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Last night i reached 600 followers! I can’t believe I’ve only had this account for less than 2 months and I’ve met so many amazing people!!!!! Soooo many people I never thought I’d even know! So, thank you to everyone who has ever replied, liked or followed me! It makes me smile till my cheeks hurt and u guys are all so cute and i lov u all so much!!! Thank u for all ur cute actions i really cant express my feels tbh!! 
thank u (/ω\)♥ i appreciate you

Followers tag. I was tagged by @die-schwarze-witwe and @lulura - these are two different tags with different questions but I’m just gonna do both! 

Name: Krystal 

Nickname: Bubba 

Gender: Female 

Star Sign: Aries 

Height: 153cm 

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw 

Sexual Orientaion: Straight 

Favourite Colour: Red and green 

Favourite animal: Maine coon cat

Average Sleeping Hours: 8-10 mostly 

Fictional Character I’d date: Ivar Ragnarsson 

Favourite band: All Time Low, Asking Alexandria, Twenty One PIlots and I’ve recently gotten into We Came As Romans and Our Last Night again 

How Many Blogs do I Follow: 444 i think 

What do I post about: Vikings 

Number of blankets I sleep With: None at the moment because it’s super freaking hot in Australia, but usually my baby blanket 

Dream trip: Either going to Greece or Romania 

Aesthetic: Uh I don’t really know. Haven’t really thought about it. 

I tag: @tanovic54321 @ylva-stark @ainye @mystery-fan99 An even number of tags! Don’t feel like you have to do itx

calmiera replied to your post “I had SUPER WEIRD dreams last night. In one of them I’d found a Secret…”

I don’t believe in prophecy dreams but I do believe they are partly our unconsciousness trying to communicate so… have you tried looking into condos for sale near the zoo?

I thought about it, but they’re even more expensive and less convenient to work than the places in the south loop. I think really it was just an expansion of my desire to find somewhere to live, and some kind of expression of my total lack of interest in what my view might actually be. (My realtor was like “What do you want in a view” and I was like “anything other than a brick wall will be fine”. 

I want to talk about Wanda Maximoff in the MCU and specifically in Civil War today. I know nobody is going to read this, but I want to talk about it. I’ve seen a lot of different reactions to what happened to her, most contained in a sentence or two, and I admit I haven’t done the best job myself dealing with it, in meta or in fic. But I thought about it a lot last night and want to try to work it out.

I don’t even want to deal with “I cannot control their fear, I can only control my own.” I just want to deal with “you locked me in my room.”

It’s such a childish line, but Wanda Maximoff is not a child. The narrative of Civil War goes out of its way to say she is, but it’s a back and fourth. One minute she’s locked in her room, one minute Steve sees her as a child in need of protection, the next her temper tantrums graduate to actually pushing a loved one through half a dozen floors, or throwing cars.

Let’s review who Wanda Maximoff is. She’s an adult. She’s not a US citizen and, judging by how much respect for authority and law Steve has, something tells me she doesn’t have a Visa or a green card and no one wanted to say anything…while the Avengers were still a popular institution. Plus, it does take a while to get that type of documentation, especially if it’s for a permanent stay. So she’s an undocumented, super powered, adult on US soil continuously drawing attention to herself with her powers.

She’s also a former Nazi. We don’t talk about this much because it’s gross and it never should have happened, but it did and that means we need to deal with it. Wanda and Pietro volunteered to be experimented on by HYDRA so they could get revenge on the man and the world they hated. They literally volunteered to work for the Nazis.

She enabled Ultron with far more intent than Tony or Bruce ever did, she turned the Hulk deliberately on a crowded area on Johannesburg.

Wanda Maximoff, at this point, is an adult foreign national living on US soil (likely without documentation and therefore much legal recourse), a former Nazi, and someone with immense powers.

She’s also, by and large, untrained. Look at Lagos–it’s a training mission. Steve and Natasha are training her. They’re talking her through a recon and showing her the ropes. It’s all kinds of gross that they bring her into the field and decide to train her using the citizens of Lagos as essentially props.

(Don’t think I don’t notice that Wanda’s two biggest fuck-ups happen in African nations. I think largely this can be attributed to a studio choice, and knowing that, grossly, a large segment of their audience would forgive her far quicker for being complicit–purposefully or through a general team negligence–in the deaths of Black people than they would be White people. That’s the gross reality of the world. I do think there’s an interesting characterization argument here too, but that would be a massive digression).

Steve and Natasha are training Wanda on essentially running recon in Nigeria. Wanda says “You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?” This makes me think she feels this portion of herself is being overlooked. Essentially, Steve and Natasha feel she’s “got that,” work with her on other aspects of running a mission, and assume the mind stuff is handled. But she’s undisciplined, and her powers seem by and large triggered by instinct and emotion. And look, I’m not trying to sound like “she should have done better”, but yes, I am. If you’re using your powers in the field, you should have finer control.

Unless, of course, it’s a training mission. With real, live people involved.

So let’s review. Wanda Maximoff is an adult foreign national, likely undocumented with little legal recourse. She’s a former Nazi and has wreaked her fair amount of havoc on the world. Now, as an Avenger, she has little training and has superiors who honestly think training her on active missions is a great idea.

We’re all caught up.

In Civil War, Wanda is locked in the compound. It’s rather like administrative leave pending investigation, with the added caveat that a.) she’s not technically legally in the country and b.) she’s a danger to others. If others push her–and we see on the news that they’re calling for her head–she’ll lash out. How do we know? Well, she’s lashed out at the Avengers before (the visions), and soon enough, she’ll do it to Vision, doing something that would literally kill a normal human.

