i thought it was clever ok

As a matter fact it does bother me, and I’m not the same gender is Chris Hemsworth. I’m just not an idiot who thinks that doing a bad thing to an opposite group makes it OK. I know the Edgelords making the new Ghostbusters thought they were being oh-so-clever in their quest for feminism by putting men down but guess what? If you have to build yourself up by putting someone else down that doesn’t make you empowered, it makes you an asshole.

Through the Years, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Continuation of ‘Backstage’ and ‘Wedding Plans’. Actual prompt was made up by me. Compilation of texts sent between reader/Lin through their relationship.

Words: 1501 (Yikes.)

Author’s Note: This took a lot of thought from me. It’s impossible to be clever through text. Sigh. Also, formatting was a bitch…hopefully it looks ok? I honestly feel like I can write a whole fic about each individual text convo. Also, it jumps time a bunch. Not every text convo is covered.

Warning: I’m sure I cussed somewhere. Under a read-more because it is that long.

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February 29, 2016 - 11:46pm

From: Daveed, 11:46pm

did he ask you out? this is important. i have money on this.

To: Daveed, 11:46pm

how much money? i expect a cut. he asked me out.

From: Daveed, 11:48pm

$50 richer

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Did somebody say “Green Leader’s Insignia”? No? Too bad. Here’s his official one for my AU. 

it is my duty as the creator of the au to provide u with any resources you may need for this dumb trashhell AU i made, tag me in this au shit btw

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Ok so I have had this feeling for a while that Dumbledore would have been better suited as a Slytherin. He is brave and clever, of course, but even more so very cunning. Thoughts?

Andy: I think your house is chosen by what you value and those traits you aspire to have, rather than all the traits you show.

I think Dumbledore was a great example of a tactical Gryffindor because he was ruthless in his execution. He thought in terms of our strength vs their weakness. In heroic romanticism of war and the battles that needed to be won, rather than the efficiency of saving as many as he could. He sacrificed the few to save many and made sure that people knew his face was attached to the win.

Don’t let Gryffindors fool you into thinking that we can be the most manipulative bastards. We can be, and it’s our greatest secret because it’s how we win.

Good question!!!

Who lied and said this was TV ready? {8x08 Review}

As those of you who read my reviews know, I do write in real time so whatever mistakes I made in the beginning of the post I may have rectified at the end. This post will most likely include anti-Damon/anti-Delena/anti-Bamon/anti-Steroline/anti-Bonenzo sentiments. I will probably call out misogynoir, anti-black and racist treatment and perhaps make references to True Blood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or other shows. I also did this on my phone so sorry if the format is fucked up. If you do not like it, no one is forcing you to read. OK? OK. Alright. Let’s go.

1. “I thought we were going for a more … veiled approach” I find this line funny because I think it’s the ultimate difference between Paul and Ian as actors.

2. “Clarity over cleverness that’s what I always say” which is funny coming from Damon since he spends so much of his time trying to be clever.

3. Of course the MOC is the most evil person in the anger management room. I’m done.

4. “Cade can have him, these are mine” I don’t know why I find that hilarious.

5. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY NO ONE IS TRYING TO FIND LOOPHOLES AGAINST CADE. Caroline is just “cool, Stefan, go and be evil with the devil” WHAT?

6. I didn’t realize how much I missed Mattoline, they’re cute.

7. “Welcome to the circle of trust”? Really, Matt? I’m surprised the entire town doesn’t know that there is supernatural shit going on in this town like y’all are TERRIBLE at keeping shit under wraps.

8. “Are you mind controlling these kids?” This is literally compulsion.

9. Sybil’s voice is still annoying and this entire exercise with Caroline seems pointless.
Paul looks really hot.

10. It’s annoyingly transparent that the doctor Stefan and Damon are describing is a symbol of Elena: “early twenties and already a doctor, she must’ve thrown herself in her work, why do you think that is, Damon? Maybe she was driven by something dark” (I’m paraphrasing) while Damon wants to believe she’s driven by something good and looks visibly affected by Stefan’s description thereby subtly attempting to dismantle SE and prop up DE. I am so irritated.

