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One Last Ride (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 2: Showtime, Boys.

Here’s Chapter 2!

It’s really long so don’t be alarmed haha, I just couldn’t find myself cutting this in 2 chapters but I promise they won’t be this long.

Thanks for the comment and love on the first chapter, I really appreciate it y’all!

Without further ado here’s “Showime, Boys.” Happy reading <3

Summary: Reader finally meets Sam Drake, her thoughts?

You didn’t know what to expect when Nathan told you to meet him in Italy. All you were given was coordinates to a private airport where you then met up with Sully.

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Okay, what's the deal with the whole Crosby got someone fired thing? Google wont help me :(

So, since I’ve got a couple people asking now I’ll give it a stab.

Therrien was the Penguins’ coach from 2005- mid 2009. As with any major coaching change, unless there’s a scandal to blame on anyone, it’s a lot of “We just felt it was time, a new direction was needed,” soft rhetoric and “yes we players were just SO surprised” after the firing so it’s hard to get the really good stuff on it.

As far as Therrien goes, what we do know, generally-speaking, is that he’s an authoritarian dick. My absolute least favorite kind of coach, both personally and as a psychologist who knows that sort of leadership has strength only in narrow circumstances and for a limited time and definitely doesn’t work best when you have unique stars instead of good soldiers. It’s the sort of style that produces some high results short-term but burns even the best people out after too long, and if I had to guess, I’d say that’s what happened.

(And while I don’t have sources handy, we know that he’s continuing the same shit in Montreal, doing things like trying to make PK play a completely different style to fit in, and (I think it was him, might’ve been other members of their shitty management) being shitty about Galchenyuk being abused by his gf and scolding him for embarrassing the team. And then there was tonight, him leaving his goalie out there to die a miserable humiliating career-damaging death on the ice like it’s some sort of character-building lesson… ugh)

Now, I obviously wasn’t yet a fan back in 05-09 (and other fans can maybe speak to the extra juicy bits), so I don’t have extra insight into the tone of things, or the nuances we can pick up from how games were played, how players were treated, and other details (sounds like there was stuff surrounding Flower? I’d love to hear more on that but I too don’t have anything concrete there), and because social media and such wasn’t really available for much more side conversations and unofficial opinions, but there are still remnants and whispers that I’ve heard about:

“Bylsma, hired on an interim basis but expected to coach at least the rest of the season, wants the Penguins to get back to utilizing their skill, speed and world-class players Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury"…"Therrien relied on a system in which every player, no matter his skill level offensively, was required to play tight defense, and there were rumblings in the dressing room that the players were no longer buying into the coach’s disciplinarian ways.”

 From <http://www.espn.com/nhl/news/story?id=3909857>


“"We were told to try and rediscover the fun and enjoy the game,” forward Miroslav Satan said of the message [brand new coach] Bylsma delivered at a 10 p.m. meeting last night"

From <http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/penguins/s_611903.html>

Now, you don’t hire a coach who says shit like ‘rediscover the love of the game’ to try and get your team back on track and get them winning if there isn’t a SERIOUS issue with morale and buy-in in the locker room that you’re trying to address. And you’re not going to fire a coach you just signed for three more years because he’s pissing off your fourth line. You fire him because he’s lost the respect of your core.

Sid is waaaaay too well media trained to like, go off on some public rant about how he hates a guy, but if you have Sidney Crosby as your captain, and you’re not a complete fucking moron, you know that if Sid is done with a coach, then your team is done with that coach and it’s time to get someone new. And yeah, he’s coachable of course, but seriously, you don’t get to be Sidney Crosby by changing your style of play to suit the coach so I honestly don’t know why they thought that would be a good idea in the first place.

 "I want other teams to deal with our speed and skill,“ said Bylsma

From <http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/penguins/s_611903.html>

This is, in my opinion, code for “Let Sid play Sid hockey”.

Someone yesterday asked Coach Sully something about whether or not Sid’s ridiculous “imma bank this shot off the boards in a tiny space behind a defenseman right to tanger like that’s a perfectly normal pass and then go to the net so he can bounce it in off my stick” play was something he’d authorized and Sully just kindof, looked at this guy like… you’re an idiot. And then proceeded to say what sounded to me a lot like code for “What we do is let Sid play, and my job is to build up a team that can support the style of him (and the other core guys like Geno and Tanger), so yeah, that was a cool play he did, wasn’t it?”

