i thought it was neccessary to have this on my blog

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Review 

Somehow I managed to get my hands on this palette and I wanted to write a review of my thoughts concerning it. I like this palette, but I do not think that it is neccessary. If you are into collecting limited edition products or you do not have many neutral shadows, definitely pick this up because the quality is amazing! However, if you want this for the ‘peach’ aspect of it, I do not think this is the perfect match as it only has ¾ peachy shades. Overall, it is a wonderful palette, but I am disappointed on how it runs more on the neutral color range because I already own so many palette with that color scheme. 


  • beautiful packaging 
  • great quality eye shadows
  • smells wonderful (artificial peach scent)
  • super pigmented
  • good selection of colors with some pop of color


  • mostly neutral so if you have a lot of eye shadow palettes, this is not anything different 
  • not that many peach colors 
  • limited edition & impossible to find