i thought i was gonna have to go outside

Do u ever think about the goblins in carry on and how the goblin that succeeded in killing simon would become king?

What if like 70 years later, baz was taking a stroll outside while simon was resting in bed cus he was getting v old (baz too cus I don’t support the immortal baz theory, but like he’s more fit bc of his vampirism). And on his walk he sees this cute lil goblin in a park playing with flowers, even tho it seemed too old for that. And baz is like “what are u doing here? Aren’t u supposed to be planning the downfall of the chosen one?”

But then the goblin answers “no, I don’t want to kill anyone, I just want peace and flowers”

So baz has this wonderful idea and he takes the goblin home with him (after the goblin agreed ofc) and the goblin is free to live with them for a while.

Then when simon is really getting weak, the goblin starts to read books to him, which baz thinks is adorable and simon thinks is the best thing ever (they see the goblin kinda as their child now)(I’m just ignoring baz and simons future kids okay shh).

And then simon finally closes his eyes for the last time, when the goblin was still reading, and baz and the goblin are both sad but they know simon had a great life and blabla

BUT THEN (all the build-up for this lmao) a few days later there are lots of goblins at their door and baz is confused. One of the goblins says like “we’ve heard the chosen one has been killed by one of ours” (get it? Cus they think the smol goblin killed him bc he was reading to simon in the last minute of his life)

So then flower goblin gets to be king and now he rules peacefully over goblin land and honestly I have no idea where I wanted to go with this… That’s what happens when Im sick lmao

But yes!! Flower goblin king!

Let's talk about headcanons about Food

Now, Mod Sync here is a decent enough cook. Put a recipe in front of me and I’ll be able to cook almost anything, and I can cook some things from just memory. I was making omelettes and looking up recipes and I wondered “What about the Undertale cast? What do they eat outside the game?” So, here are some things I’ve thought up about the main four!

If anyone remembers the Anniversary Q&A that happened (oh, who am I kidding, of course you guys do), then we know some things about that already. HOWEVER, I’m only going to partially use this info here. These are headcanons after all, so I don’t have to quite follow canon. 

Now, if you wish to continue, I shall leave these under a Read more, because this is gonna get wordy and also for you guys who are avoiding food for whatever reason. Also will include some other AUs.

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Stranger Nights and Anxiety Frights - VLD Fanfic

Written by: quiznak-its-lance

{ This is a verrryyy small short of the Voltron fanfic I’m working on and I’m not sure where it’s gonna go but here it is *jazz hands* }

“$9.87 please” Trembling hands fumble for the money in his wallet. He wasn’t good at this. Fuck, he was not good at this. Lance could already feel the fear settling in the pit of his stomach as he hands the cashier his money.

While he waits, his damp blue converse shuffle on the white tile of the convenience store floor and his heart sinks again at the thought of the downpour outside.

“Thank you for shopping at Zarkon’s have a good day” The cashier’s dreadlocks were a weird shade of grey, the slight wrinkles on her face and her glare made Lance cringe and grab his bags as quickly as he could.

The rain practically drowns him as he rushes to his car; the droplets running down his caramel skin as he yanks the door open and jumps inside. Breathe in… Breathe out…

Lance steadies his hands on the steering wheel, not even thinking when he places his forehead against the cool leather. His breathing evens and he laughs dryly.

“Dumbass…” He reaches down to the plastic and pulls out the cigarettes and lighter he had just bought.
His nimble fingers take one out and lights it.

His mind instantly relaxes. He knew he was gonna get yelled at once he got back to the dorm, but it was worth it. Or so he thinks as he watches the tiny embers flicker as he taps the stick against the window.

