i thought it was like 4 pm

1. it’s waiting for him to remember me once in a while

2. it’s being there for him at 2 am and 2 pm

3. it’s changing my schedule for him, when everyone knows that it is not something i can bear

4. it’s ranting about him to my best friend when i shouldn’t be

5. it’s talking about him to utter strangers

6. it’s making a story out of every conversation

7. it’s staying up whole night, overthinking about ways to talk to him some more

8. it’s writing about him and only him

9. it’s going out for walks at 3 am, all alone, hoping the silence will let you hear how your name sounds in his voice

10. it’s saving him when you can’t save yourself

—  ‘what is it like to love him?’ // JustScribbledWords

“being in love with you feels like time does not exist. like in the blink of an eye its 4 pm and my body is still tangled up under the sheets with yours, with no intention of getting up. the seconds go by so fast with you.

being in love with you feels like laughter. like the kind that you feel throughout your whole body. i never knew i could feel this much.

being in love with you feels like warmth. like i’m safe whenever i’m with you. you make me feel secure.

being in love with you feels like i have known you since the beginning of time. like my heart couldn’t find its rhythm until it beat next to yours. fuck, now i can finally breathe.

being in love with you feels like i am actually me. like i spent so long going through life blindfolded and now i can finally see. the life i’m living truly feels like my own.

being in love with you feels like coming home. like this is where i am supposed to be. i look at you and i am home.”

—  1/11/16

Armageddon Anthem


A home without a name,
a love without a face,
a heart without a cage.

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Notes: Some of you may know that I recently got into the Waling Dead, and the moment after I watched the season 4 finale, I came up with a character that I thought fit in well to the mix. Since I don’t like writing OFC, I tweaked a few thing, and it’s now a reader insert :)
Huge shout-out to @wanderingcas for putting up with my rambling of this fic!

Italics are flashbacks.

Please leave me some feedback. it inspires me.

Word Count: 2.3k+

Warnings: mentions of rape, descriptions of violence.

10:43 PM. You were keeping a close watch on the clock, as it was the only thing in your teacher’s office that was worth looking at.

“When are we gonna leave?” you tried not sounding too worried, but dramatically failed by the shaking of your voice.

“We need to stay here until I know it’s safe,” he muttered, flicking open the blinds with his fingers for mere seconds before letting out a nervous sigh.

“Mr. Wallen, please,” you were practically begging, but you didn’t care. “My family’s at home. I don’t know if they’re safe.”

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i woke up from a nap at 4:30 pm and spiraled into a panic because i thought i slept in and was late for school to teach and then i looked at my phone and was like wait it’s too light out for 4:30 am WHAT DAY IS IT WHATS GOING ON and basically naps are the worst and disorienting and rarely result in anything positive 

Hey, I know that you don’t love me
But y'know,
It’s been really fun having you in my life
It would be nice if you liked me back,
But I’m happy that I met you.
—  4-22-16 7:41 pm
The Soulmate Series: Suga

This ended up being almost seven pages long, it definitely spiraled out of my control and decided how it wanted to write itself, lol. But here it is, and I’ve added a little bonus scene that I thought really tied up the plot, so I hope you like it!! (And now Admin Narwhal is going to bed because her fractured-should-be-in-a-brace-but-I’m-not-wearing-it-because-fuck-the-rules elbow is killing her and it’s already 4:30 in the morning over here.)

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It started the second the clock turned 6:18 PM the day of your 21th birthday. All of your friends were really excited about it, saying it was a pivotal moment in life, the moment when you first heard your soulmate’s voice. Since you were the youngest in your friend group, you had heard lots of times how wonderful listening to your soulmates voice inside your head was, how beautiful their voices were, or in some cases, even how badly out of tune they were. See, the catch to the whole thing was that the only moment you could listen to your soulmate’s voice was when the sung out loud. Everyone started listening to their soulmate’s voices when they turned 21, except for the people with soulmates younger than they were, who had to wait for their soulmate to turn 21 as well before being able to hear their voice.

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wanna chat? pt 4

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4

how are my avoidance tactics working? anyway i just needed to write something before starting homework today and that means you get whatever this is. enjoy? 

