i thought it was a good idea but

I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


Update! Saw Coco last night and it was really good!!! It had a great story and it looked amazing, the animation was fantastic. 

My only draw back isn’t even related to the movie. It’s the fact that before the movie Disney thought i’d be a really great idea to put like… a 10 minute (at least) Frozen short at the beginning. 

I’m fine with shorts but they have to be… you know… short. And not about Frozen but thats a different convo

But Coco was great and if you get a chance to see it then you should. I know a long time ago people were whining about it being similar to the book of life, and if you didn’t see that post debunking it already, I’m telling you now that it is NOTHING like the book of life.

I thought trying to film my reaction to the opening scene of Baymax Returns was a good idea…

…I fangirled so hard 

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Powers headcanons: Dustin talks to animals, Lucas can detect lies, Joyce can feel other people's feelings and, when feeling very intense emotions, make other people feel her own. She can also talk to spirits and sense entities from other worlds in a very Wicca style. Hopper can kill people with looking at them. El can see the future. Billy can make everybody hate him.

These are so good!!!! Your headcanon for Joyce’s power definitely matches up with mine! I had thought about giving her healing powers, but I love the idea of her being an empath!

I also love that dig at Billy. Although I’m a firm believer he’s a shapeshifter. His power is limited though, and he can only move between his human form and a garbage can.

I’ve finally gotten around to watching Thor: Ragnarok, and if I ever meet Taika Waititi, I’m gonna give that man the biggest fist-bump for 1.  Making The Immigrant Song Thor’s song.  2.  For making a $180 million statement about our planet’s current refugee crises.  3.  Making me laugh like I’ve never laughed before during a Marvel film.  If I thought Spider Man: Homecoming was everything I could want in a superhero film, Thor: Ragnarok was that times a million.

Can someone please explain to me why DC refuses to learn, while Marvel’s movies just keep getting better and better?  (rhetorical question, I know exactly what it is).

Personally, I cannot wait for the long awaited ode to afrofuturism that will be Black Panther.


With the help of your support and messages, I have now thought of a continuation of this fic.

For the “The Ending” chapter, I will be adding 4 more people in this and I have a feeling you guys might know who they are already.

((Hint Hint: “Getting help from boys are worth it.”))

Again, thanks for the support, I will be continuing this again, and I hope you guys have a good day/night.

I think Dr. Flug might technically be the most evil or at least craven out of all the characters in Villainous, because he’s not mentally ill to the degree Demencia is, and he’s not over-the-top evil like Black Hat. He wakes up every day knowing he’s submitted to a life of suffering just so he can work for the best, even at the cost of his soul, his body, his health, his dreams, his self-worth, and the lives of potentially millions of other people. His callous treatment of himself and others (via the weapons he makes and promotes) is truly mind-boggling unless he really doesn’t care about anything else but his own success. The creation of 5.0.5. might as well be the moment he and his conscience parted ways forever, with him symbolically putting all his goodness into one living experiment. I can almost identify with those who thought he was a prisoner forced to make inventions, because that would at least make sense. The idea that he willfully submits to such abuse, and is willing to work for the kind of creature that doles it out to himself and others just to get ahead, is truly a desperate kind of evil. 

Discord server

I made a discord server even though I don’t use it too often ^^’

I thought it would be fun to have a group chat for my followers here, of course for anyone who wants to join! ^-^

Just message me on personal chat and I’ll share the link with you ^-^)/

why personal chat? because I’d like to see who joins my server so that I can keep the track of things even when I wont be too much online x3

and I’ll work on the details once I’ll have time for it ^-^

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So firstly, compliments for Jolie like-- Holy cow?? Q is such a creative and well thought AU it's so good and just.. I love every bit of it. I adore the idea of a pocket-phone Sans that you can carry about and honestly if his app was real I would get it in a heartbeat but alas no dice. SECONDLY, for Q, since everything's about questions of some sort I figured I'd ask you a VERY important one - How are you doing today? c: I hope you're doing well 'cause I adore ya <33

* doin’ just swell there, peaches, thanks for asking. hope the same can be said for you too.

((Jolie’s Input: Ahhh, thanks hon! ;3; Same though, ahahaha! But yeah, so glad you enjoy my terrible troll! <3 thanks for the ask! ))

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That angry alpha scene with Tony is the absolute best. I was kinda waiting for you to show an actually angry, furious alpha, and talk about how they affect everyone else in the room, and I really think you pulled it off well. Love this new chapter <3

Oh good haha I was trying to figure out how to work in a superfurious Tony, because I did want that reaction— everybody backing the fuck down, because Tony just isn’t the average alpha, and now that he is hurt he doesn’t FEEL like an Alpha, so I thought I was important to Show

Plus, I’ve had an idea for a scene where Tony uses his “alpha” voice and I feel like I couldn’t use it when tony was still struggling, but now that he is (getting) better and has made up with his family it will be better

Greetings! I’ve been playing monthly with my group for nearly a year and I believe I’ve finally gotten the guts to DM a oneshot. My problem is getting thoughts to paper.

What’s a good way to start to build the world? Can it be written out similarly to a story, or would more of a concise outline be better for a first timer?

Also, sorry if I’ve breached any protocols by asking this way. Still kinda new at tumblr.

The above is the question as submitted – bold/ italics for differentiation.

