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I was reading @randomsplashes post {} about Yurio and Otabek starting off as friends and eventually becoming lovers, then I thought about how amazing it would be if they had one of those really deep friendships that could even be love, but not the passionate kind it would be the pure one, unconditional love. It could be agape. Otabek could be Yurio’s agape and this thought makes me so happy.

So these past weeks I’ve been the reading the chapters and a multitude of thoughts about the manga and the future of the characters have been roaming around in my noggin but after today’s chapter, I can’t help be worried about Katsuki’s future and where he’s heading after this fight is over.

 I’ve already established in this post that you can read here that Katsuki, even though he’s a bully and prick, isn’t some bad guy but in fact a kid that has been told all his life that he will be the next successful hero. He’s a prideful kid who has had 15 years of that ego being built and then upon entering UA, that ego he’s come to grow into just being shattered and cracked and dismantled at every instant the author can bring forth to Katsuki. I won’t go more into that because I already made two different posts about it but that’s a basic summary. 

 So we get to this chapter and the future of Katsuki can’t stop roaming in my head.

 Truth be told, I’m really worried that after his fight with Izuku, he’s going to want to stop pursuing being a hero. I don’t think he’ll became a villain because Horikoshi had that whole villain capturing arc to show the audience that we don’t have another Sasuke in the manga but I genuinely do have a fear he will want to drop out of UA and try pursuing something else, maybe something away from Deku.

 I mean, for him, this fight is his last resort. After being beat to the ground so many freakin times throughout the manga, this fight with Izuku is the last thing his pride is holding on to. As silly as it sounds, for him, it seems this is a life or death situation for him. I mean looking how hard he is trying to win:

If you really look closely too, he doesn’t have that same determined face he had when facing other characters, but it’s more of a pained expression, signaling that this fight is in a completely different realm for him that he’s faced in the past. To him, this isn’t a fight where he’s doing for fun or even believing that he’s going to win but one where he feels the absolute NEED to win. Hell, he even finally talked to Izuku FACE to FACE as to why he couldn’t stand him, which is such a huge contrast from the Katsuki that pushes things in and pouts it off and we as an audience get to see the hurt Katsuki had towards towards Izuku and how much he disliked Izuku because it hurt his pride to the point where he felt that he was being looked down upon.

 Everything about this fight is so special to Katsuki as a character and any development he will have in the future and what it makes it SO MUCH WORSE FOR HIM is that it’s implied that he LOST.


 And I’d like to flashback to what Izuku said earlier in the chapter:

 As a few people pointed out, the tone his future self gave off was extremely regretful in nature that he wasn’t happy about how the fight turned out or how either one were affected by the consequences of it, which furthers my fear of him giving up on himself and his dreams and goals, at least for a temporary part of the manga. I can’t tell if he’s injured or not (probably is), but I’m positive his mental health is completely shattered right now.

 Overall, these series of chapters have been crazy intense and I’m genuinely afraid for how it will all wrap up. I’m not sure if the silhouette figure has anything to do with any of these developments but I hope he has a really good purpose to Izuku and Katsuki and the outcome to the fight. I am honestly dreading reading next week’s or the week after’s chapter because of how heart shattering it could end up being. I know that if I somehow am even possibly right with Katsuki, I know I will start shedding tears since Katsuki is a character I really love. Not as much as his fandom mothers or even how much I love Iida and Ochako, but I’ve grown to love his complexity and I can’t tell anymore what Horikoshi has in store for him.

 I’m just praying for the best at this point.

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so okay i’ve had to conversation with a friend who doesn’t swallow and she’ll get up and excuse herself and spit it in the toilet which to me is like lol wow mood killer much but to each their own cum ritual

I just don’t understand. Like, if he’s already come in your mouth, then like…what?

If you don’t want it there in the first place, then have him come someplace else. There are options. I’m just so confused by this.

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That added scene when Shinichi is already shrunken and Ran calls his smartphone and he happily almost takes the call like “Yes, Ran, she can help me out with this !” but then doesn’t because of second thoughts … kill me now




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I LITERALLY JUST HAD THIS SAME EXPERIENCE. And then I went to my dashboard and this post was at the top and I thought that was a real follow button and I was like BUT IM ALREADY FOLLOWING MOON DID I GET LOGGED OUT WAIT NO IM LOOKING AT MY DASH RIGHT NOW WHAT IS HAPPENING




Japan Animator Expo shorts + Titles


“No.” A long time passes before he adds, “She crept up on me.”

How I Manage My Time

(Image credit to ME: PLEASE DO NOT REPOST)

Hi all!

I’ve had quite a number of asks wanting some time management tips, so I thought I’d make a post about my time management plan! 