11:59 PM

the real ladybug™: /loud groaning/

drop the bass: what up

flour power: I thought you were going to bed lile an hour ago

the real ladybug™: i cant SLEEP

drop the bass: did you try counting sheep

the real ladybug™: thats bullshit and u know it

drop the bass: bruh it works for some people

flour power: Just relax al

the real ladybug™: r U rlly telling ME to relax

flour power: Yes

undead zombie model: I thought everyone was going to bed?

the real ladybug™: then y arent U in bed m.???
im very disappointed in u

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4:33 am

oops, i did it again.. day off today.. i smoked like 3 maybe 4 fucking points today, i swear (that’s kind of a lot for me, usually i *try* to limit myself to 1.5 or 2)…. & its 4 am & I’m still going. Not even cause I’m super wired….its honestly cause I’m having waaaay too much fun twisting this bowl…

I’m tired kinda. But not really, cause i have been tired since like 9 pm, yet i’m still up…like i wonder why though? (Haha I’m hilarious, i know.)
I need to get into a somewhat decent routine of sleeping properly at LEAST 4 nights a week before i start this new job.. i will have to be up by 4:30 am every morning to leave my house at 6 am, because this jobs a little far from my parents place where I live at the moment. I should probably sleep by at least 12 or 1 everynight maybe even 11…. HAHA that seems fucking impossible. Keeping this job and succeeding honestly means the world to me though & i am going to do my best not to let my addiction fuck that up for me…
Considering getting my hands on something that is in the “downer” drug family… honestly i do not have much experience with them though, due to a lot of them being benzos or opiates, because i ain’t about to be getting dope sick n shit withdrawls from meth (although i rarely have them due to the fact i use constantly) are a bitch and a half… depression, confusion, lethargy, anxiety, over sensitivity, explosive anger.. i even get nausea, sweats & headaches too. I cant imagine having feelings of severe depression, hopelessness, anxiety (basically everything i feel withdrawing from tina) & then to top it off, my entire body aching, sweating, trembling, throwing up constantly, itching…. and there’s the possibility of a new addiction being born.
I already am hooked on one killer i don’t need another…..as tempting as it is….if i can prevent more fuckery in my lif, i fucking will.

I’ll have to be resourceful. Or just cut back on my useage, but that is easier said than done, holy fuck. I can manage to usually only smoke up at work once a day (at my current job) but once i get home I’m usually going at it from that time till whenever i stop…..

Fuck, everything is falling into place for me somewhat. I have to pull myself together, just a little… i cannot let my addiction fuck this up for me. No job= no dope, no new house, no independence. I’m losing myself in this fucking drug, it controls me so much now…

Praying i can find strength left somewhere in me that is stronger than this shit, even just slightly, because i need this to work out.

Sleep hopefully comes in the next hour or two….

^ you know you’re a tumblr tweaker when, your blog is probably at least 25% rants & other text posts. 😂✌

Some thoughts on “Agents of SHIELD”:

While I am a big fan of the show, (and this is just my opinion) I think a major reason why people started leaving was the unevenness of the storytelling. Now, there are PLENTY of other reasons for the audience leaving. The show doesn’t really tie into the movies, no appearances from the main superheroes, 10 pm time slot, season one, etc.

But ignoring that, while there’s plenty of things to like about the first three seasons of AOS, the storytelling overall was messy. I think a big part of that was the 22-episode season length. For seasons that long, it’s difficult to stretch out the story and keep the audience interested. And looking back at seasons 1-3, there’s plenty to pick out as examples of shoddy storytelling.

Everyone’s picked season 1 apart. The monster-of-the-week format was hated, the characters were too cheesy and bland, and the season didn’t pick up until episode 17, which is expecting a lot from the audience. 

But seasons 2 and 3 also suffer from problems in storytelling. While it’s true that they’re better seasons overall, my problem is that the writers seemed to be tossing in whatever they could think of into the story and hoping that they land. 

Here, let’s compare and contrast. Daredevil season one is a critical darling and for good reason. Everything was tightly written, from the feud between Matt and Wilson, to Karen’s guilty subplot, to Foggy’s lawyer subplot, and so on. A big reason for that is, despite having to balance the numerous subplots, each one was tightly written which helped the viewing experience.

AOS seasons 1 and 2, while featuring good subplots, suffers a lot from clunky writing. While some mediocre storytelling is fine, AOS seemed to have as many negatives as they have positives. For example:

Fitz’s brain damage arc was good but it was tainted by the annoying miscommunication bullshit between him and Simmons. Miscommunication is good drama but it was dragged on far too long. The show didn’t even address Fitz’s pod confession until the end of the goddamn season.  

To add to my previous point, I think many people drew the line at the horribly-written Will Daniels love triangle arc because 1) we all knew Fitz would win, 2) Fitz and Simmons’ story did not need a love triangle to make it compelling, 3) it ruined Simmons’ solo arc for the sake of a love triangle, 4) it ruined Fitz’s rescue arc for the sake of a love triangle, 5) it dragged out a will-they, won’t-they romance arc that didn’t need three seasons to tell, 6) it created a character for the sole purpose of unneeded drama, and 7) did I mention just how unnecessary all that shit was? People like drama but they don’t like unnecessary, stupid drama that ruins the payoff. 

Another example, Grant Ward’s downfall into darkness arc was good but then the show didn’t know what to do with him in the second half of season 2. I addressed this before in a previous post (HERE) but I’ll say it again; Ward should’ve died in season two. By the end of season two, the character was spent. 

