i thought it was so ugly when i first saw it


So I have got over the initial shock that Regina and Emma actually hug (first saw on a Gif and was freaking out a little) and now I have watched the entire sneak peak I have a few thoughts….

Firstly did you notice that Emma couldn’t look at Regina when she said she was engaged, she spoke directly to Zelena.

Secondly when Regina sees the ring and then says ‘Emma…’ I’m not sure she is entirely happy, she looks shocked and sad.

The way that Emma stops and looks at Regina, like what ever Regina is about to say next is the most important thing in the world and when Regina tells her she is happy for her I’m pretty sure Emma means it when she says it means a lot because as usual Regina will be by her side and supporting her, whatever happens.

However I have two big things I am not happy about….

We have waited 6 seasons for them to hug. All the moments they have supported and saved one another and this is the moment they chose to allow them to hug? The moment is not even about their friendship or anything they have been through its all based around Hooks proposal.

Also I am annoyed that they released the hug before the episode airs. It’s almost like they are going… 'you’ve asked and you’ve waited and so here is you hug.“
It feels like the release has been used to draw the Swan Queen shippers in to watch the episode… It’s pure queer baiting and I refuse to be drawn into it.

In 20 years at my house I’ve had three sets of patio furniture. Today saw the delivery of number four.

When I was younger and money was tight I bought cheap plastic stuff. It was white, at first. Then it got ugly.

That was followed by an aluminum set. The chairs had amazingly comfortable cushions. Though marked “weatherproof” they faded after years in the sun. The tabletop was glass. Shockingly, despite two active young boys in the home and occasional strong summer storms it never broke. Eventually it got ugly. It was still functional so I gave it away via Craigslist.

An old man arrived with a minivan filled with (him: treasures, me: junk). I laughed wondering where he thought he’d fit four chairs and a table. For ten minutes he rustled around. He was magician-like in his ability to make a patio set disappear into an otherwise full vehicle.

The third set, of which you can see part of a chair on the right, came free from a neighbor when she got new furniture. It’s held up OK but I worry that it’s going to leave a rust mark on the patio. The chairs are a tiny bit wobbly. I want wider armrests too.

Today the items you see here were delivered. They’re constructed of “boards” made from recycled pop bottles. You know how much I love recycling. I’m positively tingling today from that big smooch Gaia just gave me.

This furniture is guaranteed for 35 years. It won’t fade in the sun. In fact it can stay outside on the patio year round. Previous tables and chairs I moved under a roof overhang to protect them from snow over the winter.

The set is “counter height.” That’s why the chairs have footrests. Taller than dining height, lower than bar height – this is the baby bear of table height.

Just right.

I remember the first time I learned about homosexuality.

“Homosexuals are sinners.” My grandmother spat, an open bible sat on her lap. There was such an intensity to her voice that it made me recoil. I saw that homosexuality was in the same section as murderers and thieves, but it didn’t feel right. Why would people loving one another be considered a sin?

But my grandmother talked about it with such a disgust that she might as well have been talking about rotting flesh. So if my grandmother hated it I would too.

Even though my stomach turned.

I remember when I first heard the word ‘gay’ hurled as an insult.

It was third grade and I was on the playground. I watched as two boys fought over who was ‘hotter’. One of them shouted, “Well you’re gay so it makes you ugly.” The entire playground erupted in laughter, and the other boy’s face lit red with shame.

And even though the insult was hurled at him, I was the one who took the biggest hit. There it was again, the belief that two people in love was gross. But my family and friends were against it, so I had to be too. So I shook off the hurt and laughed as well.

Even though it stung.

I remember the first time I saw two girls kissing.

My mother gasped in horror, like we’d just been flashed. Maybe to her, it felt like we were. She turned, grabbed my hand, and sped by the couple, like they were fire and she didn’t want us getting burned.

“Don’t you ever do that, do you hear me? God doesn’t like it.”

But all I can remember thinking is that I’d give anything for someone to look at me the way those two girls looked at each other. But mom was disgusted so I had to be too.

Even if it hurt.

I remember the first time I saw her.

It was a new school and a new start. I didn’t know what to expect, but then our eyes met. I didn’t know it was possible to feel lost yet right at home at the same time. Every heart stopping, butterflies flying, knee shaking cliché sucker punched me in the gut. Her smile marked my soul like a tattoo.

