i thought i was done with idol posts but i saw this pic and i love it so much

Good Lord.. Can we EVER get a break??

Alright so regarding the Jackson thing, I’d like to say my piece. Personally, I’ve stanned Jackson for a while now and I know this not the first time he’s made a problematic ass mistake.

He pulled this bullshit a while back..

Apparently this was some sort of edited pic of him done by a fan. But, for some reason he posted it to his Instagram… He apologized for it later though.

I accepted this apology because he seemed sincere. But then, he did it again...

I just found out about this one and man… No words.

So, the reason why I included these two incidents is to tie them into this dread lock thing he did recently.

I truly do wonder what changed with him. Like the whole reason he apologized for the first blackface pic was because he saw how much it offended others. People educated him in the comments and he realized what he did was wrong (or so we thought, because he ended up doing blackface again).

So now, the current shit I woke up to this morning…

Pepsi, of all company’s, of course it was Pepsi… *eye roll*

So, people of course criticized him when he posted this on his Instagram. And people also came to his defense. As expected, some pulled excuses from their ass saying how “other kpop idols do this all the time!”. And, “He probably didn’t have any control over the hairstyle, it was most likely picked out by the company.”

I was inclined to believe this too, but then…

*Deep sigh*

 As you can see above (and probably have already seen all around the internet) he said that this hair style was his decision. So, claiming that it “wasn’t his fault” is out the window.

Real quick, I’m gonna tell you guys my opinion on non-black people wearing black hairstyle’s. I don’t have any real problem with it, unless they act like they created it. If you’re trying to claim something cultural that is obviously not yours and/or you’re purposeless mocking it, then yea.. it counts as cultural appropriation. Personally, I think dreads and braids look tacky af on these idols lol. But, others have a different opinion on the matter and believe that just wearing these hairstyles is cultural appropriation. And I respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it entirely, I’m not gonna be an asshole and bash you just because I may not agree/understand your pov.

My real issue is with his statements. He is very unapologetic about it and totally dismisses his own fans opinions as “hate”. People are out here trying to educate and let him know that what he did offended them/others. And he doesn’t seem to care as he says, “you are on the wrong page.” His “sorry, not sorry” attitude is very shocking to me. And it’s sad to see him using this beloved excuse of “others do it all the time, so why can’t I?.”. As if people don’t dislike when other kpop idols cultural appropriate. I really don’t know what rock him and some of ya’ll are living under cause..  And wasn’t it just last month his fellow member, Jaebum wore the same hairstyle? I sure saw people bashing him. But the difference between him and Jaebum’s situation is that, JB doesn’t have a huge internet presence like Jackson does. I mean the man is barely on Instagram. Also, Jaebum didn’t comment on the hairstyle, making it seem like he probably didn’t get any real direct criticism. And this is the main reason why I’m having a issue with Jackson now. His comments on it are very insensitive.

He’s not looking at the whole picture here and brushing this off as if it’s nothing. And he tries to sugar coat it by saying that, “I have love and respect for all RACE”. That must include all races, except for black people. Because, right now he’s not showing that “love and respect” for his black fans who are letting him know that what he did/said was offensive and inconsiderate. He’s just looking at it as “hate”, just like these “stans” who like to jump on the bandwagon of defending their fav to the death.

The second tweet rubs me the wrong way especially because, again he’s sugar coating and saying all these seemingly nice things. But, at the same time he’s ignoring what people are trying to tell him. And saying, “this is a complete misunderstanding” is just his way of debunking what people are trying to explain to him.

That’s how ignorance works, some people are just too stubborn and believe that their opinion is the only one that matters. Blinded by their own ideologies, refusing to see it in another light, in another persons shoes. I bet my ass he wouldn’t appreciate non-asian (or non-Chinese people in general) wearing a Cheongsam.

I shouldn’t be surprised though. After all he hangs out with this dude…

For those of you who don’t know him, he’s kind of a male version of a groupie. You can find him hanging around the rapper Tyler, The Creator. Also, this dude Ben allegedly once said that, “Kpop isn’t for black people.”

But then again, he stays flip flopping so it’s best to chalk him him up as an ignorant mess.

LIke wtf ??

Anyways, this post is getting too damn long.

