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Hunter’s Helper

Relationship: Sam X Daughter, Dean X Niece!Reader

Words: 2,562

Summary: After a devastating loss, the Reader turns to alcohol to help with the pain.

Warnings: substance abuse, alcohol abuse, underage drinking, mentions of suicide, depression, mention of alcohol-related death, mild swearing, mentions of vomit/vomiting, angst

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A/N: I’m back! Sorry this took so long, the ending just would not let itself get written. This is for two challenges. The first is @letsgetoutalive‘s Mental Health Awareness Challenge, and my prompt was substance abuse (I really hope I did it justice. I researched it but I have no actual experience with this, so if anything is wrong let me know). The second was @nichelle-my-belle‘s 4K Angst Challenge, and my prompt for that one was “Isn’t it scary to be ready to die at such a young age?” Enjoy!

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“You stupid bastard! How could you? You were– I– God!” Voice hoarse from screaming, you knelt in front of his grave, moisture soaking through the knees of your jeans. Your fingers skimmed the engravings in the marble stone as tears fell, racing down your cheeks as if there would be a prize for first place. “I’m all alone now, you asshole! And it’s all your fault!”

Cautiously, Sam approached you and gently took your hand, his heart breaking at your pain. You looked up at him, eyes puffy and red, and allowed yourself to be pulled up until you were standing. Wrapping his arms around you, your dad hugged you tightly, his chin resting on the top of your head, and you let it happen, let yourself bury your face in his chest and dissolve into a fresh wave of tears.

“Shh, it’s okay, sweetheart,” he whispered, rubbing circles on your back. “It’s gonna be okay.”

But he was wrong. It wasn’t going to be okay, you were never going to be okay.

Because how can you be okay, how can you possibly go on with your life, when your best friend takes his own?

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Companions react to childrens' awe after they act heroic
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b></b> The children of the settlement watched in awe as the companion took down 6 raiders at once. Sole wasn't there, and all of the turrets were down, so it was up to them to protect the settlement alone. A little girl around the age of six almost got bludgeoned when she came out of hiding to get her teddy bear. Before she got so much as a bruise, the companion swooped in and killed the nasty raider. They patted the girl's head before giving her back her teddy bear. They told her to get back into hiding, and the companion went back into the firefight. (The ones that can speak/pat heads anyways) When the very last raider was down, the companion collapsed on the ground, exhausted. They only got a second to breath though. As soon as they could, every child from the settlement tackled the companion. They called them awesome and cool while giving the companion hugs, or high fives.<p/><b>Ada:</b> "That is quite enough children. You are welcome, but I really need to get back to my duties." The kids keep pestering poor Ada until she relents and answers a few questions. She only stays long enough for the children to be satisfied with the answers they got. She leaves to go hide somewhere while she runs a diagnostics on herself.<p/><b>Cait:</b> She felt pretty good about herself up until she thought the kids were getting to annoying. "Alright kids. That's enough. Bugger of now!" She almost felt bad about sending them away, but the kids didn't seem to mind as they were acting out what had just happened. That made Cait glad. She wouldn't even want to think about what Sole would do to her if she made a kid cry.<p/><b>Codsworth:</b> "By jove!" Codsworth was surprised when he got knocked down by the children. He just sat there slightly dumbfounded as to why the children were so awe-struck. He kindly answered any questions they had until the kids got bored and moved on to play at the playground. Though he could see the little girl he saved sporting a bowler hat identical to Codsworth' later that day. If he had a face, he would've smiled.<p/><b>Curie:</b> She was very pleased to have the kids think that she was cool. She answered honestly when she was asked how she felt while fighting. "Well... I was definitely scared. I probably couldn't have done it if I wasn't trying to protect you all." That made some of the kids tear up. Curie almost panicked, but managed to calm them down by giving them some candy she had found a while back.<p/><b>Danse:</b> Danse didn't get knocked down due to his power armour but the kids swarmed around his legs, making him lose his footing and fall. The force of it made some kids fall, and made two of the younger ones cry. Danse teared up himself. He hated seeing innocent kids cry. He quickly recovered, and scooped the crying children up and ran them over to Curie, so that she could cheer them up. The rest of the children hung on to his back. Curie cheered them up, and now the kids thought that Danse's strength was more impressive than anything. He gave them all piggyback rides the rest of the day as a way to make up for his screw up.<p/><b>Deacon:</b> Right away, Deacon told the crowd of kids extravagant lies about his more awesome adventures. "I once fought twice that many deathclaws barehanded!" He liked having someone believe his dumb lies for once. He kept it up until Sole came back to a Deacon with his own little group following him everywhere. They told him to quit it before the kids get any wild ideas.<p/><b>Dogmeat:</b> Dogmeat is absolutely ecstatic that he is getting all of this attention. He enjoys the belly rubs and 'good boys' that the children give him. He returns the favour by giving them thank you licks on their hands.<p/><b>Gage:</b> Gage is low-key terrified of children, so he doesn't even try to interact with them. He just runs. That leads to a chase where the kids think its a game. He eventually can't continue running, and neither can the kids, so he just collapses onto the ground. The children fall on and around him, and he can't find the strength to push them off, so he just falls asleep like that. Sole comes back to see that they're still asleep in that position, and finds it absolutely adorable. They don't hesitate to tease him about it later.<p/><b>Hancock:</b> When he gets tackled, he hits his head, making him black out for a second. The kids go silent, and one asks if he's dead. Hancock just sits up and starts laughing. "Don't worry about it, you little tykes. As you just saw, it takes more than that to off me!" The kids cheer, and start apologising a bunch. It takes Hancock a while before the kids will part from him. He enjoys having the kids follow him around like a miniature army. He finds it cute.<p/><b>Longfellow:</b> Instead of taking the praise the children offer him, he sits them all down to tell them really excited stories from when he was young. As the stories get more and more suspenseful, the children get more and more drawn in by them. When Longfellow is all done, the kids are even more awe-struck than before.<p/><b>MacCready:</b> He hugs and high-fives the kids right back. He's just happy he saved them, but he supposed it couldn't hurt to accept the children's thanks. If Duncan is in the crowd, then MacCready makes sure to act like killing all those raiders single-handedly is no big deal. He wants to show off for his son.<p/><b>Nick Valentine:</b> He ruffled a few of the kid's instead of a hug. They call him "the most awesomest person ever, " but he refuses the title. "Listen up kiddos. I'm not all that great. But you guys? You're the real cool ones. You didn't panic when the raiders came, and I bet that when you're older, you'll be able to kick twice as much butt as I did today." He smiles as the children's beaming faces. They all think of how cool it would be to actually do that.<p/><b>Piper:</b> Is so happy that the children thinks she's cool. She gets called a lot of things, but never cool. She doesn't hesitate to give all the kids hugs, telling them what a great job they did staying calm even when their home was being attacked. If Nat is there, she makes sure to drag a compliment out of her sister. She begrudgingly does, but in her mind, she's thinking of how awesome her sister is.<p/><b>Preston:</b> Preston is practically glowing with happiness. He's so glad that the children are looking up to him. Especially since he did something that's a good influence on the kids. He doesn't hesitate to tell them about the Minutemen and how they help people too. "Listen up kiddies. When you grow up, and you want to help and be awesome just like I was, then you should join the Minutemen." Some of the kids keep that in mind.<p/><b>Strong:</b> Needles to say, Strong is confused when a bunch of tiny humans crowd around him. They're all taking at once, so he can't understand a single one. Strong roars as loud as he can, effectively scaring them off. All of them except the girl with the teddy that is. She just stands there and says "awesome" in a barely audible voice. Surprisingly, Strong takes a liking to this fearless child and the two become friends. The little girl rides around on Strong's shoulders all day while he tells her stories about the killing he's done with his bothers. The strange creatures he's eaten, and the milk of human kindness are mentioned as well. When Sole comes back and sees them, they don't even question it.<p/><b>X6-88:</b> He's already waking away before the kids even reach him. He ignores them before they get in the way of his path. He sighs and tells them to speak. They do, and he almost regrets it. Their questions come rushing forth, some of them, he can't even answer. He stumbles over his words, and is just all around confused until Sole comes back and dismisses the kids. They look at X6 with a smirk on their face, amused that children can get him so easily frazzled. He's so close to hugging them in thanks, but decides against it. He opts for a simple "Thank you sir/ma'am." Sole chuckles and goes about their business.<p/></p><p/></p><p/><b></b> @ishtar0110<p/></p>
Easily Bewildered

Bewildered; the first time someone used the word, I nearly laughed aloud.
There was a group of varied students sitting across the lawn, grouped together in the shade of a tree, all decked out in weird jewelry and with circles around their eyes, hurried pen ink on their wrists. I was at a picnic bench, sitting with my friends from lab, working on some report or something. There was a lull in the conversation, and the hushed voices, filled with awe, scattered across the grass of the lawn towards us. I was looking absentmindedly at my phone, and when I heard the strange phrase, I burst out laughing. Their voices were so quiet, almost afraid, and like so much else at this school, I didn’t take it into account. I instantly lumped them in with the other students, overly superstitious and quiet, clinging to their iron and their salt like this was some episode of Supernatural.
The first time I heard bewildered, I laughed. 

The second time, it was coming from the mouth of my Hall Advisor, in the longest informational lecture I’d gotten that year. I was sitting on a couch in the overly cramped common room, squished in-between two of my closest friends from bio lab, and we were already bored and over dramatically rolling our eyes at one another before it even began. They were talking firmly, as if they believed in everything they were saying, reminding us very sternly of the “advice” from the beginning of the year. Every year. It was about the third or fourth time I’d heard this lecture, despite not having been here that many years. Sometimes, I wondered if the weirdness would ever end, and just leave me to do my labs and lose my mind in peace.
“Don’t go out late at night, if you have to, make sure you stay on the path.” Well, duh. I looked to my right, and met the eyes of my lab partner, who was just perishing of boredom. I could tell she wanted to be on her phone, but we’d managed to be polite this far, so maybe we could make it to the end of the meeting. Our HA would appreciate it.
“Don’t go near the woods. We’ve had way more kids get bewildered this year, it’s not normal and you all really need to step it up.” I snickered. The friend to my left said something under eir breath, and my other friend suppressed a laugh, and we tried, really hard.
Our HA didn’t appreciate it. They stared us down for a moment, while some other students clutched their iron necklaces or slipped hands into pockets, making fists around what was probably salt, if I knew this floor well enough. I elbowed my lab partner in the side, and she shut up, em quickly following suit. Shockingly, we managed the rest of the meeting, finally slipping out and snickering, finally sharing all of the snide comments that had built up the whole time. Other students walked out glumly, faces pale, shoulders slumped.

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so good 7 - sub!jimin drabble series (smut (kind of a lot but short af))

If there was something you could do, it was talk and you did it fast. Rapping probably contributed to that but if what your parents told him was true, maybe the talking contributed to the rapping. Maybe rapping was a spandrel of your uncontrollable need to vocalise every thought as soon as it entered your head. So after Jeongguk had carried your flailing body and deposited you in their dressing room, Jimin realised it was a possible you’d never shut up.

“IcannottfuckingbelievehewouldevercomenearyouandtrytalkabouthimandIasifhecouldevermatchuptoyouandI. Hemustbeoutofhisfucki–”

“I think you mean yourself there.”

“Don’t insult her when she can’t hear you Yoongs.” 

“JeonggukkieletmegoIsweartoyouIwilltearhimapartandcomerightback. IfIdonotget..”

Jimin knew better than anyone the only way to get you to stop was to let you finish. Interrupting you was pointless because would just start right where you left off. The boys had caught onto his tactic, squealing at the fact that he knew you so well as Yoongi pined after a the silence he was deserving of.

“..ouwatchifheisstilloutthere.” Rolling to a stop Jimin waited long enough to make sure you were done but short enough to stop your mind processing new thoughts.

“Baby.” Jimin missed some of your words, but he’d grasped the one’s that mattered. You were mad Jooheon had approached him, not mad at his existence in general. “I know you’re pissed but–”

“Guys, leave us for a second.” Your voice, void of request, caused Yoongi to insist on waiting for a please before being pushed out by Taehyung. “Jimin, your girlfriend is me. I’m your girlfriend. The one who does all those things we keep between us a secret. Now imagine if I was the one who ridiculed you, made you feel unworthy or unholy, for enjoying everything I do to you. There is a difference between calling someone a slut in bed and telling them they’re hell bound and shouldn’t bother existing outside of it. Jimin, I don’t hate him because he broke my heart, I hate him because he is scum.”

“I know.” Did he? He got into it because of you. He could never imagine wanting this with someone else. So did he really get it?

“Do you? BecauseIdon'tthinkyoudo–”

“Fuck me.” He didn’t want to show how exasperated he was, desperate even, but your short fuse was kind of turning him on.

“As sweet as your gesture is, you’re not asking, you’re telling.” You spat before turning to leave. He ran to block your way. “And you don’t tell me what to do.”

“Will you fuck me?”

“Say please.”