We learned everything we needed to know about the guy at the end of the season. Who is Grant Ward without HYDRA and Garrett? The answer we got was without them, he’s still an asshole who’ll kill people for petty reasons. We learned that in the FIRST HALF of the season. Did he have a chance at reconciling with the group? No, and the show made that perfectly clear. Did he have a chance at redeeming himself? Technically no since the other characters refused to forgive him but Grant Ward himself was uninterested in changing. 

Honestly, that’s all we needed from the guy. His character should’ve ended on a high point by either getting killed by Bobbi, Lance, Daisy, or Kara. In fact…he HAD a great exit point when Daisy shot him in the midseason finale. Instead, he gets dragged into season three where we learn nothing new about the guy, gets an anticlimactic death scene, and is only there to be a vessel for the true Big Bad, the Hive. 

And once again, the Hive should not have been Ward (I address this in the linked post). So, to summarize, Ward’s downfall was good but it sputtered to a bad end. Ward’s season three arc was a mess in general because the guy’s relevance in the story had faded. His feud with Hunter was half-baked, the feud with Coulson was forced, and whatever romance he had left with Daisy was gone so even their interactions were weak (not talking about the Hive-Daisy scenes). 

And that’s pretty much how all of season two and three feel. Each arc has their moments but then something stupid or annoying ruins it. 

Daniel Whitehall was an interesting villain but then he gets a shitty, anticlimactic death. Coulson’s romance with Rosalind Price was fine but then they made it all about Coulson’s revenge against Ward. Introducing the Real SHIELD was interesting but it didn’t really fit with the rest of the season and led to a shitty tie-in with “Age of Ultron” which amounted to nothing. The Fallen Agent arc was exciting but then they axed off the most obvious character in the cast, who was unfortunately also expendable since he was the most bland.

I think that’s what drove people away from the show. Even though I’m a fan, it’s hard to watch the show as a whole since no matter how good some of its writing is, there’s always something bad or annoying that takes away from the experience. It’s part of the reason why I don’t want to rewatch the previous seasons since even though I liked them, I know which arcs and episodes irritated me and I don’t want to revisit them.



ALL THAT BEING SAID…season 4 is fucking glorious. It took them four seasons but the writers have finally gotten to a point where most of the writing feels polished and tight. 

For one, they solved the season length problem by dividing the episodes into three pods; Ghost Rider, LMD, and whatever the hell part three will be. This has done wonders for the storytelling since each arc feels more focused. There’s a clear goal in mind for each section and despite there being other subplots involved, they don’t detract from the storytelling. The story doesn’t drag as much, each episode flows beautifully into the next one, and there’s a good amount of payoff for each plot point. Plus, the character development is much better and feels more natural. 

Now, are there problems? Sure. I got irritated at Eli Morrow and the Superior’s lack of menace as villains, the Coulson-Fitz-Robbie being stuck in another dimension arc was cut off too short, the first pod seemed to treat the main cast as supporting characters to Robbie, and at times the season felt too random. But the writing is still miles above seasons 1-3. Instead of feeling irritated each week, I’m usually left feeling excited for the next episode. 

It’s a shame that the show has finally found its footing with the ratings in the toilet. But no matter what, I’ll give the writers this. They definitely proved themselves in season 4. Fuck what the haters say, this is a solid season. 

4:55 PM

I bleed red with fire,

I bleed blue with my tears,

I bleed the spectrum for my love

I bleed with hate and fear.

I leave a trail behind me

And the trail leads to my bed,

Where all of my humanity

Settles in my head.

The bed where I feel panic,

The bed where I feel calm,

The bed where I make love,

And where I make it all go wrong.

The fire goes out and up again

Like a flame in late July

When I let the heat scorch my skin

And eat the question “why.”

the signs as rob swire tweets

Aries: Whenever I want to backup my music collection, movies, or pictures of myself with jizz all over my face - I choose: Apple iCloud

Taurus: Note to self: stop doing anything

Gemini: 4:30 PM, the waking time of champions :/

Cancer: Hold up your hands for misinterpretation

Leo: No, I don’t wanna sign yo ass

Virgo: (Ignore all tweets, been in studio for too long. I’m about 2 days away from wearing an adult diaper around Camden and shouting at people.)

Libra: When life gives you milk, caster sugar, butter, baking powder, flour and an egg - make pancakes.