If the world was clear and good, and Civil War didn’t happen, I would hope this “administrative leave” would conclude that a.) Wanda did have the best intentions, b.) if she didn’t act worse would have happened, c.) Steve and Natasha deserve just as much if not more censor for literally having a training exercise with people’s lives on the line and d.) more training–structured and controlled–is required. Except, of course, it would have been half-assed, because who would have been concluding this? Who would have enforced it?

Tony made this choice to place her in the Compound. Should he have told her? Should the man Wanda has spent her life hating, the man Wanda pushed to feel the necessity of Ultron, the man Wanda literally joined a Nazi organization for so she could get back at him, be in any position to communicate with her?

Tony had Vision stay with her and ultimately tell her. Should Wanda’s friend, closest friend, be in that position? Who else?

This is what I’ve been driving at. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was, I don’t know, some sort of council or something that jointly made discipline decisions, amongst other things, so the decision could be official, technically impartial, and followed through? Wouldn’t it be nice if the Avengers kept one hand on the wheel so they could work out a discipline system they trust and believe in with a council they have a mutual trust or at least respect with?

Wouldn’t it be nice if a board reviewed what happened while Wanda was in the compound, concluded what I said above in my points, and meanwhile the Avengers PR works on the press perception of her so she’s safe? Wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t Tony trying to protect her and everyone else and not having the means or resources, but rather a system in place?

Wanda Maximoff and what happened to her isn’t an argument against the Accords. She is literally one of the biggest arguments as to why the Accords and some sort of official body to govern the Avengers are necessary. This is what discipline, order, and limitations means, and to me, it looks a whole hell of a lot better than anything else.





either way, I drew stuff last night, but my camera app thing (idk what to call it) isn’t working at the moment after i took some pictures (it won’t let me crop them now ㅠ ^ ㅠ) so im gonna have to restart my computer. Hopefully that should work? (idk XD)

But I’ll try to post the art today if i can. Once I do i’m probably not gonna be active on tumblr, either that or you’re just gonna see reblogs ‘n’ stuff.

Sorry guys. I should hopefully be better by the end of the weekend or sometime next week :))

-Sherlock <3

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You are free to walk away form anything that makes you unhappy, specially online! Even if you are no longer part of a certain fandom for whatever reason please do not feel unease about sharing it and letting other people know. Just like they are free to walkway if anything you said upset them so are you. Lastly, you are a wonderful and very polite person so I doubt anyone will hold ill will against you or be disappointed ♥

anoonnnn :((( the last thing i expected after making that post last night was to get such a kind message like this..;;; i just thought people would take it the wrong way or as hate. thank you so much it really does make me feel relieved to hear!!! i knew it was going to happen even before the anime ended i just didn’t feel comfortable in the fandom, and leaving it all was what i had to do. you’re very sweet anon ;~; ❤ thank u so much again you helped ease my worries about all of this …

MmMMMMGUESS WHAT. I actually managed to figure out my (still nameless) aircraft carrier OC’s transformation! Will be posting pics as soon as I finish posting my older art!

Also shoutout to my parents for supporting my interests and asking me about them and talking about them even if they haven’t seen X show or read Y thing. And for encouraging me and actually being interested in stuff I like even if it’s not stuff they’re into. It means the world to me.

Like last night, our conversation was basically “Hey I saw a certain type of cool truck the other day and thought of you; what kind of transformer would be that truck?” (Probably an Autobot? Sounds like Ultra Magnus.) and “Are there transformer boats?” (A few, yeah, but not many.) “There should be a battleship transformer!” (OH DUDE YES!) “What about a submarine!” (They don’t really have those? Or they do but super obscure and undeveloped.) “You should make a submarine transformer!” Like YES you are SO on my wavelength! And my sis and I told them about Seaspray and the ridiculous way he speaks, and man it was great! I love my parents.

After ACOMAF... Part Two

***Here is part two to what I shared of my post-ACOMAF fanfiction last night. Since it got such a good response, here is part two. This is only from Feyre’s POV, but Rhys will jump back in in Part Three. Check out Part One if you have not yet done so! Linked parts below!*** 

Part One/ Part Two


I still hadn’t heard from Rhysand. It had now been a little over a week with no word or whisper from my mate. Nothing. Even the bond remained silent.

I tried not to let it weigh down on my thoughts as it took most of my energy during the day to ensure Tamlin that I was indeed well enough to leave the house and most of the evenings praying that Tamlin wouldn’t come knocking for what I knew would be coming, eventually.

I had asked Alis to let me dress myself during the week and, though I saw the hurt in her eyes when I’d asked, I was doing everything possible to hide the new tattoo, almost identical to my previous one, on my right arm. However, I was running into a problem. I was almost completely out of gloves and long sleeved shirts.

Asking Alis to find me some new ones would only raise suspicions and I’d already noticed Tamlin staring at my gloved hands more than once since coming back. He would find out sooner or later, and he would be outraged. I needed a story to spin.

I could tell him that Rhysand had demanded I get it while I was being “manipulated” through the mating bond, that it wasn’t the mark of a bond, but a mark of his choosing. Would he believe me? Would he rush me back to Hybern and ask for it to taken from me aswell? Even if I got Tamlin to believe, Lucien wouldn’t.

And that was my other problem. Lucien trailed me day and night. When he wasn’t called away to assist Tamlin with his lordly duties, Lucien made it his mission that I wouldn’t breathe without him, or one of his guards, always behind me. After I’d first deigned to leave my room, Lucien had drilled me for hours on what I remembered from my time in the Night Court.