 But listen, this is all my conjecture, mostly, so take it for what you will.

What if Sully was the one who told Elena about where Nate really was?

I’d considered it before, but Sully hasn’t ever tried to get between Nate and Elena’s marriage, especially with Nate telling him not to. Under any other circumstances I don’t think he would, but there’s a variable in play that wasn’t before in the other games: Sam.

They obviously don’t like each other, and I get the impression from Sully that Nate’s brother is someone he considers dangerous (which is a very similar opinion Sam hold about Sully). Sully has time and again demonstrated how very willing he is to do anything to ensure Nate’s safety, and if he thought Nate was in legitimate danger, going behind his back and telling Elena the truth would be an easy task.

He’s the only one in Elena’s corner right from the start (bless his soul), but I think Sam would be the reason he’d consider telling her. Sully knows how stubborn Nate is, and how set he’d been on being “normal” - to the point that he’d cut off regular contact from his essentially-dad. Sam would be the only reason for him to dive back into danger again, and by the same token is the only reason Nate is once again in danger in the first place.

We’re never given a proper explanation for how Elena found out (grumble grumble something about probably checking their credit cards), but her getting a hot tip from her father-in-law to the tune of “we have to go save dumbass again” would be fantastic.

Fanfic art: a process

I had fun doing a few drawings for @this-too-too-sullied-flesh‘s fic “The Next Wounded Soul,” so I thought a few people might be interested in the process behind it. It was really great to work with Kristen, and I also had fun experimenting a bit with materials because she was so open-minded about everything. So here goes (it’s gonna be a long post, so most will be under the cut):

It started with me reading her story (duh), and then coming up with a few thumbnail sketches of scenes and quotes that hit me - just 5 minutes of sketching for each:

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Reblog if you cried actual tears in U4 when Nate thought Elena was dead

I’m being deadass serious when I say I will never be over Nate’s first little panicked “‘lena???” when he sees she isn’t moving

The Fate of Black Cats Parts 2 & 3

Alright so apparently a lot of people were having trouble finding part 2 so i am posting it here with part 3. Part 3 will begin at the horizontal line. I have some scenes that I ended up not using that I will post tomorrow night! So if you are interested look out for those! Happy reading everyone!

Adrien grew up with stories of princesses and knights. More specifically, his princess. She drew pictures on his arms, then eventually words, and finally actually telling him on the phone. He remembers the first time he heard her speak. His mamma wrote her cell phone number on his arm and it was only a minute before it began ringing.

“Hello, I need to talk to my boy.” She had claimed him from day one, and he was forever hers. Her voice was angelic. He was convinced that she was made of magic. The day he learned her name is one of the happiest he remembers.

“Marinette is a princess name! It’s pretty and magical just like you!”

“If Marinette is a princess name then you have to be my knight. Knight Adrien.”

That day he could have walked on clouds. His girl had a name. Marinette. Princess Marinette had claimed him as her knight, and he would protect her with everything he had. From then on, their stories were about them. They told tales of their harrowing adventures together. Always the two of them. One day they would meet and he would never let her leave his side again. Then their stories could become real. Princess Marinette and Knight Adrien, off to save France. Together.

“I love you, my princess.”

“I love you too, my knight.”

Adrien’s parents were soulmates. He had no memory of his mother’s arms ever being without ink or paint. She would write his father notes while he was at work, and he would draw her bracelets of ink or designs of cascading flowers down her hands. One day, Marinette and him would be just like them.

When Adrien’s mother began getting sick, some of the magic started to fade. Gone were the carefree love notes written on arms, and in its place were queries about her health. She still let Adrien use her phone to talk to his princess, but she had to stay in bed more. Soon, she couldn’t leave it at all.

The day his mother died was the last day he spoke to Marinette. After her funeral, he reached for a pen, but his father stopped him.

“None of that. There are people here you need to talk to.” His father wouldn’t let him write to her all that day.

When they got home, he eagerly went to get the cell phone, needing desperately to hear his girls voice, but his father was already holding it. He saw Adrien looking for it and frowned at him.

“Everything you need is here. You are too old now to be distracted by nonsense stories. When you get older, we can arrange for you to get in contact again if you prove you are mature enough.” He didn’t understand. What did any of this have to do with his girl? When the phone started ringing, he reached for it, but his father answered instead.

“I need to talk to my boy.”

