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What about the RFA and Unknown and V finding out that MC has a career in the arts (author, artist, actor or something like that?) @saeranlover

Lol it’s been like 5,000 years since I’ve done a request, here you go bbies


  • It was always a lingering thought in Yoosung’s mind
  • The thought always came randomly, but sometimes he swore that he  recognized your voice
  • Like the one time you yelled “Come at me!” at a friend who was teasing you and he just froze for a second to think about why it sounded familiar
  • It wasn’t until one day he was testing out a LOLOL character he’s never played before and she screamed out a line of dialogue before her attack
  • And suddenly he heard your voice behind him perfectly recreate the line
  • He turned around to see you cheekily grinning from your place on the bed
  • But it was wiped off your face soon enough because baby boi just pounced you into a big hug
  • You giggled as he rapidly asked you other things you voice acted in and gawked when he recognized the other characters you’ve voiced in games and cartoons
  • He’ll shyly ask you to reenact his favorite lines or scenes and his inner fanboy will show
  • Yoosung’s never really been into the behind the scenes stuff but he already somewhat was a fan of yours before so he’s basically dating his favorite VA
  • Silly lil’ peanut is gonna ask for your autograph on his merch of the characters you’ve voiced


  • She found out during one of your nights in
  • You were in the kitchen preparing the snacks while Jaehee sorted through the set of musicals the two of you had rented for tonight (you finally convinced her that watching ‘Promiscuous Jalapeno’ for the 8th time in a row was a little much)
  • Once that was all said and done, you cuddled up to Jaehee while the movie started as she fed you popcorn
  • Oh crap, you recognized this movie
  • You actually got the part of the main dancer in this film (it was your typical dance batte film)
  • You somewhat never wanted her to find out  that you were an actor/dancer in fear of always being compared to Zen
  • Once your character was introduced, Jaehee’s eyes squinted a little at the screen before gasping and shaking your shoulders
  • “MC, MC, IS THAT YOU?”
  • “U-uhm nooooo…?”
  • “Wait, why would you keep this secret from me?”
  • After explaining your reasoning as to why, she just pulled you into a tight hug
  • “I’d never compare you anyone else, I love you just the way you are, famous or not!”
  • After watching the movie, she put aside the time to scour the internet for every performance you’ve been in and is about to be the proud owner of all your merch
  • jaehee please no that was our grocery money


  • “lolol zen have you seen mc’s latest cover?”
  • “Cover? What’re you talking about?”
  • “the one on her youtube channel???”
  • “…”
  • “you do know what she does for a living, right??”
  • After Seven endlessly mocked Zen for not knowing what his own girlfriend did for a living, Seven graciously provided the link to your Youtube channel
  • Zen then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours of his life going through
  • your entire channel
  • He knew that you liked to sing and sounded like an angel but this
  • This is something extraordinary
  • You actually made a living doing this and he never even knew!
  •  He finally made his way up to your latest cover (which was uploaded about a week ago), and HO L Y  C R A P
  • It was the song he’s practiced at home for months on end for a musical he recently just starred in!
  • When you get home that night, you’re bombarded with compliments and questions (mostly compliments)
  • You explained that you never recorded around him because you were afraid that he might’ve thought you were going to use him for popularity
  • “Babe, I know you would never do that NOW WILL YOU PLEASE DUET WITH ME–”
  • Guess who has the best mashup cover of ‘Butterfly’ now


  • Coming home a few hours early was indeed a rare occurrence for Jumin
  • Usually when he came home, you were instantly there to greet him with a hug and kiss
  • He called your name, but there was no response, just a faint typing sound
  • After hanging his coat on the coat hanger, he began walking towards the noise, his hands already working on loosening his tie
  • “Ah, here you are, my love,” he said upon entering the officeroom
  • “Jumin, you’re home early,” you smiled, letting your husband wrap his arms around your shoulders and resting his chin atop your head
  • “The office had to close early for some renovations,” Jumin explained, “but I’m more interested in what you’re working on.”
  • “I’m working on my next book!”
  • The surprised look on his face made you remember that you never brought it up to him before, but now is as good as time as any to explain
  • Jumin seemed genuinely intrigued as he listened to your explanation on your book series, which was apparently very popular
  • When you finished, he asked if you could lend him the first addition, as he did enjoy reading in his spare time
  • And soon enough, he was hooked
  • He’d have long talks with you over dinner on how he wasn’t expecting a plot twist or how well you wrote your characters
  • Or about how you should hurry and finish the next book because you left him on a cliffhanger


  • He’s known since the background check that you had a job in digital art but he tucked that away in the back of his head because there were too many other things happening at the time (eg the hacker, your sudden appearance, his emotions and job…)
  • It isn’t until one day where he’s been able to work for a few hours straight without you lecturing him about how he should take a break
  • So he got up from his chair, slapped his right leg a few times to wake it up, and ventured outside his office to find you
  • To no surprise, you were huddled inside in the bedroom, but this time with your drawing tablet in hand
  • “Hey Saeyoung,” you tiredly muttered, eyes still glued to the laptop screen
  • His eyes trailed to where you were looking and a look of mock hurt morphed on his face, “MC, how dare you draw a picture of another man!”
  • You stifled a laugh at your boyfriend’s dramatic tone, “Zen just asked me to draw some things for his website so I’m–”
  • You should me drawing me instead! Here, I’ll even pose for you!” 
  • You regret even looking behind you, because Saeyoung was already stripping down to his boxers, need I remind you the pair with cat faces on them


  • Usually you were making some sort of noise in the house, but today you were oddly quiet
  • “MC? Where are you?”
  • “I’m in the living room,” you hollered back as he started making his way over, “Be careful not to bump my arm though.”
  • “What’re you doing?” he asked, taking a seat on the floor next to you
  • You explained that you liked paint and used it as a way to make some extra pocket money
  • V was very happy and excited to hear that you had an artistic career just like him
  • You were always delighted to describe the paintings to him, and you always did it with such passion
  • After awhile, he started to miss photography and he so badly wanted to see your work for himself
  • So he decided to get the eye surgery
  • Once he did, he was shocked at how much he can see your heart poured onto the canvas
  • You often went out into nature together and sit there together for hours to photograph/paint and enjoy one another’s company
  • You also loved painting some of V’s older photographs and he loved it and every single one is framed in the house
  • #artsycouple
  • The day you painted a picture of the sun and gave it to him, he cried


  • The first time Saeran ever walked into your room, his eyes immediately darted to the big, colorful collection of sticky note pads on your desk
  • He picked one up, noting that every one had a slightly different drawing than the others, “What’re these for?”
  • “Oh, I’m an animator! I like to use these sticky notes when I’m bored.”
  • He never got to watch cartoons as a child so this was all new to him
  • Watching you peacefully work is very, very soothing to him, to just watch the lines fill with color so smoothly
  • You even let him have some of your already drawn-on sticky note pads and he likes to flip through them when he’s nervous or needs to calm down when something’s bothering him
  • His favorite is the one you made for him where it goes “I love you, Saeran!” with a cute little doodle of a cartoony-looking you kissing his cheek on it
  • As mentioned before, he never got to watch cartoons or movies as a kid and he’s willing to watch the ones you’ve worked on
  • It always amazes him that you made what was on the screen and he loves it (he’s never said it out loud but it shows on his face)
  • He really enjoys the ones that are story-based rather than the nonsense slapstick ones (which is what Saeyoung enjoys, much to his dismay)
  • Seeing the childlike innocence in his eyes is heartwarming and you wouldn’t trade it for the world 
Holding You Back (Smut)

A/N: I’m in Prague this week with a friend and I set this to upload on it’s own so hopefully it works. A little trigger warning towards the end.
Requested to write a smut about the videos of the boys playing billiard in Glasgow and using some vibes from There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back too.

Word count: 5,323

“I swear he’s looking at you again” Ollie grinned, smiling at me widely. He put a couple of bottles with liquor back on their place, not taking his friendly eyes of me.

“Who?” I asked, grabbing two more glasses from the counter. I poured vodka in them both first, then some red bull before putting ice in both glasses.

“The tall, dark-haired guy” he said, nodding in the direction of the billiard tables in the other end of the bar.

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Before the Sun Is In the Sky - Lin Manuel Miranda X Reader

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: You’re a sleep deprived third-year resident at the hospital and you’ve been assigned to the ER where a disheveled Lin comes in after a kitchen mishap.

Warnings: Blood, needles, cursing. I think that’s it?

Word Count: 3,132 (Yiiiikes.)

A/N: So I haven’t written in a long while, so it’s hella rusty and I’m sorry for this trash. This is my first fic in a long ass time. It was initially gonna be a one shot, but then I started rambling and well, it’s dumb. ANYWAY. Have fun with this garbage. Let me know what y'all think and maybe I’ll write more. Who knows.

SIDE NOTE: Thanks to @ourforgottenboleros for editing and being the sweetest pal ever. GO READ HER STUFF ‘CAUSE BECCA INSPIRED ME TO WRITE AGAIN AND HONESTLY I’M FLUSTERED BC OF HER WORK, SO YEAH.

