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Scene: An anti-sjw takes the stage to do some stand-up

“Hey guys, my name is Ben, and I’m an attack helicopter.”

The crowd is silent, watching him with a mix of caution and sympathy. A few people cover their eyes to avoid the trainwreck that they can already see unfolding in front of them. Ben’s hands start to sweat. B-but badsjw reblogged my post! They tagged it as ‘lmao’! How can these guys not find it funny? he thought to himself.

Then, he improvised; Going off script, he started setting the scene.

“I mean like, tumblr, yeah? They got kids on there who… they’re kids and they’re like, ykno, angels. I mean, they think they’re angels”.

A woman in the front is texting her friend to come pick her up as soon as possible.

“They’re all ‘oh I’m an angel! My pronouns are angel / angels / angelself”

There’s a visible recoil in some of the audience members when they hear him say backslash out loud. The woman has silently crept out of her seat and is making her way towards the side entrance. She ducks so as to not block the view of the people sitting beside her, though they would have rather avoided seeing what was transpiring on stage.

Ben sees an opportunity. If there’s one thing he’d come prepared for, it was hecklers. While everyone else had stayed quiet for some reason, unexpected for a university campus, this woman was trying to slink away. He would not let some FEMALE escape his grip.

“Are you triggered? You, in the side.. are you triggered? Did I trigger you?”

The woman stops in her tracks and throws a glance back. He’s pointing. Nobody’s staring at her, they’re all sitting in stunned silence. At least it was free entry she murmured to herself as she pulled the handle on the door and dashed out.

“Trigglypuffs, am I right? SJWs can’t take logic.” Ben quips before he starts throwing his hands around, shouting something indistinct to the audience because the microphone was away from his face. The audience enjoyed the silence.

With the audience still silent, Ben had to pull out the big guns.

“So, I saw someone drop this kitkat on the ground, on the… in central park the other day. I picked it up and ate it because, hey, hashtag candy lives matter”

An audible gag was heard from the back of the room, though the rest of the crowd wasnt sure if it was because of the thought of this trembling puddle of sweat eating a kitkat off the floor or from them physically saying ‘hashtag’ like they were a 40 year old newsreader. This is it Ben thought. I’ve cracked the perfect joke. It’s topical! This will go viral and steven-universe-official and plebcomics will finally follow me back! I can see the copypasta now.

“You fucking suck dude.”

Ben’s daydream about KotakuInAction rallying behind him is dashed as he hears the cry from the left aisle. It was then that he realised he’d been daydreaming for 5 minutes, most everyone had left, and he’d pissed his pants.

As the warmth fell down his leg, all he could see in his mind was the angry post he was going to write up on his own tumblr tonight, about how university campuses are simply hug boxes, not accepting of REAL humour anymore.

Fake ID

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:    701
Requested by @thefallenbibliophilequote:  So I saw this destiel tumblr post and it was so perfect I was wandering if you could write it, it says: “imagine dean proposing to cas by getting. down on one knee and giving him a fake ID that says ‘castiel Winchester’ ” if you don’t ship/write destiel, could you do a (female) reader x dean? 

        You looked in the mirror, smoothing your blazer. You and Dean were getting ready to go undercover as FBI agents, so you had to be in your FBI suit. You hated skirts, so you always were dress slacks. And you really didn’t mind the blazer you wore over your nice blouse. It wasn’t a terrible outfit; just not something you wanted to wear all the time.

           “Hey, Sweetheart, you ready?” Dean asked, walking out of the bathroom after shaving and finishing getting dressed.

           “Yeah,” you turned to look at him, smiling when you saw him in his own FBI suit. He always looked so good.

           “You like?” he teased.            

           “You know I do,” you rolled your eyes, “You got your badge?”

           He held it up, “Yep. You got yours?”

           “Yeah. It’s in my pocket.”

           “Good girl.”

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AM I THE FIRST ASK? I HOPE I'M THE FIRST ASK! Here's a purely, self indulgent ask. Could I get something with the UF and SF skele bros who's out on a first date with their super sweet, wouldn't hurt a fly S/O to lazer tagging, but when they get there, S/O turns into a raging badass commander, coldly strategizing the best way to win and demolishing the other team? Bonus if the S/O has an evil laugh when they win.

Sorry for the lateness of this one! It’s actually the first ask I got and answered, but Tumblr ate it and I couldn’t get it back… Regardless, I’ll do my best to make it even better than the first one ^.^

     ~ Underfell
Sans (Red)

Red really didn’t want to go to laser tag. You’re such a sweet, innocent little thing. What if you never got to get a shot in and started crying in the middle of the match? He didn’t really feel like taking a short-cut out of there just because you were too sweet for your own good. If anything, what if you decided the date was a bust because you were too nice to shoot anyone?! When the two of you ended up on different teams, the sweat was pouring down his skull.

