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“Only Lies Have Detail”

Ready to have your mind blown? The Night Sherlock gets shot at CAM Tower, Sherlock has three people help him through his injury. 

First enters Molly, then Anderson,

Then Mycroft

Molly makes Sherlock question “Forward or Backward”

Anderson makes Sherlock question “One or Two?”

Mycroft nags him about being stupid, about him as a child, and about the East Wind that’s coming to kill him.

These are The Six Thatchers, The Lying Detective, and The Final Problem, in order. 

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Genre: Fluff / Humor (??) / Romance / Very slight smut 

Word Count: 5,065

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Request: Can you do a fic of having Jungkook (my bias oh muh gosh) as your neighbor and you having to stay at his house while your parents are away??

“We’ll be gone for awhile and I think it would be best if you stayed with Jungkook while we’re gone! You guys are the same age, he’s only a couple months older. I think it would be really nice.”

Masterlist ♥︎


A/n: This is really long omg w o w. I hope this is what you wanted ^-^. Thank you for the request ❗️😊♥️ I’ve actually always wanted to make a fic like this lol. jungkook feels are too real. I did sort of a new style of writing (?) kind of, idk, you guys can tell me if you like it. sorry about the ending lol. sorry not sorry for thAT SINFUL GIF.  

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Times Two

Summary: Stiles finally gets to talk to the alpha he’s been admiring, but it turns out he’s not an alpha at all.

Notes: I just love playing in the ABO universe and trying new things. (On AO3)

Even though they live in the same apartment building, Stiles has only ever seen him from a distance. Sometimes, when he opens his blinds first thing in the morning, he gets a glimpse of Hot Beard Guy starting his run, usually while wearing athletic shorts and a very tight shirt. And several times Stiles has seen him playing basketball with his—also ridiculously attractive—friends on the court behind their complex.

Those days, he’d really struggled to keep walking.

Stiles doesn’t like to be an omega stereotype, but sometimes he just can’t help being distracted a hot body. Hot everything, really.

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Fandisc 3 “Let’s Chat” 6:40~7:40 (aka midotaka wedding video)

Kagami: I bet you practiced that shot a ton, right? 
Takao: Well, yeah. But really, Shin-chan’s shots are always textbook-perfect, so it was really just a matter of my skills being able to keep up or not.
Midorima: That wasn’t the only matter, idiot.
Kuroko: That’s right. Of course I was surprised at Takao-kun’s level of technique, but I was more surprised that Midorima-kun would perform such a move during a game.
Kise: Right!? For Midorimacchi to make a shot he wasn’t sure he could make or not…
Kuroko: It must have been because Midorima-kun has studied Takao-kun’s passes so carefully that he could believe in him and make the shot, don’t you think?
Midorima: mph
Takao: Thanks for believing in me, Shin-chan.
Midorima: It—it’s only natural to believe in one’s teammate!
Takao: Yeah, yeah…
Mibuchi: Midorima-kun and Takao-kun are a pretty good pair all the time, aren’t they?
Kise: No kidding! Never would have thought Midorimacchi would find a parter so perfect!
Midorima: Shut up, Kise!
Kise: Just me!?

Celebrity Crush - Part Three

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Note: It took me so long to finally get this out, but I honestly think it was worth the wait. :) Thanks @adothoe for proofreading. <3

Word Count: 2910

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: nada. just extreme amounts of fluff

The song you wrote with Daveed ended up becoming the first single you released from your album. When you released it just a month after you wrote it, the media went absolutely nuts. People loved the song and it wasn’t long before it became a hit. ‘Good for You’ being in the top charts meant one thing for you and Daveed: you needed to shoot a music video.

Now, this didn’t sound like it was a big deal at first, but the more you thought about it, the bigger deal it was. The song was…more on the sexy side of music than it was to anything else, which meant that your music video would have to mirror that.

You didn’t know what to expect the day of the shoot, but on the way there, you couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous.

“It’s Daveed, Y/N. You know, the guy you’re like– in love with? If I were you, I’d do a sexy music video with him any day.” Your manager told you on the car ride there.

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requested: hey, I was wondering if you could do one where reader is camila’s best friend and she meets shawn through her and all fluffy please


“y/n!” your best friend called, walking into your bedroom. “hurry
up we are going to be late!”

she walked into the room, her long black hair swaying behind her.

“i’m almost ready, give me a minute to throw my dress on.” you sighed, putting down the last makeup product you needed.

“hurry up y/n, we’re going to be late and my manager is going to kill me!” she exclaimed, throwing the burgundy velvet dress at you.

“camila, don’t worry it’ll only take me a second.”

you walked into your closet, carefully putting the velvet dress on along with a pair of nude heels to match.

camila cabello, who also happened to be your best friend, invited you to come along with her to the american music awards and you happily accepted.

you had been her biggest supporter since her fifth harmony days, and it didn’t stop just because she went solo. the two of you became best friends when you were 6 and she was 8. you were in the same dance class and had basically been inseparable since.

“okay, i’m ready.” you announced, entering your room again. “can you just zip the last part?” you asked, moving your long hair out of the way so camila could zip your dress up.

you made your way to the limo that just arrived to your house that would take you to the awards.

the ride there was spent talking, jamming to some of your favourite songs, and trying to get the nervous jitters out of your systems. you were going to be walking the red carpet with her, and you were nervous that you were going to
trip or something.

“oh y/n,” she said as you stepped out of the limo. “there’s someone i want to introduce you to later.”

you groaned, knowing she was trying to set you up with someone again. normally camila’s set-ups didn’t turn out well.

“trust me, you’re going to like this one. i promise.”

“it better not be another 27 year
old,” you said, smoothing your dress before stepping onto the red carpet with camila.

“that was one time y/n!”

you stood to the side as she posed
for pictures and watched as she was able to turn in every direction that a cameraman was yelling her name.

you weren’t sure how she did it, if that many people were screaming at you and all those flashes were in your face you were almost positive you would have an anxiety attack.

after about half an hour of watching camila pose for pictures, talk to various interviewers, and her introducing you to her celebrity friends, it was finally time to go in the arena.

camila wasn’t performing tonight, but she was nominated for a few categories which you hoped she won. in a way, you were thankful that she wasn’t performing, if she was performing would would be by yourself surrounded by celebrities and some of your idols.

“oh perfect!” she exclaimed as you were escorted to your assigned tables. “we’re at a table with the guy i want you to meet, but i think he’s performing first so you’ll have to wait.”

you rolled your eyes, taking your seat beside your best friend. you had the feeling that whoever she was going to set you up with would be a disaster.

once again, you sat in silence and watched as camila talked to a few more celebrities. of course she introduced you, but you really had
nothing to contribute to the conversation, and it’s not like they were interested in your life anyways.

the lights dimmed in the venue as the tune to a familiar song you heard on the radio a few times had begun.

the singer stepped towards the mic and started the song. you definitely knew this song from the radio but you didn’t know what it was called, all you knew was that he was better live.

“that,” camila whispered, leaning close to you. “is the guy.”

your eyes widened as you got a better look at his face, you had to admit, he was definitely attractive.

“and,” she continued. “he’s your age.”

you smiled, secretly hoping this one turned out well.

“you already like him.” she smirked, leaning back in her chair and folding her arms.

you shook your head as the lights turned back on and the show was on commercial break. camila told you shawn would be returning back to the table soon and it just so happened to be the only seat available was next to you.

you were absentmindedly scrolling through your instagram account waiting for the show to start when camila practically jumped out of her seat.

“shawn!” she greeted, pulling the tall boy in for a hug. “i missed you, it’s been so long!”

you smiled as they had a small conversation. once again, you had no purpose in their conversation so you resumed scrolling through instagram.

“oh shawn, i want you to meet someone.” she pulled him towards you. “this is my best friend y/n. y/n, this is shawn mendes.”

you shyly smiled at him, finally standing up from your seat. even though you were standing he was still a good 6 inches taller than you.

“hi, i’m shawn.” he held his hand out for you to shake.

you blushed, tucking a piece of loose hair behind your ear.

“y/n.” you shook his hand quickly before sitting down again. you hated that you were so shy, but you couldn’t help it.

shawn took the empty seat next to you as the lights dimmed, the show starting again.

they were announcing one of the categories camila was nominated for, when they said her name she nervously grabbed your hand. you have her a reassuring smile, you knew she was going to win this.

when the announcer called her name, she squealed hugging you and shawn before making her way to the stage. you clapped and cheered for her the same way you would’ve if you were at
home watching her on tv. she quickly made her acceptance speech, thanked everyone and her fans and she was ushered off. a few more awards were announced before commercial again.

you noticed shawn had been staring at you since camila’s name was announced.

“is there something on my face?” you ask, suddenly feeling insecure.