You were four hours past the end of your shift at Columbia University Hospital and you’d been sleep deprived for a little over two days. It wasn’t like you had a right to kick yourself in the ass for being so exhausted because you intentionally signed up for this. Four years at Tufts, another four at Cornell, you weren’t about to throw it all away just because you were tired. It was part of the job. As a third-year resident, you should be used to it by now – and sure, you were, but you were human and sleep was still precious.

It was almost 4 in the morning and you were making your last round in the pit before calling it a night. The ER was oddly silent in a city that never sleeps, but still, you were beyond grateful for the silent reprieve, no matter how momentary.

“Doctor Y/N, there’s a minor laceration that just got assigned to Room 17,” a nurse called out from behind the station. “He was the last patient out there.”

You groaned to yourself, almost wanting to admit defeat. You didn’t want to go check up on someone that was most likely inebriated to the point where impulse and clumsiness overpowered all logic and balance. The guy probably had some superficial injury that could be patched up with some antibacterial cream and a Spider-Man band aid.

“Thanks, Erica,” you replied as you stifled a yawn that’s been trying to escape for the past six hours. “Stats and everything uploaded to the database?”

Erica nodded and smiled at you sympathetically, knowing full well how much you just wanted to go home, take off everything, and climb into bed for just five hours before it was time to start again.

Room 17, you thought to yourself as your feet subconsciously brought you to the back hallway of the emergency room, tablet in tow. After a brief overview of his stats, medical history, and a description of the wound, you quickly gave the door two knocks before entering the room. Pulling back the privacy curtain, you looked up from your tablet and smiled at a disheveled man with his hand wrapped in a bloody hand towel.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Y/N, Mister… Lin-Manuel.” You smiled as you set down the tablet and approached him.

“You can just call me Lin,” he replied as he tried to wave at you with his cut hand, pain suddenly reminding him of his early morning mistake. “Oh duh, so stupid.”

You bit your cheek to keep the snicker that was quickly rising up and grabbed a pair of latex gloves and put them on.

“Alright, so what happened?” Reaching out for his hand, you gingerly hold it and remove the towel, exposing a three inch long slice on his left hand, starting from a centimeter above the base of his middle finger ending down by the outside curve of his palm. “Ahh, there it is.”

“Apple,” he started. “I was slicing an apple because eating it whole is just weird and it’s so much easier to eat it in slices, so that way I have free range with my hands to–”

You stopped him. “So you were slicing an apple on a cutting board and then this happened… to the inside of your palm?” That made no sense. If anything, he would’ve cut a finger or even the outside of his hand.

Shuffling over to the cabinet on the wall adjacent to the bed, you opened it up and grabbed gauze pads and saline solution.

“No, I was holding it. In my hand.” Lin looked you in the eye and then suddenly couldn’t make eye contact. There was a moment of hesitation and he brought his focus to the pulse oximeter still attached to his index finger. “Stupid, I know, but I wasn’t thinking. I had other things going on in my head and I got hungry, so I figured I’d cut up an apple and get back to writing.”

You made your way back over to him.

“I think a lesson was learned today,” you retorted with a smirk on your face as you began to clean the cut.

He winced and jerked his hand away just a bit. “Yeah, but it’s a setback now.”

You tried to clean the cut, but every time you put an ounce of pressure to the area, he seemed more and more uncomfortable. “Okay, I’m gonna numb this.”

“With a topical cream?” He asked with a raised brow, concern growing on his face.

“I could use a topical anesthetic, but when I stitch this up, you’ll probably feel a little more of the sutures than you’d like…”

You felt bad for him, you really did. His apparent uneasiness with needles on top of very obvious sleep deprivation (his eye bags looked worse than yours, dear Lord) made his big brown eyes grow wider and suddenly, they looked, for lack of a better term, helpless. That split second of fear and anxiety staring right back at you in the form of a puppy dog in a human’s body just sent your heart plummeting.

“Look, it’ll be quick. If anything, it’s a quick pinch here,” you pointed to the base of his finger, then the middle of his palm, and the edge of his hand. “There, and… right there. By the time it’s over, you’ll just feel pressure on it and it’s all done.” You flashed him a reassuring smile and shot him a look of ‘okay, let’s do it?’.

Lin audibly swallowed and nodded shaking. “I just… needles. Not too great with them.”

You headed towards the door and shot him yet another sympathetic grin. “I know, but it’ll help, I promise. I’ll be right back with what I need and we’ll get you stitched up and out of here, okay?”

“Sure, take your time, Doc.” He ran his free hand through his hair and let out a deep breath. “Please. Take your time. I need to mentally prepare for… this.” He gestured around the room and looked up at the ceiling.

You chuckled and shook your head. “You’ll be just fine.”

This was an everyday occurrence. Patients came in and out of the hospital, especially the pit where they were never anticipating to be. Patience and understanding were two traits that were necessary on the road to success as a doctor, so when it came to cases like this, the standard protocol was already second nature to you.

Once you had the required items, you took your tray and brought it back to his room. “Hey there, all set?”

A shaky breath escaped Lin’s lips and he shook his head again, clearly trying his hardest to smile. “Uh, no, but it needs to happen. I just… the blood, the stitches, my hand…”

“I’ll distract you,” you offered as you grabbed the stool and took a seat next to the bed. “Okay, put your hand up here and tell me about what you were working on.” Fingers in place in the new pair of gloves, you took the syringe and popped off the top before beginning to administer the anesthesia.

He gasped audibly, prompting you to stop to give him a few more moments of preparation. “Shit, that’s a big needle.” His eyes widened at the sight of the bevel that was a hairline away from his gaping wound.

It was a short gauge, a whopping 26 millimeters from the tip to the hub, barely a millimeter longer than a typical 25-gauge butterfly. A baby’s pinky finger was longer.

“Shh, shh, don’t look,” you told him calmly in an attempt to reassure him. “Close your eyes, Lin. It’s okay. Breathe in, breathe out.” A comforting smile grew across your face as you coaxed him to relax. “So tell me, what’s that thing you were working on?”

“A musical.” He exhaled a shaky breath as he squeezed his eyes shut, his free hand visibly trembling as he brought it up to further cover his face, as if shielding himself from the entire ordeal would make it all go away. You started to administer the anesthesia one more time, working as lightly as you possibly could. “It’s a fuzzy idea I had one day and it just sort of – ow! Sorry, I – ah! Fuck! Damn it! I’m gonna – oh God, I’m gonna puke…”

“It’s over, it’s over, no more pain.” You gazed into his eyes as a smile tugged on the corners of your lips. “Also, no more sensation because you’ll be numb for a few hours.”

He cautiously opened his eyes and looked back at you, chest rising and falling as if he’d sprinted up six flights of stairs, a slight grin of relief reciprocating your own. “God, that was horrible.”

You couldn’t help but giggle a little. There was something entrancing about his personality, and honestly, him being your (hopefully) last patient almost made it worthwhile.

“You’re fine. I’ll get it all stitched and you can go back home to work on that musical, alright? Tell me all about it.” Suture in hand, you began to close up his wound, stealing glimpses of him every now and then to ensure he was comfortable.

“You know the dude on the ten-dollar bill? Well, he’s got a wild story from start to finish.”

“Alexander Hamilton? That guy?”

He opened up his eyes and looked at you as you met his gaze with a quizzical look. With pursed lips, he nodded as if to say, ‘Yeahhhh, crazy.’

A musical. About some old man on the ten spot. Who in the world would do such a thing? Of course, you weren’t about to burst his bubble, especially since he was slowly but surely calming down. And plus, it was mesmerizing just listening to him ramble on.

You were about a third of the way through and despite your desperation for rest (and a bagel – dear God, you were starving), conversing with this sleep deprived, clumsy playwright-slash-musician somehow made tonight much more entertaining – which was odd because your definition of ‘entertaining’ was scrubbing in on a coronary artery bypass graft. But regardless, something about this man made you want to slow down and take your time instead of rushing him out the door.

“So what’s so special about Mr. Ten Dollar bill?” You pulled the suture through and tied a knot, moving languidly to prolong the moment.

“Everything,” he answered, accidentally moving his wounded hand to further emphasize his reply.

You instinctively grabbed him by the wrist to steady his hand.

“Yikes! Sorry, sorry, I forgot…”

With a laugh, you breathed a sigh of relief, worried some freak accident would’ve occurred had you not been quick on your feet – well, hands. “No no, it’s all good. Keep going.”

“Uh, where was I– Right, so he was just some washed up orphan, tough life, big dreams, some victories, huge mistake…”

Stitch upon stitch, you listened intently, finding yourself upstaging Mona Lisa’s smirk with your own because no matter how monotonous this procedure was, you were actually really into it. The conversation, that was, and you just kind of, sort of, maybe, perhaps didn’t want it to end.

Eventually, he wasn’t as nervous as he was when he first arrived and the conversation went from distraction to legitimate socialization.

Suddenly, his voice trailed off.

“This is probably boring to you. You don’t wanna hear about this. You probably have people talking your ear off every day. I’m sorry.” Lin gave you an apologetic smile. “You must be tired of me already.”

