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Friends Don’t Do That (Hyungwon x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“hey can i request a hyungwon smut pls? in which he’s like needy and whiny – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Hyungwon X Reader
Genre/warning(s):  fluffy smut?
Words: 2.6k
Authors note: He is one of my bias from Monsta X so like I’m in love with him? Hope you enjoy this fic

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Mission complete: Muse Monsters of 2018

EXCELLENT. Earlier today I asked you to find some Magic flavor text related to making and creating. Then I asked you to hunt down Magic art of inspiringly fierce critters. NOW WE COMBINE THEM. BEHOLD, and BE INSPIRED.

Zhur-Taa Ancient by Adam Paquette + the flavor text of Simic Charm

2018 is gonna be a year of making. This year we cup our ear to the ethereal whisper-plaints of our souls, scoop up big handfuls of Scared-But-Doin’-It-Anyway, and forge ordinary time and atoms into some LOUD-SHOUTIN’ HEART-EXPRESSIN’ ART. 

Purity art by Warren Mahy + flavor text of Future Sight (ONS)

And who better to inspire and motivate and encourage us this year than our own personal MUSE MONSTERS? I took some of my favorites of your flavor text and art suggestions and mashed them together in ways that inspired me. 

Art of Sanctuary Cat by David Palumbo + flavor text of Goblin Welder

Now you make your own. Making stuff is always hard – you hear the critical voices in your head long before the jerks OUTSIDE your skull even get a chance to pipe up. You’re gonna need to drown out those voices this year. Have some monster bellow some foul-smelling advice at your face, and I promise that’ll make things easier. Happy 2018, gang.

Art of Godsire by Jim Murray + (part of the) flavor text of Inventor’s Apprentice

Can I?

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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 1,205
A/N: Finally a Jeff imagine! I’ve been waiting to try and finish other requests before I made this one but there was a ton of Alex requests, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE <3 I didn’t want it to be back to back Alex so I decided to mix it up a bit. Also, sorry if the ending is crappy :( Hopefully this is a good one, feel free to send in requests for ships, preferences and other imagines! Enjoy! <3
Warnings: None
(Y/C/N) = Your crush’s name
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff

   “So, what do you think?” You came out twirling in the short, off the shoulder, navy blue dress that you’d purchased earlier this week. Your high school crush had asked you out on a date, and you wanted to make sure that you looked presentable. For you, it was only appropriate to ask your best friend Jeff Atkins for help. He’d known you for the longest time and surprisingly had nice taste in dresses. Of course you’ve been on a date before, but this time you wanted everything to be perfect. However, ever since you had asked Jeff for help, he had been acting really weird and you didn’t know what was up with him. You’d decided to brush it off, thinking it was some personal issue, but something told you it was a bit more than that.
“So?” You played with the hem of your dress and looked down, Jeff had been sitting there silent for a while now and it really had you worried. “Do you not like it?” Pushing a strand of loose hair behind your ear, you frowned and looked up at him. “N-no! Yes! I mean…you look great.” “But” “But?” You sighed, “Jeff please don’t lie to me, if I don’t look good then-” He stood up from his spot on the couch and walked over to you, putting his hands on your bare shoulders, “You look amazing, and as far as I’m concerned, (Y/C/N) is the luckiest guy ever to able to have such an amazing girl like you.” His words made you smile and a rosy tint dusted your cheeks. “Thank you, Jeff…” You stood on your toes to kiss his cheek and ran upstairs to grab your purse. “Well I need to get going, or else I’m going to late! Are you gonna stay here?” Jeff muttered out a small ‘yeah’ and plopped back down onto the couch, picking up the remote and flipping through the channels. “Don’t wait up!” You giggled and jogged over to your car sitting on the side of the street in front of your house. Turning the key, you started the car up and made your way to Rosie’s diner.
   You had had about three milkshakes at this point and you were completely livid, but also sad. (Y/C/N) stood you up and it was the most discouraging thing ever. Maybe you would’ve understood a bit more if he would’ve texted you or called you, but he didn’t. You were feeling insecure, and wondered exactly what it was that made him change his mind about wanting to date you. You already had other insecurities that you’ve been dealing with, and now this? Pulling out your phone you dialed Jeff’s number, hoping that he would pick up. “Hello?” “J-Jeff?” You’d promised yourself that you wouldn’t cry but you couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. You were feeling so broken and rejected. “What happened?” he asked, worry defined in his voice. You could only shake your head and sit there, you wanted him to get it without you having to say it. He was really good at that, an expert at understanding you. “I’m coming to you okay? Stay there.” The line went dead, and you buried your face in your hands.
   Not too long after, Jeff had entered the diner and sat in the booth across from you.  He placed his hands on your wrists and moved them from covering your face. “He stood you up.” If anything it was more of a statement then a question, to which you nodded your head. “I promise the next time I see him I’m gonna-” “Don’t, please.” You smiled weakly at him, putting your hand on top of his to calm him down. Jeff let out a sigh and got up to slide into the seat next to you, he was angry and it really showed. However you didn’t need to him be angry with (Y/C/N), you needed him to comfort you. Placing his arm around your waist, he brought you closer to his body and wiped your tears away with his thumb. “Do you want to know why I’ve been acting strange this week?” You wondered why he’d brought this up at a time like this, but you’ve been curious since that day. “Sure.” He paused for a minute before answering, “I was jealous.” Coughing a little, you took the warm glass of water sitting on the table and took a sip. “Jealous?” You questioned. “Hear me out. You’ve always made me very happy. When you asked me to help you because you had a date…I mean I was happy for you but angry at myself. I was angry because I knew I was going to lose you-” “Jeff, you’re never going to lose me. We’ll always be best friends.” Jeff’s mood had completely changed, and there was something there that had tugged on your heart. “You don’t get it do you? I don’t want to be your best friend. I want to be more than that, and seeing you so hyped for another guy made me realize that I love you. I was angry because I felt that all these other guys were gonna try to play you, and look at where we are now. I know I can give you the world, you just have to let me.” You thought about it for a minute before giving Jeff an answer. “Okay.” It felt weird for a second, your best friend becoming your boyfriend, but you knew that Jeff would make sure you only had the best. He grabbed your car keys, then pulled you outside. Opening the door for you, you got in the car and giggled at the gentleman that he was. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see.”
The car ride was pretty quiet, much like your surroundings. You were about ready to drift to sleep until you felt the car stop. “This is it.” Jeff got out of the car and walked around to your side to let you out. You followed him to the wooden fence that prevented you from falling, and the view of the city absolutely was breathtaking. “Woah…” you gasped, leaning forward over the fence a little. “Easy there tiger,” Jeff laughed while placing his hands on your hips to stable you, “It’s…beautiful.” Your eyes twinkled at the bright lights that shone down below. “Not as beautiful as you.“ You giggled looking back at him, “You’re an idiot Jeff Atkins.” “Yeah but you love it,” he said shrugging. “Ever since you’ve announced your crush on (Y/C/N), I’ve always thought you deserved better than him. Now you’ve got it.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him. “You’re really confident aren’t you?” “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little confident.” He flashed you one of his most famous smiles and captured your lips in another heated kiss.
   "Hey, since we’re dating now does that mean I get to wear your jacket?“ You looked up at him hopeful as he responded, "Of course, anything for you babe.” Squealing you pulled him with you to sit on the hood of the car, enjoying the view for another few hours before finally heading home.