11. I do have to admit that Paul’s “Sounds like betting words to me” sounded really sexy, I don’t know why, his delivery was slick and vaguely amused.

12. I do also have to admit to chuckling when Stefan vervains Damon and yells, “Oh my God, is there a doctor here???”

13. But seriously, Paul is rivalling season 2 Paul.


15. It’s really annoying and in bad taste that the show is discussing how the Founding Families didn’t found Mystic Falls because other people were there first (witches) and we’re just ignoring the fact that there would’ve been Indigenous nations. I also like how we’re talking about history but we wouldn’t talk about enslavement even though MF is in fucking Virginia.

16. Oh look a black student is collateral damage in Sybil and Caroline’s game.

17. “Grandma, she liked the ponies” omg what a clichéd line.

18. Caroline doesn’t even seem that anxious about these potentially dead students.

19. “Give me a chance to redeem myself” my lord, Elena standin.

20. Obviously Stefan is going to lose this because it’s supposed to show that Elena wouldn’t give up on Damon. I’m sooooooooooooo bored.

21. Oh Tara “killed” him. OK. I feel like I’m meant to be sad about this. I’m not.

22. Are we really fucking doing this? Matt’s dad is angry at the Founding families because they were rich and ran the town while his family were skilled traders and looked down upon as such when Bonnie’s fucking ancestor was enslaved to Katherine??? WHEN THERE WERE ENSLAVED PEOPLES IN THIS TOWN? Matt’s dad gets a rant but we’re not talking about the racist history? Why am I even surprised by this?

23. I don’t get it, nobody even knows where the fuck the bell was so why would Sybil enlist the help of enemies to help her find a weapon that could destroy her?

24. Did we establish a range in which Sybil can use her song to contro people?

25. The season 1 soundtrack doesn’t work with scenes that don’t have emotional punch.

26. Matt: “I was the only one who didn’t have a legacy” WHAT ABOUT BONNIE? OMG. Bonnie is the ONLY friend who wasn’t even in the fucking PARADE.

27. Of course Damon went back for a necklace that should symbolize SE but I mean, hey, who cares about canon.

28. I like the song playing though.

29. If Paul directed this episode the hallway massacre would’ve been an actual massacre.

Final thoughts. I wasn’t as angry at this episode as I expected to be, maybe because my friend texted me and ranted about the necklace retcon, so I was prepared and just became irritated when confronted with it. And I realize my issue with the necklace is the same issue I have with Delena versus Stelena — the necklace is about Damon, like let’s say the necklace was symbolic for Damon, it would be symbolic of the times he attempted to do something selfless, like he didn’t compel Elena in 1x11 because he wanted it to be real, he gave her back the necklace in 3x01 because he knew what it meant to her, this is about Damon’s journey but the necklace for SE is actually representative of Stefan and Elena: for Stefan he gave it to her because it represented hope, he had it for some 80-odd years and didn’t find it fit to give to anyone except her and for Elena it was also about hope, which she says, and it’s about choice: “no matter what you feel about me, you’ll know you were free to make your own choice” so many big moments happen between Stefan and Elena when she’s wearing the necklace; their love scene, their blood share, their phone call, like it’s actually symbolic of their RELATIONSHIP, it’s symbiotic, reciprocal. Anyway, the episode was dull and unbelievably racist.

Ok so,

i thought that the game within the containment facility was clever. The idea behind the episode was good and the acting was fabulous. Wasn’t a bad episode but i do think it could’ve been less confusing. 

 I didn’t like how many holes where in this episode over all. Yes a lot of things were cleared but more things unanswered. As of right now how do we know what happened and what didn’t. The ending was very abrupt and confusing. very sudden ending and i disliked that aspect 

All i can say is i better get more. I better get johnlock and i better get things cleared up. 