“Please–” his words caught in his throat as your hand slid past his waist band, fingers slowly wrapping around him. Before he could even think about panicking, knowing full well the boys were just outside, he unzipped his jeans pulling them down right when you’d started massaging his balls, eyelids sliding shut, gripping onto the dressing table he’d been leaning on.

“If everyone wasn’t right outside this room, I would let you fuck yourself for me right here on this table for talking to me like that.”

His eyes flew open at the thought. Voice growing whiny. “Let me.”

“I fucking wish.. but we should get going baby..” You made no effort to leave though. Your index finger traced the skin between his balls and ass. Body trembling under your touch, Jimin did his best to stay calm as he watched your head tilt, questioning his calm facade.

“Guess I’m boring you huh?”

He kept his mouth shut knowing the second he opened it he’d moan way too loud. His eyes slid shut again as you lathered the same digit in his precum before pressing into his puckered hole. The sudden sensation forced his mouth open as you moved quickly to swallow the phallic sound that would’ve filled the room and hallway outside. At the sound of an uncomfortably familiar voice on the other side of the door, you pulled away from Jimin retreating into their restroom.

With towel dried hands, you pull his lips to yours. Teeth clashing and spit mingling before you pulled back to clean lipgloss off his face. He pulled your forehead to his before you threw the door open colliding with six bodies, your eyes land on the seventh. Jeongguk was initiating zero force in keeping you from your unwanted guest, sort of anticipating a fight. They all slowly turn to see you leave their dressing room with Jimin in tow, glancing at his pouty puckered lips before he gives them a nod. Jooheon decides to make the mistake of addressing you.

“___, I am sorry about earlier, I didn't–”

“I have no qualms with you Jooheon.” Yoongi scoffed at that earning a shove from Jin. Jimin’s heart settling at the idea you’d made peace with it. That your initial shock had worn off and you were moving forward, however Jimin couldn’t see the hatred in your eyes at years spent doubting yourself, years of secrecy, years of hatred. “But, if you so much as breath in Jimin’s direction, I’ll shove my foot so far up your ass, you’ll taste it.”

Yoongi choked on a cackle as Taehyung and Hoseok shoved him back into the dressing room. Namjoon and Jin following as Jeongguk watched you return to your dressing room on the other side of the walkway. Jooheon deciding against getting into it with an already let down Jeongguk, he returned to the stadium, leaving Jeongguk with Jimin.

“Noona really is something else hyung.”

Just then, your group tumbled from the door you just entered, makeup artists powdering your nose and staff zipping up your skirt for the performance you were way too late getting ready for. Flying past the boys slipping on your other heel you shuffled back, quickly kissing Jeongguk’s cheek in thanks and slapping Jimin’s ass.. well.. because you were– “Something else entirely.” 

Hi: lowkey hate this but i needed to introduce Jooheonnieeeeeee

Rant: I cannot fucking believe he would ever come near you and try talk about him and I as if he could ever math up to you and I. He must be out of his fucking mind….Jeonggukkie let me go I swear to you I will tear him apart and come right back. If I do not get my hands on him….Just you watch if he is still out there.

Also: Jooheon is my angel, I have other parts to this drabble that hurt my soul yo I love him