For the first minute or so of the match, Red merely spent his time trying to find you. He didn’t get shot once, but had gotten ten or so hits already. However, despite how hard he tried, he couldn’t find you! While he was taking a break and leaning against one of the arena pieces, his vest beeped loudly, signalling a hit. Maniacal laughter sounded above him before you appeared, having jumped off the arena piece. Within moments, several members of your team appeared and your expression went stone cold. Commands flew from your mouth and they ran off without second guessing a word. As they ran off, you shot his newly reactivated vest, thanked him for taking you, and took off again.

After the match, your team was congratulating you despite the fact the different persona you’d had in there was nowhere to be seen. The second you had returned the vest and gun, a bony hand wrapped around your wrist and you were suddenly in Red’s room. “wanna use that commandin’ voice a’ yours now, doll?” If it gets passed kissing is completely up to you, but you don’t get to leave that bed for the rest of the day.

Papyrus (Edge)

Edge was bragging about how great he was going to do the entire time you two headed over there. He mentioned that he was the king of laser tag, and of course your team would win! The Great and Terrible Papyrus was here! As your team headed in, he told everyone that he would be in charge and not to question your presence because “MY DATEMATE IS THE KINDEST CREATURE ALIVE. I DO NOT KNOW WHY THEY THINK IT IS OKAY TO BE LIKE THAT, BUT THEY COULD NOT HURT EVEN A MEASLY BUG.” As he continues on to tell everyone how great he is, the timer starts. You’re shivering, feeling the anticipation, and Edge casts sidelong glances at you.

The second the match begins, your spine straightens and your face hardens. Commands fly from your lips at a rapid pace, and everyone, including Edge, rush to follow them. It’s a good thing it’s dark in here, because his hands are shaking. Throughout the entire match, you flash in and out of the darkness, giving orders and taking down your enemies with practiced shots.

As everyone leaves the arena, maniacal laughter is escaping you. It continues as the score board appears and you have the highest score of anybody - the best accuracy at 100%, best ‘kill’ number at 74, et cetra. In fact, you don’t return to your normal sweet self until the gun and vest leave your hands. You’re going to need to go find Edge though. He’s so surprised that his bones are audibly rattling. When he does finally snap out of it, he drags you off to help him create puzzles and schemes. You’re apparently a master strategist, and he’s not letting that get away.

     ~ Swapfell
Sans (Black)

Black is the most excited of the four. He’s bouncing with energy the whole time, forcibly pulling you into the laser tag hall. He’s so excited to show you how amazing he is (not like he really has to), and he can’t wait any longer! Honestly, though, he prefers Paintball. The only reason he chose laser tag was because he didn’t want anyone shooting real bullets (read: paintballs) at you. He gets your vest and gun for you, not even bothering to ask if your know how to put any of it on or use the gun before he ‘helps’. As the teams are decided and everyone goes inside, he starts giving out commands. It quickly devolves into a yelling match as your other teammates argue because he’s orders make no sense.

As the buzzer sounds, you force your way into the middle of the group and start yelling commands. Every shuts up and listens, except for Black. No… Black is too busy being in complete shock to even move. His eyelights follow you around as you bounce around and give more commands. As it stands, he doesn’t move until you tackle him out of the way of an approaching gunner. You shoot the incoming enemy while laying on top of him. Once the man runs off, you prop yourself a bit and smile down as Black. A blush is working its way across his face and it gets worse when you thank him for bringing you here and give him a kiss on the cheek. Laughter escapes as you shoot someone else who thought the two of you an easy target.

He stays there for the rest match, long after you hop back up and go back to giving orders.

After the match, several of the players go up to you and ask you to lead them during their state championship matches. You merely chuckle quietly, putting your stuff away and going back to Black. You’ll have to take off his stuff and bring that back, too, because he’s still dealing with his shock still. By the time you come back, he gives you a big hug and tells you how amazing you are (also that since you had such a good time, you obviously want to go another date so he’ll text you with the info).

The next day, Black shows up with a suitcase full of guns for you. Someone stop him.

Papyrus (Rus)

Rus only decided to go because you really wanted to. He’s not a huge fan of things that involve guns, especially if you are also involved, but he won’t argue with what you want to do. You’re his deity, and whatever you say goes. As the vests light up, signalling teams, he starts trembling. He was willing to deal with fighting with you, but against you?! As everyone takes their places inside the arena, he decided that he’d just find you and watch your back anyway. You were much more important than some stupid match.

As the alarm sounds, beginning the match, Rus takes a short cut to your side of the arena. Where he expected to find you and some teammates hiding behind some set pieces, he finds nothing. He did, however, hear evil laughter sounding throughout the area. Starting to feel a bit concerned, he moved to head through the middle when you flashed by, vaulting over a set piece taller than him, two teammates behind you. You shot two enemies, turning quickly to shoot him. A wave later, you were back to your laughter and commands. If he focused hard enough, he could hear your cold commands flying throughout the field.

