i thought i was going to enjoy college

Chapter One: Now or Never

Hi everyone! I’ve decided to get into writing again. I felt so inspired after reading this fic by @imaginemedreamingstuff. Check out their work! Its AMAZING. Anyway, its been a long time since I’ve written anything so sorry if it needs a little work. Enjoy! 

Warnings: fertility/menstrual cycle mention

POV: Reader

      Never in my life would I have thought to hear the words “low ova count” directed at me. Me. I was under the age of thirty and barely at my mid-twenties and I had limited time to have children of my own. The signs were already there and I was too occupied with finishing college and working full time. Guilt was the first thing I felt after hearing the news. I had only began to worry something was wrong after going months without a cycle or sometimes just a few weeks. This time around, it had been six months since my last period. Which was longer than usual. 

      My doctors words echoed in my head as I sat on the wooden bench at a children’s playground. I heard faint, high-pitched screams and laughter behind the ringing in my ears. My heart hung heavy. It was one of the warmest days since autumn arrived, yet I felt so cold. I watched a mother and her child eat lunch on the bench across the playground. For the five minutes I watched them enjoy sandwiches and bits of fruit, it felt as if I was watching someone I loved, love someone else. I could have a child, but it would have to be now or never. Did I want a child? I always figured I would, although it never crossed my mind. Watching that mother and child, even if it was just them having lunch, brought me to my reality. If I wanted children, I would have to start trying right now. Only there was one slight issue. I didn’t have someone to have a child with, and I would never consider getting a donor. 

      Being a single parent was a terrifying thought. I almost shuddered at the idea. “Who would help me? How would I be able to work? If I was to work with a baby, who will take care of them while I’m gone?” The questions were endless. Having a baby right now seemed impossible. I could feel a knot beginning to form in my throat as I fought back tears. I wanted to blame myself for not acting on this sooner, but how could I? I worked hard to get where I was in life. I moved to a whole new country to study abroad and I managed to find a well-paying job to support myself (barely). I did everything I was expected to do at my age, yet it didn’t matter now. I had to fast forward through life to be happy. 

      I walked all the way home in silence instead of having the usual upbeat music blaring through my headphones. The spinning thoughts in my head were too much for me already. I opened the door to my flat and in that moment, I almost wished I opened it to a family of my very own. It amazed me that I never thought about having a family, let alone when I’d want to have one. My flat felt colder and more empty. I switched on the lamp next to the couch and immediately sank myself into the couch cushions. Just as I thought I was about to finally have my break down, there was a knock on my door. I wasn’t expecting company and I really didn’t want it right now either. I managed to pull myself up and answer the door. There stood my upstairs neighbor who also happened to be my closest friend. “Dan! W-What’s up?” I choked out. I still had the knot in my throat. 

      “Not much, really. I was looking out the window and I saw you walking home so I thought I would stop by. How did the appointment go?” Dan was the only person I told everything to. He was the only person I felt comfortable enough around to actually talk about anything personal. It had been that way since I met him and his roomate, Phil.

   I remember that day like it was yesterday. I had just moved to London by myself. I was struggling with the moving boxes that contained my pottery supplies when Phil noticed me on his way down the stairs. “Woah, those look really heavy! Do you need help?” He politely asked me. “Oh my God, please?” My fingers were already slipping from the sides when Phil lifted the box from the bottom. “Thank you so much.” I said as we set the box down inside. “No problem! Wait, are those mini flower pots?!” Phil said excitedly as he took a glimpse inside the box. “Yeah! I make them myself.” I replied. Phil’s face lit up as I gestured for him to take a better look. He smiled widely as he pulled out a few. “Do you sell them?” He asked. “Sometimes, but you can just take those. I don’t have the storage here for them anyway.” I said with a smile. “Really? Thank you!” We then heard a voice calling Phil’s name in a loud whisper from the hall. “Phil! Did you forget that we were in the middle of an important battle?! Phil! Where have you gon-” Dan immediately stopped outside my doorway once he saw Phil stood inside my flat. Phil turned to his friend. “Dan look! I was helping this lovely girl bring in a box and it was filled with these! Aren’t they cute? She said I could keep them.” Phil basically shoved the flower pots in Dan’s face.

      “Phil, you do realize you have enough house plants that you can’t even take care of.” Dan said, bringing Phil’s hands down from in front of his face. I let out a small giggle. “I forgot to introduce myself! I’m Phil and this is Dan. We live right above you.” Phil held out his empty hand. I gladly shook it and shook Dan’s as well. “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” “Do you need any more help bringing stuff in? You’ve got two of us now.” Phil asked with a small chuckle. “No, that was actually the last box but thank you so much. I really appreciate it.” I gave them a warm smile. “Well, we’ll let you settle in for now. Feel free to stop by our apartment around five tonight. We’re gonna have pizza and watch movies and we’d love to have you over. I mean, if you want to. You don’t have to. You just seem really cool.” Dan said as they both made their way out the door. “Pizza sounds amazing. I’d love to.” 

      I spent the evening with two guys I had just met and had the time of my life. We all bonded so well, especially me and Dan. We seemed to have the most in common and it was much easier to joke around with him than it was with Phil. My dark humor wasn’t exactly his cup of tea. By the end of the night, Dan had walked me back down to my place. I snuggled into my bed, thinking how I was so lucky to have made two amazing friends in one day. 

      Dan let himself inside and got comfortable on the sofa. I decided to join him instead of standing. I took in deep breaths. I didn’t want him to watch me completely break down and I was feeling an ugly cry approaching. I stayed silent until the knot in my throat went away. “The doctor said if I want to have children, I would have to start now.” I could see Dan’s face fall from the corner of my eye. Now I REALLY wanted to ugly cry. “What are you going to do?” His voice was low and almost filled with sorrow. Then came the water works. I brought my knees up to my chest and buried my face in my hands. “I don’t know….” Tears fell from my eyes. I felt so defeated and now I didn’t even care if Dan saw. I needed a friend. I needed someone to tell me it was going to be okay. He scooted closer to me and pulled me into a hug. His hands gently rubbed my back. “It’ll be okay. You’ll figure this out. I know you. You’re so strong.” I hated when he would try to comfort me but this time, I really needed to hear all of it. I finally looked up at him and forced myself to smile, mascara running down my face and all. I could tell he held back a giggle after seeing me look so horrific. “Do you want me to stay over? We can watch Hayao Miyazaki movies and eat popcorn.” The look on his face made it obvious that he just wanted to watch cute movies and eat popcorn, despite it being one of my favorite things to do when I was upset. Either way, I was happy to have such wonderful company.

Want You (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 3,815

Warnings: Swears? (IDK) SMUT LOTS OF SMUTTY THINGS. (im going to hell come join me)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait! My classes have been kicking my butt recently but I’m glad to be back! PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT OR WHATEVER YOU WANT! I LOVE TALKING TO YOU GUYS! I HOPE YOU ENJOY! I LIVE TO PLEASE YALL SO SEND ME FEEDBACK!

Modern Laf x reader at a high school or college house party with the squad and laf and reader were just really good friends but the gang tries to get them together because they’re like perfect for each other

-Same anon from the modern house party laf x reader here again! btw I will be very okay if it’s a little smut ;)))

Could you do a Lafayette x reader where the reader always flirts with him but he just thinks they’re being friendly so it gets increasingly risqué and finally the reader just gets fed up and is all “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” Not those words exactly of course lol (I did use these word exactly and I’m not sorry. It was too great not to use)


You sat at the desk trying your best not to close your eyes. You leaned on Lafayette’s shoulder and let out a sigh. “Are you tired mon ami?” he questioned still looking up at the professor. You nodded, and Lafayette’s big hand went to caress your cheek. You let out a sigh and sat up once more rubbing at your eyes. You knew it was a bad idea to stay up all night but you had procrastinated on your homework, and instead thought about Lafayette. Your eyes started to droop down when you got elbowed on the side by Alex. You glared over at him only to see him wiggling his eyebrows motioning at you and Lafayette. He knew that you had feelings for Laf, and he was relentless with trying to set you two up. You elbowed him back and turned your head to Lafayette. He was gorgeous, how could you not have feelings for him? You had been flirting with him for the past month but alas, you had gotten nowhere. Either he didn’t like you back, or he was utterly clueless. You were caught staring when Lafayette turned so he was looking at you, he chuckled. “What are you looking at?” he said. “Oh, nothing. Just enjoying the view.” you said winking at him. He laughed it off and returned back to his notes, leaving you defeated once again. You sighed before you turned to your empty notebook and began doodling. You heard Alex stifling his laughter at your rejection but you continued to scribble in your notebook.

The time came when your class was dismissed and you finally felt like you could breathe. You quickly gathered your things and tried to rush out of the class to your apartment when Alex stopped you, Lafayette trailing behind him. “Hey, Y/N. There’s gonna be a party at mine later tonight. You and Laf should come.” he smirked. You internally screamed at his effort, and before you could decline Lafayette replied for you. “That’s fantastic! We’ll be there.” he said moving so he was next to you, intertwining his fingers with yours. You felt electricity jolt up your arm at his contact. Alex practically ran out of the room to his next class, leaving you and Lafayette just standing there holding hands. You were the one to tear your hand away. You used it to tuck a hair behind your ear before turning to Lafayette. “So, I guess we have to go to a party?” you laughed. “Come on Y/N. It’ll be fun! Maybe you’ll meet somebody special there…” he replied, raising an eyebrow. “I already have somebody in mind.” You said raising your eyebrow hoping that he would catch on. “It’ll still be fun.” it flew right over his head. You sighed in defeat turning to walk away. “I’ll see you there!” Lafayette said, giving you a half smile. You turned around and felt your heart melt. You gave him a slight wave and walked away with your heart pumping.

