i thought i was gonna throw up when they were talking about the hot tub

Sex Bomb (Smut)


Request:  Yo can you make an imagine about buying the sex bathbomb and taking a bath with shawn that leads to some slow passionate sex ?

Word Count: 2,217

Sex Bomb

“Are you done yet, please?” Shawn whined at me.

I was holding another dress up in front of me, looking at myself in the mirror.

“Soon babe, I promise” I assured him.

He stuck his tongue out at me, obviously very annoyed with me. It just made me laugh, though. He was cute when he got frustrated. Shawn leaned against the wall in the store, doing his very best to let me know, he surely wasn’t happy with me.

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My Fake Boyfriend Part 5

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2200

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 Part 4 

credits to the gif owner

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Saying that shopping with your mother was the most boring and tiring thing you have ever done in your life was an understatement. She made you try every single dress that she found cute or that she thought you would look cute on you. It didn’t matter if you liked it or not, she was in charge.

After hours of trying things on and not finding anything that you and your mother agreed on, you decide to go to a small boutique outside the city. You used to always go shopping there when you lived here and you had faith that you would find something that you liked and your mother agreed.

“You should have bought that last dress, you looked beautiful in it.” You watch as your mother starts the car “It was a white lace dress, the bride would kill me and I’m planning on going back home safe and sound.” You say in a serious tone, you didn’t want to cause any more drama.

“You could always use it with James; I don’t know, you were just so beautiful in that dress.” You put your hand on your mother's shoulder squeezing it lightly “It’s a little earlier to start thinking about wedding dresses, don’t you think?”

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3. Wingman // Nurseydex

« {Part 3 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: sorry, this is two days late, but it’s also almost 3k, so…. hopefully that makes up for the tardiness? also! please note that this fic doesn’t have anything to do with ngozi’s short comic, wingman. your characters are safe. content warning for underage alcohol usage.

This is definitely not what Dex signed up for.

He’d expected Nursey Patrol to involve limiting Nursey’s shots and keeping him from dancing on tables, which, okay, would have sucked, but this is honestly not much better.

“Soooo, have you met Dex?” Nursey says for the third time this night, like imitating Neil Patrick Harris is still funny. He’s dragged Dex over to yet another group of female athletes that he’s going to have to do his best to avoid for the next three years of his college career. Nice.

“Hi,” Dex says awkwardly. “I’m Dex.”

“Pssh, I just said that,” Nursey says, slinging an arm over Dex’s shoulder and leaning on him only a little more heavily than he might have done sober. “He’s usually a lot brighter than this, ladies. He’s a CompSci major­—super smart with computers and shit. Plus all that typing means he’s good with his fingers, if you know what I mean. Just look at those hands—”

“Okay, that’s enough, Nurse. Sorry, you guys, um. Bye.”

He pulls Nursey away from the girls and—fuck, he’s pretty sure one of them is in his Stats class, dammit. Nursey stumbles behind him obediently, letting Dex drag him over to the kitchen. Dex fills Nursey a glass of water and Nursey drinks it dutifully, standing next to the fridge.

“Okay, so remind me why you’re trying to humiliate me in front of half of Samwell’s female population?” Dex demands when Nursey finishes the glass.

“‘M not humiliating you,” Nursey insists, then waggles his ridiculous eyebrows. “I’m trying to get you laid.”

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Montgomery x Reader Imagine (Part 1/?)

So on my other blog I asked if someone would like series imagine when Montgomery is fwb with reader and because I got over 70 notes at the moment and felt like a rockstar I decided to start a new blog for this and for everything related to 13 reasons why.

1. It’s going to be a series, so they haven’t gotten really close yet.
2. English is not my first language, I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes or something, if you spot any, feel free to let me know :)