Also who’s in for more Rosie lol 

Why tho

Before watching the episode I was like OK maybe this will not be as bad as I think it is
Oh boy, this shit was worse than I could ever imagine.
Why would they reference Oscar Wilde? I think they did it on purpose just to tease us. And the Molly scene? That was awful.
I can’t believe I had faith in them, I even thought they were clever (silly)
It’s a shame. We have invested so many years in this show, I have watched the episodes a hundred times, but this shit just killed it all, I don’t think I will be able to watch the show ever again now knowing that it was all just queerbait and bad writing.
Why would Ben and Martin agree to to this shit? I’m dissapointed AF.

Ok for a second @ everyone saying it was a great episode…

I don’t care johnlock didn’t get straight up cannoned. The end left so many holes for people to make their own story but….

What happened to the layers and hidden clues in the episodes? What happened to the clever cases and clever deductions? Why did tfp mimic so many things that have been done over and over on tv? Why was everyone so out of character? I’m just…. Confused what happened here. I thought Eurus was going to be an amazing and rich and incredibly layered character… But she really wasn’t? It was just a strange common “insane” villain mimic? What. Happened. Here.

(Also side note this episode picked fun at so so so many people, and I frankly believe that is the most upsetting part. I’m so sorry to the Sherlollie shippers, and everyone who has ever written a meta. Is there something we are missing here? Something must be out of the picture? Surely?)

julibellule  asked:

♡ Hullo, some questions for you ;-) 1) Your three least favorite DW characters and why? 2) A pairing you just can't bear to see in the DW fandom? 3) What is your head canon about The Moment impersonating Rose Tyler? Thank you! ♡


Yay, the second round! I’m so excited!

1) Your three least favorite DW characters and why?

I won’t consider Moffat era because I hardly watched it. Let me think…

  • Sylvia Noble. She treats her daughter poorly and I think she might be greatly responsible for Donna’s low self confidence
  • Professor Lazarus. I find him really gross, even before the transformation. I thought disgusting his womanizer attitude towards Trish and Martha and the way he discarded his partner (Lady Thaw)
  • Adam Mitchell. At first I thought he was ok, but when he boasted about his intelligence, trying to impress Rose, I thought he was pathetic. I mean, that line about how he’s born clever and that he almost caused WWIII when he’s 8? I began to deslike him from there. And then he went and did that stupid thing that endangered the Doctor and Rose in The Long Game…

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2) A pairing you just can’t bear to see in the DW fandom?

I can’t stand Ten x Reinette. Nope. No. No, no, no, no, no. In fact, I can’t stand any RTD era Doctor (Nine, Ten or Tentoo) with anyone else but Rose. And I’m sorry, but that means no RTD Doctor x Donna, Martha, River, Amy or Clara. And, finally, I can’t stand Doctor x OC. Brrr! So, when I stumble upon any of them, I just run. Run like the devil is chasing me.

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3) What is your head canon about The Moment impersonating Rose Tyler?

Gosh, I didn’t watch the 50th and don’t know all the details, but I like to think that Rose was someone so important to the Doctor that she was constantly in his mind during his ninth and tenth incarnations and, even after, he would still think fondly of her and the Moment used her because of that. Yeah, I know, it’s basically what the Moment says to the War Doctor… ;P

Sometimes I like to think it had indeed something of Bad Wolf, but then I remember that Gallifrey was not destroyed and I dismiss the idea because I think that BW would not interfere in that way. That being said, I love Skaldic Oresteia‘s version of the Moment in her fic The Perennials I: The Eternal(first chapter). I think it’s brilliant, really. And the fic, a rewrite, is awesome.        

on a deserted Island B1A4 companion ranking?

@shinwhoohoo since I don’t wanna reblog our short novel lol. I will continue here hahah. 

Oh, OK, so socially clever? XDDD Well, maybe we should give him a puzzle as present and see the result then lol. It’s kinda interessting that you did consider the personality for the teamwork and cooperation component as well. While I just thought about the skills/usefulness (?) mostly (but both equally important I guess). 

It kinda pick my interesst, why you thought that you wouldn’t work well together with Baro. So another request again, please rank the order (even though you mostly did already lol), getting B1A4 members with you on a deserted island and tell us the reason (maybe personality, teamwork, skills etc….). (take you time or just rank without explanation lol).  