You arrived at your apartment to see your roommate sitting at the table. “Hey Y/N” she chirped. You had no idea how she was so happy all the time. “Hey Eliza.” you said heading for the couch for a nap. You face planted into the soft cushion and relaxed against the plush furniture. “You’re going to the party right?” Eliza asked stirring her tea. “Mmhhmm” you muffled, your head still in the cushion. She laughed slightly before walking over to you. “Laf is still not picking up?” She questioned rubbing your back. You moved your head so you weren’t suffocated. Your pout answered her question. “Well, I guess we’ve just gotta show him what he’s missing.” she said. Eliza was the first person to know about your feelings for Laf. She accidentally told Alex, and Alex told everyone, and everybody knew within a few weeks. Everybody but Lafayette. It was frustrating to see him flirt with other girls, other girls flirt with him, and him giving attention to girls. Girls that weren’t you. Your usually flirty nature did not break you out of the friendzone and you had virtually tried everything. Physical contact? Nope. Pickup lines? Nope. Flirty conversation? Nope. Suggestive comments? Nope. Eliza pulled you off the couch and into her room. You groaned, being dragged across the apartment. “Please Eliza. I’ve tried everything. There’s no reason for me to look nice. I just wanna sleep.” you rolled your eyes, before trying to rub the exhaustion out of them. “Nope.” she smiled, popping the P. She dug in her closet before pulling out a black silky fabric. Your eyes widened and she just smirked at you, handing you the dress. Both of you knew what that dress was. It was your “desperate dress”. You guys had bought it as a joke after seeing it on a mannequin but it had come in handy. It brought boys over at the bar like nobody’s business. You and Eliza had promised to use it only in emergency situations. She had worn it once at a party after Alex had cheated on Maria. He came crawling back like a lost puppy after seeing her. You held the dress in your hands, your mouth open. “I don’t know if I wanna go anymore.” you began. “No. no backing out now. We got the dress out.” Eliza replied sharply. “Well… go put it on!” she clapped, pushing you into the bathroom. You resisted slightly before finally being shoved in the bathroom. You slipped out of your sweats and t shirt, leaving you in your underwear. You pulled the dress over your head and it hit mid thigh. It was essentially a lingerie slip, but it was marketed as a dress making it “socially appropriate” to wear out. You looked in the mirror and let out a frustrated groan when your bra straps were clearly visible against the thin string straps of the dress. You shrugged before you unclasped the bra and tore it off. It wasn’t like Laf was even going to notice. You walked out of the bathroom to see Eliza there, eagerly holding a pair of mary jane pumps in one hand and a deep red lipstick in the other. You laughed at her efforts and took the heels and sat on the edge of the bed to strap your feet into them. “There’s no way he’s not going to want you now.” she cheered. You giggled with her. “I hope so.” you said crossing your fingers. She sat you on the floor and pulled out her curling iron. You two sat there while she curled your hair, you didn’t know what you would do without her. “So if he wants to tap that, would you let him?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows. She was so crazy when she was inside. “I dunno…” you mumbled, a blush rising to your cheeks. Eliza looked at you through the mirror before her eyes widened. “You totally would!” laughed. Your face turned red and you slapped her arm. “Shut uppppp” you said hiding your face in your hands. “Don’t worry girl… Just use protection.” she just couldn’t help herself. You groaned into your hands and just shook your head. After sitting on the floor for 30 minutes she helped you up, and before you could adjust, she dragged you into the bathroom once more. She spent a good chunk of time trying to teach you about makeup while you just stood there clueless. In the end she handed you the tube of deep red lipstick and nodded for you to apply it. You pulled the tube and leaned in to the mirror to apply a precise, bold lip. You leaned out again to be surprised at what you saw. “I…” Eliza looked at you with unsure eyes. “I… I look so hot.” you finished. A look of relief flooded over her face and she nodded in agreement. “Get ready for him to be begging for you.” She smirked and you smirked back in response feeling confident.

You two arrived at the party, and the minute you stepped into Alex’s apartment all the eyes followed you to the dining room where Alex was talking to John, Herc, and Lafayette. “Hey babe.” Alex said, snaking an arm around Eliza’s waist. John and Herc were looking at Eliza and Alex, but Lafayette’s eyes were roaming all over your body the minute you walked over to him. You looked over at Lafayette, feeling his eyes, but when you looked he was looking into his drink. You frowned and moved closer to Eliza. You slowly integrated yourself within the conversation and John and Herc finally looked over at you, only for them to drop like flies. “Holy shit Y/N.” John said, practically drooling. You giggled flirtatiously, slapping his chest. “Oh shut up John. It’s not like you notice me anywhere else.” you said rolling your eyes. “I didn’t know you were so hot.” Herc blurted. You laughed and just shook your head. You looked to where Lafayette was standing, but he was off with a leggy blonde flirting with her. You frowned and turned back to the group slightly disappointed. Alex and Eliza both followed your eyes to Lafayette and were also frowning when you turned your back to him. You slightly sighed before leaning against Eliza, completely hopeless. “Go talk to him” She whispered. You looked at her. “Do I have to?” you questioned like a little kid. She pushed you in his direction and you cursed under your breath before walking over to him, fixing your dress.

“Hey Laf.” you interrupted his conversation with the blonde. She looked at you, unamused but Lafayette turned his attention to you. “Oh hey Y/N. I’ll talk to you later Kelly.” he said to the blonde who walked away giving you the stink eye. “You look hot.” you said adjusting his collar for him. He didn’t even flinch. He just took it like every other girl did this for him. “Thanks Y/N.” he said casually. You let your hand linger on his built chest for a little while longer while looking at him, batting your eyelashes. “I’m hungry. Wanna go see what they have in the kitchen?” He asked killing your vibe. You dropped your hand and followed him into the kitchen utterly defeated. He began to dig in the fridge and you leaned against the counters frustrated. “Laf..” you began. “Hmm?” he questioned, head still in the fridge. “I need to ask you a question.” you said. You were stumped beyond belief and you just needed answers from him. He turned around so he was facing you, his eyes searching your for some kind of sign as to what you were going to say. “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” you blurted before you could stop yourself. You shot a hand to your mouth and he looked at you wide eyed before a dark look fell over him. “I dunno mon ami, that would be nice.” he smirked. Your hand fell to your side and you looked at him, shock all over your face. You opened your mouth to say something but no words came out. “Why so quiet Y/N?” he taunted moving closer to you. “Cat’s got your tongue?” he backed you up so your hip was pressed against the counter. “I- “ you tried again but nothing else came out. His mouth was so close to yours and his hands were on both sides of you on the counter. He was the one to initiate as he fiercely pushed his lips onto yours. You immediately kissed back, adrenaline pumping through your veins. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. Your bliss was cut short when Alex walked into the kitchen. “Hey guy-” he stopped mid sentence when he realized what he had just walked in on. “Oh um sorry. Continue” he said before dashing out. Laf pulled away and looked at you, and you just looked at the floor blushing. “I- I gotta go.” you said before ducking out of Lafayette’s arms and out into the busy crowd that was in the living room. You left Lafayette in the kitchen confused and hurt. You didn’t know why you ran away. Maybe it was because you had only thought of what it would be like to be with him not what the reality would be like. Did you like the thought of him or the real him? You found your way to the small bathroom and locked the door behind you. Your head was spinning and you looked in the mirror. You ran a hand through your hair and counted to 10 breathing in and out to get your heart rate somewhat normal. An abrupt knock on the door pulled you out of your thoughts. “Sorry! I’m coming out.” you said pulling the door open and walking out only for you to run straight into a body. You stumbled before a pair of strong arms helped you steady. “Are you alright Y/N.” It was Lafayette. You looked up at him and nodded slightly. “Listen, I’m sorry I was so aggressive. I just. That dress just. I-” he tried, you had never seen him at a loss of words. You smirked before you pulled him into an empty bedroom. It was in that moment you knew. You wanted Lafayette, whether he was just as good in real life as you had imagined in your day dreams you’d have to find out for yourself. But you were willing to take a chance on him.

“What-? Y/N?” he questioned when you locked the door behind you. “I’m going to take you up on that offer” you said walking over to Lafayette who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He didn’t know what you were talking about until you sat on him, facing him. Your legs straddling him.  You began to slightly grind on him. His hands immediately went to your hips, gripping them tightly helping you move on him. You used your hands to push him back onto the bed so he was lying down. He looked up at you in awe and you began to undo the buttons of his shirt at a rapid pace. You wanted him here, and you wanted him now. “Eager are we.” Lafayette smirked. “Awe babe, you’re gonna regret that.” you shot back now fumbling with his belt. You stripped Lafayette of his pants and underwear leaving him in the nude. You climbed on top of him and began to kiss his neck. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” he moaned out while you sucked on the skin of his collarbone. “Then why’d you never say anything.” you said in between sloppy kisses down his abs. “I never thought I could get you.” he shuddered when you got to the base of his length. “Ahh, so you want me?” you teased, your thumb swiped at the tip of his member before you wrapped your hand around it beginning to pump up and down slowly. Lafayette’s eyes closed and he let out a deep groan from his throat. You stopped moving and he shot his eyes open at the lack of pleasure. “So you want me?” you asked you hand stilled around his length. “Oui, I want you.” He said making eye contact with you. You slowly began to move your hand again. “Who?” you taunted again moving a bit faster. “Y-you.” he moaned out. You gradually picked up speed. “Who?” you asked again. “Y/N. You. Y/N” he breathed out, his eyes shut and his head thrown back onto the mattress. You loved the way he said your name, the way it rolled off of his tongue. “That’s right.” you said before you bent down so that your mouth was around his member. You began to suck at the tip lightly before taking all of his length at once causing his leg to jerk in pleasure. “Ooo-ooh Y/N” he moaned at the new sensation. And there it was again, the way he said your name made you more turned on if it was even possible. You continued to suck on his length, making sure his length grazed the rough top of your mouth just to hear him moan your name. You stopped instantly when you felt him twitch inside of your mouth. You gave him one last suck before moving back up so you were face to face with him. “Y/N…” he whined. You took his hand and put it between your legs at the dripping wet fabric. “That’s what you do to me.” you said and he instantly stopped whining, his eyes wide. His hand tore from your heat to the black slip dress you had work to the party. “This dress…” he began. “As much as I love it, I think it’s best it comes off.” he said lifting it above your head. That left you hovering over Lafayette braless, your boobs inches from his face. You could’ve sworn his eyes popped out of his skull. You left him staring at you as you rolled off of the bed making your way to your purse. You made sure to sway your hips a bit more than usual. You pulled out a condom and made your way back over to him, his eyes never left your body. You slipped out of your thong and crawled back onto the bed. He instantly tried to lay you down onto the mattress but you pushed his chest so he was against the silky bedspread. “Not today.” you rasped, leaving Lafayette to look up at you with nothing but love and lust. You tore the condom out of its wrapper carefully before you used your hands to roll it down onto his hard member. You teased him by moving back and forth so that the tip of his dick moved between your folds. Lafayette let out a frustrated groan, involuntarily bucking his hips up at the contact. You lifted your heat from his length. “Y/N Please.” Lafayette moaned. You slightly lowered yourself so that his dick was making contact with your entrance. “What was that?” you were going to drag this out as much as you could. “Y/N. Please. I want you.” He was begging at this point. “Huh?” you questioned before you eased down so that just his tip was inside of you and you pulsed around him. “I want you. I need you. Y/N please.” he practically shouting, the frustration evident in his voice. You slid down his length fully, throwing your head back in pleasure. You stayed for a second getting used to his size before moving. Your knees were pressed to his sides and you began to bounce up and down. You started by moving up just half of his length before going back down, but eventually you pulled away fully before slamming back onto him. “Ohh my god Lafayette.” you moaned, your hands pressed against his chest. His hands made their way to your hips and helped you set a steady fast rhythm. “Ah-haa. Y/N” Lafayette shuddered as you slammed back onto him. “Lafayette. I’m- m so so close.” managed to moan out, your legs beginning to shake. At that Lafayette began to thrust upward to meet you. His hands gripped tightly at your hips as he slammed up into you. “I’m gonna… oh my god… please.” now it was your turn to beg to him. “Come on baby. You’re doing so well.” he purred, still slamming into you at a fast speed. He felt you tighten around him and he slammed into you harder, “OH My-” pleasure washed all over you as you began to see white. Lafayette continued to fuck you through your orgasm following not long after. “Y/N, Ahh-hhahhh” he took a shuddering breath before he released into the condom.

