i thought it was a good idea but

you are a daydream, unrealistically captivating. I find it hard to believe you exist in this world, I blink my eyelids just to make sure the mirage of your face and the mosaic in your eyes isn’t just a vision my lonely heart conjured up.
—  you’re just too good to be true // h.w //

“We’ve done this many times, why are you so nervous?” Kylo kissed Hux’s cheek.

It was true, the dark room, the charged atmosphere, everything was all too familiar and yet, Hux had to admit he was nervous.

“Every time feels like the first.” He said, his fast breathing betraying his soft voice, his hands still shaking. Kylo smiled.

“Close your eyes, let me do it, ok?” He whispered taking Hux’s hand. He just nodded, giving up all pretense of self-control, and the idea that he could handle this tonight. Besides, he thought, Kylo was so good at it, it was probably best to let him help.



So when I read that @bona–mana had opened commissions (I screamed) I hoped I could request a commission. Thank you so so much for bringing this scene to life! It is beyond what I could have imagined <3  

Chapter Fifteen: The Forbidden Forest 25/06/17

If you want to participate in #hogwartsreread the rules can be found here. Here’s my thoughts on the chapter:

  • Harry is so obsessed with getting expelled in this book it’s adorable
  • Nevilles such a cutie
  • “Four students out of bed in one night! I’ve never heard of such a thing before!” okay sure McGonagall. Because I for one can definitely not think of four student pranksters at Hogwarts in the 70s who would have been out of bed almost every night
  • “He’d had it with sneaking around and spying” okay Harry whatever you say. We’ll see how long that lasts 
  • Ah yes send the children to the killer forest for detention what a good idea
  • Mars is brighter than my future 
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Malfoy’s such an arse
  • Voldemort is creepy man
  • I mean are unicorns that defenceless though? They have a horn. That’s more than a horse has. Maybe voldemort should have been drinking horse blood
  • Hermione I don’t get you. You grew up thinking magic was fantasy, found out you were a witch, and yet think divination isn’t real? Where did you draw the line and why?

I have no idea why people think it’s okay to treat Dean like crap and call it “tough love”. No other character on the show experiences the “tough love” that has been dished out to Dean by Bobby, Missouri, and others. (And Dean has a good record of showing certain people kindness and compassion in a way they might not have shown him *coughsBobbycoughs*.)

Dean seems to respond  just fine to the kindness and compassion that Jody has shown him the last few times they’ve crossed paths. 


“Shit.”  Chibs whistled lowly as Gemma climbed out of your car.  “You look like shit.”  You bit back a chuckle while closing your own car door and walking around to stand next to Gemma.  Her lip was cut, leading to a trail of blood down her chin and her left eye was already bruising up something nasty.

“She thought it was going to be a good idea to mouth off to a guy holding up the corner store down the street.”  You teased before Gemma wrapped an arm around your shoulders and pulled you into her side.

“I knew it wasn’t a good idea.  But that asshole was keeping me from buying my cigarets.”  Gemma retorted with a soft smirk.  “Chibs, this is Y/N.  She’s going to start helping me out around the office.”

Eyeing you for a moment Chibs reached out and shook your hand.  “Nice to met you, Lass.”

“Likewise.”  You smiled.  Gemma let her arm drop from your shoulders and took a step backwards.

“I’m going to go clean up.  Chibs, why don’t you give Y/N the grand tour?”  Nudging you forward Gemma strolled off towards the office.  Glancing over her shoulder once to watch you and Chibs making your way into the clubhouse together, chit chatting the whole way.

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I like Kojima and will almost certainly buy Death Stranding without thinking about it, but he's a hack. Only MGS 2 and 3 are good.