1ST RULE: Break Long-term Tasks into Short-term Tasks

So on Friday evening, I sit down with a piece of paper and write down the heading: BIG TASKS, and list the major tasks for the weekend + following week under the heading.

Then I break each of these tasks into smaller pieces where I can. (Tests&essays are already planned for, using the study time planner I posted last week.)

Then I categorise each task as one of the following 4 categories:

1. Urgent and important
2. Important but not urgent
3. Urgent but not important
4. Not urgent and not important.

IMPORTANT task is something that has to be done. There are consequences if it isn’t done.

URGENT task has a deadline, and can’t be caught up with once the deadline has passed.

I made the following sets of questions to aid in categorising the tasks.

So from my example:

  • my philosophy essay is due on Monday; therefore it is urgent. If I don’t hand this essay in, I may fail my course; therefore it is important.
  • My mom’s birthday is soon, so I want to send her a card. This task is important, but not urgent; I can send it anytime, as long as she gets it before her birthday.
  • My dancing class is urgent; if I miss this practice session I can’t catch up later, since they move on anyway in the next session. But since I’m admittedly not committed to dancing, missing the lesson will not have huge consequences. It is technically not important.
  • My friends and I want to have a movie night sometime. This task is not important - it has no serious consequences attached to it even if it doesn’t happen. It is not urgent - we can throw it anytime we want.

I write the category number next to the task.

Once I am done categorising, I copy the tasks onto the following template:

Like this!

(If you guys want the time-square template, it can be found here, or here.)

2ND RULE: Task Decides Time

What I do next is assign X-amount of hours to each task. The number of hours I assign to each task depends on its category!

  • The minimum ratio that I have set between the number of hours assigned to the 4 categories is 4:2:2:1. 
  • i.e. Category 1 tasks must take up AT LEAST twice as many hours as category 2 or 3 tasks, and AT LEAST quadruple the amount of hours for category 4 tasks.
  • This ratio, of course, varies from week to week. But as long as the ratio is bigger than 4:2:2:1, I’m happy.

This week being a test week and all, there is a lot of work to be done so category 1 is pretty full. (plus the birthday party contributed significantly to category 3)

Next step is to divide these hours over the days of the week. Obviously I have to put the deadlines into consideration, and my set schedules (like lectures).

  • I assign a task/part of task to each day, and a number of hours to spend on that task. 
  • I don’t, however, specify the time. 
  • I personally find that time-specific schedulers don’t work for me, simply because of the fact that I suck at sticking to the times. It means that if I don’t finish your task by the set time (eg. study maths at 11:00am), that task is left hanging because I have to move onto the next task for the next hour (write essay at 12:00pm). This creates a build-up of incomplete work and is simply NOT efficient. That’s why I don’t use them. 
  • Everyday I keep my list of tasks in my head, and complete them one by one whenever I have the time. 
  • The goal is to get all of the tasks done before I go to bed.
  • Unless there is a time constraint attached (eg. meetings, or closing times for shops), whether I complete the task (especially studying) during lunchtime or before I go to bed doesn’t matter too much.

I draw a weekly planner into my bullet journal page.

Then I divide the tasks among the days!

I then transfer these tasks onto my daily bullet journal pages throughout the week.

3RD RULE: Leave Room For Compromise

I’m only human. I always end up doing something wrong and leaving some tasks incomplete during the week.

To compensate for this, I do 2 things:

  • 1. Abandon low-priority tasks

If I had category 1 and category 4 tasks left incomplete for example, and I simply had no time to do both things, I’d give up the category 4 task and give my undivided attention to the high-priority task! I have to know what I need to sacrifice for the greater good.

  • 2. Integrate “catch-up time” into your plan

Sometimes you can’t give up any of the tasks. CRISIS! To prevent situations like this, you should plan some “free time” into your week so that you can use them to catch up with things you are behind with. So my plan should technically never look full.

This has been another long post… 

I hope you guys foundd this post helpful! Inbox me if you have any questions :)



I will admit that when Garnet first found out that Jamie had a small crush on her, she didn’t handle the situation in the best of ways. I mean-

But really, she was just trying to get the point across because she knows that she’s already in love- with herself. She thought Jamie could never possibly feel the same way towards herself as Ruby and Sapphire feel for each other. She had no interest in him whatsoever. And even after he continued to pursue her, she stated again that she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him.

This had to be my favorite part out of the episode, because this is exactly what you should do if this happens to come up in a real life situation. If someone likes you and you don’t feel the same way about them, you shouldn’t lead them on. You shouldn’t keep stringing them along, not wanting to give them a proper response because you’re afraid that you’ll hurt them. In the long run, you’ll just end up hurting them more if you give that person hope that the two of you could possibly be in a relationship.