In conclusion, Jackson is currently cancelled in my book. Unless he issues an apology (which I’ll be surprised if he does), I’ll judge on my own behalf if I feel it’s sincere or not. But, in the mean time ya’ll can have fun coming at each other and fighting opinions with more opinions. As if getting mad at others for being mad about something that doesn’t concern you is gonna do anything except make you feel “entitled” in some way…

Title: aesthetically pleasing
Kind: aesthetic blogger donghyuck and his cute af bf mark au, fluff af, too sweet
Original link of the fic in aff: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1253571/aesthetically-pleasing-donghyuck-markhyuck-marklee-markchan-haechan-leedonghyuck pls check my other markhyuck fics i need more opinions on them ^-^ (you can check my friend’s fics too, we share the same account ^-^)
Note: it’s my first time posting a fic in tumblr so im nervous af and it might be a failed fluff but here we go:

Donghyuck was trying to choose the perfect filter for the aesthetically pleasing photo he just took a few minutes ago when a notification signal popped up from his tumblr app. He was so used to getting notifications all the time from tumblr, twitter and instagram. He was very popular in social media thanks to other aesthetic lovers like him. His followers were going crazy over the photos he takes or the aesthetics he makes. Even though his blog’s name wasn’t anything close to the name of a normal aesthetic blog he still got over 2000 followers. He was also posting some memes or some shady posts on his blog sometimes which was making his followers get feed on the drama but also have fun.

He opened the app and his eyes went to his url automatically. “Jerrys-tom”. He laughed when he remembered how he forced mark to have matching urls so they chose “jerry’s tom” and “tom’s jerry” and wrote “in love @….” to their profiles and tagged each other. Well donghyuck was an overprotective bf and he knew so many people were after mark and oh no lee donghyuck would never let anyone steal his bf from him. And maybe, JUST MAYBE!, he thought the matching urls, icons and profiles with mark would be cute and romantic af and would make his heart flutter everytime he sees it.

The notification was from his inbox. He rolled his eyes and sighed. If it was one of those “hey check my game pls i need some opinions” kind of spam or those “how you and your jerry’s sex life ? Need some third player in your game baby girl ??” Kind of perverts again he was gonna be very, very pissed off. And not just because everyone who checks his blog just once thinks he is a girl, not that it is something bad but he just simply,clearly is not a girl, but also because it was becoming so annoying after like 283383 times dealing with spammers and pervs.

But thank god it was just a normal, actually way too normal, ask. “Write 5 things that makes you happy then send it to 5 people to do the same 💙”

If donghyuck was a normal aesthetic blogger he would simply aswer with “my bf, my family, my friends, music and aesthetic” but of course he being the lee donghyuck he is answered like this:

1. Mark lee 😙
2. Lee minhyung 😙
3. Mork 😙
4. The ramen hair boi 😙
5. My jerry 😙

And tagged mark’s blog at the end of his answer. Mark’s blog was so different than donghyuck’s. While donghyuck’s was a mix of mostly aesthetic pics, memes and shady posts, mark’s blog was full of memes, short scary stories, heart warming stories, fantaken pics of his fave idols, conspiracy theories, the “5 amazing tricks to do with …..” kind of posts, and yeah memes again. Donghyuck smirked after posted his answer. He knew mark will be blushing like heck when he saw what donghyuck tagged him. Taking his teasing one more step further donghyuck send the same ask to mark’s blog but added the “😙” emoji at the end.

He went back to choosing a filter for his freshly taken photo till he heard his phone ringing “My baby loves me,My baby loves me, My baby ,My baby, My baby loves me”. He used that ringtone for only one person ever so he answered the phone without even looking at screen to see who was calling. “Whats up baby ?”

He couldn’t see mark’s face but he knew he was red like a tomato “h-hey donghyuck w-why you tagged me into that post ?”

Donghyuck almost squealed at how adorable mark sounded. Almost. “Well, they asked me 5 things makes me happy and i answered with full honestly”

“B-but you just wrote me for all 5 times”

“You know you make happy the most mork”

Donghyuck’s heart got in pain, trying so hard not to ran to mark’s house and hug him so tight when he heard mark’s cute little giggle

“Do i really ?”

“You do really. You are my happiness mark lee”

Mark giggled more “since when lee donghyuck is a cheesy romantic ?”

“Since when mark lee giggles like a high school girl ?”

Donghyuck could see mark rolling his eyes even without seeing his face.

“So do i have to answer it too since you sent it to me too ?”

“Hmm hmm” said donghyuck, holding the phone with one hand while checking his tumblr to see if anyone liked his answer yet. Cause most of the times the first person who likes the anon ask’s answer is the person who asked it. But of course he didn’t got surprised when he saw mark liked it first. Probably cause he was tagged to the post so he saw it first.

