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ok so im new and confused about the mullet man meme so would you mind filling me in?

I had this radical character named Scott who was basically my interpretation of Phone Guy from FNAF

Anyway, everyone thought his design was cute and especially adored his stupid 80s mullet. So his nickname turned into the “mullet man.”

One night, lil Bacon, (That’s me) got super bored and watched a bunch of YouTube videos. Lil Bacon ended up stumbling across that old commercial with the 1-800-CONTACTS.

Being the wise comedian, lil Bacon made a parody comic-wise involving the Mullet Man. But instead of the famous phrase of the commercial, “I have special eyes,” Bacon changed it to, “I have special hair.” (Cause y'know Scott’s mullet was radical and everybody loved it)

Bacon channeled their wonderful, humorous art skills into one specific panel of the comic and ended up making a fucking face that pretty much resembled handsome Squidward from that one episode of SpongeBob, except drew it on Mullet Man’s face. And APPARENTLY everyone thought it looked fucking HILARIOUS.


So it haunts lil Bacon everyday, because ever so often someone reblogs the original comic and the fucking meme starts up again.


VidCon was awesome and you’re awesome! also thank you I’m crying 

I’ve got a lot of thoughts and feels about this year’s VidCon, and the future, and how this YouTube and online video thing is all uncertain and exciting and great. And that’ll come soon enough. Also click the photos for more info/sources.

For now I just wanted to share a moment that happened at the end of the Ask Emily Q&A where Joe asked for his final question: 20 years from now - or in any number of years - when you look back on The Brain Scoop so far, what moment will stick out in your memory? 

It’s an incredibly broad question since there hasn’t been a single dull moment in the last 2.5 years, but as I was thinking of an answer I just became really overwhelmed, sitting there in front of this audience of passionate learners and curious answer-seekers. And I said, in the end there is no specific moment. This program and my life has been on a rocket ship blasting a million miles an hour ever since we launched. The last few years have shaped into the most rewarding, enlightening, full and enriching moments anyone could ever hope to experience during their lifetime. In the end if this is all I ever do, if I move on and it turns out my fun run with online video and natural history museums ends as quickly as it began, it won’t matter. I’m one very lucky and fortunate person, and it is all because of you – the followers of this blog, the viewers of our show, the people I high-fived and embraced at VidCon, the fans all over the world who believe in what I’ve been trying to do for years and are helping to make it happen. This is for you, and it’s because of you.  

I want to give you all one massive hug. Thank you for giving me the best years.


Hi Friends! So I just shared the link for my latest youtube video (Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Inspired Outfit Ideas) but I thought I would share a photo display as well to really showcase all the different outfits I show you how to make in this video!

The baseball tee shirt is the one I will be wearing when I see Taylor in concert (for the first time ever! And my friend got us seats ON THE FIELD. WHAT IS MY LIFE) at Levi’s Stadium with a few of my close friends from High School. I wanted the shirt to be clever and one day it just came to me, “You Are What You Reblog”. Knowing how much taylorswift loves tumblr I decided to fill the reblog arrows with some photos that she’s shared with us, as well as the time she commented on my insta (x) & the time I dressed up as her for Halloween wearing the iconic “no its becky” shirt (x). Going with the sports theme (basically because its a baseball tee) I decided to have the back of my shirt say “I don’t know about you but I just turned 22″ because it goes with those varsity numbers and I’m also seeing her concert the day after I turn 22! I am so happy with how this shirt turned out and I can’t wait to rock it at Levi’s!

For the other outfits I have the Cheerleader Top from the Shake It Off video (which I’m thinking of wearing when I see Taylor at Staples Center, YES I GET TO SEE HER AGAIN WITH MY ROOMIE thefutureofhollywood AND WE ARE VERY EXCITED AS WELL THANK YOU FOR ASKING) which I created an image for (available on my website). Then I have another nod to Shake it Off with the snapback she rocks as she attempts to break dance. Paired with it is a plain top I glued a pocket on to with a 13 inspired by the one Tay writes on her hand for tour. Lastly I’ve got the no its becky shirt, which I really wish I had made before buying one online for halloween, paired with some red keds that I gave the glitter treatment to (which you will definitely spot me rocking at both shows).