You got off of Lafayette allowing him to dispose of the condom before making his way back to the bed only to see that you weren’t there. You stood in the corner getting dressed unsure if you had messed up a perfectly fine friendship because you were sexually frustrated. You stood staring at the corner as you pulled the dress over your shoulders when a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist. You turned around to see Lafayette with a sheepish grin on his face. “Listen I get if you don’t want to be friends anymore. I pushed you into this because I couldn’t contain my sexual desires, and I’m sorry.” you said trying to hide your embarrassment. “Well of course I don’t want to be friends after this.” he said. Your heart fell to the floor and you looked at your bare feet. He used his hands to cup your face so that you would look at him. “I want to be more than friends. And not that friends with benefits bullshit. I want more. I want you Y/N. I wasn’t lying when I told you that.” he said, you blushed remembering what you had made him do and say just minutes ago. “Really? I don’t want you to be with be just because we had sex…” you began. “Non. Never. I want to be with you because you’re a beautiful person Y/N, inside and out.” he said with a crooked smile. “Okay.” you said returning his smile. You both got fixed up and left the party hand in hand. Eliza raised an eyebrow at you when you were leaning into Lafayette’s chest when he was explaining to Alex that he and you had to leave. You just blushed and shook your head. “Ok, you guys can leave. I’m only letting you leave because you guys are together though. This has been months in the making.” Alex sighed patting Lafayette on the back a smirk plastered on his face. He was clearly satisfied to see you two together.

You sat before class leaning into Lafayette’s shoulder. “So what’s our next date going to be?” Lafayette asked. “Hmmm… What about-” you were cut off when a fuming Alex ran into the classroom making a beeline to you and Lafayette. “Hey Alex-” you said worried about his behavior. “Don’t hey Alex me. You two had sex on my bed at the party didn’t you.” He spat, his face red. You turned to Lafayette with wide eyes who looked at you with the same expression before bursting out laughing. “Oh my god that is disgusting.” He said. “On my bed?” “Hey it’s your fault.” Lafayette said wrapping an arm around you. “WHAT? How is this MY fault?” Alex asked. “You’re the one who’s been trying to set us up for months. And like in true Alexander Hamilton fashion you got what you wanted.” he said pressing a kiss on your forehead.

A Christmas Wish

I don’t know how Christmas-y this is. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy. It sounded a lot better in my head. 
word count: 5,674 (it’s a lot longer than I thought it was going to be.)

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope you all enjoy the holidays, and if you feel lonely and need to talk I’m here. Don’t hesitate. <3 

Lucas was on a plane back to New York; somewhere he hasn’t been since high school ended in June. He left for college the very next day and hadn’t looked back since, well he tried his best. Riley had ended things a few weeks before their high school graduation with no explanation, and he knew once she decided something it was nearly impossible to change her mind. It’s not that he didn’t try, he did with everything he had, but it was to no use.

Thoughts are running through his head the closer, mostly of Riley. He hadn’t seen her since he left, and he wasn’t sure if he was ready to see her. He wasn’t even sure if he should be in New York, but it was either come here or spend Christmas alone in Texas.

When the plane finally touches down, Lucas quickly grabs his duffle bag from above and shuffles off the plane with the other passengers. As soon he is off and in the airport, his eyes start to scan around. Zay was supposed to be picking him up.

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Party Games

I haven’t posted a lot of fanfic in a while. College has been taking a lot of my time lately but I hope you all enjoy this!


Simon waited impatiently for Penny to meet him at the liquor store entrance. The snow was making him shiver in his threadbare clothing. He thought longingly of his warm uniform back at Watford. Unfortunately tonight’s activities required casual clothing.
He watched Penny exit a taxi and cross the street, bundled in a purple coat. She looked wary, as if she already knew what Simon was going to say.
“Why exactly am I outside in the snow at 11 o’clock at night?” Her voice feigned casual annoyance.
“Because we’re going to crash a party.”
Her eyebrows rose considerably.
“Why on earth would we do that?”
Simon grimaced.
“I think Baz is using the opportunity to plan with some of his cousins…you know that ones that dropped out.”
Penny rolled her eyes.
“Simon, is this about Baz plotting or about you having an excuse to see him over winter break?”
Simon blushed. “I am doing this under the Mage’s instructions. And I do not want to see him.”
Penny made a noise of disgust.
“Oh you so do. You’ve been following him around all year again like a puppy. And I’ve seen the way you look at him, not exactly shooting daggers.”
Simon looked away. “Fine. Whatever. But I’m seriously doing this under Mage’s orders.”
Penny began to walk in the direction of the party.
“Bet you didn’t mind the order that much though.”
Simon hated that Penny was always right.


He was bored within twenty minutes of the party starting. Mostly it was a bunch of his tosser cousins and friends getting shitfaced and dancing like fools in a ridiculously formal foyer. The music churned to a dark beat and the place was steaming from bodies. For Baz’s heightened senses the atmosphere was overwhelming. Finally he gave in and started drinking, it would at least take some of the edge off.
He stopped after two beers, not wanting to get drunk or even seriously buzzed. But it was enough to dull his vampire senses a bit. Lazily he strolled down the hall towards the front door, meaning to get a breath of fresh air. Instead he was blocked by Dev arguing with a rather pushy guest at the front door.
“He’s my roommate! Of course he wouldn’t mind me coming in.”
Dev snorted, “And he hates you mate. This isn’t going to work but nice try.”
There was a mild growl and finally Baz realized who was in the doorway.
“Let him in Dev.”
Dev looked back at Baz with a questioning look, but moved out of the way just the same.
Snow and Bunce stood in the doorway, Snow looking particularly pathetic without a real winter coat.


Baz stood in the doorway wearing expensive looking dark wash jeans and a snug ivory V-neck sweater. Simon worked to keep his gaze neutral. For a moment they didn’t say anything, just watched each other.
“Well, the chosen one has shown up to one of our meager gatherings, I’m honored.”
Simon sighed. “Yeah I get it. Look, I just came to swing by for a bit.”
Baz’s eyes were dilated slightly, something about it made him seem warmer.
“Yes that’s a rather believable excuse.”
Simon waited to be officially kicked out. Instead Baz beckoned them further into the hall with his hand.
“Don’t just stand there like social pariahs.”
Penny grimaced as they made their way into the main room of the party. It wasn’t even midnight yet and the partygoers were already far-gone. Most were occupied with groping each other or messily downing beer.
Baz leaned against a wall and looked Simon over in an almost catlike gesture.
“Come to spy on me?”
Simon leaned his head back on the wall and turned to face Baz completely.
“You want the truth?”
“Might please me.”
Simon got caught up in Baz’s grey eyes.
“Yes.” The word came out breathless, like a declaration and not a confession of espionage.
“I must admit you’ve lost your touch Snow. Fifth year you were almost good enough to outsmart me.”
“That’s a lie.”
“Mother always told me to strive for humbleness.”
It felt like they we’re flirting, not arguing.
Penny tapped him on the shoulder.
“I’m leaving.”
She smirked, “I think you have the situation handled quite well.”
Simon frowned in defeat. “Fine.”
She kissed his cheek lightly and exited the way they came.
Baz smirked. “That was quick.”
“Not really her scene.”
Baz scooted closer. “Is it yours?”
“Not exactly.”
“But you’re staying.”
“Mage’s orders.”
Baz actually grinned at that. “Of course.”
Simon felt his body respond.
“Are you drunk Baz?”
“Not nearly.”
Simon looked around. “Quite public here.”
“Do we need privacy?”
“I don’t know, do we?” Simon challenged him.
Baz’s expression became hungry, confirming the little burst of hope in Simon’s chest. They left the room and went down another dark hallway. Baz backed Simon slowly against the wall without touching him. The electronic music from the living room thumped against the wall, heightening Simon’s nerves.
“We still playing spy?” Baz’s voice was husky.
Simon shook his head. “I don’t think so. Any other ideas for a game?”
Baz placed one hand on the wall to brace himself and the other against Simon’s neck. He shivered lightly at the contact of Baz’s smooth skin.
“A few actually.”
Simon didn’t want to talk anymore. Baz leaned forward and as he did let his fangs unsheathe. Lightly he teased Simon’s neck with their points, not breaking the skin but pressing enough to make Simon gasp.
“I…are you…thirsty?”
Baz laughed against his neck causing Simon’s eyelids to flutter.
“Not for that.”
At that point Simon’s breathing was erratic, embarrassingly loud. Baz gripped Simon’s neck harder and brought his face down, crushing his lips onto Simon’s. He had expected it, but the kiss still left him a bit dizzy with surprise. He let himself feel Baz’s cool lips and the vibrating wall against his back. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue in Baz’s mouth, not caring about the fangs there. Baz groaned lightly and allowed Simon to deepen the kiss. Simon’s hands were everywhere, in Baz’s hair, his shirt, and eventually his belt buckle.
Baz broke off shortly to look Simon in the eyes.
“Do you regret coming?”
Simon shook his head. “Not at all.”
Baz nodded and went back to kissing him. Simon, happily forgetting about the Mage’s instructions, allowed himself to get swallowed up in the darkness of the party and of Baz.