But then my family’s words crashed over me, drowning me in a sea of prejudice and discrimination. I felt self-disgust morph into a dragon, my only weapon a wooden sword. So I tore my head away from her and buried my feelings. I killed them every time they came to life.

Even if it left open wounds on my heart.

I remember the first time I decided not to give a shit.

I evicted years of self-loathing from my body, because I would never let my heart be its home again. I let the love in instead, providing shelter to all the feelings I’d been trying to kill for years. Because at the end of the day, love is not defined by gender or sex. Love knows none of these things, does not need to know any of those things.  Love is a basic human right, and I finally understood that I needed to treat it as such.

Even if not everyone could see that.

—  Above all, remember this; we were all built to love, and who we love is not a broken part of us (N.O)
  • Ugly Duck: I suddenly remembered that when Giriboy first saw Gray really clearly in person, he said to me: ”shibal he is so fucking handsome”.
  • Loco: Firstly, Gray hyung is handsome.
  • Crush: He's too good looking. Gray hyung is unbelievably good looking.
  • Andup: Just looking at him makes me feel greedy for his looks. He's not just good looking for an underground musician but he qualifies in my top 3 for good looking people I know.
  • Olltii: I thought he wasn't a musician because he's just too good looking.
  • Simon D: Gray makes silly jokes very often. I couldn't adapt myself to him at first. Because he was so handsome, I was like 'what the fuck is he talking about with such a face'.
  • Jay Park: People say a lot about his appearance that he resembles handsome celebrities like Yoo Ah In or Yoon Doo Joon. He's getting too much attention now.

So, I recently discovered that I have a neurological phenomenon called ‘Synesthesia’, and I didn’t know that it was something real. At first I thought that I was a crazy psychopath who saw the letters, numbers, months and days as a male/female with a personality. 

When I listen to songs or think of something specific or think of words, I automatically see colors. So, I think that you guessed it, because of the title, this is a post about the colors i see when i think of the signs. 
I tried to draw the colors I see when I think of the signs, but it’s kinda ugly. Sorry for that. I tried my best.
Aries: Indian Red , Dark Brownish

Taurus: Sepia, Dark Green

Gemini: Light Yellow, Amethyst

Cancer: Light Orangey, Fuzzy Wuzzy

Leo: Neon Orange, CG Red

Virgo: Sea Green, Brass

Libra: Cyber Grape, Dark Pastel Blue

Scorpio: Dark Midnight Blue, Black

Sagittarius: Dark Reddish, Ginger

Capricorn: Dark Green, Dark Brown

Aquarius: Caribbean Green, Pastel Yellow

Pisces: Han Blue, Deep Lilac
It’s not that I sit there and think like: “What color should this sign be?”. No, it just automatically pops up in my head.
I hope that I don’t sound crazy lol.
So that’s just something I wanted to share. 🥀🙃


“Some of them have already debut in the different groups”  HE SAYS








Imagine talking with Sherlock when suddenly one of your ‘friends’ from scool come in. “Hey, we haven’t seen each other for a long time!”, the person says “I see, you didn’t change at all! Still so ugly, and I believe you didn’t get any job? A loser, as I thought. You know why we even did something with you? Because …”, Sherlock stops the person right there. “STOP IT!” He shouts at him and looks really angry, a little like a demon, but still beautiful. “You don’t know anything about this great, beautiful woman, why should you have the right to talk like this? Also, she is my girlfriend, and if you don’t stop this, you will get to feel my anger!”. You never saw Sherlock this angry, and it is the first time he calls you his girlfriend, so after all, that you old ‘friend’ was there, had good sides.

You know? I think that years later there was (or almost) another big storm in the sky of CHB.

After Piper and Jason received the letter from Leo ’Hey, I’m alive’ Jason, inadvertently, formed an electrical storm in the sky. Suddenly the weather had changed and everyone had noticed. 

At first all the campers thought it was Zeus and his mood swings but was Percy the one who realized that, though Jason seemed calm and stoic when he read the letter of Valdez, it was him who had formed that great scandal in the sky and the thing was getting really ugly with clouds threatening the area, so Percy didn’t hesitate to shout: ’Hey Jason, wake up!’

And Jason came out of his trance at the same time that a big thunder fell somewhere not far from the camp, making a great noise and scaring the vast majority of the demigods.

They knew that Jason was strong but had never taken dimension of his powers until they saw it, even though it was something he didn’t intend.