“He isn’t here,” his father said and hung up. When it started ringing again almost immediately, his father turned it off, and walked out of the room.

It was only then that he understood. His father wasn’t going to let him talk to his princess. Not ever.

No matter where he looked, Adrien couldn’t find anything to write with in the entire house. All his mother’s paints were gone, his stash of pens was empty, even his father’s office lacked even a pencil. He screamed and cried and begged, but it’s hard to get results from such things if there was no one there to see it. He was forced to watch helplessly as his only friend, his soulmate, drove herself mad with worry. It was two weeks of torture to watch the messages slash across his skin and not be able to reassure her. He was here! He was right here! He wanted to tell her that he loved her and that he was sorry and that he wished they had met, but he could do nothing as the messages slowly faded until only one remained.

Just tell me if you’re alive.

And eventually, that too faded, until his arms were left blank for the first time in his memory.

Adrien was never the same after that. He was quiet and polite, and only smiled on command for the cameras that surrounded him. He was never allowed anything that could mark his skin. All his school work was on a computer. He faithfully did everything his father asked of him. He took every lesson, took on every hobby, did everything perfect, but it was never enough. Every year for his birthday he would ask his father for one thing. He asked to contact his princess. His request was always denied.

“She will only distract you. You have more important things to do.”

He knew she thought he was dead. The birthday drawings were always sad and lacking in the joy she used to have, but still he cherished every one. It was the only thing he had to tell himself she was there at all. He often dreamed of her. He dreamed of a dark haired, blue eyes princess that came and rescued him from danger. She brought with her black cats and ladybugs. Those dreams were heaven. He knew the answer to the question he had asked her all those years ago.

What’s a knight without his princess?


He was lonely.

On his fourteenth birthday, he attended public school for the first time. It was the first time he had defied his father, the drawing on his wrist giving him courage, but it was worth it. Or so he thought. He walked in and heard only the sound of one girl yelling and sobbing, while the rest of the school stood silent.

“He died Chloe! He died, and now I have to sit here and listen to you disgrace him. I have to listen to you try and sully what few memories I have of him with your lies. I have had enough! Don’t you think I have suffered enough?”

The girl turned and ran. She bumped into him on her way to the door.

“Are you ok? Can I-“ he tried to offer his help, but she hardly seemed to hear him.

“Please don’t touch me.” She choked out, and ran the rest of the way out of the school.

It wasn’t long after that that his father’s employees came and retrieved him. His father lectured him for an hour that night over his tablet. He hardly ever saw him in person anymore. He tried to look contrite, but he knew he would try again tomorrow. And he did. And this time he made it all the way to class.

Several things changed that day.

He made his first friend besides his soulmate. The boy named Nino offered him friendship for no reason other than he needed one. He could never thank the fates enough for giving him Nino.

That day he also discovered that some kinds of magic is real. Namely, the kind of magic that turns scary classmates into even scarier rock monsters. He didn’t want to go home, but there was nowhere else to go until the monster was taken care of.

With evil magic, comes good. In this case, it came in the form of a silver ring and a tiny, black, floating, talking cat. His life only got stranger from there.

The irony of becoming a black cat superhero was not lost on him, but it was too much to ask the fates for his wonderful soulmate to be his partner.

Ladybug became his best friend. She represented the new found freedom being Chat Noir afforded him. She was truly amazing, but she was very serious. He tried to lighten her up with jokes, and it sometimes worked, but more often than not, she was extremely focused. No, Ladybug was not his princess, he could never be that lucky.

With school came an opportunity that he hadn’t thought of.

He had pens.

He could write to his princess whenever he wanted.

But she thought he was dead. It had been really four years since she had heard from him, how was he supposed to pop back in and tell her that he had been just fine the whole time. If he hadn’t already lost her, he surely would then. He couldn’t think of a way to tell her that wouldn’t lead to her hating him for all the pain he put her through, so he put it off. He kept putting it off until his fifteenth birthday rolled around. He decided that was to be the day he wrote to her. He would wait until she drew the mark she always did on his birthday, then he would respond.

A girl in his class was also named Marinette. She was quiet and avoided him like the plague. One day he asked Nino if he knew why. Nino looked hugely uncomfortable,

“You remind her of her dead soul mate.” All at once, he remembered his first day and realized that it had been her that bumped into him. Well, he decided that if being around him caused her pain, he wouldn’t make it any worse.  He sat in front of his in class and contented himself in knowing her only through the conversations she held with Alya.