I think Kojima has these incredibly interesting initial ideas but then gets weird with them and MGS2 is just the time where it all came together just right and MGS3 is the time that he didn’t have anything too weird.

the supposed ‘idea’ of MGSV, that the language you speak shapes your perceptions and beliefes, and is almost akin to a prison for your thoughts that you can’t escape for deviate from while still speaking that language, is really interesting but MGSV did fuck all with it

Every time a guy started flirting with me (which has been approximately Twice), my first thought has been “I’m not really into him, maybe I should pretend I have a gf” and then gotten really disappointed when nobody said it was a good idea and they’d help me out. But yeah haha I’m totally straight lmao

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17. “I-I’m… I’m trying to change into what I thought you would like… Did it work…?” :)

It happens when they’re in the crowded streets of Leeds on the day of the pride parade. Robert’s clammy hand slips from Aaron’s and flies to his chest, clutching at the front of his shirt like it’s suddenly too tight. Quick to recognise what’s happening, Aaron takes Robert’s arm and leads him into the nearest shop, away from the great mass of rainbow clad people that move as one. A staff member gives them a funny look as they stumble through the doors of H&M, but chooses to ignore them when Robert clasps his knees and starts hyperventilating. Aaron rubs a spiral into his back, trying to offer whatever words he can to ease Robert through the panic attack.

‘It’s okay,’ Aaron says. ‘Just breathe.’

‘I can’t.’

‘You can’t breathe?’

‘No. I can’t do this. I can’t be proud.’

Aaron’s heart cracks at the fearfulness of Robert’s voice. This is supposed to be a celebration.

‘I just wanted you to be proud of me,’ Robert breathes. ‘I-I’m… I’m trying to change into what I thought you would like… Did it work…? Sorry. Of course it didn’t. I’m a mess.’

Aaron crouches down in front of Robert. He thought that he wanted to do this. He thought he was ready. Aaron wasn’t bothered about coming to pride – it had never really been his thing – but when Robert had suggested it he couldn’t say no. He thought it was Robert embracing himself, opening himself up to the world.

He was wrong.

‘I am proud of you,’ Aaron says, cupping Robert’s face in his hands. ‘I’m so proud of you. You don’t have to pretend for me. If you’re not ready, you’re not ready, and that’s okay.’

What would you guys think of a platonic story?
Like u know those friends that r nice n attractive, n friends obv, but u can’t see them in like a romantic kind of way [i can’t explain y, but u literally can only view them as a rlly good friend n it’s mutual]
Is the idea of just friends appealing?

Also, what about stories where there is no reader? As in 0 references to the reader, just Doyoung with his thoughts or smthng
Would none of u read them lol?

My mind was just wandering with it and I was curious.

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I've seen some people complain that Hermione and Ron were out of character in the Cursed Child. What are your views on this?

You’re never going to entirely replicate all the nuances of a character we learned about through the course of seven books in a five hour play, although they did a pretty damn good job with Harry. (A lot of that was down to Jamie Parker.) However, I thought they did a very good job of keeping them in character. 

I’ve seen all kinds of weird complaints about Hermione. Recently someone said they thought the fact that she asked Ron to kiss her before the Dementor attacks was OOC. I have no idea why. Most people point to her characterisation in the second timeline, though, where she was bitter and angry. And I get that it’s really hard to see her that way and I’d probably have been pissed off if she had been portrayed that way in the main timeline. But she wasn’t. And no, as much as I hate seeing Hermione like that, I don’t think it was out of character for her.

First, the fact that love gives us strength to be better people is stressed over and over again the play (and the books). In the second timeline both Hermione and Ron have grown up without the love and support that helped them become the best versions of themselves. I don’t want to hear any of this “it says that Hermione can’t be successful without a man” nonsense. That’s obviously not what the play was trying to communicate. Why would JKR, a woman who made her fortune when she was a single parent, get behind an attitude like that? She wouldn’t. I’ve said before that I think Cursed Child attempted to emphasise Ron and Hermione as soulmates, as people who needed each other. BOTH of them. So in that timeline, their relationship, which had been meant to be, had been disrupted. And neither of them were happy. Neither were the best versions of themselves. Add to that the changes that seem to have taken place with the friendship between the trio and it gets even worse. 