“Okay then”

“What you will write as the answer ?” Asked donghyuck in a teasing tone, smirking like mark could see him through the phone

“You’ll see” mark said then added “now go do your homework. I wont let you copy mine this time”

“But baaaabe!” Donghyuck whined cutely which would make mark shutter in any other time but now he just sighed, trying hard not to die over his boyfriend’s cuteness.

“No buts lee donghyuck you’ll do your homework or no more cuddles for you”

“Okay okay damn i’ll do it” said donghyuck and heard mark giggle again “good boy”

“Will you give me a sweet kiss if i do it well ?”

“S-shut up and go do your homework idiot” mark said and ended the class

Donghyuck laughed at mark’s cuteness but did his homework anyway cause god knows the cutest boy in this world ever mark lee was turning into a boy who gives scary and cold af looks to everyone when he was angry.

The homework took just 20 minutes so it was okay for donghyuck to do it but teasing mark was always more fun than actually doing the homework. When he finally finished it he thought about checking his tumblr again to see if mark answered his ask. He knew mark wasn’t into social media that much, he would prefer reading a book over scrolling down in tumblr but he still checked it anyway. His eyes widened when he saw he got tagged into an aswer.

“Holy shit he really answered already” said quietly to himself and clicked to the notification.

The question was same of course “write 5 things that makes you happy then send it to 5 people to do the same 😙”

1. Donghyuck 💙
2. Lee donghyuck 💙
3. The sun-kissed prince 💙
4. Most beautiful piece of art 💙
5. My tom 💙

Donghyuck felt his heart melting sweetly. Damn why mark was so sweet ? What have he done to deserve such a sweet angel as his bf ? Really donghyuck was blessed af with mark’s existence

He kept reading mark’s answer with that stupid lovesick smile on his face and his smile widened when he readed the words mark wrote after tagging him “@jerrys-tom i love you darling 💙”

Donghyuck was gonna reblog it with a gif full of hearts and kisses but then he saw mark dm'ed him.

“Have u done your homework lee donghyuck ??”

“I did darling”

“If you make fun of it ever i swear to god hyuck.”

“You know i won’t”

“I know you will.”

Donghyuck laughed and wrote the next words with the fealing of his shaking heart on his chest

“I love you so much”

He knew what mark will send as the answer but he still felt his heart shaken more when he red the “i love you so much too idiot”

Damn he was so in love with mark he couldn’t even stop his heart beating that fast whenever he thinks about him.


“Yes baby ?”

“Why you love aesthetics so much ?”

“They remind me you. They are so beautiful, soft, makes me smile but tbh you are a lot lot lot better than all aesthetics i had ever seen. You are the defination of beautiful mark”


“You love me”

“Damn right i do”

Donghyuck forgot about the photo he was gonna post and all other things he was gonna do. He didn’t care much about them that moment tbh. He closed his laptop and walked out the house and the next thing he knew he was cuddling with mark in his kinda small but warm bed.

Yeah donghyuck loved aeshetic so much. But he loved mark lee the most


This isn’t gonna be short but I don’t give a damn cuz I’m annoyed, so if you don’t wanna read keep scrolling.

Also I am on mobile and can’t use the ‘keep reading’ link so suck it up.

I’m honestly so sick of going in the Kaisoo tag and seeing posts about people disagreeing with shipping and how ppl are just delusional and in denial and want their otp to be real, like honestly get over yourselves. If you don’t like what people post on here just don’t read it, it literally is that simple like I don’t understand why people are making a big deal when they aren’t forced to read sh!t like tf?? People aren’t saying that they hate Jongin/Krystal and there are legit understandable reasons why some people think their relationship isn’t real and that’s OKAY. Its okay to question things and not be a naive pos that believes whatever people say.

And before y'all try to come for me and say I’m a “delusional 12 year old shipper” check the facts:

- I’m 25 years old (will be 26 in a couple weeks)
- I’m married (so don’t throw the “you’ll never marry your oppa” crap at me cuz I already married the love of my life :)
- I do not ship idols whether same sex or opposite as I am not a fan of pairing, with the exception of kaisoo. (there are reasons for this)
- I’ve only been into exo since overdose era but didn’t start paying attention to kaisoo until after I went to exoluxion Chicago in January.
- I love f(x) and Krystal as well

When I first got into exo ksoo was my bias and then slowly Jongin stole my heart. I’d always known about kaisoo but as I wasn’t a fan of pairing I never really thought much of it. Then exodus era happened, I officially became an Exo-l and learned more about Jongin and his personality/heart as well as his interactions with ksoo and just like that I understood why people shipped the two of them. The way they are with each other is honestly like nothing I’ve ever seen within any other kpop ship which is why I ship only them.