The morning he turned fifteen, the topic of conversation strayed to a topic that no one touched with her.

“What are you doing? I never see you writing on your arms.” Alya asked Marinette, and Adrien gratefully accepted the distraction while he waited for his soulmate to draw her mark. He wasn’t expecting her answer, or the implications.

“It’s my soulmate’s birthday,” she explained, “if he were alive, he would be fifteen today.” Marinette didn’t notice Adrien slowly turning around in his seat to look at her, she was too busy drawing, but Alya did. “Every year on his birthday I draw the same thing here on my wrist it’s my way of remembering him. See he loved black cats, and I like ladybugs. We used to tell each other stories where I was the princess and he was my knight. This is how I remember him.”

Slowly the picture of the cat and the ladybug with her words formed on his wrist, right where she drew them. She didn’t notice Adrien staring at her. He was blown away. His princess had been sitting here behind him all this time. His sweet Marinette was right there. His mind simply could not compute. Slowly he turned to look at Alya who had been staring at him, and reality set back in. Alya did not share his in his wonder. There looked to be only one thing on Alya’s mind. Murder. His murder at her hands.

Well, shit.

Part 3

Dodging Alya for the rest of the day was no small feat. She knew and she was not going to stop until he had a large helping of her opinion. His saving grace was an akuma.

Now that Marinette was off the menu, Chloe had focused her malice of pretty much everyone else. Today’s akuma came courtesy of Chloe and with her stamp of disapproval. It took the rest of the day to take down this akuma and several close calls. By the end, both Ladybug and himself were exhausted. After their traditional fist-bump, they agreed on a shortened patrol later that night and set off on their separate ways.

Once home, Adrien finally had time to really think about what had happened. He found his soulmate. His wonderful, carefree princess was sad, quiet, Marinette. She wasn’t always sad, she was often happy and energetic, especially around Alya. But in quiet moments, he could catch her watching the happy soulmates around them with longing. Ivan and Mylene were particularly happy, having known each other their entire lives, they had been able to grown into a comfortable sense of intimacy. They were always holding hands, or absently kissing cheeks, or just in general being the embodiment of a happy set of soulmates. He could see how much Marinette longed for that kind of relationship. The kind of relationship she had thought died with him.

She thought he was dead. She had been mourning him for years! How was he supposed to tell her, “oh I’m alive! Surprise!”

Don’t you think I have suffered enough?

Those had been her words to Chloe. How did he possibly tell her without making her hate him? He collapsed back into bed, accepting defeat. Four years of longing for his soulmate, and now he couldn’t even work up the courage to tell her who he was.

She deserves to know.

At the thought, he could feel his resolve solidifying, and a plan starting to form. Tomorrow was the day.

Dodging Alya was once again a challenge. It would seem that none of her anger or violent urges had faded overnight. So he once again found himself dodging around corners and into bathrooms to escape her. He finally had a lucky a lucky break at lunch time in the form of Marinette’s own luck. Her handmade backpack had ripped down a seam and spilled all her stuff across the locker room floor. By this time, most everyone had already left. He rushed over and began helping her gather up her things.

Looking up at him she smiled her thanks as he handed over her things.

“Thanks, Adrien. I guess I need to stop over stuffing my bag.” She chuckled and walked back to her locker to deposit some of it back in there. Adrien followed nervously.

“Marinette, can I talk to you for a bit?” She turned and looked at him, seeming to notice his nervousness for the first time.

“Yeah, sure.” She sat down at one of the benches and patted the space next to her. He sat down and turned to face her.

“Marinette, I have a story to tell you and I know it’s going to sound weird, but please just hear me out till the end.” She slowly nodded, looking wary. Adrien took a deep breath, and jumped right in.

“Once there was a little boy with a mom and a dad and a soulmate. The little boy spent his days drawing pictures for his soulmate and playing with his mother. His soulmate told him stories, and his mother would help him act them out. He was happy. One day when he was older, his mother grew ill, and eventually died. His father decided that from then on, the only way to make sure his son was completely safe was to cut him off from everything and everyone, including his soulmate. No matter how much the boy begged, his father wouldn’t let him write to her. Years passed and finally the boy was allowed to attend school with the other children. He made friends and he was finally able to write to his soulmate. But he found that he didn’t know what to say. It had been years and surely she had given up on him. Finally, on the boy’s birthday, the sweet girl behind him in class draws a picture on her arm, and it appears on his own. The knight finally found his princess.” Finishing his rehearsed story, he looks up at Marinette and finds her staring at him in shock. After a moment of silence, Adrien pulls out a pen and writes on his arm.