warnings: implications of rape/sexual abuse, crying, cussing, friendship.

a/n: this is one of the fluffiest things I've written and it’s still super angsty. list of prompts here. send messages and suggestions here. masterlist here

“Good night, Bevy,” he said as he left her room, closing the door behind him.

It had happened again. Beverly didn’t think it was something that would ever stop. She waited until she could hear the tv from the other room. The red-headed girl stood, tears falling silently from her eyes, and dressed, stuffing some clothes into a bag. She made her way to the window and left down the fire escape.

Everything on her body ached, she had scrapes on her knees and back, bruises on her wrists and ribs. Nothing was okay anymore. It hurt to sit on her bike, so she stood on the petals as she made the fifteen minute trip to Richie’s.

Richie was the only one of the losers to know about what happened to her, not even bill or ben knew. She had debated telling mike before, but it never seemed right. Richie understood.

It was cold that night. Her bruised skin gathered into goosebumps as the chilly air nipped at her. She hadn’t grabbed a jacket before leaving. She didn’t care too much.

When Beverly arrived at Richie’s she went around to the side of the one-story home. Still crying she knocked on his bedroom window. The curtains were shut. She could see a light on. The curtains moved to reveal a face. It wasn’t Richie’s.

“Hey, thanks fo- Beverly?” Eddie spoke. Fuck. “You’re not the pizza guy, are you alright?” Richie was at the window as fast as possible pulling the pale girl into the room. Once she entered, it turned into a hug, Beverly crying into Richie’s shirt. Eddie looked at Richie with a confused look.

“Could you give us a minute?” Richie asked Eddie, who nodded still confused. Eddie left the room. Richie pulled away from the hug, holding Beverly’s face in his hands. He leaned down to look at her, wiping tears from under her red puffy eyes. Somehow, the bloodshot made the blue more vibrant.

“Everything hurts.” Beverly whimpered quietly.

“Where does it hurt?” She gestured to a few different spots and then held out her wrists. Purple bracelets stained her skin. Richie pulled her back into a tight, but gentle hug. Lips kissing the top of her head.

Meanwhile, outside of the room, Eddie was greeted with the rest of the boys. “Is the pizza here?” Mike asked. Eddie shook his head, confusion still present on his face.

“W-w-where’s Ri-Richie?” Bill asked.

“With Beverly.” The others looked at him equally as confused.

“I didn’t know she was coming,” Ben said. Richie’s parents were away at some convention for dentists, so he decided to have his friends over for a ‘guys night’ (it was a sleepover. They’re all lying to themselves). The only reason his mom went was that she didn’t trust his father.

“I didn’t either. She just sorta, showed up crying.” Eddie explained.

“She’s crying?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, and Richie asked for a minute. I have no clue whats going on, but it seemed serious.” Eddie continued. Bill remained quiet. Ben started panicking a little, every thought possible going through his head. Mike’s face twisted with concern. Stan’s did the same.

Richie continued to hold Beverly. Beverly continued to cry. “I’m sorry I came when Eddie was here.” She told him. Richie laughed softly.

“It’s okay. We were just waiting for pizzas. It’s no big deal.” He whispered. Beverly started to breathe easy for a second. “Just so you know the others are here too.” Richie blurted out. Beverly’s eyes went wide.

“What?” Beverly asked, pulling out of the hug. She wasn’t planning on this. She was planning on telling them at some point and it never really felt right. The mood was never depressing enough to talk about the shit she goes through.  

“I can make them leave if you want.” Richie offered.

“No, don’t do that.” She replied quickly. She wiped the tears from under her eyes and sat quietly for a minute. All the thoughts running through her brain. A series of what ifs. Richie watched her closely, he didn’t want her to do anything she didn’t want to do. He just wanted her pain to go away. “I could tell them.”

The silence in the room barred down on the two of them after she spoke. Her words hung in the air like something stuck in a spider web. “You- you don’t have to do that. I know it was hard to tell me-”

“I’m gonna do it.” She said, clearing her throat. She hugged Richie once more before Richie opened the door for her. The boys still outside of it. She wasn’t expecting to be confronted with it immediately, but she stood there and told the boys why she was there, she told them what happens, everything. She didn’t know what response she was expecting. Maybe disgust. Perhaps anger. But she was met with love and acceptance.

Hugs were shared and tears were shed, but movies were watched and popcorn popped. It was like everything was alright. Everything was normal, but no one wanted her to have to go back home. Because even though they had all been facing a monster for weeks, Beverly had been facing one her entire life.

omg y'all before I left to Washington my mom accidentally left the porch door open (and the screen too) so one of my cats ran away and I was freaking the fuck out once I got home,, so I looked all around the neighborhood in the scorching hot weather for about 3 hours and then came inside to have a mental breakdown bc I love that lil baby and the thought of him being lost and scared tears me tf up and something told me “your bitchass can either continue crying or go out there one more time to look for that lil baby” so I went outside one more time and didn’t even have to take 10 steps until I saw the lil nigga under my neighbors car!!!!!! I slowly lured him towards me with some wet foods and I quickly carried him in my arms. he was meowing a lot when I saw him and he’s dirty but now he’s inside eating and we’re gonna take him to the vet ASAP. God is real, I prayed harder than a mf for me to find that damn cat.

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Ok so during my junior year some dipshit thought it’d be fun to plan a food fight. The problem was that the teachers caught wind of it and the admins had more teachers than usual guard the cafeteria. Like they thought that would make a difference. Anyway, so the food fight gets started, idk who started it, I hear it was some sophomore, but everyone eating in the gym heard about it and stood outside of the cafeteria watching all of the chaos ensue.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. That same day the seniors decided to do their senior prank, which wasn’t creative at all. They were gonna go through the halls and have a party or something (memory is failing me), but there was this one kid and let’s call him Kevin because I don’t remember his name…it may have been Kevin. So Kevin comes in with the crowd on a bike dressed up in a Gumby costume (that weird green claymation character). Our principal is so pissed at the prank and food fight that he fucking checks Kevin into the lockers and off his bike. 