Now when the news broke about Jongin dating, even after seeing the way he is with ksoo I was happy and made jokes like “Ksoo is not gonna be happy with this hehe.” The fact that Jongin wasn’t covered in the dispatch pics was odd to me, but even still I was prepared as a fan to support his relationship and protect him from hate at all costs so that he wouldn’t have to endure what baekhyun went through.

But then April 1rst came, and as soon as I saw that tear in ksoo’s eyes and how Jongin looked like he’d been crying for hours I suddenly felt like something wasn’t right and been feeling that way ever since.

And that’s why its annoying when people act like its unreasonable to be skeptical of the legitimacy of this, like r u srs? The article said that he and Krystal met up in Korea on a certain day and that was proven wrong, all the pictures and receipts were proven wrong, this on top of the fact that the two literally never interacted besides for that photoshoot with Taemin, the 2012 insider post predicting they’d be paired and SM’s less than ethical treatment of Idols and y'all really can’t understand why people are questioning this and think its just cuz of an OTP??? I’d be questioning this shyt regardless, hoe!

In the dispatch photos Jongin and Krystal weren’t disguised. Jongin, although he is open with his emotions, is known to be an extremely private person, the fact that he has no public social media accounts reinforces this. Why would someone like him, who is private, who has a lot of sasaengs and anti-fans, who is followed by cameras 24/7, and MOST IMPORTANTLY after seeing what happened when his fellow band mate was in a dating scandal…go on a PUBLIC date.. With a woman.. With no disguises.. To a restaurant where SM idols frequent.. With the possibility of getting outed, put in a scandal and receiving hate? Why do you think someone like him would be careless enough to put himself in a situation like that?

And as far as the shipping of him and ksoo and how this might be a coverup for the two of them… Again please tell me how tf this is not a logical possibility as well? Jongin has called him ‘Honey’, has spoken to him in a flirtatious matter, they’ve slept in the same bed with one another, he tells him he loves him numerous times, they sat and ate food by themselves even with the other members being in the same restaurant, I mean they literally have done tons of shyt that could be taken as more than just friendly even in a place like S.Korea.

And it cracks me tf up when ppl say “oh shipping them is disrespectful don’t force your ships on them!” we don’t even have to force anything on them because they literally ship themselves, like wtf are you on?? If its disrespectful how come every time they see shipping signs at concerts they smile about it, even with Jongin not liking to be paired up? What’s disrespectful is spreading rumors that he bangs his gf with studded condoms and receives blowjobs from her in a public pool. Once again get over yourselves.

Like I’m not telling people what to believe, Jongin could be dating Krystal or ksoo or another man or another woman or maybe no one at all, literally anything is possible, but a lot of things aren’t adding up and until they do I will forever be side eying this confirmed couple. All I’m saying is at least look at the damn evidence before saying someone is just a delusional shipper and if you can’t do that then just stay tf out of the kaisoo tag so we can have our moments in peace!

anonymous asked:

Hi :D Don't know if you remember me, I had sent you an ask before (about shippers going overboard on Twitter) but ah, that's irrelevant anyway haha :'D I would like to ask another question now, if you don't mind. You have seen Exo live, right? I have heard from people that ChanBaek are seldomly physically close at concerts, yet they always pay a lot of attention to each other? Is that true, dear admin? What are your impressions on CB at concerts? Love you and your blog very much ♥

Chemistry (During the EXO’luxion in MNL)

Hello there darling~ <3 Oh ofc I remember you. You called me chill and how can I ever forget such flattering words from a sweetheart? Again, thank you for that :”) oh and it’s not irrelevant, I would love it if anons informed me if they have sent me an ask already so that I can address you with a different familiarity and form some sort of bond with you guys :D idk wat im saying. 


Anyways~ I don’t mind answering a question at all, it’s totally fine, I like it a lot actually. So never hesitate sending a message :D 

Oh yes I did see EXO live hihi. I still can’t believe it everytime I remember that day coz “shit I saw EXO live?” still kinda surreal and the whole occurrence still hasn’t fully sunk in hahaha.

During the concert (in Manila) I didn’t see BaekYeol being next to each other all the time. Like most BaekYeol shippers have observed, BaekYeol is more about subtle looks, touches, and everything subtle. They’re one  of the ships in KPOP that doesn’t rely on skinship just so they can keep sailing. 

Like during peter pan (not the hug) Cy was ‘feeding’ Bh with the big ass spoon. 