It was last Friday before school started again and Bryce decided to throw his typical huge pool party. You didn’t really feel like coming but Sheri called you about 50 times in last two days asking you to come and you finally gave up.
“Mom, I’m leaving! See you tomorrow!”, you shouted leaving the house. Your parents let you stay at Sheri’s place so you didn’t have to worry about coming home and still being a little buzzed.
“Bye honey, have a nice time!”, you heard your mom when you were closing the door.
Jeff, you best friend, was already here, waiting for you in his car.
“Jeez, I always have to wait for you”, he said when you got in.
“It’s nice to see you too, Jeffrey”, you ignored his moaning.
“Don’t make me wait for you after the party, or I will leave you there", he threatened, but you knew it was a joke.
You have known each other since you were 5 years old, he’s for you like a brother and he treats keeping Bryce away from you as his full time job.
“I’m staying at Sheri’s place so you don’t have to wait, don’t worry”, you smiled at him.
“Someone’s gonna get wasted today, huh?”
“I don’t know yet, Sheri made me go", I shrugged my arms.
Fifteen minutes lates we were at Bryce’s place, Jeff stopped the car and you went at the back of the house.
“Yooo, Jeff, Y/N!”, Justin Foley was the first one to notice you two.
“Hi Justin”, you answered looking for Sheri.
“Hey, you”, suddenly she jumped on you from behind. “ You got everything?”
“Yep, ready for sleepover”, you smiled.
“ Great!”, she clapped. “Where’s your bathing suit? Get changed and lets go to the pool”
“It’s already on me”, you let her look under your t-shirt dress.
“What do you have there, I wanna see too”, you hear Montgomery as he comes to you and Sheri and he puts his arms around your and her shoulders.
“You’re funny man, Monty, really funny”, you clapped his chest, and go with Sheri to put your stuff next to hers.
“I think he has a thing for you”, she said.
“Who, Monty?”, you laughed. “Come on, he has a thing for anything that moves”.
Suddenly someone grabbed you around the waist and throwed you into the pool.
“What the fuck?!”, you screamed when you resurfaced out of the water and saw who throwed you in. “Zach, you know I can’t swim”.
“Yeah, that’s why Justin waits right there, to grab you if there was a need”.
You turned around and saw Justin standing behind you.
“ Great, but couldn’t you wait until I take my dress off?”, you asked.
“Come on, we’ll grab some drinks, you’ll hang your dress on chair, it will be dry in less than hour”, Sheri gave you her hand and helped you get out of the pool.
You are a simple girl, you see vodka, you mix it with cola and so you did this time. You took of your dress and suddenly Monty showed up out of nowhere.
“I will wait in the pool”, Sheri mumbled and went to the pool as fast as glass full of drink let her.
“Lookin’ good, Y/N”, he said as he eyed you up and down.
You took a straw, put it in the glass, turned towards him, put it in your mouth and took a sip looking straight in his face while he stared at your lips probably imagining the straw was his dick.
Fucking horny bastard , you thought to yourself.
“In your dreams, Montgomery, in your dreams”, you walked past him.
“We’ll see”, he whispered.
You went to the pool and sat next to Sheri.
“Hi, guys”, Jessica swam to you. “What did you said to Monty, he stares at you all the time”, she asked.
“I told you”, Sheri punched your arm.
“And I told you”, you punched her too, “that he stares at anything that moves”.
“Well, yeah, it’s Montgomery, but…”, Jess took a break to take a sip of her drink, “there are bunch of hot girls in bathing suit today and he stares ONLY at you”.
“Probably because I’m one of very few left that didn’t make out with him”.
“You know, that if you do it some time, we won’t judge you”.
“Okay, I will make it clear”, you put your glass at the edge of the pool. “I admit, he’s fucking handsome and… I mean… Look at those abs. But other than that he’s so fucking stupid, typical arrogant jock, hot head that is first to fight”
“Alright then”, Sheri smiled.
All three of you are in the cheerleaders team so you spend some time talking about new routines and moves you could incorporate.
“Ladies”, Justin and Jeff came up to you, “ We need two of you to play a round of beer pong with us”.
“You drink, Atkins?”, you asked.
“No, I’m just gonna throw the ball, someone else is gonna do the drinking part”
It was obvious Jess is gonna play with Justin and because Sheri wasnt really into drinking games you had to play with Jeff.
“I just finished my drink, so I’m in, just bring me my dress” you pointed it as you didn’t want to walk past bunch od jockes wearing only bathing suit.
“Yes, ma'am”, he went to grab it and you slowly got out of the water.
You and Jess both were terrible at beer pong, so the game lasted ages and more and more people were gathering around the table waiting for their turn. You throw a ball and missed again.
“ Oh fuck me, Y/L/N”, Monty rolled his eyes.
“You wouldn’t handle this, babe”, you answered and everyone giggled waiting for him to response. Justin giggled so much he missed the shot while Jessica and Sheri stand speechless with their mouths open.
“Alright”, he said with a halfsmile.
Few hours later it got chillier, so you get in hot tub with few other people.
“Guys, I gotta go”, Jeff came over to say bye.
“You leaving?”
“Yeah, I promised dad to help him in the morning”, he said. “Girls”, he turned to you and Sheri, “if you need a ride home just call me.”
“My dad will pick us up, but thank you”, Sheri said.
“Okay, see you on Monday”
“Bye, Jeff”, you waved at him.
Some time later Sheri went to help other girl get to the bathroom, cause she felt sick and Justin and Jessica left too after you told them to get a room when the started heavy make out session. You soon regret it, cause suddenly it was only you and Montgomery. He got into got tub, holding to shots of tequila.
“Will you do me this honor?”, he handed you one of the shots.
“Whatever”, you rolled your eyes and drank tequila looking him right in the eyes.
“So…”, he started with a cocky grin on his face. “It’s just two of us. In a hot tub. Wearing barely anything”
“I already said it today, but I will repeat it for you”, you lean a little bit towards him, “this time read my lips. In. Your. Dreams. Monty”.
“Oh really?”, he asked still looking at your lips.
You felt his hand softly going up and down your back, you could’ve moved away but somehow you didn’t want to. He grabbed your waist, pull you closer and basically attacked you with his lips. And again, you didn’t push him away. Instead, you tucked your fingers into his hair pulling yourself even closer to him. You still hated him as a person, nothing has changed, but there was something about his kisses and his touch, you didn’t know what it was, but you didn’t want it to stop. It made shivers going down your spine. You felt him smiling as he moved his lips to your ear.
“Liberty high’s sweetheart also has needs, huh?”, he whispered and started kissing your neck. Alright, Monty came back to being Monty.
You felt his abs clenched under your touch.
Oh boy, I will fuck you up and you will not like it , you thought.
You felt him sucking your collarbone.
“No hickeys, Monty”, you slightly moved away.
“As you wish”, he pulled you back closer, started kissing you jaw. His hands went from your thighs, to your butt, squized it, went higher up to untie your bra.
“Easy boy”, you moved away from him, he couldn’t reach your back anymore so he placed them on your thighs moving closer again.
“No, no, no”, you whispered putting your foot on his strategic place and rub it gently.
Seeing grin of satisfaction on his face, you slowly came closer, but he wasted no time, grabbed you by your hips, put on his lap and kissed you again. You took his hands and put them on edges of hot tub.
“Keep your hands to yourself”, you said looking him in the eyes.
Your hands went slowly through his elbows to shoulders and down chest to the abs. You sucked his bottom lip, put tip of finger under his boxers and moved it from hip to hip. You felt him growing under you.
“Do I turn you on?”, you asked getting of his lap, placing your hands on the inside of his thighs.
“God, you’re so hot”, he whispered.
“Y/N!”, you heard Sheri.
What a perfect timing.
“Yep?”, you asked.
She was standing in the entrance and couldn’t see you from there but you still moved as far away from Monty as possible.
He looked confused as fuck.
“My dad is here, we gotta go”, she shouted.
“Okay, I’m coming”.
“I’ll bring you a towel, so you can dry yourself”, she went back inside.
“What the fuck are you doing?”, Montgomery asked, still confused.
“Liberty high’s fuckboy also can get played, huh?”, you whispered into his ear.
You left the hot tub.
“Get back in here!”
“Or what? You gonna chase me around with your boner?”
You saw Sheri coming up.
“It was fun”, you said louder.
“Here”, she gave you a towel.
“Thanks”, you started drying yourself.
“Boys are inside, they have some weed if you want”.
“Thanks, Sheri, I’m good”, de la Cruz tried his best to sound normal.
Sheri helped you pick up your stuff, you looked at Montgomery, saw him biting his fist. You put your dress on and grab your stuff.
“Good talk, Monty, see you on Monday”, you waved and followed Sheri to the car with a smile of the satisfaction on your face.

Let me know what you think, is it okay if I write in second person (is that even second person)? More action and more smut coming soon x

Purity Ring (Grayson)

You scrolled through your phone aimlessly as Ethan and Grayson, your boyfriend, filmed what would’ve been their fifth video that day. They had a strict schedule since they had promised the fans they would be posting twice a week. Grayson was currently laughing his usual loud laugh at something Ethan was doing, knocking his concentration away from the video — this was the usual. The amount of things they had to cut out just for a seven to ten minute video would probably shock most or maybe it wouldn’t to anyone who knew them well. 

They were currently in the midst of ‘Q&A’ video and you were hoping they hadn’t included anything pertaining to your relationship with Grayson.  People had speculated that you were dating, especially when pictures leaked of the two of you on a dinner date the week prior but you had managed to keep it low-key and avoid all questions until you felt ready to let the world know.

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Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series - Part 7

Originally posted by stylesinthewild

Part 6

“HAROLD!” Nick shouted when Harry walked into the fish and chip shop a few minutes after leaving the house. 

“Heeey,” he laughed wrapping his arms around him in a hug. 

“About time you decided to grace us with your presence,” Nick said. 

“Yeah, well unlike you I was working,” he smirked. 

“Oh yeah, cause lounging by the pool in fucking Jamaica is working,” Nick rolled his eyes. 

“It is! ” he defended. “Anyway, I’m hungry,” he said making his way to the counter. 

After they got their order, they sat down and Harry put his phone on the table. When he did, his lock screen lit up revealing a picture of you in Jamaica. It was one of his favorite photos of you. You two were laying in one of the hammocks near the private beach watching the sunset. He tried sneaking a picture of you without you knowing, but you turned to look at the camera just as it snapped. You had a genuine smile on your face in the picture and you looked perfect to him, it became his lock screen photo ever since. 

“Hold the fuck up,” Nick said grabbing his phone. “Who is this lovely young lady?” 

Harry reached for his phone as all of the blood rushed to his cheeks in an attempt to get it back. 

“Did you have a secret little rendezvous in Jamaica, mate?”  Nick smirked. 

“Yes… and no,” he mumbled finally able to grab his phone out of Nick’s greasy hands. 

“I can’t believe you’ve been holding out on me,” Nick said. “Tell me everything, spill the tea!” 

Harry rubbed his hands over his face. “Why must you be all about the gossip?” 

“I’m in the radio business, what do you expect?” He smirked. “Plus, I’m your mate, your best mate, at least I thought I was, yet, you seem to be very apprehensive in telling me about your little lock screen lady.” 

Harry sighed taking a bite of his chip before throwing it back in the basket. “Her name’s Y/N and yes we hooked up in Jamaica, but not in like a one-night stand type of way.” 