I’d told some parts truth, and some parts lie. I told him how Rhysand had saved me from breaking the day he’d taken me away, how he’d known about the threat of Hybern since Amarantha’s end, and how he’d never trusted Ianthe. Truth. I’d told him that we’d learned of the Cauldron through Rhysand’s spies. Lie. I’d told him that Rhysand’s men had gathered the Book of Breathings. Lie. And I’d told that Rhysand had realized I was his mate after the first month of my bargain. Lies lies lies.

I knew he saw through my lies, through my forced smiles and feigned affection. I just had to convince him that I wasn’t worth betraying to Tamlin. Elain was my only pull with him. His mate. I could still barely believe it, still couldn’t wrap my head around the thought of my sweet, innocent sister in the arms of the scarred warrior who had once been my friend. It must be killing him inside.

I wondered if it was killing Rhysand.

I stopped myself from dwelling more on the thought and continued to walk. Even now, Lucien trailed behind me as I performed my daily walk across the grounds. I wasn’t allowed outside of the gates just yet, but getting out of the house at all was a success in my eyes. I hiked up the lengths of my skirt, damning myself for picking a lavish, long-sleeved dress this morning. It was the only long sleeved item of clothing left in my closet, so I hadn’t had much of a choice.

I wondered if maybe telling Lucien about the tattoo first would make things easier; if having someone else tell Tamlin first would make the blow less harsh. The thought of facing Tamlin’s wrath had haunted me for days, but I’d have to fess up soon. I was running low on clothes, and time, and patience.

We had been walking for more than a half hour before I built up the courage to say something. 

I halted where I stood, feeling Lucien stumble a step behind me. When I turned his eyes were on me, as I knew they had been since we’d left the house. We were on the outskirts of the garden, away from wandering eyes. If I was going to do it I needed to do it now.

Lucien raised a hand before I could even open my mouth and beckoned me to follow him along the wall of the estate. He fell into step beside me and didn’t look at me as he said, “You’re a liar.”

I didn’t know how to respond. He knew he was right, so he continued. “Why? Why lie to save him? He’s a monster you know? He killed Tamlin’s family.” At that, I whipped my gaze to him and spat, “Do not bother pretending that Tamlin was blameless in that.” His eyes widened at my response. “Yeah, I’ve learned a few things along my journey.”

“So he shared some stories with you and now you trust him? How could you be such a fool Feyre? How could you betray Tamlin like that?”

My blood boiled. I could feel the flames in me rising, but I wasn’t ready to share that part of myself yet, to share the power I could wield. However, I could not hide my expression of pure disgust as I stopped our walking once again.

“Betray him? Betray him?! He locked me away. He’d known what I’d suffered Under the Mountain, knew how Amarantha hurt me, and he’d been no better than her. He ignored that I was broken.” He opened his mouth to retort or hush, but I jumped in once again. “You did too. I’d begged you, begged you to help me, to save me from him, yet you’d just stood there and watched. And I bet that even after I was gone, even after I’d sent that letter asking him not to come looking for me, that you never said a word otherwise. You were supposed to be my friend.”

I didn’t give him time to throw in a word edge-wise before I continued. “I trusted you. I trusted him, and for what? He loves the me that died under that mountain. I’m not that girl anymore. Rhysand, for everything that he is, he saved me. Healed me. I will not forget that.”

I couldn’t say anymore, couldn’t reveal anymore. So I did what I knew I’d have to do eventually. I slipped into his mind.My view flashed between his and my own, and then I was seeing me, then him, then me again. 

Liar liar liar, his brain screamed and I shoved those thoughts down. Tamlin is my High Lord, Tamlin is my friend, Rhysand is wrong, Rhysand is dead where he stands. I couldn’t bear to listen to them anymore and knew what I would have to do. Just enough to sough a little doubt; one thought to break through the others. Maybe Tamlin is wrong.

Before I gave it any time, I pulled the glove off my right hand and he gaped at the tattoo running down my arm.

“The bond’s still there?! Fuck!”, he yelled, adding a few more colorful swears as he shoved my glove back up over my hand, as if to hide it, and that told me enough. He wasn’t going to march me to Tamlin and betray me. Not yet. He would hear me out.

“No,” I lied again, feeling guilt seep through me. I swallowed it down. “When I was in the Night Court, he had me get this tattoo after he discovered I was his mate. No bond created these tattoos, just him, to claim me.” Lucien’s eyes darkened, his hate for Rhysand growing as I spoke. One day, he would see the truth, I would make him understand. If I could just get him to trust me…

We fell back into step along the wall, composing ourselves as we continued conversation. “I’m running out of ways to hide it, don’t want to hide it. I’m afraid to tell him, Lucien. I’m afraid of what he might do.” Truth.

Lucien turned to me, many questions in his eyes. “He will be furious. You know that, right? Even now that the bond’s broken, that mark…it’s proof that Rhysand owned you. He won’t blame you, but he won’t be able to help it.” He threw me a weary gaze as we kept pace. “When he got your letter, he pretended it wasn’t you. He chalked it up to another one of Rhysand’s dirty tricks. Once he has something set in his head, he won’t let it be. How was I supposed to convince him otherwise? For all I knew, he was right, and he is my High Lord.”

He rubbed his head in his hands and, in that moment, I knew that he was tired. Tired of me, tired of guarding, tired of serving a High Lord whose fallen off the wagon. Before I could think about it, I reached a hand out and stroked his arm. His sad eyes rose to mine as I said, “I’m sorry.” Truth. I would have said it a thousand times and still meant it.

“I am too,” He let out a heavy sigh. “I’m sorry I didn’t try harder for you. For what it’s worth, I asked Tamlin to leave you be. I tried to make him see that you didn’t want to come back. But….he was never going to believe me, never going to stop fighting for you.” He pulled at some loss strands of his hair in frustration. “I’m going insane, Feyre. I need her. Elain.”