And Jason just apologizes before retiring to be alone because he really did not want to cause a disaster in the sky and even less to scare anyone.

And it was that moment where all noticed what were able the powers of the Roman son of Zeus.

Because Jason looked an imposing presence, but with a friendly and nonthreatening personality, but of course appearances can be deceiving.

The first time I ever saw 5SOS live was when they were touring with 1d. It was July 13 2013, and they come on stage. Introduce themselves and start playing, I want to say it was teenage dream they played first. Not many people were dancing some where but not a lot, others were slightly singing. I'm not one for standing still at concerts especially if I don't know the band. But I kind of felt bad because my friends were making fun of them, so were some of the girls around us. so I start dancing and singing. They play some more, I think it was heartbreak girl my memory wasn't at the best. But my friends were bad mouthing them saying they sucked and how they bassist wasn't all around good, how ugly theyre. -Even though I thought Calum and Ashton were pretty cute- I felt bad, so i told them to be quiet you can't say that about people it's rude as hell and I basically just made her feel bad. And now looking back at it I wouldn't have guessed I would be making imagines or anything about them. So yeah, I just wanted to say how I first discovered who they were.
  1. a wolf at the door is every ugly gutted feeling you ever had at 3 am when everything is shameful and small and you’re not equipped to handle any of it;  his dull defeated frantic voice, the beleaguered slogging rhythm, the increasing distress of “don’t you fucker dance you fucker don’t you dare don’t you dare”, the abject buzzing misery of this song.
  2. the slow deliberate outraged build of sit down stand up that raises the hairs on the back of your neck and makes you feel dangerous and watchful and ready and angry, the way this song just kind of floats up out of the deep to sink its teeth into your calf muscle, “walk into the jaws of hell, walk into the jaws of hell anytime.” “sit down stand up, we can wipe you out, we can wipe you out anytime.” like this is a calm song this is a song about calm ready present anger and how good it’s gonna feel to finally use it.
  3. where i end and you begin, hail to the thief is a monster album, it’s an album about monsters, but the drums rattling out that rushed breezy beat with thom’s breezy regretful vocals, and how this song just, sets itself apart, sets itself above the listener, but just then just utterly dissolves at the end into that deadly serious voice intoning over and over and over again “i will eat you alive i will eat you alive i will eat you alive”
  4. there there is, me, that’s the me song, that’s what i’m aiming to walk into the wilderness to when all of this gets to be too much to handle. why is it so beautiful, why is it so swinging and cocky and assured and blisteringly lonely, why is this a thing?? i don’t
  5. weird fishes is as far as you can get from the emotional spectrum of hail to the thief, it is such a warm warm loving cheerful song, it is layers and layers of tree rings, it just gets deeper and lovelier and more wonderful the longer it goes, it is a kaleidoscope of faithfulness and joy.
  6. reckoner is the most beautiful perfect ship in a bottle fabrege egg in existence, there is nothing wrong with it, it is a pure wonderful sincere gift to you personally, the angels wish they could sound this unaffectedly sweet and knowing and good. And i know you’re in for a world of hurt if you every try to translate radiohead lyrics into simple human english but to me, this song is wrapped around the idea that there is nothing so awful that could ever happen to cancel out this tenderness, that tenderness can result and should result from awfulness, that no ground is too barren for what this song has to give to you.
  7. jigsaw falling into place is perfect in its form and build and construction, this is a well built brick shithouse of a song.
  8. videotape is a wound bestowed upon the world by thom yorke that will never heal and never go away and frankly i don’t think any of us should forgive him for it. (the debilitating loving softness of “No matter what happens next, I shouldn’t be afraid, because today has been the greatest day I’ve ever seen.”)
  9. codex is thom yorke laying his hand very gently on your shoulder (if you allow it) and telling you that you can let go (if you want to) and that you can float for as long as you need to in dark waters that hold you as closely as any mother to her breast.
  10. give up the ghost is just something where you’re going to have to read the lyrics for and then sit as you are comforted and made whole again by the fact that there can be love stories like this, and that thom thinks the world can work like this and you should join him in thinking that because honestly it’s going to save you both.



My first encounter with Yu Yu Hakusho was a weird one.  Long, long ago, let’s say… the year 2000, I found and read this crazy manga (or so I thought) about two middle school girls getting boyfriends and trying to lose their virginity.
A year or so later, my brother’s friend told us about this great anime called Yu Yu Hakusho that was being shown on Adult Swim.  I decided to check it out, and was hit with the oddest sense of recollection. 