Also: one of the things I love about Hermione, is that she’s brilliant, kind and loving but also self-righteous, ruthless and vindictive as hell at times. You cannot convince me that this version of her isn’t possible. It’s not nice, but it is possible and it is in character given what we know of her from the books. 

We can also imagine that there were a lot of other changes in that time line that contributed to Hermione turning out as she did.

I wrote a whole post about Ron: Ron Being Wonderful in Cursed Child. I’m getting more and more irritated with the “He’s just comic relief” thing. Yes, he’s funny. He was funny in the books. He was also a lot more than that and he’s a lot more than that in the play too. 

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Two word... werewolf mccree

One word…Yes.

I was gonna write a drabble but had no idea of a good scenario so hmu if you have something in particular. Here’s some headcannons tho

  • Really did not want you to find out that he was a werewolf because he thought that you’d think of him as a monster. Always made sure to make some excuse to keep you away until you accidentally found out about that time of the month.
  • When the full moon is approaching he gets super moody and the only thing that makes him feel better and is safe going near him is you
  • Also gets super hairy and during the summer he is unbearable to cuddle at night because he is like an oven
  • Still doesnt like you around him during his change but he has controlled it enough to be safe around you. He is still a bit clumsy with the claws and additional strength so goes around you as iff you’re made of porcelain. 
  • If anyone messes with you he’d shred them to pieces in either form
  • Actual puppydog. He may not have the softest fur but it’s great to snuggle up against.

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What do you think the afterlife was like for Severus? I've seen headcanons where he makes up with Lily but to be honest I don't think she would want anything to do with him. For all his good deeds, he still got her killed. And he still treated her son like shit, whatever the reasons. And that's not really something one can forgive and then say "We're chums again", is it? Was he all alone again? It makes me sad if that was the case.

At the risk of sounding like a Godless heathen, I struggle to imagine any sort of afterlife - and although it’s been a long time since I studied various beliefs, I thought the idea in a Christian framing was that you were judged at the gates, and then you either were rewarded with spiritual/physical pleasure in Heaven, or you were damned to spiritual/physical torment in Hell.

So I don’t think there’s room in that reading for Lily to judge Severus in that sort of way - he’s either accepted through the gates and absolved of sin, or he’s banished.  By virtue of both characters being in Heaven, peace has been made.

Still, my happy ever after for Severus is one where he gets to move on and it doesn’t revolve around Lily forgiving or admonishing him.  Whilst Lily was paramount in Severus becoming someone other than an angry Death Eater, the memory of her - combined with the war, Voldemort, Dumbledore and his atonement - ended up being like bindweed around Severus’ life, preventing him from becoming his own man with his own hopes and dreams and aspirations - and that was a waste.

I Was Back At Arkham Asylum (part 3) - Jokers Daughter & Jerome

Joker x daughter!reader

Jerome x reader

Warnings: none

a/n: Ok so in this Jerome’s face never got cut off. this is part 3, there will be 10. i hope you guys enjoy, if you want to be tagged on the tag list for this story just message or ask me.and if you guys have any ideas for more then 1 part stories or imagines that you want me to write go ahead and request. if you want to request a one-shot then go to @chloe-skywalker it my other blog and that one i do alot more different things then just stories and imagines, NSFW, headcanons, dating would include. etc etc 

parts: part 1 - part 2

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It’s been a week since I saw my dad, he apparently thought I was joking when I said be good so I can visit him again, well he wasn’t. Now he can’t even call me.

I have been however getting a lot of calls from Jerome. The first time I answered an Arkham number I naturally thought it would have been my dad but no it was Jerome. I was shocked but in a way, I felt happy. Jerome gave me this feeling I had only felt it when crushing on celebrity. So I guess I’m crushing on him but how many times he’s called me I kinda have the right to.

Mom always told me if I feel that feeling but intensified is called love, and when you feel this feeling then you have found your very own puddin.