“no, why would you ask?” shawn said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“you were kind of staring at me.” you managed to say, your shyness taking over again.

shawn’s eyes widened as you caught him off guard. “oh, uh, i think you’re cute.” he stuttered a bit. “i mean, the way you cheered for camila was cute. i like your, uh, supportiveness.”

you giggled, “i don’t think that’s a word.”

shawn continued to talk to you, it was like he took a genuine interest in what you had to say. which you were surprised, no celebrity has ever done that.

unfortunately, the award show came to an end and it was time for camila to drag you to the afterparty. you hoped shawn was going too, you didn’t want to leave him just yet.

“y/n!” camila returned to the table while you were still having a conversation with shawn about school. “you ready for the after party?”

you groaned, partly because she interrupted you and partly because you didn’t want to go. “no.”

she rolled her eyes, “it’s going to be fun y/n, don’t be such a grandma.”

she grabbed your arm, pulling you up from for seat. shawn looked just as disappointed as you did.

“shawn are you coming too?” camila asked, letting go of your arm finally.

“i don’t think so, they aren’t really my thing.” he said, “i was actually
hoping to steal y/n away for a bit, maybe skip the party?”

you nodded, thankful that you didn’t have to attend that party. you knew you would’ve done nothing there anyways, especially since you didn’t know anyone there.

“bye, you two kids have fun!” camila called as you walked away. “and be safe, use protection!”

you shook your head at her comment as shawn led you out of the building. luckily he chose a different exit and you weren’t swarmed by fans. there were a few, which you didn’t mind since you weren’t surrounded.

a fan came up to shawn to ask for a picture which he accepted.

“is that your girlfriend?” she asked once they took the picture. “she’s pretty.”

shawn chuckled, “isn’t she? but no she isn’t my girlfriend.”

you smiled at the ground, not wanting them to see your red cheeks.

after about half an hour of walking around, shawn offered to drive you home. you knew camila was probably partying her ass off and she was most likely drunk so he was your only option of getting home.

you gave him the directions to your small apartment, arriving sooner than you thought. it was early morning so there was no LA traffic thankfully.

“wait y/n,” shawn grabbed your hand before you could get
out of the car. “i, i want to ask you something.

"oh, yeah sure, ask away.” you winced at how awkward your answer was.

“would you maybe want to go out with me? i would love to maybe one day see your pretty face cheer for me like you did with camila earlier.”

AU Idea prompts based on actual events in my life

idk i saw a post similar to this and thought it was cool and some pretty weird/somewhat interesting things have happened to me over the past couple years so i thought I’d give it a shot. lemme know what you think and maybe request something? yeah ok cool 

  1. I’m at a food truck festival with my friends and you’re the hot dude who’s working the bar and I keep looking at you and every time you catch me staring I fall or trip or drop something and I keep hiding like a loser and pretending you’re not there
  2. I’m on a road trip along the coast with my friends and we’ve reached this tiny coastal town hours away from home and you work at this fancy as shit restaurant we entered and I’m awkward and stuttering because we don’t really want to eat there but you’ve already asked if we want a table and also you’re cute so we stay and i embarrass myself a little more
  3. You’re the cute guy that works at the local supermarket and i have a huge thing for you but everybody knows this including my parents and when i come in by myself you tell me that my parents came through and asked him to take a selfie with them so I’m going to go and die now
  4. We used to be best friends years ago but had a huge falling out so i blocked you on everything except one and years later you drunk message me on new years eve and we try to start all over again 
  5. OR We used to be really good friends but we had a fallout over money and years later you message me asking for closure so i agree to meet you for coffee with the intention of cussing you out but we accidentally become friends again
  6. We met at someone’s party a year ago but have never spoken and suddenly you show up to my house party/BBQ and now everybody thinks we’re dating/should date
  7. Im at the movies with my family/friends to see a film we’ve been counting down for but we get into an argument with other people over seating and you’re the staff member who tells us we have to move but you served me at the candy counter earlier and were really nice then so I’m super confused and start giving you attitude
  8. I sit next to you in class and you and I both have another class to get to in 5 minutes and we’re supposed to get our draft assignments checked by the lecturer but he’s taking too long and we bond over mutual impatience
  9. OR we sat next to each other in the first class and wouldn’t shut up about needing coffee and ever since then you ask me if i’ve had my coffee every day.
  10. We work together at the same place but you work in stocking and i work in the foodcourt and every time we have the same shift you come to buy lunch from me and always ask for a big mac because you know it annoys me because fuck you this isn’t mcdonald’s you can shove your big mac


also i tagged some people in the tags - just tell me if you want me to untag you pls 

The Tucker-White Twins: Part 3

Fandom: The Sebastian Stan Fandom???

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader, Dayton White x Reader

Summary: After a domestic dispute, Aileen Tucker and Richard White decided to separate taking one twin with them. Lance went with Aileen and Dayton went with Richard. Both raised how their parent wanted them to be: a successful gymnast and a famous NASCAR driver.

A/N: So..Team Lance or Team Dayton? Also, shy and nervous Lance is something I live for! Aaaawww!

Part 1 | Part 2

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Your back was turned away from the counter, so you didn’t know that anyone was standing there until you heard them clear their throat.

You immediately turned around, “Sorry!” Your eyes landed on Dayton, “Oh, hi! Um, Lance isn’t-”

“I know. I’m not here for him. I’m here for you.”

You cocked an eyebrow, “Oh? And why’s that?”

Dayton shot you a smile, “I was hoping you’d show me around town. I’m actually staying here for a couple of weeks. Since racing season is over. Figured I’d get to know my surroundings.”

“And you want me to be your tour guide?” You asked.

“Well, you’re the only one I know in this town, besides my mom and brother. So yeah.”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “What’s the catch?”

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Requested By @newtisawesome

 Part Two  Part Three Part Four

Being Cora Hale’s sister was not easy. Being her twin was even harder, not only because you were a late shifter, but also she felt the constant need to be protecting, what she viewed, as her slightly weaker half.

To make things worse Derek seemed to share your twins view on your constant need to be protected, add to that, the fact that you were Peter’s favourite family member which meant it fell to you to coax him away from his dark plotting.

“Cora called she wants you to help stalk Lydia.” You looked up from your laptop at Derek, who seemed to find nothing weird about what he’d just said, and rolled your eyes at him.

“Tell her she can do her own stalking, I’m busy.” You mutter. Your brother frowned at you and cocked his head, a clear sign you weren’t going to finish watching your TV show without a fight.

“You’re watching cartoons and filling my bed with crumbs, you can do that after helping her watch Lydia, don’t.” He saw you beginning to pout and walked away, the best thing about the whole pack thinking you’re the smaller weaker version of your sister was that you pretty much get your way.

“Your bed needed more crumbs Derek.” You muttered as you returned to what you were doing. You jumped when a sharp pain shot through your shoulder, growled and threw the laptop down as you stalk from the building in search of your sister.

“I thought we’d grown out of hurting each other for fun.” You snapped when you joined Cora as she searched the school’s corridors for the red head.

“Yeah well you managed to avoid getting captured by Alpha’s so I thought you deserved it.” She rubbed your shoulder and shrugged, as if to indicate that she hadn’t hurt you that badly.

“Hey if I hadn’t felt your pain Peter wouldn’t have known you were alive and that he could save you.” You said in a sing song voice, Cora nodded and began taking long paces forward.

“That stupid banshee, look.” Cora snapped loudly enough to draw attention to yourselves. You looked to where she was pointing and found Lydia talking intently to an attractive wolf you hadn’t met before. After focusing your hearing, you discovered that Lydia was giving him advice on joining Scott’s pack, and yanked your sister from the building before she could over react.

Cora softened when you told her what you’d heard and agreed that the twins weren’t as bad as the rest of the Alpha pack had been. You grinned as you pulled Derek’s credit card from your pocket and asked if doing something fun would cheer her up.


When you returned, Derek’s ‘baby betas’ were home from school and all yelling about something that held no interest so you decided to seek out Peter.

“Uncle Peter?” You asked softly as you knocked on his door. He opened it and smiled when you presented him with a big bag of chocolates and a small bag of clothes, he shook his head when he found the receipt and realised you’d taken Derek’s card.

“He won’t let you get away with this much longer; you can’t use missing Cora as an excuse for bad behavior.” Peter ruffled your hair as you sat at his desk chair and began spinning in circles.

“I might follow Cora; she’s thinking about moving to South America again.” You muttered thoughtfully.

Before your Uncle could respond a searing pain shot through your abdomen and you were on your feet, trailing Cora’s scent, ignoring Derek’s pleas to stop and telling him what was wrong.