I almost always start with something written down. Even if I don’t end up using the ideas I write, it’s a place for me to start. I’ll share the notes in my notebook so you can see how I organize everything.

Pictures below the cut.

(If you play with me, try to refrain from reading below the cut. It won’t be the end of the world if you do, but there are ideas I still want to use from the pictures I have posted.)

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hey sarah :) I developed a massive interest in linguistics throughout the past two-ish years and was wondering if you could point me towards some must-read-textbooks in the field. thanks a lot! barb :3

hey barb! gosh, i’m flattered you thought of me!

i suppose it depends what you mean by textbooks. the language instinct, by steven pinker, is a great introductory book, sort of narrative nonfiction. the stuff of thought, same author, overlaps with it some and is also good.

i honestly can’t tell you what my introductory textbook-textbook was in college, but @lesserjoke or @bookhobbit might have some ideas?

and then, they are less so general linguistics, and more so On Brand For Me, but margalit fox’s books the riddle of the labyrinth and talking hands are WONDERFUL narrative nonfiction about—respectively—the deciphering of ancient greek linear b tablets and the development of al-sayyid bedouin sign language in the middle east. the sign language one especially does a great job explaining linguistic concepts as it goes.

anyone else have suggestions?

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If you are still taking ficlets prompts: Parker from Leverage and Tilly from ST:D meet and get along like a house on fire. I don't care how, but i want to see it :) I hope you feel better soon!

Oh god what a good crossover idea, thank you

A pair of black-clad arms yanked Tilly into a Jeffries tube so fast she didn’t even have time to scream.

“Don’t use your comm,” said a woman’s voice in her ear. “You’re in danger.”

“Well, obviously I’m in danger, I just got kidnapped on board my own ship,” Tilly said, quite calmly considering the situation, she thought. 

“Not from me. There’s a mole in the crew and I don’t know who it is yet.”

Tilly decided this would be a good time to try some of the self-defense measures Burnham had taught her. She tried to elbow her captor, but she moved fluidly with Tilly and just twisted her in a tighter pretzel. There was a hiss and beep of a comm. “Hardison! How do I convince a Starfleet cadet to stop fighting me?”

Over the comm, whoever Hardison was said, “Try introducing yourself first.”

“Okay.” Tilly was flipped around so she could finally see the Jeffries tube ninja’s face, which stared into hers with creepy intensity. “Hi. I’m Parker. I’m the mastermind of Leverage Interstellar. We help people in trouble. You’re in trouble because there’s an Orion slave merchant who’s infiltrated your ship. Now will you let me help you already?”

“If this is a trap you’re gonna be really sorry,” Tilly said. “Because I managed to make friends with a bunch of badasses somehow.”

“It’s not.” Parker let Tilly go and smiled manically. “Now come on! Do you want to help me take down an Orion slave guild or what?”

Courier comes down to make breakfast, and he’s a good enough cook for someone who never saw an egg before the age of thirty-five. You’d think he would want to make the most of his time with the other vault-dweller– but you know, too, how sharp the past can bite. The destruction of a people is best remembered in small doses. He doesn’t mention the graveyard, and neither do you. Needed to see it for yourself– that’s enough.

You watch him work. “Thought you had machines for that, Courier,” you say. You’ve looked outside, seen the securitrons. Courier has no human guards; Vegas has no human soldiers. You can’t say what else the city’s replaced with machines.

“A ‘tron cooking?” He makes a show of mimicking a robot’s pincers with three fingers, trying and failing to grasp the spatula. His laugh has no trace of the graveyard’s bleakness. “Cass could sell tickets for that. Cooking With PDQ-88B 3235-J.”

“Following in the Old World’s footsteps.” Courier shoots you a surprised look over his shoulder, so you add, “Old World used libraries for more than books. Not rare to find holotapes in them.”

“My ten-great aunt brought some cooking show tapes with her to the vault. They were good for learning the basics, but Hilda Kendal never thought someone two centuries down the line would need to know how to cook yucca. Poor planning on her part.”

He’s still grinning as he serves you, then himself. Isn’t often you see him without his dark glasses, and you don’t mind the change. You can see where his eyes are: on you, more often than not, like he’s seeing your full face for the first time.

Isn’t the first, but he’s forgotten that bit of history. You let it rest in the Divide where it belongs.


HI GUYS! So i kinda had this idea to make a groupchat in WhatsApp. I get very bored easily tbh so i thought, why not make a group chat 🤷‍♀️😂. It’s like where we could be ourselves or fangirl, anything REALLY and help each other through hard times. I’m hoping of adding 5-10 people so that it won’t be that hard. I hope that we could bond very well and could learn from each other. Just be lit af and everything will be good, hmm don’t let it die down 😬It doesn’t matter where you came from or your culture or just anything. But like don’t be homophobic, judgmental, racist or discriminate anyone, i hate that.

Umm so yeah just send me a message through my tumblr which is theharmonizerkid. Send me a pic of you so that i would know it’s really you and tell me a lil about yourself. Age wise, probably 14-18.

Hope to talk to you guys soon :))

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Funny story about my life: So I have a really bad fear of clowns and my sister thought it would be a good idea to buy a clown mask and scare me. So it was later at night and I went down to get a glass of water and my sister was hiding behind the wall and jumped out and scared me. I’m a kickboxer. I beat the shit out of her. Oops. Hope this cheered you up doll

Oh my! It did thank you! That’s actually really funny!