So much for quitting…

geek charming rp meme
  • “i can’t believe you used to be friends with _____.”
  • “a leader should never show weakness.”
  • “that’s french for ‘ew.’”
  • “you wear so much perfume, you need a gas mask just to survive!”
  • “i prefer the term ‘film geek.’”
  • “i’d go out with you.”
  • “sometimes i like to look through his/her old stuff. it makes me feel like i’m still with him/her.”
  • “if we mingled outside of school, you might get the wrong idea and ask me out.”
  • “you’ve never been to the beach?”
  • “strangers? gee, i thought we used to be friends.”
  • “you should have been focused on me instead of flirting.”
  • “you’re getting my good side, right?”
  • “what’s with the secret smarts?”
  • “you think i’m pretty?”
  • “i like the way i am.”
  • “i was gonna ask you on a date.”
  • “i figured it was time to meet this new boyfriend/girlfriend of yours.”
  • “_____’s having a party this weekend and i can get you on the invite list.”
  • “get used to that ‘loser’ feeling.”
  • “why are you by yourself?”
  • “i was afraid of living in his/her shadow.”
  • “wait! nothing was happening!”
  • “do you wanna go to the spring formal with me?”
  • “i’m sure your boyfriend/girlfriend can have dinner with us…just once.”
  • “i trusted you! and you never cared about me.”
  • “just leave me alone.”
  • “he/she met my dad/mom at the spring formal.”
  • “i bet you miss him/her.”
  • “just because you stopped being my friend, doesn’t mean i stopped being yours.”
  • “you’re more popular than ever.”
  • “you won blossom queen!”
  • “you wanna dance?”
  • “so…that’s our story. the prince/princess and the geek.”

Let me tell you about this gif. 

I can’t stop laughing when I look at it because I imagine Dean as the host of a makeover show, who is trying to get Bobby to accept that he needs help turning his life around. 

“We are gonna help you start over, Robert. I have a crew waiting outside who are going to gut this house and build it up from the studs while you and your wife share some much needed together-time at a spa upstate. Whaddaya say, huh?”

And then a sea of people rush in wearing matching t-shirts and pasted-on smiles and as Bobby is carried away by them you can see the fear in his eyes. “Dean…” he shouts. ”I know you’ve seen some dark things and have been in some tight spots, but I never expected you to go this far! Selling your soul…to reality television? Why didn’t you come to me for help, boy??