Derek ran after you and you’d soon found Cora fighting with another werewolf. Without hesitation you shifted, ploughed into them and sent the attacking wolf flying, the snarl that fell from your lips had Cora and Derek swallowing nervously. They may baby you but when you got mad there wasn’t much that could stop you.

“No… No.” Derek growled when the wolf in front of you shifted back to quickly and began gawking at you. He was the wolf from that morning, Cora’s presence became heavier as she stepped so close to you, you could feel her hear beating against your arm.

“Hi.” The other wolf muttered softly, the way you would when trying to catch a wild animal.

You suddenly felt awkward under his gaze, having no idea what was happening, a glance at Cora to you your sister was equally confused. Derek however was growling deeply and his eyes were flickering as he tried to control his Alpha and brotherly urges.

“(Y/N) your his anchor.” Your brother’s snarl seemed to make the boy opposite you nervous but his gaze didn’t leave you face.

“Wait what… why me, why can’t Cora be his anchor?” Derek rolled his eyes at your complaint and moved so he was stood right behind you.

“My guess would be, you’re the opposite of him, both he and Cora are impulsive and bloodthirsty, where as you and his brother are not like that… much.” He went to stop you from stepping towards you but Cora grabbed his arm and let you inspect the werewolf before you a little closer.

Aiden stood to attention as if he were worried you would turn him away if you didn’t like him. You circled him and he twisted round in an attempt to stay on the spot while still gazing dopily at you, his face lit up when you giggled at him.

“I’m (Y/N) Hale.” You said once you were in front of him again.

“Aiden.” He muttered to you. Before you could stop him he planted a big kiss on your lips and only pulled away when Derek let out a large snarl, you turned to see you sister attempting to hold Derek, who was now in full shift, back.

You hurried from Aiden’s side to Derek who let you hug him, causing the pack bond you and Cora shared with him to flare, the action comforting him.

“So what do I have to do if I’m his anchor?” You glanced at Aiden who was hovering a few feet away, looking confused as to why he wanted to join in the Hale hug the three of you had going.

“Nothing really… get to know him, if you feel its necessary date him, spend time with him so he has something about you that he can concentrate on.” Derek let you walk over to Aiden and watched as you spoke to him, he frowned when Cora glanced awkwardly at her brother.

He knew that the two of you were able to hear each other talk out loud more clearly than if you used your heightened hearing to listen to other wolves, Perks of being a twin, he assumed.

“What?” He asked her when she muttered something under her breath.

“I believe you have two new betas.” She muttered, Derek groaned when he realised you’d invited the twins to the pack, he didn’t mind you doing it. It was more about his dislike for the twins’ attitude.

When Aiden hugged you Derek let loose a low growl, Aiden being Aiden decided to push his luck and grinned deviously as he kiss down your neck and nipped at your collarbone. You weren’t surprised when Cora let go of Derek and pulled you away from Aiden.

“You might be joining our pack but every time you try and sleep with my sister I’ll be there to stop you.” Cora huffed at him and slung an arm around your shoulder, leading you home, with Derek and Aiden talking behind you.