You look up at him and shrug, the faintest smile gracing your face. “I mean, it sounded ridiculous at first, but the more you talked about it, the more I wanted to know.”

“Don’t patronize me, it’s okay.” A grin tugged at his lips. “I’m sure you wanted silence.”

Honestly, he was partially right. You wanted nothing more than to drown out the melodies of the hustling, bustling city you called home. There was not a more arousing thought than silence. (That was sad. You were turned on by silence.)

But that was before this patient swept you up in the excitement of the story of Mr. Ten Bucks. And suddenly, you were okay with hearing him drone on and on.

With a shake of your head, you smiled up at him. “I was actually enjoying the conversation.”

“Well anyway, that’s the gist of it. I’ll spare you of the rest of my commentary.” He shot you a sheepish smile and laughed under his breath. “Weird concept, huh?”

“I dig it!” you replied with an enthusiastic nod. Sure, it sounded absurd, but the way he described it to you made it seem like brilliance was brewing. “I want tickets to the show when it’s done. Front and center. I’m gonna be like, ‘Yeah, I fixed up his hand!’

A laugh fell from his lips and he met your eyes. “You’re cute, Doc.”

Oh, there you went with the blushing. You felt the heat radiating from your cheeks and you broke away from his gaze, fearing your quickly reddening face would be noticed. Eyes focused on the task still at hand, you continued to close up the wound.

“I lucked out here in the ER.”

You could practically feel his eyes still on you, and the silly grin on his face made your cheeks flame up even more.

“Look!” You gesticulated a mock presentation of his newly stitched up hand and flashed him your pearly whites, trying to change the subject. “Not bad at all, right?”

He brought his hand up closer to his face and examined it with fascination mixed with a twinge of disgust. “How Frankenstein’s monster-esque.”

You reached out for his hand after giving him a few moments to gawk at it and started to wrap it up with the roll of gauze, finishing it up with a knot. Cleaning up your station, you watched Lin’s reaction and couldn’t help but laugh a little. What a relief, you were finally done.

“It’s shouldn’t scar though, so if you were worried about having aesthetically pleasing hands, those stitches won’t hinder you from pursuing a hand modeling career.”

“Thank you,” he said with a sincere smile. “This was a surprisingly positive experience for me.”

“Well, it was my pleasure. And thank you for educating me on America’s history.”

“It was my pleasure educating a beautiful doctor who won’t, in any way, shape, or form, have any use of her new knowledge of America’s boastful founding father.”

Damn him, he was too charming. Those mesmerizing eyes, tousled dark locks, it almost seemed like he was flirting – No, stop it. You’re exhausted. That’s all it was. Exhaustion. Delusion.

A yawn was making its way out of your mouth and you couldn’t help but let it out and stretch along with it.

“Early shift, huh?” He asked, the grin on his face unwavering. “I get that.”

“Actually, I’m on my way out.”

Saying those words lifted the weight off your shoulders, the contours of your body already feeling the warmth of your bed, your head already sensing the softness of your pillow, your mind already imagining the sensation of rest.

His face fell and his cheeks turned a bright shade of red. “Oh God, and here I was, talking your ear off for about an hour and–”

“Don’t even worry about it!” You waved him off and shook your head fervently. “It’s my job. I chose this life. It’s not your fault.”

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t know. I would’ve just kept my mouth shut had I known.”

“Please don’t feel bad, I’m totally fine. It’s okay, I promise!” You pulled the gloves off your hand and threw them away before putting a hand on his shoulder in an attempt to assuage his worries. “Let me just slide out of here to write you a prescription and you can go home, okay?”

He nodded wordlessly and watched you walk out of the room.

A quick note on the pad and a grab of a handful of gauze and antibacterial cream later, you made your way back into Room 17.

“I’m ba-ack.” You sang as you swung open the door. “Okay, this is for 800 milligram Ibuprofen for pain if need be, and here are some supplies to keep that cut clean and covered, okay?”

There was a brief moment of quiet between the two of you.

He broke the silence.

“Have you had breakfast yet?”

“No,” you shrugged. “I was gonna tackle that issue after work.”

“Can I take you to breakfast?” He asked without missing a beat, cocking his head slightly to the side, eagerly anticipating your response.

What. That was not something you could do. Doctors were not to affiliate themselves with patients they’re currently treating outside of medical reasons.

Wait a damn minute. He was flirting. And you, stupid you, chalked it all up to merely hallucinating because you were so sleep deprived but –

“Sure,” you replied with a quick nod and a bashful smile plastered on your face, your mind not even comprehending that your mouth decided it was best to jump the gun. “I’d like that.”

And plus, technically, you weren’t even treating him anymore. Your job was done. You patched him up, told him how to care for it, and sent him on his way. His primary care physician was in charge of the follow-up. You were in the clear.

“I’m glad,” he stood up from the bed and grabbed the supplies you gave him and stuffed them in his front pocket. “Should I just… wait in the lobby then?”

“Um, well, the nurse will come in with your discharge papers and he’ll go over what the next few weeks are gonna be like. The game plan for your hand and what not. That should give me enough time to head downstairs to change really quickly and I’ll meet you back up here. Is that okay?”

Lin grinned at you. “Absolutely. I can’t wait.”

And with that, you hurriedly walked towards the elevators and rushed to down to the resident lockers. You frantically stripped yourself of forty-one hours’ worth of stress, sweat, blood, and other bodily fluids and changed into comfy leggings, a black tank top, and a flannel to tie it all together. Messenger bag slung over your shoulder and across your body, you approached the mirror hung behind the door, examining your hair, ensuring you were, at the very least, presentable at this point.

Well, you thought to yourself. This’ll have to do.

You met back up with Lin in Room 17, peeking your head through the door with a faint smile. “Hey, all done?”

“All done,” he replied with a nod. “Ready?”

As I’ll ever be, you thought. “Ready.”

Sugar? Yes, Please (M)

Summary: SugarDaddy!Yoongi AU. You’re a college student with an aspiration for journalism, but the traumatic experience of being broke and lonely gives you an opportunity to try out something new: become a Sugar Baby.
Genre: Smut 
Words: 8,216
Warnings: Daddy kink, age difference
A/N: This was originally supposed to be separated into two parts, but I figured just screw it; we’re all thirsty for Yoongi, so I’ll keep it all in one. Please enjoy this monster of a fic because it took me literal days and I am so done with myself.

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all to myself: vlog 3

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info (i suggest reading this first) | 1 | 2 | 3 | on-going

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pynch fluff !!

I am writing a 5+1 things fic for my ao3 account, and I finished one of the parts so I supposed I would upload it to here as a little… sneak peak. Enjoy!

After everything had settled down with the Glendower scheme, Adam and Ronan were absolutely and grossly in love. They were officially in the “honeymoon phase”, as Blue called it. It was toothpaste kisses and whispered sweet nothings, long gazes and meaningful touches. They were in every way, infatuated with one another—but, they were… low-key about it (at least around the group).

If there was ever PDA, it was subtle, small gestures. In Ronan’s opinion, there was no reason to be overly showy. For these reasons, their relationship was never really in the spotlight. It was never the topic of the group’s conversations. It was just background music to whatever was taking place. It wasn’t hidden, they weren’t hiding it, there were just better things to talk about. If the group was a little… behind on all things Ronan and Adam, that was why.

However, while they were alone, affection wasn’t hidden—it was on display. They had said their I love you’s fairly quickly, as the both of them had been sure in their feelings for long enough that there was no point in putting it off. Ronan was relieved when Adam said it first, that way the phrase would stop coming up as word vomit—and he would be able to stop choking it down. He was free to tell Adam he loved him whenever he wanted—and he did. They said I love you all through the day, when they went to bed, when they woke up, over text, and even on the phone.

Looking back, it was bound to slip sometime.

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Anything is Possible

AKA: YouTuber AU

Chapter: 1/?

summary: Thomas didn’t appreciate someone else putting a glass ceiling on his options. It wasn’t like he actually wanted a relationship with Hamilton to be within the realm of possibility but fuck anyone who thought he couldn’t make it happen if he tried to. 

word count:  2534 words

inspired by this conversation i had with @teamfreefuckery

taggins: @angerybisexual & @ryanreyolds !! 

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anonymous asked:

if you're still taking writing requests, maybe scott gets caught up in some of reyes' smuggling business (maybe hurt or kidnapped, even) and reyes is losing his mind from the guilt?

so i got asked this kinda one about five or six times, so i’m here to deliver what the people want! hurt/comfort, ~3200 words, tw for violence and blood. HERE’S THE AO3 LINK. thanks to @kadarakings for betaing.

“Look, you don’t have to do this for me,” Reyes said as he leaned against the table, all lean lines and soft smiles, “But I would be eternally grateful if you did.”

“Don’t you have an army of mooks to do this kinda work?” Scott asked. He sized Reyes up as he sauntered over to him, enjoying the not-so-subtle posing that was definitely for his benefit. Reyes smiled.

