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Notre Dame de Paris

The story of the grand cathedral begins in 1160 when newly appointed bishop of Paris, Maurice de Sully, ordered for a new cathedral to built on a site where another cathedral once stood. Three years later, the cornerstone was laid on the site by either de Sully or Pope Alexander III. The eastern side was the first side to be worked on and finished in 1182. The west side then started under the watch of Maurice’s successor, Eudes de Sully in 1200. Yet the western side was not completed until 1225; after Eudes’ death. Twenty five years later, in 1250, the western towers and rose windows were completed. However, the entire church itself would not be completed until 1345. About four hundred years later during the French Revolution, the church was looted and vandalized during the riots and protests against the monarchy rule. Yet, the Notre Dame- which simply translates to “Our Lady”, which refers to the Virgin Mary- remains to be one of France’s oldest and iconic landmarks. 


One Last Ride (Sam Drake x Reader) Chapter 2: Showtime, Boys.

Here’s Chapter 2!

It’s really long so don’t be alarmed haha, I just couldn’t find myself cutting this in 2 chapters but I promise they won’t be this long.

Thanks for the comment and love on the first chapter, I really appreciate it y’all!

Without further ado here’s “Showime, Boys.” Happy reading <3

Summary: Reader finally meets Sam Drake, her thoughts?

You didn’t know what to expect when Nathan told you to meet him in Italy. All you were given was coordinates to a private airport where you then met up with Sully.

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Hey y’all! Or can I call all of you honey bees? 

Anyways, this is my first recommendations/favorites post! 

I thought I’d share my favorite fics, imagines, one shots, and blogs currently! So please check it out! 

Starting off with Imagines

  1. Sully Imagine (by @teamfreewill-imagine)
    1. This Daddy!Sam x Reader was exceptionally adorable! And needless to say all her Daddy!Sam verse stuff is so stinking cute! I’m honestly a slut for Daddy!Sam. It just hits me right in the Fluffy bone. 

One Shots

  1. Breathless by @timeforsmut (Jim Moriarty x Reader, smut)
    1. Let’s just say this was absolutely brilliant. I had trouble finding any Moriarty smut with anal and he just seems like the type who’d love it. A very great read!
  2. Bad Idea by @buckytrashbin (Sebastian Stan x Reader, kinda smut)
    1. Just read it. Vegas. Sebastian. Need I say more?
  3. Just in Case by buckytrashbin (Sebastian Stan x Reader, smut)
    1. This entire thing would be my luck. I always manage to send the wrong things to people >.< But honestly it was a very good read! Fluffy and smut. And bubble baths? Got me in on that. XD
  4. All It Takes by @jurassicbarnes (Bucky x Reader, smut)
    1. Damn right I gave him bad thoughts ;) Just the perfect, quick read to strike my Bucky mood! If you’re on the quick go and busy it’s the perfect one to read!
  5. A Love like Mine by jurassicbarnes (Bucky x Reader, smut)
    1. I’ve been on a Sebasitan and Bucky kick lately. The fact I’ve become Bucky!Trash and found another glorious fic. Like shit, if he did that to me I would be wide awake wanting more too. UMPH! 
  6. One Worth Keeping by @aramina89  (Sam x Reader, angst)
    1. I LOVE me some angst and this one is just the beginning! This one shot through my heart, they were to blame, but it didn’t give love a bad name. (sorry couldn’t resist!) In all seriousness though, it was really good! And it’s probably how it really would be if Sam did get someone pregnant. The hunter’s life isn’t safe for an infant, especially with both the child and mother being great targets to get to Sam. 
  7. Accidents by @impala-dreamer (Jared Padalecki x Reader, angst) 
    1. Oh my god… Bad Jared! But soooo good! If you really want your heart to hurt go this route. It’s like a triple whammy. But even with the pain I loved it. ^_^
  8. Teach Me a Lullaby by @ellen-reincarnated1967 (Jared Padalecki x Reader, angst)
    1. PARDON AS I SCREECH! Seriously I was like prepared when I was reading, but the further I got my heart just broke! And it’s the first angst fic that has made my eyes water up! If you love angst like I do, this is a read you need to have in your list of angst! I can’t get over it. It’s seriously amazing.


  1. Front Line Love by @bucky-plums-barnes (Bucky x Nurse!Reader)
    1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! I’m in love with this idea! I’m literally dying for the next part. I’m super excited and looking forward to it! Really hoping there will be more parts! 
  2. Stuck With Me by @because-imma-lady-assface (Sam x Reader)
    1. Okay this one…. Don’t even get me started… I will be squealing forever. I literally love it so much. Each part… Oh my god… I can’t. The cliffhangers so far are brilliant. The suspense has been killing me. I keep yelling at my phone and screaming in my head. Like SAM COME ON DUDE! Then again, if I was him constantly eating burgers on the road too, I’d pick tacos over burgers. But I’m not. I’ve had tacos too many times. I would’ve been in the back of the Impala urging for burgers. Totally on Dean’s side. BURGERS SAM YOU NEED THEM! But SERIOUSLY READ THIS!! 


Most of the blogs I’ve been loving have been tagged, but I will still list them. :) These are in no particular order!