Rus got the worst score, but he didn’t care. There was really only a few thoughts on his mind. He wanted to date you forever. Gods, you were quickly becoming even better than a goddess in his mind. He hadn’t even thought that was possible??? The biggest thought he had though, was when he’d get to hear that commanding voice of yours directed at him.

I Need Your Help Part 2

Summary: Bucky gets an invitation to a family friends wedding and it turns out that his ex girlfriend will be attending as well. Panicked at the thought of seeing her, he asks you, his best friend to attend the wedding with him as his girlfriend in attempts to show his ex that he’s moved on.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: 40’s Bucky

A/N: I’m so glad you guys liked the first part! Also my apologies if you’ve asked me to tag you or something like that, I’m still getting used to Tumblr. With that said here’s part 2!

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

You had woke up around 8 in the morning and began to pack your things (you were too lazy to pack the night before). You had finished packing around 9, almost 10. After showering and having breakfast there was a knock on your front door. Before you could answer, the door opens and in steps Bucky with a smile on his face.

“You ready, doll?” he questions as he walks towards you. You nod, looking around to make sure everything was in place.

“Yeah let me just get my bags.” you tell him and before you could take a step in the direction of your room, he stops you.

“I’ve got it.” he smiles. You shrug and he walks into your room, throwing both your bags over his shoulder. “Alright lets get going.”

You both walk out of your apartment and you make sure to lock your door before meeting Bucky downstairs at his car. He puts your things in the back with his and you slide into the passenger seat while Bucky sits in the drivers side.

“Have you ate anything yet?” Bucky questions as he pulls out of the apartment complex and onto the main street.

“Yeah.” you respond and he nods.

“Good, otherwise we’d be even more late.” he says and you look over at him.

“Even more late?” you repeat and a shy smile forms on Bucky’s lips.

“We were supposed to be at my parents house around nine in the morning.” he admits and your eyes widen.

“James Buchanan Barnes!” you scold, causing him to laugh.

“What? I overslept!” he replies and you shake your head.

“I can’t judge you for that, I barely started packing this morning.” you chuckle and Bucky glances at you with a smile.

“We’re both guilty.” he says and you nod, agreeing with him. He checks the time twice just to be sure before speaking again. “Okay so, we’ll be getting there around noon-ish.” you nod your head, sitting back on the seat and closing your eyes, wondering if you two will be able to successfully pull this off.

“We need to make up a back story for us!” Bucky exclaims as he glances over at you.

“What do you mean?” you question, looking out the window as you watched the trees pass by.

“My mom is going to ask us how we met, how long we’ve been dating and things like that.” he says and I nod.

“Right, of course, um..” you trail off, going into your thinking mode. “How about we’ve been dating for.. six months?”

“Six months?” Bucky scoffs, looking at you as if you suddenly grew another head.

“Well what do you propose?” you fold your arms across your chest as you looked at him while he thought of an answer.

“A year; almost two.” he responds.

“A year? that’s a long time.” you say and he glances at you for the millionth time today.

“It makes sense. Around two years ago I told my mom I was over Carolyn and that I moved on.” he shrugs and I nod, playing with my fingers.

“Alright, a year, so how did we meet?” I question.

“We’ll just tell them how we actually met,” he smiles, “you bumped into me while moving into your apartment and I helped and in return I got to take you out on a date.”

“That’s not how we met.” you giggle. “You never asked me out on a date afterwards.”

“It’s for the story, doll, shh.” he chuckles and I playfully roll my eyes.

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit short, hope you enjoyed part 2!



On Your Right - Bucky Barnes x Reader (Part 6)

A/N: Life is getting crazy so I may not be posting as often but I’ve got a ton of ideas left so stay tuned and let me know if you want to get tagged! <3 Also apologies if you weren’t tagged in all of the parts until last weekend! I didn’t realize tumblr hadn’t been tagging you. So thanks to @shitty-imagines-95 for pointing it out. :D 

This part is kinda angsty and long just FYI but I wanted to give a little bit of insight into the readers mind set. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Summary: Girl’s day with Nat and Wanda! Touch of Bucky fluff at the beginning followed by kinda angsty convos 

Rating: T for language 

Warnings: insecure reader, (kind of a general inferiority complex. and concern about being inexperienced with dating), general references to Bucky’s trauma, mentions of death/killing  

Pairings/Character: Bucky x Reader, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff 

Word Count: 2320 (Like I said, it’s long!) 

Nat and Wanda left you alone to get ready. You were just slipping on your sandals when your phone chimed twice.

Bucky: Sorry I had to leave this morning, doll. Stevie was being a punk about me missing our run.

Bucky: Have fun with Nat and Wanda today! Catch up tomorrow?

