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Chapter Two

Summary: Sam Winchester, the sheriff of the isolated Maine hamlet Little Tall Island, is facing the toughest challenge of his career. Not only is a devastating winter storm bearing down on his community, but also brings a series of sinister events. With the help of his brother, Sam struggles to hold the community together, as well as his budding relationship with the reader.

Chapter One

Pairings: Sam x Female Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, murder, explicit sexual content, bullying, character death. Please note that warnings apply to the entire story, not individual chapters.

A/N: I’ve admittedly borrowed Little Tall Island and a few plot points from Stephen King.

Words: 4400+

Beta’d By: @a-screaming-ghost

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Early Morning - October 8th

Deputy Sully Rasmussen makes the drive from Bingham’s Point to town in record time.  He’s not normally a man that does much of anything at a frenzied pace, instead eternally opting for slow and steady.

But tonight will turn out to be anything but run of the mill. He’s not sure of the last time he lit up the blue and reds or heard the scream of the siren wailing in his ears, but as he accelerates over ten, twenty, thirty miles over the speed limit he makes the judgement call; better to announce his presence and play it safe.

As soon as his cell phone rang, he knew that something was seriously wrong. Cellular service on the island is spotty on the best day, the radios are the only reliable form of communication. Everyone on the island has a short wave, so when Bea makes a phone call it means the sheriff wants radio silence.

This means shit has hit the fan.

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One Last Ride (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 2: Showtime, Boys.

Here’s Chapter 2!

It’s really long so don’t be alarmed haha, I just couldn’t find myself cutting this in 2 chapters but I promise they won’t be this long.

Thanks for the comment and love on the first chapter, I really appreciate it y’all!

Without further ado here’s “Showime, Boys.” Happy reading <3

Summary: Reader finally meets Sam Drake, her thoughts?

You didn’t know what to expect when Nathan told you to meet him in Italy. All you were given was coordinates to a private airport where you then met up with Sully.

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ionelyroses  asked:

would you do a gryffindor x slytherin thing?

Slytherin would constantly roll their eyes at Gryffindor’s antics, but with fondness. They would love gryffindor’s righteousness and readiness to fight EVERY FUCKING FIGHT THEY COME ACROSS LIKE SERIOUSLY GRYFF CHOOSE YOUR FUCKING BATTLES !! But on the other hand, the Gryffindor would help them sort out right from wrong when they get confused or too ruthless, and push them forward when they want to give up.

Gryffindor would love their Slytherin’s practicality, sarcasm (cause real talk here they are just dripping with it) and cunning. They would make the best pranks together, Slytherin helping Gryffindor be subtle enough that they don’t make it too blatant and get caught and devising schemes to give dark villains a run for their money.
They would also be very fucking scared of them sometimes. Especially when Slytherin talks about their exes :

Slytherin : so they cheated on me
Gryffindor : oh what a bitch !! Do you want me to ruin their lives for you ?
Slytherin : no need, already done.
Gryffindor : really ?
Slytherin : yeah I told their new girlfriend what they had done and that they were super controlling.
Slytherin : and I got several of their other exes to support my claim.
Slytherin : so now the whole school knows
Slytherin : and they got rejected several times because of it.
Slytherin : I thought about punching them in the face at first, but then I thought : why sully my hand and reputation as a calm person when I can just destroy their image ?
Gryffindor :
Gryffindor : you are terrifying.
Gryffindor : and i am never cheating on you ever.

F(x) Reaction to: You Being A Vampire

a/n: asdfghjkl my laptop kept crashing and THIS IN MY FOURTH TIME TO WRITE this but I hope you guys enjoy ~ I want to write more halloween themed things so expect spooky/dark stuff in the future :P

Victoria: The new knowledge of what are you terrifies her. So she runs. And despite running away, for the following days, all she can think about is you. You plague her mind 24/7. She doesn’t understand why until a sudden realization hits her: as much as you being a vampire scares her, loosing you scares her even more.

Now understand her feelings, she goes out in search for you, trampling through the woods in the waning sunlight. As her foot gets caught in something, she stumbles and trips, coming very close to falling on her face.

Except for the pair of cold hands that save her.

As she looks up, your eyes meet and she smiles in relief. She doesn’t say anything but she doesn’t have to. Just the love in her eyes lets you know what she wants to say. You pull her close and there, in the dark with a vampire, is the safest she’s ever felt.

