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New (less culturally appropriative) Ilvermonry House suggestions

So I’m not sure if anyone’s done this yet (they probably have and I don’t feel like scouring the internet to find out), but I thought I might make some suggestions for alternate house names and mascots for the Ilvermorny school in America. As an American, I was really excited to have an American side added to the wizarding world, yet I, like many, was incredibly dissapointed with J.K. Rowling’s insensitivity to Native American culture (and most of the sociopolitical, cultural, racial and historical nuances of this country, but that’s another post). When first announced, I was inclined to reject them and ignore Ilvermorny altogther. But as time went on, I really did begin to like the idea of the school, and I have lots of ideas for American wizard characters and stories set at Ilvermorny that I want to write. I also like what each house represents, because I think it’s a really interesting way to divide them. It’s just, the mascots and names are so…. just no. I don’t want to perpetuate and normalize cultural appropriation, and so I have decided that, for the purpose of my own understanding of Ilvermorny (and in my eventual fanfic) I will be swapping out the creatures and beings from different Native American cultures for literal animals that are native(ish…) to the Massachusetts area. The names are still preliminary, but I think the new mascots capture the spirits of each house. 

So, without further ado, I present my version of the four Ilvermonry Houses: 


Represents a wizard’s body; favors warriors

Mascot: The bear 

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At first, I intended the former Wampus house to be represented by the terrifying and fierce grizzly bear, but grizzlies are native to the western part of the continent, and the founders of Ilvermorny would not have encountered them. And so, I decided to go with a black bear, technically, but I’m sure modern members of the house also identify with grizzlies. And polar bears. And possibly pandas, although those aren’t technically bears. “Ursares” is based on the Latin word for bear, Ursa, but made to sound cool and more official. I originally considered making the mascot of this house a Puma, but decided that that was too easy. And also, bears are cute and scary and great. 

So, go Bears! 


Represents a wizard’s heart; favors Healers

Mascot: The Bee

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This one stumped me for a while, but I eventually decided that the former Pukwudgie house would be best represented by a honey bee. Honey has healing properties, so the Healer connection works there. Also, bees are generally nice and won’t harm you until you try to harm them; at that point, they will put their very lives into the wounds they inflict, which to me captures the idea of the “wizard’s heart”. Though they be but small, they be fierce :) Once again, “Apidae” is taken from the Latin word for bee.

Go bees! 


Represents a wizard’s mind; favors Scholars 

Mascot: The Great Blue Heron

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[I wanted a more majestic gif for this, but I couldn’t find one. Oh well]

While I originally was trying to think of some reptile that would capture the spirit of the former Horned Serpent house, I eventually concluded that the North American animal which best captures the aloof, mysterious nature of this house is the Great Blue Heron. If you’ve ever seen one in person, you will understand. They’re just so… majestic. They look like dinosaurs when they fly, and they’re very elusive. They seem like they would be wise. As far as the name goes, “Ardea” is the Latin world for Heron. However, I didn’t want two houses to start with the same letter and I was pretty set on Apidae, and so I added the prefix “Magna” which means great, because it’s the “great” blue heron, and also this house seems the most pretentious :) (this is my house, so I am allowed to say that). This is the name that I’m the least sure of, because it still sounds kind of weird to me, but it’s what I’ve got for now. 

So, go Herons! 


Represents a wizard’s soul; favors Adventurers

Mascot: The Rattlesnake

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Once I became sold on the Heron as a mascot, I decided not to go with another bird for the former Thunderbird house. I was drawing a blank, until one of my friends suggested the rattlesnake, and I think it fits. I associate them with the woods and with the desert, which are far out places where one might go adventuring. Also, they’re known for their sound, which is also an association with Thunderbirds, so that sort of works. There’s danger and venom here. “Crotalus” is their Latin genus name, and I think it works as a House name without any modification. 

I do like this mascot, but I would be open to other ideas for this house too. I think I considered wolf, coyote, different kinds of raptors such as hawks or vultures, and maybe an albatross? But again, I wanted four very different animals, and I already have a four-legged mammal and a bird house, and I can’t think of any other reptiles that are native to the Massachusetts area and that capture the spirit of Thunderbird (turtles don’t seem to work). 

So (for now), go Rattlesnakes! 

