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全职高手(Quan Zhi Gao Shou/The King’s Avatar) Official English Subs

Comment from 茕然_:

So will the producers consider uploading official English subs starting from next week???? The western community’s reaction was actually very positive and a lot of people on YouTube are asking for subs. As opposed to fan subs, it’s better to make official ones. English fan sub groups are quite numerous even in China, no?

Reply from Quan Zhi Gao Shou official account:

We made the English subs ages ago. We’re preparing to release it.

Reply from 绝世好攻叶老板:

YES YES YES!!! Now that people mention it this really needs to be brought to attention!!!!! Take Ling Qi (Soul contract/Spiritpact) for example, which was authorized for a Japanese dub. I watched the Japanese dub and all the foreigners who watched it thought it was a Japanese anime 😭😭 So I agree with uploading the English subs first, at least make a disclaimer that it’s copyrighted by Chinese producers before making a Japanese dub (actually there’s no need to make a Japanese dub, just make them watch the Chinese dub)

Comment from 濑意:

I agree with the top comment, and just to add a few things. Rather than letting the fan subs run wild abroad, the producers should upload it with an official account on YouTube, just one episode per week as usual with English subs. It will reduced the amount of illegal uploads and increase popularity, killing two birds with one stone, so why not do it this way? There have been way too many sites abroad reported in the past few days_(:з)∠)_

Reply from 尼尔号:

Foreigners generally responded that the English subs were too fast, that they couldn’t keep up. Can’t be helped, we Chinese speak with a quick rhythm.


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Quan Zhi Gao Shou official weibo account


Undertale Parody - Here Comes A Thought (Sans and Papyrus)

Oh boy I recorded this ages ago and have been meaning to upload it. It doesn’t sound the greatest, its hard as a chick trying to sing as Sans, I tried. Sans was given a bass boost to sound more manly.

Song on Soundcloud


Written by: Rebecca Sugar

Sans and Papyrus: EmmyKat (Moi!)

Comic by: @rahafwabas 

Cover and credit art:  @genius-dr-spencer-reid


Undertale belongs to Toby Fox. Steven Universe belongs to Rebacca Sugar.

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Draco Malfoy Imagine - A Library Kiss

A/N: I know this probably sucks, I wrote it ages ago, but I thought I would upload it just to get this account started. Also please request stuff haha yeah…

Draco Malfoy has always enjoyed annoying a muggle-born, fifth year Ravenclaw, but nobody would ever believe that he would ever have feelings for a ‘mudblood.’

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

You were currently in the library reading your favourite book. You were in Ravenclaw, in your 5th year, you were a muggle-born and your book was from home. It was your favourite ‘muggle book’ Y/F/B. The pages were worn out from reading it so many times. 

“You’re still in the Library Y/L/N?” Said a familiar voice, “You were in here yesterday too, I bet you haven’t moved!” Smirked Draco Malfoy. A boy in your year who was in Slytherin and was very obnoxious.

“Actually, I went straight to my common room after you left.” You said through gritted teeth. You hated Draco. He always found a way to annoy you.

“Whatever mud-blood.” You weren’t too hurt by his comment as he has said it many times before and now you were quite used to it.

“What is his book about anyway? You’re always reading this when I see you.” He said sitting down in the chair next to you and making himself comfortable.

“Well,” you said and gave him a brief description of your favourite book.

“Sounds like a boring book to me, just like your personality. That’s why you must like it so much.” He said smirking again. Gosh, you just wanted to rip that smirk off his smug face.

“Well Draco, if you think that I am boring, then why do you go out of your way just to annoy me?” You exclaimed standing up.

“Because it’s fun seeing you get annoyed!” He said standing up. The smirk still not leaving his face.

“It is not!” You said.

“It kind of is.” Draco said coming closer to you. You weren’t going to lie, you had a tiny crush on him. No, you had a major crush on him and this wasn’t helping. Draco’s smirk somehow got bigger seeing the effect he had on you.

“Do you want me to stop?” He asked, his voice growing softer.

“N-no.” You stuttered. He slowly moved in and so did you, you then realise you were kissing him. You were kissing Draco Malfoy!

When the kiss ended you both pulled back and looked at each other for a moment.

“I-I have to go.” You said pulling away, grabbing your stuff and leaving. What just happened? One minute you were arguing with Draco and next minute you were kissing him. You hoped that things wouldn’t be awkward and things would go back to normal. Even though you didn’t necessarily like Draco annoying you, it was better than the situation you were in now. You walked out of the library and into the Ravenclaw common room.

Over the next few weeks, it seemed that Draco was avoiding you and you were avoiding Draco. You knew that the next time you did talk it would be extremely awkward.

Avoiding Draco was going well, that was until you had double potions with the Slytherins and Professor Snape was setting you up with partners to make a potion. Of course, you got partnered with Draco, it was so predictable it made you cringe.

You grabbed your stuff hesitantly made your way to Draco’s potion bench as there was a spare seat next to him.You sat down, but he didn’t acknowledge your presence. Snape told you to start your potions and you and Draco went to go get the ingredients. You brought them back to the bench and started making the potion. It was exceedingly awkward as no one said anything except for small mutterings about what to put into the potion. The whole time neither of you made eye contact.