That was it. That was what was draining him, fast and quick. The bond was too strong ignore, something that I understood. It was killing him.

He searched my eyes for the truth beneath. “He was your mate, wasn’t he? Rhysand? I don’t understand it, and I won’t pretend I do, but how could that just….go away?”

I ignored his question as I said, “We’ll find her. We will. And when we do, I could think of no one better to stand at her side.” At that, he gave me a real smile. It didn’t quite meet his eyes, but I knew the sentiment was there, knew that he was grateful.

Picking up the pieces of his thoughts, he looked back down at my hand where the tattoo lay hidden under my white gloves. “I’ll go with you when you tell him. I won’t let you suffer his rage alone. I play a part to blame in what happened to you there. I’ll tell him that I knew, but didn’t know what to do about it. We can share the burden, but we need to tell him. Now.”

With that, Lucien and I linked arms, feeling guilt seep through my veins as I used Lucien to betray Tamlin once again.

Why I Love Alexander Gideon Lighwood Even More After 1.08

This is going to be a long ass post about how I saw Alec’s thought process throughout the episode. First, I’m gonna put some dialogue from a few scenes last night:

Lydia: I can see why all the girls in Idris are clamoring to meet you.
Alec: What do you mean?
Lydia: Rumor has it your looking to settle down, get married.
Alec: Damn it.
Lydia: Let me guess, not your idea?
Alec: Not even close.
Lydia: My parents tried to set me up, too.
Alec: And how’s that working out for you?
Lydia: Not well for them. I made my own path, married to love of my life. John Monteverde. Together we were going to run the Lisbon Institute. And then, John was killed. Everything was ripped away, my love, my dream job. Piece of advice, in this line of work, the only thing worth falling in love with is the work itself.
Alec: Lydia, I’m-I’m sorry.

after Alec learns his parents were part of the circle. 
Lydia: Alec, I’m sorry. You shouldn’t have had to find out your parents were ex-Cirle members. Not like that.
Alec: You mean from you. You shouldn’t be the one I found out from.
Lydia: You know there’s been a ban about talking of the Circle until now.
Alec: How convenient for my parents. Lydia: This doesn’t change how I feel about the Lightwoods. Your family has always had a strong aliance with mine. They’ve been a powerful force in the Shadow World, praised for their devotion-
Alec: Devotion? My parents were in league with Valentine.
Lydia: People make mistakes.
Alec: Yeah, but this one, it’s unforgivable

Magnus: I have the preliminary autopsy findings.
Alec: Why are you giving these to me? It should go to the head of the institute.
Magnus: And it is.
Alec: I’m not. And I never will be. Magnus, it’s like-it’s like my whole life has been a lie. Everything I’ve ever know, it’s-
Magnus: It’s not what you thought.
Alec: I’ve done everything for my parents, for the Clave and-I’ve done everything they’ve asked
Magnus: Maybe you should start living for yourself. Do what’s in your heart.
Alec: I can’t believe I’m saying this but…I think you’re right.

alec overhears that the clave is taking the institute away from his parents, the two most important part of this convo are this :
Maryse: I’m begging you. You can punish us but our children did nothing wrong. They’ve worked so hard.
and this: alec comes in after the convo
Alec: I have the preliminary results from Magnus. No magic was used in creating for Forsaken.
Lydia: I’ll take those.
Alec: ignores her outstretched hand and hands them to his mother, whom gets tears in her eyes.

So here goes. It’s very clear in the first conversation I pointed out that Alec doesn’t want to get married. The Damn It and the Not Even Close are pretty clear indicators, don’t you agree? He also hears that Lydia did what he’s been contemplating of doing, doing what he wants and not what his parents want, and it failed in the end; her love died and she lost the job she’s dreamed of. Pretty off putting, don’t you think? 

Okay, so now we’re to the part where Alec finds out his parents use to be part of the Circle and he says that it’s unforgivable. So Alec, in that moment, has a clear opinion on his parents actions so far, which leads to his conversation with Magnus. He’s really thinking of just saying screw it and following what he wants and forgetting his parents, even the Clave, whom we’ve seen Alec’s loyalty to throughout the whole of episodes 1-8. He’s caving into what he wants.

And then, then the last conversation is overheard. So here is Alec, on the edge of saying screw it, hearing his mother plead to punish her and his father but not him and his siblings because they haven’t done anything wrong and they’ve worked so hard. Here is Alec, hearing this, thinking of what he’s thinking about doing, and  you can see from his expression before he walks in that he can’t. He simply can’t abandoned his parents, his family, the Institute. He can’t.

So he enters the room, gives them the report and when Lydia asks for the report, a report that is suppose to go to the head of the Institute, what does Alec do? He gives them to his mother, who has tears in her eyes. This, right here, is Alec forgiving his parents for they’re past mistakes. This, right here, is Alec making a conscious choice not to let the Institute fall into the Clave’s hands. His reserve since the beginning of the series is solidified, his wavering throughout the episode now on solid ground on the side he’s always been on. His family’s. 

However, even though he makes this decision, he’s going to do it his way. He’s going to keep the Institute by getting married, but he’s doing it HIS WAY. He’s MAKING HIS OWN PATH, just as Lydia did, and he’s doing it with Lydia because she understands, she knows what he’s doing. There are no expectations in the marriage, not love, sex, no gooey looks, nothing like what would have happened had he let his parents choose. He’s doing what his parents asked but in his own way.

Does this mean he doesn’t have feelings for Magnus? NO! Does this mean he’ll be able to resist his true self, his true feelings? PROBABLY NOT! It just means he’s doing what he’s always done, what he told Magnus during their drinks and Magnus understands, his duty to his family. What he’s done and always been expected to do. Remember, even when Malec got together in the book, Alec still hid his true self and their relationship. All this angst is just going to make the outcome of Malec even more worth the payoff. 