So Kevin was forbidden from walking at graduation, but our school started a “Free Gumby” campaign to have him walk. Like there were t-shirts and a facebook page and shit. And y'know what? IT FUCKING WORKED. When they called Kevin’s name at graduation everyone shouted “GUMBY!” And the weird thing is that my school had more weird shit that happened…

bts scenario: you surprising them on christmas

anon:  since it’s christmas eve, how about a bts reaction to you saying you can’t spend christmas with them, but surprise them exactly on christmas? Thank you and happy holidays ~🎅

author’s note: so sorry this was not posted yesterday ;; hope you’ll still enjoy it!


«Oh…Well, I understand, Y / n! Don’t worry, I’m gonna be fine. Do well with your work, and good luck! Merry Christmas~» he hung up. 

He sighed and layed back in his seat. 

«Well then it’s just the two of us, bear.» he chuckled as he looked over at the big plushie that he planned on giving to you. He was sad that you couldn’t come but he was respectful, so he just watched Christmas movies instead. 

Without noticing, he drifted into sleep. 


«Who the hell knocks on the door at 2am?» he groaned as he got out of bed. 

As he opened the door, his ears heard a loud excited scream. 

«Merry Christmas!» your voice rang through his ears, and a big grin appeared on his face. In a matter of seconds, your boyfriend hugged you tight, 

«Y / n..! I can’t believe you actually came. I thought I would spend Christmas alone while being drunk.» he laughed.

«I love you. Merry Christmas.» he said softly as he stole you into a sweet and passionte kiss. 

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GIF submitted by @bigdaddymongoose (Thanks to her, this GIF is what broke my writers block)

“Dammit Gemma! How do you talk me into this shit?” you gasped as you struggled to lift two hundred and fifty pounds of dead weight.

“Shut up sweetheart, we have to get him out of here before church is over. Now, lift with your knees, Y/N!” Gemma snapped.

You glared at your old man’s mother as you bent down to grab said dead weight’s feet again. “Tell me again, how he got dead?” you huffed.

Gemma blew out an exhausted breath as she dropped her half of dead guy and sat down on the picnic bench that was outside the clubhouse. “I found him this way,” you lifted an eyebrow, “Don’t look at me that way, I didn’t kill him!”

“So if you didn’t kill him and I didn’t kill him, why can’t we tell the guys?” you asked , taking a cigarette from her. 

“The club has to much other shit to worry about, between the Irish, the Aryan Brotherhood and Stahl,” she paused to light her own smoke, “ a dead body is just inconvenient.”

“Well, he doesn’t have ink, so I’m guessing not a rival MC, so civilian,” you groaned, “We can’t do this alone. This bastard’s heavy,” you looked down at him in disgust, “Who do you think we should get? Tig?”

Gemma nodded, “Tig. He knows a lot of hiding places for bodies.”

“Fine, chapel should be about wrapped up, I’ll go get him. You watch the lot,” you walked away murmuring about how Jax was going to kill you. 

Walking into the clubhouse, you sighed, the doors opened to the chapel and the Sons came strolling out. You were glad that Tig was the second one out, “Tig! Hey, Gemma needs your help with something!”

He paused to look at you, distrust plainly evident, “With what?”

You narrowed your eyes at him, “With something outside, asshole! Please?” If he made you beg, you swore to God that you were gonna kill him.

“Hey darlin’! Aren’t you going to come say hello?” Jax grinned at you. 

You smiled at him and leapt into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist as you kissed him. “Does mom need my help?”

“Uh no, no! She was just trying to get some stuff ready for storage. I knew that you and Clay have a meeting in Oakland, so I thought Tig would be the best one to help,” you replied sweetly.

Jax narrowed his eyes at you, smacking his hand against your ass, smirking at your yelp, “You’re up to somethin’ sweetheart, I’ll get it out of you later. Tig go help ‘em.”

You smiled, not trusting yourself to speak, you turned quickly and grabbed Tig by his kutte and pulled him out the door. He had taken two steps outside when he saw the body and he froze.

“Nope, Hell no!” he all but yelled. You and Gemma both shushed him, “N. O. The last time I helped you two with a dead guy, I ended up with gun delivery for two weeks and missed out on all the pussy,” he just shook his head over and over. He started backing away with his hands up in the air.

“TIG! you shouted, “If you don’t help me, I swear to everything holy that I’ll tell Jax about you trippin’ balls on ‘shrooms, and that that is how I ended up with a black eye.”

He looked at you in surprise, “You wouldn’t! You know I thought you were one of those life size d-,’ his eyes narrowed as he watched you smirk, “You are one evil bitch, Y/N.”

You grinned at him, Gemma rolled her eyes, “Dead guy not staying fresh here?”

The three of you picked him up and were almost to the van, when the club doors opened, you looked at Tig who had just shut his eyes, “Dammit!”

“What the hell did you two do?!” Clay bellowed.

You and Gemma dropped the body and Tig fell backwards trapped under the guy. You spun around and started shaking your head, pointing at Gemma, “It was her, I had nothing to do with this one.”

“Traitor, she mumbled. “Clay I found the guy like this, we were just taking out the trash.”

Tig was yelling from under the guy, that he was heavy and smelled like he had shit himself and would someone please get him out from under him,

 Jax just shook his head at the three of you, “You’re all very unbalanced individuals.”

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Christian Yu: Just Let Me

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A/N: Since I’m still struggling with some things before the start of MISADEGALIO, here’s some quick scenario from our very hard working man. who’ve been inspiring us up to now.. I featured some AOMG and others for name reference. Hope Y'all like it! Advance Merry Christmas. 

Word Count: 4,524

“Y/N?” your mom called you from behind you.


“Uhmm?” you looked at her from the mirror in front of you since you’re nearly done with your finishing touches on your makeup.


“Are you sure you’re not going to a date? You know it’s fine, right?” she teased you.


“Mom, please,” you smirked as you tried to fix your hair. “I told you I’ll attend our small class reunion from my high school, it’s just a gathering thing they organize before Christmas.” you remind her again.


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anonymous asked:

Your ongoing series of what others would gain from Zutara is so fascinating and so very well done! Now I'd like to ask: what would Iroh gain from Zutara?

What Iroh would gain from Zutara

Iroh would gain a daughter who cares about his wellbeing because of her character:

Katara: Zuko, I can help!