“Wow, that guy looks just like the big, ugly girl in the manga I read!” I thought when I first saw Kuwabara. 

Eventually I realized the comic I had been confused and bewildered by was actually a doujinshi featuring Hiei and Kuwabara as girls… with Yusuke and Kurama as their boyfriends.

That first time I watched YYH, though, I barely even gave it a chance.  An entire anime about some greaser Yanki punk trying to come back to life?  Not for me.  Not long after, the edited version premiered during the day on Toonami.  I gave it another chance, and that’s when Kurama and Hiei showed up.

Thirteen years and about $500 worth of DVDs later… and I’m still addicted~

Con: In response to the non confession about wanting to hear more stories about surviving the issues black women faced. I wanna say this.
In the 5th grade I first realized that I was being picked on for being too black
In the 6th grade I was constantly called “white girl”, “Oreo” and “not black”
In the 7th grade I couldn’t and rarely looked at mirrors because I thought I was so ugly.
In the 8th grade I started bleaching my skin.
In the 9th I started wearing weave regularly because I hated my hair and (I would cry when I saw my actual hair). I became a walking black stereotype because I didn’t want to continue being an Oreo….I wanted to be a real black person.
In the 10th grade I would have to stop myself from crying in a class filled with white people because “I’m literally the ugliest girl in class” and “their hair is real and mines isn’t and their hair looks good and it’s obvious mines is fake”
In the 11th and 12th grade I just hated being black PERIOD!! I wanted to be Hispanics or light skinned.
BUT….my first year of college I told myself “I’m tired of feeling tired of being black.” From that point on I told myself everyday I’m a beautiful black woman. That I won’t be stopped because I am black and I am a woman, and that I also won’t walk around hating everyone because I’ve been made to believe that NO ONE LIKES ME. I will dislike based off of personal experience and will refuse to generalize out of fear. I will work hard and will not be stopped. I will be a strong black woman. So……
After my first year of college I went natural because it finally hit me that I permed my hair hoping one day it would be long and straight like a Hispanic woman, it WASN’T no matter how hard I wished. It was time to learn to love my own hair. Best decision ever.
My second year of college… I decided I would rather take care of my skin than change it. No more bleaching. I use Aveeno products and my skin hasn’t looked more radiant and clear.
NOW… I sit in a room filled with non black women…I don’t feel insecure.
I hear black men down black women…I don’t feel phased.
I hear what people think about black women…I laugh and keep it moving.
In the end I am a happy 20 year old black woman who refuses to generalize the world as black hating rather I know there is good and bad. I won’t feel bad about how I look nor am I insecure about it. I love my hair, skin, features, body type EVERYTHING.
Sometimes it’s scary and sometimes I feel like the world is against me but you can’t keep a strong one down for long.
Instead of putting down other black women I just support and push us all to be a better version of ourselves.
I’m not lying and telling people my grandfather is mixed with Russian NO IM BLACK.
People think I’m conceited but no I just love myself way more than anyone can even fathom.
I don’t care about others and who they date and what they say because I am a new me. And I love it. I LOVE BEING BLACK!!! I DONT WANT TO BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN A BLACK WOMAN!! ITS JUST SO SAD THAT IT TOOK ME 18 YEARS TO FIGURE OUT HOW BLESSED I TRULY WAS.
How’s that for a survival story.

When I first saw the design for Kecha Wacha, I thought it was the ugliest/stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Now, I’m talking about when he DOESN’T have ears over his face like you see here in this pic. This is his “unmasked” face: img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20… Ugly right?? He’s practically a long-nosed, flying monkey/lemur thing. And I thought he was going to be a dumb fight because most mammal-based monsters outside of Zinogre are pretty boring to fight. (I didn’t like the bear or armadillo, the rabbit was alright.) Plus, I REALLY don’t like monkeys. (I’m looking at you Congalala…)

Anyway, enough about that. I was proven wrong for the most part. Kecha Wacha does look pretty awesome with his ears over his face when he’s enraged, and even without, he’s pretty goofy looking in a not so bad way. He has a nice color palette to boot, he makes funny noises, and he’s actually pretty fun to fight. So he more or less surprised me. I don’t hate him at all like I thought I would. He’s not another boring mammal-like monster, yay! Also, here’s a look at his original/official art, where he looks pretty cool: images.onesite.com/capcom-unit…