Now, the question of if Lydia pulling one over on him, either for herself (it’s her dream job) or Valentine, that’s a thought for another post. 

Right here, this episode, made me love Alexander Gideon Lightwood a million times more than I did, which was a lot. 

I told you it’d be a long-ass post! Excuse any typos, I was going really fast with a lot of feels swirling around in my head!!!

Pokemon Go Tips

Hey guys!! I had the chance to download Pokemon Go last night and spend most of my evening adventuring around my town with a friend playing the game, and I wanted to share some of what I experienced!


It’s super hot in the Northern Hemisphere right now and you need to drink a lot of water if you’re outside for more than a few minutes. Listen to your body and take breaks when you feel hot or thirsty. Also, wear sunscreen if you’re out during the middle of the day. And bugspray if you’re traipsing through the woods or tall grass.

Charge up and/or bring a portable battery

I went from ~50% to minimal (~5% after using some of a portable battery) in the span of the evening. The app has to be open in order to tell you when pokemon are nearby, and that can kill your battery if your screen is bright / data/location kills your battery anyway. You also need data to play. I was lucky enough to have a friend that made me a mobile hotspot since I can only play via Wi-Fi. 

The app is still a little glitchy

A lot of people have been having problems with the servers being down. If you get an error message, clear your open apps and try again. And be patient. A lot of people are playing and it’s probably a huge drag on their servers. 

I’ve also had problems with my AR not working, which might be a problem with my device. It’s disappointing, but I think using their graphics makes it easier to catch the pokemon than when you use your camera.

PokeStops turn blue again after ~5 minutes

This I learned from Reddit. If you’re adventuring around an area for a while, double back and hit them again! They’ll give you about the same items again and you can build up your inventory quickly. 

You have to use items to heal / revive Pokemon

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like there are any Pokemon Centers. PokeStops give out revives and potions once you reach level five (which is also when you can start battling).

The egg incubator seems to work like a pedometer

Meaning that it tracks the little movements of your phone rather than your distance on the map. I know i traveled a lot more than 5km today, but it only says I went about 2. 

You can battle your own pokemon you placed at a gym

If you find an empty gym / bring one’s prestige to zero / find one from your team, you can place your own pokemon there! My friend and I learned that you can battle that gym after you’ve placed them, and if you win, you earn prestige points for it. You can also team up with people nearby and fight together against the gym, which I thought was super cool. 

If you guys have any more information you’ve learned, please let me know! This is all just from ~4 hours of playing, and I’m sure there’s a lot more to learn. I’d also love to hear about your experiences playing :D We ran into 5 other people playing Pokemon Go as well just at the first park we went to. The camaraderie was almost surreal and I’m really glad I got to experience that. 

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Don't you think it's kind of pathetic how mica's getting her followers to ship her and blaine? Can you imagine how uncomfortable he must feel? His Twitter notifications must be insane.

okay i’ve had this in my inbox for a while (since last night actually) but i haven’t actually gotten round to replying bc i literally have no fucking idea what to say.

first of all, you came to me just after i make a post about how we gotta protect mica, to complain about mica???? (were you trolling her tag or something???)

secondly, it’s not pathetic at all. she’s into blaine. good for you girl, you go get him. (who wouldn’t be tbh that boy is GIFT) and why wouldn’t he be into her? she’s clever, gorgeous, funny as fuck! please explain the difference between mica liking blaine, and literally anyone else liking him. 

the only reason people are so butthurt about this is 

a) they’re super salty that our girl has a chance

b) they’re just super salty

you’ve got your blaine x reader inserts but then suddenly there are fics popping up of mica x blaine and y’all are mad? for example, i’m hella into joel. i’ve read joel x reader inserts. if someone offered to write me and joel i’d be honoured. 

think of it this way. mica’s just a girl who likes this dude. a lot of people like the idea of mica and this dude. amazing people have written/drawn about these two. that’s all. 

people think they’d be cute together, i am one of those people. please do not come to me to complain about her when i am completely in awe of her.

as for blaine feeling uncomfortable, i’m not sure what his stance is on shipping, fanfics, etc, but obviously don’t go out of your way to show him mica’s blog or tell him because since her blog is the only place she talks about it, he would never see all the asks. 

please don’t harass mica or blaine about this. it’s important to note that it’s been asked that people don’t @ blaine at all about this, because even though she’s said on tumblr that she’s mad crushing on him, it’s still her personal blog. what she says on there shouldn’t automatically be assumed to be public knowledge.

I’ll Get There- Chapter 9

 Alright. Alright. I think I’ve been cruel enough (lol I’’m joking, I legit just finished this.) So how about some good old  “I’ll Get There” on a very late Sunday night? Yeah? I thought so too. lol Thank you guys for the tremendously amazing response on the last chapter. I was like….whoa. They really like it. “ cue spastic dance all over my room” So glad you guys love it. I even love when a gajillion people are hitting up my ask box begging for the next chapter….some polite, other’s quite agressive. lol But here it is, “I’ll get There- Chapter 9″ tell me what you think, like, reblog. Now go forth and read.  :) Previous chapter below.