  1. @bucky-plums-barnes if I’m on a Bucky fix I know where to go. Gen has an entire list of banging kinks for Bucky. Not only that, but she seems super sweet and I’d love to be friends with her!
  2. @because-imma-lady-assface Total sweetheart! Amazing writing! She’s got me addicted. Stuck With Me is a drug now… She’s my supplier… But Ashley is another blogger I would LOVE to be friends with!
  3. @goldenangelbloodcastiel Kait is seriously amazing! I’d like to consider her a friend and I hope it’s the same for her! She has an amazing blog!
[Aurelius] Disapproval.

My daughter is here, Eorzea, amongst the unwashed masses. She mingles with the locals with nary a thought of how their influence may sully her, and she has even brought one of them into her bed.

The locals do not miss a bloody thing.

I had been wrong to leave at Carteneau, [blotted] taught me the error of my ways, and I did not believe at first when he informed me that she really was here. This could complicate things. Either she has defected or something else has happened, but I do not know what.

From what I have gathered, she was part of a party that was supposed to establish a foothold in the Gridanian woods, but the local constabulary wiped them all out. If Aurelia managed to escape, then perhaps she can be brought back into the fold relatively easily.

Or perhaps not. She may be beyond help.

Her work has… matured. The level of detail I remember is still there. It has refined, and she has managed to adapt to the tastes of Eorzeans while keeping some of the Imperial aesthetic. She makes frequent, impeccable use of gold.

Aurelia looks exactly like me.

Thankfully. One could cut one’s hand open on her mother’s angles, though she did inherit the woman’s hammer arm and attention to detail.

I must file my reports. The old bastard will be on my ass agai[he didn’t finish the sentence, instead striking it out with a line that nearly goes through the paper.]

Thank You f(x)

It’s crazy because f(x) is the group that has always been out and about doing individual schedules, ever since debut really. And for these reasons people thought they would be among one of the first to disband. When sulli left there were several moments where the f(x) members’ loyalty was questioned. But i strongly believe more than ever now that these girls are closer than ever. They’re putting out great music and performing well and they’re still achieving individual goals (Victoria in china, krystal is acting, amber in youtube and video directing, luna as a soloist). Happy 7th f(x) you guys really deserve the best

6 years into debut and f(x) cried during their win today.

It was seriously surprising, especially seeing Krystal cry like that since the girl barely cries on cam. Even some of the rookies seemed surprised seeing a senior group crying on their win.

You can tell they were really emotional because it was their first win as f(4) and the group seemed really pressured after Sulli left. Ever since Sulli left, I’ve always felt like the girls felt like it was end of the road for them. The fact that they were surprised that they won today shows that they thought their popularity went down, they thought that fans gave up on them after waiting for so long after the issue last year.

They were seriously touched and seeing that made me tear up a bit tbh. We gave them that #1 guys, and they deserved it for their hard work. Lets continue giving them assurance, that we will always support them no matter what happens.

On 4 Walls and Sulli

I noticed a comment on the “4 Walls” MV that was basically like “LOL Sulli really was useless in f(x).” And after my initial thought of “why you so salty tho?” I began to really think about this idea that Sulli didn’t contribute anything to f(x) besides looks.

I’m not going to say that f(x)’s looks aren’t attractive; but that had zilch to do with me becoming a fan. I love f(x) because of their music, so when the rumors that Sulli was leaving popped up (you know, SM’s “we need to check with sulli first ‘cause we don’t know what we’re doing” incident), I admit that I thought that her absence wouldn’t be that noticeable. And f(4) have certainly done their best to make that so as well. But after listening to “4 Walls,” and having listened to basically only f(x) since March (seriously), I have to say that as good as it is, Sulli’s absence is noticeable, and she did add something compelling to f(x)’s music. I’m not a professional musician or music critic by any means, but when you listen to the same music for months straight, you do manage to absorb something.

The most noticeable thing, I think, are the parts where Sulli probably would’ve worked perfectly for. It’s that moment where you wonder who’s singing, and Sulli pops into your head first. That happened to me in “Traveler” and “Deja Vu.” For “Traveler,” it’s the part after Zico’s second rap part, because SM tended to stick Sulli into the high, kind of pouty(?) parts (as in “제트별 (Jet)”). And in “Deja Vu,” much as I love Victoria and Amber, they shouldn’t have been put on harmonizing on the rap. I think they don’t blend well there, especially since I’m pretty sure Victoria hasn’t been given a harmony on the rap before. Sulli (and Krystal) has, though, and her rap harmonies have been pretty good (as in “Thrill Love (스릴 러브)” for Sulli; “Goodbye Summer” for Krystal).

The more subtle but more impactful effect of Sulli’s absence is in the harmonies. I’m a big fan of harmony, and I think f(x) is actually really good at it in terms of having a lot of harmony and blending well with each other. But I think they actually cut down on harmonizing this album. Now, it can be said that since “4 Walls” is mostly house/dance tracks not having as many harmonic sections is a given, but I don’t think that’s true. If you listen to f(x)’s discography, they have a lot of harmony for a pop group. That complexity gives them a fuller sound and means there’s always something new to hear. But if you listen to “4 Walls,” especially in comparison to their other music, the harmonies definitely seem to not have as much complexity, which I think a lot of people can hear, even if they don’t know exactly what it is they’re hearing (or not hearing, in thise case).

Love her or dislike her (hating is for shallow idiots), Sulli definitely contributed to f(x), in their visuals and in their sound. And disregarding that means you need to listen to more f(x).