i thought it was funny hehe

  • Everyone: Regina, you used to be evil but you've stopped and become a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages, come join us!
  • Regina: :)
  • Everyone: Hook, you were a villain but you turned around and now you're a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages either, come join us!
  • Hook: :)
  • Everyone: Zelena, you were a villain and a bit annoying until very recently but you have no magic now and you've been pretty good lately so hey, come join us!
  • Zelena: :)
  • Everyone: Rumple, you... are still the Dark One and you almost got us all killed like two hours ago, AGAIN, and refused to help Henry fix things, AGAIN
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: come join us!
  • Regina:
  • Hook:
  • Zelena:
  • Everyone: well we're sure he won't try to screw us over a seventh time, that would just be silly
  • Rumple: :)
Bts reacting to you being drunk

Request: Mommy.. i’m new here hehe can I request maybe a scenario or a reaction about bangtan (specially Taehyung) when you’re drunk and wanting to have sex with them? How are they going to do it? Detail please? Thankyou mommy 💞💞

A/n: I thought a lot if I should do this or not, because I’m not a big fan of the whole drunk and sex story, so I decided to make this really funny and fluffy, because I don’t believe any of the boys will take advantage of his drunk girlfriend.


“No,no,no, no baby. Stop tugging at my clothes. Let’s get you to bed…no, no kissy.”

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“No. I won’t have sex with you. No. Y/n, don’t. Let’s sleep. I…I’ll read you a good night story. Stop tugging at my clothes damn it.”

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“Look at you. No. What are you doing? No. No sex now. I…I can, I mean we can tomorrow. Now, we’ll find the bed and put you to sleep.”

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“It will be such a useless activity honestly. You won’t remember how good I made you feel and I don’t want that. Let’s go get you some juice to sober up.”

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“No baby I mean no. Why would anyone want to make sex while being drunk? That’s just…stupid.”

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“Y/n, I would love to fuck you into the wall, but I don’t want you to beat the shit out of me in the morning for doing that.”

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“You want what?! Y/n do you realise how much you’ll regret that tomorrowt? I’m not doin anything stupid, no. But we can cuddle. Don’t! Undress me.”

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Reaction Masterlist

Mari and Chat hanging out...
  • Marinette: *just randomly starts giggling to herself*
  • Chat Noir, smiling: What's so funny Princess, care to share the joke?
  • Marinette, wiping some tears off her face: Sorry, hehe. I just suddenly remembered that time Alya thought your civilian identity could be Adrien Agreste....
  • Chat, immediately sweating: W-what?
  • Marinette: Hah, yeah, can you imagine?? She did a little photoshop of him as you and everything.
  • Chat, internally: (either Alya is really bad at photoshop... or Marinette really doesn't see any similarities between both my identities.. oh.)
soraru = umaru-chan
urasakasoramafu mario playthrough
soraru = umaru-chan

So this was taken from the latest gameplay video Mafu uploaded, which you can watch here. 

I just thought this part was really cute, so… 

Soraru: *jumps on top of enemy and kills it*

Urata: nice! (He says “umai/うまい here, which is usually used to say someone is skilled at something. It can also mean that something is delicious hehe)

Mafu: nice!

Urata: uma no sora

***okay tbh I’m not really sure what this is LOL I think he’s playing around with Soraru’s name and "umai”***

Mafu: Umasoraru

Mafu: Umaru

Sakata: Umaru-chan wwww

Soraru: onii-chaaan~

Mafu: Eh!?

Sakata: just now…www

Soraru and Mafu: *both jump in the air, but Soraru bounces off of Mafu and Mafu falls down and dies*

Mafu: AHDHSfhe!? EH!? JUST NOW…

(He’s probably accusing Soraru for killing him lol)

Soraru: no no no no no no wwww you came from below me wwww

And that’s where I stopped understanding LOL. I thought this was funny because Mafu’s compared Soraru to Umaru-chan before in a hikkikomoranai radio before www. 

 I’m still very very new to Japanese so please take this with a grain of salt ;w; 

If you want to watch this snippet, it starts at around 29:58 on the video!

Dino - Disturbing thoughts

Request: Can you do a Dino scenario where you’re dating him and the members see you kissing and cuddling and all that stuff so they tease you and give you the “talk”? 😂😂 thank you!!