Y/N: Haha, no worries. Tomorrow sounds good! And tell Steve he owes me cuddles since he stole you this morning.

You sent the text before you could chicken out.  

Bucky: Steve has graciously passed on all cuddle duties to me. ;)

Bucky: You better finish getting ready. BW is getting ready to come find you.

Y/N: Yikes, thanks for the head’s up. Talk to you later.

Grabbing your purse, you hurried to find your two best friends.

The conversation was light throughout the car ride into the city. You caught up on each other’s recent missions and the standard compound gossip. Once at the restaurant though the topic turned towards you.

“Are you going to tell us willingly or am I going to have to interrogate you?” Natasha asked imperiously as you sipped your mimosa.

“I could just take the answers we want,” Wanda offered with a smirk.

“That’s not a bad idea, but I think we should still question her. Barnes is right about one thing, she’s cute when she’s flustered.”

“You guys suck,” you huffed, unable to hide the blush on your cheeks.

“Oh come on, Y/N,” Natasha groaned, “We’re your best friends, we just want to know if we need to kick Barnes’ ass for not being a gentleman while he’s courting you.”

“He’s not courting me,” you argued.

“She’s right, Nat. He’s still wooing her.”

“No wooing. No courting.”

“Just cuddling,” Natasha said with a smug smirk.

“Post mission nights don’t count. You both know that.”

You made sure your tone was serious, and your friends nodded understandingly. It wasn’t uncommon for two or three of the avengers to bunk together when any of you returned from a mission. It wasn’t anything romantic, just a way of reminding yourself you were home and you were safe. During your time as an avenger there had been at least some nights spent with each of your teammates, whether it was in bed or you had passed out on a couch or at the kitchen table.

“Okay, fair enough,” Natasha conceded. “But can I ask why Bucky this time? He’s not your usual go to.”

It was true. If you were particularly beat up after a mission you would go to Natasha who would patch you up without looking at you like you were going to break. If it had been mentally taxing undercover work you would go to Wanda who always knew what to say to remind you of who you were. The only other person you had ever sought out was Steve and that was after you had to kill on the job for the first time. Since then you would go to him after a particularly bloody mission. He had a way of making you feel whole again.

“He was still up when I got home,” you explained casually. “I wasn’t too keen on being alone and luckily he was having a cup of tea in the kitchen.”

“Was he waiting up for you?”

The blush that rose on your cheeks told Wanda she had asked precisely the right question.  

“I figured as much. He wouldn’t stop pestering Steve about when you were coming home.”

“Really?” You asked in surprise.

“He was pretty much a caged tiger the past few days since he got back from his own mission.”

“He did say he missed me,” you admitted quietly.

“Finally. Now we’re getting somewhere. What else happened last night?”

You relented, knowing it was pointless to resist.

“I was really lonely after six weeks of solo missions so I went looking to see if anyone was up after I took a bath. I thought Tony might be having one of his late night tinkering sessions or Sam would be watching movies, but nobody was up except for Bucky. He was waiting to welcome me home.”

“And he told you he missed you.”

“Yeah, I hugged him and he kissed the top of my head and told me he had missed me. And I would have been very happy to stay in his arms but my stupid stomach betrayed me, so he warmed me up leftovers and sat with me while I ate.”


“I honestly assumed he had a nightmare and that’s why he was still up, but when I asked, he said he’d been waiting for me. He assumed I would be lonely.”

“So how did he end up in your bed?”

Natasha swatted at Wanda for the question, but you just chuckled as the question made you think of a very different night.

“He tried to get me to go to bed but I refused. I needed to be around people, so he offered to stay with me.”

“That was sweet of him.”

You nodded your agreement, smiling at the memory of your arms wrapped around him as you fell asleep. At one point you had woken up and were surprised to find him spooning you, metal arm wrapped tight around your waist and his face buried in your neck. With a content sigh you had burrowed further into his embrace and fallen straight back to sleep.

“You two are really adorable together,” Wanda commented, snapping you back to reality. “Especially in that picture in front of the bakery in D.C.”

You sighed, knowing that the questioning was just getting started.

Over the course of brunch and your mani/pedi appointments, your two best friends managed to get you to re-hash almost every second of D.C. that you had spent with Bucky. You left out what happened at the end of the first Lord of the Rings movie. That memory was meant solely for the four of you present for it, but you did fess up to getting stuck in your blanket and the conversation you thought you’d overheard.

“So you’re saying Steve said that Bucky had been planning on asking you out,” Wanda asked as you picked out dresses to try on.

“No, I said I think Steve said that, but it could have been a dream considering I also thought Legolas ate the last slice of my pizza and I punched him in the face,” you corrected as you held up an emerald green dress and looked at your reflection in the mirror.

“Okay, but let’s assume it was real,” Nat suggested stepping out of the dressing room and modeling the black halter dress, “What did he mean when he said you never texted him back?”