“Annnd?” Nick said. “There’s more, I know it, so spill it, Styles!” 

“Jesus, will you shut the fuck up,” he groaned. “We don’t need the entire shop knowing my shit.” 

“Sorry, it’s just you’re fucking dragging this shit out. It’s like ripping off a band-aid,” he said. 

Harry sighed. “She’s my girlfriend… and my videographer.” 

“Shit, girlfriend? Already, you certainly move fast,” Nick said. “And she’s your videographer, as in, she works for you? Does that not complicate things?”

“It didn’t really happen all that fast. I mean we were living in the same house, spending all day together practically, so eventually feelings developed and it just felt right,” he said. “And yeah, she technically works for me, but it hasn’t complicated things yet,” he shrugged. 

“Where’s she now?” Nick asked. “You two are still like together right?” 

“Yes, she’s at my house actually,” Harry said. 

“Wait, she’s already living, living with you?” Nick asked. 

“What? No, she’s staying with me. I have some things to be done here in London, so she’s here for that and why should she pay for a hotel room, that’s she wouldn’t even be at, to begin with,” he said. 

“So, I take it… you two… are uh…sexually active?” Nick asked. 

“Oh god,” he groaned. “Really?” 

“What? It’s a valid question,” he defended.

“Yeah, and you’re sounding like my Mum right now,” he said. “We’re not talking about this.” 

“I’m gonna take that as a yes,” Nick smirked. “Look, I’m glad you found someone and you seem happy, plus she’s fucking gorgeous and I can’t wait to meet her. But how come she didn’t come tonight?” 

“She’s getting some work done,” he said. 

He nodded. “Well, she can’t work all night can she?” 

“Actually, she can,” he laughed. “There were times I found her in the kitchen after midnight in Jamaica and she was editing away.” 

“And let me guess, once you declared your love for her, you found other ways to keep her up at night,” he joked. 

“Seriously?” Harry groaned throwing a handful of chips at Nick. 

Nick laughed and went back to eating his food like nothing ever happened. 


After spending hours in front of your laptop, you finally decided to call it quits once your eyes started crossing and the sun had gone down. You figured Harry would be back soon, so it was a perfect time to stop. You looked through the kitchen to see if there was anything to cook, but there really wasn’t much. You decided to call for some food to be delivered since you didn’t exactly know when Harry would make his presence back home. 

Another hour went by and you had already eaten. It was still early in the sense of a night out, so you decided to relax your muscles in a nice warm bath. You poured you some wine and went up to the bathroom to start the water. Luckily, you found some candles and some bath bombs to use, so you through it in and lit the candles. You turned on some music before undressing and getting into the water. 

This wasn’t exactly the same as the hot tub back in Jamaica, but it was better than nothing. After a few minutes in the tub, you heard footsteps walking into the bedroom. 

“Y/N? Baby, you up here?” Harry said.

“In the tub,” you said. 

Harry walked into the bathroom and smirked. “Did you steal one of my bath bombs?” 

“Yep,” you smirked taking a sip of wine. 

“Really? I can’t believe you would just do shit like that and not let me join you,” he feigned shocked. 

“Well, I never said you couldn’t join me…” you pointed out. 

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” he said quickly taking off his shirt and pulling his jeans down with his briefs in one motion. “Now, scoot over.” 

You laughed moving to the side as he got in and he pulled you back towards him once he was situated. 

“Have fun with your friends?” You asked. 

“Yeah, Nick and I met at the Fish and Chip shop before we met everyone else at the pub,” he said. 

“I’m surprised you’re not drunk,” you giggled. 

“Jamaica was enough for me to get drunk for a while,” he laughed. 

“Yeah, I remember,” you said. 

“I feel like I should tell you that Nick knows about us,” he stated. “He saw your picture on my phone and started asking me all these fucking questions, so I kinda had to answer. It was either that or being known as a weirdo having a random girl as my lock screen.” 

“Oh, well, I mean it’s fine. He’s one of your good friends, so I don’t see why he shouldn’t know about us,” you said. “It’s just… does he know I’m not just your girlfriend?” 

“Yeah, he knows you’re my videographer too,” he said. 

You nodded leaning your head against his chest. “Do you think anyone would find it odd or have an issue with us working together and being together?” 

“I don’t see why they would. Plenty of couples work together,” he said. 

“True,” you nodded. “And we’re pretty good at keeping things professional when they need to be… at least one of us.” 

“Excuse you, I’m always professional,” he said.

“Yeah, okay,” you joked. 

“Anyway, our friends and family knowing about us is one thing, but I would rather none of the public finds out quite yet,” he said. “I just want us to have our privacy, you know?” 

“I understand,” you said. “Of course, I don’t think people really know who I am, so I wouldn’t be all that interesting.”

“Trust me, my fans can find out anything…” he laughed. 

“Well, they are dedicated,” you said. 

“That they are,” he nodded kissing your head. 

“Now, when am I meeting your sister and mother?” you asked. 

“They’re coming down tomorrow evening, so we’ll be meeting them for dinner,” he said. 

You nodded. 

“Are you nervous?” He asked. 

“A little, this is a huge step, you know,” you said. 

“I know,” he whispered. 

You turned around to face him and wrap your arms around his shoulders. 

“How much work did you get done?” He asked. 

“A lot, actually,” you said. “I’ve edited the entire Jamaica trip down.” 

“Oh, wow, that’s a lot of footage,” he said. 

“Yeah, a lot, although you made most of it unusable because you were just so professional,” you joked. 

“I’d love to see that one day,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. 

“Anyway, since you got work done, does that offer of me getting you for the rest of the night still stand?” He whispered. 

“Hmm, guess so,” you smirked. 

He smirked running his hands down your back and putting them on your bum before giving it a little squeeze. “Good,” he whispered before pressing his lips to yours.


The following morning, you woke up as the sunlight peeked through the curtains in the bedroom. Harry’s arms were wrapped around your and his hands were cheekily cupping your naked chest. You rolled your eyes with a laugh as you looked behind you at him. 

“Really?” you asked. 

“Shh. I’m sleeping,” he mumbled with his eyes closed. 

“No, you’re not, you’re feeling me up,” you said. 

“No, I’m not,” he joked. “My hands just landed there…” 

“Yeah, I bet,” you laughed. “Just like my hand just landed here,” you said reaching behind you and touching him. 

“Ah, your hands are cold,” he whined jerking back. 

You laughed turning around to face him. You leaned in towards him to kiss him when your stomach started to growl. 

“Sounds like my baby’s hungry,” he laughed. 

“Apparently,” you laughed. 

“I’ll order something to be delivered, I don’t feel like cooking anything,” he laughed. 

“Lazy ass,” you joked. 

“What? I had a really long and tiring night,” he smirked. “Do you blame me?” 

You laughed. “Order our food,” you said. 

“Yes, ma’am,” he smirked. 

You giggled standing up and grabbing his shirt to put on before going into the bathroom. You brushed your teeth, washed your face, and fixed your hair a bit before following Harry downstairs. You made some coffee in the Keurig for the two of you and handed him a mug. 

“Thanks, baby,” he said kissing you quickly. 

You smiled closing your eyes and soon there was a knock on the door. 

“Oh, I’ll get it,” you said. 

“There’s cash in my wallet by the door,” he said. 

You nodded grabbing a few bills and opening the door. “Uh… hi,” you said to the two women standing on the other side of the door. 

“Y/N, is that our food?” Harry asked walking up to the door. 

“I don’t think so,” you said. 