Chapter 8http://jacintabrown3.tumblr.com/post/116877911707/ill-get-there-chapter-8

Connor’s eyes fluttered open, waking to the smell of coffee and…was that bacon? He groggily sat up, running his hand over his face. He grimaced at the taste in his mouth. There was nothing worse than the taste of stale alcohol mixed with vomit. What time was it? He vaguely remembered a night of partying and endless beer. How had he gotten back to his dorm? He turned to the window behind him, pulling the curtains to see an almost set sun.  What confused him was the smell of coffee and bacon, firstly because it was probably around six in the evening and secondly, Wes never did anything productive in the kitchen. Connor slowly got up off of his bed and made his way to the bathroom before he thought any further, he really needed to brush his teeth. When he got back to the room he closed the curtains, outside was still a little too bright for his liking. Connor noticed a very familiar looking tee- shirt thrown over the chair by his desk, a very Jude looking t-shirt. It was the t-shirt with his favorite band. Connor’s eyes narrowed, unless it was Wes’ own? Wes listened to the Hectic Glow?

Connor cautiously approached the t-shirt, as if it was some untamed animal. He slowly reached out to pick it up, gingerly bringing it to his nose. It was the smell of everything Jude. Jude? Why would Jude be……..shit. Memories of the morning flooded back into his mind. Jude on the other side of the door, Jude next to him on the couch, Jude’s hand on his forehead, Jude’s neck, Jude, Jude, Jude. Connor rushed out of his room to confirm it  had not been his alcoholic imagination. He slowed to a halt as he saw Jude standing in his kitchen, his head bowed as he cooked bacon. Connor smiled at the way Jude’s hair fell over his eyes. He was cute when he was concentrating. He slowly sat down on the couch, he was starting to get a little dizzy. He had not eaten since yesterday morning.  Hearing the noise Jude glanced up and their eyes met.

“Hey,” Connor said softly.

“Well look at that. It’s alive.” Jude  returned his concentration to the bacon.

“ Ha-ha,” Connor returned. They remained silent for awhile, with Connor just studying Jude.

“What are you doing here?” he finally asked. Jude didn’t look up. “I told you already. Wes called me.”

Connor was confused. “Why would Wes call you?” What was Wes even doing going through the contacts on his phone? How had he even known Jude’s name to search for it in his contacts?

Jude was trying to be as patient as he possibly could with Connor. He really was. But as calm as he seemed, he was actually really annoyed with him. After Connor had knocked out on the couch on his shoulder, he had tried his best to drag Connor’s 170 pounds of muscle to his bed. He think he had strained his back, but he’d live. 

He had stood over Connor and watched him sleep for a few seconds, not in a creepy way at all. In that moment his emotions had fluidly transformed from sadness, to pity, to anger, and then to annoyance. It annoyed him that Connor would drink himself into such a stupor.  What if he had suffered from alcohol poisoning, what if his kidney’s had collapsed? It angered Jude that Connor did not think of the consequences that could follow. He did not think of the people he may leave behind. That he did not think of …him. 

Jude had run his hands through his hair in frustration, noticing that now he smelled of alcohol. He groaned, not being able to stand the smell any longer. He yannked his shirt over his head, flinging it onto a chair nearby. Surprisingly he found something clean in Connor’s closet. It was one of those damn plaid flannel shirts that Connor hoarded. Jude had mentioned to him that he may have a problem when they had went to the mall a time and Connor was in the process of purchasing five more of the damn things, Connor had just thrown Jude a reproachful look and handed the cashier his card. Jude pulled on the shirt, buttoning it up. It was a little big on him but it would work.

Jude flipped the bacon in the pan, remaining silent.

“Why would Wes call you?” Connor asked again, noticing Jude’s silence. Jude turned off the stove and lay the spatula on the countertop a little too hard. He braced himself against the counter and looked up at Connor. His fingers gripped the countertop and Connor noticed a little fire in Jude’s eyes.

“He called me,” Jude said sharply, “because he was afraid you were going to drink yourself to death. You were probably one beer away from the emergency room. I’m sorry for caring Connor.” Jude turned his back to Connor and proceeded to violently throw dirty dishes into the sink. Connor sat shell shocked on the couch. He got up, making his way to Jude.

“ Hey,” he said, resting his hand on Jude’s shoulder. Jude shrugged away from his touch. He turned to him, raising his eye brows, with a “you really should not touch me right now,” look. Connor sighed.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you had to come all the way here because of my sorry ass.”

Jude leaned on the sink. “You don’t get it.  I have no problem coming here for you. You should know that, of course I would come. God, it’s just. Forget it.” Jude walked to the coffee maker and began to pour coffee into two cups. He handed one to Connor and motioned his hand to the stove on his way to the couch. “You should eat something. Before you pass out….again.” Connor could not disagree with that.

Jude sat on the couch sipping his coffee, eyeing Connor as he made his way around the kitchen. Connor picked up the hot frying pan and immediately dropped it back on the stove as the heat singed his hand. Jude, observing all this rolled his eyes and took another sip of his coffee while whispering, “fucking idiot,” into the cup.  

Connor made his way to the couch, gingerly sitting next to Jude, leaving a gap between them. He secretly glanced over at Jude trying to assess the situation. He did not like this tension. Jude stared straight ahead.

After a few minutes of just sitting there Connor finally set his plate down on the coffee table.

“You’re mad,” he announced to Jude.

“I don’t know what you‘re talking about,” Jude replied in monotone.

Connor turned his body in Jude’s direction. “You’re mad. Why are you mad at me?”

Jude gripped his coffee cup. Connor was pushing him to the edge. He could feel Connor’s gaze burning into the side of his face.

“God, stop staring at me,” Jude exclaimed, resting his coffee cup on the table with a clatter. He got up suddenly, raking his hand through his hair. He began to pace the living room.

Connor looked at him burning a hole into the floor. “What is wrong with you?”

Jude turned to Connor, midpace, with widening eyes and nearly shrieked,          “ What’ wrong with ME?”

Connor was not sure if he was supposed to respond to that, “Yeah,” he said anyways.

“What’s wrong with YOU? What is fucking wrong with you.”