His Angel

“Are you sure I look okay? I want him to think I look appealing.” Castiel said to Sam and Gabriel as he straightened his tie for the seemingly millionth time. Sam let out a short laugh. “Yes Cas, you look great. You could show up in a paper bag and Dean still wouldn’t care.” Sam told him. Castiel titled his head just the slightest. “Why would I show up in a paper bag? I thought you were supposed to wear nice apparel for events such as these.” Castiel said. Sam laughed again as well as Gabriel. “Its a figure of speech, man. Now calm down, and let’s go or we’re gonna be late.” Gabriel said slapping Cas on the back and slightly pushed him out the door. As they stood outside the door, Sam went inside and Gabriel took Castiel’s arm. “Are you sure? You’re not having cold feet?” Gabriel asked Cas. “No, my feet are warm. Charlie got me these thick socks for cold hunts-” Cas began and Gabe cut him off with a laugh. “What I mean is, you still wanna do this? You’re sure?” Gabe asked. “Ive wondered about a lot of things in life, and I’ve had some very difficult decisions to make, but this isn’t one of them. Ive never been more sure of anything in my entire life than I am right now.” He said looking Gabe in the eye. “Alright. Lets do this.” He said taking Cas’ arm once again. They walked through the double doors. It seemed like a long aisle, but he could see Dean, standing there, next to Sam and Charlie, wearing a black suit, with a black tie, and white shirt. As they got closer, Dean looked at Castiel and Castiel could see the tears form in Deans eyes, but a wide smile was slowly stretching across Deans lips. As he got up to the alter, Castiel couldn’t believe what he seen. “Crowley? What are you doing here? And in a Priests outfit?” Castiel asked. “Its all the same in the eyes of God. Or so I think, anyways, we have to get on with this, we broke in here and someone is bound to alert the police once they see lights.” Crowley said. Cas shook his head, but all thoughts soon were replaced by Dean as Dean took his hands in his. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of these two bastards-”
“Crowley! Not in Church!” Cas hissed. “Oh and what’s going to happen? I go to Hell?” Crowley asked and Cas shook his head. “Anyways, as I was saying, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Dean and Castiel. As this is not exactly your traditional wedding, seeing as how we broke into the church in the Dead of night, One groom is an angel, the other a Hell bound monster hunter, and the ‘priest’ is the king of Hell, but, the couple has written their own vowels.” Crowley said. “Dean, when I was called upon to raise you, I thought of it as nothing more than another duty to fulfill. When I seen you though, I felt this feeling inside of me, which Charlie described as a um, what was it? Oh, yes, a crush. As our relationship and closeness began to deepen and grow, I felt this ‘crush’ feeling begin to grow larger. And once again, Charlie said that she believed I loved you. When i told Gabriel this, he laughed, until he realised I was serious. Then, that day you exploded, and told me that you loved me, I felt joy. Complete and utter joy. And when we kissed, it feel ten times Better than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I vow to always love you, and keep you safe. To always be there when you need me, to always heal you whenever you may need it, and never hurt you in any way, shape or form. I love you Dean Winchester, and I wont ever stop.” Castiel said and a single tear fell from Dean’s eye, which was quickly wiped away. “Uh, wooh, where do I begin? Um, Cas, when I first saw you, I didn’t know what to think, but it was the first Time I ever questioned my sexuality, ill tell you that. As time went on, there were more and more feelings developed, and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I never thought you’d actually feel the same. And over the years that I’d known you, I fell in love, completely and irreversibly. When i found out that you felt the same way, aw man Cas you don’t know the joy I felt that day. How happy I was. Happier than I’ve been in years, Hell, maybe my whole life. There was a hole inside of me Cas, and you filled it. I love you more with every passing day, and I promise, ill never let you go. Ill protect you at all costs. Ill do anything for you. Ill never betray you, and Castiel, I swear, ill never stop loving you. Ever. You are my everything Castiel. I love you.” Dean said. “That was beautiful. Im truly touched. Or that might be nausea, im not entirely sure. The rings.” Crowley said and Sam stepped in front of Charlie and handed Dean the rings. Dean slid his onto Castiel’s hand, and Castiel did the same. “I present, Mr and Mr Winchester. Now kiss.” Crowley said and Dean didnt need to be told twice and he took Castiel’s head in his hands and kissed him. Charlie, Sam, Gabe and even Crowley clapped. “I love you Dean Winchester.” Castiel said. “I love you too, Castiel Winchester.” Dean replied, his green eyes staring into Castiels blue ones.
Deans eyes suddenly shot open. He sat up and scanned the room. His arm automatically reaching for Castiel, but finding nothing. Then the tears came as the memories did. He had been dreaming of his and Cas’ wedding day. The happiest day of his life. But as he remembered, he began sobbing. Their wedding was seven years ago. And two years ago, Castiel had died. A Ruga-Ru has killed him. Dean had failed. He broke the vows that he had made to Cas to protect him. He got up to grab Cas’ trench coat. That damned coat that Cas loved so much. That coat that had a few specks of blood, rips, but most of all, it had Cas’ scent. Dean sat on the bed, and he clutched that coat to him, breathing in Cas’ scent, and he sobbed. The hole that Cas had once filled was now wide open and bleeding. And it would never be filled by his angel, his Cas, ever again.

  • Naruto: It’s like when I was scared to go to the dentist and it was like, “I’m Timmy Tooth! You don’t have to be scared, you dumb bitch.” I might be paraphrasing that, I don’t fully recall.
  • Shikamaru: [As Timmy Tooth] “You’re gonna get your tooth pulled and it’s gonna look like me, Timmy Tooth. Have you ever thought about your tooth being outside your body? It’s pretty traumatic.”
  • Naruto: "Here we go!"
  • Shikamaru: “Leave me under your pillow for a nightmarish intruder to come into your house. We call it a fairy to make it better for you, but it’s still terrifying. It’s unquestionably a demon.
“It is FREEZING outside and you decided to do that polar bear swim crap. You ended up going solo because I thought it was stupid and as you went I stood by with a few towels and now you’re cold as the water you went into and your teeth are chattering really loudly and I’m holding you but I think we’re gonna have to take our clothes off so I can warm you up PROPERLY, y'know,  BEFORE you die of frostbite.” AU

- (@get-glitched)

Hey there guys

so this week got a lot harder for me than it should have and a lot more things have added up to it. it got a little hard to control all of them together so i thought that i would put some things aside for a week or so.

so i am gonna take a week brake from the internet also because of my health :’) i need to go outside more.