A/N: Well I guess a little suggestive hehe

You always loved the days Chan had some free time, texting is fun yeah but physically being with your boyfriend is still the best way to spend your time. Of course that’s how all new couples feel I guess. 

Chan and you had been on a few dates, are officially dating now (well not that officially because you’re keeping it on the down low, scared for the public’s reaction) and you two have been in the honeymoon phase ever since. Well actually you thought this phase wasn’t going to end. But because of this, it was extremely painful not to see him for so long.

Chan and the other members helped you sneak into the dorm so you could finally have some ‘alone time’ with your boyfriend. They were also nice enough to give you the privacy of one of the dorm rooms, which you silently thanked them for. Normally you’d just watch some movies or talk while listening to some music in his room, but you’d really missed him so you were acting a little more affectionate as usual…

Well there was a movie playing but you were a little more interested in the person sitting next to you. You started off my sitting between his legs which was already a little more skinship than he was used of you. You kept being touchy and eventually he took the hint that the movie wasn’t going to happen. 

“It seems like some’s missed me.” he said with a knowing smile. One thing led to another and you two were quickly making out on his bed. He gently pushed you down on the bed and hovered over you. “Isn’t this more comfortable?” he smirked. You already missed his touch and your lips were tingling as if asking for more “Just kiss me you stupid chick pea.”

Apparently he didn’t mind his new nickname as he did what you demanded. You still heard Sharknado playing in the background but that wasn’t the only thing you heard…

Someone briefly knocked on your door and then bursted in “I left my charger in he- OH MY GOD. NEVERMIND.” Vernon’s eyes were tattered 

Chan violently threw himself off his bed and you were scared your heart was gonna explode because this position wasn’t exactly one you’d want to be caught in. Then Chan started loudly laughing and you couldn’t help but join in. He was literally laying on the floor because he got so scared of being caught.

It didn’t take a long time until Vernon had returned with some other people… Jun and Soonyoung had joined the scenery. Neither of them looked truly mad but you knew this wouldn’t be enjoyable for Chan and you.

Soonyoung was the first to speak up, “Well I’ve heard you two lovebirds needed a little talk, I know you two are still young and full of raging hormones but please do it when we are away or at Y/n’s house.” Jun repressed a smile and tried keeping a stern look.

“And uhm being safe while doing it would be nice too… a small present from uncle Jun” he went up to Chan and shoved something in his hands and you were pretty sure you knew what it was. “JUN DON’T ENCOURAGE THEM!” Soonyoung uttered.

“Uh thanks but guys we weren’t… you know…” oh Chan was so cute when he was flustered.It seemed like he didn’t know either if he should take this serious or not. You already knew it was just to embarrass him or else they would’ve talked to him alone. And they definitely wouldn’t have asked Jun to be there.

Soonyoung started again “Nono Channie-ssi we all know what it’s like to be a pubescent teen, from one thing comes the other one and before you know it you’ll pop Y/n’s cherry,” that one made Jun laugh and you also couldn’t help yourself. 

“just know when that happens.USE PROTECTION OR YOU’LL END UP A TEENAGE FATHER, we’ll gladly be uncles, BUT OUR BABY CAN’T HAVE A BABY GOT THAT?”

By now Chan caught on but that didn’t stop him from being embarrassed. “Y-yeah sure hyung.” You couldn’t help but be amused at this all though. “AND GET THAT SMILE OF YOUR FACE Y/N THIS WAS A SERIOUS CONVERSATION” and at moment they had decided it’s been enough, for now.

After they got out your boyfriend immediately said he was sorry about them, they just love messing with him. You just laughed because to you it had been hilarious. 