Katara: Goodbye, General Iroh.
Iroh: Goodbye, everyone. Today, destiny is our friend. I know it.

Rather than because the plot demands it.

 A family member who makes his nephew smile:

Instead of smirk.

Become more at peace with himself:

Instead of less.

Who actively helps to reconcile Iroh with his nephew:

And who, in her debut, rescues a child:

Rather than treating a child’s fate with indifference.

In short, someone who values her family:

Sokka: When our mom died, that was the hardest time in my life. Our family was a mess, but Katara, she had so much strength. She stepped up and took on so much responsibility. She helped fill the void that was left by our mom.

Instead of scorning them.

He would gain a pai sho partner:

And a trusted White Lotus initiate:

Rather than yet more relatives:

Who should never be trusted under any circumstance.

 He would be related to someone who is spiritually inclined:

Rather than materialistic:

Zuko: Do you think you can find a fresh fruit tart for the lady, with rose petals on top.
Royal Servant: Excellent choice, sir.

Mαi: I guess there are some perks that come with being royalty. Though, there is annoying stuff too, like that all-day war meeting coming up.

And is a natural leader:

Instead of a follower.

He would gain someone with concern for social issues:

Mother: Earthbending is forbidden. It’s caused nothing but misery for this village. He must never use his abilities.
Katara: How can you say that? Haru has a gift. Asking him not to earthbend is like asking me not to waterbend. It’s a part of who we are.

Rather than someone who turns a blind eye to people’s problems.

Governor: What is going on down there?
Guard: I saw some kids yesterday who were sick with pentapox. It must have spread!
Governor: Pentapox! I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of that.
Governor’s Wife: Oh, this is terrible.
Guard: What should we do?
Governor: Drive them out of the city…but don’t touch them! We have to rid the city of this disease!

 Mαi: More fireflakes, Dad?

And most of all, he would gain an alliance that represents the world united:

Instead of the divisions of the past.

Zuko: Mαi, I never wanted to hurt you. But I have to do this to save my country. 

Mαi: Save it? You’re betraying your country.
Zuko: That’s not how I see it.

And who is closer to the Fire Nation people than Mαi has ever been.

“Fire is the element of power.” 

Mai: I thought when Ty Lee and I finally caught you guys it would be more exciting. Oh well, victory is boring.

“The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will.”

Katara: I’ll be outside – if you’re man enough to fight me!

Zuko: Well, at least I feel something…as opposed to you. You have no passion for anything.  You’re just a big “blah”. 

“And the energy and drive to achieve what they want.”

Sokka: Are you crazy, Katara? You’re not gonna win this fight!
Katara: I know! I don’t care!

Katara: So, you decided to show up? Aren’t you gonna fight?
Master Pakku : Go back to the healing huts with the other women where you belong.

Master Pakku: Katara, you have advanced more quickly than any student I have ever trained. You have proven that with fierce determination, passion and hard work you can accomplish anything.

[The dust from the falling scaffolding clears, once again giving Mαi a clear shot. She throws another hail of arrows, but the kids disappear through a large trap door which closes instantly above them.] 

[Cut back to Mαi, who sighs amidst the wreckage, turns, and walks away.] 

Mαi:  We lost.

“Better Hands” - Part 2

“Better Hands” - Part 2

Part 1 - Here   

My Masterlist - Here

Leonard “Bones” McCoy x Reader

Word Count: 3693

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Talk of Abuse, Mentions of Abusive Ex, Cursing, Talk of Injuries,

Summary: After being in an abusive relationship, you have been able to turn your life around thanks to the help of the team. But when you have to go back to your ex for some of your things, some shit goes down.

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Author’s Note: So this is my first Star Trek piece and I’m super fuckin nervous about it. I’m not a huge Trekkie, but I am a fan of the newer films. Those are what I base my fics off of unless stated otherwise. But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

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His grip was tighter than you thought possible. The cuts were deep and your body screamed where he kept punching and kicking you. You couldn’t do anything. You were too weak to fight back or even try to call for help. But you tried.

You managed to get one little squeak out of your vocal chords before they were clamped shut by the same grip that had your arm moments earlier. You clawed and struggled to breathe as you looked at the face of your ex looming over you. Whatever he was saying was muffled as everything became darker and darker.

You shot up out of bed and reached for your throat before jolting from the pains of the real cuts and bruises that littered your body. It was just a nightmare. At least that beating was. You looked at your alarm clock and read 7AM, only 15 minutes before you had to really get up. But there was no point in trying to go back to sleep, so you got up and tried to get ready for the day.

You went into your bathroom and opened the medicine cabinet and searched for a specific medicine, one that would help ease the pain even a little bit. You found a generic pain killer and took two before going to the kitchen and putting a bagel in the toaster.

“I guess I’ll be wearing long sleeves for awhile now.” You muttered to yourself as you found a suitable shirt to go along with some looser fitting pants and your boots. As you were finishing up lacing your boots, your communicator rang.

“(Y/L/N) speaking.”

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CHEATER (Jungkook X Reader, Namjoon X Reader) Chap.1

| University AU | Gonna be a series! | Jungkook X Reader ft. Namjoon | Bad boy! AU |

Warnings: Swearing, implied smut, heavy kissing, cheating, major jealousy, alcohol.

AN: Yay I’m really excited about this! I hope It goes to plan (lol). This is gonna be a new series so follow me if you want to see what happens next! Hope you guys enjoy and It isn’t too crap ;p 

P.S. I’ve based the best friend in this on my real best friend @s0n-of-a-snitch go check her out she’s awesome! xx 

| Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 |  


University was everything you had ever dreamed of. You attended University with your best friend Kat whom you had been friends with since your were four and now here you were in your second year of University, room mates together.

Your life seemed to finally be going the way you wanted it to; you had a perfect best friend, perfect grades and a perfect boyfriend, Namjoon. Your life was amazing, until one fateful party. 

It was eleven o’clock on a Saturday night and you and Kat were making your way to the biggest party of the year. You both were dressed up nicely, Kat in a blue strapless dress and you in a black skater dress with revealing slits in the waist and a low back.

“Just promise me that the second we get in there you aren’t gonna ditch me and go upstairs to fuck Namjoon.” Kat warned, but a friendly grin plastered to her face.

“Of course I won’t! Have I ever done that before?” You laughed.

“Yes. The last three parties! Three!” She ranted. 

“Oh yeah… I promise I won’t abandon you the second we arrive.” You teased, earning a much deserved punch in the arm. 

“Okay Okay! I won’t I promise!” You snorted. She let out a humph of triumph, nodding her head in pride.


You arrived outside the front of the huge house, you even thought it could be classified as a small mansion. Excitedly Kat pulled you by the arm inside the entryway. 