“Mum? Gemma? What are you doing here?” He asked sneaking up behind you and looking at them, as they stared at you. 

The Youngest Wife

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Summary: You’re Negan’s youngest and newest wife and you have some trouble grabbing his attention in the beginning. When he finally notices you, you get more than you bargained for and you friggin’ love it.

Warning: smut, sex, swearing, some alcohol abuse

Note: Please feel free to reblog my fanfic stories! It means so much and I get so excited when I receive y’all’s feedback! I’d love for these to spread around so I can receive even more feedback! And again, please feel free to send in fanfic requests! 

Having just turned 18 a few months ago, you were still surprised Negan picked you to be his sixth (and youngest) wife. Of all his wives, you were the newest, youngest, shortest, and most sexually inexperienced. 

Having been married to him for two weeks now, he still hadn’t taken much interest in you compared to his other wives. You still tried so hard to get his attention and please him – you wore the tightest black dress you could find, the highest heels you could manage, and the brightest shade of red lipstick, still to no avail. 

When he came in one afternoon to get Frankie, you couldn’t take it anymore. You turn to Sherry, exasperated.

“Why won’t he pay any attention to me?! I’ve tried so hard to grad his attention and he only acknowledges me in passing! I don’t fucking get it! If he isn’t going to even look in my direction then he shouldn’t have asked me to be his wife in the first place! I’m better off just working for points like I was a few weeks ago, like everyone else.”

Sherry was the kindest of the wives, and incredibly understanding, and even grew into the role of being a sort of older sister to you over the last two weeks. She also happened to be Negan’s favorite. 

“Hon, don’t worry. You’ll get your turn. You’re just very young and inexperienced and he knows that. He wants to wait until he thinks you’re ready.”

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Poor Little Rich Girl-Part 6

This is an A/B/O AU

Your father Lucifer is the Alpha of your pack and he rules your town with an iron fist.  He is forcing you to marry the son and heir of a rival pack.  It is 3 weeks before your wedding when you find out Sam Winchester is back.   Sam was your first love at 17, and when your father found out, he forced his family to leave town.  You haven’t spoken to him since.  What will happen when you see him again?

Characters: Alpha! Sam Winchester, Beta! Dean Winchester, Omega!Castiel Novak, Omega! Mary Winchester, Reader, Alpha! (Nick) Lucifer, Beta! Michael, Beta! Gabriel, Beta! Stephanie (OC), Alpha Eric (OC) Chuck (mentioned)

Master List

Introduction (all parts are linked)

Text messages are listed in Bold

I paced around my suite like a maniac trying to figure out what to do.  I needed to relax and think things through, so I decided to take a bath like I planned while I tried to figure a way out of this mess.  I liked to read in the tub sometimes,  so I grabbed a book off of my bookshelf, and I poured myself a glass of wine from my mini-fridge and headed to my bathroom, closing and locking the door.

My father was a smart man, but he had underestimated me my entire life.  He thought Omegas were simple creatures that needed to be cared for and protected.  Uncle Michael was the same way.  Only Uncle Gabriel realized I was perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

I had watched my Dad my entire life and I knew how he operated.  He thought he could keep me a prisoner here and cut me off from the outside world until the wedding.  As the Alpha, he was used to everything being on his terms.

I was more like my father than any of them realized.  I opened the book I had taken into the bathroom with me, revealing a hollowed-out section in the center.  In it, I had placed a burner phone I had gotten ages ago because I knew my father monitored my cell.  No one knew about this phone but me and Steph.

I wouldn’t put it past my father to have my suite bugged, but hopefully, the bathroom was okay.  I didn’t dare call anyone, so I sent Steph a text.

Steph,  I need u to give Sam a message:

I’m under house arrest, using a burner phone.   The wedding is still on despite everything.  DO NOT come here.  I am being watched and they have guns.  I HAVE A PLAN.  I will come to u. I have to play my part. Please, Sam. Trust me. I love you.

A few minutes later I received a reply from Steph.

Sam says okay but if you’re not here by Friday he is coming to matter what.  Loves you back.

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I Know - Leonard McCoy

Requested by anonymous.

“So are you going to do one of those gender reveal things?” Jim asked you as he opened a can of beer in his room. You laughed and shook your head.

“No, because I don’t think he’d realize that I was pregnant by just a bunch of random blue balloons coming out of a box.” Jim laughed and hung his head in embarrassment. When he looked back up his eyes were all lit up.

“Do you think it’s gonna be a boy?” he asked.

“Yeah, I do,” you said. 

“Name it after me,” he said, grinning. You rolled your eyes. 

“Not a chance in hell.”

“What doesn’t Jim have a chance in hell in doing?” Leonard asked, walking in through the door at just the wrong moment. You looked over at Jim and stumbled over your words. Leonard stood next to you and looked between the two of you in confusion.

“Hi, honey!” you said, tilting your chin up so he would kiss you. He did and then regained his look of confusion.

“What were you talking about?”

“Oh, just the fact that if you died Y/N would hook up with me,” Jim said. You glared at him and he laughed. “I mean, Y/N, he wanted to know.”

“Right. But I said there wasn’t a chance in hell,” you said, looking up at your husband. You wrapped your arms around his waist and smiled up at him. “I’m not letting you go any time soon. He smiled softly down at you and kissed you again.

“Jim, are you not sharing your beer?” Leonard asked, walking towards the fridge. He grabbed two, and you and Jim exchanged a quick, nervous look.

“Oh, babe, I’m so full from lunch, I didn’t want one.”

“It’s nearly five o’clock,” Leonard said, looking at you in confusion. You shrugged and he placed the beer back in the fridge. “What did you have for lunch?”

“A salad,” you said truthfully, and then immediately regretting it. Leonard looked at you in confusion again and shook his head.

“Okay,” he said awkwardly, opening his beer and taking a swig of it. Jim shot you a look, basically telling you to play it cool. “So what have you two been doing?” You shook your head, not knowing what to say.

“Nothing,” Jim said. Again, Leonard looked between the two of you.

“Are you cheating on me?” he asked. 

“What?! No, why would you think that?” you asked defensively.

“Because you’re both acting strange,” he said, “And that’s the only reason I could think of why.”

“Okay, fine,” Jim said, throwing up his hands. “You caught us.” He moved around the counter and put his arm over your shoulder. You immediately pulled away and glared at him.

“No,” you said, mostly to Jim. “We were just planning a little surprise for you. For your birthday,” you slipped in. Leonard raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

“Okay,” he said, although he didn’t sound very convinced.

“Speaking of which, I need to go handle that thing we talked about,” you said, looking at Jim. He nodded, knowing exactly what you were talking about. You wanted to take good care of your future child, so you wanted to have the necessary check ups. With your husband being the CMO and everything, you couldn’t rightly go down there when he was there, so you had to go when he was off of work. “I’ll see you later,” you said, walking over to Leonard to kiss him. He kissed you back, but looked bewildered the whole time. “Bye, Jim.”

The apartment was dark when you came back, and you figured Leonard had gone to bed. You immediately kicked off your shoes, your feet had already started to swell. Making your way towards the living room, you saw a dim light glowing inside.

“Hey,” you said softly when you laid your eyes on Leonard. “I didn’t know you were still up.” You made your way around the couch to sit next to him. He had decorated the room with a few candles, giving it a romantic, orangey glow. 

“I thought we should celebrate,” he said, reaching across the table to grab a wine glass for you. You took it and he looked at you expectantly. “Don’t worry, it’s the good stuff, none of that crap that Jim tried to sell us,” he said.

“I know, I’m just still a little full,” you said. He looked down at his watch, and frowned up at you.