Hello girl.

Slowly Marinette rolls up her sleeve and finds his neat handwriting waiting for her. She looks back up at him, and tears filled her eyes. Adrien offers her a small smile and a wave.


“Hello, Princess.”

At this, her tears overflow and she launches herself at him. She hugs him fiercely, crying into his shirt. Adrien pulls her into his lap, and lets his own tears flow.

“Stupid, stupid boy, I was so worried about you! I thought you were gone! I cried over you for weeks! Months! Oh Adrien, I missed you so much. Thank God, you’re alive.” She sobbed into his shirt and tightened her hold on him, refusing to let him go. He held her as close as he could manage, murmuring in her ear in a soft, desperate voice.

“It’s you. My princess, my Marinette. You’re here. It’s you.”

They weren’t sure how long they sat there clinging to each other before Alya rounded the corner, huffing and wearing her war face.

When she saw the pair clinging desperately to each other, she fought to stay mad. The sight of Adrien Agreste crying freely and holding on the Marinette for dear life softened her anger. At least a little bit.

When Adrien finally noticed her standing there, he cringed and held on to Marinette tighter. He looked at her with what can only be described as sad kitten eyes, and she relented. She shot him a look that clearly said, “We’ll talk later,” and left them alone again.

It was a long time later that they finally were able to control themselves long enough to release the death grip they had on each other. They each leaned back and wiped the left over tears off each other’s faces. Neither of them had it in them to separate all the way, and instead settled for Marinette staying in his lap, arms loosely wrapped around each other.

“You do realize that we still have a lot to talk about right? There is still a lot you have to explain.”

“I know, but we have all the time in the world.” Marinette’s eyes twinkled and she leaned her forehead against his.

“I’m going to hold you to that.” He laughed and finally did the one thing he had been longing to do since the day before. He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned in the rest of the way, and kissed her,

For the first time in years, he knew that everything was going to be ok.

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I would prefer Rutherford getting 1-2 goons in the off season vs. Sully saying "I see Tom Sestito getting a lot more ice time next year on a line with Sid and Jake"

I love/hate that whenever any of us hear the word goon or enforcer or “protect the line up to dissuade cheap shots” our first thought is ‘please not Sestito’. 

Let’s be real for a minute...


This right here?

This whole big, ugly, really awful thing that Pearl did?

This NEEDED to happen.

Let me be totally upfront about this: I ADORE Pearl. I love her six ways to Sunday. From her elegance to her easily plucked nerves, from her brilliance to her narrow-minded floundering, from her love and devotion to the people she cares about to her utterly selfish need for love and validation. The good, the awful, I love it all for a ton of different reasons. And having said that, I can say, with certainty.

Pearl fucked up.

And she severely hurt someone she cares about.

And it’s about damn time.

Until now, all of Pearl’s mistakes: her oversights, her carelessness, her narrow-vision, her obliviousness to the human condition, and her absolute selfishness (and let’s be real, Pearl could easily be the most selfish character on the show), have all been swept under the rug. They caused no lasting harm, so nobody raised a stink. Her mistakes were either corrected before anyone got hurt or, through sheer blind luck, managed to play out without causing any major damage.

No harm, no foul, the world keeps turning.

But not this time.

This time, Pearl did something that she can’t hide from, nor can she or the others ignore. She betrayed the trust of someone who called her a very dear friend.

Not only that, but she did so in such a way that it must offend that person to their very core. Garnet lives her life as a fusion. She understands fusion intimately, she respects fusion, she treasures fusion as the ultimate expression of love and companionship that two gems can experience. It’s something sacred. Something to be done with mutual consent and with the understanding of a bond between the two fused partners. Fusion is the deepest connection that two gems can have.

And Pearl lied to facilitate that. She tricked Garnet into fusing. She sullied a bond that Garnet obviously thought was both precious and beautiful.

An action like that deeply undermines all that fusion, as I understand it, is meant to be.

And Garnet is livid. More than rightfully so. She’s furious, hurt, and appalled.

And she and Pearl have to live together.