“Well, number one you’re buying that. And number two, Bucky texted me to go sightseeing with him that morning, but I didn’t see it until we were watching the movie that night,” you reported deciding to try on a few of your picks so far.

“Y/N!” They both squealed in concert.

“What?” you wondered aloud as you stripped off your sundress and tried on the emerald number.

“You can’t just leave vital information like that out of the story,” Nat admonished you.

“Yeah, now everything totally makes sense.”

“How does that minor detail make everything make sense?”

You stepped out of the dressing room to show off your dress but both of your friends shook their heads.

“It’s pretty.”

“But it’s not you.”

“Try on the red one you have in there.”

You nodded, returning to the fitting room.

“Anyways, everything makes sense now because you were the girl who bailed on him.”

“What? Where did you get that idea?” You demanded, standing up on your tiptoes and peering at the two of them over the slatted door.

“Bucky asked you out that morning. You were always the date he had planned.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“It makes perfect sense,” Nat smirked.

“Why didn’t he just ask why I didn’t text him back?”


“Not wanting to rock the boat.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean he clearly wanted to spend time with you and despite thinking that you had probably rejected him he went to see if he had a shot, probably hoping the whole time you just hadn’t seen the invite.”

“And since you agreed to go sightseeing with him, he decided to take the win and not bring up the text.”

Wanda and Natasha spoke in a smooth tandem that quieted your doubts.

“I still don’t see why he would say his date cancelled…” You stopped short when all your two friends could do is gawk at you when you walked out to show them the red dress. “Too much? I look stupid. I knew I would look stupid. I’m going to change.”

“Okay, pause on the commentary – we’ll get back to the low self-esteem thing too- because you look smoking hot and you need to buy that dress and never take it off.”

You chuckled at Nat’s antics.

“You don’t have to lie to make me feel better,” you tried to joke eyeing Nat who was still wearing the black dress and looking like a model.

“Who’s lying?” Wanda asked in confusion. “You are gorgeous.”

“Guys, seriously. I know I look dumb and awkward. No need to tease me.”

Natasha stalked towards you, placing her hands on your cheeks and looking you directly in the eyes.

“Y/n, no one is teasing you. You are insanely beautiful outside and in. I know you struggle sometimes,” she murmured softly, “But try to remember you are also brilliant and badass and the best person we know and that’s including Captain freakin’ America.”

“Bucky’s not going to know what hit him when he sees you. You’re going to be irresistible.”

You frowned at Wanda’s comment.

“What’s wrong with irresistible?”

“Irresistible usually implies sex, but it won’t with me. I’m not ready to sleep with Bucky or anybody for that matter, at least not outside of emotionally supportive snuggles.”

“So?” Wanda asked, cocking her head to the side. “It’s not like Bucky would pressure you into anything.”

“Is that what you’re afraid of?” Nat asked. She looked like the final piece of the puzzle had just fallen into place. “Because he would never push the issue.”

“I know that. That’s not exactly what it is.”

“Then what is?” Wanda pressed.

“I’ve never been with anybody… at all. Not even on a date,” you paused, expecting them to laugh, but they just looked at you understandingly, waiting for you to continue. “I know Bucky would never push me. But I would still need him to take the whole dating thing ridiculously slow. I don’t know how to date, forget about being somebody’s girlfriend or sleeping with him. He’s going to get bored with me before we get anywhere near the bedroom! So on the off chance he does actually like me, why cause myself the heartbreak of knowing that I had him but I was too chicken to keep him,” you finished with a sigh, plopping down on to the nearby chair.

Nat pulled over a footstool to sit on while Wanda crouched in front of you.

“Y/n, Bucky is crazy about you. I’m sure he would be happy to take things as slowly as you need them to be.”

“Oh, please,” you snorted, “He’s an absolutely merciless flirt. You know he likes to tease me about sleeping with him.”

“The way he flirts doesn’t say anything about how he’d actually be in a relationship. Do you actually know that he’s had a girlfriend?”

“I…” you stopped short as you thought about. You had heard tons of stories from Bucky and Steve about him dragging Steve on double dates, but they hadn’t specifically said he’d ever had a girlfriend. “No. Not for sure. But still, he has to be more experienced than I am.”

“That doesn’t mean he wants to move any faster than you do. He’s been through a lot of shit.”

You frowned, knowing she was right.

“Do you want the truth?”

You nodded, unsure that you actually wanted to hear what she had to say.

“You may be right. He may want to move faster and that may be a deal breaker. I don’t think it will be, personally. I think he’ll be just as happy to take it slow if it means he gets to be with you. But either way, it’s not fair for you to not give him the choice.”  

“So what do I do? There’s no good way to have that conversation. And if he doesn’t like me it’s a moot point, and I don’t want to screw up our friendship for no reason.”

You watched carefully as Natasha and Wanda shared a long look.