More Teen Wolf

College!AU Jun
  • [double] major: italian / french 
  • minor: translation studies 
  • sports: track & field 
  • clubs: italian opera enthusiasts, french film club, part-time model when the fashion majors need him
  • someone call a doctor because jun is out here on campus breaking HEARTS 
  • as in he’s the most flirty, handsome, witty, “campus casanova” eVER
  • from the fact that he’s studying italian and french because quote on quote; “i wanna to speak the language or romance” to the fact that he refers to anyone he’s speaking to as his ”tesoro” *darling 
  • also like have you seen him?? double language major jun walking around in expensive foreign brands……..aesthetic to the MAX…..jawline for days……one time during a track meet he took his shirt off because it was too hot and everyone discovered that he has a tattoo in italian on his ribs and when asked what it said he just smirked and said “Ho saziato la mia sete alla fontana dei tuoi baci…….” some one translated it and it meant “I quenched my thirst at your fountain of kisses.” and literALLY JUN WOULD 
  • wants to translate operas and plays and things like that when he’s older so that’s why he has the translation minor. he tutors in italian and people who don’t even take italian as their language will BEG him to teach them and when he’s in the library his table is literally just surrounded by students asking question
  • freshmen love coming up to him and asking him to speak to them in french or italian and like they’ll giggle and videotape it and long story short jun has a campus blog dedicated to him probably
  • studied abroad in france and bought a neck scarf that he loves dearly and wears whenever he’s going out and roommate minghao is like “what. is that.” and jun is like “FASHION.”
  • so here you are in this. intermediate italian class because your schedule got messed up because university sucks and you already told admissions but they were like we need a week to fix it so you’re stuck taking ITALIAN for the time being 
  • and like you come in and some overly excited student tries to greet you and you’re just like “buddy. the language i signed up for was beginner chinese. not this.” and the kid gives you a sad look and you’re like yEAH i KNOW 
  • and just as you’re about to take a seat someone taps your shoulder and you turn around and you’re not sure but you think you’ve just come face to face with a real life Angel (it’s jun)
  • the boy smiles and he’s like “are you new to the italian major?” and you’re like “i………….i……………………i…………….um……………….si?”
  • the kid you just told you were in the wrong classroom: ???????
  • but like you sit down and he’s like….right there in the next seat and he like flips through his notebook and god his fingers are long and he’s so lithe??? and gorgeous, his side profile is like an actors or models
  • and ok you’re totally drooling but so is everyone else. like half the class is shooting darts at you w/their eyes because you GOT A SEAT BESIDE A GOD
  • finally the teacher comes in and thank god she’s like “we’ll just do introduction today in english!!” and she’s like “say your name. major. and the best italian food in your opinion!” and so like it goes around and it gets to the boy beside you and he’s like 
  • “im junhui!! jun for short please. my double majors italian and french. best italian food? pizza.”
  • and in your head you’re like: HOLD UP
  • and the teacher turns to you and you say your name and major but you’re like “the best italian food is pasta. everyone knows that.”
  • jun like looks at you and scrunches up his face and is like “it’s pizza.” and you’re like “UM CAN YOU TWIRL PIZZA AROUND ON A FORK??? NO” and jun’s like “CAN YOU EAT PASTA WITH YOUR HANDs???” and you’re like bOY I WOULD IF IT WAS SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE and Jun’s like WELL WITH PIZZA YOU CAN 
  • and honestly you two get up out of your seats to argue about this and the teacher is just like um
  • but now your onto what kind of toppings and sauces are better on pasta or pizza and you’re like first of all. pizza isn’t even historically italian you can trace it back to the middle east??? and jun is like you can trace flatbread. real pizza comes from naples- 
  • and you two just stand there going @ it about the history of pizza for like twenty minutes before the teacher is like SIT DOWN
  • and you’re like “you may look good but you don’t know what you’re talking about.” and jun snorts like “i do look good and i do know what im talking about.” and you’re like “WELL Obviously you’ve never had REAL GOOD pasta in your life if you say pizza is better.” and jun’s like “what constitutes ‘real good pasta’ for you??” and you’re like this place downtown is owned by an italian family and it’s the best ill give you the address so you can go and SEE THE LIGHT
  • and jun’s like FINE then ill make you see the light with my favorite pizza place
  • you two are still bickering and the teacher is like “YOU TWO CAN TALK ABOUT PLACES TO EAT FOR YOUR DATE LATER!!!! SILENZO”
  • you and jun slip into your seats grumbling but you’re also like ,,,,did the teacher say date,,,,,,,,,,i wouldnt,,,,,,i mean he’s hot but,,,,,,,,pizza > pasta,,,,,,no
  • and jun, you don’t notice, but he likes peeks over at you and grins because like usually he’ll say something and everyone will flock to him and be like yes!!! you’re right!!! even when he knows they’re differing in opinion but you just seriously argued with him over food and like ….
  • he thought you were cute doing it hehe
  • anyway class ends and you’re getting your things and jun clears his throat and you’re like ??? and he’s like “so the pizza place is pretty close by here. do you want to come with me?” and you’re like
  • “now??” and he’s like “yeah??” and you’re like “um id love to go and disprove you but i have another class so……” and you wave and throw your bag over your shoulder and leave
  • and jun’s like stunned because you legit just shot him down (for good reason but…….) and he grins and he’s like “there’s something about that one. they’re fun.”
  • and the next time you have to come in for italian because admissions is taking 29048 years to switch your schedule jun waves and like points to the seat beside him
  • you like awkwardly go over and he’s like “so, you free after class?” and you’re like ?? and he’s like “i still gotta take you out for pizza.” and you’re like oH right and jun’s like wigging his eyebrows and you shrug because you’re like “maybe. i kinda wanted to get some study time in. ive got this presentation in a week so i cant slack.”
  • and like at the end when it’s over juns like “so lets go!!” and you’re like “sorry i really do need to study, my group chat is like telling me i have to go!! sorry!!!”
  • and jun once again watches you leave but he’s not mad tbh he’s grinning even more because he was right, this is going to be fun
  • and like when you don’t show up to italian the next week because your schedule got fixed jun ends up asking around the whole campus to find out where you might be
  • and like he finds you outside the study hall one day and he’s like “hey!” and you’re like “jun????” and he’s like “you’re hard to find, had me running around the whole campus.” and you’re like “why are you looking for me??” and he’s like “pizza, remember?”
  • and you’re looking at him like seriously, you’re not over that?? and jun’s smiling at you and you’re like “i dont have time now-” and jun’s like “give me your phone. im going to give you my number and just text me when you do  - ok?”
  • and you hesitate but you pass your phone over and he puts his contact in and gives it back and you almost throw it at him because hE SERIOUSLY NAMED HIMSELF “Pizza King *crown emoji* *pizza emoji*” and he winks at you and is like “addio~~”
  • truthfully like you get to wrapped up in your own work that like a month passes and you don’t text jun until one day you like look at your contacts and see the dumb pizza king one and you’re like ………….i have this weekend off so…………..and so you nervously text him like “hey, im free tomorrow at 1?”
  • like ten seconds later: “really? can you meet me outside of the theater on campus?”
  • and you’re like oh my god but you’re like sure!! and that’s how you set up your first date (of many coughs) with wen junhui
  • but it’s hilarious you get to the theater at like 12:50 the next day and you can hear music inside and one of the students tells you that the fashion majors are doing like a practice show
  • and you’re like huh and then at 1 you see someone running toward you and it’s jun and he’s wearing ?? like ??? a full tux ??? and like has makeup on ?? and you’re like UM and he’s like
  • “sorry i was just helping the fashion kids out. sorry i look like this-” but then he stops because he sees how you keep looking down because like the buttoned up part of his tux and tie are undone and you’re kinda red in the face and jun bites his lip and he’s like “you know. ill borrow this clothes for our date.” and you’re like AHGIKFS NO PLEASE CHANGE
  • and you like push him back toward the theater like !! go put on some normal clothes !!!! and he’s laughing because aww you’re cute when you’re embarrassed 
  • he finally agrees to change and comes out looking AMAZING anyway and he’s like “the place is close to campus, don’t worry.” and you two walk there and jun orders you guys his favorite kind of pizza
  • and like you’re waiting and you’re like “why are you studying languages?” and jun like drinks some water and is like “because im not good at anything else.” and you’re like ??? what do you mean and he lets out kind of a bitter laugh and he’s like “people always tell me there’s not much beyond my looks and they’re right. language is all memorization, you don’t need skill.”
  • and you can feel his voice is dripping with like sarcasm and you kind of cringe because as confident as he comes off, is this really what he thinks of himself????
  • and you’re like “you must be crazy, language is the hardest major. you’re learning something you don’t even have basic knowledge of.” and jun’s like what do you mean and you’re like “bio majors know the difference between something alive and dead. it’s common sense. literature majors know whats a real word and whats not, what sentence sounds right and what doesn’t. every major has a platform to start on except foreign languages. double majoring in two is something only a real genius could pull off.”
  • and like you shrug because you feel like you’ve said to much and like you try to distract yourself when the pizza comes but jun watches you and he’s just like “i knew it. i knew it was you.” and you’re like ??? and he just shakes his head and eats his slice
  • the rest of your conversation is like cute and small jun flirts in between asking you questions and you mock him in between answering them but somehow you two like fit together the conversation never dies
  • and by the end you’re like “i have to admit, this is good pizza - but…………pasta owns my heart.”
  • and jun sighs and he’s like “fine, ill give up on pizza owning your heart but how about this’; me or pasta?”
  • and he like leans over to look you in the eyes and you’re like …………..”pasta duh” and he’s like DAMMIT 
  • but you both laugh and he walks you back to your dorm and he’s like “since i took you for some life changing pizza, you owe me life changing pasta.” and you’re like “of course, how about next week?”
  • and jun jumps at the offer like yes. anytime for you. anytime anyplace and you roll your eyes because like as much as you don’t want to admit you like jun. but you cant risk letting him now that because something itches at your mind that he’s probably not the committed type
  • and so you and jun say goodbye and he pulls you back to him when you turn to leave and he’s like “we have to say bye like the italians do.” and he kisses your cheek and grins softly before waving and walking off
  • and you’re like I hate his corny butt BUT DO YOU DO YOU…….
  • the next week you and jun meet up to go to the pasta place you wanted to show him and like on your way there you’re waiting for the train and you hear like a group of boys go bye snickering and pointing at jun and you hear one of them basically call jun a slur and another one says he’s good for nothing but how he looks and like it’s within earshot so it means jun can hear too and so you like
  • immediately take his hand and move him further away down the platform and he’s like “dont worry about me.” but you’re like “jun, is that why you were telling me you’re not good at anything? is it because of what people say?”
  • and he just looks down and tries to smile but you can see it’s hard for him and you’re like “jun, you know theyre just jealous right. that they cant shine confidence like you and that they will never be as smart and capable and kind like you. you know that right?”
  • and you like lift his face so he looks directly at you and he’s like “no one…..no one ever tells me that im doing the right thing. that im doing well-” and you’re like “jun, listen to me, you’re doing amazing. you’re handsome, yeah but you’re a sweet person and you’re incredibly intelligent. don’t take a word they say into consideration ok?”
  • and he chuckles but he nods and you let him go but he pulls you into a tight hug and you’re like jun!!! people can see!!! and he’s like with his head in your neck like let them see i dont care,,,,,
  • once you get to the pasta place you order your favorite dish and like you guys are eating and jun’s like “let’s do the pasta kiss.” and you’re like “jun. no.” and he’s like “………c’mon…….” and you’re like jUN NO and he’s already twirling one end of the pasta on his fork and you’re like aklhfw OK 
  • and it’s cute it’s like the scene from lady and the tramp except you bite off the noodle before jun can and he’s like hey!! and you’re laughing but the second you’re distracted he leans in and steals a kiss and you’re like j U N and he’s like “you wouldn’t do the pasta kiss with me SOOOO”
  • and jun admits at the end that the pasta might be slightly better than the pizza but only because there was a kiss involved and you’re like god you’re so greasy and he’s like “just like pizza (;”
  • everyone knows you and jun started dating because the night of the pasta date he made you two take a selfie outside the resturant and when you woke up it was all over SNS and your roommate was practically yelling in your ear like YOURE DATING WEN JUNHUI PRINCE OF TRACK TEAM ITALIAN SPEAKING HEARTTHROB
  • and you roll over like let Me sLEEp but yes im dating him 
  • you dont have many classes with him but you meet up inbetween and his friends minghao and hoshi are like “break up with jun. you think he’s a flirt before you dated him, now it’s just gonna be worse.” and you’re like looking at jun whose got his arm around you and keeps making hearts with his fingers and you’re like “yeah……..i know what i signed up for.”
  • you complimented hoshi’s shirt once and jun was like “should i buy one just like it?” and you’re like oh my god chill
  • jun likes it when he’s kissing you and complimenting you in italian and you’re like giggling but you’re like !! what are you saying what does it mean!!! and he’s just kissing your neck calling you cute things and saying sweet nothings and he just likes seeing you get all red
  • took you to french film club with him and you were like “jun, this movie doesn’t have subtitles?” and he’s like ‘don’t worry ill live translate” but all he kept saying was how cute you looked and how much he loved you against your ear the entire movie (the head of the club kicked you guys out 15 min in)
  • he likes having you sit like between his legs with your back to his chest especially if you guys are like chilling somewhere with friends or like at your dorm like you’ll be typing on your laptop and he’ll be like sitting against the wall on your bed and he’s like “sit in my lap” and you’re like “jun” and he’s like “please, it’s sad if we’re in the same room and im not like holding you.”
  • jun the type to triple text you good mornings + send a selfie of himself like “look at me. your beautiful boyfriend. you’re so lucky!” LOL
  • jun talks about you so much and like even fore a class he was supposed to recite something in italian only and he recited all the reason he liked you and the teacher was like jesus christ
  • you spend a week trying to learn a phrase in italian for jun and it’s something like “you’re very special to me.” and when you tell it to him he throws his arms around you and is just like im so in love goD
  • you guys still argue over ordering pizza or pasta when you stay in and minghao, jun’s roommate always has to be the icebreaker or he’s like “you two are so loud just get BOTH”
  • jun kisses you in the middle of your sentences and it gets so bad you have to like cover his mouth while you’re saying something because it’s cute i love you jun but GIVE ME ONE SECOND TO BREATH
  • makes out with you against walls and you get shy because like he leaves you breathless and it’ll be like against the wall of the library and freshman walk by and giggle and you’re like ahsdgikw with your face in his chest and he just laughs and fixes your hair 
  • you go to his track meets and jun wears like a headband in his hair and he looks sooooo good in the uniform and like he always teases you by sending kisses to you from the field and you’re like sTOP but he wont 
  • you like pass him water from the bleachers and kiss his forehead and jun is like “if i win- we’re getting pizza the next time you come over.” and you like push him away playfully and he grabs your hand and kisses the top of it and idk it’s cute yall are cute
  • jun in italian: you look good 
  • you: i cant understand you
  • jun: love is a universal language
  • you: im gonna smack you with this book

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

Are they dropping hints Sarah McLachlan will be in the musical episode? If so, that would be all kinds of awesome. She’s great.