To tease him a little you patted his hand that was holding the ‘present’ from Jun saying “But you better keep that one though.” winking afterwards. 


hehe that was what I thought of when I drew her in this pose xD

my nowi was pretty OP in my awakening file hehe (I married her to ricken b/c they both look like kids lol )
i ran her through the wyvern rider line and it was quite funny to see a dragon riding on another dragon ~ ヽ(o♡o)/

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Hey I thought of something funny. I just got some pocky and I thought if you could...you know...dare someone to do that pocky challenge hehe

… *gives it to Host* do it to Nelly


well, here’s my work for this blog, and this what i’ve been doing these days instead of my normal work

the ask the boring bros blog guide, i hope you can enjoy it !

also i didn’t do my mine because i thought it wasn’t that funny if i did it myself so i would let anyone to do one about me and submmit it, this goes for mods too ofc if you wanna

-mod oso

Vikk in his head- OMG I’M GOING TO GET THE BALL
The ball- bitch you thought hehe
Vikk- …….
The ball goes in the goal- Boi
Vikk- I-I, f you
Simon- Vikk are you legit talking to the ball?
*Vikk starts cheering*- SORRY I CAN’T HEAR YOU! *Kicks ball off pitch*

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I loveeeeeed your guanlin ldr au so much asdfghjkl. Can I please request a daehwi one?

thanks for requesting!! 

this may not be up to par with gualin sorry fjndsfnsdf i have writers block atm so bear with me!!

- if he’s not facetiming you, he would be texting you or calling you constantly

- he may come off as clingy, but it’s only because he misses you a lot and he’s probably never been in a ldr before

- so even if he’s not there physically, he wants to at least hear about your day or whatever you were doing at the moment so it feels like he’s there you know?

- you know how people are scared of double texting?? daehwi isn’t like that nope

- he will double text, triple, even quadruple text you about his day like this boy does not care

- to other people, it can be annoying but to you, you don’t mind at all

- mainly because he sends you things that he thought was funny or asking you about your day hehe

- ‘’look at this view!! it’s super pretty~ but i wish you were here to see it with me :((“

- ‘’we bribed jaehwan hyung to buy us meat hehe i hope you’re eating well!! <3’’

- ‘’today, seonho appeared in our dorm and went straight to minhyun hyung and ignored guanlin. i’ve never seen someone looked so offended’’

- ‘’lets facetime later tonight?? i want to tell you what happened today!!”

- also the type to send you random selfies like during photo shoots or dance practices

- he would always send you some hehe

- ‘’look!! today we’re modeling innisfree masks!! aren’t i cute? ;)’’

- ‘’wahhh look how sweaty i am!! today we tried practicing to some songs that we learned from produce 101 and my legs are dying T.T’’

- sometimes the other boys would take daehwi’s phone and would send you random selfies hehe

- and sometimes, daehwi jumps on them to get it back

- aka you suddenly getting blurry photos of of daehwi and whoever decides to mess with him

- a mess i tell you

- oh!! you guys either call or facetime each other every night

- and its super fun!! like he shows you around the dorm and he lets you meet the members and its so cute jcnkjdfd

- you two like to eat together when on camera lol like if you would be having dinner, he would want to eat a small snack or something just so you wouldn’t have to eat alone

- and he would want to hear about your day and would give 101% attention to you

- if anyone tries to disturb him with his time with you, he would tell them to go away LOL because he knows his time would get limited with you and he wants to spend as much time with you as possible

- ‘’ah really? tell me more’’

- and he lowkey likes listening to you talk because he finds your voice so soothing that he could listen to your voice forever hehe

- when you ask him about his day, he likes to be a bit extra LOL

- mainly because he loves when he makes you laugh like its literal music to his ears

- so he would try his best to be overdramatic that even the rest of wanna one calls him dramatic lmfao

- sometimes, the conversation will die down and it would be that silence that isn’t awkward but almost comforting??

- and he’ll just gaze at you through the screen and sometimes it takes your breath away

- because the look he gives you - is absolute adoration and you lowkey almost want to cry at the sight of it

- and then he would just

- ‘’i love you, and i know im getting busier once we start our activities, but i want you to know that okay?~”

- and then he’ll just give you the brightest smile

- and you just

- deceased

- nfjdsknfkd f because?? how can someone be this pure and cute??? and he cares for you so much

- you could only say i love you back because you don’t know what to say except to protect this child

- wow ok anyways im getting carried away

- this poor child is the type to try and send you goodmorning or goodnight texts only to fail because the time difference is too much for him to handle LOL

- so he would call you before going to sleep because he ‘’wanted to hear your voice before he slept’’

- and its super cute because when daehwi is sleepy, sometimes he mumbles about the weirdest things and you almost dIE because your heart cant handle it wow

- but even if he is on the verge of knocking out, he still manages to say i love you