Originally posted by oh-thatdoll

Amber: Prides herself on being open minded. So she holds no judgement towards you, treating you just as she had before you told her. While talking about you drinking blood will make her queasy, she’ll always uses her sense of humour to let you know that you’re weird .. but you’re her kinda weird. Together, you’re the cutest weirdo couple ever.

“Wait .. So do I have to stay away from you during my period?”

Originally posted by mmmmmilikeamber

Luna: Continues to love and accept you, just as she always had. Except that with every year that passes, she feels the weight of her fragile human life bearing heavily on her shoulders. As her thirtieth year approaches, she only has one request for a present.

“Turn me, please. I can’t stand the thought of dying and no longer having you by my side. I want us to be together forever.”

Originally posted by functiongirls-

Sulli: Enjoys knowing about a dark secret world while most other humans don’t. She loves hearing about vampire politics, about your life experiences, and meeting other vampires. Doesn’t hesitate to help you lure in victims and if that doesn’t work, she willing offers her own blood.

Maybe her fascination is sick but she doesn’t care. You mean so much to her and naturally she will accept you for you.

Originally posted by kurosawa-rei

Krystal: Doesn’t believe you at first. But when you show her your fangs, that’s when she takes your words as less of a joke. It feels so surreal, to date a vampire, but she takes it in her stride. She will always love and accept you, no matter what. And like Luna, she wants to be turned to stay with you forever. Not too young, she wants to enjoy her human life too, but some day.

And together, you will both rule the undead world.

Originally posted by meiqie


“I haven’t…done that, before.”

He was absolutely still for a moment, and then his fist ripped a piece of bark from above her head and he reeled away from her. “You’re a virgin!?” He bellowed into the forest. A flock of white parrots burst out of the trees above them and fluttered away, chattering in alarm.

“Must you be so crass, Sullivan?” Effie pleaded, wringing her hands. She was fairly certain her face was redder than the morning’s sunrise. “You don’t need to speak as if it’s a bad thing!”

“Why didn’t you say anything!?” He shrieked, his voice unnaturally high.

“I thought you knew, but why would I mention it anyway?!”

“I thought it was an act!” He marched back to her. “You’re 21? And you’ve never slept with a man? Have you done anything with a man?”

“Er, I had to kiss Othello in high school once but it was just on the cheek.”

“You’ve never even been kissed!?”

“Well, yes…you kissed me when we first met?”

Sully staggered away from her, looking faintly sick. “I did - you were -”

He looked terribly pained by it all. Effie felt concerned for his blood pressure. “Would you like some tea, Sullivan?”

He waved a hand at her, doubled over and braced himself against a tree trunk. “I thought you were playing the long game - your first kiss - don’t you feel violated?!”

Effie left him to his existential crisis and started getting some things out of her pack. “I’m going to make you some tea.”

if i survive, baby you’re the one

thorki one-shot; explicit; warnings for incest (obv) and underage 

(many thanks to @darklittlestories for looking at this and assuring me that it didn’t sound like absolute crap. it’s been a while since i’ve published anything with these norse idiots, and one gets rusty.)


“You’re so beautiful, Loki,” Thor says quietly. Reverently.

He runs his palms down the youth’s sides, drinking in how small and fragile Loki’s new body looks in his large hands. Every inch of him is decorated in soft, pinking marks made with lips and tongue and teeth - everywhere Thor has lavished his bottomless affection on his beloved little brother.

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myotparmada  asked:

Okay, what's the deal with the whole Crosby got someone fired thing? Google wont help me :(

So, since I’ve got a couple people asking now I’ll give it a stab.

Therrien was the Penguins’ coach from 2005- mid 2009. As with any major coaching change, unless there’s a scandal to blame on anyone, it’s a lot of “We just felt it was time, a new direction was needed,” soft rhetoric and “yes we players were just SO surprised” after the firing so it’s hard to get the really good stuff on it.

As far as Therrien goes, what we do know, generally-speaking, is that he’s an authoritarian dick. My absolute least favorite kind of coach, both personally and as a psychologist who knows that sort of leadership has strength only in narrow circumstances and for a limited time and definitely doesn’t work best when you have unique stars instead of good soldiers. It’s the sort of style that produces some high results short-term but burns even the best people out after too long, and if I had to guess, I’d say that’s what happened.

