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hi it’s 7am (queuing for 10 though)

sometimes I do this thing where I sprinkle time with a dash of effort into my artwork and it ends up looking like this despite the fact that based on my previous drawings I don’t think any one of you would’ve thought this is my art if I didn’t post it here and have my signature on it, I’m really proud of this but at the same time I wish I could stop miraculously drawing this well out of scenic nowhere. I guess I was just really focused when I made this and I had the idea clear in my head so I was able to make something really nice.

also just in-case you don’t follow my mod blog you should know Night in the Woods is my new absolute favorite game of all time and I connect with the main protagonist Mae Borowski on a personal level, I love her so much

I also had this neat idea of drawing Mae but also doing a second version where she’s got her dream sequence colors so I did that

i really love Mae okay alright I’m going to bed goodnight

A Grandmother Has Been Deported With Just £12 In Her Pocket Despite Living In Britain For The Past 30 Years

Fucking hell, I’m sorry but I have to briefly come back to post this.

This is a fucking horrifying story about a grandmother who has just been deported to Singapore with nothing but the clothes on her back and £12 in her pockets. She has lived in the UK for 30 years.

This is a disgusting look at what we can expect from Brexit Britain and it’s outrageous.

If you’re not angry, you should be. Scotland needs to escape this nightmare Union.

Any undecided voters or unionists get in touch with me, I’d like to hear your thoughts/defence of this.

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five favorite vader and luke fic tropes

Oooh! :D

1. Vader showing up at inopportune times and snatching his wayward child.

2. Luke sleeping and Vader staring at him and reaching out to touch him but pulling his hand away before he does because he’s scared of waking him or doesn’t feel he’s worthy to touch him.

3. Luke holding his father’s hand. GIVE IT TO ME.

4. Luke wearing his father’s cape for whatever reason. :) Bonus points if he’s wrapped in it like a burrito.

5. Vader lives post-ROTJ, (honestly, this one should be earlier in this list but I don’t feel like shuffling them around) and Luke defends him to the Alliance and makes sure he gets proper medical care.

BONUS: because I just thought of it and it can’t NOT be on here: Vader marveling at seeing his son’s face up close for the first time.

RE: http://luckyraeve.tumblr.com/post/157742196787

so…should i post the rough cut (including rough animations) of page 1 for new Winter Cyborgs AU comic?

i thought that maybe i should keep it all super secret and only show the finished version, but it’s gonna be a looooong time before it’s finished and i kinda hate going for so long without posting some art, y’know?

and…i dunno, experimenting with comic/animation stuff always gets me excited to share…but on the other hand… it’s more impactful when it’s a super secret surprise…

uuuuuhhhhhg!!! what do???

I kissed a girl (and I liked)

So… yeah. haven’t been here for a HUGE amount of time, but i thought i would share with the world wide web that after many many years of ‘nah i’ll won’t ever do it because whAT IF I LIKE IT’ and things like that, i did it at the beginning of this month. and im continuing to do it since then. and yeah, i like it. i might even be very much into this girl. i might be liking her for reals.

is this a ‘coming-out’ post? maybe… or maybe not. im not sure what i am or if i should put a label on myself, because rn im just enjoying the moment and enjoying her. but the thing is……………… i like girls i like this girl and i felt like sharing

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ooc; the idea of Julius writing Cosmo columns…

Dear Jules,

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me with my coworker. What should I do?

Paranoid and Insecure

Dear Paranoid and Insecure,

Kill him and remind your girlfriend that you own her.

Don’t Call Me Jules

Its sad bc we really could talk about like…nuance… the scale of #problematic characters….what constitutes a misguided character vs like..an irredeemable bigoted shitstain… and maybe I would’ve done that about a year or so ago but I don’t even wanna engage in any kind of “let people play problematic characters!!!” discourse at this point because I know that right behind muns who want to play, say, a mean girls style high school bully (problematic, probably bc of some internalized misogyny and low self esteem) is the mun for a literal fucking n*zi (a facist piece of shit who should die) and they’re cheering on the same damn post because tungle.hell lumped everything together into one problematique label and they thought n*zi belonged in it.