As you and Draco didn’t talk and only focused on the potion, you were the first two to finish it. You handed it into Snape who said that he was surprised we finished so quickly, so for the remainder of the lesson, you would complete an essay on the potion you just brewed. Sighing, you both made your way back to the bench. Considering the bench you were sitting at the beginning of the lesson was taken, you were forced to sit next to him. You both got out a piece of parchment and your quills and started writing. The silence was killing you, so if he wasn’t going to say anything, you were.

“Look Draco,” You said, he still didn’t look at you, “I know that it’s very awkward between us and it’s most probably my fault because I just ran off but-” You said all in one breathe, yet you were cut off by Draco saying, “It’s not your fault, I shouldn’t have kissed you.” He said still not making eye contact with you.

“But that’s the thing. I don’t know about you but I haven’t stopped thinking about that kiss. And I don’t know how you feel but, I feel that it meant something. I don’t know what exactly it meant but it just, I don’t even know where I’m going with this and you most probably don’t even care.” You trailed off not really knowing where you were going with that mini-rant.

“I know what you mean.” Draco said softly looking at you for the first time in weeks.

“What?” You asked quietly not believing what he said.

“That’s why I have been ignoring you. Because that kiss meant something to me too and I thought that you didn’t feel the same way because you ran off.” He explained, “So how about to make up for the time we could have been talking, you come to Hogsmeade with me?”

“That sounds wonderful.” You said smiling. Draco smiled back and it was the first time you thought you had ever seen him smile.

So the day came when you were visiting Hogsmeade. Draco met with you after breakfast in the Great Hall and you both walked to Hogsmeade. You walked around with him and visited places like Zonko’s, The Shrieking Shack and Honeydukes. Draco bought you some sweets in Honeydukes which you said wasn’t necessary, but still thanked him for it. While you walked around you could see people pointing at you and Draco and whispering to their friends, but you didn’t take much notice of it.

“Let’s go to the Three Broomsticks.” Draco said which you happily agreed to. The butterbeer there was the best you ever had. You walked in and found a table. Madam Rosmerta came over and asked for your order, you both had a butterbeer. You and Draco talked and got to know each other better, but unfortunately, it was time to go back, so you walked back to the castle. As you were walking Draco grabbed your hand and said, “Today was been wonderful Y/N, we should definitely do it again.” He said enthusiastically, “Only if you want to.” He then added starting to worry. You laughed and said, “I would love to do it again with you.”

When you got back to the castle you said goodbye and before you make your way to your common rooms, you pulled Draco closer to you and kissed him. This took him by surprise and took him a second to kiss back. You could hear a few people gasping and once again whispering to their friends because I bet none of them ever thought that Draco Malfoy would ever kiss a 'mud-blood.’ You pulled back, said goodbye once again and headed to your common rooms.

The next day all anyone could talk about was you and Draco’s relationship which kept getting stronger and stronger each day.

Simlish Bastille Shirt

Another Cool Kid’s Tee recolor! Shown here on my Dan Smith sim for Bastille overload. :-)

I made this ages ago for myself and thought I would share it. It’s not perfect, it was one of my first attempts at adding anything to a shirt.

Mesh is by LumiaLoverSims, you need it for this to show up.

Terms: Don’t claim it as yours, don’t upload it elsewhere or put the link behind ads.

Download it HERE! (SimFileShare)

It’s still in progress, (I was meant to upload this ages ago…), but I loved this so much, I thought I could make my THIRD Flipnote on it.

I’m still rather new to it because I haven’t used a DSi in years and I was never allowed to use it because it doesn’t belong to me (my older sister.)

Based off of this: http://skyfangz.tumblr.com/post/130394342749/i-in-the-mood-for-kisses-yes-thats-the-mood

Sunny and Nile belong to @skyfangz. I hope you don’t mind me trying this; I was pretty bored and I adored it so much that this happened.


SO a girl I know from Twitter uploaded this like a mothn ago, but I couldn’t find it here. My question is, WHO THE F IS THE ONE USING GLASSES? I mean, first I thought it was “Alison’s twin” or whatever, then I thought it was Bethany, but after a while I realized Ali’s on the driver seat, so the other one it’s not Bethany ‘cause by the time she disapeared Ali didn’t have her driver licence BUT AGAIN we saw Ali driving when she left the motel after she was with Mona on that night. Mona was driving too. So they got their driving licence at what age, 15? 

What. Is. Happening.

Yes, Dorian is homosexual... but...

So it’s been a year since I uploaded my comic about Dorian and the ugly armor, and a week ago I updated it.

When I first posted it, there were some brief comments about it being homophobic because I made the homosexual character wear the pink armor, and few people thought that that’s what the punchline was….
And today I see this in the tags written by a blogger whose name I won’t mention:

This really get’s to me, because it’s not what this comic is about. 
This comic is about how there’s a bunch of ugly armor in Dragon Age, and it’s usually the strongest armor, that is the ugliest, so we have to make our companions wear them. 
I chose to make Dorian wear the ugly armor, because Dorian has a strong sense of beauty and fashion, and he would definitely object to wearing the armor. I could have chosen Vivienne, but I never had her in my team with this particular inquisitor.

Dorian’s sexuality is not everything he is. He is first and foremost a character with his own uniqe qualities, such as being a bookworm, a skilled necromancer, sympathetic, eloquent and more, and I choose to treat him like I would treat any other character, and not just the gay guy. I would never use a characters sexuality as a punchline. The punchline in this comic is “make the very fashionable character wear the ugly armor”. That’s it. That’s all it is. Nothing more.