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It’s Time

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson

Summary: You and Loki have been separated; will you ever be able to move on?

Warning: Slightly Angst

Word count: 688

Notes: yo guys it’s me Anahi sorry for no uploads last week it was pretty chaotic at school but here is my firs Loki x reader, why is it sort of sad I have no idea man haha, anyways I still feel pretty bad to that anon still waiting for their request and everyone else v sorry ik im trash guys. Anyways here it is hope you enjoy.

Oh yeah this one-shot is based on this song (X)

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Episode 50 of GoPriPre–


But, yeah, I felt that I couldn’t just leave it without drawing something, so I decided to sketch the scene of all the girls at the end of the scene, when they’re all grown up the thought just makes me cry. But…yeah. Here it is.

Request: Prank Wars

Request: Hi hun! Could you pretty plz do a one shot where the reader gets scared rlly easy and the guys play a hardcore prank but don’t realize that it freaked out the reader A LOT. I just rlly hate pranks,they scare me :0

Request: Hi can you do a reader x cas where Sam and Dean tease him about liking the reader but at the same time are trying to help him tell the reader how he feels

Word Count: 980

I thought these two could fit well together, so… yeah. I hope you like it, thank you so much!<333

The two brothers share a look of disbelief, before breaking into synced, identical grins.

“Y/N?” They say in unison, their gazes moving back to the angel before them.

“You like Y/N?” Dean asks, grinning away like a loon. Cas shifts uncomfortably, his cheeks brushed over with pink.

“She’s…” He pauses, a slight smile changing his face entirely at the thought of you, “Beautiful. And… smart. Funny; kind; gentle; wise…” He lists, his face lighting up with each word. Sam and Dean share a look once more, and Sam chuckles.

“Angel’s got it bad.”

“Not that we blame you,” Dean adds, “Y/N’s definitely a catch. Not to us. More like a sister on our side of things, don’t worry!” He assures the angel, watching his facial expression darken slightly. Dean claps Cas on the shoulder.

“I think you’d be cute together.”

“Imagine it, though,” Sam grins, “Little Y/N and Cas babies running around.”

Dean laughs aloud, tossing his head back, “We’ll never get a full night’s sleep again with those two around here, if you know what I mean.” He teases, nudging his brother. Cas’ brows furrow at the pair, who seem to find such glee in tormenting him.

When the laughter dies down, the brothers fix their eyes on Cas.

“When are you going to tell her?”

“How are you going to do it?”

“I… don’t know.”


“Hey, guys! I’m back!” You call, struggling down the stairs with the giant-ass box the guy at the store gave you, because ‘it’s not safe to carry guns in bags’. You’re pretty sure he was stoned.

Upon making it to the bottom of the stairs, you place the box down, shaking out your achy arms. The hallway is empty, and so is the library.

“Guys?!” You call suspiciously, your hand automatically going to the gun at your hip. There’s an eerie silence echoing throughout the bunker, and no note on the table. Frowning, you make your way down the corridor; gun out in front of you.

Something isn’t right here.

You hesitate for a moment outside Dean’s bedroom door, checking behind you and listening at the door. When you’re met with silence, you push the door open a little – empty. Your heart is beginning to race and you take a deep breath, steadying yourself.

You advance down the corridor, your stomach turning with each step, until something squelches underfoot. When you look down, your boot has landed in something red, and sticky. You cry out – and in response, there’s a yell from across the bunker. You take off, hurtling towards the dungeon with little heed for the things around you.

“Cas!? Sam!? Dean!?” You yell, shoving the door open in panic. It’s heavy, but the adrenaline in your veins pushes you on.

“Y/N?” Cas frowns, staring at you. He’s.. unharmed. Stood by the wall, while Sam and Dean play with the shackles; carving something into the metal. You could burst into tears. They’re fine.

“G-guys?” You ask, voice suddenly small, “What happened?”

“Surprise!” Dean offers, dropping the chains, “We thought we’d play a joke.”

A joke? This is a joke?

You don’t like jokes. Not like this. Not pranks that make you think that the people you love most in the world are dead. You hate pranks full stop, but this…

“A joke?” You snap, “You scared me shitless!” Shoving the gun back into your jeans, you rake your hand through your hair, “I thought you were dead or worse!” You turn away from the three of them in anger and distress, and walk back up the stairs with tears burning your eyes.


“Y/N, wait!” Cas jogs up behind you, choosing not to zap in front of you. You don’t stop completely, but slow down and let him catch up. He walks alongside you in silence until you reach the kitchen.

You swallow back your anger and tears, furiously wiping at your eyes.

“Y/N… I’m so sorry.” The angel says softly, his voice soothing and gentle, “Sam and Dean thought it would be funny. I should have… I should have stopped them.”

“S'not your fault.” You mumble, shaking your head, “They think they’re funny.”