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Any more backstory to FFXV! KC?

Omg okay so I am fucking floored that you would ask because it’s so liKE [INSERT POSITIVE, EXCITED EMOTION NAME HERE] to see that you’d want to read more about FFXV!KC. It’s so funny, I haven’t put as much thought into KC in comparison to all the Cactuar that show up!! AAAA.

I’ll try to flesh her out more, but honestly, she’s just a weird socially awkward loner who took over an abandoned ranch with Cactaur. Legit, she’s just weird ay?? XD <3

Also any more posts to do with FFXV!KC will most likely be posted on @thatonemirror , the new dumping grounds for my self-insert fics. Not that it’ll be updated much, but I’m a huge advocate for self-shipping/self-inserts, I thought I should make a blog to show you guys that legit, I do it too (at least the self-inserts! shipping is a bit hard still, but i’m learning lmao). At this present moment I’ve written one new thing for FFXV!KC’s first meeting with the Chocobros and boy it’s awful.

I think I might leave any Cactuar updates on this blog though because I think a lot of you share my love for Cactuars and they’re just so sweet when they want to be! <3

I was tagged by the wonderful @wafelisen! Wafiee, sweetheart! I miss you, too!

Work has been sooo demanding, but also so amazing! My career is in a really good place right now, but I never forget about you and this wonderful fandom!

Also, when I saw the picture you posted after the question “any accessories you never take off/leave without?”, I almost choked on my drink!

Look what I just got from my godmother (birthday gift):

Were, we call it Hamsá, Mão de Fátima or Hand of Fatima! I always loved this sign, because it means protection, among other things.

I just thought it was a really nice coincidence lol

Anyway, moving on.

RULES: always post the rules. answer the questions asked, then write 11 new ones. tag 11 people to answer your questions, as well as the person who tagged you.

1) What is one good thing you think more people should be doing? 

I think people really should be more kind. Just small gestures, like saying “good morning!”, returning a smile, complimenting more. These simple things can really change someone’s day.

2) Tell me.. What is your jam?!

Oh, man. I can’t stop listening to Chained To The Rhythm, by Katy Perry. This song is just so good and have such a deep meaning.

3) What TV show/movie always makes you feel like that™ (y’know, the feeling)

Friends is a TV Show that has a great importance to me, I can’t really explain why. Was the first TV show that I watched religiously and I really love all the characters until today. And, as everybody already knows, there’s The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Amy are my favorite fictional couple ever. Their relationship is so deep and different and quirky and wonderfully weird. I just love how they love each other exactly the way they are.

A movie that has a deep meaning to me is The Lion King. Is my favorite Disney movie ever and was my father’s as well. He watched with me all the time and then, we passed away when I was almost 16. Everytime I watch this movie I remember all the amazing moments I shared with him. He was the best dad ever.

4) Any creative hobbies? If yes, which? If no, what creative hobbies would you love to pursue?

Hmmm, I don’t think so. I love to read, but that’s not creative lol

I loved to draw and paint when I was a kid, but not anymore. I wish I could sing (but that’s not gonna happen *cry*).

5) Favorite dance move? 

Oh, I really don’t know. When I’m dancing and I’m really excited, I jump a lot. Like, a lot. Like when I was in my college graduation party. After that, I couldn’t walk straight for a week, my calves were killing me.

6) Tell me about your best friend(s).

I actually have two best friends. One, I know since I was a baby. She and I went to the same middle school, high school and college together. She’s also a lawyer and I think she knows me better than anyone.

The other one, I met in my second internship in college. She’s the most stubborn and adorable and loyal little thing ever.

7) One of your fondest memories? 

My childhood in general. Growing up in a little town, having my friends living close to my house, having a wonderful family… Sometimes, I miss when everything was simpler and my biggest worry was finishing homework soon so I could go out and play with my friends.