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My take on Darla and Lilah's similarities: Ruthless, defined by their need to feel empowered and in control, cunning, clever, strategic, deeply cynical yet still capable of feeling real affection, resilient, brave, willing to go to any llengths to achieve their goals, realists and survivors.

sorry i’m just getting to this


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Do they have any idea what they’re doing? I mean some people are really, REALLY invested in TJLC. Ok, I get it, it’s a very clever ad campaign and a deliberate playing on our feelings, what with Arwel posting crushing disclaimers and all, BUT what if someone had lost hope and took their own life in the gap between The Fuckening and real episode? I mean this could have happened. Srsly Mofftiss have you thought about that?

Conan The Barbarian (1982) for #MovieSketchs
I have a few movies I want to see and I started this series with Conan first of the name, I had so much prejudice on this movie ( thanks to @FrancoisTheurel I got over it ) and boy was I wrong !
I had always loved epic tales and fairytales and this was it, it was epic and beautiful. Not the brainless barbarian movie I always thought it was, it was clever and the rule of “less is more” so well used that Arnold could have not said a word during the whole movie i would have been ok with it. And the score is one of the best music I have had the pleasure to hear in a long time ! And I am serious, this score doesn’t have the credit it deserve. It weight a lot in the way I enjoyed the movie.

If you consider the movie for what it is, a tale of vengeance, I loved it

High five to Arnold that I never thought I’d like 👐

But I won’t watch the reboots ( even though Momoa looks like the perfect Conan ) nor the sequels that were made. I wanna keep that movie unstained like the 80’s fantasy tale gem that it is.

Of you’d like to suggest movies for me to watch and do #moviesketchs go ahead !

Too Late Pt. 4 (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Genre: Angst/Romance (I think)

Word Count: 1,052

Summary: After you stormed off, Draco is feeling incredibly guilty and depressed. Will you come back to help the one you love or distance yourself even further?




I’m racing towards the nurse’s office. I have a free period before Potions that I’m sing to make sure that Dean is ok. He took away the girl I loved, that phrase was all you thought about on your way there. The first thing you were going to do was ask Dean who he recently asked out. Well, make sure he was ok first, then ask.

 “Dean asked me on a date…but it’s probably not me. Pansy? I don’t think Dean would stoop that low. Lavender? Maybe. She was quite nice and clever.” You had made it to the clinic with all these thoughts and paranoias swimming in your head.

 “(Y/N)! I was about to come find you.” Dean greeted. He didn’t look like he had any physical damage. In fact, he was beaming.

 “How come you’re so happy?” you inquired. 

“Well,” he began, “let’s just say a certain someone visited me and this someone knows a thing or two about nargles” he smirked.

 “Awww Dean! Luna visited you!” you fangirled, forgetting your mission for a second.

 “Yeah, did you need something? You came in looking a bit crazy” he chuckled.

 “Oh right! Did you ask out anyone before me?” you asked urgently.

 “Hehe. You…uh, you were actually the first girl I asked out” he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

 “Hopefully Luna will be the next,” you stated with a wink, “I have to go, see you later Dean”

 “Bye” he waved.

 You began walking to Potions early. He took her away from me before I could even tell her. You could imagine Draco yelling that as his blue eyes pierced through you before going soft, realizing what he said. The girl I loved. You thought about that with a smile. You might just have a chance with the Slytherin Prince.

Wednesday Night- Draco POV

I snuck out of the Slytherin dorms in the middle of the night. I was wearing my black robes, trying to blend in with the dark night sky. I successfully made it to my destination: the astronomy tower.

 This was the place I went when I had to think. When I got letters from my father, the news about you know who, and now, mourning over the destruction of my pride and the loss of the small friendship I had with (y/n). I stood by the railing and looked up at the billions of little lights sparkling in the sky. Maybe she might forgive me. Someday. I tilt my head down towards the landscape, feeling as if I didn’t deserve the beauty of the stars.

 Time to face the facts, I, the Draco Malfoy, has lost one of the few things that could bring me joy, and it’s my own fault.