The second you stepped in you immediately recognised your boyfriend Namjoon standing with a group of friends, and your ultimate enemy; Jeon fucking Jungkook. 

Jungkook had tormented and teased you since you had started University over a year ago, he just wouldn’t leave you alone. Of course Namjoon had to be friends with him, that meant more time for Jungkook to harass you.

You nudged Kat forward and walked across the crowded room to the group of boys. Namjoon saw you and gave you a quick kiss of greetings on the lips, you smiled and said hello to the boys, except Jungkook, you had decided to completely ignore his presence, you didn’t want him ruining the best night of the year.

You were talking to Namjoon fondly, Kat was chatting with Jin, they had always liked each other, they were cute together, you wished they would just admit their feelings already. 

“Hey Y/n, I’m just gonna go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a sec.” Namjoon said and kissed your cheek. The second he had turned out of sight Jungkook annoyingly approached you, a smug grin on his face.

“You don’t seem to be having much fun babe. Wanna get a drink?” He smirked. 

“Yes I want a drink, just preferably without you.” You groaned.

“Too bad, I come with the drink.” He grinned, eyeing your body.

“Nice dress princess, but I think you’d look better if you had nothing on.” He implied, grinning. You rolled your eyes and poured yourself a drink, Jungkook following close behind. 

“Wanna get drunk?” He asked.

“Well if your gonna keep stalking me then the only way I can stand you is when i’m drunk, so yeah I suppose.” You said, and started to gulp down vodka as fast as you could.

“Whoa slow down there, your gonna make yourself really sick.” He warned, a concerned tone in his voice. 

‘Why would he care?’ You asked yourself.

“I don’t. I just don’t want you throwing up all over me when I fuck you.” He retorted. Oops, apparently you said that out loud. 

“Your not gonna fuck me.” You spat, “I’d rather die.” 

“That will happen if you keep drinking so fast.” He laughed trying to pry the bottle out of your hands.

“Why I’m more fun when I’m drunk.” You smirked, winking at him. He looked at you in shock. You definitely weren’t gonna fuck Jungkook, you were just trying to take a leaf out of his book. 

Half an hour later and you were drunk, and so was Jungkook. He had given up on trying to get you to slow down and instead joined in. Namjoon hadn’t came back yet, you had texted him to ask where he was but he hadn’t replied. You had spotted Kat a while ago, guiltily climbing the stairs with Jin, trying to get a room. 

‘Called it.’ You laughed to yourself.

“Come on I wanna dance!” Jungkook shouted over the music, grabbing your hand and leading you onto the dance floor. You hated Jungkook, but you were drunk and if he wasn’t there you would have been completely alone, plus your drunk side worked well with Jungkook’s stupid behaviour. 

He dragged you out onto the floor and started to dance with you. Things escalated pretty quickly and you two were a lot closer than before, the tension between you was almost unbearable. He leaned in closer to you and you followed. Your lips were barely touching when you realised what was happening.

You snapped out the spell he had on you and remembered about who you were and who he was. You stepped back, wide eyed. Jungkook looked confused, and a little hurt actually. 

“I-I need to go to the bathroom.” You stuttered, appalled at yourself for falling for his fuck boy moves. You walked as fast as you could to the bathroom, disappointment in yourself consuming your brain. 

You opened the unlocked door and was met with the most horrific thing you could have seen. Namjoon your boyfriend was fucking some random girl on the floor. You froze, your breath stuck in your throat. They hadn’t noticed you, so you turned and ran as fast as you could tears brimming in your eyes.

Water was cascading down your face by the time you passed Jungkook. He tried to stop you but you barged past his tall frame, ignoring his presence. You stumbled outside, you were so drunk, so stupidly drunk. You wobbled down the street, tripping over yourself, crying your eyes out. 

“Y/n!” A voice shouted from behind you. Jungkook. He couldn’t see you like this, you’d never live it down. You hurried your pace and broke into a run, which turned out to be a stupid idea when you fell quickly afterwards, bloodying your hands and cheek.

“Y/n!” Jungkook gasped and ran up to your weak figure. He pulled you onto the grass next to the pavement that you were sitting on and slid his arm securely round your waist. 

“What happened Y/n? Why are you crying?” He worried, concern lacing his voice for the second time this night. You shook your head, not wanting to embarrass yourself.

“Y/n! Tell me!” He snapped, but not in a harsh way, in a anxious way.

“N-Namjoon ch-cheated on me.” You wept, sobs wracking your body.

“Holy shit! You’re serious?!” He asked, absolutely fuming. You nodded weakly and glanced down at your blood covered hands.

“Crap Y/n you’re bleeding! I gotta get you home.” He said and pulled you up in the direction of his car.

“Wait you can’t drive! Your too drunk!” You objected.

“Actually I’m not. I didn’t drink any alcohol. If I get to spend the whole night with you princess why would I want to risk forgetting it?” He smirked, the old Jungkook finally showing up.

“Not now Jungkook. Please, not now.” You sighed, tears falling down your face again.

“I know, I’m sorry.” He noticed the tears falling down your face again, “God I’m gonna make him pay.” He muttered under his breath, just loud enough for you to hear.

“Where do you live?” He asked.

“In the apartment above the bubble tea place next to the usual pizza place.” You answered. There was a pizza place that almost everyone from you year loved and it was fortunately for you just under your apartment.

“Wanna get a pizza and watch anime until you feel better?” He asked, surprising you.

“You wouldn’t mind?” You quizzed, shocked.

“Not at all.” 

“No fucking though. I want pizza not sex.” You said cautiously.

“Deal.” He grinned and pulled up to your apartment.

AN: Okay I hope you guys enjoyed! Much more to come xx  

final fantasy xv sentence starters ( part one.)

