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Bug emojis across platforms ranked by me, not-a-space-alien


Overall a decent bug, pretty hairy but the invisibility of three of its legs clashes with the otherwise hyperrealism of its style.  6/10


Now that’s a bug!  Not backing down on the number of legs it has and with a second pair of antennae on its posterior and the shine of its magnificent carapace.  9/10 


Are you even trying?  Where do I begin–the atrocious art style, the total lack of personality?  2/10 and the only reason I don’t give it a 1/10 is because all bugs at least deserve some recognition 


I take it back.  1/10.  Go back to Fisher Price


Overall a cute bug but suffers the same curious problem of missing half its legs.  The poor dear also is missing their antennae. 5/10


Good color scheme. 6/10


My initial reaction is to skewer the design for the blatant anthropomorphization of the face and upright posture but I can’t get angry at those deep, caring eyes and cute, nubby antennae.  8/10 has no mouth but must scream


A fresh new perspective on the issue. 7/10


What are you doing?  Is it a worm or a caterpillar?  It has legs, but only one pair and the way it’s holding them out coupled with those dead, hollow eyes makes it look like a restless zombie worm of some sort.  I will give it points for being very cute though.  4/10 give them legs back

Emoji One

This one is hideous, but still not as hideous as the monstrosity that Samsung managed to put out.  I’ll give it a 2/10 only for those ruddy cheeks 


Aesthetically, this is the ideal form for this emoji to take.  This is the kind of bug that would appear as an extra in a body horror film.  The lift given by the legs and the sharpness of the pincers impart an added layer of authenticity.  10/10

dream daddy: offers me a wide selection of cute single dads, including a dark and handsome stranger, a socially awkward music lover with a liking for flower crowns, and my childhood best friend who has grown mysteriously ripped in my absence

my masochistic ass: let’s go for the emotionally repressed priest with a wife and four kids

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here, and ask about your opinions on INFP weaknesses and strengths, and your general view of the type. I personally-as an INFP-love INTPs, and thought of myself as one for a long time because we're generally like-minded people. So I'd like some insight on your views. (:

:D I like INFPs too!

Disclaimer: these are my anecdotal personal experiences. None of this is theory but the people I got this information from may be mistyped.

Best and worst traits are from the perspective of me, an INTP. 


  1. You get HUGE crushes on people you don’t know well.
  2. You’re angsty. I’m pretty sure you’re the angstiest type there is.
  3. Reality isn’t good enough for you. This isn’t always a bad thing but it usually is


  1. Super chill.
  2. Huge nerds.
  3. Really creative and you come up with cool ideas but like, in a different way than I do which is AWESOME.
  4. You do that NF thing where you have to constantly be becoming a better person at all times.
  5. Really accepting.

First 365 to REBLOG will get their URL put in a jar.
And every day in 2014, I’ll pick out a URL and write them a nice message on anon. 
Please only reblog only once, likes do not count. 
I’m copying this from someone, but I just thought it was super cute.

claude faustus??? ?oh my god i can’t fucking stand him— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of claude spill out of jacket] i want to impale is ass w-with a knife these aren’t mine i-i just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i-i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of claude scatter across the floor] for fuck’s sake i’m holding them for a friend just listen