“They’re not.” Cas says firmly, “I shouldn’t have ever let them hurt you.”

“I’m not hurt.” You shake your head, “I just got scared. I don’t want to… don’t want to lose you. Any of you. But when I thought you’d be gone and I’d be alone and…” You laugh humourlessly, “Ketchup blood stops being quite so hilarious.”

“This is my fault.” Cas says suddenly, “Y/N, they-”

“It’s not your fault, Cas!”

“It is!” He raises his voice slightly, “Y/N, they devised that… that plan, because of me. I needed a way to get your attention, and they thought that would work. They thought that if you thought I was endangered, you’d be more likely to…”


“Admit your feelings?”

You laugh, “That’s what they thought?”

Cas nods, “They were wrong.”

“Sure they were. But that doesn’t mean you failed at getting my attention.” You say softly, moving a half-step closer to the angel, “Cas…”

“No, wait. Y/N.” He shakes his head, coming even closer, “I shouldn’t feel love, or even like, as humans put it. But at the same time, you… you showed me what love means.”

You smile slightly, shaking your head, “I’m not one for heartfelt confessions, Cas. You know that. But you… you’re different.” You grin, reaching out and taking the lapel of his coat between your fingers; pulling him in closer. He smiles, his blue eyes twinkling even in the industrial-style lights of the bunker’s kitchen. Slowly – almost painfully so – he leans in and closes the gap between you.

“The Everyday Shenanigans of Owen and Amelia, Plus Their Babies and Puppies.”

Author’s Note: Hi! :) Okay, so in the light of all of these reaching pregnancy theories for our Omelia babies, I was inspired to start my own Omelia universe, in which they and their fictitious children live as a family, together with their puppies. :) <3 

For future reference, italics are either flashbacks or thoughts, and it’s pretty clear as to which one is which when you’re reading, or so I hope. :P

This is the first “chapter” if you will, in “The Everyday Shenanigans of Owen and Amelia, Plus Their Babies and Puppies” (it’s a working title, please no judgement. :P)

This is going to be a bunch of one-shot type fics on basically how I personally see their family and so…yeah. I have nothing else to say… :)

Except: This is the beginning of my fictitious Omelia universe, welcome, and make yourselves at home Omelia fam! :) <3 (I’m too cheesy, I know. Sometimes I actually hate myself. ;) ) 

(Last thought: this is 27 pages on a Word document…so I may have gotten carried away, just slightly, you know. ;) )

So, that’s it! I hope you like it! I would really appreciate any thoughts you have, now and in the future, when the story, or these stories, progress. :)

Xx ultrafreakyfangirl :)


“Race you.”

“Where are we going?”  

“I don’t know. Anywhere.”

“You’re on.”  

Her cheeks were incredibly flushed, a rosy red that was quite honestly the perfect vignette of seductive innocence, along with the kittenish smirk that shaped her mouth, upturning those stained lips and showing the cleft of her dimple.

Her dress was wrinkled slightly, making it look as though it had been played with, the fabric tugged and stretched out, though it was through no fault of anybody, only her own locomotion; surprisingly, she was a fast runner, faster assumedly, than he.  

“I win!”  

The two of them had went out to grab some food after their shift, having ended earlier than normal. At least, that had been the plan, before he had changed it, suggesting that, in this progressively warming weather, they should go for a walk.

She’d had some mild complaints regarding this though, seeing as what she was wearing wasn’t all that appropriate for what he’d had in mind, but got over them quickly once he’d threaded their fingers together and flashed an ‘all is good’ smile.

They’d made it only a few blocks from the hospital before she’d abruptly ripped their hands apart, bringing into light his drive for competition, using the softest, most enticing voice, the reproachfulness evident in her giddied gaze.  

Race you.

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Christmas Day

Hey everybody! So here is my Christas scenario, it’s pretty short and not that good but yeah… As I promised it to you, here it is! I hope you will still enjoy~ Please, let me know what you thought about it! ♥


  Last time you did Christmas, it was with your whole family. It took hours or even weeks to organize only one day. Back then, you thought it was pretty stupid, that all you had to do was to live this moment up and enjoy yourself with everybody. Yet, it was more filled by pressure than pure pleasure. Your grandmothers were never really sat at the table to be present with the whole family, they were spending their whole time running from the kitchen to the table where whole of the hosts were speaking loud, screaming or laughing with teary eyes when they remembered the happy times they spent together.
But every year, you were able to listen to the same old stories, not a word changed years by years, that’s why you were able to recite them all on your own. As you grew up you were not that into Christmas as you were when you were still a child who believed in Santa and all that was in between.
When you think about that, you wonder how parents can make their child believe in such things. How a man could pass by the chimney, put several gifts under the Christmas tree and this about 7 billion times in only one night?
Each year, your uncle was the one to pretend to be Santa but today, it was a different person, a different place, and a whole different atmosphere.