For the very first time, Pearl has to deal with the consequences of her selfishness. She has to face the ramifications of her actions and witness the harm that they can do. For once, she has to be faced with the fact that people can be seriously hurt by her insecurities and obsessions. She is not the only one affected and it has finally gone over the edge.

This will not be easily forgiven. This will never be forgotten. This could stain her relationship with Garnet for well into the next few millennia. 

She’s gotta deal with this and it is well past time that she does. This is her chance to grow. To move past her inner demons and become a better person. A more complete person.

I just hope that she can reach out and take it.

Daddy’s Girl Part. 3 - Sam Drake x Reader

Hey, peeps
Part 3 is here. I’ve tried writing some smut but I don’t think it’s really good. Be kinda :D
 I’ll probably write one more chapter that will be the last one.
Again, English isn’t my first language.

Title: Daddy’s Girl part. 3
Words: 1,326
Warning: Bad language, mature content.

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I thought the LU series was going to be in Moffy's, Jane's and Sulli's POVs? We know now that the first book isn't but will jane and Sulli still get POVs or is the series all about Moffy and his beau? (not that I'm composing tbh because omg yes!!)

Right now, Damaged Like Us and the sequel Lovers Like Us is in Maximoff & Farrow’s POVs. But Jane & Sulli are still a huge part of the story. Much like Rose & Daisy were huge parts to Lily’s story in the Addicted series :) 

~ Maximoff, Farrow, Jane, and Sulli are all characters in the Like Us series. 

so i’m replaying uncharted 3: drake’s deception and something stood out to me: there’s no solid indication of why nate and elena are separated.

most of the fanfic/fanon i’ve read has attributed it to nate’s growing (or re-growing) obsession with sir francis’ trip and elena reaching her limit with his shenanigans, but when nate and sully first arrive in yemen for their ‘historical research,’ it’s only when elena notices nate’s ring that she connects the dots and says “this is about sir francis, isn’t it?” if they’d separated bc of his obsession, when sully called she probably would’ve asked if it had something to do with that. she might still have gotten them the journalist credentials, but her attitude would’ve been markedly different.

speaking of, look at their body language when they meet! there’s no gritted teeth, no forced smiles. both of them seem relaxed. nate didn’t want to call her (and in fact didn’t call her– he specifically tells sully to do it), but they’re perfectly civil, friendly even. nate points out that she’s still wearing her ring in an almost teasing manner. the tension really only starts when elena points out that sully is getting too old for this sh!t and nate, who is so deep in denial about this that he’s practically drowning, starts bristling.

to go back to when she’s first brought up, when sully says he knows someone they can call to get them into yemen with no hassles, nate’s response is a genuine “who?”, so obviously elena’s posting in yemen isn’t something he thinks about often, but he knew she was there bc sully just gives him a look and immediately he’s all “nononononooooo… ugh… fine.”

so my personal headcanon is simpler, quieter, and, in my opinion, sadder: i think they just drifted apart.

the first time they get together, it’s adrenaline and mutual attraction and oh-my-god-i’m-so-glad-we’re-both-alive. nate’s never been the type to stay anywhere for long, though, so he has no experience with it, and my guess is by the time he thought hey i wonder if we could make this work elena had gotten fed up with his nonsense and left. (“elena fisher. last year’s model.” “haha, that’s cute.”) (“she broke your heart.” “oh, please.” “::small gasp:: she did!”)

the second time they get together, it’s still adrenaline, still oh-my-god-i’m-so-glad-we’re-both-alive, but a little calmer, a little smoother. they know each other better. nate gets closer to being steady, elena’s a little more patient. somewhere in here, they get married. and then, somewhere between this game and the next, one or both of them got in their own way.

maybe elena got a job offer. maybe nate did. maybe they both did, so elena moved to one country and nate moved to another. (“it’ll be fine, we’ll call every day…”) except they’re both driven, independent people who throw themselves into their work, so it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if both of them just… stopped communicating. one or the other forgets to call, ignores a text for too long. a few days between conversations becomes a week, then a month, and suddenly they’re only updating each other every few months or when something really notable happens. (“well, hello!” “hey there… i was just calling to say– i got promoted!” “again? wow, congratulations!” “thanks! …” “…” “…so… what are you up to these days?”)