“Are you sure you’re feeling alright? It’s been eight hours since lunch.” He reached out to touch your head and you pulled back a little bit. “Oh, you know what would make you feel better? Hot-tubbing.”

“Hah,” you said, and then recoiled back a little bit. “I don’t know about that.”

“Why not?” he asked, throwing his arm over the back of the couch.

“Well I’m kind of hungry,” you said, standing up. “Do we have anything to eat?” You started walking into the kitchen and Leonard followed you.

“I thought you just said you were full,” he said, folding his arms. 

“Yeah, full of alcohol,” you said awkwardly. “I got pretty drunk at lunch.” Leonard cocked his eyebrow.

“Fine, yeah, I did make dinner. It’s in that blue thing right there,” he said, pointing into the fridge. You smiled and opened it up, before immediately closing it.

“Sushi,” you said, trying to keep down whatever was coming up.

“Yeah, your favorite,” he said, smiling at you. You opened your mouth to say something, and then Leonard laughed. You looked up at him and he looked down at his feet before throwing up his hands. “I can’t do this anymore.”

“Do what?” you asked. 

“Y/N, I know you’re pregnant.” Your eyes widened and you started shaking your head. 

“What-what are you talking about? I’m not pregnant. Look, give me that wine and I’ll drink it right now,” you said, beginning to walk back to the living room. Leonard grabbed you by your waist, picking you up and bringing you in front of him.

“Y/N, don’t do that. I’ve known for a long time. Maybe even longer than you have.”

“How would you know?” you asked.

“I’m a doctor, and I’m your husband. You don’t think I didn’t notice you getting up each morning? Or the fact that you barely sleep on your side anymore because your back hurts so much? Or the fact that you’ve cut down on your drinking a lot.” You laughed and folded your arms. 

“I didn’t drink that much,” you said. Leonard laughed deep in his chest and put his hands on your waist. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Why didn’t you? How could you not think I would be thrilled about this?”

“I knew you would be, I just wanted to surprise you,” you said, looking up at him. 

“This is a surprise. We’re going to start our family, Y/N, I couldn’t be happier.” You smiled and he pulled you up against him, right before leaning down to kiss you. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you said, kissing him again by grabbing his cheeks and pulling him down to your level.

too good to be true

Happy Birthday @smolbeansaddict <3

“I’m not sick.”

Lukas is sitting on their couch, bent over, one arm wrapped around his middle. Philip can see the sweat on his forehead from the front door. He closes it fast, dropping his bag on the ground.

“Not a good way to lead if you want me to believe you,” Philip says, immediately approaching him. When he gets closer he sees Lukas is trembling, and he presses his hand to Lukas’s forehead and panics at how hot it is. “Lukas,” he says, accusingly.

“I’m not sick,” Lukas repeats, but he bends over a little bit more, groaning.

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Thirsty Thursday - Part 3 (Final)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,426

Summary: The reader wants Dean to go out for Thirsty Thursday, even though he needs to study for an important test.

Part 1 Part 2

“A video?” You say confused.

“Yup.” Dean says with a smirk.

“Oh god. Did I do something ridiculous at the bar?” You say suddenly feeling nervous.

“Nah, we were here. It was just you and me.”

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Never Let You Go

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

sequel to “Needed Me

Genre: angst

Featuring: Min Yoongi

A/N: italics are flashback

You weren’t sure why you let the boys convince you to meet them out, but here you were, staring at yourself in the mirror all done up.

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Behind The Scenes 3 (12/???)

Author’s note: This week I am going out of town. I wont post the next part till next week. I think from now on I will only be updating this once a week because of school and because I still have writing and editing to do for the rest of BTS 3. Once I completely finish BTS 3, I plan on posting more frequently. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Angst, drama (Suga, Jungkook)

Word count: 3466

City: Fukuoka (Day 3)

Summary: The rest of BTS learn about Y/n’s little outburst.

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made this based off of this scenario series.

After the expected beating from Rap monster, Jungkook had gathered the strength to call Minho to come over.

Minho came, concluded it was nothing more than severe bruising would occur and then left the two of you with ice packs, pain killers and sleeping pills.

You awoke in a rather uncomfortable state. You were alone, the bed was drenched with cool water and warm ice packs were scattered everywhere. Your first attempts to move reminded you of how bad things were the night before. Almost every part of your core hurt like hell, sore from every punch the monster gave you.

After many tries you finally got yourself to sit up and drag yourself out of bed. You walked over to the vanity mirror to get a good look at yourself. Like after all the other beatings, you were scared to by your own reflection. There was a huge blotch of dark purple over your right eye. The bruise was so big you felt it took over half of your face, not to mention it was very swollen. “Fuck” was all you could say about your appearance. Next came the hard part, you had to find out the damage done to your body. You didn’t know what to expect, you just knew it was going to be bad.

You let out a small yelp as you slowly lifted your damp shirt to reveal your body. Your entire midsection was covered with large purple blotches. “Shit” you whimpered, quickly covering them up again.

You were horrified at how you looked. Never did you think that you’d see yourself in such a condition. The image of your bruised body made you feel sorry for yourself. As a way to stop thinking about it all, you decided to take a nice long sit in the bath tub. “Some hot water should help, right? Yeah! I deserve to relax bit anyway” you thought to yourself as you turned on the hot water. You took your clothes off and avoided the mirrors as much as possible.

Once the tub was full you slowly placed yourself in and let the warmth engulf you.

Things were peaceful until you heard Jungkook calling out for you. “Y/n?” It sounded like he was in the bedroom now.

“Yeah?!?” you practically shouted.

The door knob turned and soon Jungkook was in the room. He froze when he saw you in the tub.

“Jungkook! Get out!” you shrieked as you covered yourself in the bubbles and dug yourself deeper into the tub.

“Oh shit! Sorry!” He quickly covered his eyes and put his head down. He tried to leave the room, but accidentally walked into the wall. His hand soon found the door knob and he let himself out.

You sat up straight and alert. You decided to just get dressed now that the whole vibe was ruined.

“Huh? He acted really different just now…” you thought to yourself as you dried off. You remembered the first time Jungkook walked in on you, back when you were getting ready for your first fake date with him. He was such an asshole, practically body shaming you and not giving a damn about your privacy. This time it was the exact opposite. “… Actually, he has been really different lately…not even an asshole anymore… Yesterday- Oh shit! We fucking kissed!” you remembered. Most of your memory was taken up by the beating to have remembered the kiss. “Why did we do that?… Ok ok he was drunk and sad… but he looked so innocent! And his kiss felt so… nice. Nothing like when we pretend… and the alcohol on his breath reminded me of Yoongi… maybe he forgot. Yeah! He was pretty drunk, right? Yeah! I just won’t bring it up…” you thought.

You wrapped the towel tightly around you and poked your head out to the bedroom. Thankfully, the room was empty and you quickly changed into something comfortable.

You hesitated a bit as you grabbed to doorknob to go to the living room. “Just don’t make a big deal out of anything.” You reminded yourself.

You walked out of the room and found Jungkook at the table with his head down. The room smelled of coffee and there were two steaming cups sitting in front of him.

“You were calling me?” you asked in a normal tone. You walked towards him, fixing your hair into a bun in an attempt to come off as normal as possible.

Jungkook quickly sat up, exposing the light purple bruise on his left eye. Apparently Rap monster is always smart, even when he is in the middle of a rampage.

His gaze on you was strong as you walked up to him. He was probably taking a great notice of your swollen black eye. “Um, yeah, I was just gonna say that I made coffee” He mumbled. He slid one of the cups to the empty seat next to him.

