine in this one. if anything, he’s the one archangel that chuck actually respected, just by leaving him alone. but with the new devil baby i think something might snap

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I have no idea if this was already theorized but do you think the Scooby Doo episode will happen cause Gabriel came back to fuck shit up? Cause high and low key I’m hoping that happens

with rich being on set so much, it wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case! if this is what happens, they’ll think Oh They’re None The Wiser because of all of rich’s directing spots, both now and in the future. otherwise, it might just be a weird fever dream MOTW ep. FINGERS CROSSED, THO

Headcanon that Derek realises he’s going to marry Stiles the day Stiles asks him if he could start using his chest as a dinner plate because, “the clean up will be more fun”. He’s not even being sexual. He is being 1000% serious, and god help him because thirty minutes later Derek finds himself staring as Stiles innocently eats curly fries off of him, petting his abs every other fry and thanking them for being excellent dinner hosts.

It concerns Derek his first thought is, “I’m going to marry this idiot” but as Stiles leans in and feeds him a fry, well, he thinks he got pretty lucky.

(Even if the fries are fucking cold by the time Stiles decides to share them with him.)

I love how, regarding Phan:

  • They just moved into their third home together.
  • They’ve heavily implied if not outright stated that they want a dog/’forever home’ together.
  • They’re openly going on cute holidays and dates together.
  • Their creepshot war has turned into a mutual “appreciate my husband” campaign.
  • Just everything they do shows how they’re each other’s ‘forever-person’ and they want us to know it.

Meanwhile, the Phandom is:

  • Excited of course, but not surprised.
  • Happy for and supportive of them.
  • Embracing all the changes that are happening.
  • Not overanalysing things the way we used to, and in fact have predicted a few things correctly this year.
  • At its most chill in general.

Basically a lot is happening and while one would expect us to be losing our shit completely, we’re actually being pretty cool about it in comparison to how we could be, meanwhile our love and respect for DnP is only growing.

2017 is the year, people.

I firmly believe that there is no reason for Nygmobblepot NOT to happen.

Yes, of course both of them have done terrible things to each other, but this is Gotham and they are villains. So hear me out…

Gotham could have done THIS ENTIRE PLOT without writing in Oswald’s romantic feelings. If the scenes towards the end of 3x05 and 3x06 were written without Oswald realizing he was in love, things still could have ended up the same way.

Oswald would still be jealous of Isabella taking Ed’s time away from him. He still would have confronted her when Ed asked him to, it just would have been as protecting his chief of staff not his boyfriend. He would have arguably been MORE suspicious of her looking like Kristen since he wasn’t clouded by romantic jealousy. It all still would have ended in Isabella’s murder. Instead of Oswald having her brake lines cut, which is clearly a crime of passion, maybe he would drowned her in the bay I don’t know…

This is not a flawless argument and no matter what happens with Nygmobblepot by the end of this season I am SO HAPPY THEY MADE OSWALD’S ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR ED CANON. It was an amazing character development and SO important.


Gotham chose to include Oswald’s love for Ed, and I think that’s beautiful. I also think the writers should have some sort of endgame for the two relationship wise seeing as they have put so much into it already.

Also, there is NO WAY those feelings are one sided I’m onto you Edward Nygma you’re not slick. ;)

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Fashion Police congratulating BTS on their win


i am glad my story can be entertaining to you. i just wish i can think of myself as worthy of the cheers you give.

these are but intrusive thoughts, but they come quite often.

There was a very neat kinda throwaway bit in Matthew’s interview where he was basically like, “You don’t vet other Shadowhunters, of course not” in regards to how Sebastian is able to fit into the group.

I thought this was an interesting comment because I suppose from our perspective, it seems obvious not to trust a new guy coming in. But for such an insular and rigid community built on authority like the Shadowhunters, it makes sense that if Sebastian entered the Institute through official channels – i.e. sent by the Clave – no one would really question his trustworthiness, especially if he proves compliant and helpful.

Because even though multiple Shadowhunters in the past have proven not to be trustworthy, I think it’s a very Shadowhunter flaw to be blinded by their faith in one of their own, born out of a sense of supremacy. Their entire identity is built on the concept that they’re morally upstanding, which means they should of course trust their own. As in, “If our own aren’t morally good and trustworthy by default, then we’re no better than those sneaky Downworlders beneath us.”

Anyway, as usual, I don’t anticipate the show to explore this in depth, but it’s something I thought about.

We all know that the carrot was a metaphor for Yousef and Sana’s “relationship”. Sana saying no to her mom when she offered her a carrot was her saying “no” to Yousef because she got hurt once because of him and is now ignoring him/ distancing herself from him. But we also saw Yousef taking a carrot, means that he’s still saying yes to their “relationship”. Also him looking immediately at Sana after taking the carrot definitely meant something, we all know it.