“Alright, how about this, we’ll stop harassing you about admitting your feelings and you just spend some more time with him one on one.”

“You’ve gotten really close, but apart from that one day in D.C. you haven’t really spent any time just the two of you.”

“I guess I could do that,” you mumbled after several moments of consideration.

“And then you never know, maybe it will happen naturally,” Wanda said with a mysterious smile.

“Yeah, maybe.”  

“Parading around in front of him with that dress won’t hurt either.” Natasha winked and you burst out laughing. “Now, go change so we can look for shoes and jewelry. Tony’s buying,” she informed you with a wicked grin.

“I think I saw a lovely diamond tennis bracelet with my name on it,” you joked.

“Perfect. We’ll get matching ones,” Wanda suggested with a smirk.  

You felt an overwhelming wave of gratitude for your two best girlfriends. They had always made sure that you felt like you were just as good as them and that day was no exception.

“I love you guys.”

“We love you too, y/n.”

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A/N: Yeah, so like I said, kinda angsty. I hope you still liked it! And more fluffy Bucky is coming! :) 

Part 7 

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Soooo Tumblr tagged your new post as "Content for Adults Only" and I can't see it 😢😢 srsly tumblr is pissing me off rn

Anon said: I don’t understand how your most recent post about Denki is blocked by safety mode????? Like it’s just your art of his birthday! I love the art of it tho, it’s fantastic! Keep up the amazing work.

Anon said: *whispers* the thing you just posted contains sensetive media apperantly

Yeah it’s most probably Mineta isn’t it

(jk it was probs my inclination to swear my way through life’s fault, I asked for a review so it should be visible in a bit but for now you can see it here !!)

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I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Hi, my darlings!! I’ve missed you!! Just a reminder, I am still currently on a mini hiatus (you can read about it HERE plus news about future fics), but this is the one exception because I agreed to the challenge months ago. And what a challenge it was! I am often inspired by music, but it’s different when you are given a random song to find inspiration in. I kinda like how it turned out though? Even though I wrote it at 1am? Let me know what you think, I look forward to your comments! 


I Was Her Love (reader x Bucky One-shot)

Pairing: reader x Bucky

Summary: Bucky remembers the happy times with you.

Warnings: none. Just a lil fluff and a lot of angst. 

Word Count: 1097

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A/N: I wrote this for @i-dont-know-how-to-write ‘s Food Song Challenge. The deadline is today, November 20th, and I’m barely squeaking by!! Oy. I didn’t forget, but life just got crazy. The song I received was Tangerine by Led Zeppelin. It was quite the challenge to build a story around it but I like it! I hope you will too. FYI: Bold italics are lyrics,  and plain italics is a flashback. 


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The scruffy brunet sat on a park bench, baseball cap pulled down low over his eyes with a book in hand. If anyone near was paying attention, they might’ve noticed that he hadn’t turned a page in half an hour. Reading was not his focus on this cool Autumn day. Instead, his gaze wandered to the woman seated some distance away. The woman in the light orange sweater.

From his vantage point, Bucky could see you through a break in the trees, but still able to keep himself hidden. Your hair was different, he could tell, and also there was a change in your demeanor. He remembered you as bright and vibrant, but time and life had softened you. And yet to him, you were just as beautiful as ever.

His mind wandered to that Summer so long ago, the memory bringing a smile to his face.

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mutuals; or, how to be a Super Secret Fanboy

Rating: T
Warnings: swearing, probably too many DJ Khaled jokes
Word count: 4036
crossposted to AO3
note: for the purpose of the fic, maknae line are korean-american college students. pics of their tumblrs at the end of the fic for fun, but don’t look first bc spoilers!

taehyung and jimin run big bang fan blogs on tumblr, messaging almost daily.

little do they know- they’re actually roommates.

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@neonacidtrip You tagged me in a tag game and I was going to do it, but tumblr just deleted/ate my post for the second time so I’m not going to write it all again. OTL I’m sorry, but thank you so much for the tag! I hope you’re having a good weekend! 💜💜💜💜🦉

Valong’s commission is finished \0u0/ 

Aah, it took so long TTwTT I’m quite happy with the final product, tho. 

(Btw, you might want to open the iamge ona  new tab, I think tumblr ate the quality quite a bit, probably due to the size of it.)


On a side note, I just saw a discussion regarding people not wanting the reblogs of art to have comments outside of the tags. Is this actually a thing? Why should comments on art not be seen by everybody on the reblogs?

I had noticed that most people commented on the tags, but I thought it was a bothersome tumblr quirk thingy, not something purposefully requested by someone? 

It’d be 3498579487 times nicer and easier for me if people commented on the reblog rather than the tags. 

If anyone wants to do this but was stopped by this invisible rule, by all means, go ahead and do it. 