“An army of mooks, but only one you,” he said. If he objected to Scott trapping him in place with his hands braced either side of him on the table, he didn’t say anything. In fact, Scott thought he quite liked it, if the flush of colour rising above his collar was any indication, “This could be something big for the Collective. For Kadara. I don’t want to take a gamble with this. I want my best man on the job.”

“I’m your man, am I?” Scott asked, his voice low as he pressed up against Reyes. He loved the way his lashes fluttered at the contact, like he could hardly control himself despite his cool composure.

“I should certainly hope so,” he said as he looped his arms around Scott’s neck, “What do you say?”

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” Scott trailed off. Reyes lifted his chin in an invitation he couldn’t resist, and he met him half-way with the kiss. Reyes Vidal was a very hard man to say no to.

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Following the Fandom

AO3 Link

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff, sort-of AU, first meeting, romantic

Warnings: one swear word and a tiny, tiny if-you-squint bit of suggestiveness

Summary: Dan and Phil are the Youtubers we know and love, except for one thing - they’ve never met. That doesn’t stop the fanbase from shipping them, though, and eventually Phil gathers up the courage to message Dan

Word Count: 7347

A/N: I actually had a lot of fun writing this! It was quickly done, though, so apologies for any typos/errors ^_^

Phil’s brow furrowed as his phone went off again. The constant stream of notifications hadn’t relented once since he’d woken up and flicked his phone on, and he hadn’t even had a chance to get onto his home page to find the source of all the sudden attention before yet another notification turned up and exploded his phone all over again.

Phil nudged his bedsheets down from his shoulders and rolled onto his pillow, squinting at his bright phone screen. It was still ridiculously early in the morning, and yet the stream never ended. What had he even done to spark such a reaction? The last thing he’d done was tweet about an exciting-looking dog he’d seen walking passed his London flat, and he hadn’t uploaded a video since four days ago. His new footage was sitting on his laptop waiting to be edited – so what had caused this sudden flood of notifications?

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Arrow Dodge Challenge

Request: This wasn’t requested.

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

Summary: You’re filming the ‘Arrow Dodge Challenge’ with the whole crew and things don’t go exactly as planned.

Warnings: Very mild injuries and swearing.

Word count: 779

A/N: I’ve been getting major Tyler feels because of @post-stripper-anon (all her writing is wonderful, even though they’re only headcanons, but that somehow makes me like it even more..? It’s mostly Tyler + nsfw, so if you like either I recommend you check her out; 10/10) and I was watching the arrow dodge challenge and after seeing Ethan being shot with the arrows I came up with this and I literally stopped mid-video to write this. Also, I got 2 ideas for this and I kinda want to do both so I split it into 2 endings whoops. So basically while you read this I’ll be writing the other 2 parts and will upload them as soon as I can.

(You can find the two alternate endings at the bottom of the post)

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Arrow Dodge Challenge

“Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to the “Arrow Dodge Challenge”. I’m here with Bob, Wade, Ethan,” Mark said, going down the line of people set out in front of him. “ Tyler, and his lovely girlfriend, who you may or may not know from previous videos, Y/N.”

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Pretty Bird Pt. 15 (Yoongi)

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 |


BTS members: Min Yoongi

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Words: 4.721

Summary: You are Big Hit’s newest trainee, and you have the luck to be tutored by BTS. But the thing is no one asked them before installing you in their dorm. They’re mad, but you’re stronger than you look.

N/A: I am really sorry I made you wait this long. Enjoy! Please come and tell me what you think about this chapter once you finish, becase I am kind of nervous about it! ;) Huge thanks to @morninglightdreams for her editing :)

Originally posted by baebsaes

‘So…’ You started saying, eager to start moving. You were freezing. ‘We should get going.’

‘Yes, we should. ’He offered you his hand. You knew it was part of the farce, but still your heart missed a beat when you extended yours and felt his soft touch. ‘Are you ready?’

You sighed loudly, and he smiled sadly.

‘Don’t worry, I am not ready either.’

The paparazzi followed you from the beginning, walking slowly behind you at a distance no one would have ever considered ‘discreet’.

As you crossed the square before the mall, you could see their flashes, blinking shamelessly in the distance. As you had imagined, it made you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Your every move was being followed, every expression scrutinized. But that was the reason you were there after all. It wasn’t for your own leisure. It was not a date.

It was not real.

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Better Half (Cisco x Reader)

Character: Cisco Ramon

Fandom: The Flash

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Curvy!Reader, Nerdy!Reader

Title: Better Half


Requested by anon:

Hi there!! I’d like to request a the flash imagine, with Cisco please! Since Cisco keeps having bad luck with girls he likes, could you write an imagine where Cisco asks Caitlin to set him up with someone, and then Cisco goes on a blind date (maybe to a museum??) with a cute, fun, curvy girl that gets all his nerdy references because she’s just as big a dork as he is. And just lots of cute and fluff and adorable :) Thank you - I love your blog and your writing so so much!!

A/N: Sorry this took longer to upload TOT It was almost finished, but my stupid laptop fucked up and I had to rewrite a big part of the imagine. Still, I hope you Cisco lovers enjoy this! :)

Defeated and heaving a huge sigh, Cisco walked back to the table of Jitters where Barry and Caitlin waited for him.

“How did it go?” She asked carefully, noticing the sad look in her friend’s face.

“Bad, as usual” Cisco feebly plopped down on the chair. “I never have any luck with girls”

Barry encouraged his friend with a pat on the back and briefly looked over his shoulder to the girl he had tried to ask out.

“She looks conceited, to be fair” He mumbled, trying to make Cisco feel better.

“Yeah, she looks like the kind of girl that is so used to getting what she wants so often that it got to her head” Caitlin agreed.

Cisco looked down to his drink and absently stirred the spoon on it.

“Thanks, guys. But I just have bad lucks with girls, that’s all”

“Maybe it’s just that you’re not that good at asking them out” Barry suggested, exchanging a glare with Caitlin. “You get really nervous”

“And besides, you need a humble and nice girl. Not like that one” Caitlin observed the pretty girl that sat at the other side of the cafeteria. She was definitely not Cisco’s type.

“Hey, Caitlin!” Barry grinned widely as he had an idea. “Do you know anyone?”

The girl thought about some female friends she could introduce to Cisco. There was Chloe… but she wasn’t single.

Maybe Anne… she wasn’t really Cisco’s type either.

Perhaps Y/N… Yeah, she sounded right for him. In fact, they would make a great couple! She was smart, funny, outgoing and shared many interests with Cisco.

“Actually, I do” Caitlin nodded, looking up in deep thought as she examined the situation. “A girl I met a few years ago, her name is Y/N”

Cisco’s eyes lit up with excitement, forgetting about the recent rejection.

“Do you think she’d want to go out with me?” He asked cautiously, not wanting to get heartbroken again.

“Yeah, she would!” The girl smiled warmly. “I think you’ll get along really well too”

Barry chuckled happily and nudged Cisco, excited.

“I’ll set up a blind date for you two” Caitlin picked up her phone and texted her friend right away to see when she was available.

“That would be great” Cisco felt nervous and eager about that date, because he knew Caitlin would set him up with someone pretty good. “Thanks”


A week later, Cisco was getting prepared for the big date.

It had been a long time since he was so nervous.

Caitlin had already set everything up. They would meet in a museum, which spoke about the girl since she had agreed to do so. It meant she was smart and cultured.

Cisco felt fidgety, equally excited and nervous, as he walked to said place.

He kept looking down to himself, wondering if his wardrobe choice had been the right one.

The boy wore cacqui pants with sneakers, a nerdy shirt that screamt Cisco Ramon, and a hoodie. He knew it wasn’t too formal for a date, but he still wanted to show his true self.

As he walked into the building and noticed the silence, he could almost hear his pacing heart throbbing in his ears.

Gulping, he looked around, nervously putting his shoulder length dark hair behind his ears.

He was looking for the girl, wondering if she had arrived already.

But all he could see was an elderly man enjoying the art that hung on the walls, a woman dragging her son by the hand while he was obviously bored and fed up with being there while his mom tried to appreciate the paintings, and a girl.

Well, that might be her!

Cisco was about to step up and talk to her, ask her if she was his blind date. But since he felt too nervous, he stopped before he could move.

Instead, he decided to take a look at her first.

She was a short curvy girl, who was apparently calmly watching the paintings as her hands rested behind her back, her fingers intertwined.

Since he couldn’t see her face as her back faced him, all he could see were his clothes and hair.

Her hair was wavy and long, a thin tuft made into a braid dangling from the side as she leaned to the right to read the plaque on the painting. And her clothes were casual and simple like Cisco’s: blue converse, a purple flounce skirt, a black tank top and a denim jacket.

Although he couldn’t still see her face, Cisco immediately liked her.

Realizing he had been standing there for around a whole minute, he told himself that he needed to make a move. Taking a deep breath to settle the nerves, the boy approached her and softly poked her shoulder.

As the girl looked at him, he noticed her sweet smile and his nervous heart fluttered at the sight.

“Hello, are you…” He cleared his throat, afraid to make a fool out of himself if she was the wrong girl. “Are you Y/N?”