I don’t know if Jerome is my puddin. But when we talk on the phone it’s like have been super close for years.

Since the time I saw my dad last I had been keepin low but when I found out I couldn’t see my dad because of him beating up guards got himself into solitary. So just to spite him I robbed small things and caused chaos at shops by the GCPD. They never caught me but I knew my dad would hear about it and he would be mad but he should know me better than that and he shouldn’t have gotten himself in trouble where I couldn’t visit him.

Joker’s p.o.v.


I had to spend a week in solitary. Which blowed and I am also pissed that my daughter has been causing chaos. I wanted her to stay low and not give them the chance to arrest her. But I overheard some guards talkin and not only was she causing chaos but she was doing it all by the GCPD. which made me growl every time I heard she did something and it was there. They wouldn’t let me call her at all and no visits. I know that’s what set her off. I was proud of her for what she was doing, but not where she was doing it.

Since I was in solitary I didn’t know if Jerome and my princess had had contact.

They told me today I get to make a call, jet out of solitary and I am allowed to mingle with the other prisoners. And let me tell you if I see that kid and he has plans for my princess that could get her hurt, he’s gonna wish that he never laid his psycho eyes on her.

As they escorted me out of my cell and down they hall and took the cuffs off of me and putting me into the basically giant cage. I looked around for the red-headed psycho. As I sat down at a table I noticed that many people recognized me and moved to the other side of the room. I sat at a table and I noticed the redhead sitting at a table on the way other side of the room he saw me and swung his legs other the bench and made his way towards me and sat down and swung his legs inward and sat in front of me.

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“Joker- or J- what do you want to be called?” he asked excitedly.

“It’s Joker to you Psych” I growled in return.

He crackled like a maniac “I get it short for psycho. That’s a good one Mr.Joker”

I glared and growled this time showing teeth at him. “Fine if we are gonna talk why don’t you tell me what you want with my daughter” I said aggressively.

“Your daughter and I have only met once, trust me I’ll see her soon. Plus I’ve been calling her all week.” he said smiling like he knew he shouldn’t have said the last part.

I reached across the table and grabbed him by those annoying black and white shirts. “Listen here Psych, if you told her to cause all that chaos right by the GCPD then so help me, I will rip out your throat” I growled in his ear.

“She chose doing all the chaos and where she caused it on her own. Me, myself, and I had no part in that, what’s so ever. Plus when I asked her why she was doing it so close she said to spite you.” Jerome said the first part all serious then he decided to use hand movements.

“Thank for confirming that” I said sarcastically.

“No problem” he said back smiling because he knew it was sarcasm.

“So Psych you ended up here after everything you caused” I asked deciding to get to know him a bit.

“For the most part yeah, that and cop’s don’t like me very much-” I cut him off.

“Got it- got it- got it” I said motioning with my hand to stop.

“So! How’d did they get you in here, hm?” he said generally curious.

“Me and my princess were pulling off a heist and I made sure she got out of there when the police came in and a very pissed of Bat, cops shot me with tranks and the Bat brought me here.” I told him gesturing around with my hands to the room.

“Well sucks that you got taken here, but I would have done the same thing for her” Jerome said.

“You just met my daughter and you would if it meant saving her you would come back to, here” I said more as a statement then a question to myself.

“Yes, I’ve have met her once in person I’ve been talking to her on the phone. Liberating.” he said.I had to smirk at that because she was.

After talking to Jerome for a while the kid started to grow on me and dare I say might start liken the kid.  I don’t like the idea of her being by herself but I can’t get out of here yet but…  maybe he can. Get y/n to break him out. Then she won’t be with just Frost she’ll have a friend. And if he likes her as much as it sounds like he does then she’ll be protected.

“Why don’t ya say we get my princess to come down here and make a plan you break you out?” I said to him, and winked.

“Are you serious?you just met me and a few minutes ago you were threatening me. Now you want her to get me out of here?” he said shocked.

