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Dude I thought you where cool. Turns out you're just an ass. Why make fun of people who are popular for making webcomics? Like just let people make stupid art things, like how you make gross hyper realistic characters. Like Jesus man, just let em make their dumb webcomic they aren't hurting anyone or spreading some kinda neo nazi messages!

that’s your problem. because theyre setting a bad example. no. i wouldn’t categorize my art as hyper realistic.

jokes aside (it is still your problem though.), i am “letting” them make their dumb webcomic. 

that’s what i don’t get with people like you; who said i wanted them to stop making their content? just because im not a fan of their content doesn’t mean i want it to be taken away so others can’t enjoy it. 

like yeah i’d prefer it to be better (real fuckin subjective) and i’ll criticize it, but “relatable” webcomics will always have an audience in this world

ID #33392

Name: Dhru
Age: 20
Country: United Kingdom

I’ve not had a penpal before so I thought this could be cool!
I live in the UK and I study History at Uni :) I’m a massive nerd - I love Harry Potter, Comics (I’m big on DC, especially Batman) and a whole host of TV shows such as Sense8, iZombie and Brooklyn 99. I enjoy talking about politics too and am quite left wing in my political opinions. I enjoy creative writing and am trying to learn to draw better :) Music wise, I’ll listen to anything though my favourite genre is probably indie rock, especially from the early 2000s (Naive by the Kooks is still one of my favourite songs) and I have a lingering love for Green Day and Paramore from my 15 year old emo days.
Come say hi! :)

Preferences: Open to talk to anyone really :)

A little drink!
  • AFD!Weiss, shouting from the RWBY apartment's doorway: UUUUMM....YANG???
  • AFD!Yang, getting up from the couch and walks over a bit to peer down the apartment's hallway, looking at Weiss: Umm...yeah?
  • AFD!Weiss, opens the door fully to reveal a hysterically sobbing Cinder: She uhh...wants to talk to you?
  • ~~~~
  • AFD!Cinder, sitting at the apartment's dining table, sniffling a little as she holds tight to a mug of cooling coffee: She...she just left. I woke up earlier today and she wasn't in bed. I thought maybe she'd have come here.
  • AFD!Yang, leaning against the sink, arms crossed and irritated, though trying her best to sound normal: Yeah well. That's my mother for you. She just leaves. That's her thing.
  • AFD!Yang, internally: /Probably doesn't help that you're an eccentric lunatic./
  • AFD!Weiss, also sitting at the dining table, having her chair scooched over closer to Cinder, with a comforting (yet slightly uncomfortable) hand placed on her arm, sharply to Yang with a glare, but then speaks in a much softer tone: Yang....but Cinder, I'm certain you're just...over thinking this whole situation. We all know how...err...'flighty'...Raven can be.
  • AFD!Yang, groans internally and checks her scroll, a message back from Blake saying she's still busy at work and she can't talk taking up the screen, a similar message from Ruby pops up as well, quietly: Great...
  • AFD!Cinder, with a weak smile, her tears having dried up but marks were still present on her face: Thank you. Both of you, you're such sweet children. I'm very thankful for both of you, for all of you really.
  • AFD!Yang, dragging her hand down her face, thinking: /I'm not even your kid, NONE OF US ARE YOUR KIDS./
  • AFD!Weiss, with a little forced laugh and smile: Of course Cinder! We're more than happy to help, if you'd like you can stay here for a little while.
  • AFD!Cinder, oblivious to how both girls really don't want her there right now, but speaks up a little: Oh, oh no no. I don't want to impose!
  • AFD!Yang, internally: /Wow, too late for that huh?/
  • AFD!Cinder, standing up slowly, being joined by Weiss, who ushers Yang to follow suit: Besides, I've got to go out and grab something for dinner. Well...just in case she's back by then. Tata loves, thank you for the coffee!
  • AFD!Weiss, escorting Cinder to the door with Yang trailing behind, a genuine smile on her face: Of course, of course! Come by any time!
  • AFD!Cinder, after giving them both tight hugs and kisses upon the cheek, takes her leave: I'll make sure to stop by again soon~!
  • AFD!Yang, waiting a few moments after the door closes, before walking up to a wall and hits her head against it, leaving it there with crossed arms: FuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK.
  • AFD!Weiss, letting out an exhausted sigh, not even caring to chastise Yang for her language: She. Is. Too. Much.