It took me a second to remember why I thought that was also kind of queer. I mean, it could have been because her song Ice Cream provided the title and theme song for ‘Better than chocolate’ - lesbian movie shot in Vancouver that at the time pretty much every lesbian had seen. Slim pickings. And hey, happy ending!

…or it could be that she founded the Lilith Fair tour, showcasing female musicians - hugely popular with women who love women…

…or was it because Sarah McLachlan then appeared in a cameo on Ellen Degeneres’ sitcom. The storyline not at all being about Ellen going to Lilith Fair ‘Womyn Fest’ to meet ladies after her break-up?

So yeah, if Sarah ends up singing on The Song in Your Heart, wouldn’t that be another funny coincidence of accidental queer references on Once? Of all the artists they could pick? I mean, there’s no way the writers would know obscure lesbian pop culture from the nineties, and remember some random episode of Ellen and…


Reggie Mantle x Reader: Finding a Date.

A/N: Warning, this fic is garbage. Read with caution bc I swear I need help. *Reader is best friends with Cheryl Blossom and good friends with Ethel Muggs… and literally everyone. You’re a fan of Overwatch and a low-key cosplayer, bruh. (I’m sorry, it’s a Halloween party might as well) ((Using she/her pronouns mostly bc I suck at writing, I just wanted to give Reggie more love and I failed)) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Y/N, you’re going to come to my Halloween party whether you like it or not. I’m not having one of my River Vixens mope and become a homebody.” Mentally screaming, I sighed and joined Cheryl as she stretched before the other girls came for practice. Cheryl Blossom’s been my best friend since we were kids. “Rich Kid Squad”, but I didn’t like hanging out with those other preppy shits. Jason and Cheryl were the only exception… They had my back and I had theirs in ways they never knew they needed. Since her twin brother’s death, I’ve done my best to help her cope. I guess my way of helping her is just being there and… joining the River Vixens.

“I already am, Cheryl, you know already that parties aren’t my kind of thing.” I replied, stretching my arms until I heard a satisfying pop from my elbow. Cheryl visibly cringed at the sound and continued to scold me like I was her child.

“Oh, please Y/N. You’re going and it’s final.”
She snapped at me and led me to the bleachers and sat down, patting the spot next to her.

“If you insist.” I sighed dejectedly. ‘My loot boxes will have to wait then… Daddy will have to wait,’ I thought to myself and tried to think of better days to lock myself in my room and level up on Overwatch with Reaper as my main.

“I know you’re thinking about your video games again, so I’ll make you a deal,” I stopped moping and stared at her, beckoning her to continue her sudden proposal because knowing Cheryl there’s always a catch.

“You can bring your video games and set up in the main hall,” I was about to scream. ‘Is she for real? Oh my gosh and she has a good wifi connection, a night without lagging! Huzzah!’

“But!” She interjected my notion. ‘Fuck my life, I knew it was too good to be true.’

“You have to dress up.” I scoffed and stood up straight. “You’re kidding, right? That’s it?”

“Yeah, why?” ‘That’s too easy, cosplaying is easy as pie Miss Cheryl. What’s really going on?’

“Cheryl, I know you. What’s the catch?”

“Okay fine, you have to bring a date and wear matching costumes.”

“Cheryl Blossom, you know I can’t talk to guys! What am I going to do? I’ve never been on a date, why are you doing this? Oh my God… I’m going to throw up.” I held my stomach, butterflies fluttering inside of me at the thought of asking a guy out.

“Y/N, calm down it’s not a big deal-”

“Uh, Cheryl yes. It IS a huuuuge deal! You know I hate talking to guys!”

“But, you talk to so many on that stupid video game chat whatever it is?”

“That’s different, they can’t see me.”

“Y/N. Listen up, you’re going to ask someone to the party and wear matching costumes. I’ll make sure to have the flat screen and your favorite snacks ready for you when you come, okay?”

“Fine… I’ll do it.”

“Good. And you don’t even have to hang out with him the whole night.”

“Well, that defeats the purpose of even having a date, but okay…”, tossing the conversation aside as the girls came into the gym, ready for cheerleading practice and more of Cheryl’s drama.

“Yup. Alright ladies, line up. We have to perfect this routine by tonight and if it’s not, we’ll be staying late so let’s get going.”


“Who do I even ask? I don’t even talk to any guys other than Archie, Kevin and Jughead. Archie’s going with Betty, Veronica asked Kevin and I highly doubt that Jughead would want to go to a party for Halloween, he’ll probably be working on his novel.” I ranted to Ethel Muggs, she’s my study partner for Chemistry and Statistics. Ethel laughed and quickly copied my notes from a day she missed when she was sick. We were in the library and it was just us two and the librarian and she didn’t mind us chatting away, we were her assistants so we were in the clear.

“I don’t know. At least you were invited.” I froze at that thought. ‘Dang it, I should’ve been more considerate. It’s Ethel, why am I so stupid? …Wait.’

“You wanna be my date?!” I blurted out. Her eyes widened and she shook her head no.

“No no no no Y/N, I am good as done. I don’t want to be anywhere near those dumb jocks.”

I sighed and nodded my head in understanding, she’s had it rough the past year and I should’ve known better.

“This is gonna suck so badly. I just wanted to spend the night with Daddy and-” Ethel cut my rant short.

“Daddy? Who’s that?” I froze. Did I really say Daddy out loud? In front of Ethel?

“Um… He’s no one, forget I said anything.” Flustered, I tried changing the subject. I felt the heat creep up my neck. ‘Damn my abilities to blush, it’s not cute!!’

“Y/N, I don’t know. Sounds interesting and kinky, if you ask me. Spill the beans, Y/N/N.” Her grin teasing me whilst she shuffled her papers around into a neat pile.

“Oh my gosh! Okay, he’s a character from this game I’m playing, it’s called Overwatch.”

“Wow… Didn’t expect a rich and preppy cheerleader like you to be the gamer chick type, I’m a bit surprised but not really because I saw those books in your bag. If I’m correct, those are called ‘manga’, right?” I blushed heavily and covered my face.

“I am not preppy! I’m a disgusting nerd. Don’t look at me.” Ethel laughs and starts packing her stuff.

“Well, thanks for the notes and I hope you find someone to take because God forbid you get on Cheryl’s bad side for not bringing a date.” I shook my head lightly as I chuckled, “Yeah, it’s no problem Ethel. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She smiled and walked out of the library, leaving me alone with Mrs. Walker.

“You mind closing up today, Y/N?” She asked and tossed me the keys. I smiled and nodded yes to her.

“Yes, no worries Mrs. Walker. I’ll just study for a few more minutes before I go.”

“Thank you, sweetie. Have a nice day and good luck finding someone for the party.” She shuffled her way out the double doors and left me alone. Me and the books.

I stared down at my neat stack of chem worksheets and statistics notebooks and let out a deep sigh. 'I shouldn’t be stressing over something so small… Wait, did I pack my pepper spray?’

Ever since Jason’s death, my parents insisted that I carry a can of pepper spray. They even went as far as buying five bottles for me, wrapped with the instructions.

A thud broke me from my thoughts and I looked around. 'I'm… the only one in here, right?’

Reaching into my bag, I searched my bag for the small spray can. “Aw dang nabbit.” Opting for a No. 2 pencil, I rose from the desk and made my way towards where the sound came from.

“Hello?” I called out. 'Wow, am I dumb? I’m that stupid dumb bitch that gets killed in every horror movie that goes towards the danger.’

I heard another thud and a small scuffle, I stood behind a bookshelf holding the pencil firmly in my hand against my chest. 'Lord, please help me now.’

The scuffling grew louder and sounded like it was getting closer to me.

“AAAAHHHH!!!” I shouted, swinging my arm everywhich way prepared to stab whatever was there.

“OH SHIT! WAIT, STOP!” A firm grip caught my wrist and in a panic, I clenched my eyes shut and swung my leg at my assailant and kicked them, I don’t even know where.