“Yes!” The girl happily replied. “You must be Cisco”

“I must be” He grinned, trying to play it cool because he was starting to like her a lot.

Not only her infectious, sweet and wide smile flustered him. Also, the look in her kind and beautiful eyes dazzled him.

“Nice to meet you!” She exclaimed, throwing herself to hug him.

Surprised, he hugged her too, a bit awkwardly. When they broke away, she timidly smiled and put her hair behind her ear as she stared at the floor.

“Should we… take a look around here then?”

“Sure” Coyly, she looked up at him until their glares met, loving his warm brown eyes.

Cisco and Y/N started to walk around the museum, briefly looking at the art pieces around them.

“Your shirt is amazing, by the way” Y/N grinned and poked his chest, right in the symbol next to the letters. “With flux capacitor and all!”

Cisco was so nervous that he had to look down to remember what he was wearing.

It was the black t-shirt with the Delorean from Back to the Future.

The boy grinned widely, pleasantly surprised that not only she knew it but she was obviously a big fan.

“Nice necklace too” He complimented her, observing that the ring that hung from her neck was not other than the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.

“It’s my precious, one ring to rule them all” She joked, holding it between her fingers and chuckling.

Cisco laughed too, having the feeling that it would be a great blind date.


Half an hour later, they were still in the museum. After their initial forced banter in which they tried to break the ice and leave the awkwardness behind, they focused in actually appreciating the place they were in and looking at the paintings and sculptures.

Y/N amazed Cisco as she knew a lot about both art and history. She could tell the artist, movement and technique just by looking at the piece and also pinpoint the exact historical event it took place in along with an accurate explanation of it.

So Cisco was entertained and very impressed.

They had walked through the whole museum and thought that it would be nice to go somewhere else.

Caitlin had suggested a few places to Cisco for them to hang out at, but still he discussed with Y/N where they should go. So while they agreed on a place, they took yet another walk around the museum.

They alternated picking a place to go next with the art appreciation. So as they went through the long hallways discussing cool places they knew about, one of them would stop in front of a painting that had previously caught their attention.

Cisco stopped before a certain piece and tilted his head as he stared at it with curiosity.

“What is it?” Y/N positioned herself next to him and observed his face.

She noticed how his expression turned from focused to amused in merely one second. The girl found it very cute.

“I knew that guy looked familiar!” The boy exclaimed triumphantly, pointing a finger to one of the figures that appeared on the painting. “He looks like Lex Luthor!”

Y/N couldn’t help it, she thought that was so hilarious that she burst out laughing. Her guffaws resounded around the silent museum, many heads turning to her and sending her annoyed and strange glares.

Cisco chuckled, finding her reaction to be adorable as well.

The guard shushed her and she hurried to clasp a hand against her mouth to suffocate her giggles.

“Jitters?” He suddenly remembered that place. It was perfect!

A calm place to chat, eat something and have a drink. A place where they could chill and maybe get to know each other better.

“Yeah, sounds nice!” Y/N replied excitedly.

So since the guard looked annoyed at them, they decided to hurry up and go to Jitters.


Smiling in spite of himself, Cisco glanced up at Y/N, forgetting about his coffee for a moment.

“Thanks again for paying” The girl told him with a coy but stunning smile. “And for everything, I’m having a great time”

“Me too” The boy grinned at her, a big wide smile that was so adorable that made her grin as well. “You’re pretty freaking awesome, Y/N”

She chuckled, still blushing at the same time, flattered.

“Am I?”

“Yeah” For a moment, Cisco looked down to his drink while he shyly bit his lip. “I’ve never met someone who gets me so well”

Even though the girl understood that he meant it in a deeper way, she decided to tease him a little.

“That’s because your references are basic, Cisco” Y/N joked, but she pursed her lips together in concern when his glaze met with hers.

She hoped he didn’t take it in a bad way. She was just joking, but they didn’t really know each other that well and maybe she offended him and it could ruin everything.

What if he hated her now?!

“Oh, really?” Much to her relief, Cisco acquired a joking smug expression as he leaned back in his seat coolly. “You think you can get harder references?”

“I find your lack of faith disturbing” She smugly told him.

Impressed, he cocked an eyebrow and tried to keep a straight face.


“Bring it on”

He stirred in his seat, already rummaging through his nerdiest side to throw the hardest references to her. He smirked and observed for a moment before he started, leaning on the table.

Y/N’s eyes twinkled with excitement and happiness, she was obviously loving that moment. Cisco’s eyes in fact had the same cheerful spark.

“The cake is a lie” The boy started, his brown eyes deeply staring at hers in concentration.

“Portal” Y/N quickly replied, a hint of a smirk rising in the corner of her lips.

“Do or do not, there is no try”

“Star Wars”

Cisco laughed sarcastically, unimpressed.

“Which one? And who said it?”

Y/N smirked bluntly, proud that she could answer those questions to surprise him.

“Yoda said it to Luke in Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back”

“With great power comes great responsibility”

“Uncle Ben to Peter in Raimi’s Spider-Man”

“Come with me if you want to live”


“Bowties are cool”

“Doctor Who”

“Your princess is in another castle”



Y/N grinned in an exaggerated way, proud to be such a huge nerd as he was.

Cisco nodded his head, truly impressed by her geek knowledge.

She giggled, because she noticed the way he was looking at her. Suddenly, his eyes were extremely sweet, showing how fond he was of her already.

Flustered by his glare, she picked up her drink and took a sip, averting her eyes from his.

To hide the fact that she was just as fond of him.


When the date was over, Cisco insisted on walking her home.

As they arrived to her front door, Y/N rubbed her hands. The change of temperature from the warm cafeteria to the cold streets was huge.

“It’s freezing out here!” Shaking like a leaf, she held to Cisco’s arm and cuddled to his side in search for his body warmth.

“Come on, Y/N, it’s not so cold” He beamed. “Is it just an excuse to get close to me?”

“Don’t be conceited, Cisco” The girl joked, making the both of them to laugh.

“I’ll tell you what” Cisco grinned with confidence, hoping that way she would say yes. “We need to do this again”

Y/N stared at Cisco, tilting her head with an unreadable expression on her face.

The boy gulped, afraid he had ruined it. But to his relief, she smiled.

“I would love that” Y/N leaned forward to leave a soft kiss on his cheek.

Cisco blushed and cleared his throat to avoid awkwardness as he restlessly moved.

“Great” He mumbled shyly. “Can’t wait”

He was about to walk away when she held him by the hand to stop him.

Cisco looked at her, surprised yet glad she didn’t want him to leave.

“How are you gonna call me if you don’t have my number, silly?” Y/N retrieved her hand and when she did he noticed a little note was on his.

The boy opened the note to reveal a phone number scribbled down on it and he grinned.

“I’ll call you soon” He promised, saving the paper on his pocket carefully as if it was the most precious thing he ever had.

“You better” Y/N winked at him and walked in, Cisco’s gorgeous grin inked in her memory. She treasured that image and held it fondly.

Cisco chuckled to himself, still not believing what a wonderful date that had been. He couldn’t wait to tell his friends about it.

He walked away, shoving his hand on his pockets to feel the little paper against his skin to make sure it was still there.

As he walked back home, he kept smiling. Y/N was a great girl.

Caitlin had been right about wanting to set her up with him, and he definitely needed to thank her.

Because he felt lucky, as if he had finally met his better half.

BTS Telling the Fans You’re Pregnant With His Child

Song Suggestion: Dream - Suzy & Baekhyun

Wifivandal Requested: Could you possibly do a bts imagine where they tell their fans that you’re pregnant with their child and they’re super happy and proud and stuff :D please please please 

I gotchu fam 

~Admin S

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Jin:  Honestly, this boy I swear. He would be absolutely ecstatic about your pregnancy, and you know how he would show it? Through a dad joke. He would tell a joke so horrible so terrible it would make you cringe, and it’s precisely how he would want to introduce his little baby to be to the fans. “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “Underwear.” “Underwear who?” “Underwear my baby is tonight?” He would scratch his head a few times and then a look of surprise would cross his features “That’s right,” ”He would mutter, still loud enough for the fans to hear though “My baby’s in Y/Ns stomach!” The fans would no doubt be shocked, but Jin would just casually and calmly continue on with the event, not referring back to the pregnancy other than with the huge grin spread across all of his features the rest of the night. As time went on though, he would bring up your pregnancy more frequently in interviews and variety shows, making sure everyone knew he was going to be a father, and the father of your child at that.He would introduce your child with a dad joke and you better get used to the dad jokes cause this dork was not about to let up anytime soon.

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Suga: The two of you were only dating at the time when you became pregnant, so you were quite concerned with both how Yoongi would react to finding out and how the fans would react if news got out. And boy did news get out, just not quite the news you were expecting…. Apparently you hadn’t thrown away the positive pregnancy test you had taken. Either that or Yoongi just so happened to see it sitting in the bathroom trashcan. However he found out, he knew that you were pregnant and taking it as good an opportunity as any, Yoongi wanted to make IT known to the public, known to the world how much you mean to him. Yep, if you haven’t guessed it already, he proposed. Taking you put for a nice dinner, black tie dress, when desert came about he was on one knee and you were nearly in tears. Now with the proposal being shock enough to fans, the two of you decided to wait a bit before exposing the news of your pregnancy as well. Still when the two you did reveal you were carrying his child, Yoongi was every bit of happy as when he first found out to share the news.