(And while I don’t have sources handy, we know that he’s continuing the same shit in Montreal, doing things like trying to make PK play a completely different style to fit in, and (I think it was him, might’ve been other members of their shitty management) being shitty about Galchenyuk being abused by his gf and scolding him for embarrassing the team. And then there was tonight, him leaving his goalie out there to die a miserable humiliating career-damaging death on the ice like it’s some sort of character-building lesson… ugh)

Now, I obviously wasn’t yet a fan back in 05-09 (and other fans can maybe speak to the extra juicy bits), so I don’t have extra insight into the tone of things, or the nuances we can pick up from how games were played, how players were treated, and other details (sounds like there was stuff surrounding Flower? I’d love to hear more on that but I too don’t have anything concrete there), and because social media and such wasn’t really available for much more side conversations and unofficial opinions, but there are still remnants and whispers that I’ve heard about:

“Bylsma, hired on an interim basis but expected to coach at least the rest of the season, wants the Penguins to get back to utilizing their skill, speed and world-class players Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and goalie Marc-Andre Fleury"…"Therrien relied on a system in which every player, no matter his skill level offensively, was required to play tight defense, and there were rumblings in the dressing room that the players were no longer buying into the coach’s disciplinarian ways.”

 From <http://www.espn.com/nhl/news/story?id=3909857>


“"We were told to try and rediscover the fun and enjoy the game,” forward Miroslav Satan said of the message [brand new coach] Bylsma delivered at a 10 p.m. meeting last night"

From <http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/penguins/s_611903.html>

Now, you don’t hire a coach who says shit like ‘rediscover the love of the game’ to try and get your team back on track and get them winning if there isn’t a SERIOUS issue with morale and buy-in in the locker room that you’re trying to address. And you’re not going to fire a coach you just signed for three more years because he’s pissing off your fourth line. You fire him because he’s lost the respect of your core.

Sid is waaaaay too well media trained to like, go off on some public rant about how he hates a guy, but if you have Sidney Crosby as your captain, and you’re not a complete fucking moron, you know that if Sid is done with a coach, then your team is done with that coach and it’s time to get someone new. And yeah, he’s coachable of course, but seriously, you don’t get to be Sidney Crosby by changing your style of play to suit the coach so I honestly don’t know why they thought that would be a good idea in the first place.

 "I want other teams to deal with our speed and skill,“ said Bylsma

From <http://triblive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/sports/penguins/s_611903.html>

This is, in my opinion, code for “Let Sid play Sid hockey”.

Someone yesterday asked Coach Sully something about whether or not Sid’s ridiculous “imma bank this shot off the boards in a tiny space behind a defenseman right to tanger like that’s a perfectly normal pass and then go to the net so he can bounce it in off my stick” play was something he’d authorized and Sully just kindof, looked at this guy like… you’re an idiot. And then proceeded to say what sounded to me a lot like code for “What we do is let Sid play, and my job is to build up a team that can support the style of him (and the other core guys like Geno and Tanger), so yeah, that was a cool play he did, wasn’t it?”

 But listen, this is all my conjecture, mostly, so take it for what you will.

Happy 8th Captain Swan Day!

Hello Wonderful Shipmates!

so after our top 3 CS scenes, kisses and hugs today we can do the next paty of @tough-lass amazing project -

top 3 Killian quotes

(don’t forget to send your top 3 to @tough-lass!)

this are mine:

from “Ariel” (3x6)

“I never thought I’d be capable of letting go of my first love, of my Milah… to believe that I could find someone else… that is, until I met you.”

from “Dark Hollow” (3x7)

“When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it. It will not be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.”

from “Poor Unfortunate Soul” (4x16)

“Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.”

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Fanfic art: a process

I had fun doing a few drawings for @this-too-too-sullied-flesh‘s fic “The Next Wounded Soul,” so I thought a few people might be interested in the process behind it. It was really great to work with Kristen, and I also had fun experimenting a bit with materials because she was so open-minded about everything. So here goes (it’s gonna be a long post, so most will be under the cut):

It started with me reading her story (duh), and then coming up with a few thumbnail sketches of scenes and quotes that hit me - just 5 minutes of sketching for each:

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Abel/Stahl C-A Support

Written by  i-want-to-be-manhandled


Stahl: Hyaaa! Ha! Hya-

Abel: Oh, hey. Sir Stahl, is it?

Stahl: Ah! Oh, hi- Whoa… Umm…

Abel: Yes?

Stahl: You… Are you Sir Abel? Abel… the Panther?

Abel: I suppose I was, yes.

Stahl: …

Abel: These days, I am but a shopkeeper. Though back when I was in the army… Huh? Sir Stahl?