You’re A What

Take A Sunshine
I had no idea what time it was but I was glad it was Saturday. My limbs were somehow entangled with those of Stiles.  I have never slept with a boy before, not in a sexual way and definitely not in a spooning sense.  This was whole experience was strange, because when we finally fell asleep I remembered laying on my side with my back facing his front.  Now my head is on his chest, with his right arm draped on my side holding me tightly against him.
Flashes of last night crawled back into my mind, calling him, him showing up on my doorstep. Him demanding me to open up to him, not taking no as a valid answer, making my walls crumble faster than I could rebuild them. I’ve only really known him for what, a week? Now he’s sleeping in my bed? I couldn’t believe how weak I’ve become recently, how I broke my vow of never letting someone get close to me in a matter of minutes due to a certain boy. It’s completely ridiculous! How did he snake his way through the defenses I thought were strong?
I heard a groan coming from the boy next to me , making my breath hitch, “Stop it. I can practically hear your brain over analyzing everything. Relax and go back to sleep.” he said casually, sleep still thick in his voice, making it sound husky and deep.
It in all honesty sent a shiver down my spine, I released the breath that had caught in my throat and I peered up at him wide eyed, how did he know I was over analyzing everything? He cracked open his eyes gazing back at me lazily.
“I’m just that good, Sunshine,” was all he said before closing his eyes once again.
 I didn't dare move and after a few minutes his eyes flew open asking what time it was while sitting up and grabbing his phone. He had missed calls from Scott and Lydia and a bunch of texts as well, he hurriedly dialed Scott.  I sat up rubbing my eyes and checking my phone to see a few calls from my mom and dad. They were probably worried that I hadn’t picked up even though it was noon.  After a few rings Scott picked up and practically yelled at Stiles saying he was worried about him and asking him where he’d gone.
“Scott calm down, I’m fine alright… I couldn’t sleep… yes I know what’s out there… I’m not a freaking idiot Scott. No… yeah okay I’ll meet you there in say like half an hour…yes I’m with her. Okay, bye.“ During the call he glanced at me a few times and he groaned a lot to whatever it was that Scott was saying. He pulled the blankets off of him standing up and stretching. He sat down slowly putting on his shoes, when finished he looked at me and smiled apologetically.
"I uh, have to go, Scott and Lydia need my help with some things. I really don’t want to leave especially when we still have a lot to talk about but this other thing is kind of important,” he paused realizing what he said then panicked, “Not that what is going on with you isn’t important-” I put my hand on his instinctually then I realized what I had done and ripped my hand away.
“It’s okay, if you have to go,  I understand.” I smiled, I already knew that he’d have to leave once he called Scott. I stood up  making my way out of my room and downstairs to my front door with Stiles trailing behind me quietly. I unlocked the door opening it slowly stepping to the side so I wasn’t in the way.
Stiles turned to me looking hesitant, “I’ll call you when I get a chance? You’ll be okay right?” I rolled my eyes and nodded, he seemed to feel like that was all the  reassurance he needed to walk out to his car. He got into his car, waving to me as he backed out of my driveway. I stood in the doorway for a few minutes after he left, in a daze, that is until I remembered I had to call my parents back. I closed the door, running up to my room and grabbed my phone. I quickly dialed my mom’s number and pressed the call button, it rang three times and she answered the phone angrily.
“Why haven’t you answered your phone young lady,” her accent was thick because she was so pissed, I winced.
“I didn’t wake up till now so I didn’t hear my phone. I’m sorry, I was so tired that as soon as I got home I passed out, then I woke up around one and I fell asleep again till now.” It wasn’t totally a lot of it was true, I just edited out the fact that Stiles came over.
“Okay, did you sleep well at least?” She asked not as mad as she was a second ago.
“Yeah, I actually slept really well, I feel a lot better today.” I acknowledged truthfully, images of being entangled with the idiot named Stiles.
“Well I’m glad you’re feeling better, make sure you eat something that isn’t only Ramen. You need real food that’ll make you feel better. Be sure to rest and do your homework,” I rolled my eyes with a smile, she continued, “I told your dad to put money  in your account for gas and food so don’t go to crazy but have fun for once. You’re too young to be a recluse all the time.” She finished and I laughed at her comments of being a recluse.
“I’ll have you know I kind of made a friend.” I retorted with sass.
“Is this person real or is it someone that’s a fictional character?” She asked seriously. I face palmed laughing.
“Mom, he’s real, I mean I think he is. His name is Stiles Stilinski, the Sheriffs kid.  He kind of just plopped down at my table in the library one day and kept bothering me and wanting to know more about me. I just kept blowing him off then yesterday, I saw Lynn, she was her usual rude self trying to bring me down, I of course stood up to her but she just kept going and then all of a sudden Stiles comes to the rescue, throwing some insults while grabbing my hand and led me away. Yesterday was kind of insane mom, and for the first time I don’t mind having someone around. It scares me,” I finished with a sigh.
My  mom was silent for a while then she spoke, “Wow, so he stood up for you in front of that girl? I’m glad your made a friend mija, God knows you need one,” she chuckled lightly, “I think he’ll be a good friend for you, and his dad is the sheriff so now I know you’ll be safe while we’re away. Don’t be scared, it’s normal to be nervous or apprehensive when you make a new friend,” she finished.
“Mom that’s not what I’m scared of, I’m scared that he’s slipping his way passed all the walls that I’ve created and that’s scary. I feel myself wanting to trust him, but the part of me that is scared feels like I’m just going to be let down again.” I expressed. “You know you can’t live your life like that anymore right? How am I supposed to have grandchildren when you won’t even get to know someone, I can’t die without having grandchildren Y/N!” My mouth was hanging open.
“Well that escalated quickly.” That was all I could say, not sure how to follow the rant she went on.
“Yeah and it’s going to escalate even more quickly  if you don’t stop trying to close yourself off from people because of fear. People sometimes hurt us but that’s life and that’s how we grow.” My mom responded.
“You’re right, ” I sighed, knowing I was not going to win because she was right.
“I know I’m right sweetie, mommy has to go now but remember to check in every so often and I’ll let your dad know that I talked to you,” She paused, then continued, “Please be careful out there, especially at night Y/N, it’s not the safest time to be out and about. Don’t forget to cleanse the house this week,” I mumbled a quiet okay and hung up.
The day went on in a lazy haze, I made myself breakfast which consisted of scrambled eggs and some bacon. I watched some TV for a while, then I gathered motivation to work on my homework. I still hadn’t heard from Stiles, not that I was paying attention or checking my phone every so often or anything.  When my homework was done I was tried of being at home so I decided to put on clothes and go for a drive, I looked at the time and it was around six o'clock in the evening.
I put on a pair of leggings, some cute black ankle boots, a plain grey shirt with a black and grey flannel wrapped around my waist. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and put in some dangling earrings. I have to admit I looked pretty nice, it was an improvement from the big shirt and shorts I’d worn all day.
I grabbed my bag, keys and phone as I walked out the door and getting to my car. My car roared to life, I plugged my phone and pressed play to the playlist I still hadn’t fully listened to. I didn’t even know what was playing but it had a nice beat so I turned up the volume, I rolled down the window and backed up out of my driving, I had no idea where I was going to go. All I knew was that I wanted to feel the cool air and drive around for a while to clear my head.
Before I knew where I was going I ended up at the look out point, where you can see all of Beacon Hills county. The lights and the clear night sky looked beautiful, so I put my car in park but left it on so I could listen to music, and got out stretching my legs. I took a deep breath and sat on the hood of my jeep. The stars looked perfect as they shined, the only light apart from the full moon that made the sky seem not as dark.
Maybe that’s all it takes, one glimpse of light to calm the overwhelming darkness and make it seem less dreary. I had never been terrified of the dark, in some ways it comforted me, but when I heard a howl break through the vibrations of beats coming out of my car I hopped off my car turning the music off, so I could listen. Then another howl erupted breaking the second of silence that had passed. It was almost as if the howls were communication, it was strange because wolves haven’t been in Beacon Hills for a long time.
I didn’t feel like I was in danger oddly enough though, it was more like I knew deep down that I’d be safe. After a while of not hearing anything, I went back to sitting on the hood of my car. I had zoned into a trance of sort, not thinking about anything, just staring out into the distance. My trance was broken however by the sound of a loud growl coming from my right side, I looked to the right gazing into the grim looking woods. I heard the growl  again and I could have sworn I saw a pair of dark eyes with a pale face staring back at me, I then saw a flash of red and then all four eyes were gone.
I was frozen, what did I just see? I jumped when I heard my phone ring a few minutes later, I jumped off the hood and got in my jeep answering my phone.
“Hello?” I didn’t look at the caller I. D.
“Uh, hey, it’s Stiles. I was wondering if you were home.” I was surprised to hear his voice but I couldn’t look away from the woods.
“Huh, what was that? I didn’t hear what you said.” I mumbled distractedly. I had an inkling to go and search for whatever I had seen just then but I also didn’t want to be the dumb person that goes after the strange thing in the woods and who turns up dead the next day. I couldn’t do that to my mom, she would die if I didn’t give her the grandchildren she so wanted. I could smell something that smelt familiar but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.
“Are you home right now? Are you okay?” He asked, concern laced with his husky voice.
“Um, no I’m not actually. I'm at the look out point, I decided to get out of the house but I swear I had just seen-” I gazed intently trying to see if I’d see those blood red eyes again.
“What did you see? Its not safe to be out this time of night Sunshine,” He asked nervously almost as if he had knew what the answer was.
“Hmm? Um nothing never mind. I think I’m imagining things. You’re right, I should probably head home anyways. Was there anything uh, you needed?” I spoke still in daze but I was trying to snap out of it.
“Well I was at about to head home from being out and I wanted to watch Star Wars,” Stiles said slowly, I mumbled and uh-huh with butterflies roaming around in my stomach, then he continued, “Well I was wondering if you wanted to come watch it with me? You don’t have to, its not an obligation or anything, I just wanted to pass an invitation.” He stuttered, unlike the cocky façade he’s shown me in the past, which made me smile. I contemplated it for a little bit.
“Hmm, well seeing as I have nothing better to do, sure I’ll come. Do you want me to bring anything, I could pick up some pizza on the way? Or Chinese?” I asked matter of factly but on the inside I was freaking out.
“Um, I could go for some Chinese, if that’s okay.” He stuttered again, I got the feeling he didn’t expect me to actually say yes.
“Sure, its no problem, what do you want? Or do you just want me to get like fried rice and chicken? Is it gonna just you and I?” I asked the nerves finally settling in.
With a chuckle he replied, “It’s just you and me and get whatever, I’m not picky,” and suddenly his smug attitude was back. I mumbled a quick okay and hung up, I turned my car around and headed to the Chinese restaurant dialing the number as I drove back into the city.
The line had begun ringing when I passed the animal clinic and I saw Stiles jeep  and Scott’s motor bike while Scott was carrying a guy in his arms. I slowed down and it was as if Scott knew I was driving by because he turned and looked in my direction, eyes glowing red, my eyes widened in shock. Those were the same red eyes I had seen in the woods next to the look out point.  I pulled the car over to the side of the road. 
I didn’t even notice that someone had answered my call saying hello, waiting for me to respond. I quickly hung up and stared at the steering wheel, my mind going blank. What should I do? Should I just act like I didn’t see anything and go to Stiles’s house? Or go to the Animal  Clinic and go there and face whatever that was?  It didn’t look as if Stiles would be home any time soon, so why did he ask me to go to his house? Why did he lie?  I felt confused and I had this feeling that if I ignored the situation, it would come back around and kick me in the face, so naturally, I turned around and drove to the Animal Clinic.
I pulled into the back and parked my jeep next to Stiles's jeep, the nerves were slowly eating at me as I nervously sat in my car while I decided if I was going to go through with this. I grabbed my keys, taking some courage from who knows where and I got out of the car. I made my way to the double doors I saw Scott and Stiles enter before, I took a deep breath, my hand on the door, I pulled it open quietly. I followed a dark hallway to another set of double doors that had a small window to peer in, I could see Scott and Stiles’ back in front of me, a guy laying on the table and a bald guy  examining the person on the table.
Fear started to explode within me, I shouldn’t be here, I suddenly wanted to run back to my jeep and not look back. I could here their voices as they asked questions to this strange man standing in front of them.
“What’s wrong with him?” Asked Scott. “ I don’t know. What happened to him?" Asked the bald man.
"He just called me sounding urgent, I knew something was off. He told me to meet him in the woods, then tried to kill me. Suddenly collapsed in front of me, The weird thing is his eyes were black instead of yellow like it was before.” replied Scott.
“He’s still a werewolf right? What does black eyes mean?” Asked Stiles. A werewolf ? Those aren’t real are they? I felt so confused.
“I honestly don’t know what that means but if I have to guess, black eyes aren’t a good thing," answered the bald guy.
"He hasn’t been back to Beacon Hills for almost a year right? I mean it’s been almost a year since-” Stiles cut himself off short, looking down sadly. I think they were referencing the girl who’s name was Alison, I heard that they got mugged and that’s how she died, I remember over hearing people gossip about it.
I could see Scott take a deep breath and freeze. I found myself freezing as well, my breath got stuck in my throat. Did he know I was there? I was so scared.
“Guys, I don’t think we’re alone,” stated Scott, he turned his head to the side like he was trying to hear for movement.
“What do you mean? We’re the only ones here, Lydia is out with Malia,” questioned Stiles. Please don’t look behind you, I thought to myself or at least I thought  I said it in my head. Apparently I whispered it out loud and Scott turned around and saw me, stupid, stupid me .  I was frozen in place what was I supposed to do, I’d been caught.
“I mean the girl standing behind that door right there. Come inside Y/N.” He pointed at me  and Stiles’s eyes widened when his gaze met mine. I slowly pushed the door open putting one foot in front of the other stumbling into the operation room.
“I think I made a mistake, is this not the Chinese restaurant?” I tried to be as convincing as I could’ve been but I knew I’d failed when Scott gave me the you’re full of crap look. I sighed not looking at Stiles at all while shifting from foot to foot.
“How much did you hear?” Asked Scott.
“Um, pretty much the whole thing.” I deadpanned.
“What do you mean the whole thing?” Asked Stiles, I could feel his eyes burning holes in my direction.
“Uh, just that you don’t know what’s wrong with the guy on the table, who’s eyes were black.” I looked at Scott nervously.
“She knows,” sighed Scott.
“She knows what exactly?” I asked confused my eyebrows furrowed.
“You saw me in the woods didn’t you? That was you wasn’t it? You know I’m a werewolf,” Scott pieced together.
“You’re a what?” I asked my eyes widened, but Scott gave me a weird look like he didn’t believe me, “Look, I honestly don’t know what you are talking about, I didn’t see anything, honestly. If you want to believe you’re a werewolf you go ahead. I think I’ll just head home,” I started walking backwards but I was in too deep, I knew that from the moment I stepped out of my jeep.
“You were supposed to meet me at my house? Why did you come here?” Questioned Stiles, breaking the silence which stopped me in my tracks.
“I was on my way to get the food, when I noticed you guys carrying that guy,” I pointed at the unconscious dude and continued, “I don’t know, I got this feeling like I needed to turn around and come here. I’m not exactly proud to be here. Especially when your best friend thinks he’s a werewolf,” I spoke quietly. Scott looked back and forth between the bald guy and Stiles,  I think they were trying to decide what to do.
“I can prove I’m a werewolf.” Scott sighed. In an instant his eyes glowed blood red for the third time tonight, his face changed into something that resembled an animal. Suddenly a smell surrounded me making me take a deep breath.
“Does anyone smell that?” I looked around the room, re-entering the room more completely. The same smell from the woods flooding my senses.
“What is it that you smell exactly?” Asked the bald man.
“It smells a lot like the herbs that my mom and I burn every few months around the house,” I tried to remember what it was they burnt, when I did I continued, “It’s Sage, Myrrh and Sandalwood. There’s something else there and I’ve only smelt it once, I think its Brimstone powder. It’s subtle though, so I could be wrong,” I felt weird, almost like I was in a trance of some sort.
“Why do you and your mom burn those herbs?” Inquired the bald man.
“Uh, I don’t really know all too much, it’s just something that we’ve done for as long as I’ve been alive. I asked once though and all my nana said was that Sage purifies and protects, Sandalwood cleanses and Myrrh heals. That’s all she told me but once I was old enough to be apart of the process. Since my parents are almost always out of town and nana died a few years, I have to do it.” The bald man nodded slowly, clearly pensive.
“The Brimstone powder is the weird thing though, my Nana said that if you smell Sulphur it means a hex or a possession has been placed. She said hex’s are the worst,  because most are irreversible. Possessions are a bit easier to take a way. If you smell the Brimstone powder it means someone tried to remove either the hex, possession or both.” I explained.
“How do you know so much about this? Do you happen to be a descendant of witches?” Asked the bald man.  I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.
“I’m not quite sure, what I do know is that my Nana was born in Louisiana. My great great grandfather was a medicine man and my great grandfather was a healer, so it was just something that was passed down through both my dad’s mother’s side and his dad’s side. When my dad married my mom, my Nana loved my mom so much that she taught her all the home remedies she knew to help protect the family,  the same went for me when I became of age. It isn’t something we talk about though or show others unless we trust them,” I replied quietly.
“Do you trust us?” Stiles asked, I glanced at him while looking around the room. I mean to some extent I trusted Stiles, that much I knew but Scott and this bald guy I didn’t really know enough to trust.
I then remembered when Scott was leading us out of class and I could sense this aura of authority and purity emanating from him. At the time I didn’t think much of it but now it arose a new question. If Scott is a werewolf who has authority does that make him an alpha?
“Scott by chance are you an Alpha?” I asked shifting from foot to foot.
“Yeah, I’m a true alpha. Why?” replied Scott. “I can’t say if I trust you guys ‘cause honestly I don’t really know you, but I have this feeling as if I’m supposed to help you.” I peeked up at everyone stopping when I was greeted with Stiles’s brown eyes.
There was something unreadable about his expression and it sent a shiver down my spine. I looked up and remembered that I had all the same herbs at home, “If we want to make sure I was right, I have the herbs at home?” I suggested.
Scott nodded, “Okay, well someone should stay with Isaac , while we go see if these herbs are the right ones.”
“I’ll stay while you guys go, my name is Deaton by the way, I realized that we hadn’t formally met yet.” Deaton had his hand raised for me to shake. I walked closer to him and took his hand smiling as best as I could, “Pleasure to meet you, I’m Y/N.” I stated.
Scott, Stiles and I walked out the doors, I  got into my car with Stiles sitting in the front with me, Scott said he wanted to take his bike and that he’d follow me. I tried not to focus on the glances Stiles would give me every five seconds. I pulled out of the parking lot, making my way home with an alpha werewolf trailing behind me and next to me is  this pale faced boy that was making me feel things I couldn’t comprehend. So I did the one thing I’m very skilled at, avoid eye contact  and conversation until I could sort out what I was feeling and where I stood around this boy and his friends.
The ride to my house was awkwardly silent the whole way there. Finally, arriving I pulled into the drive way, parked my car and got out. Scott wasn’t too far behind but he was far enough that it was just Stiles and I walking to my front door. I unlocked the door nervously, when I opened the door Stiles grabbed my arm preventing me from going in. “I can see that you’re trying to crawl back into that hole inside your head where you don’t want to talk to me and you want to avoid me. Stop it, you can trust me, Scott and the pack. I know it’s comfortable there, familiar even, I know you’re scared about getting involved in whatever is going on, but we will protect you, I will protect you.” Stiles took a step closer to me making my breath get stuck in my throat. He knew what was happening inside my head without even having to say anything. I glimpsed up at this strange boy that never ceased to amaze me, his eyes were studying me and he opened as if he wanted to say something but then Scott had drove  up the driveway and was walking up to my door. Stiles released his hold on me while clearing his throat, I entered my house with Stiles and Scott trailing behind me. I led them down to my basement, turning on the light as I walked down the stairs.
We had a special room that was used to store the herbs that were necessary for different remedies of sorts. I opened the door and turned on the light to see large shelves lining the walls with every herb someone could need. In the middle of the room there was a table, the table had a grinder and rope to bind the herbs. I walked to the sections where the herbs I had mentioned were. I grabbed them and handed them to Scott for him to smell, then walked over to where the Brimstone powder was and sniffed it. I was right, that was the powder I could smell even if it was faint.
“You were right, this is the smell coming from Isaac. I can smell it clearly now,” confirmed Scott. “Yeah, I’m sure the faint smell was the Brimstone powder.” I confirmed.
“Okay this is great and all but what do these herbs represent, why would Isaac smell like these herbs? How do we help him?” Stiles asked with furrowed brows.
“Well the main focus of these herbs are to restore what once was and to protect the user from harm. These herbs aren’t the hardest to come across but they aren’t easy either, meaning someone went through some effort to help your friends. Brimstone is pretty hard to come by as well,  so whoever this was knew what they were doing. The real question is what happened to him before to warrant someone to gather these herbs? Why hasn’t it worked?” I responded.
“Is there anyone you could ask about those herbs? To know more about their properties?” inquired Scott.
“I could do some research but its gonna take some time. My mom will know a little bit about them but I don’t know what will come of asking her. I’ll call her in the morning, till then I’ll look online for some info.” I replied, taking a deep breath.
“Okay, Stiles stay here and help her with the research, I’m gonna go back to the clinic and try to see if I can wake Isaac up. Maybe he can tell us what happened,” Scott started to walk out of the room but I stopped him, “Scott, wait take this with you and have Deaton burn some around the clinic, and put the brimstone powder around Isaac, if something negative is around, this will subdue it. He won’t able to leave the circle,” I handed him the Sage, Sandalwood and Myrrh that were already bound together and a little bag with the Brimstone. Scott nodded slowly and left,  leaving Stiles and I in the basement alone.
I grabbed some more of the herbs quickly binding it  and making two sticks to burn, I handed one to Stiles then I went back to the shelves to look for Blueberries, Juniper berries and Rowan and Rowan berries. When I brought them back I placed the items in the grinder, I added a touch of water then started grinding the ingredients.
“What are you doing?” Asked Stiles, he stepped closer to me peering over my shoulder.
“These are berries that offer protection from hexes and everything pretty much. It’ll become a paste and when it’s ready we have to burn the herbs while walking throughout every room making sure we hit every corner of the rooms. Then with this paste I will rub it one each corner of the outer walls of the house. The herbs cleanse the inside and the berries protect the outside.” I defined, “Since we don’t know what is wrong with Isaac I don’t want to risk anything negative to follow us here. When we’re done we can start on research.” I mumbled shyly.
“You are really are the most interesting girl I’ve ever met, this coming from a guy who dated the girl that was living in the woods.” He chuckled.
“I’m just going to take that as a compliment.” I muttered sarcastically.
“You should,” he smirked.
When I was done I lit the two bundles  taking one for myself  and handing the second to Stiles. I showed him what to do starting in the herb room, then around the main room in the basement. We walked upstairs to the main floor, repeating the process in the front room, kitchen, living room and den. Then we made it upstairs to the bedrooms and the attic. After we had finished, we made our way outside.  I had Stiles hold the container holding the paste  in one hand so I could take two fingers and rub some of the paste on each outer wall. It took about an hour to cleanse the whole house, by the time we were done I was hungry and the bundles were reduced to ashes. Stiles and I walked into the kitchen in which I told him to set down the container that once held the berry paste and wash his hands. When he was done I followed suit, my stomach grumbled loudly.
“A little hungry are we Sunshine?” Smirked Stiles, I rolled my eye a smile appearing on my face, “There it is, she smiled, ladies and gentlemen, she smiled.” Stiles joked, looking around as if there were a lot of people in the room.
“You do realize that we’re the only ones here right dork?” I scoffed.
“Wow Sunshine, what’s with the name calling?” Sniffled Stiles, he tried not to smile but failed miserably.
“This is going to be a long night isn’t it?” I mumbled to myself, shaking my head.
A/n: Hey Loves, I hope you enjoy this chapter! I’m sorry it has taken me so long to get this chapter out. I started school again but I’m trying to be consistent and update for you lovely people.  I love ya’ll :)

Little White Lies - Part Four

Ughhh I reread/redid this sooo many times and I still don’t really like it. But, eh. Let’s just do it.