“Oh oh oh!” Santa entered the room by the door, his hands on his false fat tummy. “What does my beautiful and little girl asked for this year?” He sat right next to you and the other boys on the couch. “Where you kind this year?” He dared to pinch your cheek.

“May I tell you something?” You ignored Santa’s questions and pulled on his false beard. “You really suck at this Namjoon.” You looked straight into your blonde friend eyes.

“I agree with her.” Jungkook chuckled and took off Namjoon’s hat to put it on his head.

“Yeah, why are you even doing it to us? You just traumatized us.” Yoongi added.

“If it’s like that, you aren’t going to receive your gifts.” Namjoon stood up with the gifts he had in between his hands.

“Ok guys, let’s encircle him.” You said as you followed Namjoon’s movement.
Every member followed your instructions and encircled Namjoon to take the gifts away from him.

“This is not fair.” The leader claimed.

“I know, but you’re Santa after all, aren’t you?”

“Of course I am.” He smirked

“Then just use your super powers to keep the gifts away from our hands.” You stood in between him and the others who were already unwrapping their presents.

“Wow! How cool is this?” Taehyung exclaimed before pushing everyone and jumping all over the room.

“Thanks for this beanie!” Jungkook turned to you.

“You’re welcome!” You grinned at the maknae who could not stop smiling, even with this simple gift.

When the maknae turned around to join Taehyung, Jin came up to you “Hey (Y/N), what did you get me?”

“Hm… Actually it’s not a common present but I bought you some food.” You shamelessly admitted.

“Seriously? Oh my god, please give it to me!”

“But it’s not even dinner time.” You slyly giggled.

“I don’t care.”

“No.” You teased,

“What kind of food is it?” Jin followed you everywhere. “Meat r vegetables? Or perhaps something like chocolates?”

“You better give it to him right now.” Hoseok pleaded.

“That’s right, I offered you some Mario video games and you’re not even willing to play with me…” Jimin sighed.

“Yeah, go and play with Jimin already.”You pushed Jin to his deongsaeng.

“Fine. But we aren’t going to eat late, I am warning you.” He spit at you and no one could control his laughter.

“Ok guys, so what did you get me?” You excitedly asked.

“I don’t know, actually, we did not really know what to buy you…” Jungkook started.

“You deserve many things, and we can all agree on that-“ Hoseok continued.

“Hm.” Namjoon cleared his throat, which made you smile from amusement.

“Ah so annoying.” Hoseok pointed at the leader. “Anyway, so I was saying that you were so talented and worthy and stuff that we could not find something for you… We are all sorry.” Hoseok sadly said.

“Maybe my kiss would satisfy you?” Taehyung leant on you.

“Ah this is so gross.” Yoongi whined.

“I agree.” You laughed and pushed Taehyung away.

“Then what should we give you?” Jungkook shamelessly asked.

“I think I have her gift.” Jimin and Jin walked back in the room. Jimin was hiding something in his back.

“What is it?” You sat up in the couch.

“Well, it’s not something really cool or something you could have been expecting from us… But here you go.” Jimin handed you a frame with 8 little pictures in it.

There were 7 pictures, which were actually selcas you had taken this year with each member. And then, right in the middle, there was a picture of you being all together.

“Are you serious? Gosh this is so kind of you! I swear to god I am going to pin it in my room!” You screamed in a high pitched voice before getting up to let yourself fall into Jimin’s arms.

“Thank you so much! I really like your gift!” You said and all the members joined in the hug, making you stifle from their love as you were blocked in the center.

“I don’t know who got this superb idea but thank you, it really means a lot to me.” You could not stop smiling.

“Actually, it was my idea.” Namjoon asked, looking down at the floor.

“Oh really? I am sorry Santa. I swear I will be nicer to you next year.” You took him in your arms.

The years were now passing by like this. You were doing Christmas not only with your family anymore, but also with your best friends: the bangtan boys. And you had always preferred the atmosphere there. It was casual, there was no pressure and everything was fun. The gifts were not expensive, yet the one you had received so far where the gifts you got the more attached to. And this means everything to you, and to them.


Merry Christmas Everyone, enjoy this unique time of the year~ Please expect my imatexts which will come in the day~


This is one of the most surreal things that happened. After shooting I was pontificating about his past, publicly, and I thought, I’m from Guatemala, and in New Hope at the end, at the medal ceremony, it was shot in Guatemala, in Tikal, where you see the pyramids as the ships are leaving. So I thought, how cool would it be if Poe was from Yavin, if he was a rebel fighter from Yavin? So I started saying that and, sure enough, I see a comic book come out where me talking about my character background suddenly is in panels for a comic book and it’s amazing. Lucasfilm got wind of what I was saying, and it got back to the creators of the comic book, and they thought, “Yeah, that’s a pretty cool idea! Why don’t we do that?”