Kecha Wacha © Capcom

I'm a Larry Girl

Like seriously, I am 25/8!! All day!! Everyday!! Not a game!!
👀ok just needed to get that out of the way before I say what I’m going to say next

I really don’t know how anyone can say that Laurent is ugly and Larry is better looking, I don’t know, do people really believe that’s true? And I don’t just mean because they’re identical twins, like of course they look extremely alike but there are differences. I’m basing my opinion on their faces alone, and I’m being real, I prefer Larry but I can see flaws in Larry’s face, I can’t see any flaws in Laurent’s face, it’s perfect 😂😂😂 so when people are saying Larry’s better looking what are they basing it on?
It intrigues me.

The Body-Breakers

i. The world raises girls to be arsonists holding matches
up to their acetone-soaked bodies and to burn them down,
then hands them sentences of 25 to life
for destroying public property.

ii. When a truck hit a girl at my school and broke
nearly every bone in her body it took her three years of physiotherapy
to be able to play netball again but they kicked her off the team
because her scarred face was imprinted with the side of that truck,
too ugly to be seen with the other players.

iii. My mum pushed out two kids; her hips
stretched to give us life, and then her stomach
smiled wide with a scar for a third. She hides
the evidence in shame like it’s a crime scene
and I take note when I see magazines claiming
they know the secret to minimising the appearance
of stretch marks and c-section scars.

iv. When I was seven and saw Raven-Symoné
confident on tv, my first thought was:
“Oh, so I can be happy even though I’m fat.”

v. When the body-breakers have had their way
and you find the girls’ incinerated remains,
tampered with by diet pills and whitening serums,
you will look in the dirt around them and find thousands of used matches.
Girls will be called the arsonists
but they aren’t the ones who started the flame:
all they did was burn.

When I saw Bob Odenkirk and David Cross for the first time, I was like ‘Oh, they’re doing what I can do. That’s my sense of humor and they’re making a living at it. Maybe I could do this…’ I grew up as a terrible nerd who was considered to be ugly and undateable… So I used humor, but when you are ugly and undateable, the thing people say to you when you’re trying to be funny is 'Stop trying to be funny. You’re not funny.’ At twenty five, I saw other comedians doing the stuff I thought I was funny at, so I did it, and within a week of performing comedy for the first time, I now was a comedian. And I told people 'I’m a comedian,’ and people went, 'oh, that’s why you act the way you act. You’re funny.’
—  Scott Aukerman, Misery Loves Comedy
Its been said before, but I’ll say it again

So I saw the force awakens with my family, I kept thinking, okay so Kylo Ren is kind of hot but he’s the bad guy calm yourself i mean when he took off his mask I was really not expecting that and I was like damn boy and the whole last fight scene was kind of a turn on tbh

so I am ready to discuss how kylo ren’s attractiveness was a such a surprise to me but then the first thing my mom says after the movie is God, the bad guy is so ugly. I can’t believe they gave him the part. I mean, don’t you think Han Solo and Leia’s child would’ve been way more attractive than him?” AND THEN everyone who I had seen the movie with (about 5 other family members of mine) proceeded to agree with her. My cousin then said, “Yeah, he was a really weak character and the acting wasn’t that good”

I later told my mom that I thought he looked fine to me and her only comment was “that is not an attractive man” 

I understand that not everyone finds adam driver attractive but to completely disregard his great acting (he brought so much emotion to his performance and really did an amazing job) simply because you don;t like his face makes you a terrible person

It makes me so sad when people hate on adam driver because they think he’s ugly

  • <p> <b></b> When I first saw the dont judge me challenge I thought it was great, but all it is, is people putting on makeup and things so they look "ugly" then taking it off and putting on more makeup to look "beautiful"<p/><b></b> Like no, fuck off. Everyone is beautiful, people have pimples, people have unibrows, it fucking happens. we need to give up this whole social construct of beauty.<p/><b></b> Whoever the fuck you are, is beautiful. Who fucking cares if you wear makeup, if you want to do that hell yeah fucking beautiful. If you don't wear makeup fucking beautiful. If you don't go all out with your hair, beautiful. If you spend an hour doing your hair every morning, beautiful.<p/><b></b> All this challenge is doing is promoting the horrible un-attainable "beauty" that's just stressing people out when they can't reach it.<p/></p>