The Hybrid- Part 2

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 2 (A little shorter than I wanted it to be. It takes place in 3x10, I’m going to do episode by episode so it’s not too long and I can post more often. I’m in college so it’s hard to find the time to write. I hope you guys like it and please, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think ;))

Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Enjoy :)

Part 1

Originally posted by wattpad

Takes place in 3x10

Klaus was enraged for three reasons. First, he didn’t expect being betrayed by Stefan Salvatore. Second, he never thought he’d see the day when his family would be taken from him. And finally, he didn’t understand why he cared about Ariel at all. He was worried Stefan would hurt her and if he did, it would be his fault. He was the one who had taken his humanity from him. He turned him into the ripper once again and so if he hurt Ariel, it would be entirely his fault.

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No one can have you, except me…

 WinWin as your teacher, smut, you dominating, naughty girl spotted

Requested by one of my followers, I’ll keep her in mind for owing me a Win Win flavor ice cream :D If you guys love it, I can write a next chapter, but maybe I’ll leave it here. PS: I used my all time fav gif of him. 

Enjoy reading!

Your first semester finally began. Before getting assigned to your classes, you had to choose an optional course. College life was more complicated than you thought, because your schedule was really chaotic and even like that you were still obliged to choose one more course… Since you arrived pretty late at your university, there was no free opening for other optional courses, except for the Chinese classes so you had to go with that…feeling a bit bitter since it wasn’t actually what you wanted.

So the day to start your Chinese classes finally has come. As soon as you arrived at your classroom, you saw a group of girls giggling and flirting in the front with your teacher, but you couldn’t see clearly his face.

You took a seat in the back and waited for the class to start, busier to put your textbooks in order and take out your dictionary, choosing carefully pens of every color since you needed to keep a track of the new words you would learn. 

When you lifted your head, you put your glasses to see better the board since you were a bit far and for your surprise, you exchanged glances with your teacher. He was a young and tall man, in his 20’s, named Dong Si Cheng.

He would keep looking at you till he completed his introduction and after he finished, he told everyone to open their textbook and read in silence the first assignment, before he would start to teach you.

You saw him then coming towards you and suddenly you started to feel nervous. What if you did something wrong? Like, what it’s happening? You were attentive and watched carefully every move of him, he couldn’t scold you for any reason.

Other flirty girls turned their head back to see what he was going to do, sending you death glares. You weren’t glamorous and stylish like them, why would their hot teacher even approach a plain girl like you?

Excuse me miss, can you stand up please?” he asked you out of nowhere. What was he trying to do? You were shy by nature, so attracting other people’s attention was the worst thing could happen to you…especially in a classroom you didn’t know anyone at all.

You stood up as he told you, keeping your head down.

Oh now I see it clearly! You can sit down now.

What was that??? Why did he do that embarrassing thing in front of the other students? You thought you would die inside!!

He then approached you a took one of your colored pen (a pink one) and wrote a Chinese character “爱” on your notebook.

“You know, the character on your shirt, it’s spelled wrong, I don’t know where you bought it, but you should go and ask for a refund” smiling while he returned back to his place and continued his lesson.

You were left without words, while others laughed at your funny situation. That was the most embarrassing moment…and it had to happen on your first day. You just wanted to run away and hide.

Back at night when you arrived at home, you searched in your dictionary and found out the meaning of the character he wrote was “Love”. Somehow your heart began to act weird at the thought of how he approached you and wrote that on your notebook…you closed your eyes and imagined only him, without no one around you, reminiscing his mild perfume and strong breath…Ahhh you were starting to have weird things about him.

For some good weeks you tried really hard to keep up with his classes but you were always last. Watching him every time, drove you mad day by day and your mind was somewhere far away…you couldn’t focus at all.

Many naughty thoughts were trespassing your mind, although you were shy in real life, you could swear that if you had the chance you would catch him off the guard and not let him go…because he made you crazy, his gaze when he was focusing on you while trying his best to explain the things…. made you feel hotter and hotter and you had to come out with a plan and make a step – it was now, or never.

It was a stormy day and after your Chinese class ended, you finally took your courage and asked him if you could go to his office later, to help you with some question from your homework, since now you had your regular courses to attend and didn’t have time. He agreed and told you he actually wanted to ask you that earlier, because he felt like you needed his help. You blushed a bit and carried on with your schedule, thinking about how to approach him later and make him yours…

Everyone was in a hurry since there were no classes left and outside the storm worsened. You headed to your teacher office, while people were passing by you in the opposite way…one by one, everyone headed home before the weather condition would get worse. But you had to carry on with your “seduction plan”. You couldn’t wait longer and this was your opportunity since you were practically left alone. As you climbed the stairs, you could only hear your footsteps and the thunder outside. There was no one left in the building. Except you and Si Cheng professor…

You arrived in front of his office and knocked at the door. With a clear voice, he asked you to come in. As soon as you entered his office, you could see it was pretty cozy, decorated with paintings inspired by Chinese art and it was very neat and clean. He asked you to take a seat beside him, as he pulled a chair for you, telling you it was better being by his side so he could correct your writing every time you would make a mistake.

Suddenly you couldn’t think of making any move, he was really serious about teaching you and you were nothing of special, you thought. You were just a normal girl, you had your own charms, but not in a seductive way like your glamorous classmates…your self-esteem dropped down in a second.

You took the seat near him and opened your textbooks and started your study session with him beside you…for some good hours you spent the time only studying with Si Cheng professor correcting your mistakes. He was praising how good you were doing this time and felt proud it helped you to improve your Chinese learning.

As he suggested a short break, before finishing the last part of your homework, you heard a sudden thunderclap sound, and scared, you literally jumped on his lap holding him tight. You were really, really scared because of the sound and your heart was beating fast… Thunders were the scariest things you could not bear in your life…

But you realized after a while you were actually on top of your teacher, grabbing him by his neck, with him holding your hips, surprised at your unexpected reaction…

Before saying anything, you kissed him abruptly…you had to do it before regretting it for the rest of your life. If he made you embarrassed from the first day, you thought you could bear it a little more till the end of semester…

He took your head into his hands and pushed you, looking a bit flustered…

What are you doing? Do you even realize what you just did? I am your professor; we can’t have this type of relationship…

I’m sorry teacher, but I can’t bear it anymore…it was you who wrote the “Love” character in my notebook and in my heart since the first day. It is your fault and now I’ll have to punish you for this. From this moment, I’m not your student anymore. I am just a woman who wants to crush your feeling just like you did it with me all this time” finally you released your thoughts along with your wild self.

He was left at a loss of words… You continued to kiss him back and unbutton his shirt, while your hands were slowly going down to release his belt. He then gave in with the feeling and stuck out his tongue to kiss you harder. His hands slowly pushed you to stand up and undress your pants as you took off the shirt by yourself. You felt reassured, at least you wore a decent underwear this day, you couldn’t face another awkward moment…one more time and you could be called the “Queen of embarrassing situations” …

You stripped all of his clothing and pushed him back on his chair, while you rolled down slowly your panties. He started to touch himself watching you teasing him…your mind has gone blank in a second, like there was another person taking over your body.

Never, ever you would imagine yourself being a dirty and naughty girl…but here you were. Sitting in your teacher’s lap all naked and horny, while he pushed himself into you…

You took the lead and started to twirl while going up and down on him, with your hands grabbing his black moist hair. His mouth opened slowly leaving out shouts of pleasure and you could see clearly his beautiful white teeth…his plump lips were desirable and you started to lick them again, for his pleasure…

I hope you could be the first and the last of me! Promise me one thing, please be my secret mentor… I just want to do everything with you…” you whispered while you were biting his ear lobe.

You…you…you…. just need to lead me, I’ll be here for you…” he stuttered as he felt his climax coming.

You released your deep breathing and slowed down for him to regain his consciousness since you overworked him like there was no tomorrow…

I can take you to places you still don’t know, so please remember this moment…No one can have you, except me…Do you understand what I mean, Si Cheng?” it was the first time you called him by his name.

He showed a pleased expression and nodded as an approval since he still couldn’t breathe properly and talk after all the over-pleasure you gave him.

You dressed yourself quickly, then kissed his forehead. Outside, the storm seemed to have calmed and since it was pretty late you needed to go back to your home.

Tomorrow, come over for your study session, you still need to improve your writing. I’ll bring some good books for you…oh never mind. Please come to this address when you finish your classes, we will have some dinner before… “he wrote quickly on a piece of paper and handed it to you before leaving.  Actually it was his house address…so exciting!

He hugged and gave you a peck before leaving, suddenly leaving you shy about what you did…You were slowly coming back to your normal-self…Did you have any personality disorder? … No, no, you thought better, you actually did everything you have planned all this time…without regret!

When you arrived at home and crawled in your bed, after taking a long hot shower, you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. You were thrilled at the thought of you, as a normal girl finally seducing him for real…Si Cheng was a pretty hot guy, he was young, smart and looked like he really received your feelings in a positive way…he wanted to meet you again…

You fell asleep thinking about what you would do the next day at his apartment…Suddenly you started to dream about him dominating you…just like how you did it with him a while ago…

New Girl in School Part 5

Characters: You (Y/n), Jaebum, Melanie (your best friend), JYP (your father), GOT7 Members.

Summary: You’re the new girl at Konkuk University from the states. You mother thought it was a good idea to attend college in Korea and live with your father, who just so happens to be JYP. What you didn’t expect was that he was in charge of one of the biggest music industries in Korea and that you’ll be going to school with one of his star idols.

You stared at him with apprehensive eyes, as if the way he reacted and yelled terrified you, and it did. It was the first time you’ve ever seen that side of him and it had you shook for the rest of the day. His sharp eyes looked down at you and realized his actions. He noticed the fear in your eyes.

“Let’s go” he bluntly said, taking your hand as the crossing sign signaled approval. You followed along like a puppy on a leash all the way to the studio. No words were spoken.

The boys walked in and greeted your father as they went on to get their makeup touched up and you were the last to enter. You tried to hide your looks the best you could, but your father knew you too well.

“(Y/n) is everything okay? You look a little shook up.”

“Everythings fine, dad, nothing to worry about.” you lied through your teeth, but he didn’t bother to ask further questions. He let you be and went to check out the set for the shoot one more time.

As you were testing out lenses for the shoot, Mark came over to check up on you. You were still a little on edge about the whole situation, but he understood.

“Hey, you okay?” he gently approached you.

“I’m fine.” Cold. You don’t know why you were responding that way.

“Listen,” he paused for you to give him attention, “I know Jaebum was a little harsh on you back there, but please don’t be mad at him for reacting that way. He cares about you… a lot..”

“Just the way he looked and yelled.. I don’t know.. It was the first time I’ve seen him like that..” you began to look through photos again, coming across the one of you and him on the slide.