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You know, I really hope that once we find out what kind of faery we are, we actually develop some kind of power. Be it firebending or whatever - I just hope that we can be strong for once too. I'm sick of always playing the weak girl that needs help from everyone else. I know that's pretty common in those kind of games but it would be nice to have something different once in a while.. This was kind of random but I just had that thought and well.. yeah

having powers would be rlly cool but i wouldn’t call this protagonist weak at all like…she’s been through a lot and she’s overcome everything in the best way she could despite her circumstances. she’s going to play a really important role in the story though i mean, the oracle didn’t ‘choose her’ for no reason.

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Hey I was just listening to imagine dragons songs because of that ONE song and I jist heard Warriors and i thought if there is to be like a war between the two sides they could TOTALLY use that song!

Agreed, agreed anon!! Warriors would fit perfectly in like a slow motion scene where all the Serpents, some on foot some on their bikes, are heading to fight with Jug at the very center as the new leader. So cool and badass! I believe Imagine Dragons have become Riverdale’s go-to band from now on, lol!  

My very own ultimate dream though is this: in the episode that Jughead finally makes the big decision and accepts his fate as a Serpent, at the end, when usually he finishes the episode with some quote as the narrator, the scene zooms in the trailer where he is typing and we hear him saying something like “As of right now, like in any other lethal round of Russian Roulette, this time, the gun lies heavy on my hands. And the only option is just to pull the triger.” R.I.P. 2 My Youth starts playing as Jughead closes the lid of his laptop and then there’s a medley of shots with him shedding his Jughead Jones attire and getting dressed in all black, before he trades his beanie for the Serpent jacket. And at the last repetition of the chorus, when the electric guitar squeals, there’s a slow motion of him, all badass and ready to fight, getting out of the trailer and hopping on his vintage bike, speading down the road as the song and the episode ends. 

I know waaay too unrealistic to happen but a girl can dream, right??? 

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I just had a thought... so hear me out. Pidge as Poison Ivy. I mean even though she hates nature, she comes to understand same cosmic dust and what, not AND her lion is Guardian of the Forest... and she's Green. But also lion has plant powers too.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) eh eh? -BONUS- Keith could totally be Batman

MMMMMMM Yes! She would totally rock as Poison Ivy!
And Keith in that black, tight Batman suit…. Okay, you convinced me, take my money now, bc this is great idea and i already imagine some cool fanarts with it!  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I always thought the quest to take back the castle would be cool for a comic. Action scenes are hard to draw though. I may have done them in like couple(I think?) comics, but yeah they’re a pain. Not to mention with my supplies and working on it traditionally would be difficult and probably leave a result I wouldn’t be happy with. 

SO instead I just sketched simple stuff of some moments that’d probably happen. I can see a lot of casualties, and Gene would get injured pretty bad. But the Minutemen finally take down the mirelurk queen with a couple of missiles after it’s been damaged badly. 

Preston and definitely Piper would get to Gene and go help her out. I also included a drawing with Piper laying Gene down and adjusting her injured leg. This would be right after she’s patched up, so obviously the medicine makes her think all not there XD

The last doodle Ronnie tries to be all tough and basically thinks Gene and the general “youth” are such babies. Gene ain’t happy for one cause of the comment, and two how dare Ronnie put her down when Gene is the one waaaaay older here! The thing is though, she doesn’t know about Gene’s situation and the cryo stuff yet :P

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I thought you had a cat 🙀 I thought those gifs with the orange cat was you and your cat ;_; I was so jealous!

OHHH MAN i wish!!  💦💦💦 now i’m jealous of the me you thought i was alkjsflakjfd a cool person who rides around with a beautiful cat in her basket💦💦💦 but no! i link the original video in the caption. it’s junskitchen! he’s a really good cook too!


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Hey.. I was wondering.. would you be able to go to DragonCon in Atlanta one time? I really want to meet you but you are always somewhere else and my mom won't let me go out of the country to go to a con. Maybe in the summer one time? I dunno. I want to make a coustume.. I don't know how though.. I can try. We were thinking whiterun guard from Skyrim but I kinda want to be calamus and my sister could be alula.. I thought maybe that would be cute but I dunno. One day I'll make a cool costume...

probably not! I heard it’s super hard to get into ;;


Hey @sixpenceee I thought you and your followers might enjoy this. 