Chapter One 

Chapter Three

Chapter Four 

5,650 words - yikes!

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” Nico muttered as he inched his way down the dimly-lit hallway. Slipping around the corner, he continued down another corridor - almost tripping over a coffee table against the wall and streaming a slur of hushed curses - then resumed forward again and counted the doors he passed. One… two… Nico came to a halt at the third and slid down the wall next to the door frame. He put his hand over his mouth to silence his heavy breathing and brushed his dark and still-tangled hair away from his forehead.

After managing to calm down he began to wonder what he was even doing there. Sure, he couldn’t sleep, but how does that explain why he had ended up outside the Prince’s bedroom? What was he even there for?

Biting his lip, Nico shifted onto his knees and pressed his ear to the door. He was met with silence on the other side. Was Will asleep? Wait, Nico thought to himself, of course he was. It was past three in the morning, why wouldn’t he be asleep?

Finally thinking clearly again, Nico decided he didn’t want to wake him up and began to get to his feet, using the door handle to push himself up. With a click, the handle dipped and the door swung open. He bit his lip so hard he could have sworn he tasted blood. He slowly leaned into the room and strained to see through the dark. “H-Hello?” he whispered. Feeling his hands shake slightly and his stomach lurch and twist into knots, Nico stepped forward, crossing the room quietly to stand at the edge of the bed - empty and neatly made.

Nico let out a breath, then turned and left the room, closing the door as silently as he could. Muttering to himself about how stupid that had been, he headed back to his own room. Why had he even left it in the first place?

When he gave up trying to figure that out, his mind flicked to the reason the Prince wasn’t in his room. Where would he be? Was he alright? - Not that Nico cared, of course. But if Will was taken by a cereal killer before the coronation, things would get complicated with the alleged ‘client’ Jason was talking about.

Huffing, Nico decided to just push it from his mind and flopped back onto his bed when he got to his room. For the second time that night, he found himself staring at the ceiling and tracing the pattern on the wallpaper with his eyes, sighing. “What am I doing here?” Feeling miserable, he flung his arm over his eyes and let out a trembling breath.

It was hard to tell how long it was before he fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the Prince wearing a navy blue tailored suit, walking confidently onto a platform at the front of a massive room full of people. The King and Queen stood to the right of the stage. Nico watched the scene from behind the three of them.

There was deafening applause from the crowd as Will took his place and waved at them. Nico felt himself smile a little. But the rare smile quickly faded as the applause came to a sudden halt and a hush settled over the entire room. Gasps traveled through the crowd, eyes widened, jaws dropped. Small children started wailing, their parents scooping them up and holding them tightly. Will and his parents spun around and their eyes locked on the strange boy standing behind them.

Nico could hear their hearts beat faster, as well as his own - a percussion orchestra banging against the inside of his head. Fear overcame their features as they stumbled back from him. Nico looked down to find his dagger gripped in his hand so tightly his knuckles turned milky. Before he even knew what was happening, he was striding toward the Prince, who fell backward and tried to scramble away.

Kneeling over him, he put a hand on Will’s throat to still his movements, though Nico wasn’t in control of his actions. His hands clasped at Nico’s forearm and he could see the terror in the Prince’s eyes. It was only until he followed Will’s horrified gaze that he realized his other hand was slowly raising the blade.

“No,” Nico wanted to yell. He wanted to scream, he wanted to stop. He couldn’t. The knife came down, Will cried out in pain, and Nico woke with a start. He pushed himself up on wobbling arms, gasping and struggling to breathe.

With a sigh, he pulled off his shirt, which was soaked through with sweat. Nico rubbed at his eyes and tried to get the look on dream-Will’s face out of his mind, but it was a futile attempt. He shook his head. Whatever, he thought. It wasn’t like he was going to be the one to actually kill the Prince, anyway. He was just a spy. Nothing anything like that dream was ever going to happen.

Nico laid back again and reached blindly for his phone on the bedside table. He checked the time. “Ten o’clock?!” he yelped as he jumped up, got tangled in the sheets, and toppled head over heels off his bed. “I’m three hours late! Shit shit shit!” For the next fifteen minutes, Nico scrambled around his room as he got ready. Hopping on one leg, he yanked on his pants, then swept his hair into place without bothering to comb out the knots while simultaneously brushing his teeth.

After going through a mental checklist of everything he needed, and then once again to make sure he didn’t forget anything, he bolted out the door and tried not to sprint to the kitchen. Thank god he didn’t have to punch in with one of those timeclock things.

Still struggling with the last button on his shirt, Nico walked toward Leo and Piper as they talked with one of the younger chefs about who-knew-what if Leo was involved. But they seemed to be pretty excited. Piper was the first to spot him approaching and waved. Leo looked over next and raised an eyebrow.

“You look like literal death,” he informed Nico once he was close enough.

“Thanks, I try,” Nico replied.

Raising a brow, Piper asked, “Do you know how late you are?”

“I overslept.”

“For three hours?”

Nico muttered something under his breath, then straightened and squared his shoulders. “Look, it was a long night, okay? Can we just drop it and talk about something else?” Of course, he didn’t mean to sound so harsh - it must have been the lack of sleep. The others seemed to catch on and reluctantly restarted the conversation they were having, sending him weary glances every once in awhile.

While they continued talking, Nico promptly zoned out, probably appearing as if he was staring at one of the chefs and effectively freaking them out, but Nico’s mind was nine miles away.

“-nk, Nico?”

His head snapped back to Leo, Piper, and the other dude - who still hadn’t walked away, oddly enough - all of whom were now looking at him expectantly. “Uh, what? Wasn’t listening.”

“I asked you what you think about coming to a party tonight,” Piper explained patiently, though Nico picked up on the slightest hint of playful annoyance. “We’re all getting off early, and there’s a really cool bar a few blocks into town. You in?”  

Nico paused and made a face. “Nah, wouldn’t be a good idea. Parties aren’t my thing. Plus… uh, I should probably call home. My family wants me to stay in touch.”

“Oh, come on!” Leo whined. “It’ll be fun! You’ll get the chance to get some more friends around the town.” Leo still thought Nico had come from Venice - though why he hadn’t questioned the lack of an accent and that he was ‘already’ fluent English Nico didn’t know. “Also,” Leo continued. “I am extremely curious to see what kind of drunk you are.”

“Ten bucks says he’s the reckless type that tries to jump off buildings and see if he can fly,” Piper added.

“I’m going with bipolar emotional sap.” Leo and Piper shook on it and Nico rolled his eyes.

For the next two hours and for the first half of Nico’s shift he went around the kitchen and took care of chores. He was already used to having to take care of the bakery basically by himself (because Hazel was no help at all, saying she had to study).

As Nico was stepping through the back door after taking out two bags of trash, the same sharply-dressed man that had approached him on his first day at the palace sauntered up once more. He stood straight and tall and adjusted his bowtie before speaking. “It has been requested you complete a task for His Royal Highness,” he stated, voice nasally.

The boy quirked a brow and turned impulsively, grabbing a broom leaning on a counter and sweeping the floor a few times before he paused and faced the man again, leaning on the handle. “Alright, and why is that?”

“I have told you before, please do-”

“-as you are told,” Nico finished. “Yeah yeah. Am I entitled to know what this ‘task’ entails?”

“This information was not disclosed to me. In any case, please report to-”

“Sorry, bud. I wish I could, really.” Nico feigned a distressed sigh and inspected his nails. “But, I’m a bit swamped with work here in the kitchen and if I don’t know what I’m passing my initial responsibilities up for, then I’m afraid I can’t help ya.”

The man’s eyebrows bristled and his face turned slightly red. He looked like a beet with bushy eyebrows and a mini mustache. “I assure you, any work His Royal Highness has made the decision to trust in you is far more salient than an obligation to complete such lowly kitchen chores.” He spat out the last part like Nico was some sort of cockroach for doing his job.  

Feeling himself becoming agitated, Nico replied in a steady voice from between gritted teeth, “Well, then I’m sure such prestigious work should be taken care of someone a little more important than a kitchen maid, huh?” He smirked as the man searched for an argument. Evidently not finding one, he tugged on the hem of his vest and walked off the way he had come, trying to keep his posture straight. Nico chuckled in victory - before realizing he now had to get back to cleaning. He groaned and continued sweeping the floor.

For the rest of his shift, Nico tried to listen for any gossip being spread around the staff as he finished up his chores. But no such luck. Either there were too much clattering and clanging and oven-beeping for the boy to hear, or these people didn’t talk as much as he assumed they would.

Before noon, three more people had come up to Nico, asking him to tend to something for the Prince. Nico found a way out each time, telling them he had prior obligations and that there must be someone else who could take care of it. It was getting annoying.

Finally, just as Nico finished cleaning the counters, his hair tied back and plastic gloves covering his hands, the clock struck half-past noon and various people took their lunch break. Nico quickly put away his cleaning supplies and yanked off the hair tie before heading for the main entrance to the kitchen. Leo and Piper tried to get his attention before he left, but he waved them off, spouting out a quick lie about how he forgot something in his room that morning.

He grabbed a bagel from a woven basket on the counter on his way out the double doors, crossed through the dining room outside the kitchen, then into the corridor. Taking big bites from his small lunch, he roamed around the castle, trying yet again to memorize the layout. He had pretty much gotten the first and third floor down, but there were still three others.

After exploring the second floor, Nico advanced to the fourth and roamed wherever the hallways took him. He had long since finished his bagel and was wishing he had a drink for the third time when he approached a door, slightly ajar, further down the hallway. As he neared, he heard familiar voices softly floating out into the hallway, keeping their tones hushed.

Nico slowly crouched down and inched his way toward the door, trying not to think about how similar this situation was to the one he was in that morning. Once he reached the edge of the door frame, he gradually leaned forward so that he could just see around the door.

It was a wide room, the walls lined with dozens of overstocked bookshelves and lamps hanging on the walls here and there. In the far corner from where Nico sat was a large maroon desk, scattered with papers, books, letters, and pens that had run out of ink and had been haphazardly tossed aside. There were two people, a man sitting at the desk with his head in his hands, and a woman with a straight and slightly stiff posture in a chair in front of him.

“He will do absolutely fine, Lester,” the woman assured him, “I believe he is ready.”

“Yes well, shall we agree to disagree?” the man replied bitterly, glancing up from where he had been staring at the wood desk. “He is just not ready to rule a kingdom! The mere thought is - just astonishing. He’s practically still a child.”

Nico had to bite his tongue to keep quiet. There was a reason he had recognized these voices. The King and Queen. And they had to be talking about Will.

“You’re being rash,” Queen Naomi informed him. “Still a child? You said the same thing when I suggested the coronation take place three years ago. Then, I could understand your concern for his maturity, but he’s almost twenty! I believe he is more than ready.”

The King shook his head. “I’ll believe it when I see it. He’ll have to really step up if he wants my blessing.”

Nico bit his lip. For about 0.2 seconds, he felt a pang of pity for the Prince, that his own father didn’t believe he could run the kingdom well - but it quickly dissipated when Nico remembered that he and the King shared the opinion. Stay focused, he told himself.

The King and Queen continued to argue, but Nico didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation after something wrapped around his bicep like a vise and yanked him backward, dragging him all the way down the hall while he tried to regain his balance. It didn’t work and he stumbled over his feet until he was jerked to a halt.

“Just what,” A voice hissed in his ear, “do you think you’re doing?” Nico swallowed and chanced a glance at his captor’s face. Recognition flicked through his face as he remembered the girl in the white dress with the black eyes and glossy hair pulled into a braid that rested on her right shoulder.

Nico struggled to find a way out of this one. “I-I was just,” he paused, clearing his throat as he tried to come up with an excuse, keeping his voice low. “I was passing by and stopped to tie my shoelaces.” He pointed to his foot for good measure.