And at the end when Jamie still hadn’t gotten the idea through his head that the two of them could not engage in a relationship, she didn’t scorn or get angry at him that he didn’t understand that no means no. Garnet straight out said that to love someone, you have to know and understand them- that you have to go through the steps of falling in love, such as Ruby and Sapphire had more than likely done at one point in their lives. 

The fact that Garnet tried to make him feel better about the whole thing by saying he was a fantastic actor just added onto the list of things to love about her. Jamie had felt so self conscious about his dream, that he would never get an acting job because he had been rejected time and time again, and Garnet turned the situation around and encouraged him to start from the bottom and work his way up.

on the second years

Short meta this week – I swore to myself I wouldn’t write one but god, fuck this show.

It seems our third year arc is finally over, after half a season of build-up and two incredibly emotionally charged episodes in which everything finally came out.

However, though our third year arc has come to a close, this show isn’t anywhere close to leaping off the angst train. I’ve seen this coming for several episodes actually, and I would have been very, very sad if it hadn’t been addressed – but like in so many aspects, Sunshine has continued to exceed my expectations in every way.

Of course, the show is also really, really gay. Every episode I tell myself “this must be the most gay Love Live will get”. Each new episode continues to prove me wrong, and Episode 10 is no exception.

Spoilers up till episode 10 under the cut.

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Today I went to see the new XMen movie, for the second time. I was with my sister, in my wheelchair, waiting for our popcorn. We were the only people standing there, so we started up a chat with the girl behind the counter, who had also seen XMen already. It was friendly.

When we realized the dispenser was out of straws, an older 40-ish woman came out of the back room to fill it. She walked past me in my wheelchair and said, in a most infantilizing voice, “Are you excited for your movie?!” and then reached out and stroked my shoulder and did this weird sort of jazz fingers thing on my arm, then said, “I bet you are!” and kept walking.

Here’s the thing: When one of you comes to my ask box about this kind of behavior, I am full of advice. But when it actually happens to me, I freeze. I gritted my teeth and didn’t say a word until we were in our seats, when told my sister, who hadn’t seen it happen and was appalled to find out. I could still feel the woman’s fingers on my arm, like an after-taste I couldn’t shake. I could feel her for awhile after that. I felt fidgety and wired from it.

And humiliated. And I beat myself up for not saying something. For being able to be an advocate here, in this space, or for others, but not for myself. For letting her think this was okay. For letting her walk away thinking, “What a sweet little girl,” about me, a 38 year old grown-ass woman, who is not a child just because I am in a wheelchair.

And you know what? If I was a child? Don’t fucking touch me! Don’t touch disabled people without their consent. Don’t touch children without their consent. Don’t touch people, any people, without their consent! And don’t infantilize people because they have a disability. Don’t talk to me in that voice because you see me in a wheelchair and think I have the mental capacity of a four year old. Don’t talk to grown adults with developmental disabilities in that voice either. Don’t talk to actual fucking four year olds in that voice.

Just. Fucking. Don’t.

Thoughts on Yuri!!! on Ice Ep. 9

***super long post ahead with many screenshots***

I usually post tons of screenshots, GIFs and sometimes cuts of the skaters’ program after watching each episode of Yuri!!! on Ice, but not this time.

To be perfectly honest, I had to sit down for a few minutes to calm myself before I can even start typing here. This episode is just…too powerful for me to simply sit back and enjoy like I do for most anime I have watched and am watching.

I’m not sure whether I have already sorted my thoughts enough to write this post, but I hope I can get my message across.

First of all, let’s start from this…

While this scene really made me feel sad, honestly I didn’t think twice about it.

I mean, we have seen how far Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship has developed in the last eight episodes, so I thought Viktor’s words and act here were as expected. We have probably seen many similar scenes in other romance stories, so this wasn’t surprising for me.

Furthermore, throughout this episode, Yuuri seems pretty calm - still quite nervous, but at least much calmer than in Episode 7. He warmed up as usual, he quietly watched other skaters’ programs, even commenting on Yurio’s stunning performance.

I did feel worried when he flubbed his jumps during “Yuri on Ice”, especially when he only placed third since we all know there’s no way JJ will mess up. Thankfully he managed to get into the final (poor Michele), but what changed my mind completely was when I saw this scene.

I didn’t get it at first. I thought he was just thanking Yakov for being there with him in place of Viktor. And when he said “Viktor will go back to Russia soon”, I thought it means Viktor will come back there after checking on Makkachin’s condition.

Also, when he started hugging everybody afterwards I just laughed it off because honestly it looks funny.

But that wasn’t it. After watching this episode until the end, I gradually started to get that since the first scene, this episode was trying to tell us something.

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