- such a cutie aaa

- and you guys hope to meet one day!! and daehwi is always managing to bring you up in the conversation so secretly, the rest of wanna one is hoping too hehe

(Translation) Kare Pillow vol. 10

大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 年上彼氏と温泉デートで 編 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Hirakawa Daisuke

T/N: Commissioned! Thanks for the huge tip as always~! ♥

Tokuten (AfterStory) is included in this post, use CTRL+F to jump to tokuten. More comments at the end to avoid spoilers ahaha

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Hehe,hi... can i ask scenarios of ren natsuki ranmaru reiji and masato with a s/o who has a really short skirt?? <3 i really think they will have funny reactions also i love your imagines and scenarios

Reaction to S/O Wearing a short skirt

Ren Jinguji

A word of caution, by wearing this he will take it as an automatic challenge. Upon seeing your thighs in that short skirt, Ren’s mind was running full of dirty thoughts and scenarios going inside his head. When asked about his opinion, he might stutter a bit or blush at first but will quickly regain his composure and confidence. He would actually feel pride in how attractive his s/o is and would often show you off on purpose just so he could feel the jealously of other men. If you are in public, he might lay his hand on your thigh and rub his hand on them in small circles and inch them closer to a certain area just so he could get a rise out of you. 

Natsuki Shinomiya

The moment you walk through those doors, he will latch onto you! He loves cute things, and you are definitely the cutest in his book!  He doesn’t mind if the skirt is too short, he in fact likes to look at your long legs and you might often catch him staring. He wouldn’t think anything inappropriate of your attire and would suggest you wear clothes like that more often! He will offer to take you shopping to find more clothes that will flatter your curves and assets just like the skirt!  As long as you are feeling confident in what you are wearing, who is he to judge and stop you? 

Ranmaru Kurosaki

Nope, not happening. Ranmaru is not amused. He would scold you and force you to put on something more conservative or else you aren’t leaving the apartment. He might sound aggressive when he scolds you, but don’t take it personally. Ranmaru does not like the wandering eyes of other men, and would most likely start a fight with anyone who dares stares at you with hungry eyes. Only he is allowed to see your body in such revealing clothes. However, he would prefer you to wear it only around him, because he rather enjoys seeing your thighs and butt in those skirts. 

Masato Hijirikawa

Poor baby would be a flustered mess and might even get a nosebleed! He is very conservative and has a traditional mindset, so he is not used to seeing women wear such revealing clothes. He would scold you and tell you how inappropriate it is to wear in public for all eyes to see. Really, his main concern is Ren being a pervert and checking you out. He will offer his jacket for you to tie around your waist until you can change your clothes, until then he is keeping an arm around you at all times! Expect a long talk when you two get home, which may or may not end in punishment!

Reiji Kotobuki

Oh boy, expect a lot of teasing and innuendos! Reiji is a huge pervert, so he would be enjoying every minute you are showing off your curves to him. He is not so much as afraid of other men looking at you, because he in fact is proud of his s/o. If he catches a man staring, he will slip a hand down his s/o waist and possibly grab her bottom, much to her dismay. He will expect you to wear more revealing clothes around him now, so be prepared to go shopping with him! Warning: Reiji would most likely provoke his s/o into some public “affection”, which will lead you two into a closet or unisex restroom.

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Hey can I have male cancer and male scorpio with pure tooth rotting fluff please. Thank you!!

You sure can.

“Rain Rain Go Away”

Scorpio: Y’know, it’s raining.

Cancer: What? I had no idea. I thought I was just sweating profusely.

Scorpio: Ha, ha, very funny. Seriously. Come under my umbrella.

Cancer: You have to catch me first! *races off*

Scorpio: *chases after him* Hey! You’re gonna catch a cold!

Cancer: No I won’t! *laughing* Catch me if you can!

Scorpio: *lunges and tackles Cancer to the ground* … caught ya.

Cancer: … hehe so you did.

A couple days later…

Cancer: Achoo!

Scorpio: *looks at him pointedly* uh-huh… who told you you’d get sick?

Cancer: *sniffles and wipes his nose on his sleeve* I’m not sick…

Scorpio: tell that to your baggy eyes and runny yet stuffy nose.

Cancer: *goes to the mirror and tells himself* You’re not sick!

Scorpio: Ahah…!