Stahl: …

Abel: Oh dear, he fainted…

[Abel and Stahl have reached support rank C.]


Stahl: Ha! Hyaaa!-

Abel: Good afternoon, Sir Stahl.

Stahl: Ah! S-Sir Abel, you… scared me!

Abel: I came to see if you were alright. Last time we met, you fainted, and now, you look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Stahl: I-I’m fine, it’s just that… how do I put this?

Abel: Hm?

Stahl: You see, when I was little, all I wanted was to be a knight. My father is an apothecary, and my brother now works in his shop. I dreamed only of joining Ylisse’s Shepherds, the successors to the legendary Altean Knights. I read so many stories and accounts of the legendary War of Shadows and the War of Heroes, especially about… well, you. I aspired to your skills with the lance and sword as well as your swiftness and dexterity in battle. My close friend, Sully, and I chose to don red and green armor to honor you and Sir Cain. You’ve been my role model since I was a little boy, so when you first came up and talked to me, I was a bit… overwhelmed, is all. Obviously, I never thought I’d have the chance to meet you, let alone talk to you!

Abel: …O-oh. Okay.

Stahl: …I’m sorry. You must think me strange or weird, since I’m blathering on and on-

Abel: No, it’s not that at all. I just… I’m not worthy of such praise. Prince Marth and Cain make much better idols than I.

Stahl: What?

Abel: It’s… *sigh* Excuse me, I must be going.

Stahl: Sir Abel, wait…! Ah, he’s gone. I hope I didn’t upset him…

[Abel and Stahl have reached support rank B.]


Stahl: S-sir Abel?

Abel: Hm?

Stahl: I, er, wanted to apologize for the other day. I know I must have-

Abel: There is no need to apologize. I was the one in the wrong.

Stahl: N-no, Sir Abel, I-

Abel: Stahl, you said you had heard many legends about me.

Stahl: Yes, sir, I have! Your legendary exploits during the War of Shadows, when you and Sir Cain, the legendary Bull, helped Prince Marth slay Medeus, the Shadow Dragon, and during the War of Heroes, when you again aided him in restoring order to Archanea!

Abel: Yes, but…

Stahl: What is it?

Abel: During the War of Shadows, I fell in love with a Macedonian Whitewing named Est. We retired from the military and were wed after the war’s conclusion.

Stahl: I’ve read about her, too! She sounds lovely.

Abel: She is, truly. We had no intention of fighting during the War of Heroes. We wanted to open a shop together and raise a family… but then, she was captured by Emperor Hardin’s army to blackmail me into fighting for them.

Stahl: That’s horrible.

Abel: He was going to kill her if I didn’t fight with him, and… I couldn’t lose her. A scoundrel named Grieth had captured her before, intending to sell her into slavery, and… she never recovered. It left her with horrible scars, on both her body and her mind. I couldn’t bear for her to endure that again. I couldn’t lose her, but… I had to raise my sword against my former liege to save her.

Stahl: Sir Abel…

Abel: I will never atone for that crime, Sir Stahl. I am not worthy of being idolized.

Stahl: Sir Abel, please don’t say that. Had I been in your position, I… I don’t know what I would have done. Choosing between two things you hold incredibly close to your heart… It isn’t easy. There is no right answer or wrong answer in a situation like that, merely two different options. Keep your wife safe or keep your honor as a former knight. You chose to keep your wife safe, which is honorable in its own right.

Abel: S-Stahl…

Stahl: Prince Marth forgave you, right? It was the conclusion of that tale that you just told me. He saved you, saved your love, and formally pardoned you from treason.

Abel: He did, but…

Stahl: Then you should forgive yourself. You’re a great man, Sir Abel. The greatest man I’ve ever known.

Abel: I don’t know what to say.

Stahl: Say you’ll forgive yourself, like Prince Marth and Altea itself forgave you.

Abel: I’ll… I’ll try. Thank you, Sir Stahl.

Stahl: Please, Sir Abel, call me Stahl. We’re friends now. …Right? Are we friends?

Abel: *laughs* Of course. And you, in turn, can simply call me Abel.

Stahl: Alright… um, Abel!

[Abel and Stahl have reached support rank A.]


like us challenge: day three  ♡  favorite name story
“Hey there,” I say, “Sullivan Minnie Meadows.” 

She stretches her left arm as though to say, that’s me

                                                                       * * *

I stroke my little girl’s cheek. “She named you Sullivan…”

Adam Sully would’ve loved it, which is why it fucking gets to me. I put my hand to my mouth. I wonder if the name was a spur of the moment idea or if she’s thought about it for a while. 