Scorpio: 50 shades of meh

Saggitarius: Gerbs

Capricorn: Just thought I’d balance out the new year positivity with some much-needed negativity

Aquarius: Holy shit, I look like shit right now. If I saw myself walking towards me on the pavement, I’d cross the road

Pisces: Woke up with my shoes on :(

A-Z Tag Meme! :D

Tagged by: @wonderseverythingabove THANK 4 THE TAG MY FRAND

rules: copy/paste and replace my answers with yours and tag people

a - age: 22, the age where I am old enough to drink and people expect me to be a proper adult but like, who thought I could be an adult bc i can’t like????

b - biggest fear: Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been terrified of the dark. Pitch black. What’s in it too. And even though I love swimming, I’m afraid of deep water. And spiders.

c - current time: 11:28 PM

d - drink you last had: Dr Pepper

e - every day starts with: waking up at sometime in the afternoon, wanting to go back to sleep.

f - favorite song: It changes but it’s currently Under Grey Skies by Kamelot

g - ghosts, are they real: it’s weird bc I’m an atheist but I fully believe in ghosts?? Like, I’m like the White Person who likes to go to places that are haunted and play with oujia boards lmao

h - hometown: Small Town, Georgia, USA. We got your racists, homophobes, and all that horrible bluegrass music.

i - in love with: Anime. Like that’s not an “haha typical answer” I am actually in love with anime. I always take a lesson from each anime I watch and I connect with characters on a deep level.

j - jealous of: beautiful people & their makeup skills like ??? Senpai pls teach me. Also, youtubers. Like, I wanna make money making videos but I’m hella shy

k - killed someone: okay, serious time. Back in 2010, my friend Brandon was killed by another boy that lived in our neighborhood, he drowned him in the lake near our house. I was in that same spot just an hour before. So I’ve carried with me for years that if I had stayed just a little longer instead of going home, he would still be alive.

l - last time you cried: last night. SNK ch 90 spoiler, it skipped ahead 6 years and I realized that Eren only has about 2 or 3 more years left to live in the manga and I got super upset bc i connect with him on such a deep level.

m - middle name: hahaha it’s in my username. It’s Shea. Like the lotion, Shea Butter. I’m good for the skin.

n - number of siblings: 7. An older step sister, 2 younger full brothers, 2 younger half sisters, a younger half brother, and a younger step sister.

o - one wish: To be smart enough to do the things I want. Like write novels, or figure out FAFSA or how to do my own taxes. I never learned that kind of stuff.

p - person you last called/texted: my ma

q - questions you’re always asked: How do you pronounce your name? (Ps- it’s like Kyle but with an uh at the end lmao)

r - reasons to smile: Like, my depression is super bad and most days I just fucking hate myself but like, my boyfriend and I have inside jokes, my friend Molly and I can just look at each other and laugh, my little sister is just so beautiful and I love her so much

s - song last sang: White Light by AmaLee

t - time you woke up: 3:24 PM

u - underwear color: Purple with white dots lmao

v - vacation destination: Tokyo, Japan.

w - worst habit: My BPD makes me so agitated 24/7 at literally nothing and I chew my nails bc I’m constantly nervous.

x - x-rays you’ve had: teeth of course growing up, but it was just for check ups. My wrist when I had tendinitis. My stomach when I was having gall bladder problems, which my gall bladder is now removed thank fuck

z - zodiac sign: straight up Pisces

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I let you open me like a book, sift through the pages I’ve collected over the years and you read me. You reached the last pages, the acknowledgements, saw your name, and chuckled. You closed me off and put me back on the shelf. So vain are you to only notice the bold lettering, completely ignorant towards what may lie between the lines. Sure you stained a few of the pages, but this is my fucking novel. It was written for me, not you.
—  4/28/16, 12:28 PM

Hey everyone! 2015 is almost over and I wanted to squeeze just one more small event for you guys~ I’d thought to make some little customized pixel B.A.P pals for this event ^^ It’s not much but I hope it’s a nice sweet treat to end the year.

Rules for this request event:
1. Like this post (or reblog, you only need to do one or the other).
2. You must be following me before this is posted (12/29/15 12:00 PM HST)
3. Send me an ask (not a chat message) with one B.A.P member and one dessert!
4. You can be as specific with the request or make it as simple as you’d like Simple Example: “My bias is Jongup and my favorite dessert is chocolate cake.” 

You can also request specific hair/outfits for members or specific flavors/colors with the desserts.
 Detailed Example: “I’d like Matrix era Youngjae and a vanilla cupcake topped with sprinkles a purple cup liner.”

Please keep it simple! These will be small pixels, so I can’t put an extreme amount of detail into them. I may ask for you to re-request if it’s too complicated. If you are gifting this to a friend, I can also do birthday/holiday desserts ^^

5. Event closes at 1/1/16 12:00 AM HST

Once the entries are closed, I will bake up the requests and send them out around New Years Eve and New Years Day (my time). If there are too many requests, I may choose to close the event early and bake the remaining requests , so send yours in as soon as you can! 


- No anon requests! Please send me your ask off anon!
- 1 request per person!
- This is for followers only, so if you follow me just for the event, I will bypass you, sorry D:

I hope you all have a wonderful 2016! Thank you guys as always! <3 <3 <3