“So you mean to tell me,” she started slowly, her voice low and perilous, “that you just happened to be passing by the King’s study while they happened to be discussing a topic of confidentiality and just happened to have to tie your shoe at that exact moment?” She raised a brow.

“Uh, yes. That is exactly what I mean to tell you.” Nico nodded firmly. She hummed skeptically and pushed him to his feet, allowing him to gain his balance before yanking him down the hallway again.

Once they were far from the King’s study where he and his wife continued on with their argument, the girl pulled Nico to a stop again and grabbed a fist full of his shirt. “Look, I don’t know what your problem is-”

“No problem,” Nico interrupted. “I tied my shoe, so I’m all good now.” She glared at him and he glared right back.

“I better not catch you trying anything funny with the Royal Family. Got it?” There was something weird in her eyes, the expression on her face. Her tone of voice and words tumbling from her lips gave the feeling that she was willing to protect the Royals at whatever cost. But Nico could see the flicker of doubt behind her eyes. It was almost as if she was forcing herself to come off as she was; forcing herself to seem loyal to them.

Nico wanted to ask but knew it was pointless. So instead he used her technique and put it in his eyes, hoping she noticed. “Got it,” he answered. She paused before letting him go.

“What are you even doing in this hallway? The kitchen is on ground level.” She crossed her arms.

Nico shrugged. “I was just walking around. I’m on lunch break.”

The girl rolled her eyes and scoffed. “That doesn’t justify you walking around in restricted areas of the castle. You shouldn’t be up here.”

“And you should?”

“Yes. I’m the Princess’s lady-in-waiting.” She looked him over once again. “You’re the same kid who needed directions to the Prince’s room about a week ago, correct?” Nico nodded. “I assume he wanted to get to know you like he does with all the other staff?” Another nod. “Did you let him?”

“No…” Nico knitted his eyebrows. Why was she asking?

“Good. But, he can be obstinate at times. He won’t give up, you know that right?” The boy grumbled and ducked his head angrily, dark hair falling in his eyes, as he explained about all the people telling him to go find the Prince and take care of something for him. He assumed that if bringing him his dinner a week before had been an excuse, it was justifiable that the reasons he was presented with earlier that day were excuses as well. He knew the Prince just wanted to dig up his past - for whatever odd reason - and The boy couldn’t let that happen, for more reasons than just the fact that he was a spy.

“It’s going to be hard to avoid the people he sends for the rest of today.” Nico sighed and rubbed his neck, trying to work out the knot that had been there for the past few weeks.

“Well,” the girl hesitated. “I guess I could help you out with that.”

Nico straightened and met her gaze. “You could? How?”

“I’m going to be busy for the rest of today and I need someone to watch the Princess while I’m gone. I was just on my way to meet up with someone and ask for their help when I ran into you. Now, I don’t trust you as far as I can throw you, but I don’t think you’re stupid enough to mess this up.”

“Uh, thanks?”

She simply nodded. “Kayla’s room is on the third floor, east wing. It’s two corridors over from the Prince’s. You can’t miss it, trust me.” Nico nodded. “You’ll just have to watch her for a few hours while I take care of a meeting. Think you can handle it?” Nico gave her a two-fingered salute and she turned and walked the way they had come - back toward the King’s study.

“Alright, then,” Nico breathed. “Guess I’m a babysitter now.”

Feeling much more confident about his navigation skills, Nico headed off toward the stairs and climbed down to the third floor, then set out to find Kayla’s room. As he walked down the hallway against the east wall of the castle, he got distracted by the view from the windows - which took up the entire wall. Below was an extravagant garden, full to bursting with white roses accompanied by eccentric tulips and violets and other flowers and plants.

Nico forgot to watch where he was walking as he stared out the window, and bumped into someone heading the opposite direction. Books went clattering to the floor as the other person grunted in surprise and papers flew all over the hall.

“Ack, sorry,” Nico muttered, bending down and reaching for a book.

“No problem…” Nico’s hands froze at the voice. You have got to be kidding me, he thought bitterly. “Hey, are you who I think you are?” Nico looked up and met the Prince’s gaze, a scowl on his face. “Ah, you are.” Will bent down as well, but not to pick up his things; solely to just be eye-level with Nico. “I’ve been sending for you all day. I don’t believe we’ve finished our conversation from last night…”

Nose twitching slightly, Nico shoved the books back into Will’s hands and stood. “Odd. I seem to remember it ending fairly quickly.”

“That’s the problem.” Will stood up as well. “I didn’t even get your name.”

Nico shrugged. “Call me whatever you like, your Highness.”

Will sighed. “I told you I didn’t like that.”

“Too bad.” Nico’s eyes widened and he clenched his fists as he realized the mistake. “I mean… I’ll… take that into consideration… Sir.” Nico ground the sentence out, each word practically causing him physical pain to let past his lips.

Will groaned as Nico pushed past him. “‘Sir’ is even worse! Is it so hard to just call me by my first name?” he yelled after Nico, but he never got a response. “Fine then.” Will sighed again and continued down the hallway after collecting a few more papers.

Nico eventually found Kayla’s door, plastered all over with posters and signs saying Please knock, and I may think about granting entrance - maybe, and Off with their head ye who barges in. There was one nailed to the center of her door, hanging on a string so that it could be flipped over, currently displaying the words HER ROYAL HIGHNESS IS AVAILABLE, in green glitter. Nico peeked at the other side, which read HER ROYAL HIGHNESS DOES NOT WISH TO BE DISTURBED. COME BACK NEXT MILLENNIA, in blue glitter.

Not wanting to have his head chopped off - according to the sign - he knocked and the door immediately opened. A girl of around ten years of age stood in front of him, ginger hair pulled into a high ponytail, a green headband to keep wisps from falling out.

“Who’re you?” She asked.

“I’m Nico,” he told her, offering his hand. When all she did was stare at it, he put it back down. “Your lady-in-waiting sent me to watch you for the rest of the day,” He explained, wearing a small smile.

“Oh.” Kayla opened the door wider to let him in. “I guess that’s fine then. But if you try to kidnap me, you’re in a heap of trouble, got it, Mister?”


“Right. And anyway, I don’t get why I have to have a babysitter for just a few hours. I mean, I’m almost eleven!” She brushed a few dolls to the foot of her bed and jumped on, pouting. Nico stood there awkwardly, not having the slightest clue what to say to the kid.

Her room wasn’t much smaller than Will’s, Nico noted. But it was drastically different. Her bed was smaller, a twin, and sat in the far right corner of the room. The walls were a light green with gold and white patterns. She had a pink beanbag chair, two chests full of toys, and Christmas lights looped the entire room where the walls met the ceiling.

“Are you bored?” she asked suddenly. “I’m bored. Let’s go exploring!” She hopped off her bed and grabbed Nico’s hand, pulling him out the door and turning down the hallway. “You’re new here, right? I’ll show you my favorite places in the castle.”

Before Nico could respond, he was being yanked down the hallway, vaguely thinking that maybe the small Princess had learned it from her lady-in-waiting. Kayla dragged Nico all throughout the castle, giving him her own personal version of the tour he received a week prior. After a few stops, she tugged him into the ballroom.

“Look, my big brother showed me how to dance that really fancy one that they always do at the big parties.” She positioned her feet and straightened, raising her arms around an invisible suitor and spun around the room, humming a waltz. Nico chuckled. Kayla glanced at him over her shoulder as she continued. “Do you know how?”

Nico shook his head. “Oh, no. Definitely not. Besides, I don’t think that I’ll ever need to use it.”

Kayla frowned and stopped dancing. “Of course you will. How else will you meet your Prince Charming?”

Nico smiled and shook his head, before fully registering what the little girl had just said. “P-Prince Charming?!”

She nodded, humming. “It’s in all the fairy tales. Will talks about it all the time. Seeing your Prince Charming from across the ballroom and feeling drawn to them like a magnet,” she explained, a wistful expression on her face, “and then you meet and take each other’s hands and dance together and fall in love and kiss at midnight!” She giggled.

Nico’s eyebrows furrowed. He highly doubted she knew what she just implied. And as for Will talking about it all the time, that was probably just because he read her the stories so often. “Yes, right… uh, how about we move on now?” Kayla nodded eagerly and continued on her favorite place tour.

Next stop was the garden that Nico had seen from the windows. Kayla navigated through the maze-like rows of plants and flowers taller than Nico, while he did his best to keep up. He was less afraid of losing her than he was of getting lost himself. The garden was at least three times the size of the massive ballroom, taking up an enormous space of land behind the castle. As he had seen from inside the palace walls, the majority of the garden consisted of white roses, but there were eccentrically-colored tulips and hydrangeas and countless others.

Suddenly, Kayla looked up from admiring a ladybug marching across a leaf, squealed, and ran off down the row. Nico’s voice rang through the garden when called out for her to wait, then hastily followed. As he rounded a plant he couldn’t name to save his life, Nico saw Kayla being swung in a circle by a girl in a single-strap white dress, caramel hair braided over one shoulder.

Nico wondered briefly if a white dress and braided hair was the dress code for women of the palace or something.

The girl - maybe around Nico’s age - set Kayla down gently and adjusted the young girl’s headband for her. Then she straightened and sent a glowing smile Nico’s way. “Hello!”

“Uh, hi?”

She smiled brighter and closed the distance between them, offering her hand. “I assume you’re the new guy I’ve been hearing so much about? Nico, was it? I’m Calypso. You can call me Caly.”

“Uh, nice to - wait, how do you know my-”

She chuckled. “Sorry, I’m sworn to secrecy.” She winked.

What the heck?

“I’m the palace gardener,” Caly explained. She gestured to the foliage surrounding them. “To me, this place is my palace.” Smiling fondly all around her, Nico couldn’t help but admire how happy she seemed to be. He also couldn’t help but wonder if that smile would last longer than a month. He doubted it; the coronation was in four weeks.

Not wanting to be rude, Nico let Calypso show him around the garden, telling him the names of the various plants and flowers, although he didn’t even remember one. However, he didn’t say anything and simply let Cally prattle on about them. There was something soothing in her voice that made you want to do nothing but listen - no matter what she was saying.

After Nico didn’t know how long and him trying to politely refuse a flower crown but Cally insisting and giving him one anyway, Calypso let them go and Nico followed Kayla back inside, where she turned off down a hall and continued onto their next destination. They walked for about ten minutes before she stopped in a random hallway, the walls covered with portraits of the Royal Family. Nico quirked a brow.

“This is one of your favorite places in the castle?” Kayla nodded. “Why?” A sly smile spread across her face and she raised an eyebrow.

“What, you didn’t notice?”

“Notice what?” Nico watched as Kayla stepped toward a painting sitting low on the floor, just barely bigger than she was, and pulled it aside. It slid to the left along a hidden track and revealed a small door that opened into the wall. Nico stared, dumbfounded. Giggling, Kayla pushed the door open and gestured to the hidden corridor it leads through.

“This goes all throughout the castle walls. I always win hide-and-seek.” She grinned. Meanwhile, Nico was trying not to make his own too obvious. He pressed his tongue to the inside of his cheek, shifting his weight onto one foot.


“You want me to show you? I’ve never told anyone, so you should feel special.” With that, Kayla grabbed his hand and pulled him into the secret hallway. He had to duck to avoid hitting his head on the ceiling, and his shoulders were constantly pressed against the walls, but he didn’t have a single complaint. After a week, his luck was finally turning. Nico had noticed that the people who worked at the palace didn’t gossip much - which wasn’t any help to him. But who knew what they talked about behind closed doors?

The Princess guided Nico all over the third floor, passing a surprising amount of empty rooms - including Will’s. While Nico was wondering (against his better judgment) where the Prince was, the door opened and a boy with dark skin and curly black hair crept in. Leo, Nico thought without hesitation. Assuming Leo was going to pull some prank on him, Nico opted to move on.

Nico let the Princess gain a lead a few times to pause and listen in on conversations between maids and other castle workers. Unfortunately, the topics never sparked Nico’s interest.

That is until he found Kayla’s lady-in-waiting.

They had climbed up a ladder to the fourth floor and continued through the tunnels when they came across a room with only a few cabinets and a small window, the girl standing stiffly in the center, talking quietly into a phone. Kayla got bored after a few minutes and continued ahead, but Nico hung back.

“Yes, I know,” she said. There was a pause. “I promise, things are moving forward. It’s just taking longer than I thought.” Another pause. “Because… let’s say…” she glanced around the room, not noticing Nico peeking in from behind a fake air conditioner. “There’s a… rat in the kitchen.” Nico’s hand flew to his mouth to keep from gasping. She couldn’t be…?

“No one else else knows; I’m keeping it under wraps to prevent a panic.” She nodded as someone spoke on the other end. “Yes… yes, I’ll take care of it.”

Nico slowly backed away from the vent and took off as quickly down the tunnel as he could, whispering Kayla’s name. “Kayla! Come on, where are you?”

Kayla’s head popped up from another ladder. “You rang?” She smiled. “I was waiting for you here.”

Nico let out a breath. “How do you even know that reference?”

