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Chapter 2 

Pairing: Jimon
Word count: +3k (+5k in total)
Status: In progress (chapter 2/?)
Summary: When Jace sees Clary with her new boyfriend, he regrets ever breaking up with her. To get her back, he hatches an elaborate scheme that involves Jace seducing Clary’s new boyfriend. He thought he’d planned it all perfectly but the one thing he hadn’t accounted for was how charming Simon Lewis would turn out to be. Based on the movie Plan B.

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What exactly is the difference between a cyborg, robot, and an android? I'm incorporating robotic animals and people (that have a sort of consciousness and mind of their own) and I'm trying to figure out how exactly to describe them and what they would eat and such? I googled and found many different descriptions. Sorry I'm new to sci-fi so I thought I'd see what your thoughts are!

OK, I’m sure you’re getting lots of different answers because it’s hard to keep track of everything going on with enhanced and artificial beings. So let’s start with the easiest category to explain.

Cyborgs-Have you seen Teen Titans? They have a character called Cyborg. The backstory for Cyborg is that he is an athlete that was injured and his father saved his life by turning him into a cyborg-a human augmented with robotic parts.

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Other notable cyborgs would include Robocop.

Robots- So originally the word Robot was penned by Isaac Asimov. It was used to talk about an artificial human with a positronic brain. It used mathematical computations in order to complete tasks given by humans. Eventually the positronic brain reached the point where robots were able to think on their own. Eventually the term robot shifted to refer to devices that are operated by humans or programmed to operate in a specific way. Think about it as robotic.

Androids-Androids are the evolution of the term robot. An android is an artificial human that is capable of thinking independently and making decisions without being told what to do. The best example of an android would be Data from Star Trek: the Next Generation.

hello!! after seeing hoshino’s recent post on instagram i felt that we as a fandom should do something to show support and love for her between now and the release. here’s how this will work:

on tumblr, twitter, and instagram, i want as many of you as possible to post something with the tag #keepwalkinghoshinosensei, and say how you got into d.gray-man, how long you’ve been into it, and what it means to you, as well as a message of love and support for hoshino from all of us. you can draw art for her if you’d like as well.

as well as this, leave a message on hoshino’s most recent post on instagram using the tag and give her support and love and tell her we’re all proud of her for coming this far and we’ll be supportive no matter how many updates we get. even if you’re disappointed that dgm will be released quarterly, do not include that in your message.

there’s no set deadline or goal for this. between now and the 17th, and beyond that, if we keep posting support across these three sites i hope hoshino will see our support, and that’s all i’m aiming for with this tbh.

please post on instagram as well as tumblr. hoshino will highly unlikely see our supportive messages otherwise. but since the fandom is very active on here i felt a starter post would be better on this site than twitter/ig. posting on tumblr is simply to signal boost the tag and get it popular, instagram is where we mainly need to post stuff.

so yea, no idea how big this will turn out but if we can get enough people involved so that hoshino can see it that’d be great!! thank you ♥