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Since you seem to be one of the only sensible or calm about this whole situation, I thought I might try to ask you. I see people making the claim that horror stories posted to a blog are taking advantage/exploiting of mentally ill people. Maybe I don't think about myself seriously mentally ill enough (I have been officially diagnosed w/clinical depression w/ episodes of psychosis). To a person who doesn't understand it anything can be creepy. But maybe I'm the one in the wrong here I dunno.

to be honest this was the thing that confused me as well. I admit I didn’t see a lot of the stories as necessarily offensive, but there were definitely a few things that stood out to me and over time did start to grate on me.

the main thing, I think, was the posts that weren’t fictional stories, in this specific case. as well as fictional stories, sixpenceee would post real-life accounts of mental illness, drawings done by mentally ill people, and actual pictures of people who were clearly mentally disturbed (and on some occasions, physically disabled). she would tag these #creepy, and talk about how the ~human mind~ was the most terrible thing of all. this really does increase anxiety about mentally ill people, and perpetrates the myth that all mentally ill people are violent and scary. yes, some mentally ill people are violent… but so are a lot of people without mental illness.

things like that definitely exploit mentally ill people because it’s taking their actual, real life stories and/or creations and putting it in the same category as horror. it dehumanises them, reduces their experiences and suffering to cheap scare and entertainment tricks, and encourages myths about what mental illness is, how it manifests, how dangerous it is, etc. and it’s not just one or two posts: it’s very, very often, though as far as I can tell it’s not as often now after people started pointing it out.

which brings me to the other issue, of fictional stories. now, personally, I think ending a horror story with “but it was all the scary mental illness!!” or “he did these horrific crimes because……. he was mentally ill!!” is a cheap trick, bad writing, etc. I’ve been reading/watching horror long enough to spot the trope at fifty paces and it’s boring, cheap, and yes, offensive. a lot of these stories reduce serious and complex disorders to one “marketable”, scary symptom, and they often get it so unbelievably wrong (for example, a story revolving around a schizophrenic person’s multiple personalities, when that’s… not what schizophrenia is at all). in the same way as above, these stories encourage myths about mental illness and alienate people who are mentally ill, because they’re put in the same category as monsters, ghosts, demons, etc. in a horror story it’s a very us vs them mentality – people try to survive the monster stalking them, they try to survive the horrific haunting, etc. so what does that say when the “them” is just… a regular person who happens to suffer from a mental illness? it encourages a very ostracising atmosphere. the mentally ill person is othered, dehumanised… it’s not nice.

don’t get me wrong. I don’t think that media makes all our decisions for us. I’m fully aware that it’s possible to differentiate fiction from reality: I’ve seen enough discourse in fandom to know both sides of the argument inside out. but when it comes to something that is incessantly shoved down your throat all the time, it’s likely that it could start to influence how you think. especially if, like you said, you don’t know much about mental illnesses and they already seem a bit “scary”. what you don’t need is a bunch of horror stories telling you that mentally ill people are going to snap, grab a freaky mask, and start murdering their neighbours at any moment. you need education, and that is not what these stories do – and nor is it what the “factual” posts do. it is just cheap entertainment, and that just doesn’t sit right with me.

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she does post selfies on the account, so i'm pretty sure that it's her. and the relationship with her sons is obviously strained (no happy mother's day? did you see how upset that made her?), so it wouldn't be surprising if nobody thought to tell her about rowan. no one told her about bandit either and i'm pretty sure she had to find out from mainstream media.

see about her exclusive pictures, im assuming they might have been lifted from her original twitter account?

and yes i really hope her relationship with mikey and gerard is not actually that bad, because its really sad? but if it is…. hm

from a review that was around a couple of days ago that said “malec are certainly not a focal point in 2x11” and because i consider that “get out” fight + makeup pretty important as far as the plot goes (since the downworlders vs shadowhunters situation is at the core of 2B) i don’t think that magnus dancing w (probably) dot + the whole fight/makeup is in 2x11. I think it might be 2x12 (we know Alec is going to be “very sweet” to magnus in this ep) or 2x13 tops. I think in 2x11 they might have one scene alone together + the group demon summoning (from that photo of matt and harry on set of 2x11 we know that magnus is wearing black pants with gold stripes on the sides, and alec is wearing that ¾ lenght kaki shirt + from the teasers and the latest review we know that during the demon summoning magnus is wearing a full black outfit and alec his usual bomber jacket) and that everything else, magnus with that gorgeous blue shirt and colored hair streaks will probably be in the following episode or even the next.