This is the town of Spectre Alabama. My fiancee and I visited this place on our way to Florida,and the story behind this little town is super cool. It’s not actually a town,though! Spectre Alabama is a fictional town in Tim Burton’s 2003 movie “Big Fish”. (based on the novel by Daniel Wallace) And the ghost town you see here is what’s left of a set that was built specifically for the movie. The two trees that make up the entrance to the town are actually built from styrofoam,and the columns you see in one of my pictures is what’s left of Jenny’s house after it was removed after a few years and some flooding. The town is located on a private island in Millbrook,Alabama,but the people who own it are extremely nice and let you have access to the island for the day for $3 per person,or $10 a night if you want to go camping. There’s also a lot of wildlife on the island,and one of the goats followed my fiancee and me around the entire time we were there,letting us feed and pet him (We temporarily named him Luci Fur). Sadly,most of the town was destroyed by a fire,but 6 houses and the church are still standing. However,I did read somewhere that the owners of the island have plans to eventually rebuild the town. If anyone is ever in the area,I highly suggest taking a visit!

“Revenge Is Gonna Be Mine” 

Side-by-Side comparison of the rehearsal and the final scene. 

*Interestingly the talking bits didn’t match up (even though the end did) so I had to edit it a bit to get the bridge and the last verse to sync. 

Another Pink Diamond Theory.. sorta

A stupid thought came to me while re watching back to the moon.

Pink Diamond’s mural is drastically different from the murals of the other three diamonds.

White, yellow and Blue all have an ethereal floating stance. 

Pink’s mural is standing almost as if she’s freshly bursting out of the ground. To me it looks like a mural of a newly emerged diamond.

Stewing on that thought I wondered where she was and what she was doing as her “sisters” gained control of so many planets. Then the thought hit me. What if the Earth was truly hers. Diamonds are quite large and are supposed to have a lot of power. A planet that had enough life to bring a diamond to life might truly be rare. A planet that was lush with life to the extreme and have vast resources would be needed.

Considering the size and power of a diamond I can imagine it would create quite the impressive emergence hole on the planet they were born on. Now where on Earth has there been a enormous change in geography that is missing?

Making earth the place of a diamond’s possible birth and death.

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what if aliens just dont understand the concept of taking non professional photos like selfies and sharing them on the internet? like "John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another 'selfie' with you."

John-human was not of the sub category photographer, though they didn’t seem to be aware of that themself. No matter where they went, they brought their little ‘smartphone’ with them, seemingly for the sole purpose of photography. It was beyond irrational, especially considering that John-human was well aware that they were of the sub category physicist.

“John-human, you see me all the time. I do not wish to take another ‘selfie’ with you.” Cg’jlas said when the human suggested another photograph being taken of the two. “I have important work to do, and clearly you have a plethora of photographs of us together. What could you possibly need another one for?” It was getting to the point of being irksome, if xe were to be honest. None of the other humans seemed to consider the behaviour odd though, so xe would have to tread carefully in case xe was approaching cultural territory.

“It’s for my blog. I’ve got people asking to see another picture of us together, and I thought this’d be a good place to take one. It looks cool in here.” John-human said as if it was the most obvious thing in the galaxy. To them it probably was.

“John-human, I am unfamiliar with some of these terms.” Xe said, contracting xir twarikial tentacle in an obvious show of confusion. “What is this ‘blog’, and why have other humans requested to see your photographs? Is it not most common to enjoy photographs of humans who are well known in general, or known to the human watching?”

“Oh, well, yeah? I guess, but we also like looking at pretty people or cool people, or just pretty pictures, and it’s really you all the fuss is about. They like seeing us together.” They said, elevating their shoulders briefly. “A blog is like a content sharing site on the internet – you remember when I told you about the internet, right?”

“Yes, it was quite… interesting. So you are not confused about which sub category in which you belong?” Xe asked, hoping xe didn’t come across as rude.

“You mean my job? No, I’m a physicist, why’d I be confused about that?” They asked, doing what Cg’jlas had learned was referred to as a ‘frown’.

“Because you seemed to be under the impression that you are of the sub category photographer. I am relieved that there is no confusion, John-human.” Xe said sincerely, making sure to have xir expression and posture show it.

“What? No, they’re just selfies. Everyone takes them, it’s a thing.” They said before proceeding to call one of their fellow humans over for one of these ‘selfies’. They then moved on to show Cg’jlas how they ‘posted’ the photograph, and some they had already posted. It made very little sense, but the fellow human seemed to be treat it as something normal, walking back to their work station after agreeing that John-human could post their photograph. They had asked to be ‘tagged’ in it, which xe had absolutely no idea what meant, but xe didn’t particularly want to find out either. It would just have to be another part of humans xe didn’t quite understand. It didn’t seem like an important part after all, if a bit irksome at times when xe was trying to work or focus.