Ok, by popular demand, lolitics fans, some true stories about the childhood of  Ed and David Miliband from our family friend that knew them as kids:

Family friend’s husband was one of two boys about the same age as David & Ed respectively. He was the younger so his elder brother would play with David and him with Ed. (How they knew them-their parents were acquaintances with the Miliband parents and they had holiday/summer cottages near each other or something.)

Both of them were really geeky but David was less so and was definitely the more confident one, and the more sociable. Ed was shyer, quieter and SUPER geeky.

Family friend thought Ed was nice enough but at the time “a bit weird” because of his interests, etc. He didn’t talk about politics all the time-they knew each other from when they were little kids to sort-of teenage years, I think-but he was into it and numbers, too. Ed was really into numbers and was always carrying around a book.

Family friend didn’t mind Ed but thought he was a bit of a telltale. :D He said Ed would run to the adults a lot and he thought, being a kid, that Ed was a bit of a wimp.

However, he WAS really impressed with the fact Ed Mili was super smart and always had a book, etc.

David Miliband and family friend’s elder brother used to hang out and Ed & family friend would try to tag along but David M & friend’s elder brother would try to ditch them. :D

David Miliband was less geeky and into playing football. He and friend’s elder brother would play football. Ed always wanted to join in but wasn’t allowed because he was no good. :( Poor lil thing.

Family friend would also want to join in but would be made to “keep Ed company” or as he called it “getting stuck with Ed.” :D :D

Ed really looked up to David and wanted to be like his big brother. :( He’d get a bit upset/sulky when David wouldn’t let him join in with the games. :(:(

Remember, I’m getting all this through a family friend's husband so I’m taking his word for it.  I’ll let you know if I get any more stories about the baby Milibros! I’ve tagged those of you from earlier because I did do another post but Tumblr ate it or something. :(

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There are two thousand five hundred tumblr dashes getting this message when I post it. Two. Thousand. Five. Hundred. Holy fucking grandpas that’s a mindboggling lot of you!

I’m gonna get to posting the celebratory art soon, but first, I’m gonna leave a sappy rant about what this blog means to me under the cut. 

TL;DR? I love my Followers! I love this fandom! I love gross old men! I love making art! THANK YOU for enjoying the art I make! Cheers!

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writing commissions!

hello! my name is subway. I am a young disabled woman living with my girlfriend, partysoft, and our beautiful dog, Bucky. unfortunately, last week (3/12) Bucky got into some of my prescriptions and had to be hospitalized. the bills total over $1,000, and they’re sitting on my credit card. I am unable to work, and my family is not able to help as much as we had originally hoped. more about Bucky in my girlfriend’s tag of him. here’s her tag from when we were his foster parents.

so I am taking writing commissions! this is a great deal for you because:

  • I will write stories about you, your roleplay characters, characters you love, or dinosaurs.
  • I do LGBTQ stuff and disability.
  • Rare pairs and little known characters, even OCs
  • Yes, I’m talking to you, femmeslashers.
  • I will use a quote from your favorite poet/writer/musical artist as a title or epigraph or maybe both. (definitely both, if it’s Beyonce.)
  • I’m happy to go serious or absurd, long or short, based on whatever prompt, ship, or scenario you have in mind.
  • I will totally 100% take an adorable picture of my adorable scruffy thank-God-he’s-alive dog just for you.

my AO3 account is here. rules and restrictions (& fandoms) under the cut.

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Pushing Emma’s Buttons

A/N: Happy Birthday to one of the sweetest and most adorable people I have gotten to know on Tumblr, emmaslovebug. Rain, I do hope you like what I whipped up for you ;)

There’s also a little shout-out to some of Vicky’s ( captaainswaan‘s) funny stuff. 

Also, tags will be at the end of the story. If I tag you and you aren’t and smut fan, feel free to ignore. 

Pushing Emma’s Buttons

For Rain

           It was 6pm on a cloudy Wednesday evening. Of course Emma wouldn’t have known what it looked like outside then, since she had been stuck in the office by herself. David had gone home earlier than usual, because Mary-Margaret had called and said Neil was running a fever. He explained the situation to Emma, feeling guilty that he had to leave her at the office with so much unfinished paper work, but she understood that the health of her baby brother came first. He thanked Emma by placing a soft kiss on the top of her head, and then threw on his jacket as he rushed out of the office. Emma simply smiled as she watched her father scurry home to her mother and her brother.

           As her focus shifted back to the mounds of paperwork in front of her, her cell phone chimed. She knew who it was immediately, because he was the only person who had the Jack Sparrow “But why is the rum gone?” line as his text alert. Smiling, Emma reached into the pocket of her red leather jacket and swiped the screen of her phone to view his message.

K: How is it going, love?

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92 Truths

Rules: Once you have been tagged, you must make a post including ninety-two truths about yourself. At the end of the post, you are to tag twenty-five people. One of those people must be the person who tagged you.