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There's an art journal (not spiral bound) on its way to you courtesy of Amazon Prime. Plus a few extra things that I thought you might enjoy.... :) You can do this!




im crying and i know i’ve posted about crying like 298342948 times recently but seriously……what

i hope you included your information when doing this because i need to thank you non-anonymously (also this thank you applies to the people that have offered to send me a journal, i truly appreciate it) (i do have one non-spiral bound one i have been using!)

 it’s just that i was working on @maggietries give-a-way one that was was 99% done is now locked away, maggie i am trying to figure something out!!!

and had three more that i brought that were very special to me so i think that’s why my reaction was so strong 

my mind is not comprehending this

i honestly just am amazed by you guys, the amount of kindness i have been shown, every time i open my inbox i am anxious it’s going to be hate bc of being in treatment again but it’s been people being so, so nice and it’s just….yeah i’m crying lol

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Heyyy I think you've mentioned before that you get a lot of your content from the genyatta tag? Just letting you know that tumblr's Back At It Again With The Bullshit and if people put links on a post it won't appear in the tag. Not sure if I explained that well.... but anyway I dunno what to do with this information but thought you might wanna know. There's a lot of genyatta content not being put in the tag ☹️

Thank you so much for alerting me of this. I’ll be sure to check that for sure! Sorry to everyone who has this happening to them. Tumblr sucks big time.

My small contribution to the general “AOBA JOHSAI IS BACK” madness.

Since we don’t know some Seijoh members, this is just some wild guessing… Of course, I could be wrong about this. As I said before, there are currently 16 players in Seijoh (3rd years included), the same number of players you can count in this panel, and I don’t think the third years would disappear for something like this (watching nationals on TV). I bet Oikawa is extremely curious about watching nationals.

So, at first I thought Furudate might have hidden Oikawa to (hopefully) make him appear later… But after some further analysis of this picture, this is my guess.

What we know:

-Kyotani is obvious.

-Kindaichi and Kunimi are sitting on the table and their hairstyles are easy to recognize.

-I had my doubts about Shinji Watari and Yahaba, but we know they’re sitting at the table as well, and Shinji is wearing the dark jersey. So I assume they’re on the front and center of the room. It’s difficult to identify Watari because he is partly hidden by whoever is behind him, but I’m pretty sure that’s him.

Now, the rest is just a wild guess. At first I thought Matsukawa could be they guy on the far right, standing up next to Kindaichi, but then I saw those heads sitting on the floor at the front, hidden by Yahaba and Watari. I’d say those hairstyles and colors would match Matsukawa and Hanamaki, right?

I’m less sure about Oikawa and Iwaizumi. They might not be there. But then again, I know Furudate is an expert at hiding relevant information (remember how they hid Osamu’s existence even though they showed us pretty much the entire Inarizaki team? Furudate knows how to handle this stuff). I would dare say Furudate has given us this picture on purpose: confusing, open to interpretation, so that we spend the entire week thinking about who might and might not be there. Wondering if we will see Oikawa again. Why show us Yahaba and Watari, who are not really involved with Kageyama’s development, instead of showing us more relevant people (aka Iwaizumi and Oikawa)? Probably to save them for later, for a more intense effect. It might even take a few chapters before we see them (if, and only if, Furudate decides to bring them back). But the hope is there.

So, back to the analysis. I think that could be Oikawa because of two things: 1) the hairstyle is similar to his, and being drawn so small, it would make sense to see his hair painted as black. If you pay attention to it, you can see the waves of his hair as you would see them from the back. The second reason is his posture. Who else would lean back like that to watch the match? Maybe this is a silly reason and I could be wrong, but I think it would fit Oikawa to sit like that.

And Iwaizumi? Well, it could be anyone. But Iwaizumi has usually been shown as sitting right behind Oikawa during many matches, so why not here as well? He certainly wouldn’t be sitting on the other side of the room.

All in all, this is my (wild) guess. Obviously rooted on my hopes that IwaOi will be back, because let’s be real: who else could comment the match as well as those two? And I miss them so much.

How did I get here?

So….this kind of happened without me even noticing until just now. I…I…don’t know what to say? Didn’t I JUST post about reaching 300 followers, how am I already at over 500? This is crazy especially because I don’t even do anything special yet all of you lovely people decided to follow me? I’m kind of speechless?


Okay, I suck badly at keeping up with writing stuff and prompts BUT this seems like a good moment to try and still get myself to do it. So, if you want, send me (as asks or DMs) prompts (as crazy as you’d want them, the more creative the better really) and YOI pairings (although I’m best at writing Otayuri, I guess I could TRY and write a different one if need be…somehow?) and I will choose the best/funniest/craziest one and then write it.

Sound good?

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@astroshorts said  Im sorry but I fail to see how headaches have to do with being an ableist on this post

Hi friend! 

Headache and migraine disorders are chronic pain disorders/ chronic illnesses that often get trivialized as being due to stress or lack of sleep. The prompt is about someone who has the disorder likely making a joke to their friends (as that’s where i got the prompt from) I know a few of my followers have headache disorder and some of them are writing characters with headache disorders, so I thought they might appreciate the joke. 