I hope this post is useful for any of you Swifties who can’t decide what to wear to any of Taylors upcoming shows or who just want to show their love for Taylor in their fashion choices.

Also big thanks to 1989costumes & anyone who submits to them! You were all a constant motivation/inspiration when making this video from start to finish!


Here’s also a few pics at the Dangan Ronpa panel at AX2015. The lady is his translator and later, Mr. Uchikoshi (Zero Escape) came in as a surprise guest speaker (right of Mr. Kodaka) + few pics of the powerpoint he showed. I was interested in his character design process and from the list, he picked out combo examples that made up Sayaka, Hiyoko, and Fukawa.

Also not shown, Kodaka was really excited about showing off a Japanese animated fan video from Nico Nico Douga (to the song DEAD END). I thought it was cute how much he was touched by the fan’s dedication and hard work on the video (the ones I find on youtube have their audio removed unfortunately).

This was also my FIRST AX PANEL by the way!! I got lost looking for the damn line even though I left the exhibit hall like half an hour earlier!! I’m a little sad about the panel, because it went by a lot faster than I thought and I think Kodaka mostly went over a lot of things I already knew about (e.g. the prototype version of the first Dangan Ronpa game). Nevertheless, it made for an interesting experience.

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Hi cutie! When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy then pass this on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you.

i got this one earlier already and sent it to others then as anon, but i’ll list again anyways (because positivity is great and shit) ^¬^
1. my new (and very fabulous) hair
2. the thought that in a month i’ll have my binder
3. today was such a sunny and warm day and i had a morning shift, so I had time to enjou the weathet
4. my fav youtubers (obvi)
5. also the thought that next week is my last week at work and then i’ll have two weeks of summer holiday before school starts!

(sorry, i have this weird obsession of writing long answers ^¬^“)

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Hi, I just started a YouTube channel (EverythingAimee) and I know you and Robyn have also got YouTube channels as well ( I am subscribed to both) I was wondering if you could check it out as I know we kinda have some things in common - I am a MASSIVE whovian, I love Dan And Phil #phantrash and I love musical theatre😊 I saw you in Fame and I thought you were really good. My mum emailed the people at performers UK so hopefully I will Be able to start. (Also I am from Inverness)

Hey! Of course I can! Thanks petal I hope you enjoy performers xx

Joseph Prince - Calvary Animation Video (What Happened At The Cross) - YouTube

Break Free from Depression, Self-Harm and Suicidal Thoughts Through Hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!

Here are 8 quotes by Pastor Joseph Prince you should know:

1. Look within, get depressed;
Look around, get distressed;
Look to Jesus, find perfect rest.

2. His grace is cheapened when you think that He has only forgiven you of your sins up to the time you got saved, and after that point, you have to depend on your confession of sins to be forgiven. God’s forgiveness is not given in installments.

3. Under the law, even the best failed. Under grace, even the worst can be saved!

4. What we need today are not more laws to govern believers. What we need is a greater revelation and appreciation of Jesus and everything that He has done for us!

5. His blessings and His provisions for us are based entirely on HIS GOODNESS and HIS FAITHFULNESS.

6. When Almighty God is with you, good things will happen in you, around you and through you. Expect this to happen to you today!

7. The world looks at what you have, while God sees who you have. The world’s system is based on what you have done, while God looks at what Jesus has done on the cross for you.

8. Jesus Himself has already paid the price for your sins, so stop condemning yourself! Today, when you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see yourself trapped in all your failings, mistakes, and sins? Or do you see what God sees? My dear friend, when God sees you today, He sees Jesus. Use your eyes of faith and believe that as Jesus is, so are you. In God’s eyes, you are righteous, you are favored, you are blessed, and you are healed. You are freed from all sin, all pangs of guilt, all forms of condemnation, and every bondage of addiction!

Source: GoodReads