I was tagged by recreatedxmemories

What / when was your last:

  • Drink: Cherry tango
  • Phone call: My friend Anna
  • Text: ‘Yeah I just got in now’
  • Song listened to: Migraine by Twenty One Pilots
  • Time you cried: A week ago

Have you ever:

  • Dated someone twice: No
  • Been cheated on: No
  • Kissed someone and regretted it: Yes
  • Lost someone special: Yes
  • Been depressed: Yes
  • Been drunk and thrown up: Yes

List three favourite colours: Jade, red, plum

In the last year, have you:

  • Made a new friend: Yes
  • Fallen out of love: No
  • Laughed until you cried: No
  • Met someone that changed you: Yes
  • Found out who your true friends are: Yes
  • Found out someone was talking about you: No
  • Kissed someone on your Facebook friends list: Yes


  • How many people on your Facebook friends list do you know in real life: The majority of them, so about 100 I think
  • Do you have any pets: No
  • Do you want to change your name: Nah :p
  • What did you do for your last birthday: I had a movie night with my friends and we ate pizza
  • What time did you wake up today: Ten past seven
  • What were you doing at midnight last night: Sleeping
  • Name something you CANNOT wait for: Leeds fest :)
  • Last time you saw your mother: About one minute ago haha
  • What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Wish I could make myself and my friends happier
  • What are you listening to right now: Adverts on the radio
  • Have you ever talked to someone called Tom: yes
  • What’s getting on your nerves: People who are arseholes
  • Most visited website: Tumblr probably :p
  • Blood type: I don’t know
  • Nickname: Annastotle haha
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Relationship status: Single :’)
  • Favourite tv show(s): Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Pretty Little Liars, The Office
  • Elementary: Completed
  • Highschool: Done
  • College: I would love to go :)
  • Hair colour: Red
  • Long or short: short, just below my chin
  • Height: 5″6′
  • Do you have a crush on someone: Not anymore :p
  • What do you like about yourself: My music taste haha
  • Tattoos: I don’t have any, but I really love water color tattoos :)
  • Right or left-handed: Right-handed
  • First surgery: I’ve never had surgery
  • First piercing: I don’t have anything pierced
  • First best friend: was called Talya and I think she was the first person I ever spoke to in school when I was 4 haha
  • First sport you joined: Swimming
  • First vacation: Majorca
  • First pair of trainers: I cannot remember :p
  • Dream career: I’m not sure exactly, just something I enjoy :p

Right now:

  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
  • I’m about to: Go and see my friend :)
  • Listening to: The radio because my mum has it on
  • Waiting for: Nothing atm :)

Do you:

  • Want kids: Possibly
  • Want to get married: Possibly

Which is better:

  • Lips or eyes: Eyes
  • Hugs or kisses: Both! :)
  • Shorter or taller: Taller
  • Older or younger: Older
  • Romantic or spontaneous: Romantic
  • Nice stomach or nice arms: Tough one, but arms
  • Sensitive or loud: I’d say sensitive, but I always seem to go for louder people
  • Hook up or relationship: Relationship
  • Troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant

Have you ever:

  • Kissed a stranger: No
  • Drank hard liquor: Yes
  • Lost glasses/contacts: Yes
  • Sex on the first date: No
  • Broke someone’s heart: No
  • Had your own heart broken: Yes
  • Been arrested: No
  • Turned someone down: Yes
  • Cried when someone died: Yes
  • Fallen for a friend: Yes

Do you believe in:

  • Yourself: I’m trying and I think I’m starting to :)
  • Miracles: No
  • Love at first sight: No
  • Heaven: No
  • Santa Claus: No
  • Kissing on the first date: Yes
  • Angels: No

Who I tag:

theviewfromtherubble recreatedxmemories hypesomellow nommypoo ciara-clarke hella-black-hella-proud theplaygroundoflove okamiaki no-self-esteem caca-pichi-diarrea swe3t-talker banjboor kuitsukuse grosser areyoureadyfortonight psychedelicstarchild new-lawn-flamingos simply-being-alive bbychely recovery-equals-happiness ildiariodiunaquasiattrice interstellar-thoughts afro-samurai69 reikocxchi you-can-achieve-greatness

Realisation - Part One

“Aaaaand done.”

Hannah clicked triumphantly on the upload link. This week’s My Drunk Kitchen was sure to be a hit - she had definitely fallen over at least three times, and she had sneakily flashed her tattoo to the camera right at the end.

“Tumblr will go nuts over this one,” she mumbled to herself, slouching back on a pile of pillows she had fashioned into a sort of cave, “it’s been ages since the last gif of my tattoo.”

Talking about Tumblr quickly wiped the already feeble smile off her face. She hated going on Tumblr - all the Swarto posts, all the Hartsquared posts and, the one that put a lump in her throat:


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