The ableist thing comes from headache disorders being trivialized as ‘not serious’ by family and medical professionals, though they can greatly impact the quality of life of the sufferer. It’s not about people who get a headache every so often, but people who struggle with them regularly with no easy cure dealing with unhelpful advice and people who refuse to understand or sympathize with the situation

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love your blog <3 if you ever have the time you should watch "les amours imaginaires" and "j'ai tué ma mère" !! i saw you posted about mommy so i thought you might like those ones too

thank you!!!!! I’ve seen them both, really good x

The more I see such lovely arts the more I want to get back into digital doodling and do fanarts and all that…..
Would anyone be interested if I started an art blog?
Would anyone request some fanarts to get me started? (here or if I started an art sideblog)

I also promised some arts for friends too, but I wanna do fanarts from shows too so please if you like:
Steven Universe
Various Anime
Guardians of the Galaxy
Idunno just I guess cute stuff really

Please let me know if you would be interested/request stuffs (recommend stuff based on those too?)

Idunno. I think getting back into art stuff might really help me too, and having people see it and like it and want to see more?
So I guess just. Like this post if I should do an art blog and you would want to follow/comment or inbox me your thoughts/ideas??

What if...

“Plagg, claws out.”

“Huh? Wait, Adrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee—!”


He’s so tired. So dead tired.

He’s so tired that he can barely function.

Still, as the model Agreste son, he has to make sure to uphold his image, just as his father taught him.

So he straightens his back and adjusts the strap of his backpack against his shoulder, and enters the classroom.

His classmates are all quiet but he doesn’t mind. He’s too sleepy to care.

He stifles a yawn and takes his seat next to Nino, giving him a casual, “hey.”

“Uhh?” Nino responds blankly.

Huh, he must be sleepy too. What a true bro.

He turns around to greet Marinette and Alya.

Alya is gaping and has her hand out like she’s texting on her phone. But her phone seems to have fallen on her desk.

Marinette is staring at him like he’d grown fifty-seven heads and laid an egg.

Seems just like usual then.

“Good morning,” he says to them, hoping the smile he offers them doesn’t look too tired.

Marinette’s eyes widen like he just sprouted an additional fifty-eighth head.

He has no energy to contemplate that so he turns around and lays his head on his desk, hoping to catch a few Z’s before roll-call.

And it’s roll-call that wakes him only a few minutes later.

“Adrien Agreste,” the voice of Miss Bustier calls out.

So he raises his hand and says—

And then he is jolted awake when Marinette starts screaming from behind him.

What if… Adrien was so sleepy that he just walks into class as Chat Noir?

Marichat May (What If…)

i know it’s kind of a meme in the fandom that viktor thought making A SCENE and greeting yuuri naked in japan but i think that was completely unintentional? which makes it even funnier imo?

allow me to explain

i don’t know exactly how long after yuuri’s video went viral that this scene happens, but it’s safe to say that at least a couple of days passed? perhaps a week or a bit more, even though the anime makes it look like it’s on the next day?

so he’s been avoiding the media for days, keeping his phone off so absolutely nobody’s going to be able to reach him until people forget about this madness 

which means he’s also entirely clueless about the rumors of viktor being his coach

and it makes it so much funnier because we know yuuri’s dad doesn’t know jack shit about figure skating, and viktor doesn’t know how to speak japanese AND IT WAS PROBABLY TOSHIYA WHO FIRST TALKED TO VIKTOR WHEN HE ARRIVED AT YU-TOPIA?


so what has happened was probably something like “i have no idea what you’re saying mr. foreign-dude but you’re probably here for our famous onsen so yes make yourself comfortable” which viktor, tired as fuck from his travel (a long ass flight from st. petersburg to tokyo, probably? plus the train from tokyo to hasetsu?) GLADLY ACCEPTS

hell yeah i’m going to enjoy the fuck out of his hot spring

since yuuri is nowhere to be seen why not take some time to relax after a long travel, am i right

it’s not like viktor would understand if yuuri’s parents were to say “oh yes yuuri is holed up in his bedroom but he’ll come out eventually” so as viktor is pretty sure he found the right place and that yuuri is there he’ll just wait and have a nice soak meanwhile


well, this was not how i had planned this to go but here you are?


in viktor’s mind, yuuri is this extroverted, outgoing party animal he got to know at the banquet and was absolutely mesmerized by, so he probably thinks yuuri’s going to be alright with this extra introduction? also knowing yuuri lives and probably worked at the onsen for a while viktor maybe just assumes he’s probably unfazed by nudity?

oh viktor, little did you know

it just gets funnier the more you look into it