“Oh, thanks…” you went around and sat down next to him. You took a sip of coffee, not really knowing what to say.

He stared at you before he finally said something again. “H-how do you feel?” he stuttered.

“How do I feel about what?” you asked quickly as you took another sip. Your heart raced, hoping that he wasn’t talking about the kiss.

“We both seem to have black eyes… Did the ice packs help? Were you able to sleep? Do you have any other bruises? Do you feel okay?”

You tried to keep your words short. “The pills helped, my body hurts and I have tons of bruises.”

“Same here. Plus, I’m super hungover.”

You nodded and another sip of coffee. “You should probably take something for that too then…” There was an elephant in the room and you both knew it.

You could feel him throwing side glances at you. There was a feeling that he wanted to say something, but was holding himself back.

“This is good coffee…” You said softly into the mug as you took another sip

“Yeah.” He looked down at his phone and then back at you. “Um… uh…”


“We- I mean- I- uh… There is a lot of stuff on the internet over what happened yesterday.”


“Yeah, we gotta figure out what to do to make it go away.”

“How bad it is?”

“Rumors of abuse, cheating and us breaking up…”

“Shit.” You hid your face on your hands. “I’m sorry. All this shit is because of me.”

“Hey, we’ll figure it out… We can fix this.”

You let out a long sigh. “But how?”

“Um…  Maybe we can write an explanation as to what happened and then we can just post that on twitter and all that. We can lie and talk about what “actually” went down.” He suggested.

“Yeah, that seems like a good idea” you huffed. You closed your eyes and tried to calm yourself down.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the two of you. The only sounds in the room were of the two of you each taking sips of your own coffee..

“Y/n… I can’t take this anymore. We should probably talk about last night…”

“We got our asses beat, what else do we have to take about?”

“Well, I meant before Namjoon showed up…”

Heat flooded into your face. There was only one thing he could be talking about. “No no, he’s not talking about the kiss.” You thought. “He’s probably gonna ask why you broke down.” you looked back at him and crossed your arms. “Look, when you dragged you out of here, I told Jimin the whole reason why I acted the way I did. I don’t feel like saying it all again, so if you want to know, you can just go ask Jimin about it.”

He frowned a bit. “Oh, good to know… I think… But that wasn’t what I was talking about…”

“Then what were you talking about?” you asked calmly. “Fucking shit! He better not bring up the kiss!” You screamed internally.

“… It’s about the kiss… I, uh, I-“ in that second, there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” you jumped up and practically ran to the door.

Just when you thought salvation from an awkward situation arrived, it only delivered a new one. You opened the door to find Suga standing there and he didn’t look too happy. The moment his eyes landed on you, his face morphed into shock.

“What the fuck happened?” He asked, making his way inside. He came up to you, carefully grabbing your face and hovering his fingers over your black eye. “Y/n, tell me what happened!” He demanded.

“Get off me!” was all you said, trying to push him off.

He didn’t listen, he was too busy freaking out. “The whole fucking internet is going crazy. What happened? Did that fuck do something to you? Tell me what happened!”

“Bro! She said get off her!” Jungkook appeared and pulled Suga off you.

Suga turned on Jungkook. “What the fuck did you do to her?!?” he snapped, aggressively pushing the tall maknae.

Jungkook kept his cool and stood his ground. “What makes you think I did anything to her?”

“There is a fucking video of her yelling at you to leave her alone and it looked like she was trying to run away from you! Now, I come here and find half her face bruised! I-“

“You actually fucking think I did that to her?!? I’m not a fucking psychopath like Jin or Namjoon! Don’t you see this damn bruise on me too?” He asked, taking a step to Suga.

Suga glared up at him, moving forward to close the space between them. “I don’t trust a fuck like you with her.” He growled.

You could see them both get pissed. One more word and they were going to start fighting. “That’s it!” you yelled. You squeezed your way in between them and pushed them apart. “Suga just leave.”

In an instant Suga’s anger disappeared and was replace by confusion. “Why are you calling me Suga?!?”

You didn’t answer him.

“Y/n, please talk to me! Tell me what’s going on! Let me try to fix it!”

“You fucking heard her, just leave!” Jungkook ordered from behind you.

“I’m trying to see what’s wrong with my friend!” He snapped.

“Well, if she was really your friend, she would have told you already!”

Suga looked at you for some type of reassurance, some reaction to prove Jungkook’s words wrong. “…Y/n…”

You could feel yourself insides flipping. Almost every part of you wanted to say something, all except one tiny part. It was that part of you the still didn’t trust him, that didn’t know how genuine he was. It was the part that kept you from even looking him in the eye.

Again, there was a knock at the door, a very soft and shy knock.

Immediately, you went for the door to avoid the situation.

Suga grabbed your wrist, a last attempt to get you to say something, but you pulled away and retreated to the door. You were smarter this time and checked through the peephole first. “Fuck!” you said under your breath.

“What is it?” Jungkook asked.

“It’s Aiko.” You whispered.

Jungkook turned to Suga. “Get her out of here. If she sees us, she’ll start asking questions.”

“No shit!” Suga grumbled. “You honestly think I’m stupid?!? You-“

“Just get her away from here!” you hissed. “We got enough shit to deal with.”

Suga looked over to you, a hint of pain in his expression. “Only if you tell me what’s going on.”

“Please!” you begged. “I don’t want things to get worse.” You whimpered.

“…Fine… But we are talking later.” He said as he walked past you.


He walked past y/n and opened the door just enough to squeezed his body out of the room.

Aiko was surprised to see him of all people coming out. “Yoongi bear?”

“What are you doing here?” He asked calmly. “I thought you were still asleep.”

“Well, when I woke up, I found a bunch of stuff about Jungkook and y/n all over the internet! I came to check on y/n and see how she was taking it all…”

“Y/n is fine! Why would she not be fine? She’s fine! Right now the two of them are coming up with a game plan on how to clear this whole thing.” He said optimistically. Despite his cheerful tone. Aiko still had a frown on her face. “Now why that face?” He smiled, pinching her cheeks

All she did was frown more. “Yoongi bear… I don’t think y/n is okay…”

“What? Why? What gives you that idea?” He gulped.

She motioned him closer and pulled him down so she could whisper in his ear. “I- I think that what people are saying might be true…” She quickly backed away and covered her mouth, guilty of saying what she said.

“… You actually believe those rumors?” If she was thinking this, maybe his own assumptions weren’t wrong.

“I know I shouldn’t believe them Yoongi, but yesterday when we ran into them, she didn’t look happy, not a tiny bit… Something really bad must have happened for her to act that way. I just wanted to check on her. You talk about her a lot and she seems like a really nice person. I just wanted to make sure she was okay.”

He went to her and rested his hands on her shoulders. “Aiko, everything between them is fine.” He lied. “We are in the middle of the tour and we are all pretty stressed right now, that’s all. They told me that things just got a bit out of hand and people took it out of context…” He slid his hands down to her waist. “Remember, this is her first time on tour, she has a lot on her plate right now. There are a lot of things to take into consideration.”

She looked up at him doubtfully. “I don’t know Yoongi bear… but maybe you are right.”

“Of course I’m right! I’m Min Yoongi! I’m always right!”

She giggled at him.

“C’mon, why don’t we go get something to eat?” He suggested, pulling her down the hall.


You spied out the peephole until you saw Suga and Aiko walking away hand in hand. Your heart hurt, but you pushed the pain to the back of your mind. “…Ok… They are gone…” you huffed.