“He’s still learning how to control his anger. To be honest, we’ve never seen him that happy in a long time since you came up. I mean his phone background is you, so you’re definitely something special to him.” he smiled and put a hand on your shoulder.

“I-I am?” suddenly your nerves went away and felt butterflies in your stomach.

“Totally! Bambam was being a snoop and saw all the pictures of you and him. We’re all positive that he has a-”

“Mark~hyung” his voice came out from behind you in a slightly warmer tone from before.

“Could I talk to (Y/n) alone please?” a small monotone smile appeared on his face and Mark followed, leaving to back to the other boys.

It was silent between the two of you for a while. Leaning against the table looking at photos on your camera, you wanted to avoid eye contact with him. His feet were shuffling around, you could tell that he was trying to put his words together.

“(Y/n)..” he started off

“I’m okay, Jaebum.. You were just protecting me.” you finally look up to see his eyes. They were soft again, filled with love and care.

“I’m sorry about the way I yelled and reacted.. Sometimes I just..”

“Jaebum, it’s okay.” you give him a soft smile. “I understand”

“I care about you..”

The next thing you knew, your face was in his chest and his arms were wrapped around you. You’ve never felt a feeling like this before. You wanted this moment to last longer, until your dad came in to call for the shoot to start.

He quickly let go of you before he saw and you turned away to make it look like you were doing something else. In reality, you had the stupidest smile on your face. You got your equipment ready and went to the set.

Once the shoot was over, you were putting your stuff away as the boys were talking around the set. Your father then called out for a meeting.

“So we all know that the comeback is happening soon, correct?” the boys nod in agreement. “A little birdy gave me a bright idea to have a girl group dance section in the C block. How does that sound?”

“Ahhh?! Jin jja?!” Jackson and Yugyeom sighed out.

“Yeeeeaahhhhh!” Bambam was actually excited about adding this in.

“(Y/n) will choose the dances for you as well as be your choreographer. Please follow her and give her your up most respect.” your father stated and you shyly came up behind him.

You reached a hand to the back of your neck hoping that the boys weren’t angry with you. Pushing you forwards towards them, your father wanted you to explain what songs you’ve chosen and how you’ll go about practicing. 

Every time you tried to speak, you felt uncomfortable with all pairs of eyes staring at you, you kept on tripping over your words. Jaebum noticed immediately since you kept biting your lip, it was one of the first things he noticed about you.

“Neh, (Y/n), no need to be shy with us. Go ahead, we’re listening” he tried to say in the best leader voice he could to support you in front of the guys and comforting you at the same time.

“Uhmm, well instead of having one whole stage together, I thought it would be better for the fans to see two sets rather than one. It’s a way for better fan service and so that they can see different sides of the group.” your voice was less nervous now.

“Who’s going to be in what group? What songs are we going to sing?” the members began to bombard you with different questions, you began to back and shy away.

“Yah!” Jaebum yelled out causing all the members to keep quiet. “If you all just listen, she’ll explain everything. So please, just calm down and listen. Like PDnim said give her some respect.”

Although his voice was harsh, you studied how he was trying to control his anger. His voice was very monotone, his eyes cold, but his members gave him respect and straightened up. 

He turned to you and gave you a soft smile allowing you to give the explanation of their new stage. You pulled out your notebook and continued.

“So, the first group is going to consist of Mark, Jinyoung, and Youngjae~shi. You guys are going to be dancing to G friend’s Me Gustas Tu. Think of it was the more cute and innocent side of the group. These are the costumes you’re going to wear” you hold out a sketching of what the outfit is going to look like.

The members were astonished at the drawings. Although they were chibi forms, they never thought of themselves wearing dresses on stage. By the looks of it, it seemed like they were going to enjoy the concept.

“Next up, Jackson, Bambam, Yugyeomie, and Jaebum” you chuckled at the reaction on Jaebum’s face when he heard his name. “You guys will be dancing to Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb. This stage will be a bit more of the playful upbeat side of the group. But remember, it’s a girl group, so maintain that image.” you smiled.

“We don’t know how to act like a girl group, how are we going to pull this off?” Jackson asked goofing around, pretending to act like a manly girl.

“You will be given lessons by the one and only best” you smiled.

“Who?” he replied back and an arm slung around you and him. Your face lit up with a bigger smile as Noona came in to say hello. The boys began to scream and holler becoming more excited for this come back.

Part 4

Part 6 (coming soon)

Coffee Spill (M) | Namjoon

Genre : Smut + College!Namjoon || Namjoon x Reader 

Request : I combined someone wanting a general Namjoon smut, with someone else who wanted a Namjoon smut in a casual college-like setting. So here you go, I hope you enjoy. 

Word Count : 2,002

Originally posted by forjimin

“Hey Earth to Y/N.” I hear as fingers start to snap in my face.

I jump back suddenly, and see Jimin staring at me with an annoyed expression.

“Finally, I’ve been trying to talk to you. What’re you even staring at?” He goes to turn his head, and before I can stop him, he’s already spotted it.

“Ahh, having perverted thoughts about Kim Namjoon again I see.” He says with a smirk.

“No I wasn’t… I just happened to be staring in his general direction.” I say with the lie clear in my voice.

“Bullshit, you’re blushing.”

I just let out a sigh of embarrassment at my obvious gawking. It was just so hard not to think about him in that way whenever I saw him. Even when we were in our class at college, I just stared at the back of his head for most of the lecture, thinking about what he’d be like in bed.

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Welcome To AOMG (Loco x Reader)

This was requested by an anon. I’m sorry it took so long for me to write it, I just thought it would be better if I got the drabbles out of the way. Enjoy!

Originally posted by yooneroos

You met Hyuk-woo through your friend. She knew him since college and they were still in touch, so she played match maker and got you to go out with me. 

Hyukwoo was exactly how she described him. He was like a gentle baby, very shy and awkward, you were usually out with more aggressive dudes, so seeing a guy blush and stutter was the cutest thing. You didn’t know you would be attracted to this type of a guy,but it was something about him that got you into it. Maybe the slightly promiscious jokes he made here and there, that made him blush instantly.

He didn’t think he was going to like you so much. You were very assertive and a go getter, But you were the cutest person on the date, the way you smiled, how you never lost eye contact to how you complimented him. He couldn’t stop talking about you to his hyung’s at AOMG.


He wanted to see you again, he wanted to take you out and treat you like a gentelman. Jay gave him the best idea, they were all leaving to go to some club, he could bring you here and show you around, maybe order some food. It was intimate, he would show you a very big part of his world, also it was private, no one would bother you or look at you.

You agreed immidiately. You were always a fun of hiphop, so it was a great way to see how the magic happens. You decided to wear something comfortable, a pair of light light blue jeans and a black long sleeve shirt, since it was getting kinda cold these days.

He opened the door for you. Awkwardly hugging you, he didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable

“Welcome to AOMG”

He said, opening his arms widely. You smiled and looked around quickly

“It looks good”

“Let me give you a tour”

He looked at your hand, thinking if it was okay to hold it. You saw it and slowly held his hand, smiling up at him

“Let’s go”

He nodded and guided you. He showed you all the different rooms, some of them were messy, others not so much, and some of them were xleaned and everything was neat.

“So this is Jay’s room. I sometimes use it, but mostly him”

He explained. You were getting tired, as he talked you wrapped your arms around him, finding comfort in him and placing your cheek in his chest. He stopped talking, you caught him off guard, you could hear his heart beating faster

“I’m tired”

You mumbled. He smiled at your cuteness, he kissed the top of your head, making you give him a lazy smile

“Did you eat yet?”


“Aish, you have to eat. Come on let’s go to my studio”

He guided to his studio. He sat down on the couch and ordered food, you put your head on his lap.

“Can I pet your hair?”

“Yes please”

People touching your hair and massaging your scalp was your weakness, it was the way into your heart. He started petting your head, in his mind there was a war going on, should he kiss you? Was it too soon? He decided to risk it and lean in, giving you a quick peck, you whined at the lost of contact

“That was weak”

He giggled at your whinning. You just closed your eyes and enjoying the feeling of his gentle long fingers running through your hair

“Do you want to hear some of the music i’m working on?”


He got up, making you sit up straight, bringing your legs up to sit in a yoga position. He clicked some stuff and then a beat started playing, after a few moments his voice was heard. You liked the song, it was sweet and soft, it matched his voice

“I like it, very smooth”

“Thank you”

He played you other stuff until you heard the buzzing off the front door, the delivery man probably. When he got, you decided to be brave and got up too, pulling his hand so when he turned around you tip toed and reached his lips giving him a sweet kiss. When he tried to bring you closer to him, you slipped away and started running to the door

“You little rascal”

He insisted in letting him pay, he was never going to let you pay for a meal when he was around, his mother taught him better than that. When you ate you saw some sauce at the corner off his mouth

“Wipe your mouth”


He said with a full mouth. He reminded you of winnied the pooh when he was eating honey, you leaned in and gave him a peck, you didn’t even think about it, it just happened

“You are so cute”

You complimented him. He blushed but he tried to hide it, making you giggle even more

“Those cheeks don’t lie”

“Shut up and eat your food”

You kissed his cheek and then got back on eating your food. He threw away the packages and sat next you, you took your place back to his lap, laying there and observing his face


“Nothing, i’m just gazing”

He carressed your face. He slowly leaned in and gave you sweet, gentle buterfly kiss, you could feel like fireworks were exploding in your stomach, you’ve nver felt this way. After the kiss, he gave you a few pecks, making you laugh

“You look beautiful”

It was now your turn to blush. Usually you took compliments well, but coming from him was different, it got a reaction out of you

“Those cheeks don’t lie”

He teased, repeating what you said before. You smacked his chest, as he laughed at your attempt to act hurt.

“You shouldn’t hurt your oppa”

“I know, that’s why i’m hurting you”

You teased him. He opened his mouth, acting offended and hurt by your slight jab, even though he found it very amusing and cute, your jabs were just for fun it made him smile

“Really? I’m going to cry”

“No, don’t cry oppa”

Hearing you call him that made his eyes go wide. You got up and wrapped your arms around him, finally feeling comfortable with initiating skinship

“You’re such a cutie”

“I know, that’s why you are on a second date with me”


I miss your touch,

your kisses,

your love.

I miss your arms wrapped around my waist,

while I listen to your heartbeat.

I miss your lips on my neck,

making their way onto mine.

I miss the nights where we just laid there,

talking about absolutely nothing,

but still enjoying each other’s company.