Connor was getting annoyed. He really did not need this right now.  What the hell had he done?

“Why are you shouting at me?” Connor said getting up. They both stood on either side of the coffee table now, face to face, both furious.

“ I didn’t ask you to come here. I did not ask you to make coffee. You are not my mother. I am fine; I don’t need you’re help. You took it upon yourself to come here. So don’t get mad at me for no reason and then shout at me on top of it.”

Jude laughed bitterly. “ Fine? You’re fine? Because I would not call an apartment buried in beer cans fine. Or your roommate calling me with panic in his voice because your about to drink yourself into a coma, fine. Or the fact that you have not been to class in almost a week, fine. Beacause if that’s your definition of fine, that’s pretty twisted.”

Connor narrowed his eyes. “ I was not aware that my lifestyle was of any concern to you Jude, or that I was to live it to your standards. My bad,” he said, raisng his hands defensively.

Jude huffed. “ You just don’t get it do you. You don’t think. You never think about what you are going to do. You just go with the flow. You do whatever, whenever. And never think of the consequences or who you may hurt or disappoint.   Acknowledging  only comes to you after you’ve done what your mind tells you to do. I’m not questioning your  lifestyle, or trying to tell you what to do. I just don’t want to see you become someone you’re not.  Someone you’ll regret. Because I know you. And you’re not the Connor that drinks himself to unconsciousness.” Jude shouted.

“God, it’s just that,” Jude sighed and looked to the floor and scuffed his shoe against it, “ you scared me,” he whispered. He looked up at Connor. “ You fucking scared me. When Wes called me from your phone, I thought he was going to tell me you had gotten into an accident, or worst yet…..” he couldn’t even say it out loud. 

“Everybody drinks. I know that. It’s a college thing. That’s all Luke does. But when I saw you knocked out cold, I realized how something so simple could be so deadly. Do you even know how many cans of beer you drank? I counted twenty-one Connor. And that’s probably only the ones you drank here alone. People die from alcohol poisoning.”

Jude twisted his hands together. “ What I’m trying to say is, when I lost my mom, I barely handled it, and I was just a kid then. But…..if I were to lose you?  That’s just…..that’s just something I would never be able to handle,” Jude’s voice cracked on that, and he turned away. His eyes were not wet. He swore to God he was not tearing up.

Connor’s shoulders slumped. He felt a lump in in his throat as he looked at Jude trying to compose himself.  He walked around the table to Jude, standing infront of him.

“Hey,” he said softly, “ I never meant it to seem that way. I would never just leave you like that, I’m stupid, I know. But I’m not that stupid.” Connor sighed, putting his hand under Jude’s chin, to raise his head so that Jude’s eyes could meet his. “ I’ve just been having a really bad time these last few weeks.” He let go of Jude’s chin and sat back on the couch. He slumped into it’s cushions. Sometimes the weight of his world was just a little too heavy. What did he look like to the universe? Fucking Atlas? Jude remained standing, looking at Connor. “ Then tell me,” he said. “why have you been having a bad time?”

This was one of the last things Connor wanted to talk about. But Jude deserved it and hereally needed to stop locking away his feelings.

 “Sometimes it’s all too much. My dad, always under my skin. Always ensuring I don’t stray from the path he personally paved for me. Making sure I am what he wants. The perfect….straight son.” Jude remained silent.  

“ And then my mom, with her half assed attempts at being a mom tires me out. And it’s just like, it’s either you’re here or not. Just choose. Stop floating in and out like I’m some kind of pit stop and act like you’re my fucking mother and I’m your son. And then there’s………”

Jude urged him on, “There’s what?”

“There’s you,” Connor said.

“What about me?” Jude said warily.

Connor looked at Jude standing across the coffe table. Completely vulnerable. Jude who had drove miles to ensure he was alright, and then had proceeded to make an evening breakfast for him. For so long, they had been this undefined thing that Connor never had the courage to talk about. For so long they had kissed in the dark and he had danced around his dad. For so long he had strung Jude along, hurt him, then let him go, then hurt him again. He was so afraid of everything and in turn  that made his life miserable. The only thing that was stopping him Connor realized, was himself. His cowardly self.

He got up and made his way to Jude.  Jude eyed him suspiciously and warily. Connor stood infront of Jude, their faces inches apart.

 “There’s you.” he said again. 

“The you that I want so badly it hurts.” He held Jude’s face in his hands. Jude closed his eyes at Connor’s touch. “ You are everything that I want. And I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to say this. You are my best friend. But I need us to be so much more than that for me to survive.” Jude held on to Connor’s wrists as his hands were still on his face, with his eyes closed.

Connor rested his forhead against Jude’s. “ I have been so afraid of my Dad and of myself  and of everything else that I was my own obstacle. And I’ve been so stupid and scared. And  you have always been true to everything you believe in. And eventhough I’ve thrown all this bullshit your way, you’re still here, picking up my beer cans, and making me coffee and throwing well deserved curses at me. And I love you for it.” He looked at Jude’s face and ran his finger along his cheekbone.

 “ I love you Jude. God, I love you so much,” Connor whispered. Jude’s eyes shot open and he looked at Connor alarmingly. Had he actually said it? Connor looked at Jude’s shocked eyes and repeated,

“ I love you. I really do.” Jude finally smirked. “ Took you long enough.” Connor laughed, kissing Jude as he did so, both hands still firmly on either side of his face. Jude placed his hands on Connor’s shoulders and deepened the kiss. Connor’s head tilted in order to get better access, and they both became frantic, with lips being bitten and hands running up arms and down backs. Jude placed his hands on Connor’s chest and lightly pushed him,breaking the kiss. Connor groaned, breathless.