  • “ what now?”
  • “ i fear i have left too much unsaid.”
  • “ you place a great burden on those who would bear with you.”
  • “ you’re one to talk.”
  • “ do mind your manners around ___.”
  • “ you have no cause for concern.”
  • “ take heed. once you set forth, you cannot turn back.”
  • “ don’t know about you, but i’m ready as i’ll ever be.”
  • “ i think we can forget about hitching our way there…”
  • “ thought people were friendly in/outside the city.”
  • “ you can only go so far on the kindness of strangers.”
  • “ just gonna have to push it all the way.”
  • “ i’ve already pushed myself… to the brink of death.”
  • “ oh, get up.”
  • “ c’mon, car isn’t gonna move itself.”
  • “ i thought the CAR was supposed to move US.”
  • “ not exactly a fairy-tale beginning, eh?”
  • “ we let ourselves get carried away.”
  • “ look, these things happen!”
  • “ let’s just hope this isn’t some omen.”
  • “ do me a favor. push this thing by yourself.”
  • “ you won’t even notice if i just let go.”
  • “ don’t even think about it.”
  • “ save some breath for pushing.”
  • “ c’mon, time to switch.”
  • “ nuh-uh! we just switched back there!”
  • “ my hands are killing me!”
  • “ you’d rather i kill you with mine?”
  • “ any luck?”
  • “ hold the phone - is it just me, or was it supposed to be way closer?”
  • “ i assure you, the map is correct.”
  • “ looks that way on a map of the world.”
  • “ the world’s a big ol’ place.”
  • “ apologies for taking so long.”
  • “ you got a long way to go, and that slack jaw’s getting you nowhere fast.”
  • “ and now we play the waiting game.”
  • “ you ain’t never been out this way before, have ya?”
  • “ hey. what’re you after this time?”
  • “ broken down and flat broke.”
  • “ adding insult to injury.”
  • “ i’d be happy to pay for your services if you’re up to the challenge. how ‘bout it?”
  • “ don’t go running around after dark. the daemons are liable to rip you to shreds.”
  • “ somehow i think i’ll be okay.”
  • “ so, uh. where are we headed anyway?”
  • “ look where you’re going!”
  • “ didn’t mean to do that.”


Don’t kill me


(And this is just a theory)

SPOILERS BELOW FOR S5 E13 (I guess? At least for S5)

Why do I feel like Raven and Yang are gonna have a heart to heart and then Qrow is going to be there and they’ll make up and then Raven is so happy actually mending her family and accepting that it’s okay to love and trust and care about people outside of her tribe

and then

She’s fucking shanked by someone or another and her last thought is of Yang and how much time she wasted and how much she wanted to tell her and talk to her and then she thinks of her powers and who will inherit them and


New Spring Maiden, Yang ‘why does everything I touch DIE’ Xiao-Long, who has more angst than Adam on a Wednesday bc dead mom, abandonment issues, disability insecurities and nO I’m not crying you are sHUt UP

Celebration drabble #1: “How did you think this was gonna go, Y/N?”

John x reader for @wheresthekillswitch (why can’I tag you?).

No smut

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6 feet and 2 inches of mad as hell Winchester was towering over you, chest heaving out of anger and shortness of breath. He scowled down at you, pinning you to the spot with those intense hazel eyes. You had taken a stupid fucking risk, and you knew that perfectly well. He was right to be pissed at you. The werewolf was still alive and you’d both had to run for you goddamn lives.

“John -” you started, wanting to explain, but he cut you right off.

“What the fuck were you thinking?!” He barked, his face awash with anger and fear. “How did you think this was gonna go, Y/N?”

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Your Ginger Housemate - Part 3

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Sorry for the slight delay. School has been pegging homework and assignments at me left right and centre. I hope everyone enjoys the story, it’s taken me hours to perfect it. Also, I apologise for the length. Hope I didn’t go overboard. Please show me what you think whether through likes or comments! I’ve done something a little different towards the end. Hope you like it ;)

You were humming. An activity you did so rarely, you surprised yourself. What was even more surprising, as you were taking more time into preparing dinner than usual. Spaghetti and meatballs. Yes, it wasn’t the most challenging dish to create, but you weren’t the most marvellous chef and wanted to play it safe. Why was that? Well… a particular red-headed psycho that lived under your roof. It was a forced living arrangement at first, but now, you wouldn’t have it any other way. You found Jerome Valeska, although still slightly frightening, great company. You wanted to impress him in every way possible. Was that strange? Probably. Unusual? Certainly. Worrisome? Absolutely. Did you care? Not one little bit. 

Your humming had now escalated to a full-scale acapella session. ‘Without Me’ by Eminem. A favourite of yours. You knew all the verses off by heart and considered yourself quite the raps-woman, although you wouldn’t sing it in front of anyone else. Especially not Jerome. You’d probably die of embarrassment. 


Four hours! Jerome was supposed to be home four hours ago! It was 11:20pm, and there was still no sign of him. Your stress sweated out of your pores, shredded your nails with your teeth and turned you into a fidgeting mess. Causing you to pace back and forth and check the clock every other time you weren’t peeking through the curtains. 

‘Stay calm y/n. Stay calm. Jerome’s probably just caught up. Yeah, that’s right. Just caught up…’ But a voice in the back of your head decided to rebut.  

‘But what if he’s more than caught up. He might have left.’

‘Not without saying goodbye.’

‘Why would he bother with that? It’s not like your important.’

‘That’s not true. That’s not true. The way he acts around me. Those looks. It can’t be an act.’

‘But what if it is…?’

You were close to becoming a complete and utter mess. You were on the verge of hyperventilating, as your hands began to shake. The only action you could handle was cuddling your legs to your chest and watching the second hand travel around the clock excruciatingly slow. Was Jerome hurt, dead, or had he really just left? His belongings were still here though, so that was promising. “Tap, tap, tap.” You whipped your head around to see a large, dark silhouette at the window, sitting on the fire escape, tapping the window with a knife. It left little dots of blood on the window.

Recognising the faint, orange glint coming from the top of the silhouette, you launched off of the seat and ran to the window and wrenched it open. You stepped back, preparing to give Jerome a piece of your mind. That was, until he rolled through the opening, crashing onto the floor with a groan. He had smeared the window sill, kitchen table and floor with blood. At first, you thought he had just lost balance and fell through the window, creating the mess with other people’s blood. But he didn’t get up. He had no sheepish grin on his face nor did he laugh like usual, commenting on your urgency. In fact, he did quite the opposite. A smiling grimace, (the only way it could be explained) was plastered on his face, and a groan was all that escaped from behind his clenched teeth. His hands covered in blood, (not just the one holding the knife). All your anger fizzled to nonexistence. You knelt down next to him, rolling Jerome onto his back, worry causing through your veins. 

“Jerome? What’s happened? You better not be playing with me because it’s not funny!” Your voice rose in urgency and panic with each syllable. Despite your deepest wishes, he only groaned again.

“Jerome, I can’t help if I don’t know what’s wrong. Now tell me what’s wrong!”

Strained, and without opening his eyes, Jerome gestured towards his stomach.

“Stomach. Shot. Hurts a little.” With that, he let out a wheezing laugh and grimaced.

“Of course it hurts you, idiot. What were you doing?” Jerome’s eyes fluttered open. They somehow, although strained, showed a spark of amusement.

“Calm down doll face, it’s not too bad. Just a scratch. Easy fix.”