And sometimes I saw BaekYeol all alone in the same part of the stage. The stage had 3 parts. Yes I’m gonna go ahead and explain the vicinity of the arena in which EXO’luxion in Manila happened haha

  1. The first part is the main stage where they do the ments (talking and dance heavy performances. LMR, Overdose, Growl, CMB, The Star As well as Bh’s piano solo. The changing of clothes hot damn! And ofc Sehun time, and the rest of peter pan <3)
  2. The second part is the walkway. It’s literally a walkway haha. It separates the two VIP standing sections. Therefore, the people situated in the VIP standing (I’m here! haha) are SUPER near the members who walk/dance/stand by the walkway. Bh fcking danced while facing us hOW DaRE hE !
  3. The third part is the second stage. It’s located at the other end of the main stage. Right in front of the people in the third section of the VIP standing (I think puppy store was situated here). It’s shaped like a hexagon.

I just realized that I had a picture and all my explanations weren’t needed. But well, what’s done is done, appreciate my efforts!!!! hahahaha!

Now that you know how the arena looks like…Sometimes during the concert, I see both Bh and Cy simply walking past each other, or being near each other, or walking near each other. It’s not anything normal ppl would consider shippable but tAKE A LOOk pLS!

The chemistry is so strong even tho they’re not even interacting yet. hOW?!.

When changing clothes hot damn! they’re always next to each other (but I guess this is due to their formations)…But still. When next to each other or when interacting, and when they share even just the slightest glance or laugh…it’s honestly VERY hard to not see their chemistry. And just being dorky and very much like puppies?! BAEKYEOL WHY?!

The subtle glances and their perfect harmonization <3 <3 <3

On cam the chemistry is already very strong. But there’s just something different once you see it live. During one ment (the last one, after unfair), Bh and Cy were right next to each other and I was left stunned bc they look very very good together.

The height difference, the difference in their mannerisms, the way they butt in when one of them is talking, it all looked so endearing to me. (but this is filtered thru a delulu baekyeol shipper’s eyes so…)


AND OFC THE HUG! Honestly I thought I’d be screaming and freaking out over seeing BaekYeol do interactions. But I found out that I was just gonna be left speechless once I see BaekYeol being BaekYeol in person. 

I couldn’t say anything, I could only observe them and hope that I would never forget how wonderful their relationship and interactions are. How they don’t need to show us anything to make us feel something.

The laugh tho ;;A;; baekyeol y u make me feel like dis my heart huhuhuhu.


Just by seeing BaekYeol in one stage and doing the subtlest things,like when Bh held Cy’s hand during The Star and seeming like he doesn’t want to let go adakdjhdfsdfsdf hjkh!=1 !

And seriously…the moment I saw Bh and Cy live, I remembered all the reasons why I shipped, still ship, and will continue shipping BaekYeol.

I guess that’s why even though I’m not that crazed over EXO anymore, I’m still very attached to BaekYeol. I just can’t bring myself to not ship them. Call me delusional but I will never ship BaekYeol as just bros.

I sometimes think that maybe what I’m doing is stupid. Trying to prove a relationship between two male kpop idols. Maybe I should stop. But then I see a photo of them both, I see them doing things like posting extremely similar pics and vids on ig (mic with name, msqrd? vids etc), interacting, and just…being BaekYeol.

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Mar 2, 2016 at 7:26am PST

A video posted by EXO_CY (@real__pcy) on Mar 2, 2016 at 7:21am PST

A video posted by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:56pm PDT

A video posted by BaekHyun. (@baekhyunee_exo) on Mar 21, 2016 at 8:48pm PDT

Honestly wtf. They are such relationship goals I cant even…

pls pray tell how much more obvious BaekYeol can get. ugh <3

I agree with you darling. All of it. That although BaekYeol isn’t always near each other, they always make it apparent that they pay attention to one another <3 

BaekYeol has a chemistry as hot as the sun in person. And when they simply stood near/next to each other during the concert, my BaekYeol crazed heart already started skipping about 4 beats.

And when they hugged? Let’s say about 69 beats? hehe.

Anyways that was long. Let’s just say my impression on BaekYeol during concerts is THE CHEMISTRY IS TOOOOO STRONG LIKE EVEN WHEN THEY’RE FAR FROM EACH OTHER YOU CAN FEEL IT. AND ONCE THEY’RE NEAR EACH OTHER?!!! iT eXPLOdZES!

Hehe, thank you for sending another message darling! Please don’t think twice about sending another one when you have a question :** I hope you didn’t mind the kinda long answer haha.

Thank you for loving my blog! I really appreciate it! I love you too <3 <3 <3 have a good day! ^^