& it’s nights like these where I’m wide awake,

thinking of all the memories we’ve made,

wishing that I could go back and relive them all over again.

Love always,

- C

“Do Me Bad” (Pt4) (M)

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: College!au: Smut and angst

A/N: As an honor of Sehun’s birthday, I’ve written part 4 already! first of all happy birthday to my most favorite maknae in the world and second of all enjoy this part and let me know your thoughts! sending love  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ~

“Hey so Jongin if Y/N is gonna agree to go with you to the Valentine’s Day party, do you think you’ll hook up?”  Chanyeol said carelessly as he chewed on his lunch. “I don’t know man…..she’s beautiful but I feel like it would be a bit awkward because we’re best friends? And if I’m gonna take this to the next level I rather take it slow” Jongin replied with his mouth full meanwhile Sehun eyed him at the corner of his eye, chuckling.

“What are you so amused about Sehun? You haven’t even said one thing about me trying to ask Y/N out except NO NO JONGIN YOU CAN’T” He imitated him, waving his hands in the air and making Chanyeol burst in laughter while Sehun kept his silence.

“What makes you think you can get Y/N?” Sehun said, narrowing his eyes and scoffing at the laughing Jongin in front of him. “Because she’s my best friend and I know she loves me” Jongin replied with a slightly more serious face. “So? Trust me, she’s not interested.” Sehun took another bite of his food and looked away. “And how do you know Sehun? You don’t even talk to her half of the time we hang out and you always treat her like she doesn’t exist” Jongin raised his eyebrow at him. 

“Sehun don’t you have some other 10 girls to worry about? Haven’t heard any dirty stories from you lately….are you….on your period?” Chanyeol let out with a mocking tone before Sehun grabbed his sweater and smacked him across the face. “Shut up ok? At least I can get some unlike some of us here with the “Oh Chanyeol I have a headache today” girlfriend” He scoffed at Chanyeol and walked away from the lunch table outside, leaving Chanyeol to roll his eyes and shocking Jongin.

“I’m so done with the boys babe” Sehun said as he dropped his head on the crock of your neck, sighing and slightly kissing it. “What happened?”  You laughed at his cuteness. You were sitting on the bar stool in his room as he stood between your legs. You left class early and decided to wait for Sehun to return from lunch and luckily he did.

“Remember that thing I wanted to tell you 2 days ago? You know before I fucked you into oblivion?” You smacked his arm immediately, making him laugh. “Yeah what is it?” you smirked. “Well…..” he lifted himself up and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Jongin wants to ask you out for the Valentine’s Day party next week” you let the sentence sink for a moment before you opened your mouth to speak. Jongin wants to ask you out? You’ve never talked about this nor did you ever experience any feeling towards Jongin so you weren’t sure Sehun was even telling the truth.

“Why are you lying Sehun?” you laughed in his face. He looked at you in disbelief for a moment before taking one step closer to you.  “You think I’m lying? He scoffed. “Um yeah pretty sure that Jongin doesn’t have any feelings for me. He has seen me throw up his mom’s entire plate of tacos that one time I ate avocado without knowing and got an allergic reaction. He has seen me in my worse, mascara streaming down my face and my ugly crying face. He has seen me kiss the popular guy in school the first day of school and get rejected.  I’m pretty sure that a person that has been exposed to all of that cannot get any feelings for me” you laughed again.

“Oh fuck.” Sehun muttered as his hand went up to his forehead to help him lean on the counter next to you, diving his head in his hands. “What is it Sehun?” you rubbed your hand on his back, caressing him slightly. “He’s fucking in love with you.” He mumbled under his breath. “SEHUN PLEASE YOU’RE MAKING ME LAUGH” you raised your voice in a mocking high tone. “I had no idea…” He let out, his head still in his hands. “He’s fucking whipped and I had no idea.” He turned around and began walking back and forth between you and the refrigerator with his hands settled on his hips.

“Babe even if he is like you claim he is, I don’t care ok? I’m with you.” You got up, stopping his strut and wrapping your hands around his neck. “I love you” your voice was deep and eager on his lips, catching his attention. “You’re what?” his eyes widened.

“I love you. And yes not only the amazing mind blowing sex, but you too.” He took one step closer to you, closing the space between your bodies. His hands positioned themselves on your cheeks, embracing you as his gaze was set on one thing and one thing only; your lips. He laid a soft touch against yours first before quickly backing you up to the kitchen counter and lifting you up to set you on it with some space for him to settle between your legs. His kiss roughened and your hands took hold of his white button down shirt, ripping the buttons apart with one quick move. His hands were all over your thighs, his thumbs moving dangerously close to your now growing heat.  

“I love you too. More than you realize” he muttered against your lips, earning an approving moan from you as his thumbs made their way to your zipper. Undoing your jeans, he slipped them off your legs and onto the floor. Brushing his fingers along your wet clothed slit, his tongue snuck to lick his lips before shooting you up with a smirk.

“Should I just show you how much I love you then?” you quickly nodded in response, closing your eyes and arching your back, desperate for some friction. His lips landed on your cleavage, slowly grabbing the top of your bra and pulling it down to reveal your chest, nipples perked up for his taking. He quickly attached his mouth on one of the buds and sucked lightly, causing you to grab the back of his head in frustration. Lightly moaning, you reached your hands to undo his own pants before he stopped you. “First you Baby girl” he smirked at you, his hands having a tight grip on yours. He pushed you back on the counter, your back touching the cold surface and your breathing increasing.  

Sehun’s fingers reached the hem of your panties and slid them slowly along your legs, enjoying the view that was your burning desire for him. “You look delicious baby” he chuckled as his hands made contact with your thighs, stroking the skin close to your core. Grabbing your thighs, he pulled you closer to him and positioned his head in between your legs, teasing at your entrance with his fingers.

He slowly entered 2 fingers inside, lifting his eyebrow and shooting you a look before stopping. You let out a loud moan and looked up at him, biting your lip. “How much do you want this baby girl?” his gaze was dark. “Sehun please just…” you moaned once again.  “Yes?”  He turned his head to the side, looking at your desperation. “I swear to god just fuck me already” he chuckled at your response. “I SWEAR TO GOD SEHUN IF YOU’RE NOT GONNA BE LENGTH DEEP IN ME IN ABOUT 30 SECONDS I’M GONNA MAKE YOU REGRET IT LATER” you shouted across to him.

“I love you all needy” he let out a loud laugh followed by a smirk. His hands lifted you up as your upper body fell at his shoulder. He began to remove the remaining clothes on your bodies, hearing your moans in the background telling him to rush.

He grabbed your ass with his right hand, pulling you closer to wrap your legs around his waist. His erection teased at your entrance as his left hand wrapped itself around your waist to balance you a little off the counter so he could access you easily. His shaft brushed against your clit in rough circles, making you moan his name loudly at the crock of his neck.

Without any warning he slammed into you, slowly going deeper with every single moan your mouth let out. You arched your back and lifted your head off his neck as soon as you felt that feeling of fullness you so desperately craved. After a few couple of thrusts and adjusting, you found your pace and began to roll your hips against his, making each other whine the other’s name.

The feeling of Sehun’s length thrusting inside of you and rubbing your walls made you lose your mind. He was a tease and building you up was his hobby. With every thrust he managed to hit the spot that was weak for him. He roughened his pace as he bit at your neck, sucking a hickey on the sensitive skin that was all his. Your rhythm was perfect, grinding your hips together, getting the most out of each other.

“Fuck babe you’re so fucking tigh-“Sehun moaned in your ear as he continued to thrust deeper in you but stopped at the sound of the door bursting open. “SEHUN WTF? Y/N? WTF ARE YOU DOI- “Jongin came storming into Sehun’s room with a bag of some take away food in his hand. Sehun quickly looked behind his back and spotted the face that matched the voice, Kim Jongin.

“ARE YOU TWO FUCKING?” he turned around, covering his eyes and shouting at the both of you as you tried to cover up. “WELL WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE DUMBASS?” Sehun shouted as he pulled out and grabbed your clothes in light speed. “Sehun are you fucking kidding me? And here I thought I was your friend.” Jongin’s tone dropped and began to flow with anger.  “JONGIN WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE?” you shouted in a desperate tone as you got dressed and grabbed his arm, turning him around.

“Well I did come so I could talk to Sehun and see why he was so mad at me before but I didn’t know he’d have company. Or you to be exact” his face boiled from anger as his gaze was set on Sehun’s. “Look Jongin I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” Sehun ran a hand through his hair. “Knew what? That I liked Y/N? Like you haven’t heard anything I’ve been saying for this past week. And here you are, fucking my best friend.”

You stood there staring at the both of them in shock trying to process that Sehun was actually telling the truth. Jongin had feelings for you.

“Look Jongin I’m sorry if I knew you liked her before we started dating then I wouldn’t have done anything.” Sehun gulped, a concerned look on his face. “No you know what Sehun? You always do this. You always sleep with anyone and whoever not even thinking about the people involved. Because you only think about yourself!  So please spear me your- wait. Da…ting?” Jongin looked up at you, his anger completely whipped off his face and instead replaced with shock.

“Yeah we’ve been dating for a month but we’ve kept it quiet.” Sehun said as his hands snuck to his back pockets, sighing.  Jongin opened his mouth in intent of saying something but before he could, he shot you up with a look of disappointment and stormed out of the room, leaving you and Sehun feeling guilty.

“Do you believe me now?” Sehun rolled his eyes, making his way to his bed and flopping on top of it with his thoughts staring at the ceiling.

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Delicate by Damien Rice 😀

Oh, nonnie! How’d you know I’d love this song?? This is so good!

Okay, this is a little angsty. The first thought I had was that they are in a relationship. And everything is going great! They are reallly enjoying themselves and everything is going so well.

Of course Derek is having some insecurities, though. It’s the classic, Derek doesn’t think he deserves Stiles. He’s just got way too much baggage. And Stiles is in college, why would he want to pin himself down so early on? Ya know. So he starts doubting himself a bit. Maybe he could be better? Or. Maybe he could just let Stiles go.. That kinda thinking. It’s no good and I don’t recommend it.

At one point when they’re hanging out Stiles starts getting texts. We have no idea who, but his reactions don’t seem to show they’re from pack. The, “Who’s that?” Derek asks unassumingly. And a return of, “Just this guy from college. I take English with him.” And Derek shrugs it off, because it’s no big deal, right? Stiles has friends, of course he does. He’s great!