                                                                    * * *

He says, “First thing that fucking comes to you.”

First thing?


“Minnie,” I say quickly. “Minnie Meadows.” I have to warn him. “It’s silly.” Everything I’ve ever named has been on the side of quirky.He kisses me, the powerful movement rocking both of our bodies. Grinding together. Ryke. I hang onto his arms, bucking into him. His tongue naturally tangles with mine, his hands creating friction between my legs as much as our wandering limbs.

I barely hear him over the thump of my pulse. “It’s fucking cute.”

Dear Theodosia

Lydia your mother says that writing has always helped her process her thoughts. In the years that we’ve been together she’s told me I should do the same, but in the midst of the Inquisition and everything else I never took the quill to paper and took her advice until now. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons I love her so much. After I told her that I wanted to be with her, and she, by some miracle, wanted the same, she never failed to listen to my musings. No judgment or scrutiny, only love. 

How I love her. I know you will too. 

Yet now, everything has changed, and…well…here I am, I suppose. Putting the quill to paper, because everything changed when I found out about you.

For weeks we’ve known. Of course we don’t know yet that you’ll even be a female and the name “Theodosia” will be appropriate, but Mia your aunt says always to trust a mother’s intuition, and your mother certainly thinks that you will be a female. “I’m sorry Cullen,” she said to me, blue eyes filled with melancholy in thinking I would prefer a boy to spar with, but in truth, I want you to be whoever you want to be. Though I do trust your mum’s intuition, and I have a feeling we’ll be naming you Theodosia on the day you’re born. Theodosia, after your grandmother. She was the one who told your mother that the strength to overcome is always found within. I hope you know that too.

Someday you’ll grow up and hear stories of the Inquisition, stories of the good works we all accomplished. Someday you’ll hear about your mother, and how brave she was, fighting so all of us could live. She saved us all. She saved me, even though she insists that I saved myself. By the time you’ll be old enough for us to tell you everything that happened, I’m sure the stories will be exaggerated that no one will know the full truth behind it. Not even us. But there is something I want you to know. 

There came a time when I thought I would lose her, you mother I mean. Lose her before I even had a chance to really know her. But something told me not to give up hope. I found her, half dead, but breathing, and I carried her in my arms from the snow back to safety. The first time I held her in my arms. I didn’t feel as though I should hold her so intimately as I did. I know I have sullied hands, and I felt unworthy to hold her then. Sometimes I still hold her and I wonder if I’m worthy to have her. Sometimes I think I’ll wake up from this dream, and I’ll be alone. Somehow, she doesn’t mind reminding me, with words or kisses, that this is real. Maker, I haven’t even seen you yet, yet I know you’ll be beautiful. I’ll hold you for the first time and I’ll wonder the same thing. I’ll wonder if this is real. I’m wondering that now. I’ll wonder if I’m worthy enough to hold you in my arms. 

Someday I’ll tell you of my past. I won’t leave out a single detail, and you’ll know why I may feel unworthy, sometimes. But I promise my love, I will always be here for you. I will never fail you, and no matter who you want to be, I will always love you. You have part of me, but you also have part of your mother. She’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever known. You’ll see for yourself soon. 

Above all, I want you to know. I once stopped believing in miracles. But I have had two, in my life. Your mother, and you.

And I want you to know. I love you with every fiber in my being. 

Cull Da.

Shakespearean’s note: Okay, Hamilton reference. You caught me but I couldn’t resist. 

Music Playlist Shuffle

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Rules: Shuffle your music and list the first 10 songs that come on. Gone are the days where I had all my music on iTunes or in one place, it’s all in separate playlists now and I mostly use spotify so I thought I could do it for the Gen 3 playlist I have on there. :) (so none of the really weird shit I listen to, shame)

  1. Gold - Penny and Sparrow
  2. From The Ground Up - Sleeping At Last
  3. Run Through The Jungle - Credence Clearwater Revival
  4. I’m On Fire - The Staves
  5. Song To The Siren - Tim Buckley
  6. City Of Stars (Humming) - La La Land
  7. Whole Lotta Love - Hozier
  8. Better Man - Paolo Nutini
  9. Happy Together - Spin
  10. Uninvited - Alanis Morissette

I tag @goodnightlittlewing, @plumblobs, @silverowlblog, @buckleysims and @simtanico