She quirked an eyebrow. “What reference? It’s just something Reyna says all the time. Though, she always sounds kinda mad.” She shrugged and ducked down the ladder, Nico climbing on after her.

Nico and Kayla made it back to her room just before Reyna (Nico assumed her name was). After asking how things went and questioning Nico thoroughly, she allowed him to go back to his own business. By now, it was early afternoon. He still had a few more hours left to work in the kitchen. Nico’s mind was still reeling about Reyna’s conversation, and he didn’t even complain about having to go back to work; the distraction was welcome for the time being.

Hours later, Nico was cleaning up the dining room outside the kitchen when Leo and Piper, along with three other kitchen workers, burst through the doors, smiles on their faces. Nico paused from setting a table. “What’s up?” He asked.

Piper looked at him, exasperated. “You forgot?” Nico shrugged.

“We’re going to par-tay! Whoo!” Leo punched the air.

“I thought I told you guys I wasn’t going.” Nico shook his head and returned to struggling to remember which side of the plate a fork went on - whenever he tried to set tables at the bakery, Hazel would switch up the utensils and managed to thoroughly confuse him.

“Too bad.” Piper crossed her arms and nodded to one of the bigger kitchen workers accompanying them. He then stepped forward and grabbed Nico, then proceeded to drag him along behind the group like a ragdoll, him trying to get away all the while.

“Seriously, I’m not going! I’m underage anyway!” He yelled, clawing at the hand gripping his forearm. “Let me go!”

Leo turned his head to look at Nico over his shoulder. “Can’t do that, bud. See, Piper and I raised the bet on what kind of drunk you are, and I’m getting that fifty bucks if it’s the last thing I do.” Nico sighed.

It was going to be a long night.

Grizzly Bears : 6 [Zooplankton]


Summary: So exactly how does one go about pursuing a relationship with a gorgeous, temperamental, half demon who could also rip the world asunder just by thinking about it? Beast Boy sure as heck wasn’t going to find a copy of that particular self help book, but by always being in such close proximity to her, he figures he’ll just have to learn by doing. Future!BBRae.

Now, there was a perfectly good explanation for this.

There had to be.

Beast Boy was almost, almost certain that nothing of a lewd nature had occurred between them.

It couldn’t have.

Yet, for the life of him, he couldn’t remember the previous night.

How did they end up in his room?

How did they end up in his bed?

More importantly, where were his clothes?

[follow the cut for the rest!]

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Good news, I’ve got ALL* of the [new] cryptograms deciphered for you! In nice, easy-to-find categories, no less! (*With the exception of A) the Shape-Shifter’s page and the Blind Eye page, as there’s nothing new there to decipher. B) The seemingly random numeric values scattered on some of the pages. C) The possibly-morse-code(?) blocks.)

Naturally, there are SPOILERS FOR JOURNAL 3 below the break:

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notamaincharacter  asked:

Prompt 3 Gavin and Dan please!

3. “You came back.”

Really, Dan brings it on himself. Couldn’t keep his big fat fucking mouth shut, could he?

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Just for a second, let me pretend

Hey! Even more clichés are coming

Chapter 1/Chapter 2

The worst part of pretending to date Luna Valente is how little things actually change between them, and as weird as that seems it makes him ache for more, for that little bit more that he is getting now. Ache for the hand holding, the even more casual touching between the two, ache for the possibility of ever kissing her again. They haven’t kissed since that night and they haven’t even talked about it, but Matteo can’t stop thinking about it, about her soft lips and her small hands. He is screwed, he is completely screwed, and not in the nice way.

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anonymous asked:

Thanks for making my day better with your Bobby smut 😍 Can you please write another one with Jinhwan? Where you are jealous and he proves that he only loves you? Thank you

Originally posted by ygboys-ot11

a/n: Sorry if there are any mistakes. I hope that you like this and that it’s what you wanted! <3

Warning: This is a smut. If you don’t like smut don’t read this because there’s smut in it. 

“Jagi, where are you?” Your boyfriend asked over the phone.

“I’m on the way,” you answered his question as your legs moved towards a café you were supposed to meet Jinhwan at.

He had asked you to meet him there earlier. You didn’t know exactly why but he said he had a surprise for you.

“But where are you exactly?” Jinhwan asked another question.

“I’m literally a few steps away from the cafe,” you said.

“Alright, I’ll see you when you get here. Bye!”

“Okay, Bye!”

With a few more steps you reached the café, holding the door open as you entered. “Jagi!” You heard the sound of your boyfriend’s voice shout.

Your head turned in his direction. A small smile formed across your lips but quickly faded when you noticed someone sitting in front of him. It was a girl and she was very pretty. You felt as if she was maybe even better looking than you.

Who is she?, you asked yourself.

How does she know Jinhwan?

Why is she here?

“Jagi,” Jinhwan said as he came into view, pulling you out of your thoughts. “This is my best friend, Hyunsuk. I’ve known her since I was a kid.“ 

You took a seat next to Jinhwan as Hyunsuk (a/n: idk guys i just chose a random name.) greeted you. “Hello ____ I've heard a lot about you. It’s nice to meet you.”  

“Ah it’s nice to meet you to,” you said.

“This is the surprise. I wanted the two of you to meet because you are both important to me,” Jinhwan told you.

“Ah, I understand,” you said.

The rest of the time you spent at the café you were quiet. You didn't need to even mutter a word considering how much Hyunsuk and Jinhwan were talking. Something inside you darkened and changed your mood. It was as if the sight of them together was something you couldn’t handle. You felt sick and you were pretty sure that was the reason.

“Are alright _____? You’ve been very quiet,” Jinhwan said as he noticed your behavior.

“I’m fine it’s just that my stomach hurts,” you lied. “I think I might be sick.”

“If you don’t feel well, you should go home,” Hyunsuk said.

That’s the best thing you’ve said all day.

“Jagi, we should probably get going then,” Jinhwan said.

“Yea,” you agreed.

Jinhwan said a simply ‘goodbye’ to Hyunsuk, and not wanting to be rude you did the same. Then the both of you walked out of the the café. Though you had walked there Jinhwan drove, so you both decided to take his car back home.

It was a quick drive but it seemed even quicker once you lost yourself in your thoughts. You couldn’t help but wonder about Hyunsuk and Jinhwan’s relationship. The way they were with each other just didn't sit well with you.

Jinhwan finally pulled into your driveway and you both got out of the car. You made your way inside the house, kicked your shoes off at the front door, and walked up to your shared bedroom. He was following right behind you but you paid no attention to him until he spoke.

“Do you wanna tell me what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, just a stomach ache,” you said as you turned around to face him.

“Obviously it’s something else,” he said. “Does it have anything to do
with Hyunsuk?”

“Maybe,” you said.

“Why? Do you not like her?”

“No, she’s okay. It’s just that I feel as if you have a stronger relationship with her than you do with me,” you admitted.

“So you’re jealous,” Jinhwan said. He moved closer to you, his eyes getting darker.

“I’m not jealous,” you said, denying the fact that you really were jealous.

With every step he took forwards you took a step backwards.

“It’s okay jagi you don’t have to be jealous.”

He moved closer and you backed up a bit. The back of your knees hit the mattress and you knew you couldn’t move any farther.

“Well, what if I am jealous?” You asked. “What would you do about it.”

His hands landed on your hips as he said, “I’d have to prove to you why you shouldn’t be so jealous.”

“Then prove it.”

He took action and quickly pulled you into a intense kiss. As it got more and more heated he reached for the hem of your shirt. He pulled away from the kiss for a second only to pull the fabric over your head.

You used your hands and reached down to get Jinhwan out of his pants. You found the zipper and pulled it down. His pants fell to the floor and he quickly stepped out of them.

He pulled away from the kiss and said, “there’s really no reason for
you to be jealous of her,” before he lightly pushed you onto the bed.

You landed on your back and his short frame was standing over you. Jinhwan’s hands went to unbutton then unzip your pants. He moved to pull them and your panties down at the same time. Then he rid himself of his shirt before leaning down to place soft kisses on your neck.

He had both hands on your hips. You felt one of them move up your side
and around your back. He unclasped your bra which you had forgotten
you still even had on.

Jinhwan’s kisses moved up from your neck to your chin. His lips finally reached yours again and you slipped your tongue into his mouth.

The kiss was getting more heated. Jinhwan pulled away from the kiss and used his fingers to tease your entrance, while looking you in the eye.

He started by slipping two fingers in you and moving at a pace that wasn’t to fast or to slow. You rolled your hips into his fingers and he knew that you were already used to the feeling. Without warning he added a third finger and began to move them a bit faster. You tried to hold back your moans and it showed.

“Don’t,” Jinhwan said. “I want to hear you.”

With all the pleasure he was giving you it was hard to hold back anyways. So, you listened to what he said and let out a moan. You were literally a moaning mess and yet you still wanted more of him.

Your hand moved down towards the waistband of his boxers. “Jinhwan..“ You moaned, making an effort to show him how much you wanted him.

He noticed your efforts but continued to thrust his fingers inside of you. Jinhwan’s pace was even faster if that was possible, trying to get you to your climax as fast as he could. You knew he had succeeded when you felt yourself come. Jinhwan slowly continued to move his fingers as he let you ride out your high.

He took his fingers out of you and stood up. You whined at his actions, not sure if he would come back to you or not. Though you were satisfied when you watched him take off his boxers and free his erect member.

Soon enough he made his way back over to you. Jinhwan used the palms of his hands to spread your legs apart a bit more. He placed his tip at your entrance then slowly thrusted into you.

"Damn jagi.. you look so beautiful like this,” he said as he began to move his hips into yours.

He moved at a slower pace than his fingers did, it let you feel every inch of him. Jinhwan pulled his member all the way out then steadily thrusted back into you as he kept a slow pace.

This continued for a while, his hips moving at a slow but equally pleasurable pace. His thrust were slow but deep and he had began to slightly pick up the pace.

Your stomach turned and your legs felt weaker. You knew that you were nearing your second orgasm of the night. Jinhwan’s thrust were less steady and you knew he was close. He continued to move inside of you and you came undone, he soon did as well.

He pulled out of you and collapsed on the bed next to you. Jinhwan's hands wrapped around your waist as he held you close to him.

“You shouldn’t be jealous,” Jinhwan told you. “..and why would you be?”

You thought about his question for a second. Then you realized why it bothered you so much.

“Well she’s pretty and you’ve known her for longer than you’ve known me …I guess I just thought that the two of you had a better connection than we do,” you said.

“We have a connection, but it’s only in a friendship kind of way. What me and you have is way more then that.” 

"I know, I was just really worried.”

“Well don’t be worried ..or jealous because I don’t want you to feel like your not important to me.”

“Okay. I won’t be worried anymore.”

“Good,” Jinhwan said. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” you said back. 

anonymous asked:

Coulf you please write some cute horse riding Sterek fluff? :) :)

“Hello, my lady.” Stiles does a ridiculous imitation of a bow and Derek is aware enough of his feelings that he doesn’t even feel guilty for thinking Stiles is adorable. “Ready for your next lesson?”

“Yes, yes!” Beth yells, jumping up and down in glee. “Mr. Stiles, did you know grandma is going to give me a pony?” She reaches out for his hand, smiling. “She pinky promised and everything.”

“Really?” Stiles asks, genuinely surprised. When he looks up at Derek and realizes the man is scowling he huffs out a laugh. “I don’t think your dad likes that idea very much.”

“Where am I going to keep a pony?” Derek says. “In my apartment?”

“Of course, daddy!” Beth says. “He can sleep in my bedroom!”

“I don’t think that’s –”

“You can keep it here if you want.” Stiles says, making Derek widen his eyes. “I can take care of him for you and when you come for your lessons you can ride it!”

Really?” Beth shrieks, throwing her little arms around Stiles’ waist and hugging him tight. “You’re the best, Mr. Stiles!”

You are the best, my lady.” He says, making Beth’s smile grow. She loves compliments.

And Derek loves to see his daughter smile. Of course, as a normal kid it’s all she does – thank God – but the fact that Stiles is the one making her do it? The guy who’s been tormenting Derek’s dreams and making his heart flip every time they meet. That guy? It’s almost too much.

As he notices Derek’s look, Stiles frowns slightly. “Hey, Beth? Why don’t you ask Miss Allison to help you put your adorable clothes on? I’ll be there in a second.”

“Okay!” Beth says, happily. “See you later, daddy.” She tugs Derek’s sleeve until he is kneeling in front of her so she can kiss his cheek.

“Bye, sweetie.”

Once she entered the girls bathroom with Allison, Stiles turns to Derek. “Sorry for that I just – your mom is going to pay for it, right? And with the pony here you won’t have to worry about –”

“It’s okay.” Derek interrupts. He knows enough about Stiles now to recognize when the other man is about to go on a rant. “It really saved me the trouble. But, are you okay with that? I mean, you have enough work around here and –”

“Nah.” Stiles waves him off. “What’s another horse when you have thirty?” He smiles. “And besides, Beth seemed really happy. She’s just – well I don’t need to tell you how adorable she is, you made her.”

Derek snorts. “Yeah, sometimes I don’t believe it myself.”