Supernatural Preferences: When You're Pregnant

Sam: As soon as you found out, you began plotting how you were going to tell him. Of course he noticed the slightly different things you did, resulting in him pestering you to see what’s wrong. After you told him the news he began prepping for the baby immediately. Regardless of the fact you two had nine months to get everything ready. Guess excitement overtakes people’s senses.

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Dean: The minute-no the second you told Dean, he began to treat you as though you were going to explode. Taking junk food from you because “it could hurt the baby”. Not letting you lift anything. Barley even a book or glass of water. Once you started to show more and more he refused to hug you…or even sleep in the same bed with you once you further progressed because “what if I roll over onto you?”, even though he never had before. Luckily for you, once the baby was born he directed all that paranoid attention to the munchkin.

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Castiel: It’s no surprise that he found out before you did. He was in a state of complete shock and awe from the second he heard a second heartbeat lingering inside of you. At first you thought it was cool or adorable how he could check in on you. That was until he was doing it every other hour to make sure nothing was wrong. It only got worse when the little being inside of you grew to be bigger. Any movement you made, or small noise at the feeling of a kick in your ribs, Cas had to give you the full examination. Sooner or later he realized that everything was going to be fine and he could stop worrying so much. That didn’t happen until a week before your due date.

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Crowley: From the moment you told The Boy King about your little gift, he had a certain change in him. Whether he saw this as father redemption or was just filled with happiness, you couldn’t tell. The most overprotective he got during your pregnancy was not letting you leave Hell without him. Which was understandable, so you didn’t really put up a fight. Carrying the King of Hell’s child had its perks. Like food whenever you wanted it, and whatever you wanted. Anything you asked for, demons would scramble about trying to get it as quickly as possible. It was really something funny, watching them trip over their fear of not being fast enough. Of course your new little munchkins first outfit had “The prince/princess of Hell” labeled on it. That one you didn’t really have a say on.

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Lucifer: It all started when he sat straight up in bed and just looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Just when you thought your life couldn’t change anymore, it did. On so many levels. Honestly it was really weird knowing that all of Heaven and Hell knew you were with child before you even had a clue. The fact that you had Angels hell bent on killing you, but mainly the baby, didn’t really help with the whole pregnancy stress level chart. As if it wasn’t stressful enough having a human growing inside of you. But Luce was by your side 24/7. Always keeping the Angels or anything that meant to harm you far away. Somewhere between all the baby assassins and pregnancy hormones, the two of you still had time to have a somewhat normal upcoming. Anytime a kick or a movement was going to happen he knew. And he’d be right there to witness it.

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Gabriel: Never had you thought that Gabe and his trickster tendencies would be something you would appreciate. That was until it came handy to have to help hide you from those who meant to cause your unborn child harm. Most of your pregnancy wasn’t spent fighting some war against those who intended to harm you. It was spent fighting another war over what the babies name would be. First idea Gabriel had was “Little Ass Kicker” because for some god awful reason that made sense. Obviously you weren’t about to call any child of yours that, but he was persistent. “What about Lak?” He would ask while you were just about to drift off to sleep. “Lak? The hell kind of name is-…it stands for Little Ass Kicker doesn’t it?” There was no way around it. He’d go to pretty lengthy extents trying to get you to say yes just once so it’d be official. Like rubbing your back for an hour. Or getting you a shit ton of the food you were craving. Long story short…you gave birth to a Little Ass Kicker…

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I saw you reblogged something about a cockroach cam, and it really threw me for a loop because your reaction was a positive one. I'm not exaggerating when I say that everyone I've ever known has always thought of roaches as gross, unsanitary, and creepy. Obviously you think otherwise, so could you please share why you like them? I'm genuinely curious and would love to be educated about them. (Or maybe you were simply calling the DISPLAY cute and I'm an idiot who can't interpret words correctly.)

I think it was mostly @kaijutegu who was calling them and the set up cute, but I don’t disagree that they can be endearing (even though I’m a spider sort of gal, myself). Roaches are just bugs, and pretty cool ones at that. They flourish really well in environments that correlate with low-quality human welfare (dampness, rot, food trash) but that doesn’t mean they’re inherently gross or unsanitary. 

I think that, if you want to know why people genuinely love roaches, we should get @crispbean and @speciesofleastconcern to weigh in!