“Ow… shit, you kick hard.” Realizing whose voice it was, I opened my eyes and yanked my arm away from him. 'Neighbor boy?’

Out of all the guys in Riverdale, I hadn’t thought of HIM to ask. 'It’s not like we talk so?’

“Reginald, what the heck are you doing in here? The library is closed.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A/N: this is pretty much trash lmao but im turning it into a two or three-shot idk but yeah… it’s not good so I’M SORRY GUYS 😭
SVT Ouran AU  -  Minghao

Originally posted by sunkissedhao

request: Hello~ can I please request a Host Club au with The8? Something like Ouran High School Host Club

a/n: thank you OurAnon for requesting! who knows! this might be another series! i hope you enjoy reading this anyways!!



-sweetie kid!

-ok so you know how you got the really snooty rich kids

-*cough cough the rich kids of instagram my college is full of them lmao cough cough*

-well guess what!

-our lovely minghao isn’t one of them! 

-instead he’s a really quiet and sweet chinese kid who really likes martial arts and getting to know people 


-for his host club type i would put him as the natural type

-he isn’t flamboyant or silent or anything like the other hosts


-speaking of seungcheol

-he was the first one to find minghao 

-he was jus chillin in the library reading his homework for that week

-and seungcheol just came over like

-”hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,first year,,,,,,wanna be a host?”

-and minghao is like 

-”host?? what is that??”


-and minghao is just like wait what’s going on?????

-so poor minghao is just being dragged through the hallways by this prince character who introduces him to the other hosts 

-so he asks seungcheol what he gets out of being a host

-and seungcheol goes out and says that he gets to miss out lessons that he’s good in 

-ie science and maths 

-and that he actually gets to make new friends and converse with people

-he said (and i quote)

-”being a host is an enlightening experience in which you get to meet new people and make friends. it’s basically freshers but without the alcohol and the 8am hangovers”

-bearing in mind that minghao is pretty good in those said classes

-and minghao wasn’t exactly making any new friends due to his studies

-so fuck it

-he might as well join the host club

-so going up to seungcheol

-he just looks him dead in the eye

-and is just like

-”sign. me. the. fuck. up”

-well not in that way but from the way that seungcheol was shaking he might have well of said that

-seungcheol’s so happy because his host club is getting bigger

-but he’s still a little confused,,,,as to why the school needs a host club

-and seungcheol just said

-”it’s to entertain people who have too little time to do so themselves”

-and minghao is just like

-”ok?? i guess…”

-so for him business was slow 

-but in the first week or so he got a couple girls asking to see him the next week since they were rlly stressed and needed a new host and they saw him and stuff

-and minghao is like “wow ok this is going so fast !!”

-until,,,,they see him in the hallway 

-and they say that they can’t do it because of their studies

-which is a defeat 

-but he doesn’t mind 

-which makes him the natural type

-he doesn’t get upset 

-but he’s a little defeated because well,,,,he was kind of looking forward to it

-the next time he comes in it’s a fancy dress special


-policeman minghao


-so every other host is wearing a police outfit from another country 

-so what is minghao wearing? 

-the chinese police outfit of course

-(i’m using the hetalia police outfits for reference im so sorry that im a huge weeb–)

-sitting at his table he noticed that his flower was always a light pastel red

-which was really pretty to look at 


-he was too distracted by the flower to notice that you were right there

-observing him

-you were just look at him looking at the flower

-and he was so pretty!!

-wait….a second who are you??

-you’re a first year but you’re in a different class

-but you knew minghao through a friend

-you two rarely talked but maybe a hi in the hallway was exchanged

-”hi minghao..”

-”o-oh hey y/n…what are you doing here?”

-”ah….the regular host i see isn’t here due to their studies….so i might as well see you today. is that ok with you?”

-”oh sure take a seat. tea?”

-”yes please”

-you were so cute that he couldn’t help but to have his cheeks display that feeling of love going through him 


-even though it was the first proper time you two have talked 

-you two became attached to each other like wooooooow

-you two were always smiling to each other 

-and it became so cute

-that you kind of just switched hosts with your friend

-so now your host was always minghao 

-and your friend got your host 

-over the time that you were with minghao 

-you accidentally grew….to like him

-a lot…

-and minghao….was the same…


-there was nothing to say that a host couldn’t date their princess…..right?

-even though minghao was biased towards you

-he had to keep a professional outlook on this whole thing


-he kind of found that keeping this professional facade…kind of made him like you more

-he was attracted to everything about you….

-your smile

-your laugh

-your eyes

-he found everything about you so….appealing to him 

-well…..maybe there’s a chance for him to tell you how he feels? maybe

-since the profits from the host club don’t go back into the school and are funded straight into club activities

-the club hosts a fancy schmancy ball from time to time

-it was so fancy that they got servers for this thing to go around giving otu drinks and snacks

-think of it as like a school dance or formal

-and just times that by the size of the whole school budget

-it’s that fancy 






-your friend got you a dress that was really cute 

-it was a dusty pink and it was really light and flowy and it was so cute woowowowowoww

-so when you got to the dance with your friend

-minghao saw you 

-and was just like 

-minghao on the outside: (●♡∀♡)

-minghao on the inside: (●♡∀♡)

-heeeee was so in love in that moment!!

-you smiled and you couldn’t look more beautiful in that moment than you did 

-his heart - stolen

-by who - you 

-and your heart - still his 

-so while you’re just at the drinks table 

-minghao comes up to you and he’s just in awe about how you look and how beautiful you are 

-”you look amazing…”

-”oh thank you minghao..you look great too!!”

-cue the 3 minutes of really awkward silence while standing by the drinks

-then the little baby peaked up the courage

-”hey…..can i have this dance?”


-and hand in hand 

-you two jus kind of made it onto the floor

-now trust me when i say that this scene 

-looked exactly like a fairy tale

-it was so romantic

-the best bit about it was that it was quite a slow song and it was so pretty 

-but the best thing about this was the fact that you looked like you were glowing with beauty 

-and minghao couldn’t do anything else but smile 


-a brilliant idea

-he remembered seeing a really pretty place on one of the top floors of the building 

-so he’s like to you

-”hey can i show you something?? i promise it won’t be bad or anything…”

-so you’re like “fuck what is he gonna show me i’m sCAREEDNMEJFVN”

-but lil y/n there’s nothing to be scared of 

-so you agree and he just whisks you away into the building

-but there’s one thing you notice

-he’s been holding your hand this entire time 

-so when you two get upstairs he just leads you to a really pretty window

-it’s huge too

-and you can see everything that’s going on downstairs and it’s very romantic and every–


-romantic scenery 

- + minghao 

- + you

- + the feeling of that one shot in the my house mv by 2pm

- = ??????? cONFESSION


-to put it lightlyYES

-there’s a little edge that he just leans on 

-and he’s still holding your hand

-”it’s so pretty here…”

-”yeah….but i see something prettier…”

-you’re just like???

-and then you see him stand up and turn to you 

-and he just squeezes your hand while he’s smiling and i’m pretty sure your soul has melted and is making an exit through your brain 

-”i’ve been thinking about this for a long time…..and the thought of you makes me so happy….and i guess….if it’s ok with you….we could be more than just a host and a princess?”

-”minghao…..are you serious?”


-”w-when did these feelings come around for me…?”

-”when we first started to talk”

-”oh…so the same time as i started to get feelings for you…that’s good to know!”

-”right….w-wait you have feelings for me too?”


-you’re both little bunnies and he’s the cutest thing he’s just so happy that you like him back !!

-he’s so happy…that he pulls you in for a hug 

-your face is so red !!

-but you hug back because aaaaAAAAAAAAAH 

-but when you two look to each other

-you don’t realise how close you two are

-you might as well kiss 

-you were THAT close to each other

-hey…kissing doesn’t sound so bad at this moment

-so what does this lil-fairy-kid-cutie-pie-love-of-my-life-but-my-heart-belongs-to-mingyu-but-i-have-a-very-soft-spot-for-him-i-love-my-small-martial-artist-baby do?

-his hand elevates from your side 

-cups one of your cheeks

-and just leans in slowly



-he just kisses you

-don’t fuckin lie you wanted him to kISS YOU TOO YOU LITTLE FUCK

-ok yeah his lips are fuckin soft what does he use to fuckIN MAKE THEM SOOOOOFT HEEEEEEEEElp

-h my god

-you’re caught off guard cause so many thoughts just go through your head

-”will minghao get in trouble for this”

-”will he be able to continue in the host club?”