“Just a scratch my butt! Let me look.” Slowly, carefully, you removed his jacket from his torso and stared at the scene before you. His shirt was drenched in dark liquid, the side seemingly was torn open. You could see the wound. Taking a deep breath, you removed the rest of the material from his front. The bullet wound seemed to have torn through his side. On first glance, it appeared clean, but you were no expert.

“Oh, Jerome. What have you gotten yourself into? I’m going to have to call a doctor.”

Somehow, he had enough strength to grab your wrist, encasing it in an iron grip. 

“Hell no. A Doc’ll call the feds, and that’ll be my free ticket back to Arkham.” His words were forced and hissed through his teeth.

Whiplash! Once again his mood changed so quickly, it was like you had to catch up. “Jerome, you’ve lost too much blood. We need someone to stitch you up. I can’t. Besides, there’s someone who won’t call the cops. He works in the dark. Might be a little illegal..”

Jerome’s eye’s narrowed. But he was only stalling. He knew you spoke the truth. There wasn’t enough time to waste on arguing. 

“Fine! But if he does, no matter how sorry you are, I will escape Arkham, and I will find you… Sorry.” He seemed to genuinely feel sorry for the idea, even if he did find it necessary. 

You shook your head. Taking off your jacket, you pressed it against the wound, glad it wasn’t woollen.

“Keep the pressure on. I’m gonna call him… Stay awake.” You sprinted to the phone, dialling the number as fast as you could.

“Hey, it’s y/n… Are you busy?… Good. I need you to come ‘round straight away. It’s an emergency… I’ll tell you when you get here… Please just hurry!” You ended the call and rushed back to Jerome.

“I’m warning you sweet cheeks. No funny business.”

“This is no joke, Jerome! Do you still think I’d betray you? After everything?” Jerome didn’t answer, but he did frown. An expression you’d only seen once before. The night he had brought his belongings, and you were walking to bed. The night you had exchanged looks that had lasted much longer than necessary. 

After only five minutes, there was a pounding at the door. You sprinted to it and flung it open. You came face-to-face with a concerned looking man. Mid-fifties, his once black hair sprinkled with silver. 

“What’s happened? I thought you might have been hurt.”

“No. A friend of mine. Please, don’t freak out. He’s never done anything to me.”

“My dear, my profession has caused me to deal with various scenarios outside of the norm.”

-Jerome’s point of view-

She seemed genuinely worried. Which I found strange. I’d never seen anyone have so much concern for me… Ever! I heard her talking to some old dude at the door. ‘Here we go,’ I thought. What’s he gonna do? Nothing I haven’t seen before I’m sure. I could finally hear what they were saying. I hate it when I don’t know what’s going on. When things are kept hidden from me. Hate it.

“My dear, my profession has caused me to deal with various scenarios outside of the norm.” 

Jeez. Hasn’t this one gotta’ pole up his ass. This’ll be interesting.

“Please, please, please don’t freak out…”

“It’s okay y/n. I understand.”

How does y/n know this dude anyway? “Might be a little illegal.” How the hell..? They rounded the corner into the kitchen, the old dude, a doctor I guess, paused and stared at me. I smiled and rolled my eyes. He made a sorta, huff laugh noise. This is, by far, the weirdest encounter I’ve ever had.

“Good evening Mr Valeska.” Good evening Mr Valeska. Mr Valeska! Ha! Now, this wasn’t what I expected. In fact, I don’t think I’d ever expected this to happen. After that greeting, he just went on his merry way. Plonking his bag down next to me and opening it up. Far out I’m light-headed. I’m struggling to stay awake. It wasn’t because the bullet wound hurt, no. In fact, it’s only throbbing, and honestly, it doesn’t feel like a big deal. Nothing like when that jug-eared Judas, Gallavan snuffed me. It’s the blood loss. I don’t think I’ve ever lost so much… Nope. Haven’t. 

“I’m just going to clean and stitch the wound. Is that okay Mr Valeska?”

“Jeez, yes it’s fine. You’d probably end up doin’ it anyway.” 

He just smiled and bent over… 

“Shit! What’re you doing? Stabbing me!?” I guess I’d jumped because he looked at me sternly. 

“Mr Valeska. If you would, please, refrain from jumping like that again, I would appreciate it. And yes, I was “stabbing” you. With a needle. Don’t fret. It’s simply a local anaesthetic. You won’t be able to feel me stitch you up. It may make you drowsy, so don’t be surprised if you fall asleep.”

“Well tell me when you’re bloody jabbing next time Doc.”

The drugs were already kickin’ in. I could feel it. It’s stopped throbbing. Almost anyway. The doc must’ve seen this because he started stitching. After what I guess was nearly an hour, he’d finished. I was bandaged, and boy was I tired. I felt like a freaking zombie! Y/n and the doc left the room after he was finished. Some muttering went on, but I’m not paying attention. I heard the door close, and y/n footsteps come back. My eyes opened. That was hard.

“Okay Jerome, you’re gonna have to walk up stairs now. You think you can manage that? I don’t want you sleeping on the couch tonight.”

“Aw, doll face. So sweet, wanting me closer to you tonight. We sleep in the same bed or what?” I love getting a bite outta her. Her face always had conflicting emotions when I said those sorta things. Real cranky, but she blushed. She blushes all the time. 

“Ugh, Jerome. Hey, what’s up. Are you hurting.”

I must’ve been really thinking.

“Nothing’ wrong. Let’s go upstairs huh?” I winked. Getting a perfect reaction, my favourite, a groan and eye roll. 

We finally got upstairs. Even if y/n was practically dragging me at the last bit. I can barely stand now. I just flopped on the top of the covers. Hardly conscious.

“You all good?”

The drugs were still there. That and I was light headed. No filter now. I’m just gonna say whatever the hell I want! Do whatever the hell I please!

-Your point of view-

Jerome stared at you for a moment, seemingly taken over by other emotions. He stared with a look in his eyes you hadn’t seen before. Softly intense, and strangely severe…

“Thanks, doll.”

Jerome shuffled closer to you. His head resting on your thigh. Your hand inched towards his hair. It was silky. It’s ginger strands shining in the faint glow of the nightlight.

“You scared me. You know that?”

“I’m sorry.” You were beginning to see less of the obnoxious jester, and more of the man you really started to fall for.

“Try not to do it again. Okay?”

He turned his head towards your face, gazing into your eyes. He smiled.

“'Kay, try my best sweetheart. No promises.”

And drifted to sleep, the drugs pulling him into a deep slumber. You sat there shocked. Mechanically stroking his hair. Smiling, you savoured the moment. All your previous fears had melted away. You knew this couldn’t last, but an extra half hour or two wouldn’t hurt anyone. 