“you’re still wearing [your wedding ring],” nate says, sounding almost amused. she says that it helps in that part of the world, and for him not to flatter himself. that sounds almost like they got a divorce, but it’s not… idk, animated enough. it’s like they decided to be friends, not married anymore, and just… didn’t bother with the paperwork. which, i mean, if they were in different countries, i guess could make sense. like i said, they’re driven, independent people: they obviously don’t have time (or at least, don’t allot time) for most relationships.

the only thing sadder than them drifting apart is sully watching it happen. he knows where elena is without having to think about it. he has her number, calls her ‘sweetheart’ fondly, and goes for the hug until told male-female pda aren’t socially acceptable. he obviously loves and keeps up with both of them. it must’ve been hard to watch them drift apart.

starshi replied to your post“starshi replied to your post“Maybe Naruto?”LOLA….. DO YOU LIKE…”

LISTEN I HAVE BEEN IN KAKAIRU HELL FOR YEARS LOL I actually ship Stahl and Sully xD Stahl is so cute ;v; do you have Fire Emblem Heroes?? I actually saved up to make Stahl and Sully 5 stars lol aaahhh

Yes I know (we talked about it ehehe) <333 that’s how I saw the gifset with the scenes with them btw lol 

Ahhh I never tried this pairing!!! From the pairing I tried, my fav with Stahl was Panne <3 I thought it was pretty sweet that she was pretty cold and lonely at first but Stahl’s kindness makes her melt little by little >v<

Ah no sorry, I have many friends who talked to me about it but I don’t really play to “app games” a lot >/////<

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I saw this AU with like "I get sick durning training and faint but you stay with me even though we barely talk" and I really wanted to see Freddy staying after Robin faints :3

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It was unlike you to be faint, no matter the situation. You were the strongest in the army, aside from himself. He respected you for that, and held you in high regard, despite his suspicions. You were something like a favorite in his eyes, the way you worked with such fervor and power (not that he spoke to you long enough to even mention it).

“All right, you have done well, everyone! You completed your sparring with poise and strength.” He complimented the dozens of warriors, “Except for those who lost your matches. You’re all to give me 300 push-ups, starting now! As for the winners, you earned  a short break. Water, sitting down, and so forth. Be back in place within the next ten minutes!”

“See you on the other side, Sully.” You grinned at your partner, who threatened to knock your legs out from under you if you didn’t leave. You laughed, a sound like bells in Frederick’s ears. “Fat chance. You couldn’t even land a blow on me when we were fighting. What makes you think you can…just… U-ugh…”

Then you collapsed to the ground.

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i remember like over a year ago when u first started spg, u were like "tfw spg has a million times the followers i do" and i sent u an ask saying "why dont u put a link to ur blog on it?" and u said smth like "no, spg is pure, i will not sully it with promotion" and i thought that was so cool that i still remember it to this day

well I’ve broken that promise several times lmao

sparks fly; a modern au

prompt: Bellamy needs a date to his sister’s wedding, and who better to ask than the maid of honor herself? 

A/N: It started out as one of those fake engaged AUs and degraded into this. I can do nothing but apologize for my trash queen status. 

The invitation came in a beautiful, cream-colored envelope, and it had been embossed in gold lettering, and although Clarke loved them, she had also been the one painstakingly shoving them into the innumerable envelopes. She remembered asking Octavia if inviting that many people was really necessary, and receiving a glare and a muttered, you sound like Bellamy, but she had had paper cuts for days, so, really.

She stared at that very same invitation now, heaving a sigh. It had been months of planning, but there were only a few weeks left until the wedding now, and as much as she loved her best friend, Clarke was exhausted. Octavia had been dreaming of this day for years, and by the time Lincoln had come around and proposed (all within about six months, much to Bellamy’s chagrin, as Clarke was fortunate enough to hear about every fucking day), she had had everything organized to a T. Which, in some respects, made planning easy. In others, not quite. (Clarke internally shuddered at the Lily Flower Debacle of 2014 that had ensued when the florist Octavia had picked out didn’t have the precise shade of lilies she wanted.)

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The Drunkalypse Season 4, Episode 6: The Laws of Gods and Men


7/10 Tyrions in a barrel.

Good episode, Solid. SOLID! The episode stuck around KL with a few outings but with the trial that’s not surprising. I’m sure people are going to be talking about Peter Dinklage’s performance this week. People bitch about the term filler and I definitely do not think it applies here. Every scene but one, really, seemed well-placed and relevant.


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