You hoped this whole thing made Jungkook forget what you were talking about. Your attempt to go to the bedroom failed when Jungkook pulled you back in front of him. “We still need to talk.” he said

You groaned. “Jungkook I know what you are going to say. It was just a kiss, right? Didn’t mean anything? We were both just emotional? Yeah, I got it! I’m on the same page.”

You tried to leave again, but he went and moved in front of you. “Wait! Is that what you think?”

“No, it’s what I know. I know you Jungkook. It obviously didn’t mean anything to you and it didn’t mean anything to me. Let’s leave it at that.”

“So it didn’t mean anything to you?” He asked softly.

“Nope, you got nothing to worry about.”

He looked confused. “But- I-“ For a third time there was  a knock at the door to interrupt the conversation. “You gotta be fucking kidding me!” he shouted. He stomped over to the door, mumbling under his breath.

V and Jimin were standing anxiously on the other side.

“What the fuck do you guys want? I’m trying to-“ They both disregarded Jungkook and pushed their way in.

They both ran up to you and were both surprised and upset by how you looked. They also bombarded you with questions and you only gave small answers to brush them off. Jimin guided you to the couch and for some reason kept saying he was sorry. “Y/n I’m sorry, I didn’t think he was going to do this to you.”

The more he apologized the worse you felt. “I told you this was going to happen.” You whimpered.

As Jimin spoke to you, V turned and whispered to Jungkook. “Hey, I need to talk to you.” and they went off into the bedroom.

Jimin went on for a hug but touched a bruise you didn’t know you had on your back. “Ouch!” you cried. It hurt so bad, your eyes started to water.

“Ah! I’m sorry! What did I do?” He panicked.

“It’s the bruises.” You whimpered.

“More bruises? How bad are they?”

You lifted your shirt and showed him the damage.

“Y/n, I can’t believe it was that bad.” He said soft hush. He slowly pulled you into a hug.

“I was so scared.” You sniffled.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Let it all out.”

“I thought he was going to kill me. He was so mad Jimin and- and- and- Jungkook was too drunk to do anything. I was so scared.”


“What did you need to tell me?” Jungkook groaned.

V lashed out on him on the spot. “What did I fucking tell you?!? I told you not to take her out! And what did you do? You fucking took her out!”

“You only suggested I don’t take her out! And how the fuck was I supposed to know that she would do that?!? I was just trying to help her!”

“I don’t care what you were trying to do! Things could have ended up much worse! You remember Tomo?”

“The only competent fuck that Namjoon has here? Yeah, why?”

“He’s dead! Namjoon busted his head open last night. Fucking Tomo tried to be a big shot and started a shoot out right when Namjoon was about to seal the deal! You have no fucking idea how lucky you are that he didn’t kill y/n, that he didn’t kill you either!”

Jungkook stayed quiet. He knew V was right.

V looked at him disappointedly. “Just don’t do shit unless your told to. You know that already.” He lectured.

“Yeah, I got it!”

It wasn’t until they both got quiet they could hear crying from the other room.

“Y/n!” they both said.

They opened the door and found Y/n sobbing in Jimin’s arms.

V Immediately went over to her and tried to cheer her up. “Awww, y/n don’t cry.” He proceeded to make and playfully fight Jimin to get her to laugh. It got to the point where he was doing just about anything stupid enough to try and get a laugh out of her.

It was within V’s whole cheering up process that Jungkook whispered to Jimin that he needed to talk to him. They both headed back to the bedroom to talk.

“What’s up?” Jimin asked.

“Y/n told me that she told you why she has been acting so weird.”

Jimin let out a long sigh. “Yeah, she’s been keeping a lot of shit locked in for a while.”

“Like what?”

“She didn’t tell you?”


“Then what did you guys talk about last night?”

Jungkook felt his face blush a bit. “Um well-“

“I know that face. It was about Yoona wasn’t it?” Jimin asked, his expression full of pity.

“Yeah, you could say that…”

Jimin nodded understandably. He didn’t say anything else, he knew it was best not to bring up Yoona.

Jungkook broke the silence. “So why is she upset then?”

“Um, well, she’s mad at Yoongi and Hoseok. She’s very hurt and creeped out and confused by them. She sees them lying to Meihui and Aiko… She is scared that they could possibly be fake with her as they are with the girls, that they are only telling her things she wants to hear until Namjoon is done with her…”

“Oh shit…”

“Yeah, on top of that she thinks she has feelings for Yoongi?”

“What? She likes him?”

“Yeah, she likes him a lot… They kissed once, but that’s cuz he was drunk and thought she was Aiko. She’s very confused with Yoongi over all this though. She doesn’t know what to believe anymore.”


“Yeah, so that’s why she hasn’t been talking to them. Not the best way to handle the whole thing, but then again, who am I to say anything.”

“Hm… So, she doesn’t like Yoongi then, right?”

Jimin raised an eyebrow at him. “…Well it’s not exactly a yes or no if she doesn’t know herself… Why do you ask?”

“Oh nothing… just you know… if he tries to talk to her again, I would, uh, know whether to let him or not… you know for y/n’s sake.”

Jimin looked back at him suspiciously. “Hm, well, you should let them talk. That would give y/n a chance to get some closure.” He could have sworn he saw Jungkook frown the slightest bit.

“Yeah, good idea.”

Whole Lotta Love

Author’s Note: Oh my gosh I am so nervous. This is my first ever attempt at smut…if you can even call it that. But I kind of liked this so I’m going to put it out here. Please be kind and offer any constructive criticism you can. I am going to tag some people to tell me what they think. I hope you all enjoy it.

Word Count: 2,239 (Holy Hell)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Heavy Drinking, Language

Song Inspirations: “Wasting All These Tears” by Cassadee Pope and “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin

Originally posted by pleasingpics

The only thing you could feel at the moment was the cold porcelain tub on your back as you raised the bottle to your lips. You chuckled to yourself as you slid further in; you had originally planned to take a hot bath to calm your nerves, but that idea went out the window and you just decided to lie in it and drink your pain away. You looked down at your stomach and legs; they were the only things visible as you sat in your sports bra and capri-length leggings. If anyone looked at you right now, they would think you were being beaten. This caused you to chuckle again and you picked your phone up, checking it once more, scoffing when you still had nothing. Not even a text saying he wasn’t coming back tonight. You were about to put the phone back down, but decided that maybe a little music would help. So you climbed out of the tub, stumbling a bit before plugging in your Bluetooth speaker and connecting your phone to it. Putting your songs on shuffle, you laughed rather loudly as the song’s intro filled your ears. Cassadee Pope’s haunting voice caused tears to fill your eyes as you finished the fifth of Jim Beam and opened the next one lined up. Before you did, though, you looked into the bottle and giggled, muttering to yourself “nope, he’s not in there!” 

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A Music Affair: The Honeymoon - Part 2

Here is the last chapter of this whole wedding/honeymoon adventure of Omelia, guys. Hope you like it and, if you’re interested and haven’t read it yet, I already wrote what happens next a long time ago when I first had the thought of creating my own Omelia family in my Grammy Awards fic. I’d also like to thank @omelialover for proof reading this for me :)  Enjoy!

The couple had been feeling so peaceful whilst watching the sunset that they didn’t even realize that time had passed, until the sun finally wasn’t in sight, leaving the sky a dark blue and snatching them out of their deep thoughts.

“God, we have to get ready for the luau!” Amelia exclaimed as she checked the time on her wrist watch.

The couple took a quick shower and got ready for the hawaiian luau; they were having dinner at the other side of the beach.