8) Where do you stand vis-a-vis late-night cooking? 

Food? Always on board.

9) What’s the best advice you’ve ever recieved?

It’s no use wanting to plan everything in your life. There are things we cannot control and that’s fine.

10) Recommend me a book, please?

I love all Dan Brown’s books. He mixes art with history and fiction and suspense with really good writing. Is everything I love.

11) Obviously, the world seems to be turning more and more shitty™ as the days pass (and I’m not talking about Drumpf), but it’s important that we keep fighting back. So what do you feel/think each of us should do to try and push things towards a more accepting, respecting, peaceful and sensible future? 

Oh man, I feel so repulsed everytime I see or listen to a racist/xenophobic/sexist comment.

If your opinion offends a minority, a gender, a race, then is not an opinion. Is not about you not being able to express your liberty of speech, is about use it in the right way, by not being a class A jerk.

We need to be less egoistic. We need to listen. We need more respect and love and, for the love of God, EMPATHY!

New questions:

1) Summer, winter, fall or spring?

2) What was the last thing you dreamed about?

3) Favorite place in the world?

4) What advice would you give to your younger self?

5) How would you describe your perfect day?

6) Would you rather have a home in a big city, on the beach or in the mountains?

7) What’s your favorite food?

8) If you could visit any place on Earth, where would you go?

9) List 3 things you love about yourself.

10) What always brings a smile to your face?

11) Cat or dog person?

I tag @rgbcn, @darcyfitz, @anicez-shamy, @tbbt-faves, @bobenlugares, @friendsandpizza, @heycuddles, @kazziemuse.

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Sorry, I didn't realize you had already made a post about it. ;/ I got excited when I saw it and thought of you and such. I should have checked first. im sorry.

no reason to be sorry. I was just having some fun. its been a rough day.

I do appreciate your suggestion and am grateful you would think of me.

have a great evening.

Read please

Hey guys so I thought I should be honest on why I haven’t been posting any art, I have been feeling very discouraged and feel that my art is horrible so that’s why haven’t posted anything for a long time and I am for one feel very depressed at times but try not to show because I want everyone to happy and not sad so I hid it as best I can, anyway that all I have to say thank you for reading this hope you have a wonderful day/night!

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New theme and url👀👀🙌🏾 ALSO I DIDNT KNOW YOU CHANGED IT SO WHEN I TRIED TO TAG "springdaes" and saw "johnnyspuns", I thought "seems legit" and hoped for the best lol

the only reason i changed my url was to piss @cherryuta off, because apparently she thinks that the best pun duo (johnny n i) should be blockt cause we’re gross– :-) 



ok but yeah–

iM sCREAMEING AMAZING– you should’ve jiust known– like– puns + johnny? that’s probabyl ganguli….

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first of sorry i havent responded to your text yet i am overwhelmed!!!!!!!!!!!! second of all i just wanted to say how freaking brave and amazing and strong you are, i was literally driving today and had the thought "damn u kno who's strong as hell? Kayla is" and i felt like i should share this with you because you really are so strong for fighting like you do every single day and i aspire to be able to fight like you do ok that is all love you bye!!!!!!!

omg i hope you don’t mind but i am posting this publicly bc it brought me to tears and i thought others deserved to see the beautiful words you said to me. thank you thank you thank you. you are so strong as well. sending millions of hugs 💛

So today, I reached my next thousand followers, and I just thought that I should say thank you to everyone who has followed me over the last few years, I really cannot believe that so many people think I reblog and sometimes post interesting enough stuff to want to continue to see what I have to share, so Thank You!!!!!  

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Hi, I'm trans! *waves* I saw your survey - you should check out a post written by Vee S on the Gay YA entitled "The Hero's Journey in Trans YA". I totally co-sign! Also, Trans_lit twitter acct has excellent thoughts on writing trans characters. Looking forward to your next bk!

hi there! yes, actually i’ve already read that one - it was very interesting and helpful!! thanks!!