School and teachers have been taking away a lot of my time with homeworks and just being in school for 6 hours maximum. then i have to start going to english teacher and art teacher. So i need to practice on anatomy and real life drawings for a while. i might post some things on twitter from time to times (  https://twitter.com/catsshenanigans ) but it will just be sketches and pokemon. as for my health, my blood pressure has been dropping and doctors advised me to go outside for some fresh air and walk and i’ll be good as new in no time  

I’ll come back around next  thursday i think at night time.

The comics will all be on hiatus,but the asks will be open till then. after the brake,im gonna close it and answer them along with drawing updates for the comics.

eeeehh school is far to tiring right now and i even have to go tomorrow. 

and now instead of studying- (its 11 pm pfff and i have a lot to study) im writing this and procrastinating- 

okay one more thing

stay cool ya nerds~ hope i wont be gone for too long,but do not worry, i will be chatting on the twitter~

see ya~

A Monster-Full Halloween

When Kurt runs out of time to make their family costumes for Halloween, he resorts to store-bought monster costumes for the small family.  

766 words.  Rated: G

A/N: I’m BACK!  :)

“Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!” three-year-old Elizabeth shouted excitedly as she ran into the apartment.

“What?” Blaine said, turning from his piano towards his and Kurt’s daughter, laughing as he saw Kurt behind her carrying multiple Halloween costumes.  

“We got costumes!  We’re gonna get to dress up and go outside dressed up!”

Kurt set the costumes down on the couch before approaching his small family.  He greeted Blaine with a quick kiss before sitting down next to Blaine on the piano bench.  

“I thought you were designing our costumes?” Blaine said as he looked towards the bags on the couch.  

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The Signs on Friday

Aries: I can fight anyone and be healed by Monday
Taurus: I should do my homework so I’ll be free all weekend
Gemini: I have so much gossip OMG
Cancer: So guys I’m free all weekend *aggressively winks*
Leo: I’m so busy like it’s crazy *goes home and does absolutely nothing*
Virgo: I have so many tests next week I should pARTY WHILE I CAN
Libra: …it’s Friday? I thought it was like Tuesday tbh
Scorpio: Gonna game so hard this weekend
Sagittarius: Maybe I’ll go outside this weekend
Capricorn: It may be Friday but I’m still busy af with school so it’s not the weekend yet
Aquarius: Do you think it will rain
Pisces: Friday Monday Wednesday they’re all the same- lame.

  • Dan: It’s like when I was scared to go to the dentist and it was like, “I’m Timmy Tooth! You don’t have to be scared, you dumb bitch.” I might be paraphrasing that, I don’t fully recall.
  • Arin: [As Timmy Tooth] “You’re gonna get your tooth pulled and it’s gonna look like me, Timmy Tooth. Have you ever thought about your tooth being outside your body? It’s pretty traumatic.”
  • Danny: “Here we go.”
  • Arin: “Leave me under your pillow for a nightmarish intruder to come into your house. We call it a fairy to make it better for you, but it’s still terrifying. It’s unquestionably a demon.

I’m such an L.A. kid. I always forget to wear socks — I’ll be outside, like, ‘Oh my god, I’m freezing!’ I feel so un-chic. I feel like that’s kind of my thing. Like, ‘Oh, whatever, I’m gonna go to Paris, but I’m not gonna change my T-shirt.’ But, I don’t really approach it too much in my daily life. I have things that I gravitate towards, like I like things to look worn in… I don’t really put too much thought into it.

I understand why you would want to restrict the speech of hate groups, I really do. There are movements out there comprised of literal human scum and the idea of them being able to openly speak + spread their ideas makes me sick to my stomach. But how far does that go? Does the state designate what is & is not considered “acceptable” speech? Are you gonna have officers walking around listening in on people’s meetings making sure that no one is speaking outside of what the state deems acceptable? Are we going to start imprisoning people for their thoughts? Once you start advocating for the right of free speech to be taken away, where do you draw the line?