-”why are there not fireworks where the hell are the fireworks what the–”

-you think about fireworks you get the fireworks

-so one goes off and of course you’re gettin into this kiss

-but you didn’t realise that one went off

-so boi 

-you get SHOOKETH

-and you accidentally jump a little

-and minghao is just like there laughing because you squeaked a little because fuck how are you this cute 

-”did the fireworks scare you?”

-”a-a little…yeah”

-he laughs a little more before placing his arm around you 

-and you two end the night watching the fireworks and it’s so pretttttyyyyy

-and this whole scenario is making me wanna watch ouran again

-go watch ouran

-where the fuck is the second season

-funimation/nippon tvn get started on it 

-“you and y/n have gotten close huh?”

-”how close are we talking seungcheol?”

-”like…..dating close….you know?”

-”you could say that”


-”and wait for it to kick in…….”




-plot twist minghao kept his role at the host club the end

Spider-Girl (Mini Series 1/3)

Summary: In an alternate universe where Spider-Man doesn’t exist, Spider-Girl does. Instead of Peter Parker being bitten by a radioactive spider, it was the reader. And now she becomes the web slinging hero, destined to save New York…

Warning: nothing

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Part one of three of my mini series

Requested: @captain-sherlockomg

Part Two Here / Part Three Here


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It burns, doesn't? [pt. 11]

Genre: Mafia!au (Mature) Fluff? Angst…so much angst. Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7

Summary: Why am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

authors note: /// means flashback ….nd omg it’s finally out. Im trying to try new gifs for characters highlighted chapters…

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| Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 |

The moment when one realizes that things will never be the same is bittersweet. As children we rely on the things around us to remain the way they are, our young minds don’t quite understand the concept of change yet we’re impulsive and oblivious to cause and effect. it’s human instinct to crave structure and stability, even if it’s through an illusion, even if it’s merely a reality we create for ourselves. The discovery of what’s perceived as happiness, joy, kindness, trust, and love are vague descriptions of our innermost feelings, those emotions are essential to growth. But for some, their lives are pages from a book torn up and discarded like trash, they feel emotions in a brutal way. Pain, jealousy, anger, sadness, envy, greed—it gets shoved into them, no warning or preparation. Suffocating them until it becomes a desperate means of solitude, the loneliness can be too much to bare really. Turning to materialistic comfort is a common response, as sad as it may be, it helped in some way. Such as cigarettes. You get an exhilarating sense of relaxation when you exhale, knowing it’s bad—when you hold it in your lungs, forcing your body take something so foreign, it’s feigning self-control. Through a tiny white stick he controls his pain and pleasure, through it he found solitude—it was more bitter than sweet.

Everything happened so fast. 

He didn’t know what he was going to do from here, it didn’t help that he hasn’t had a blink of sleep. A cigarette sat in the ashtray and he left his quarters to check on his men. Some of them were patching up the wounded, they even lost a few men, so the faint sound of weeping was heard at every other corner. How a man could look upon the friends of the people he let die wasn’t a natural talent, this type of inhumanity had to be formed. Those people just happened to be casualties, you win some, you lose some. 

People die under you, that’s one of the high prices you pay as the boss.

When it all comes down to it, the truth is, they signed up for this—if it’s for the boss, you risk it all…or not at all. They knew that when they joined.

Hoseok went AWOL last night, he came back early this morning but that was only to freshen up so he could go out again. He had speculations on Hoseok’s stance in all of this, hell, he has speculations about his own stance on the situation. Jin’s response to all of this was the most surprising, he was so levelheaded and prepared as if he orchestrated the whole thing. Jin had always been the sneaky type, not completely honest with everything but that was understandable. It’s not like he grew up surrounded by people he trusts. In order to survive, he had to keep his guard up. Jin managed to come in and set his own rules into play. He didn’t know whether to be thankful or furious about it.

Speaking of Jin, not even five minutes ago he called him to his office and he has yet to come. He likes to think of himself as a patient man but now is not the time to keep him waiting. The guy he sent came back alone. “Boss, he said he’ll be here in a minute.” He swallowed, Yoongi’s stare is far too threatening to not be nervous around.

He had the audacity to make me wait, unbelievable. It doesn’t matter whose the oldest in this relationship. This whole organization is on Yoongi’s back. He has to have an answer for everything, he has to know everything—he doesn’t take that lightly, he can’t afford to. He has to stay calm, no matter what, and that was an overwhelming responsibility sometimes, more than they would know.

“Tell him that I said I want him in here, now.” He was stern, eyeing the kid at the door.

“O-okay sir.” 

Like a puppy off to fetch a tennis ball, he ran off.

Yoongi grabbed the pack of cigarettes, his pale fingers pulling at the pack to slip out one of the white sticks. He didn’t rush, he secured it between his lips and held up to the white lighter. When it caught flame, he took a deep breath and exhaled, this was his third one today. Jin walked into the room, a look of impatience on his face.

Yoongi inhaled, taking another puff of the cigarette before saying anything. “You had a whole operation going down and when it’s over is when I find out.” He sat the cigarette in the ashtray. 

“How long has this been going on Seokjin? How long were you planning to leave me in the dark about this?”

Jin simply shrugged. “I didn’t make a decision any different than you would’ve. You should be thankful. Namjoon is on his knees, Jaebums gang is halfway in hiding and I have my little sister. Yoongi, you know how these things go.” He ran his hand through his locks, giving Yoongi a knowing look.

“No, I don’t actually. Enlighten me.” 

“If I wouldn’t have done what I did she’d probably be dead right now! You don’t understand Yoongi…Namjoon won’t stop, ever…He’ll keep trying to go after me and now her, and to be honest it’s partly your fault.” He sneered, not really caring if that pissed Yoongi off, it was true.

My fault? So I’m supposed to be your fucking savior or some shit? I didn’t know she fucking existed until Hoseok and Jimin brought her ass here. But that girl isn’t the problem, you are.” Yoongi grumbled, already fiddling with his favorite dagger to ease his stress—it wasn’t working. “Why are you doing this Jin?”

“Yoongi, do you not understand the concept of doing a bad thing for a good reason?” Jin was sort of tickled, amused at his robin hood philosophy.

“Yeah, I do. But it’s you who doesn’t seem to remember your role here. I made this group, from the ground up. I've carried it on my back since I was 18. I call the shots. Not because one day I thought, ‘oh you know what, I think I’ll be the leader today.’ No. Because I earned it, I earned the right to say what goes, not you hyung.” He sounded pretty irritated already. Jin was just waiting for him to be finished so he could get out of here. Yoongi is just blowing hot air, this was nothing he hasn’t heard already, he thought to himself.

“I really don’t know why you felt the need to interfere, I had it under control. He wouldn’t have killed the girl just yet, I knew that. I knew it the whole time. Kim Namjoon is still dramatic if you haven’t noticed, he’d put her through hell before you have to mourn her death.”

“I wasn’t gonna wait around for that to happen. I wasn’t wasting any more time if it meant leaving her with him any longer. She was second priority to you but not me. Namjoon had my little sister Yoongi, she’s not just some girl, she’s my flesh and blood and he knew that the moment he decided to keep her.” That very sentence appalled him, his stomach twisting in disgust. “He’s a weed—he’s cancerous, he needs to be cut out. And you can’t cut without causing a few abrasions.” Jin was serious, Yoongi knew all of those things to be partly true, but Namjoon used to be his best friend. Even now, Namjoon was almost the same, nobody really changed significantly. Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok, they were all just like he remembered. Just more…broken. They can’t stand each other now. The feeling of hatred was more than mutual, friendship was a distant memory between the two gangs that once worked in harmony. “If it was your mother, you would’ve done the same thing Yoongi, maybe even worse.”

Yoongi gave him the dirtiest look, he knew not to bring her up, Jin was the only exception right now. 

“People were killed, on both sides. Two explosions in two highly populated mafia territories, we didn’t go unnoticed.” Yoongi kept his anger at bay, the cigarettes were working this time. He would never say it aloud but knowing Jin could execute a plan that was so complex and to do it without his knowledge, made him feel disrespected. 

“The police aren’t on our backs because of the relationship we have with the chief. Most arrests regarding our men, he let’s slide and I’d like to keep it that way.” Yoongi tapped the cigarette in the ashtray, a smirk coming to his lips, Jin wasn’t sure what he was thinking. “Seo will want more answers. He will start calling eventually, but I’m gonna tell him to take it up with you. You’re responsible for the mess anyway.”

“You’ve never been the type to back down Yoongi, don’t tell me you’re…scared?” Jin laughed, he literally thought that the mere thought was funny. To see Yoongi, the man with a never-changing expression, afraid of something? That was impossible. By the dark look in Yoongi’s eyes he realized now was no time to tease him. 

“Ugh-” He gasped. Before he knew it Yoongi was around the table and pressing a knife against his neck, an intense look on his face. “Yoongi.” Jin swallowed with some difficulty.