Stiles flinches. “I didn’t mean it like –”

“I got it, Stiles.” He laughs, waving his hand. “Really, it’s okay.”

“Sometimes my filter doesn’t work.” Stiles sighs. “But I swear I’m not like this around the kids!”

“If I thought you couldn’t take care of my daughter, I wouldn’t let you give her riding lessons.” He swallows, looking into Stiles’ beautiful brown eyes. His beautiful face, the moles doting his cheek. Jesus, he’s so fucking gone. “You’re doing great.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey Lyssa, I was thinking about a fic of eremika, where the 'war' wasn't over yet, and they find out Mika was pregnant, with the storyline through the battle, or something & if u didn't write one like that, pls could u? Something fluff & cute & happy

Okay this is a little sad cause I chose to follow canon, but still fluffy cause they so sweet to each other. This was so hard to write knowing that really time hasn’t gone by that fast and they’re only 15 still (okay I had to fudge the time a bit since I know it was confirmed it’s only been 3 months since Trost but I needed Mikasa to actually be showing which take 3-4 months lol so here it’s been about 3-4 months since they got Eren back.) The poor things would be terrified. What I did like about writing it was I think Eren has matured so much, and I feel even at fifteen he understands things so much more than he did during Trost. Babies ;-; 

It was just the nerves Mikasa told herself. They were going back to Shigansina, her home before it was taken away from her. That probably was enough to make anyone feel sick every morning. Eren asked one morning after he held her hair back as she got sick over the toilet what was wrong. Mikasa told him she was nervous about the mission, about seeing what their home had become and he nodded in understanding.

As she sat on her horse heading out to reclaim Wall Maria she knew it was anything but just nerves. Really she supposed she knew all along but it wasn’t until she watched her normally completely flat stomach start to curve out that she knew. They were always so careful; they didn’t have the luxury of having anything to protect against pregnancy so they took their own precautions. Clearly, something didn’t work as well as they wanted.

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Because of her

Note: Isaac is your brother.


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In Derek’s Apartment:

“Cora stop worrying, I’m sure she’s fine.” Derek said annoyed.

Derek tried to make a plan how to stop the Alpha’s from killing his little sister and himself but he couldn’t focus because of Cora’s heartbeat.

“No one heard from her Derek, I don’t know if you ever loved someone but I do and I’m sorry to bother you with my problems.” She replied sharply. “I know that something is wrong.”

“Listen, I know that you love Y/N but right know we’ve other problems. Deucalion want me in his pack and if I say no, he would kill either me or you. I’m sure she’s fine, ask Isaac he’s her brother and will know where she is.”

Cora had feelings for you since she saw you for the first time. You were Isaac’s little sister and were often by Derek’s before he kicked your brother out. You became friends with Cora and to be honest you wanted to be more than just friends but were to shy to tell her. You didn't even know if she liked girls, you thought for her you’d only be her best friend.

Cora stood up from the couch and pulled her jacket over, “Fine.” she answered pissed and got out of the Apartment and over to Scott’s.


Scott’s House:

Before Cora couldn’t knock at the door, Isaac opened it with huge eyes. “Damn it.”

“Woah, I’m sorry I’m not Allison.” Cora said.

“No sorry, it’s not that. I thought you’d be my sister.. Have you seen her lately? We had a fight a couple days ago and I thought she’s go to you.”

“No, I haven’t seen her. I’m worried myself, she doesn’t answer any texts and I don’t know what to do, Derek won’t believe me and I-”

“-believe you what?” Isaac questioned quickly.

“Something is wrong, I think she’s hurt or-” She paused and thought about how she could probably know that. “I don’t know maybe she’s with Ethan or Aiden.”

Isaac looked now more worried because he had suspicions why Cora thought that, “No I already called them and Scott is looking for Y/N right now. He told me to stay here, if she comes back. Stiles is with Lydia and they look for her too but I heard nothing form anyone since hours.”

Cora took Isaac’s hand, she doesn’t need to hear more. She wanted to look for you and she knew where to start.


The Beacon Hills First National Bank:

It didn't take long til Cora and Isaac were at the Bank. Isaac knew that Cora was afraid of what they could find in the Bank but she could hide her feelings very good. Isaac walked in the Bank and Cora right behind him. Both of them could smell you as they walked inside but Cora could especially feel that you were here.

Isaac walked upstairs the turned off Elevator while Cora stopped. She smelled your blood and as she found where it was and touched it, her eyes started to glow yellow.

Isaac stopped as he noticed that Cora found something, “Something wrong?”

Cora turned to Isaac with her Werewolf eyes, “I know where Y/N is.” 

She ran upstairs the Elevator, around a dark corner, followed by Isaac and there you are.. laying at the cold ground unconscious, next to Scott who has a bloody face and tried to wake you up. Cora stood still and was shocked while Isaac ran immediately over to Scott and you.

“Y/N, wake up. Please Y/N.” Isaac said worried.

Cora walked over to trying to hide her tears, she knelt and touched your hand. In the moment she touched you, you opened your eyes and took a deep breath.

“What the hell?” Isaac asked.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Cora questioned with a smile.

You saw her tears and wiped them away, “I’m okay. Scott?”

“I’ll be.” He replied and smirked, he was glad you were alive.

“What happened?” Isaac questioned curious.

“I wanted to talk to them-”

“The Alpha’s are you out of your mind?” Cora asked mad while you sat up.

You looked at her, “I don’t want them to kill you, if that was a mistake I’m really sorry.” you replied sarcastic and stood up with your brother’s help.

Cora was everything to you and you were pretty sure that, if you would be a Werewolf she would be you Anchor. You didn’t want the Alpha’s to hurt the only person, besides your brother, that understand you to kill. You hated the imagine that everyone of your friends would fight sooner or later against them. As you got into the bank and saw the Alphas, you could talk to Deucalion. He knew that you weren't a threat, but as Scott came Ennis and Kali attacked him and as you tried to get between they throw you against a wall.

“You’re human! That was stupid, I can protect myself.” Cora argued.

“No you can’t!” You shouted mad. “You want to but you can’t and you’re not alone anymore. You could have so many friends, if you would stop from thinking that everyone would hurt you if they would see how sensible you really are. Cora, I love you but I swear if you ever say that you can protect yourself again I’ll slap you into the face.” You ripped Isaac’s shirt a bit and made it around Scott’s rips, you noticed that he had a big wound there. “This needs to be sewed.” You said calm again.

Isaac and Scott were surprised how you talked to Cora because you were actually the nicest person on Earth. Cora looked at you with a smile while you were holding Scott because he was weak.

“Promise me you’ll never do this again.” Scott laughed soft and you nodded with a smile, you were thankful that Scott found you and fought against them even when he lost.

You noticed that Cora was smiling at you, “What? Do you think that’s funny?” you questioned sharply.

“You said, I love you.” She replied still smiling. 

Then she stepped closer to you, took you face gently in her hands and kissed you. You stopped holding Scott and he almost felt but Isaac could catch him before, you pulled Cora closer to you and smiled while you kissed her for the first time.

“Wow.” You said as you both stopped kissing and smiled.

Cora smiled back. “I think we should bring Scott in the Hospital now.” She replied as she noticed that Scott could barley hold himself anymore, you nodded and Cora helped him to stand.


In the Hospital:

After Melissa sewed her son, his wound healed. Your head hurt and Scott was still weak but you two were fine, you were alive. Stiles, Lydia and Allison came into the Hospital and wrapped Scott, Isaac and you into a big hug, while Cora waited til you were done, Scott pulled her into the hug as well because he knew how important she was to you and you were important to the pack.

“You’ll never talk to any Werewolves accept them of Pack ever again.” Stiles instructed with a smile and you raised an eyebrow. “And her.” he laughed and you had too.

Cora started talking with your friends and you enjoyed her smile while she did, your brother came next to you and you smirked a bit.

Isaac wrapped his arms around you, “I thought I lost you.” he said while he put his face in your neck. “ ”I know you said you don’t want the bite-”

“I still don’t want to.” you responded soft after he let go of you.

“Yeah, I know.” he replied and smirked. “I just wanted to say, that you will never need to be one. She’ll protect you.” He looked over to Cora. “I could only found Scott and you because of her. She felt you miles away, you’re Cora’s Anchor.”

anonymous asked:

Chloe is a high school teacher and beca comes to get her for a lunch date. But when she walks into the classroom the class is still in session and then the q&a begins. The kids didn't know chloe had a fiancé (fiancée) and definitely not that it was a girl.

Beca stood outside the classroom for what was probably a touch too long, seeing as she very possibly already wasn’t allowed to be in the building without a guest pass, and stalking a high school class wasn’t the most socially acceptable thing to be doing at the current moment. Or, like, at all. 

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badboy!calum Imagine

cliquecalum requested: hello katie!! can u write a badboy!calum blurb where u accidentally find his notebook of scribbled song lyrics and what he would do if u found out some of them were about u? :-)

Let’s face it, school is always so boring. Being near the end of school only made the agony even worse. But nothing had prepared you for the hell that your next class offers each day.

Since the beginning of the school year you’ve sat in front of the one and only, too-bad-ass-for-anyone Calum Hood. He was a genuinely quiet guy at first - in fact he used to be slightly dorky. You got to know him a bit, became great friends; you guys even hung out for countless hours every week. It seemed like the start of a genuinely amazing friendship, or maybe something more.

That is, before he ran into Michael Clifford and his gang. Now he thinks he’s some hot shit because he beefed up, got a few tattoos and changed his style. He’s got the ability to charm any girl into his bed, only to toss them aside the next day and still have them hooked on him. A true asshole at the finest.

Despite this, the girls seem to love it; they think he’s so cool and mysterious, yet still the sweet guy he was before. They’re wrong, and only you seem to know the difference. He’s changed, and not for the better. All he does is act like an asshole now, and you’ve got the unfortunate experience to prove it.

“So, Y/N, how does it feel to still be a loser?” His taunting voice whispered in your ear. You didn’t even have to turn around to know that he had his cliche signature smirk.

“I dunno, how does it feel to be an asshole?” You replied quietly, trying not to draw attention. The last thing you needed was a scene - and another detention.

“Someone sounds hostile. What have I ever done to you sweetheart?” He asked mockingly, pushing your buttons even more.

“Take a look in the mirror, Calum. Maybe you’ll see past your shallow, pathetic interior and see something deeper.” You sighed, trying to give up on the conversation. You didn’t have the patience for him right now; your grade in this class is dropping quickly and you don’t need any more distractions.

“Well, this one time I looked in the mirror and saw myself balls deep in this hot chick, if that’s what you mean.” He laughed. “Y’know what I think? I think you wish that was you.”

“GOD DAMMIT CALUM YOU’RE SUCH AN ASSHOLE!” You shouted as you turned around. Right now, you don’t care about getting detention. Calum crossed a line. He may be right, but it pissed you off how vile he was about it.

“Y/N Y/L/N! DETENTION!” Your teacher shouted at you, causing you to turn around and blush. Calum couldn’t contain his laughter as you slunk down in your chair, annoyed and embarrassed.

“Guess I’ll be seeing you after school, Y/N.” Calum whispered in your ear, his voice almost seductive. It gave you shivers - both the good and bad kind.

Another half hour later and class finally got out. Your mind had been slipping throughout the rest of the lesson, so you were very slow to pack up your things. You purposefully blocked the aisle Calum had to walk through to annoy him, trying to do something to get back at him for earlier.

“Move.” Calum mumbled as he shoved his way past you. You let out a loud groan as the contents of your backpack spilled out onto the floor, mumbling curses at him under your breath as you went to pick up your things. 

An unfamiliar white notebook caught your eye; on the corner of it, scribbled in messy handwriting, was ‘property of calum hood’. You nearly called after him, to return the notebook, but you opted to take it instead, and give it back to him later. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find some embarrassing things in there instead of things like science notes.

After a whole lunch hour of reading the notebook, which turned out to be his song book, a part of you really wished you’d called after him.


Detention is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. More than half the time, the teacher in charge isn’t even here - he just keeps the door locked so we don’t walk out. However, it’s worse than bad when it’s only you and Calum in the room.

You wanted to give his song book back, but after viewing the contents inside, you’re not sure how to approach it. One wrong move, and all hell will probably break loose. You rested your head on your chin as you pondered a way to bring it up, as well as go over responses for any questions or accusations you got from him.

“Y/N!” Calum shouted, practically in your ear. You turned your head to glare at him, but as soon as your eyes caught his, you found yourself unable to hold his gaze.

“What do you want Calum?” You muttered, trying to forget everything you’d read in his song book.

“Penny for your thoughts?” He asked. You wondered why he was even interested in your thoughts, and why he seemed to be acting nicer to you; that is, until he made a snarky comment. “That face you were making looked really weird.”

“Just shut up Cal.” You retorted, leaning your forehead in between your index finger and thumb in an attempt to shield your blushing face from his gaze.

“Awww c’mon, I wanna know what’s got you so hot and bothered.” He replied. If he was a cartoon character, you’re certain his mischievous smile would have one of those flashy glints to it. But now, it was time to get him to be the flustered one as you pulled out his notebook from your bag.