But later, when Stiles has already passed out Derek starts to doubt. Stiles seemed to like this guy enough. He talked about him a bit, and he sounded pretty nice. So the insecurities jump in. Maybe Stiles has already found someone else? Maybe he just wants to let Derek down easy..? Maybe he’s just not ready to end this relationship for another. Hell, maybe he just wanted something fun for a while and he’s found another.

So Derek thinks, and he thinks. Stiles has already headed back to college for the week, so that gives Derek time to let his nerves get to him. He thinks about it. And he thinks about it. And this line of thinking just won’t stop because anxiety just doesn’t know when to stop.

So when Stiles returns from college on the weekend Derek tries breaking it off. And there’s silence for a few, then some stumbled apologies because it turns out that Stiles is having the same fears.

After a good ole’ back and forth they start explaining themselves to each other. That the entire time they both have had these doubts. That no, Stiles hasn’t been trying to find some else, and no, Derek gets that he’s dating a college student who can’t be by all the time. So in the end they start talking about it more and promise that the next time feels like this turn up they will talk about it.

So yeah, this song I can really see from both perspectives in the end.

My review of Buffy the Vampire Slayer S4-S7

S4 - Or, Buffy goes to college. Overall, I really enjoyed S4, I thought they developed the characters in interesting ways. I liked also how college didn’t necessarily mean the automatic “death of High School.” which is kinda normal people still go back to their high school haunt or whatever while also getting more involved in college life. 

Also Willow officially became a lesbian, Cordelia leaves, and a host of other changes make it an overall engaging Buffy season. 


S5 - I have to say, while I enjoyed S5 more than S4 I can’t help but think it wasn’t as startling or interesting as the previous seasons. While there was a much greater emphasis on the characters other than Buffy, perhaps moreso than any other season, the end result was not necessarily super interesting, as in I kinda felt like the series was losing some focus, despite the fact that it still maintained the basic structure of having an overall supervillain and stuff like that. 

That said, the series also I feel like went and explored some of the deeper ramifcations of Buffy’s role, as well as the society and community at large in interesting sorts of ways. 


S6 - S6 is where a lot of the major characters in Buffy start having huge transformations and changes, some of my favorite episodes were actually in S6, despite like in S5 I found it harder to follow the overall trajectory, but I think that was a good thing. I think the series expanded and found a much better focus than it had in the previous point in time. 

S7 - Or, the ultimate, final season. I think S7 ultimately felt like just kind of a round up of all the previous things that happened in all the other seasons, it didn’t necessarily introduce a ton of original material but merely write the conclusions to stories already in process. 

I enjoyed S7 actually the most out of all the seasons, especially to finally see the final trajectory of Spike’s character, who I think basically became the most interesting character in the show by the end. 


maisiem2211  asked:

I have to choose my GCSE options in a little while and I seriously have no idea what to do. I really want to pick art because It's my favourite subject but I know how hard it is to get a full career out of it and I don't think I'm good enough to get the qualifications for a decent job. I also want to pick textiles but that's the same as art; it's really hard to get a job in that field. The options I want to pick are hard to get jobs in but I don't wanna study for 3 years in ones I hate. Help???

Hello sweetie.

I remember being your ago and having to choose my GCSE’s and I thought the same. If I’m being 100% honest, your choice in GCSE have little bearing on where you go and what you do. If you can do lessons which you enjoy, and will get good grades in go for it. Because this is what colleges will look at. Trust me when I say what you might want to do now, may change, so do whats right for you at this moment, because you don’t want the next 3 years to be full of things which you dont enjoy and then you gain nothing from them anyway.

Make this decision for YOU.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Aw jeez girl I absolutely love that alex imagine :) would you write a second part with some smut? Everyone needs a shirtless alex

AN Hey, so let’s not fret over Jack and Abigail scandal guys okay? It’s not actually a scandal, just a thought many of us were having, but it is okay, because Jack is okay. He seems happy, and that’s all that matters at the moment. In the meantime, you guys should enjoy some nice healthy vampire smut. The first part is here if you want to read it before and stuffs. Enjoy xx

Warning: smut

Your POV

After Alex and I walked out that night, honestly life has been so different for me. I wasn’t going back to college, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to be able to talk to my parents. Somehow I was going to have to be erased from everyone I knew. Everyone except Alex.

Alex was different. A good different. Since he’s been around me, I always feel safe. That feeling is always there, so I knew that he was my guardian angel.

After Alex kissed me at my apartment, we just never talked about it again. I didn’t know what to do. There was a shirtless vampire in my room, he cuddled with me ‘til dusk and then we just never spoke about it again. He occasionally glanced at me when he thought I wasn’t looking, but I was. I couldn’t get over the fact that this beautiful creature was always around me. Was it mandatory for the turner to follow the newbie around to show them the ropes? Was there some kind of weird vampire organization I didn’t know about?

Keep reading


BIS 315
January 13, 2017

My name is Amani Corley. I am from Southgate, Michigan which is basically 20 minutes from Detroit. I am currently a junior here at Central Michigan University. I am currently majoring in Sports Management and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am also a part of the Women’s Basketball team here.

In the summer, I usually go back home and train kids at the YMCA in basketball so that is when I thought about how much I enjoyed teaching others about the sport that I love so much. After school I want to start my own business and a have a gym facility. It will have multiple basketball courts and indoor turf bays. I also want to be able to have weight lifting equipment. I want to be able to train students, hold AAU tournaments and help them get scouted by colleges so they can have the chance of getting a full ride scholarship.

I want to be able to use this blog as a tool to talk about my experiences and relate them to the class topics that we are assigned. I am also curious to what other tricks and skills I can learn about social media that I do not already know.

therandomescapist  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you can make a list of fics wherein Harry ends up hurting Draco, not physically but emotionally, and regrets it. This is my first time to ask for a rec and you seem too know A LOT about Drarry so I thought that this blog would be the best place to ask. Thank you! (My stressed soul d/t college will hugely appreciate it) <3

Sure thing, @therandomescapist!! I hope this helps! Enjoy, and please remember to leave comments and kudos for the authors!!

Drarry Recs: Harry Hurts Draco and Regrets It

Beggars Would Ride by @eidheann - NC-17, 37.5k - Harry finds his comfortable life taking a turn he never expected when he becomes the father of Draco Malfoy’s child.

Blueprints for a Dream by Frayach - NC-17, 24.5k - Harry breaks Draco’s heart, but that doesn’t mean Draco’s going to let him go without a fight.

Breathe Me by @kedavranox - NC-17, 70k - Since the singular incident of being a Horcrux for many years has left Harry with a sensitivity to Dark magic, Harry begins training with Jacob, a Wizard who lives in New York, using this sensitivity to his advantage to cleanse magical spaces of Dark magic. After a year of training, Draco Malfoy shows up, wanting to learn from Jacob as well, and unexpectedly the two men grow a bond, both magical and physical. But Jacob’s sudden death leaves Harry floundering and growing increasingly dependent on drugs and sex to avoid his problems. After his brief and tumultuous affair with Draco ends, Harry begins a life of travel, avoiding returning home permanently and continuing his drug habit. He flits from job to job, from place to place, never settling down for a moment, until, years later, Harry is called back to England by his friends to help Draco find his way out of a cursed Manor.

For All That Ails You by Frayach - NC-17, 17k - Voldemort forces Draco to drink a love potion so that he’ll fall in love with Harry, and he does - madly.  But then Harry does too.  When Hermione finds an antidote for the love potion, neither knows who loves who.  But then along comes the anonymous poetry contest to save the day.

He Was He and I Was Bunny by bryoneybrynn - NC-17, 37.5k - The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?

A Hundred Visions and Revisions by oflights - R, 11k - Harry doesn’t really like remembering. As he’s grown older, he’s found that discovering or creating or even making things up are all much less painful than remembering.

Kiss Me With Fire by Lucilla Darkate - R, 4k - They know each other, heart and soul, but still it changes nothing.

Nocturne for Quill and Ink by pushdragon - NC-17, 9.5k - “I promise to think before I act.” (and sequel Étude: A lesson in voice)

On the Couch by Frayach - NC-17, 26k - It’s a Mind Healer’s worse nightmare to lose a patient to suicide, but Mind Healer Nick Nichols can attest to the fact that a murder/suicide is even worse. If only Dr. Freud had come up with a sure cure for love. [They hurt each other in this one.]

The Postmaster by @vaysh11 - NC-17, 3k - A new postmaster comes to the remotest of the Shetland islands. (sequel to Bound Skerry by Frayach)

Salvation & Sacrament by abbycadabra - PG-13, 16.5k - “It seems as if everywhere I go, I find the nowhere in somewhere, or make it of anywhere.”

Says the Magpie to the Morning (Sorrow, Take Your Own Advice) by @femmequixotic - NC-17, 34k - It’s terribly bad form, sleeping with your ex when you’re still half in love with the bastard.

A Second Chance at a First Love by taradiane - M, 28k - “… I just wanted you to know that you weren’t the only one who’d had a shitty existence for a time. Maybe I hated that you thought I was someone I wasn’t. Maybe … maybe I hated that I thought you were someone you weren’t, but never realised it until Voldemort gave me those glimpses of your life. Our experiences, they weren’t so different after all.”

Olicity AU - Umbrella

AU Prompt: “i forgot my umbrella and you offered to walk me home in the rain and i thought this would be the beginning of a cute love story but you’re really shit at this oh my god my shoulder is so wet, hold the damn thing properly wth man” au

Prompt found here: http://astrifeline.tumblr.com/post/109294698551/textsfromtitanfood-consider-the-following-aus

Enjoy this short but sweet college AU.

“Oh my god, Oliver! You are completely terrible at this. I’m soaking wet!” Felicity shouts in frustration, then snaps her mouth shut because this is really not how she’d imagined things going an hour ago.

An hour ago, she’d packed up her things after a marathon study session for her psychology final tomorrow. Then, upon opening the heavy wooden doors of MIT’s main library, she’d made the unfortunate discovery that it was pouring rain.

Even more unfortunate was that she’d left her apartment that morning without her umbrella.

Felicity is usually prepared for things like this, really, but after spending way too many hours making study notes for an exam that counts for half of her final grade and not getting enough sleep because her roommates are all finished their exams already and had decided to stay up nearly all night drinking and playing Guitar Hero, she’d left home that morning flustered and annoyed.

And it had been sunny when she left, she thought sourly.

Clearly the universe was out to get her today.

“Do you want to borrow my umbrella?”

The deep voice came from behind her and she whirled around to find Oliver Queen standing there, one hand shoved into his pocket and the other holding a beautiful, big, black umbrella.