Originally posted by taestylips

Rap Monster: Cautious. Extremely cautious. And when extremely is said, that is by no means an overstatement, an understatement if anything. Being the leader of the group, Namjoon has a lot of responsibility on his shoulder, having to look after both the younger and older members of the group, God he was so excited when he found out you were pregnant. He would have his own little bundle of joy to look after and hold and love, but he also had the group’s reputation to think about. He couldn’t risk the groups image and choose emotions over logic. This would most likely end up in a fight between the two of you, but eventually you guys would work it out, resulting in Namjoon eventually telling the fans, but in a very calculative manner that would damage Bangtan’s image in the least, potentially even using his little unborn child to help their image. When it all came down to it though, Namjoon loved you more than anything and that little bean you were carrying that he helped create, he loved you even more.

Originally posted by junghosyub

J-hope:  I see him telling the fans about your pregnancy over a radio cast. It was a special Bangtan was doing to promote some of their most recent releases. It was one of those radio shows that was broadcasted live through the internet as well as on air. At the end of the show, the host would ask for final thoughts and right after Namjoon thanked the host and Armies for tuning in, Hoseok would jump in right before the host wrapped up the entire. “By the way everyone Y/N’s carrying my child, bye~!” He would finalize it with a little peace sign and a wink, as the rest of Bangtan just stared at him a little shocked. Rapmon would be a little pissed as Hoseok hadn’t let him know beforehand that he was going to abruptly tell the fans the news, and all of their social media accounts and fansites would be flooded wit comments, questions, concerns, words of support. It would be a mess, but eventually everything would die down and you bet Hoseok would be coming home to you after that broadcast with an enormous grin and about a million tummy kisses.

Originally posted by suga-com

Jimin: No doubt, Jimin would get very very emotional. His eyes would well up threatening to spill over and his fingers would lace together as if he were pleading the fans to accept you and his child. He would chuckle a bit and also let a tear or two slip. He would be so so scared that the fans would be upset, but as soon as he told the fans about his little bundle of joy to be a huge weight would be lifted off of his chest. Still, of course, some fans would be upset and some would even lash out or give hate on social media, but he knew together the two of you would make it through anything. Besides, he just couldn’t wait for his little prince or princess to pop into the world and to hold him or her in his arms.

Originally posted by jeonsshi

V: Taehyung loves kids. He absolutely adores them. When the love of his life finally got pregnant and is now carrying HIS baby, he would be simply ecstatic. !!He !!would !!just !!be !!so !!excited!!! Although, with Tae’s lack of common sense in mind, he would probably do something mildly thoughtless and end up accidentally telling his fans about your pregnancy. He would probably end up uploading a picture of him kissing your stomach to social media and cause an uproar that way. Oops… guess he forgot that the fans didn’t know yet. He would probably follow up with a vapp broadcast later on to officially let everyone know what was going on, letting the entire world know just how excited he was to be a father in the process.

Originally posted by jecn

Jungkook: Precious baby bean, OH my god he was going to be a father. The child himself was going to have a child of his own. Oh my god am I gonna be a good father? Am I going to be able to see my child when he or she is born? Am I going to be able to spend enough time with him or her?? The poor little maknae would have so many concerns and be kinda a lil bit of a nervous wreck, but he would be so excited too. He would most likely end up letting the fans know after a show or a signing event through social media or something. He had been off the entire event and the fans had taken notice , worrying that he was overworking himself. In reality he was sick to his stomach with concerns about being a good father. In the end he would tell the fans about your pregnancy and his worries so they would no longer be as concerned for him. And then once he finally stopped being so concerned about being the best father possible, the excitement would set in. He was going to be a father. He was young to be the father of YOUR child. And he couldn’t be happier.

A Slip of the Tounge

Prompt thing: Phil and Dan come out during a live show, somewhat accidentally. 

Genre: FLUFFITY FLUFF FLUFF. With slight tiny amount of angst. Just barely there. Oh, and mentions of smut, but no actual smut, ya know? 

A/N: Shameless self promo for me and my fave twitter account. Go check ‘em out!

Dan smiled, staring at the little light on his computer that indicated where the built in camera was. He was sitting on the couch in the flat he shared with his best friend - and boyfriend- Phil. Currently in the middle of a live show on the website YouNow, he was dressed in a plain black sweater with a collar like thing and black skinnies, with his dark brown hair swept to the side as it always was. 
“When is your next video going to be up?” Dan read off the screen cheerfully. Looking at the screen he answered with, “Well, the last one was a bit recent, like a /whole/ two days. I’m in the very important filming process of another one, don’t worry. Although, a certain amazing person should’ve uploading tomorrow.” 
He winked in a playfully suggestive way as he said it, hoping the viewers- all five thousand or so of them- got the hint. Apparently, they did, if the “OmG, Phil’s!?1?1!” comments we’re anything to go by.
“I’m not saying exactly who’s,” Dan teased with a smile. He looked at the laptop screen and saw his own face, dimples and all. 
“By the way,” he added, “I would currently like to thank @ConardCaroline and at @mildred_ghost for the drawings they sent into the BBC radio studio, the ones of Phil and I. Also, thanks to…” Dan repeated the mental list of everyone he had wanted to thank for sending in stuff and other various things. After his list was through, however, he realized that he was only halfway into the show and had no idea of what to do next. They had already gone through most of his usual activities, like Guess The Crime. 
Anxiously staring at the screen, he read through several of the comments before reading his favorite out loud: “”Bring out Phil? Please?” Well, if he’s not to busy with ultra lame things like editing or whatever.” Dan smiled to show that he was only joking, and that he took editing seriously and all of that. “I’ll go get him. Don’t go anywhere Danosaurs and Phillions.” 
He set his laptop on the side of the couch. Standing up and stretching (after being in his infamous Internet position for about four hours, who could blame him for taking a second to stretch?), he casually strolled across the flat and through the also infamous kitchen glass door to the hallway where his and Phil’s bedrooms were. Much to the brown eyed boy’s surprise, Phil was already waiting for him. Phil was casually leaning against his doorframe, as if he had known Dan was coming. He was wearing a blue and green plaid shirt that went amazingly with his bright blue eyes. His black hair was pushed to the opposite side of the way Dan parted his as always. Phil smiled as Dan approached, calmly saying, “Hey.”
“I was doing the live show and-” Dan started, his heart beating a bit faster than normal, probably due to Phil’s near presence. 
“I know, I was watching,” Phil admitted, cutting off Dan and looking down and blushing. Bus bangs fell in his eyes. Dan could also feel his cheeks going slightly red. Phil watched his live shows? 
“You were?”
“Well, yeah.” 
Dan gave Phil a little half smile, just enough for a dimple to show. “We shouldn’t keep the, waiting then.” 
“Good idea,” agreed Phil.
Hand in hand, they walked back to the couch where Dan’s laptop was resting. As soon as they were in sight of the camera, Dan dropped Phil’s hand, almost as a reflex. He loved Phil, but he didn’t think he was ready for everyone to know just yet. He and his secret boyfriend sat down, legs intertwined where the camera couldn’t catch sight of it. 
“Back!” Dan grinned at the screen.
“Hi guys!” Phil also spoke to the camera. The two of them spent a few seconds saying hello to various names on the screen before the questions started popping up. 
“So, Phil, are you ready to answer some questions?” Dan asked. As he looked at Phil, he couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of deja vu. Like from the time Phil had asked him that exact question while filming a q and a video. 
Apparently, Phil picked up on it too, because he said in an imitation of Dan, “No-o.” 
The viewers went very crazy.
Questions poured in quickly, though, and the two of the, took turns reading them off the screen and answering. 
“Who’t on top?” Dan read, before bursting into laughter. “Who do you think, ya pervs?” 
“No comment.” Dan could see Phil blushing adorably out of the corner of his brown eye. 
“Do you ship Troyler?” Phil countered, changing the subject. 
Dan paused, momentarily confused. “That’s Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley, right?” 
“Yeah,” Phil replied. 
“O-T-effing-P!” Dan exclaimed, clipping off every word… Er, every letter. 
He and Phil both laughed, hoping Tyler and Troye hadn’t bothered watching the live show. And if they did? Oh well, that’s not Dan’s problem is it? 
“Most recent kiss?” Dan said, reading off the screen. Instantly, he wished he hadn’t and momentarily panicked, praying that Phil would think of something. 
Unfortunately, the black haired boy replied without a moments thought, saying, “Dan of course.” 
Dan watched, slightly in shock, as Phil suddenly came to the realization of what he had just said. His blue eyes were as wide as softballs- Dan’s own eyes were probably just as large- and Phil blinked in surprise. “Oh my god, Dan, I’m so sorry! I really didn’t mean to- it just slipped out and-“
Dan watched again as Phil suddenly shot up, almost knocking the laptop over, and sprinted for his room. Without a seconds thought, Dan followed, all but throwing his laptop to the ground. He reached Phil’s door in seconds, yanking it open. He entered to see Phil sitting cross legged on the bed, his head in his hands. Dan felt a pang of sadness, only for Phil’s sake. He figured Phil was beating himself up for outing them. Dan walked over to him, sitting next to Phil. His boyfriend. And now everyone knew it. 
Upon hearing Dan sit down, and feeling the bed move probably, Phil looked up at Dan. Once again, he started to apologize. “I’m so, so, so sorry, Dan.” 
“Don’t be.” 
“But you didn’t want to tell anyone,” Phil muttered. 
“Well, now they know,” Dan shrugged, feeling strangely calm. He’d been worried about what everyone would think, but now that they all knew, he realized he shouldn’t have been panicking. 
“And you don’t care?” Phil raised an eyebrow. 
“Not as much as I thought I would,” Dan shrugged again, this time pulling his arm up to wrap it around Phil. Phil, in return, leaned into the embrace. 
“Dan, I love you.” 
“I love you, too, Phil.”