One thing about growing up in a horrible household is that you never realize that other people out there ARENT going through the same thing. I grew up thinking that all the mental & physical abuse that I had to deal with, alongside with how horrible of people my immediate along with my extended family are & never did I once realize that no one around me was going through the same things as me.
I never brought up anything that happened to me as a kid to anyone while it was happening because I didn’t know there was a world outside of that bullshit.
I thought it happened to everyone & that I was gonna be some piss baby if I said anything cause no one else was mentioning their horrible at home lives that I expected them to have.
I never mentioned anything until late high school & not one of my friends could relate to what I went through & they all said I should’ve spoke out when I had the chance so I could get some help & it fucking sucked going all this time thinking I was over emotional for wanting to speak about it so bad to someone & that everyone was able to deal with life better than me just to find out they never had to deal with this fucking bullshit like I will literally never forgive my family for all the shit they put me through & then making me feel like some pathetic piece of shit because of how I am after that

Thoughts you have in the shower

-there we go
-should I shave?
-is that much hair supposed to come out?
-how long have I been in here?
-*hears thump* Theyre murdering my entire family and im going to have to fight them naked
-this soap smells good
-I’m gonna be soooo clean
-I wonder how dinosaurs took showers
-what if this Isn’t real, what if none of this is real
-*flashback to something really sad*
-is peeing in the shower normal? Oh well
-this feels so good
-*sings random show tune*

I’ve always wanted the ‘college’ experience but was held back for a number of reasons. If your not trans, it probably never even crosses your mind, but it constantly crossed mine. Before having surgery I wouldn’t have been comfortable dorming with either gender because I wasn’t comfortable with myself.
Im no where close to healed, and I still have at least 2 more surgeries to go, BUT this year, the same year I thought I was gonna die, I got my college experience. I comfortably live with 5 dudes and piss standing up. Ive been able to get outside of myself and form relationships. So today, I picked up this care package and walked it back to my dorm with the biggest smile on my face because in that moment I realized it. I try to take in every moment of this, because I know one day I have to graduate. I never thought I would enjoy myself so much that I would sign up for summer school.
I’m beginning to see the end of transition, it’s the greatest and scariest moment all at once.

To the guy I will love next,

Please understand that you’re going to handle a girl who’s not in a perfect condition. You will meet me and maybe you think I am whole outside - but there’s actually gonna be a lot of repairs I need inside me.

I gave rightful love to people I thought would give back what I made them feel. I have been lied on, dumped, hurt and numerously cried over my pillow every night.
I want to remind you, that I may still be partly lost when you will have me. In fact, I don’t even know if I’m still lovable. I will be complicated sometimes. I will be hard on you. I know you will struggle on making me believe that you will not be like anybody else. And I’m already sorry for that, now.

I don’t need a superhero or even a knight in shining armor. Because of all these chaos I went through - I have already learned how to save myself.

Regardless on all these uncertainties, I promise to love you in every way, as long as I can. There’s nothing much I have to require from you. And I hope this will assure you to stay for a long time because no one has done that yet.

I am excited to finally meet you and feel as if I’ve never been in pain.
I am excited to be happy again without getting worried if am I still gonna wake up in the morning holding you. My tummy is ready to harbor butterflies as you tell me how much you love me and when you hug me everytime. I am excited to make you happy as well, be contented and make you feel loved more than anyone could. I am excited to listen to your heartbeat and listen to the rhythm of your breath or smell the scent you leave on my blanket. I am excited to watch my favorite cartoons with you, and eat my favorite ice cream flavor with you.
You will be the first person I tell how my day went, my rants and my opinions over things. You will be everything to me, as I am to you.

I will love you unconditionally regardless of the times I have told myself that I’m not going to love anyone else anymore

To you, who I will love next - you will be my last.

The girl you will love next

Holy fucking shit storm. Okay you guys so you all may or may not know that I live in Belgium. This week Brussels was put on some sort of lockdown because they found plans for a massive attack on our capital. So I’m pretty worried as it is. Now it’s around 2am and I’m sitting at my desk when suddenly I hear and FEEL a loud bang. My desk moved and I immediately thought I was gonna die cause I thought it was a bom or something. Ran to my mum’s room and she said she thinks it was a car hitting another car. We go outside to go check. Meanwhile I’m having a meltdown cause I thought I was gonna die ya know. Saw it was the car of the neighbours 2 houses down. Their entire side was wrecked and the car that hit it was nowhere to be seen. I saw a fluid leaking out of it so we went to ring their doorbell to tell them. You guys, I’m gonna go live on the north pole so I feel safe. brb.