“Well, I just so happened to find a certain notebook on the floor…” You started, smirking at Calum’s face as it’s typical cockiness was replaced with wide-eyed nervousness. “And it happened to have the most peculiar things in it…”

Calum opened his mouth to say something, yet was unable to produce any words. Truthfully, he didn’t know what to say; there’s no way he can dig himself out of this mess, let alone leave here unscathed. Something was bound to happen, and all he wanted to do was disappear from the face of the earth.

“The little notes on the sides of your songs are so cute. Here, let me read one.” You taunted as you opened the book. Calum just sat in his seat, his head held down; you assumed he was embarrassed.

“All I can think of is Y/N during this line. She’s so out of my limit.” You read, unable to suppress a smile. As much as an asshole Calum is, you were certainly pleased that he wrote such sweet things about you. “So, Calum, just how far out of your limit do you really think I am?”

Calum heaved out a sigh, and looked up at you. What shocked you was the tears in his eyes. He hadn’t exactly shed any yet, but it seemed as though he was about to. “You’re far more than a little bit out of my limit Y/N.”

You wanted to say something to make him feel better, because as much as you wanted to humiliate him you hate seeing people cry. But Calum continued, his words reeling in your mind. “You’re way out of my limit. When I first met you, I thought I kinda had a shot. And then I met Clifford and his friends and, well, for once I felt like I belonged with someone. I changed my style a bit and stuff, and because of that I felt a lot more confident. I felt confident enough to ask you out. And then I started getting all of this attention from other girls, so I kinda just went with it. But then I saw the looks you gave me… you looked like you hated my existence Y/N. It hurt, and I don’t deal well with rejection like that so I thought it’d be easier to just hate you back. I know I’m an asshole now, and I know I can’t make it up to you, but for the love of God will you please stop rubbing my feelings for you in my face. It hurts too much.”

After his little speech was finished you noticed how tears began to fall rapidly from his eyes and immediately felt like an asshole. Sure you thought Calum was the asshole, but here you are rubbing his feelings for you in his face, pouring lemon juice on his open wounds and there’s nowhere for him to escape it.

“Hey… Cal?” You started. He gave you no response, just sat there with his head in his hands and occasionally sniffling. “Look I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know that’s what you felt like, I just heard some nasty rumors about Clifford and thought you were trying to be a replica of him. I shouldn’t have judged anyone before getting to know them first. I’m sorry for making you cry, I honestly didn’t mean to hurt you like this. Think we could, y’know, start over?”

Calum looked up at you, his eyes bloodshot and still teary, yet holding the largest amount of happiness you’ve ever seen in someone’s eyes before. “Yeah, let’s start over.”

Sick Day

As usual, huge thanks to all of the messages I’ve been receiving from all of you, they are amazing. They are also part of the reason this chapter took so long. You guys need to request things before I’m already half way through writing a chapter lmao.

Sorry if this feels shorter than usual, I am really heavy with homework lately, but I wanted to post a chapter for you guys.

[Sans Days] [First] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [Previous] [Next] [16] [17]

Warnings: Nightmares, sickness, Gaster mention, souls.

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the-golden-dragoness  asked:

I don't think Dagur is dead. I feel as if his death was slightly awkward and it didn't do enough in the plot. We also saw Dagur for a total of two episodes and was mentioned for less than a minute in another. There just wasn't enough Redemption!Dagur and it makes me think why they would even bother putting him in season 3 if he was only going to die so quickly. He had basically no impact on the dragon hunter plot line which is why I will always be in denial.

Ehehehe, I totally expected to get 300 asks on the topic, and here we are! Thanks so much, friends, for being curious about my thoughts regarding Dagur, his redemption plot arc, and whether or not I think this plot arc is finished.

So! Let’s talk Dagur plot arc from RTTE S3 and finish it with a discussion on whether or not he’s actually dead!

Dagur’s Change of Heart

I will admit, personally, I was not too impressed with Dagur’s characterization in season three. I do not want people to feel bummed out or upset with my opinion, and we all have a right to our own personal perspective and enjoyment of this television series. For people who are interested about my thoughts and why I am not too gungho about redeemed!Dagur, I’ll explain below.

As several of you mentioned, we did not have too much time with redeemed!Dagur. We had those two episodes, “Enemy of My Enemy” and “Family on the Edge”… and that’s it. In addition to that, the content we saw was not very well developed when it came to establishing a change of heart and characterization in Dagur’s person.

I think there were the seeds of a lot of good things that were not fully capitalized as they could have been. For instance, one thing I really liked in “Enemy of My Enemy” was seeing Dagur oscillate from being crazy and trying to pen himself up into a nicer person. Sometimes he would get carried away and start yakking on derangedly, just as we knew him from before. While I think it could have been written and portrayed a lot better, I did appreciate the effort given in the writing, animating, and voice acting to show a transition period for Dagur.

I do understand that “Enemy of My Enemy” takes several months after “Maces and Talons,” which provides a lot of time for Dagur to change over time. We as audience members are supposed to believe we’re seeing the tail end of Dagur’s epiphany and personal reformation. I am fine with seeing a little bit of a jump in personality given the timeline jump, but realistically, someone like Dagur would not change that much in that short of a time. Someone psychopathic like Dagur would probably struggle a lot more with containing himself. Living alone might have given him some reflection time, but interacting with Hiccup would have been his first real test as a person, and he passes it too well. I would have liked a much smoother transition from crazy-evil-Dagur to thoughtful-redeemed-Dagur.

I also feel like it was too much of a change. While the show itself makes reference to that, with Hiccup asking what alternate archipelago he has landed in, I feel like Dagur’s redeemed self needed to be scaled back and not made that good. Someone with probably twenty-odd years of terrible, selfish, hateful, nasty, psychopathic habits is not going to be a golden boy in three months. Give Dagur some change? Sure. I can take it, maybe. I’ve always felt like he’s someone much better as an insane, killing, intimidating psychopath with no boundaries, and that someone like that psychologically has very slim chances of reforming and having a realistic character arc. Still, I could have taken some limited change on Dagur’s character, such as we see at the end of S2. But completely change who he is down to his core in two episodes? It’s not very good writing, and the utter metamorphosis of his personality felt very strange and hard to believe… not from denial, but from a sense of what realistically would occur.

That said, now that I’ve stepped away from the episodes and have had time to process them, I think I can appreciate Dagur’s characterization and change more than I did the night I first watched S3. I can look back at S2 and see that there were already being some changes made to Dagur’s personality during that entire season. You do see him warm up to Heather, free her at the end of the season, and give some demonstration of affection and sympathy toward her. There are those lead-ins. They could have been done better, but I can see the logical framework behind it, and the progression that was intended. And while redeemed!Dagur might not have been very realistic, there’s no denying that he’s a bit fun to watch on screen.

I did have fun watching Dagur learn to ride a Gronckle in “Family on the Edge,” after all. I did like seeing Dagur and Hiccup work together to survive in “Enemy of My Enemy.” I loved seeing Hiccup want to kill Dagur, Dagur saving Hiccup, and the tensions of the youths as they tried to figure out if Dagur were good or not. I loved seeing Heather freak out upon reencountering him, and I got touched upon seeing him die and Heather read the letter. The characterization, in my personal opinion, was poorly done from a writer’s standpoint, but it still was fun. Like seriously, was anyone else grinning and laughing like a fool when Dagur and Fishlegs became buddy-buddy Gronckle partners, doing tricks together? I sorta unexpectedly loved that. Dagur’s a dork and quite fun to watch like this.

In fact, “Enemy of My Enemy” was probably the episode with which I had the most fun. It’s really entertaining to see Hiccup and Dagur working together. You can see the skepticism and distrust radiate from Hiccup, but also see from Dagur’s actions that he has - legitimately - changed. If he wanted Hiccup dead, he would have dropped Hiccup from the cliff. If he wanted information, there were so many other ways he could have done it. There were some notably fun things about redeemed!Dagur, even if it wasn’t perfect, and I like enjoying it as much as I can!

Dagur’s Death

I am agnostic but lean closer to Dagur being dead. I can go one way or the other, and here’s why:

In favor of Dagur’s death:

  • Stoick’s death was on screen, but we don’t really get that in the television series. They do a lot of implied deaths, and really, it’s better that way. The way they’re going to animate a death, it will be implied. Exactly as we saw happen with Dagur.
  • All the characters watching believe - with no question to it either way - that Dagur dies.
  • Dagur’s dagger floated and sunk into the ocean. It’s a symbolic image. The dagger is gone and drowning. Dagur drowned too. Visually, I feel as though that is a great indication that Dagur is real-deal-dead.
  • Dagur’s death is much more emotionally impacting if it’s the real deal here. We cheapen the moment s-i-g-n-i-f-i-c-a-n-t-l-y if he turns out to be alive. His characterization in S3 might not have been done well, but the writers should know better than to cheapen this moment!
  • The music choice in the background was “Stoick’s Ship.”
  • The inclusion of Dagur’s last words make it feel, story-wise, as though we’re ending the arc of his life. He gave his farewell and final words. Those sound like something the writers would want to be the last thing Dagur ever says.
  • Season two foreshadows Dagur’s death with the line, “The traitor always dies.” The foreshadowing is satisfactorily fulfilled if this death is real.
  • Douglas Sloan made an… interesting… twitter post a while back that made fans worry someone would die. Welp. It seems it happened?
  • BOOK SPOILERS: Dagur’s death noticeably parallels a big moment in the books. The writers included a lot of parallel moments from the book series this season, and so if they are paralleling that famous book eleven moment here… then Dagur’s got to be dead to keep the parallel.

Against Dagur’s death:

  • We didn’t strictly see him die. He could have survived something like falling into the water after an explosion. Dropping a dagger doesn’t mean that Dagur is gone - it’s really visually vague. What’s happened on screen is basically what happened with Alvin the Treacherous in “A View to a Skrill”, and he turned out fine.
  • A lot of the evidence mentioned above, such as the music choice, could have been intentional fake-outs.
  • Dagur’s characterization was extremely short in season three. It might make more sense to continue this a bit more rather than give him two redeemed episodes.
  • It’s a very common trope to make it look like a character dies, but they’re actually alive and will make a comeback in a dramatic moment. As fun as RTTE is, it uses a lot of these common storytelling devices, especially in concern of the Oswald’s family drama. It means I can imagine the writers using this well-known plot device for the Oswald family drama, too.

Personally, I lean closer to Dagur being dead than not being dead. I know there are a whole lot of skeptics about Dagur being dead, and I think most of the individuals to whom I have spoken about S3 think he is not dead. I could be wrong, but I am going to take my vote on the “he’s dead” camp.

Now, I don’t have high confidence about this prediction, and I can see a situation in which Dagur returns. I can admittedly see this easily, especially given what I’ve seen the writing team do in RTTE S1-3 thus far. But I think things make more sense by and large if we say he’s gone - the arguments are better in favor of dead versus alive. I also will be the first to admit my thoughts are influenced by a high amount of bias, the bias of wanting Dagur to be dead.

I am worried that he will return - because, honestly, I feel like it’s better for the story if he’s gone. From a storyteller’s perspective, I want Dagur to be dead. Even though his characterization was not solid in S3, I at least want him to have that heroic, memorable ending. That moment was emotional and I want it to keep its full impact as the actual canon death of Dagur the Deranged. To cancel that out, I feel, would be to cancel out a very cool thing in the story. 

So, perhaps out of stubbornness for getting what I want, I’m going to vote “he’s dead,” but watch ahead in S4 with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Today's Memory (8/?)

Idea from the prompt by missyousofaar to the Captain Swan Network. 

During the Spell of Shattered Sight Emma and Elsa defeat the Snow Queen but are turned into children in the process. How does the town deal with two magically gifted little girls, especially when one develops a crush on a certain pirate?  

Also on ff.netPart 1 Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 on Tumblr

Rated K+ for fluff and shenanigans! 


Killian was tired. He had not slept well the night before, too busy worrying about Emma and Elsa’s predicament, and had spent the morning with the very energetic citizens of Arendelle. He had thought to spend a pleasant morning in the ice cream shop sampling flavors and encouraging Elsa to learn how to make ice cream. Instead Elsa quickly mastered the skill and Anna and Kristoff only tried one flavor (Anna preferred the chocolate, while Kristoff devoured the carrot sherbet). Anna had suggested exploring the town and since Elsa agreed Killian had no choice but to follow. After going into dozens of shops and speaking to more people than Killian even knew existed in Storybrooke Anna announced that she was hungry and they headed back towards Granny’s. 

As they walked into the small diner they heard a high pitched squeal. 

“Killian! Elsa! Over here!” Emma was bouncing in her seat at a booth with her parents and baby brother. Killian felt a wide grin lighting up his face as they made their way over. There was a moment of confusion as a table was moved to create enough room for everyone to eat together. But then Ruby arrived with menus and a smile. 

“That’s LIttle Red Riding Hood!” Emma exclaimed to a round of chuckles. Killian didn’t know what story Emma was referring to but found her excitement endearing.

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