Even though it was completely out of her comfort zone, Amelia had bought a floral maxi dress just for the occasion, since it basically screamed Hawaii. The dress was black with big red roses stamped on it, a loose fabric that opened a bit by her thighs to show off her legs and a v-neck cleavage.

With her heels in her hands, Amelia got out of the bathroom ready for their walk on the beach all the way to the place where the luau was being held.

“You ready?” She distractedly asked Owen, whilst adjusting her dress a bit.

“Wow…” Owen murmured when he saw his wife in that dress, drawing his attention away from the buttons he had been struggling with on his navy shirt. “You look stunning.”

“Why, thank you, babe.” She smiled at him, helping him with his buttons and getting on the tip of her toes to whisper in his ear. “Maybe you can do something about that later?”

“You bet I will.” Owen gave her a kiss on the neck before stepping back and heading to the beach with her.

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Whispering Pines - Part Two

Part One

SUMMARY: You and Sam go undercover as a couple in a gated community where the residents are disappearing.

Warnings: Language and sexual Content (in future parts)

“Well, hey there!” A bouncing, forty-something blonde greets you as Sam open your car door. “We’ve been waiting for you. On behalf of the Whispering Pines board of residents, we’re just so excited that you’re joining our little community.”

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Hakobe Resort. Chapter 4

Warning! Rated M for foul language, sexual content (in every chapter), and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. This is my submission for NALULOVEFEST 2016.

Summary: Natsu and Lucy’s two year wedding anniversary is coming up, and Natsu wants to do something to surprise his lovely wife. A weekend alone at the newly built Hakobe Resort should do the trick!

Word count: 7,472

Read chapter: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Chapter Four: Moans

Natsu was on edge the entire third day of their vacation. It had little to do with the fact that it was their two year anniversary today, and more to do with the interesting sounds Lucy made throughout the day.

The first thing the couple went to do after eating breakfast was go to the spa in the resort. They had to fill out some forms, which normally wouldn’t bother Natsu, but when they told him to take off his sandals and put on some slippers, he felt a little awkward. Lucy seemed to have no problems with this, or when they told them to strip down and put on robes. He didn’t like that all they had on was their underwear beneath the robes.

The robes were white and fluffy, feeling weird on the dragon slayer’s rough skin. He went with it though, since his wife said how excited she was to get started. He only booked the spa day to please her anyway. He didn’t know he’d actually be participating as well.

They were directed to a couple’s hot spring. Natsu and Lucy were allowed to get naked, but couldn’t fool around due to the glass door to the private room. It was hard to see through, but someone could tell if a couple was getting it on in the water.

That was when Lucy let out the first sound that drove him crazy. She moaned, loudly when her body sank into the hot water. Natsu felt his cock twitch to life, but he couldn’t do anything with his lovely wife who sat less than a foot away. He wanted to reach over and tease her, but he also didn’t want to ruin her spa day.

Natsu felt like she deserved a day of relaxation, even if it meant he couldn’t touch her sexually. He figured it’d be easy. ‘I can deal with a moan,’ he thought, but boy was he wrong.

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[Ask RPedia] Using Commas?

Anonymous asked: This is an incredibly dumb question, but I’m tired of racking my brain until I’m afraid to post, could you possibly write a brief explanation on commas? High school had successfully ingrained in my mind that commas are a sin, along with the word ‘said’. To this very day I hesitate on whether a comma is needed, and it severely hinders my ability to enjoy rping. 

I am a genuine sinner when it comes to commas. I use commas everywhere. I use commas in my sleep. I’m pretty sure, if God were watching, he’d ask, “What the fuck is with that kid and his commas??? I didn’t make you like this?!?” He did not make me like this, I just came out that way. Originally the issue is a lot of kids do run-on sentences with them so killing commas saved lives. An entire 3 page paper with no periods and 300 commas? That was a thing. If you use commas right though, ain’t no harm to them.

This and “said”, is not a sin. “Said” was considered, for the brief period in which we all went to school, some kind of darkness because REPETITION IS HORRIBLE, but it turns out our brains completely zap it out of our consciousness. Jumps right over it. The bigger stumbling block is coming up with a ton of new ways to say “said”, which can sound fucking stupid, and totally makes conversations glitchy to read. Use “said”, it is a good word. It’s an honest word. It’s a word that works like background noises, sometimes the sound of the fan drives someone nuts, but usually we all just ignore it instead. Someone who doesn’t like fan noises ever existing and wanted to eradicate them eternally, however, yelled about “said” and fucked up an entire generation with a fear they don’t need.

So, let’s, go, bitch, about, commas, under, the, read, more, shall, we?

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Galactica, chapter 249

Deck the hall with boughs of holly, fa la la la la, la la, la la. The Puerto Ricon sun is shining, and christmas is celebrated in the land of Galactica!

Thank you to everyone who has been patient in the wait for this chapter, and thank you to @samrull @toriibelledarling and @veronicasanders for their help, creative minds and their writing skills <3!

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Just the two of us

Part 6

OKAY, so sorry this one took so long but I present to you, PART 6! *cheering in the background* Anyway, I had school and work which delayed this, and I really hope the next part doesn’t take as long. 

(Also, if anyone can find the reference I made to ACOTAR, and not ACOMAF cause that one is really obvious, I will hand out a teaser for the Part 7! :) )

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5Part 7, Part 8Part 9.

Word Count: 3,101


The next three days passed in a blur.

I finished my painting for my advanced art class two days after Halloween. My portrait of Hades was hauntingly similar to how Rhysand dressed for Halloween.

It was a profile from the side, the Hades in my picture smirked over at the viewer. His eyes gleamed with mischief and something darker. He held out a hand that was drenched in a flame of shadow.

He had the same facial structure as Rhys but I swapped out the violet of his irises for a brown so dark it was almost black. I also made his lips thinner and hair longer. It looked like Rhys but only if you knew where to look.

For example, I can’t look at the hard line of his jaw too long otherwise my brain will revert back to when I was snuggled against him.

I had covered the painting until it was due this morning.

And then after class I had a twelve hour shift working at the coffee shop down the street. Although I absolutely hate my job, it pays really well and helps to pay rent—the free tea during my shift isn’t that bad of a deal either.

Now I was soaking in a bubble bath, my current novel was set beside the tub as I sink lower into the steaming water. I wanted the stench of coffee off of my skin and out of my hair.

I hadn’t gotten any sarcastic texts from Rhys about us hanging out again. I was actually looking forward to seeing him again.

I push the thought of him out of my mind. I am too tired to think about some handsome guy who spent the night in my bed. It was late already, and if I could I would fall asleep right in the bath.


I am towel drying my hair as I walk out of the bathroom and into my room. Rhysand’s shirts were really very comfortable to sleep in, I had on the second one he had left me along with warm leggings.

My teeth were already brushed, my hair was now a damp curtain down my back, and I could hold off one more night on my English Lit paper.

I would like to say I climb nicely into bed but it was more like a face-first swan dive onto my sheets. My face hits the pillow with a cushioned thump.

Flicking the lamp off on my nightstand was always so nice to me. When the darkness finally envelopes me and I can sink into it, drifting off to sleep with the darkness comforting my mind like the blankets on my bed.

The darkness that was interrupted by the flash of light on my phone.

I groan inwardly, who the hell would be texting me at 12:30 on a Tuesday night?

Rhysand’s name flashed across my phone, making my heart stumble.

Of course he would be trying to talk to me when I was trying to go to sleep. He did say he was a night owl.

“Hello Feyre darling, I don’t know if you’re up but I have made reservations tomorrow night and hope you would like to accompany me. I have something planned for afterwards too. Dress nice. x Rhys.” 

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