She may have sighed. Maybe.

Because of the umbrella, obviously.

Not because Oliver Queen was the most good-looking person she’d ever set eyes on and she had spent most of her semester in Psychology 101 staring dreamily at the back of his head. Nope. Not that at all.

“Oh. Um… Well, uh…”

Holy crap. Frack. Why was she suddenly unable to form any coherent words? What was wrong with her? She has an IQ of 141 and she can’t string together a sentence in front of the hottest guy on campus? How embarrassing for women everywhere.

He smiled, eyes flashing, and good god it was unfair that he looked like that. “Here.” He held out the umbrella. She found herself reaching out to take it, eyes probably bugging out of her head. His hand was tanned, with graceful fingers and strong tendons flexing. Their fingers brushed and she immediately snatched hers back like she’d been burned.

“Thanks,” she croaked. Yup. Because that was attractive. Her voice literally creaked out of her throat and she winced at the sound of it because it gave off the impression that she smoked a pack a day, which she most definitely did not.

Oliver, thank goodness, didn’t seem to notice, just hiked his bag up on his shoulder and tossed a careless smile in her direction, moving past her to walk out into the rain.

Wait. He was just going to walk home in that typhoon with no umbrella? He didn’t even have a coat on for crying out loud.

“Wait!” Felicity had called before he stepped outside and he’d stopped in his tracks, turning to look at her, brow furrowed in confusion.

“You can’t go out there like that,” she said, the hand that wasn’t holding his umbrella gesturing wildly to him. “I mean, not like that, like there’s anything wrong with you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way you look. You could literally go anywhere looking like that. I mean, it’s raining, really hard. That’s where I was going with this whole spiel and I would feel terrible if you walked out there without your umbrella just because I left too quickly this morning and didn’t bring mine, so why don’t we just share?”

Oliver’s blue eyes were wide as he stared at her. He looked startled, almost surprised that she cared about his well-being, but then his lips had curved into a smile and he’d nodded in agreement. “Sure. We can share.”

“Great. Good. Okay then,” she’d said, handing the umbrella back to him. Then she hesitated, because how would this work exactly? She clearly hadn’t thought this through very thoroughly.

“Here, stand closer,” Oliver said, lifting an arm in invitation, and she moved in close beside him.

It was closer than she’d ever stood, considering he sat miles ahead of her in class and they’d never actually spoken before. He smelled delicious. She didn’t know what it was exactly, but it was completely Oliver and completely attractive. She tipped her face up to his. “I’m Felicity, by the way.”

“I know,” he responded quickly, then continued, “I mean, you’re in my psychology class. You answer a lot of questions.” Then he shook his head minutely, brow furrowed, and focused on unsnapping and opening the umbrella above their heads.

Felicity did a tiny happy dance inside because he knew who she was? She was suddenly thankful for all the times she’d raised her hand in class, even though she probably drove a lot of the other students crazy, because Oliver Queen knew who she was.

“Ready?” he asked, turning to look at her. His eyes were very blue this close up and she could see the darker ring around the outside. He raised his eyebrows in question and she’d nodded in return.

“Let’s do this.”

Felicity had expected it would be idyllic. How hard could it be, sharing an umbrella while walking in the rain? It was romantic comedy gold. Even if it didn’t end with the cliche passionate confession, it was a cute story that she could tell to her roommates after. The time Oliver Queen was such a gentleman and shared his umbrella with her so that she didn’t get drenched.

Instead, she gets to tell the story of how they argued the whole way to her apartment about the benefits of smart wearables and where to get the best on-campus coffee. Fortunately they both agree that Big Belly Burger has the best fries, so at least there’s that.

She also gets to tell them about how he was terrible at holding the umbrella steady. Like the actual worst. He either let the wind blow torrents of rain into her face or tipped the umbrella too far which allowed a steady drip of water to slide down her back.

She holds it in, holds back for as long as she can, giving him the benefit of the doubt, because besides the downpour she’s really enjoying this walk and the conversation and him. But after a particularly cold and nasty gush of water blows into her face, she loses it.

He looks adorably confused, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk and staring at her.

It would be the moment where she kisses the frown off his face, but they are not in a movie and he has let the umbrella completely fall to the side so that they’re both now being pelted with rain.

“What?” he says.

“Oliver!” she shrieks.

“Sorry, sorry!”

“I’m drenched!”

“I’m so sorry, Felicity. Umbrellas and I have this thing,” he responds, lifting it back above her head. It’s better, but not much.

“This thing where you don’t know how to properly use one?” The sarcasm just explodes out of her.

He rolls his eyes. “Shut up. Is this better?” He readjusts, the umbrella so it’s mostly over her ans she nods. “All right, let’s go. Are we almost there?”

“Yep,” she says, moving right in close to him, close enough she can feel the body heat pouring off him. “Over there. Red brick building.”

“Okay, let’s go,” he says, then wraps his free arm around her shoulder.

She barely has a second to appreciate the heavy weight of his arm, the muscles she can feel pressing again her side, before they take off together, the umbrella bouncing above them. They reach the relative dryness of the overhang above the front door fairly quickly, and Oliver drops the umbrella, shaking off the rain and making Felicity squeal as excess drops fly in her direction.

“Hey! Watch where you’re shaking that thing!”

“You’re already soaked. I don’t think it’s going to do any more damage,” he replies dryly.

Barely restraining herself from sticking out her tongue at him, Felicity digs her keys out of her bag and unlocks the door. “Shut up.”

Then she hesitates. Now what? Should she invite him in? To dry off? Is that weird? Isn’t that what they do in the movies? But maybe he just wants to get home and change his clothes. She doesn’t have any clothes for him to put on here. He’d just have to sit around in his wet clothes. Or in nothing. Her mind takes an abrupt detour to Oliver hanging around in her apartment naked. Sitting on her couch. Lying on her bed…


“Wha- What?” She frowns in his direction because he had interrupted what was shaping up to be a very lovely daydream.

He raises his eyebrows at her exasperatedly. “Jeez, what were you thinking about? I called your name like twenty times.”

“You did not,” she retorts. “And it’s none of your business.”

“Okay. Man, you don’t have to take my head off. You know, I did just go out of my way to walk you home in the middle of a rainstorm.”

He shoots her what she supposes is supposed to be a devastatingly handsome grin, and it is, but she’s also soaking wet and starting to shiver and he really was terrible at holding that damn umbrella.

“Look, do you want to come in until the rain stops?” she asks, deciding that she’d rather be warm and embarrassed than standing out here in the cold, unsure about what comes next. She’d thought this would be a totally cute moment but sharing an umbrella really isn’t as easy as it looks, especially with Oliver and his ‘thing’ with them. She doesn’t even know what that means. Maybe he’ll explain inside. “I have towels that we can use to dry off - not together! Separately! Alone. In different rooms we can get dry, and I also have study notes that we could go over? If you want. I’m sure you have better things to do than study with me in wet jeans.”

He folds up his umbrella in response and gives it one more final shake. “Lead the way. I could actually use the help studying for tomorrow. I missed a bunch of classes in the middle of the semester.”

“I noticed.” Then she freezes because it’s totally weird that she paid that much attention to his attendance habits. She closes her eyes in exasperation, then opens them, avoiding his face. “I said not noticed, right?”

He doesn’t respond, and when she opens her eyes he’s just smiling warmly at her, like she hasn’t said anything weird at all.

They step into the warmth of the lobby and start up the stairs together, climbing in companionable silence before a sudden thought occurs to her. She stops abruptly halfway up the stairs and he keeps climbing before he realizes she’s not beside him anymore.

“Felicity?” he asks, turning and looking down at where she’s frozen three steps below him.

“Oliver Queen. Did you plan this elaborate scheme as a way to get your hands on my study notes?” she asks, narrowing her eyes at him over the top of her glasses. She purses her lips, hands finding their way to her hips.

He sends a smirk her way but doesn’t reply and she shivers, the goosebumps on her arms growing goosebumps. That are from the cold! Definitely from the cold, not from Oliver Queen’s sexy smirk. Not that at all.

Okay, it’s totally that.

Frack, is she in trouble.

I Miss You (Nate Maloley imagine)

| Hi! Before you read: the time of this happening is around September where everyone starts school again and shit. Not to confuse any of you lmao. Have fun reading and requests are always open :)

Alright, I admit. College abroad is harder than I thought. I mean, it’s such a cool experience and I really enjoy it but school in general is killing me. Let’s also not forget I’m a thousand miles away from my beloved ones… including Nate. I miss Nate more than anything.

He had been either skyping or face-timing me every evening since I got here last week. Going to college in London is simply amazing. The people were so different than LA people. The vibe was also really changing, a good changing. It was cold, a lot colder than Cali. Oh, God don’t get me started about the time zones.

It was 8 pm, so around 11 am in LA. Let’s face-time Nate since I’m bored and don’t feel like doing homework at all. After a couple of rings he picked up. Seeing him made me smile. “Hi, baby.” I said.

“Hey! How are you, babe?” He asked smiling and making his dimples expose.

“Still jet-lagged as hell, but I’m good. What about you?” I asked while examining his features. He was so damn beautiful.

“It’s quiet.” He chuckled slightly. Nate and I had been dating for around 2 years now and we moved in together right before I knew I was going abroad. “What time is it there?” I got my phone to check the time.

“7.” I answered simply.

“PM?” He asked while focusing on his screen again. I nodded in response. “I hate time-zones.”

“Tell me about it.” I rolled my eyes at how messed up time-zones are. He asked how everything was, how the people were, and we just catched up. I missed Nate’s touch, I missed his kisses, I missed everything about my baby. "Please come back soon.“ He whined.

“9 months.” I sighed. Of course I would visit him sometimes, but not too often, sadly.

Suddenly his happy face dropped. He looked upset and bit his lip. I hated seeing him like this. “When are you coming over?” Skate asked quietly.

“Around Christmas. It’s the only time I can leave.” I bit the inside of my mouth and looked at Nate. He didn’t face the camera or the phone.

“So like in 3 fucking months.”

“I can’t just leave college.”

“I know, but just- God. I miss you so fucking much and you’ve been there for like, what? A week? Jesus, a week without you and I’m driving myself crazy already. Do you have any idea how 3 months sounds to me? 3 months.” He ranted. I couldn’t help myself and smiled. Nate meant everything to me. I never knew he felt like this.

“I love you. And I will remind you every single day. Doesn’t matter if you’re here or not, I will always love you, Nate Maloley.”

Nate smiled and slightly blushed. “I love you so much, (Y/N).”