SoraMafu 02/06/2015 Chatting Namahousou

Soramafu warning: THERE IS A LOT OF CUTE SORAMAFU IN THIS POST. If you don’t like it, i’m sorry. Mafu is there so it’s bound to happen :c Thank you to kazuian for everything i am nothing T_T literally trash lol

Also, i’ve received the second part of that DQMSL event from kazuian and and and i haven’t watched it yet but yeah. It’s almost 3am so maybe i’ll watch it tomorrow. I had to stop myself from watching that first.

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Drunken Void

Summary: Jimin has an empty void; one that you refuse to acknowledge.
Genre: Angst
Words: 2,084
Warnings: Alcohol consumption, drunk texting, friend-zoning
A/N: I woke up to a friend of mine confessing to me over text because he was piss drunk, and it turns out, he didn’t even remember sending it. Sorry bro, but I turned you into a fic!!!

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All I Want for Christmas is You

Summary: When AmazingPhil convinces his flatmate (nonyoutber!Dan) to film a Christmas video, things get a little out of hand when his fans are convinced they’re a couple. 

Genre: fluff, au

Warnings: none, I think


A/N: Happy Holidays!!! I wanted to get everyone into the holiday spirit so I wrote a little fic, hope you like it :)

“Dan!” Phil called from the kitchen, “are you ready?”

Dan closed Tumblr with a groan, not quite sure what he had gotten himself into. He walked into the kitchen, where Phil was setting up to film.

“Are you sure about this, Phil?” Dan asked, “What if I mess up?”

“Then we can edit it out,” Phil said, turning to face his best friend, “and I’m sure if you’re sure. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

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Dating Blues (Bias x Reader) Pt.1

Name’s Hadya. Twenty years old. I enjoy listening to music in almost every language. I practice yoga. I work as a fashion photographer and having a good fashion sense is very important.

You cringe as you read your mini biography aloud. Your friends had talked you into creating a profile on a dating website believing you were simply wasting your youthful days away. You hadn’t dated in nearly three years and work was so hectic that you found no need to. Why was it necessary to have a person in your life? You were doing quite fine on your own.

You read over the paragraph once more which resulted in a loud face palm.

“You practice yoga? Really?” But it was true. You did practice yoga of some kind. Except it involved more body movements that could have a man on his knees in pain and bleeding in a matter of seconds.

You also lied about your occupation. You chose a fashion photographer because, well, you liked photography. Also your real job would have you single forever if any man found out.

You also lied about your name, for various reasons.

You didn’t bother to think it through. You saved the information and patiently waited for a response.

That wait lasted for a week. You faithfully checked up to the third day until you grew tired of this pettiness and forgot about it. Your friends blamed you for not uploading a photo to let people know what you looked like. You thought they were insane for suggesting. Didn’t they know better? 

On the seventh day you receive a notification on your phone signifying someone had not only checked out your page, but had sent you a message.
You decided to view his profile first. 

You skimmed over his biography, sneaking glances at his profile picture. It was a full body photo which wouldn’t let you zoom in to see his face. He was from South Korea but was doing business in Italy for a few months. He was in Italy, of all the places for you to visit at the moment. Too ironic.

“Gil,” You speak into your phone. Gil was your closest friend/co-worker. She was the best person to run a background check, as she was one of the best hackers in this part of the world. She was also the one who talked you into doing this.

“I’m already on it.” she says without you requesting anything.

You take this time to read his biography. 

He enjoyed traveling. He was a book publisher. He enjoyed the simple things in life and was looking for one that was interested in the same.

You roll your eyes. So basic. You move to the message instead.

Dear Ms. Hadya. My name is Jae, as it says in the far corner above my picture,” you smile at the subtle humor. “I would like to get to know you better, since you have no picture for me to see. I also think your biography is great. Blunt and no beating around the bush. By the way, I happen to have a great fashion sense, so don’t worry.” 

“Anything on him yet?” you ask Gil. 

“He’s clean, except for violating his parking meter.” 

You never hit the reply button so fast, “Let’s do this.” you say to yourself. 

You reply saying that you’re up for it. 

A few hours later he responds with, “Good. I’ll meet you at the SpearMint Cafe at 2:00pm in three days. I’ll be the man with the royal blue scarf freezing to death.” 

Your eyes bulge at his forwardness. He was serious about this. You briefly gave him your physical description and that you’d be wearing a light blue coat that you couldn’t miss. 

So this was it. You were finally going on a date after how long. But you couldn’t believe it. Internet dating, were you insane? Apparently so. 

Three days later you were dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, gray loafers, a white turtle neck sweater with a long baby blue coat that blocked out majority of the cold. 

You stepped into the SpearMint Cafe and took in the interior. It was a large cafe that also had a second floor. It had charcoal walls, almost like a chalkboard where the menu was written in chalk. It also happened to be a Japanese cafe. They had a line of sushi, sandwiches, and other foods settled behind a glass window. A bar was set up but it was mildly crowded. 

You scanned the cafe searching for a man with a blue scarf but to no avail. You check the time on your phone. 1:50pm. You weren’t all that punctual, but you made an effort today. You take a seat by the window, casually glancing at each face. But there was no one with a royal blue scarf. 

Thoughts entered your mind. Were you being stood up? Were you too easy about this? You practically agreed the first time he asked without having a full conversation? He’d never even seen your face, why was he interested? What if you’re being catfished? Oh he better not. What if -

You’re in the midst of battling with yourself when you see someone stand in front of you. You glance up to see a man dressed in all black with a royal blue scarf tucked around his neck. His ears and the tip of his nose is red. He removes his hands from his coat pocket, “Are you Hadya?” 

“Yes,” you say standing. 

You find that he towers over you by almost a foot. I should’ve worn heels. You thought to yourself. 

He removes his leather gloves from his slender hands and extends one to you. He smiles and so do his eyes, “I’m Jae. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” 

His hand is still holding onto yours and your gaze is still fixated on his brown eyes, “I think we should sit,” you say with a laugh. 

He nods in agreement. “Would you like coffee?” he asks. 

“No.” You shake your head. Your emotions are tying your stomach in knots. You need something solid and heavy to combat your nervousness. “I’d rather eat something.” 

He raises his eyebrows a fraction of an inch, “A woman with an appetite. Now I feel stingy for wanting coffee,” 

The waiter comes to your little table asking if you’d like anything. He sees Jae and automatically starts to converse in Japanese. Jae is unfazed. Your Korean is better than your Japanese, but it’s enough to get you by.

Jae turns to you, ready to translate, but you help yourself, “I’ll have the Philadelphia roll, please. And instead of asparagus, could you add in cucumbers?”

The waiters eyes widen in surprise and he smiles with a bow of his head, before saying “Yes,” 

Jae has a small smile on his face, “You’re good. But don’t you think that’s going to be too spicy?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“You asked instead of asparagus, to add extra spicy sauce,”

You gasp standing up, “No, I meant to say cucumbers,” 

Jae laughs and calls out to the waiter, yelling something in Japanese as to what you take to mean ‘cucumber’. He nods, and proceeds to making the sushi roll. 

You guys continue to talk as he sips his coffee and soon your sushi is in front of you. You offer him some and to your disappointment he accepts. There’s nine pieces in total and he leaves the last two for you. Just to be sure, you ask if he wants one more, but he declines.

The date is going smoothly. The uneasiness has left you which made you aware of its absence causing you to observe your surroundings even more. You’re deep in conversation when something catches your eye in the reflection of Jae’s sunglasses that was hooked on the front of his shirt. You don’t dare turn around. Instead you feign discomfort, claiming an eyelash is in your eye.

You open your small make-up mirror from your coat pocket and use it to catch the images of the people behind you. Scattered around the tables and bar are men dressed in black, some dressed in winter casuals. To others this is completely normal. If it wasn’t for how each of them were seated, not entirely conversing with one another. Right at that moment one of them sneaks a glance at you and you stared back for a full second before snapping your mirror closed. 