“You clearly have some feelings towards my princess, and I might not like it that much but she needs a friend, especially now and I can’t be there but you can they are expecting me to break out any minute but you they won’t. Plus my daughter will probably want to break you out sometime so why not now.” I told him. 

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(pretend hes sitting down and in arkham asylum outfit and there arent people around him)

“I’m in! let’s call your daughter” he said agreeing with me. “I’m growing on you aren’t I”

“Kid, shut up before I change my mind” I wasn’t about to tell him he was right.

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i discovered how to get away with murder last night at 2 AM and i rlly thought i could manage to just read a bit of it, go to bed, and then wake up and read the rest but like,,, i rlly couldnt. your writing is so, so fantastic and the fact that you were able to take hunger games, a trope that i'm not super fond of, and create a masterpiece i'm dying over is crazy talent on your part. if you have any idea when you're going to update next i would be so blessed to know??

Oh god thank you anon, that is so good to hear!! I’ve had the hardest time judging the pacing in this story and this is encouraging ;__; I really appreciate the note. Hoping to get the next update done by July 20! Originally I was shooting for the 6th but I need to stop pretending I can write the new chapters of this one quickly lol, they tend to take a while and Chapter 4 will probably be the longest since it’s plenty eventful. Glad you are enjoying them!

CS Fic Ideas

@saraswans it’s your fault, you’ve put so many ideas in my mind that now I can’t decide for any of them. So I’ll make the wisest, continue with my WIP. Something difficult given that now that my muse has returned, everything reminds me of Captain Swan and my mind immediately gets to elaborate a possible story. I’m going on vacation next Tuesday, near the sea which means docks, ships… Help Me!

Some ideas that I’ll write at some point:

- Following this fic, I thought that perhaps it would be a good idea to add more parts to the trip of Emma and Killian in search of new memories. What will be the next destination? Maybe Portland?

- Canon Future. Daddy! Killian. Killian and Emma have been married for a while and have two children. Killian has a bad day with his children and goes sailing to clear his mind. I’d like to write this realistically based on my own experience as a mother.

- Canon Future. Emma discovers that Killian has adapted quite well to the modern world. Maybe too well.

- Canon Future. Emma finds in her closet the dress of her first date with Killian and the memories of that day come to mind. Maybe it’s time to remember that day through a new date. This time without curse hands in between, of course.

- AU. I’ve been thinking about this story for about two years, almost since I started writing. And I know that someday I’ll start it, I don’t know when, but I will. Some angst all the way.

After a hard past, Emma seems to have found stability in a small town. She works as a personal assistant to the mayor of Storybrooke, Regina, but actually, her main job is to take care of Regina’s son, Henry. Emma loves photography. For that reason the day of her 28th birthday, she receives as a gift a camera and a photography course.

Killian is a former British war reporter. He has achieved some major awards for some of his best pictures. When Killian loses his hand and his job in an attack, it looks like he hit bottom, but David, his best friend, is there to help and offers him the possibility of coming to Storybrooke, David’s birthplace, looking for a fresh start as an instructor of photography.

Emma and Killian meet each other in the photography course. Although their beginnings are a bit complicated the connection between them is undeniable. What Killian doesn’t know is that David and Mary Margaret hide a secret that will disrupt Emma’s (And Killian) life forever.

I won’t be home today, but still going to try to read all the updates I missed. I probably won’t get too far lol. 

As for my own stories: I finally found something I’m excited to write, so I’ll be posting again. You’ll see a lot of restructuring going on for existing stories because that’s what I’m using to kind of pull me back into my stories and characters. I was going to wait until I finished Safe Harbor, but realized that the reason I always have a million stories going at the same time is that sometimes you just don’t feel like writing for one story, so you take the inspiration somewhere else. Not really a bad thing. 

My game demo is nearly complete officially, so I thought it was a good idea to take a breather. I’ve been staring at the same hour of game play for about a year LOL. So, here I am :)

Also, do you guys prefer I queue or just post everything I have in one shot?