Hello, guys! Today I decided to post something different… For starters, this is not a request. Second of all, it is a true story (about me and my boyfriend), but with some modifications of course.

Hope you like it!


“DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK!” The small crowd around us were chanting. As soon as the 3rd shot from the night went down my throat I knew I was drunk. I’m a light weight, I get drunk very easily, sorry. I looked over to Harry and he looked a little be woozy too.

Harry’s closed a bar to make some small party to his team, the ones who worked alongside him to make the masterpiece it is his album. I worked very close to him, so the logical thing was for us to become very good friends. The type of friends who have inside jokes, who would spend all day together working, but also having the best times of our lives.

The thing is… I fell for him. Don’t blame me, have you looked the guy?! The first time I realized I loved him was when I went away for a weekend to see my family and my sister’s new daughter and when I came back, he hugged me so tight and kissed my neck. Oh boy, that’s when I knew I wanted to be with him. There’s just one small problem: He has a girlfriend. Of course he has a bloody girlfriend! The first time I actually fall for someone and the guy has a girlfriend. A beautiful one.

One that, in this moment, decided to jump in his arms and kiss him right in front of me. Truth been told, she never liked me. Not even before I realized my feelings for Harry. She was polite to me just to not cause any fights with him, but sometimes she would through some shades and whatnot. Harry was oblivious to this hate. He’s such a good heart, the poor boy, that he doesn’t even realize how much of a snake his girlfriend actually is.

Not wanting to see this kind of thing in my current state, I decided to go to dance floor and just enjoy my drunk mind. You know what is the problem of my drunk self? I instantly become someone extremely honest. If you ask me anything in this world, any secret or something like that, I will say it. I will tell you everything that is going on in my mind in that moment. And let me tell you, not the best night to be drunk…

I was dancing, minding my own business, when a friend decided it was a good idea to take me back to the bar to drink some water. And drink a margarita.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

I vaguely remember seeing Harry’s girl. I, also, vaguely remember turning to my friend, pointing is this girl’s face and saying “Someday, I’ll make out with her boyfriend. Do you hear me, Y/F/N? Mark my words!”

To say she was pissed off is an understanding, she was beyond mad. She was screaming to Harry about my not so subtle comment. I didn’t have time to think things through, my friend were already taking me away from them. A part of me knew he heard, but the major part of me just didn’t care. It was about time he realized my feelings for him. The ball was on his field right now. If, after tonight, he didn’t come after me, I was giving up on him. For good.

I was back to dancing and I don’t even know how long exactly I was dancing when I felt someone grab my waist. We’re dancing to the sexy beat of the song and I had no care in the world in that moment. I could feel his strong hands on my waist, I could feel how hot the dancing was becoming and, most of all, I could feel it was him.

“Your girlfriend is gonna kill me.” I giggled turning around and meeting his green eyes.

“I solved the problem. I broke things off with her.” He looked at me curiously, trying to see what would I do next.

“I’m not gonna be with you tonight, you know? You just broke up with your girlfriend of 8 months!” I told him and let go of his shirt, that only then I realized I was holding it.

‘Ok.” He said and backed away. He send me a small smile before going back to the bar.

You know, I’m very aware that being with him so soon after he broke things off with his girlfriend was wrong, but I didn’t care! I spent so many months wanting to be with him, to kiss him and feel what’s like, to finally be able to hold him, that I fucking didn’t care.

Like a girl on a mission, I went straight to the bar after him. He was slowly drinking some whisky and didn’t notice my arrival. I stopped by his side and told something that was going against all my morals.

“Do you think if we disappear people will notice?” I asked, a smirk playing on my lips.

“Yes.” He smiled back, already getting up from the stall.

“Do you care?”

“Not at all.”

And before we knew it, we’re on the back of the club, kissing each other hungrily. Ok, I knew I wanted to be with him for a while, but I haven’t realized he wanted me as well. His lips molded perfectly with mine, his big hands holding my face, pressing me to the wall. We’re both quite desperate, to be honest, desperate to finally be with each other, to finally put an end to that damn sexual tension that seems to surround us all the time.

“Hello, guys!” Niall stepped in by our side, breaking us apart.

“Ok, I think we need to have a chat.” Gemma looked at us disapprovingly. They lead us to a small room, that has no one in it and the music wasn’t so loud.

“You both know this is wrong, right? Harry, you just broke things off with your girlfriend. It doesn’t really matter if you wanted Y/N or not, is still wrong!” Gemma reproved him for his actions.

“And you, little miss, you know that as soon as you go back to normal and the alcohol left your system, you are gonna regret this. That’s not you, you would wait for a while before kissing him, not an hour after his break up.” Niall handed me a glass of water.

He was right. This was wrong. This wasn’t me, this was the alcohol. If I were sober, we wouldn’t be here right now.

“We’re gonna leave you two to talk. Be responsible here, kids.” Gemma left the room followed by Niall.

A lot of things were running through my mind and all the built up emotions decided to show up. I could feel my eyes tearing up and I hated myself for wanting to cry right now.

“I don’t regret it, y’know?” He spoke slowly. He was on the opposite side of the room, watching every thought running to my mind. “I’ll understand if you do, I’m just saying I don’t.”

“We’re horrible people! Harry, you just broke up with her and an hour later we’re kissing each other?! That’s terrible! Even tho I didn’t like her and I wanted to be with you for a while, this is not something you do to someone.” I told him, trying to hold back the tears but failing miserably.

“Ok, shh, breathe…” He wiped away a few tears. “First of all, don’t feel bad for her. She didn’t like you either and she definitely doesn’t deserve your kindness. Second, I wanted to break up with her for months now. I just hadn’t had the courage to do it. Third, I actually like you. I didn’t kiss you because I wanted to fool around, I went after you because I couldn’t take not being with you anymore.”  

“I actually quite like you too, you dork.” I smiled at him. He caressed my cheeks, wiping a few more tears away before his lips were on mine again.

“Where this leaves us?” I asked, pushing him away a little bit.

“We’re gonna figure it out. You and me, right?”

“Yes.” I smiled.

“FINALLY!” Gemma and Niall screamed in excitement from outside the room.

“Seems we have an audience.” Harry smiled and kissed my forehead. “C’mon babe, let’s go back to the party and enjoy it, shall we?”

“Hell yeah.”


Soooo, what did you think? This is basically the story about how me and my boyfriend got together and I felt like sharing with you. 7 months and going strong, people! Anyway, tell me your thoughts here. And please share it if you liked it (I hope you did).


All the love,