Min Yoongi wasn’t as still as water, not all the time. There are a few things you better not say or you will regret the moment you opened your lips.

“Let’s get one thing fucking straight, I don’t have a scared bone in my body Hyung, not one. I don’t fear anyone, not you, not Namjoon, not even my own maniac of a father who caused every mental and physical pain you could think of to his only son by the time I was fifteen…” Yoongi scoffed retracting the knife as Jin was almost at a loss for words. Yoongi scoffed. “You have some nerve. I suggest you drop this high and mighty attitude before this knife is through your neck, damn it.” He sneered.

He sighed, straightening up his freshly pressed suit. The visual image of what Yoongi threatened had him touch his neck subconsciously and cringe. “Yoongi, you’re tense, I understand that really I do. But just think about it, think about this group, think about the people involved…This is the game Yoongi, no one plays by the rules, you know that better than anyone.” Yoongi just stared at him, a stoic expression plastered on his face as Jin slowly exited out of the room.

He really did know that better than anyone—almost too well.

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I Don’t Even Know Your Name

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

A/N: This is pretty dialog heavy, but hopefully y’all still like it. It’s also like a college town!au? 
Words: 803
Author: Fangless
Pairing: Dean x Reader

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Summary: It seems as if every Disney show has an episode where they go to some kind of cabin. I decided to write my own.

Pairing: Jyrus (Jonah Beck X Cyrus Goodman)

Fandom: Andi Mack

Genre: Fluff, angst, smut

Warnings: Mature language, slight smut

Additional note: They are aged up in this fic so Cyrus is sixteen and Jonah is seventeen.


“Woah this is so cool!” Cyrus grinned once they arrived at Andi’s family’s cabin. It was small, three bedrooms, a main area with couches, one bathroom, and a tiny kitchen. The Mack family never really needed a big cabin, as it was just the four of them, but this time Andi, Cyrus, Jonah, and Buffy were there to occupy the small building. The group didn’t really know how they convinced their parents to let them stay in a cabin by themselves. It took a lot of convincing, that was for sure. Andi had to convince her grandparents that her and Jonah were only just friends and they would only be staying for one night. Buffy’s parents were a little more easy too convince, the only request her parents had was that Marty, her boyfriend of a few years, could not join them on their little trip. Jonah’s parents were completely fine with him going. And although he told them countless times him and Jonah were just friends, Cyrus’s parents would only let him go if he let them give him a long talk about teen sex and emotionally readiness for intimate relationships. All in all, it wasn’t that hard for the four friends to go to the cabin. Sure, it took some planning, they had to map out the weather, go when no one was busy, wait until a weekend or summer break, but nothing too major. Everything was perfect.

“Docious Magocious!” Jonah exclaimed, setting his stuff down next to the couch on the floor, where everyone else had put their stuff.

“Are you really still saying that?” Buffy laughed as she inspected the fire place, furrowing her eyebrows. Cyrus rolled his eyes.

“He still says it when he’s really excited.” He answered, sitting down on the couch gently, a slight creak coming from the small rickety sofa.

“And how do you even know that?” Buffy raised her eyebrows and her arms crossed over her chest. Cyrus’s cheeks immediately went pink.

“I’m just a good friend..” He bit on his lip slightly.

“Sure.” Andi giggled and Cyrus rolled his eyes. The two girls were always making hints at his major crush on the other male friend, ever since Andi and Jonah had decided they only liked eachother as friends. He didn’t know what was worse; Andi and Jonah being together, or Buffy and Andi constantly teasing him for his crush on Jonah.

“Shit.. there’s no service here.” Jonah looked up from his phone in frustration. Oblivious as ever.

“Well no..” Andi sighed. “We don’t get service out here, you have to go into town.”

“Then how’re we supposed to tell our parents we got here?” Cyrus looked up. “My parents told me I had to call them as soon as I got here.”

“Relax,” Buffy rolled her eyes. She wiped her hands on her jeans after starting a somewhat successful fire before sharing a look with Andi.. “Andi and I will go into town to pick up some extra firewood and contact all our parents.”

“Are you sure? We can come with you.” Jonah smiled and set his phone down.

“No it’s fine, there’s no need for all of us to go. We’ll go and you two can just stay here and.. hang out.” A devilish grin broke out on her face as she grabbed her coat and her keys. Cyrus groaned internally.

“Yeah.. We’ll be back soon.” Andi put on her jacket and shot a slight wink to Cyrus before the two girls headed out the door in a rush. Jonah chuckled.

“Girls.” He smiled, sitting down on the couch next to Cyrus. “You can never know what they’re thinking.” Cyrus nodded even though he had a pretty good idea on what they were thinking about.

“This cabin is so peaceful..” Jonah yawned and closed his eyes in content. Cyrus smiled and looked around. His eyes landed in the small flickering flames in the fire place. Warmth washed over him and he sighed softly, watching the flames dance across the wood.

“Fire is.. pretty.” Jonah leaned his head on the other’s shoulder. Cyrus stiffened slightly. Electricity shot down his spine and he shivered.

“Y-yeah..” Cyrus stuttered, biting down on his lip nervously. Jonah sat up.

“Cyrus.. why’re you being so nervous?” Jonah questioned, looking at Cyrus thoughtfully.

“Nothing..” Cyrus sighed, trying to calm his pounding heartbeat. “I’m just.. I don’t know.” Jonah frowned.

“I thought.. we were over this, you know.. nervousness.” He looked down sadly. Cyrus’s hearty leapt out of his chest and he looked at Jonah.

“L-look, Jonah… it’s not your fault, don’t be mad.” Cyrus put his hand on the other boy’s shoulder, ignoring all of the screaming in his ears from the simple contact. “It’s my fault..” Jonah looked up.

“I’m.. I’m not mad.. It’s just.. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong.” Jonah sighed.

“Everything.” Cyrus said in slight frustration. Jonah looked hurt as if he just watched someone kick a puppy.

“Wh-what?” His voice broke.

“Everything!” Cyrus’s voice picked up in volume and he looked at Jonah with a glint in his eye. “Your perfect hair, your perfect eyes, your perfect smile, that stupid smile is so perfect I just want too kiss it..” He was rambling at this point. Not really realizing what he was even saying.

“What?” Jonah’s eyes widened slightly. Cyrus swallowed.

“Well… I mean I’ve, everything about you is perfect.. It tends to make me pretty nervous.. but that’s probably only because I’ve had a huge crush on you si-” he was cut off by warm lips pressing against his.

He was taken by surprise, but he found himself moving his lips along with the other boy’s. The chapped lips melded together like the inside of a clock. Electricity ran through the kiss, making both of the boys feel warm and safe.

That warmth eventually turned into a blistering heat. Lips smashed against each other, followed by a hot rush of teeth and tongue. Jonah pushed Cyrus down against the couch, hovering above him as their mouths crashed together in a wave of passion and pure want. Small, whiny whimpers escaped from Cyrus mouth, causing Jonah to just deepen the kiss. Cyrus sucked on Jonah’s lip needily and he pulled away panting.

“You’re so needy, Cy.” He murmured, moving his mouth down to his neck. Cyrus whimpered and leaned his head back. Jonah smirked and pressed a gentle kiss down on the other’s neck before sucking gently. Cyrus whined and Jonah continued, biting and sucking purple marks around the younger one’s neck. Cyrus moaned loudly and his hands managed to tug on Jonah’s hair. Jonah smiled at the sounds, moving up again to place a gentle kiss onto Cyrus’s open mouth. Cyrus quickly obliged, kissing back with urgency. Jonah ran his hand down Cyrus’s neck, carefully unbutton the first few buttons of the boy’s shirt. Cyrus whined, trying to say something, but was way too much into the moment to do so.

Jonah ran his tongue over the other’s bottom lip, when the front door to the cabin started to turn. Both Jonah’s and Cyrus’s eyes widened as they quickly pulled away, sitting on opposite sides of the sofa. Buffy walked through the door sighing.

“The people in that town were so rude..” She complained.

“You were kinda being rude to the cashier at the store, Buffy…” Andi replied.

“Yeah, but they were still rude-” They both stopped and stared at the two boys sitting on the couch. Both wore swollen lips and completely messed up hair, and they also panted heavily as they looked up at the girls in fear. Not to mention Cyrus’s half undone shirt and hickies littering his throat.

“H-hey guys..” Cyrus tried to steady his breathing and heartbeat the best he good, but adrenaline and lust ran through his entire body.

“Um.. First of all, gross.” Andi started. “That’s my family’s couch.” Both Jonah and Cyrus blushed immensely, looking down.

“Second,” Buffy crossed her arms and smirked. “I assume you two will be sharing the master bedroom tonight?”