“ Why are we stopping,” he complained. He held on to Jude’s waist and Jude studied him. “ Are you going to tell your dad?” Connor took a sharp intake of breath, his hands tightening on Jude’s waist.

“ I have to,” he finally said, “ I’m done running away.”

Jude smiled, one of his rare toothy smiles that stretched across his entire face. Connor could not help but grin along with him, no matter how scared he felt about telling his father. He had not seen Jude smile like that in awhile. He swept Jude’s hair out of his eyes and kissed the corner of his smiling mouth.

“ Thank you,” he heard Jude breathe.  

“ It’s been a long time coming,” Connor answered as he kissed down the line of Jude’s jaw down to his neck.  For the first time he noticed what Jude was wearing. “ Are you wearing my shirt?” he asked.

“ I smelled like your alcohol and I needed something to change into. This was all you had. You and your fucking plaid addiction.”

“ I am not addicted,” Connor protested against Jude’s lips.

“ Whatver you fucking say,” Jude replied,biting Connor’s bottom lip. Connor pulled away.

“ I’m not sure if you’ve realized, but it’s almost obscene how much you curse now. Like it’s profanities all over the place.”

Jude, with his hands on Connor’s shoulders, rose his eyebrows, “ Fucking problem?” he asked.

Connor laughed, leaning in again, “ No problem, none at all.

What do you think?

Eh what the heck, I’ll post these here too. Have some fat tail Fairy.
Just a whim I had last night but  I thought it actually looked kinda cute. Well more so on their large form than their smaller form.

Gonna work on art for my blog since tumblr messed it up and its time for a new theme and junk anyways.

I’ll probably stream it too.
Maybe even clean this place up a bit cause geez its filthy.

Meeting-Version 2

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1441

Summary: Dean’s version of meeting the reader again.

Reincarnation special Post! This is Dean’s version for part of Part 10.

I am so happy to finally be posting this. I’ve wanted to write this for so long, and I thought 2000 Followers was the perfect time! :) I really wanted to show Dean’s emotions, not just what the reader saw in him. Let me know if you want more, and expect the actual post for the day later. :)

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Thank you to everyone who sent me kind, thoughtful words last night. I can’t even describe how much it means to me that so many of you reached out and shared your own similar experiences with me. I have a lot of messages to go through, but I will try to respond to everyone over the next couple of days. <3

I was going to delete the post I made last night, but I’ve decided not to. Me feeling ashamed of my depression is what made me put off getting help for so long in the first place and that’s totally my own fault. The truth is that sometimes depression is just really fucking ugly and brutal and I need to accept that instead of constantly feeling like I have to hide how I feel and the bad things that I have done because of it. I will admit that I am embarrassed to talk about this in front of 12,000+ people, but, ya know, fuck it. I’ve been dealing with this ever since I was 12, and years later I’ve finally had enough of being embarrassed over something that millions of other people suffer from. 

So, here it is–my name is Ash, I’m 25 years old, I have depression, I’m not in a good place right now and don’t like who I am, and I’m ready to get help for it. 

I cracked myself up at work last night because I had a random Cockles thought…It came out of nowhere, I have no idea what’s wrong with my brain.

See, I’ve been seeing all those posts about Jensen and Misha ‘sharing clothes’ and apparently, unbeknownst to me, my brain started dwelling on it.

 And came up with with this little gem (and it doesn’t even matter if you believe Cockles is real or not. Hell, it may even be FUNNIER if you don’t believe in it…):

What if Jensen and Misha are simply oblivious accomplices to someone else’s designs? You know, like, maybe Vicki and Daneel went out shopping together one day and Daneel says “Oh hey, Jen would look great in this.” And Vicki says, “So would Misha.”

Then one of them says: “We better not both get it because then the fans will think…” 

They pause. They look at each other, evil grins start to form. They speak in unison:

“We’re buying two of these….”

Do you guys ever think about the fact that even though Coulson has been the Director of SHIELD for a year (I think, it’s been a year), and has access to all of SHIELD’s classified files, not to mention all the leaked SHIELD files over the internet ‘cause of the events in Winter Soldier, he still didn’t read the report on Bahrain?

Even though he wanted to know what his best friend went through inside that building, he still wanted May be the one to tell him? 

‘Cause I do. 


Ok guys, so if you’ve been poking through my blog today, you’ve probably seen me lamenting about (amongst other things) how quiet the fandom has been recently. So my new thought is: why not do something about it? Last year new networks were popping up all the time, where people could chat, meet new friends in the fandom, organize events, etc.

SO, I’m looking for your thoughts, guys. Would anyone be up for a new Sterek network, and what kind of focus would you want it to have?

Writing network? This is what I’m leaning toward, because that’s what my fandom focus is. A place for Sterek writers to talk headcanons, work on posted prompts, get help with their stories and help promote their writing. Events like prompt fills, writing nights, collab fics, etc.

Or maybe even more of a gen Sterek network? No core theme, just a place for people to gather and chat about all things Sterek?

Let me know if you’d be interested guys, or if you have any other network ideas you’d rather go for.

lets make the assumption that this is tim wright, sometime after entry #87. he’s moved on with his life, and as such, is getting rid of all the tapes he was in possession of.

last night, the archive images were released along with the /missing page. the /missing page was originally a 404 error with the tagline “Ever feel like you’re in the wrong place?” but now just says “where are you” (though the page title remains the same, indicating it wasnt a real 404 but this is besides the point)

with this in mind it leads me to believe that tim is the one who is missing. how or why are obviously not known, but with these videos of him– security feeds– it looks like there might be some form of investigation going on around him being missing. like i said, if this is post entry #87 tim wright, he very much could have had someone close enough to call a report in