You had to sort this out. Your friend Harry let you borrow his invisibility cloak for the night. You needed the cloak to venture to your thinking spot. It’s where you went to think about life, the impending war, basically anything that stressed you. Your feet were lightly padding against the concrete ground as you sneaked up the stairs of the astronomy tower.

 The light of the stars was comforting, as if you were surrounded by millions of small friends. You thought you saw a shadow but dismissed it as a trick of the light. You had completed your ascent and took off the cloak as you stepped on to the balcony.

 You froze, your (h/l) (h/c) hair lightly blowing in the breeze. There he was, the exact problem you were trying to get out of your head.

 “Hello” he greeted, shocked by your presence.

 “H-hey” you responded. Why are you stuttering?! Why does he do this to you!?!

 You moved to stand next to him, leaning against the railing.

 “So…nice weather today” you said, trying to break the awkward silence. He laughed.

 “I guess you could say that.” You both fell into another period of silence. This time he broke it.

 “I-I just wanted to apologize about earlier. I shouldn’t have done what I did” he looked away from me. His voiced sounded tight, as if he were on the verge of tears but his facial expression wasn’t letting on.

 “It’s ok. I overreacted a bit as well,” I laughed nervously, “Sorry about that.” 

We laughed together and gazed up at the stars.

 “It’s a beautiful night tonight isn’t it?” you said dreamily.

 “Not as beautiful as you” Draco whispered softly. Our gazes met.

 “Draco…was I the girl you, um, mentioned earlier?” you kept your voice low. He sighed.

 “Yes, yes you were. You probably don’t feel the same though. I’m such a horrible person even for a Slytherin and I- “you cut him off by gently pressing a kiss to his lips. Your hands looped around his neck while his arms wrapped around your waist. You pulled away and he hugged you to his chest tightly.

 “I love you” he whispered, voice slightly muffled by your hair.

 “I love you too” you whispered back, burying your face into his neck.

 You meant it with all of your heart and had a feeling Draco did too. The rest of the night was filled with laughing and talking while sitting with your arms around each other. Eventually, you both fell asleep on the balcony wrapped in each other’s embrace. Neither of you thought of the consequences and frankly, you still wouldn’t care.

Professor Trelawney POV

I walked to the astronomy tower to collect the readings I hard charmed the telescope to record. I needed them for today’s lesson on astrology and horoscopes. As I strolled onto the platform though, I noticed two bodies intertwined on the floor. I saw that it was none other than Draco Malfoy and (Y/N) (L/N).

  How sweet!! I thought. Their signs were definitely a perfect match for each other. I should mention that in today’s lesson! I decided to handle the two lovebirds before they were discovered by a professor that would punish them. 

“Wingardium Leviosa” swish and flicker is how I remember it. Since it was still quite early, I was able to transport them to their dorms undetected.

  I hope the reveal they are a couple soon! They are so cute together! I hoped as I walked back to my classroom.


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moody | short-tempered | emotionally unstable | whiny
controlling | conceited | possessive | paranoid | lies
impatient | cowardly | bitter | selfish | power-hungry
greedy | lazy | judgmental | forgetful | impulsive
vengeful | stubborn | sadistic | petty (cackles) | unlucky


honest | trustworthy | thoughtful | caring | brave
patient | selfless | ambitious | tolerant | lucky
intelligent | confident | focused | humble | generous
merciful | observant | wise | clever | charming
cheerful | optimistic | decisive | adaptive | calm

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ok you tagged that timeless gifset i just reblogged from you as "gargia flynn" and i am cackling bECAUSE GARBAGE BOSS GARCIA FLYNN -- SHORT VERSION = GARGIA FLYNN. it's like the world's most fitting typo amirite. (unless it wasn't a typo and you're just that clever, which i entirely believe darling)

Oh no, totally a fat fingered typo! But please feel free to steal for your Garbage Boss naming pleasure! Though I might go with Garbagia Flynn? 

Also though seriously did he not look like he wanted to look into the camera Office-style at stupid John Wilkes Booth’s dramatics? I died.