“Everything alright?” Jae asks, pulling you back to the matter at hand. 

“I feel restless. Can we go for a walk, work off this sushi?” 

He looks confused for a moment before complying, “Sure. But it’s freezing outside.”

He pays the bill, despite your protest of wanting to pay for your sushi since he only ordered coffee. You stand up with him and loop your arm through his when he surprisingly offers it to you, “Paying on a date shouldn’t be a big deal,”

You both walk through the door and you find that the men also get up a few at a time behind you. Not subtle at all. 

Your date is completely unaware of what’s happening behind him. You walk down the street with the crowd hoping you’ll blend. But you know you won’t. Why did you choose to wear a light blue coat today, of all days? 

“Why are we walking so fast?” Jae asks. You slow down but only for a moment. His long strides should outpace yours. You steal a glance over your shoulder to find that the men are more obvious now. They’re bumping into people, trying not to lose you. 

Jae glances behind him, “What in the world…? We should move out of the way before they run us over,” he takes your arm guiding you into an alley. The stone walls reveal doors to different shops and restaurants. 

You move the latch of one door and the both of you move inside before the first of your pursuers can spot you. You release a breath you didn’t know you held in. You find that you’re in a kitchen that smells of baked bread. You stand on a box looking out a mini window at the street outside. 

“As much as I’m up for adventures, I’d really like to know what’s going on here? Why were you rushing like that? Are those men after you?” he asks behind you.

You press on the tip of your toes to get a better view, “No. I just can’t really stay in one place for too long." 

He chuckles, "Believe me, I’ve noticed." 

At this you freeze. How would he have noticed that if we just met? You jump back off of the box and turn to face him, but to your unpleasant surprise, you find Jae, your blind Internet date, rolling a silencer onto his gun.

This is only part one, if you guys are feeling this story, I’ll add more ^-^

Like a Dream(P.3)

Title: Like a Dream(P.3)
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader
Warnings: N/A for this chapter.
Summary: Y/N lands the role of Peter Pan’s romantic interest in a movie-version of Once Upon a Time and Robbie tries to convince his co-actors that he doesn’t have the slightest interest in his new female counterpart.

Originally posted by ashxxrose


“Are you nervous?” Robbie asked, his eyes on my face, I was laying back on the sand, looking up at the lights above us. 

My gaze shifted as I glanced over at him. “Oh…Well sort of, not much.” I paused, sitting up. “What about you?”

He chuckled, moving so he could sit down next to me in the sand. We were on the set still, though filming had already stopped for the day. “Sorta, I guess. How are you not nervous?”

The corner of my mouth tilted up into a smile, I shrugged. “It’s you. I don’t have much to worry about. I guess I’m kinda nervous since there will be a bunch of cameras and everyone will be on set, but…I’m not nervous about the scene itself. I trust you.”

He smiled back, glancing over at me before laying back on the sand as well. “I guess you’re right. I’m glad you trust me though. Still has me in a bundle. It’s a bit more of a scene then just a kiss.”

“Well at least you being topless isn’t that big of a deal, me on the other hand…” I trailed off and then laughed. “At least we have a couple weeks to prepare for it.” 

“They just totally threw it on us though. ‘New part of the script guys.’” He chuckled. “Oh, by the way…It’s a sex scene. At least you won’t actually be having sex, but you have to make it seem that way.”

I couldn’t help, but blush, even though I was still laughing with him. “Should be quite interesting.”

Robbie smiled and rolled onto his side, poking my cheek with his finger. “Come on, enough talk about business. How did you like the premier last night? You know, when you weren’t sleeping on my shoulder.”

I laughed again, grinning lightly. “It was a blast actually. I really thought I’d be super nervous about the interviews, but they were super fun. I sure wish I had watched the actual show though.”

“Yeah, well…Interviews and bright lights can certainly take all your energy out of you. Parker was all excited about his Instagram post yesterday, I guess it is quite popular.” Robbie smirked “He’s also got that silly ‘Felra’ tag going around.”

There was another small chuckle and then I looked back up at the lights. “Yeah, there’s a kissing scene between Felix and Akira coming up.” I snorted. “You know, for apparently being peter Pan’s queen, Akira sure kisses a lot of people.”

Robbie burst out laughing, sitting up a bit as he dusted some of the sand off his back. “Well, she’s quite alluring.” He looked over his shoulder at me and smirked. “Hungry?”

“I could use a bite, yeah.” I agreed, nodding with a small smile.

With a nod, Robbie jumped up, dusting himself off all the way before offering me his hand. “Let’s go then. Good food makes me happy.”

Reaching my hand out, I took his and let him pull me to my feet. “Lead the way, Peter Pan.” I said in my best ‘dark queen’ voice.

Robbie narrowed his eyes, taking on a dark look before loosing it with a small laugh. “Right this way, my Queen.” He took a light bow before opening up the front door to the set. We walked through still hand in hand before a flash of lights made us let go pretty quickly. 

The cameras were already grabbing shot after shot as we pushed through to get to Robbie’s car. “Enjoying the glamorous life, m’lady?” Robbie laughed before opening my door. 

“Oh quite.” I chuckled, sliding into my seat as he went around to the other side and got in. 

“Well, I’m sure they got enough pictures to make quite the story.”

We pulled out of the set and headed down the road with some music before we finally agreed on a place to eat. “Suddenly, I’m a lot more then a little hungry.” I said, my stomach growling a bit.

He grinned, grabbing his phone to send a text. “We’ve got company too.” He pointed at a car in the parking lot. Parker’s. 

“Should have guessed! You guys have the same taste in food.” I giggled, sliding out of the car and following Robbie inside. We made our way in and looked around, catching sight of Parker sitting with Dylan, the boy who was playing Baelfire in the movie. 

Parker looked up and smiled when he saw us, waving for us to join him, making sure to scoot over in the booth so we had room. We slid so we were sitting across from each other, Parker to my right. I smiled, saying hello to both Parker and Dylan before the waitress took our drink order. Robbie and I both got lemonade. 

“Did you two lovebirds see the adorable comments on my Instagram?” Parker grinned, taking a sip of his Pepsi. 

Dylan chuckled and pulled out his phone. “They think you two are dating.”

Me and Robbie both rolled our eyes, laughing lightly. “They always think something. I am sure they’ll come up with some more stories as filming continues.”

Parker smirked. “Well we all know it won’t be a rumor for to long.”

Robbie shot Parker a look before our drinks were set down in front of us. I didn’t notice anything as I took a drink, smiling over at Parker. “You’re probably the reason they’re shipping this whole thing. Captain of the ship.”

The blonde laughed a bit, nodding. “I was going to Captain your ship, but Felra is taking of, I have to be there to contribute to our awaiting fans.” 

I laughed, pointing at his phone as I took a drink of my lemonade. “Okay, here I’ll help you get the fans onto your ship and away from ours so me and Robbie can leave set without being blinded. Kiss my cheek, take a picture.”

Robbie smirked a bit halfheartedly before taking his lemonade in his head, sinking a bit into the booth as he watched Parker light up, turning his phone on to bring up the Instagram app. “Felra for the win” He grinned, leaning over so he could rest his lips against my cheek. I winked at the camera when he took the picture and then glanced at the clock at the top of his screen. 

“Oh gosh!” I nearly spilled my drink when I jumped from the booth. “I’m sorry guys…Raincheck on lunch, okay? I have to go. I promised my mom…I just, I have to go.”

Robbie stood up, his brow lifted. “Do you need a ride?” 

I smiled, giving him a hug as I shook my head. “No that’s okay, enjoy your lunch, I can grab a cab or have my mom grab me, but I really have to get going. I’ll see you on set tomorrow.” Before I could realize what I did, I kissed his cheek, waving a goodbye to the other two before rushing out of the door.


Robbie had placed his hand over the spot where she had kissed him, sitting back in the booth before his eyes caught both Parker and Dylan smirking. He instantly removed his hand and shot them a glare before giving the waitress his order. 

“If I hadn’t just gotten to kiss her cheek myself, I may have been a bit jealous.” Parker smirked, eyes on his phone as he uploaded his tagged ‘Felra’ picture.

Robbie rolled his eyes. “It was just a reaction, I’m sure.” He cleared his throat “Didn’t mean anything, even if it did…I don–”

“Date coworkers?” Parker finished, looking over at him. “You’ve said that before. But what do you  think it looks like when you guys are literally always together even when you’re not on set?”

Dylan nodded. “Yeah, a lot of the cast has been talking about it. Lana was saying she wanted to be a bridesmaid at the wedding.”

Robbie nearly spit his drink out before tossing them another dirty look, half turning from them, half trying to avoid the conversation. His cheeks tinged red. Still, they weren’t wrong. The two of them did spend a lot of time together since she started filming with them. He wondered how Y/N saw it. If she felt like it was more then just friends hanging out. He questioned if he should ask her, get it sorted out before either of them thought the wrong thing. He really didn’t want there to be any problems on set, but mostly, he didn’t want her to seem hurt or confused.

He bit his lower lip when he realized that last thought. He was actually more concerned for her benefit then his own.